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    Things you'd like to see remade

    Everyone has a favorite old thing: a video game from your childhood or a movie you saw when you were 9 or 10 that "changed your life". We all also know what Hollywood has a weird fetish for remaking old movies to turn a profit, even if the director does spin an interesting view on the old movie.

    So, I bring you this topic: What movies/video games would you like to see remade? I guess you could include music too.

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    i would love to see back to the future made again, the contra videogames saga, more led zeppelin discs

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    The Attitude Era. There, I said it.


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    With today's technology for video games I'd love to see the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon video games, Spyro more than the other though.

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    I hate remakes. I always get my hopes up and am disappointed. But I would like to see a sequel to Spaceballs like we were promised in the movie.


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    a little game called populous

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    I want absolutely no movies from my childhood or before that remade or "updated" In teh last ten years every remake or retelling of a movie thats been done has absolutely sucked. The omen, The amityville horror, nightmare on elm street these were all terrible remakes that should have just been left alone as they got it right the first time.
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    A live-action Ninja Turtles movie

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    I would like them to stop remaking movies tbh, especially Total Recall, it was awesome as is. Video games on the other hand, gonna say Alex Kidd and Tombi.

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    Absolutely nothing. Nada.

    Remaking is the laziest, most creatively invalid thing ever. I never want to see things that I love become bastardized and watered down. ESPECIALLY for the enjoyment of the mainstream casual idiots who are too lazy/uncultured to seek out anything that's more than five years old.


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