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    *Seraphim is seen sitting backstage, head down and hands clasped together as he ignores everyone passing him by. Erica Generica, resident EWNCW Rage reporter, slowly makes her way up behind him with a microphone in hand, and a cameraman off to her left and behind her. She clears her throat.*

    Erica: Seraphim may we have a quick wo--

    *She doesn't get a chance to complete her sentence, as the hand of Seraphim raises and hushes her.*

    Seraphim: Pleasure, have a seat.

    *Erica moves around the table and sits down, the cameraman standing behind her.*

    Erica: Hello, Seraphim. We would like to get your thoughts on Day of Reckoning and a few other things, if you will.

    Seraphim: My thoughts on DoR? It was a very well performing Pay Per View, everyone played their roles perfectly. I think it was highly reviewed by those in the crowds, and everyone had a good time. There isn't much more to say on that subject, except that my night didn't end as well as I would have hoped it did.

    *Erica cocks her head to the side.*

    Erica: Now, about that. You say that your night didn't end as well as you hoped it would. I can see that you clearly mean the outcome of the King of the Cage match, would you care to talk about it?

    *Seraphim looks up from the table and towards Generica.*

    Seraphim: What would you have me say? I went into that match looking for two things. On one hand, I wanted to see if Carlin had truly changed the spots of a leopard, and he has proven that he did. He walked into the King of the Cage Elimination Chamber just one of six men, and he walked out the one man - the victor. But on the other, Carlin walked out as the winner. I went into that match and made it a long ways, especially coming in first, and I wanted to walk out last- the winner and the number one contender for the EWNCW Championship, but I was not able to secure my spot at Destiny's Calling.

    But I am proud of my fellow participants, we all went in and waged war. Blue Flash proved he was not the weak link, and Elder proved to be a dominant force. TBOZ proved why he is the Evolution Chamber, and he did well. As we know, Carlin won, and Cage performed above expectations. They were, and are, all formidable foes and I hope that we get to mix it up again. But I will tell you this, I refuse to lose anymore. TBOZ and Carlin have had my number almost since I've known them, and that must soon change.

    *Erica shifts in her seat, but her eyes stay on Seraphim.*

    Erica: One final question, a combination, if you will. Where do you think your road to Destiny's Calling is going to start, and what are your hopes for the big Pay Per View?

    *Seraphim looks over at Erica and then her cameraman, before answering the question.*

    Seraphim: My road to Destiny's Calling starts tonight, and it ends at Destiny's Calling with a victory. I am going to get to that World Heavyweight Title, and finally add another notable notch in my belt. I've won battle of the newcomers, the match Inferno's AJ Dixon recently won, I've beaten Solla and Primus Khan, but of late, I have not been able to conquer the main event scene. I have not been able to conquer TBOZ, nor Carlin, and now one is champion and the other is well on his way to being champion.

    I should be up there with th---

    *From OUTTA NOWHEEEEEEREEEEE!!! Mark Dimension rushes into the shot and aims a fantastically agile side kick to the head of Seraphim, which seems to knock him for 6 as Generica falls from the chair and scrambles away. With Seraphim still sitting on the table groggily, he then aims a hard right hook, again at Seraphim's head which seems to near enough knock him out. As Seraphim rocks and nearly slumps off the table, Dimension is there to catch him as he falls, before lifting him up and driving him hard through the table with a thrust spinebuster!!
    Seraphim lies motionless as Dimension stands over him in a calm, statue-like stance, breathing ever so slightly heavy. After a few moments, some medics and referees come into the shot and encourage Dimension to move away. He takes a few more moments to survey the carnage before finally obliging, as the medics tend to Seraphim.*

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    Pentalion: Wow, what devastation backstage there from Dimension.

    Bodom: Well you can just sense that Dimension has had enough. He's not been on such a great run since dropping the Evolution Championship a while back, and you get the feeling that he's coming to the end of his tether really after being delt yet another loss at Day of Reckoning.

    Pentalion: And Seraphim there was unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of his frustrations. I hope he's ok.


    McManus: This match is set for one fall and it is a three way tag team match! Introducing first, from Across the Street of the Playboy Mansion, T-Thunda, Miguel Tenorio, The Sexiest! Alpha! Males!

    Bodom: Please, Goodness, give me strength to endure what is coming!

    Pentalion: What is coming is a three way tag team match between the SAM, Kayfabulous and Mixed Emotions.

    Bodom: And the only way to endure it is if SAM and KayFail get chokeslammed through a flaming barb wire table with thumbtacks and glass on top.

    Pentalion: Don't think it will happen tonight, but sure as hell it would be an absolutely killer moment.

    Bodom: Hardcore wrestler in the back! You know what to do in your next brutal bout, ya hear me?

