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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMadThinker View Post
    Yeah, Smackdown has been pretty heavy on the fake crowd responses since the draft. Frankly I have no idea who is over with the crowd on that show.
    Friday's show was especially brutal with the audience track. I mean, over half of the crowd responses seemed to be canned. And if that truly was the case, WWE should seriously consider making some in-show adjustments instead of forging ahead with all of this post-production hokum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMadThinker View Post
    My guess is very few since the rating have also been in the tank since then. The only positive of the show is the awesome midcard matches mostly featuring Bryan, Cody and Sin Cara.
    I don't think the ratings are really quite that bad, but I'll happily agree that the show's mid-card talent have been its saving grace as of late. Now if they could just get that IC belt off of Big Zeke, I think they finally have a quality pool of guys who could genuinely do wonders for restoring some of that championship's once brilliant luster.
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    Ha naw i'm kidding, i'm still interested, but maybe they could switch it up a bit, do something different. Instead of singles matches all the time maybe a tag match at a PPV or Fatal 4 way
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    Yeah, i'm still interested but something different needs to happen, something drastic like Edge helping Christian winning the WHC at MITB though I doubt that will happen. I like how they are throwing Sheamus into the feud to spice up the feud. I feel that its great to have Sheamus fighting for the WHC as well to make the title meaningful.
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    Im surprised theyve not done a gimmick match yet, not a cage, ladder or anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeelTurn View Post
    Im surprised theyve not done a gimmick match yet, not a cage, ladder or anything.
    This, also would love Edge being special guest referee or something. Because otherwise, this feud is starting to overstay its welcome and the plummeting ratings are proof to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sully View Post
    I love Christian's heel. He's like..the whiny, innocent type of guy, but yet still aggressive and heel-like. It's really hard to describe how he does it, but I think he actually makes a better heel than a face.
    Completely agree. Christian has always had the ability to do this, the whiny little heel, who has that fire and aggression, which makes him dangerous and a threat. Remember his first heel run?
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    I honestly started to lose interest in this fued when they made Christian lose both his re-matches for the World title. I think they should defenitly give Christian the belt in near future and let him hold onto to it for atleast a month or two..Orton for 1 doesnt even need the belt and tbh he has been one of the most boring champions ever as a face and the same goes for Cena!

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    Quote Originally Posted by twoot2 View Post
    Orton for 1 doesnt even need the belt and tbh he has been one of the most boring champions ever as a face!
    what you just said is reason enough for orton to step up his game which he did at Over the Limit which is why by doing that he deserved to be champion.

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    If Christian wins who besides Orton would he even defend it against? Ortons the only major face on smackdown, at least if Orton holds onto the belt he can defend against Sheamus or Barrett.

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    the only way Christian will get the title is if they use it to change Orton or refresh him somehow do something big to his persona. Otherwise with the rating going down they won't risk making Christian the champion. Unless they take the championship away quickly. but if that happens he isn't going to feud anymore and then it looksl ike Sheamus will feud with Orton. dunno who Christian will feud with.
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