    *There's a good pop from the crowd when James Brown arrives in Long Beach, followed by the presence of Miguel Tenorio and T-Thunda, all ready for in ring and out-of-the-ring action with the ladies. They exchange high fives and flirting comments all along the ramp and around the ring before entering the squared circle and salute the fans.*


    McManus: Their opponents, first, from Pipestone, Minnesota, with a combined weight of 493 pounds, Skyler Drek, Ron Macoonie, Kayfabulous!

    Bodom: The internet geeks that shame the world. Don't we have enough idiots on the dirt sheets to endure these two here?

    Pentalion: They are popular with the fans and a pretty skilled team themselves.

    Bodom: Popular with the morons and less skilled than one of my toenails.

    *Drek and Macoonie come out to a pop from the fans. They are filming their entrance with their cell phones and encouraging the fans to keep cheering as they make it to the ring*

    The champs in da houze!

    McManus: And their opponents, from Rome, Italy, with a combined weight of 550 pounds, the World Tag Team Champions, Pride, Sorrow, Mixed! Emotions!

    Bodom: Finally, a team worth watching.

    Pentalion: I may not like them, but they have proved why they are the champs right now.

    Bodom: And they'll erase the opposition and get one more win tonight.

    *Tons of boos for the champs, who emerge with the belts and their classic opera masks. They don't seem to care about the boos, as they proceed to the ring with great dignity and salute from the top turnbuckle once they are in.*

    (Morgan = Pride / Abyss = Sorrow / Roode = Drek / Storm = Macoonie / Lethal = Tenorio/ Creed = T-Thunda. Start at 5:27 of the first video, stop at 8:25 of the second)

    *Pride clears the ring with the exception of Skyler Drek, who is still the legal man. He helps Drek up, only to bring him down with the Cadenza (Cutter). There's a pin attempt.*



    Macoonie in for the save!

    Bodom: The champ had that nerdy chump for the win, but big nerdy chump avoided it.

    Pentalion: that much hatred will kill you one day, Bods.

    Bodom: I highly doubt it. Not after surviving the good ol' GodMoney parties.

    *Pride and Macoonie exchange rights and lefts in the middle of the ring, until Sorrow joins Pride and the tag champs overpower Macoonie, throwing him out of the ring. The champs then turn their attention to the fallen Drek. Sorrow picks him up with the greatest of ease (DAWG!) grabs him by the neck to smash his back with a chokeslam. Then he moves out of the way, because Pride has already climbed to the top and is ready to fly with a brilliantly executed moonsault. Pride is still the legal man, so he covers.*




    *Tenorio breaks the pin. He throws Pride away and covers. The ref refuses to count as he is not the legal man. Tenorio is lifted up by Sorrow, but Tenorio answers with rights and lefts, until Sorrow hits a two big rights to end the Spanish man offense. Sorrow puts his arms under Tenorio's in an underhook postion. Then he twists around so Tenorio is upside down, his back against Sorrow's. Then the tag champ drops into a sitting position, driving Tenorio's upper back into the canvas, completing the Spinto (Vertebreaker)*

    Bodom: Ha! That's what you get when you stick your nose in Mixed Emotion's business.

    *Pride goes for an Irish whip on Drek, but Macoonie is there to blind tag his partner. Pride doesn't notice, so he takes down Drek with a clothesline only to be met by a huge spear from Macoonie. Cover is made*



    2,99999999!!! Kickout in the last second!

    Pentalion: I thought Macoonie had him there!

    *Macoonie gets rid of Sorrow by catching him off guard with a clothesline that sends Sorrow out of the ring. Then he grabs Pride and locks into a bear hug. He is squeezing the life out of Pride, who tries to go for the ropes. The Italian superstar's back is coming closer to the side of the ring, while Pride has a hand somehow outstretched, but before he reaches salvation, there's a slap on the big man's back. T-Thunda is the legal man now! The referee forces Macoonie to release the hold, and as soon as he does, Pride turns around into a codebreaker by T-Thunda. Pin and count*



    2,75! NO!

    Bodom: I really hope those Jimmys get the win tonight. Please no!

    Pentalion: Pride is worn out after that spear and bear hug from Macoonie.

    *T-Thunda is on fire. He Irish whips Pride into a corner, then splashes him and follows with punches until Pride is sitting, then follows with kicks until the ref forces him out of the way. T-Thunda obliges, then grabs Pride to Irish whip into the opposite corner. This will be revealed as a huge mistake, because as soon as Pride hits the buckles, Sorrow slaps him in the back, thus becoming the legal man. But not only that. T-thunda doesn't see this and charges. Pride is back to his senses and ducks, therefore T-Thunda crashes against the buckles. This is the moment Sorrow uses to enter the ring, grab T-Thunda by the neck and slam him down with a huge chokeslam. Then he knocks Macoonie oit of the ring, as Pride climbs to the top and hits the Cabaletta (Double Foot Stomp). Sorrow then picks T-Thunda and finishes the Night at the Opera with the second Spinto (Vertebreaker) of the match. A pin follows and the ref fulfills his duty*




    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    McManus: The winners of this match, the World Tag Team Champions, Pride and Sorrow, Mixed! Emotions!

    Bodom: Only in a bad dream would have the SAM or Kayfabulous defeated Mixed Emotions.

    Pentalion: However, both teams made a great effort and had their chances to get a huge win in Long Beach.

    Bodom: Delusions of grandeur. They are mere worms and the champs proved it tonight.

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    Pentalion: Time for our main event, and what a match this is.

    Bodom: Two former tag team stars now face one on one for a shot at the most coveted belt in the business, the World Heavyweight Championship. William Carlin vs. the Legend of Legends Matt Elder is right now!

    Pentalion: I bet this is going to be a classic.

    Bodom: I don't expect any less from these two.

    Pentalion: Carlin's confidence must be off the roof after becoming King of the Cage.

    Bodom: But he is in for a rude awakening in the form of Elder.

    Pentalion: After his great display at Day of Reckoning you still think he's not worthy of the spot?

    Bodom: He needed help from three men to pin Matt, so until he can do it on his own, he just stole what belongs to the Legend of Legends.

    *Fans cheer for Carlin, who comes out dancing to the music. He high fives people on his way down the ramp. After entering the ring he salutes from the top turnbuckle for a bigger reaction. He goes down and says to the camera: “I'm fucking ready!”*

    Bodom: How can you stop this man? Look at him, he is a goddamn beast. He proved it inside the cage.

    Pentalion: He came out empty handed.

    Bodom: He was stolen!

    Pentalion: The match has anything goes rules. It is nit written anywhere four men can team up against one.

    Bodom: Bullshit.

    *Fans boo like mad as Matt goes down the ramp with a smirk on his face. When he enters the ring he confronts Carlin, flexing his biceps. Carlin remains unimpressed.*

    McManus: This match is set for one fall, and it is for the number one contender spot for the World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, from Toledo, Ohio, weighing in at 200 pounds, the King of the Cage winner, the Superior Technician, William! Carlin!

    *Fans approve Carlin, who has a big smile on his face.*

    McManus: And his opponent, from Doncaster, England, weighing in at 308 pounds, the Legend of Legends, Matt! Elder!

    *Fans boo as Elder goes nose to nose with Carlin. The ref tries to separate both, then the shot changes to the back, where Ronaldo Romulus, world title belt around his waist, is watching the match on a screen with a look of concentration in his eyes*

    Bodom: Ronaldo doing his job, scouting his future opponent for the belt.

    *The ref has made peace before calling for the bell.*

    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    (Cena = Elder / Punk = Carlin. Start at 4:56, stop at 24:24)

    *Camera shows Ronaldo doing a facepalm*

    Bodom: I've already said this: Carlin has to avoid certain moves if he wants to get to the top, but the fella doesn't learn his lesson.

    Pentalion: It may be not too late.

    Bodom: Not tonight. Elder is now in the driver's seat and he is not going to waste a chance like this.

    *Elder gets up faster than Carlin, who is favoring the right side of his body. Elder sees the opening and strikes with stiff kicks. Carlin yells, but that only makes Matt kick him harder. The Legend Of Legends grabs Carlin by the hair, pulls him up to his feet, then knocks him off with a huge right. Elder then Gorilla presses Carlin, goes to the corner where the steel steps are and throws Carlin to the outside. Carlin crashes hard on the steps. The fans boo a mocking Elder*

    Pentalion: That was vicious!

    Bodom: That's how you win a match.

    Pentalion: I'm pretty much surprised Elder wants to win by count-out.

    Bodom: It is much like winning by KO.

    *The ref sees Carlin isn't moving and starts the count*





    *Carlin is stirring*



    *Carlin is trying to get into the ring. Matt is already celebrating*

    Way too early to start bragging.



    *Carlin is by the apron, trying to climb*


    *Carlin makes it to the ring. The ref stops the count, checks on Carlin and allows the match to go on.*

    Pentalion: I told you, way too early to celebrate.

    Bodom: Maybe, but the state Carlin is in, the victory is closer for Matt.

    *Elder goes right on the attack, but Carlin ducks and rolls Matt up*




    Pentalion: Carlin is still in this.

    *Elder is up, but eats an European uppercut by Carlin, then a second, then a third, and finally, a roundhouse kick. Carlin looks their in ring position, drags Elder to the center of the ring, crosses his opponent's feet, adding the pressure of his leg onto them, stretches Elder's right arm backwards, trapping it under an armpit and closing his hands around Elder's face.*

    Pentalion: Regal Stretch in the middle of the ring, will this be enough?

    Bodom: I don't think so, but he is clearly wearing Matt down, Carlin may go to places after this move.

    *Carlin has the stretch locked up tight, Elder screams but yells NO when the referee asks him to quit. Little by little, Elder uses his free arm to elevate himself up, gathering all his strength to overpower Carlin, who refuses to release the hold. Matt finally gets on his feet, with Carlin still on his back. Elder runs backwards and smashes Carlin against a corner. Carlin doesn't let go, so Elder smashes him a second time. Carlin releases the hold, Elder turns around and kicks a sitting Carlin in the chest. Once, twice, three times. Carlin seems lifeless after the brutal attack. Elder smiles, pounds his chest and points to the Destiny's Calling sign as the fans boo. He then goes for Carlin, picks him up, positions him head first between the legs to elevate him up into a powerbomb position, then runs to the middle of the ring and slams him down with a huge Running Jackknife Powerbomb. He covers*



    2,99999999!!! NO!

    Bodom: How in the name of hell did Carlin kick out?

    Pentalion: He wants the spot he earned at Day of Reckoning and will do anything to retain it.

    *Elder is visibly pissed off after not getting the win. He stomps Carlin a bit, then he places him onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry position, then throws him to complete the F5, but Carlin manages to grab Elder's head and plant him with a DDT. Both men are down and not moving.*

    Pentalion: Great counter here by Carlin.

    Bodom: He has taken the big man down, but will he able to recover and capitalize?

    *The ref is counting, but Carlin manages to slowly get back to his feet faster. Elder is on his fours, Carlin grabs both arms in an underhook position and hits a huge DDT. He grabs Elder's left leg and covers*



    2,75! Kickout!

    Pentalion: Two times has Elder's head hit the mat, but still has energy to continue in the match.

    *Carlin is visibly upset. He looks around, as if trying to get some inspiration from the ring. It seems to work, as he smiles and drags Elder to a corner. Then he positions himself with the back against the buckles, and Elder between the legs. He tries to lift the Englishman up, but the 308 pounds and the effort he has made during the match are paying its toll, so Carlin can't do it. He tries a second and a third time to no avail.*

    Bodom: Stop it, man! You can't lift him up. Do something else and win this!

    *But Carlin doesn't hear Bodom. Gathering all his strength, he manages to place Elder in a powerbomb position while he lets out a big roar of effort. Carlin grabs Elder by the neck and falls backwards, throwing Elder face first into the turnbuckle.*

    Bodom: Steenalizer! Steenalizer!

    Pentalion: This has to be it!

    *Both men are down. Carlin manages to roll himself and place an arm on top of Elder*



    2,99999999!!! NO!

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    Pentalion: Amazing!

    Bodom: Elder has an extra thick head to resist so many impacts. Otherwise he shouldn't have kicked out of that brutal move.

    *Carlin is in desperation, raising his arms to the sky, asking what else he has to do to take Elder down. He manages to get up, then tries to help his rival to his feet. Then Carlin tries to elevate Elder again, to no avail. He tries a second, a third, a fourth and finally, on the fifth attempt, he places Elder on the top rope. Carlin then pulls Elder into the ring, until the Englishman's feet are the only surface touching the ropes.*

    Bodom: If he nails the Dragon Screw Neck Whip, this will be over.

    *But Carlin again grabs Elder's arms in a double underhook position, and plants the Legend of Legends with a rope assisted double underhook DDT*

    Bodom: That was absolutely exquisite!

    Pentalion: And brutal.

    Bodom: Exquisitely brutal.

    *Carlin does not go for the pin. He helps Elder back to a vertical base, positions himself behind Matt, with his arms around Elder's waist. Carlin runs towards a corner, makes Elder crash hard against it, they roll backwards and Carlin hits a german suplex, thus completing the Chaos Theory suplex. Bridging pin leads to the count*




    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    McManus: The winner of this match, and still number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, William! Carlin!

    Pentalion: He did it, Bodom. He put the big man down and got the final one, two, three.

    Bodom: Both made a great effort, but I admit Carlin was the better man tonight, he got a clean win against a beast like Matt Elder and did it good.

    Pentalion: You will stop doubting him?

    Bodom: I may. But still I think Romulus will retain at Destiny's Calling.

    *Matt rolls out of the way while Carlin has climbed up to a turnbuckle and is encouraging the fans to cheer more with ostentous arm gestures. Shot changes to the back, where Romulus is clapping slowly and ironically, as the screen he's been watching shows Carlin's celebration before camera fades to black.*

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    It's time for Fiiiiilllleeeeeer!!!

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    See? Because 'Filler' sounds like 'Thriller'? Eh? See what I did there?!

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    Fiiiiiilllllerrrr time yeah!!

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    Remember to vote in the EWNCW awards if you've not done so!

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    I have, and I think you should too!

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