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    Christopher Pentalion: Well now folks, it’s time for our main event- and the biggest talking point here is just who will team up with Van Hooligan X and Darren Bull, none other than our World Heavyweight Champion Ronaldo Romulus!

    Bodom: What a partner for both Van and Bull, but with Ric Flair in the opposite corner, Ronaldo can’t claim to have sixteen world championship reigns and he’s going to have to be wary of The Dirtiest Player in the Game!

    Christopher Pentalion: How right you are Bodom! And from a personal point of view, you’ve got to be looking forward to seeing two of your favourites going head to head here as Van and Flair face off.

    Bodom: Of course I’m looking forward to it Chris! This is on free TV! EWNCW Management is really giving us a show here tonight!

    Jason McManus: The following is your main event of the evening and is a six-man tag team match set for one fall!

    Jason McManus:
    Introducing first, from Sao Paulo, Brazil! Weighing in at a total of 233 pounds, he is theWorld Heavyweight Champion...RONALDO ROMULUS!

    *The fans boo loudly as Ronaldo walks out of the curtain. He holds his title in the air before placing it onto his shoulder. He makes his way down the ramp slowly before rolling into the ring.*

    Christopher Pentalion: Here comes our World Heavyweight Champion!

    Bodom: He’s a hell of a competitor and he’s got a massive title defence against Shaz at Day of Reckoning, although I’m sure we will all see Ronaldo retain once more.

    #Darren Bull#

    Jason McManus: And his partner, from Detroit, Michigan! Weighing in at a total of 186 pounds, The Destruction, Darren Bull!

    *Another loud boo echoes around the arena as Bull makes his way out.*

    Christopher Pentalion: What an opportunity for Darren Bull here, to be teaming with the World Heavyweight Champion and the Rage Ignition Champion. Surely, he has the least pressure on him in this match?

    Bodom: Well, I think that against The Naitch himself- there’s always pressure. Bull will have to up his game tonight.

    Jason McManus: And their partner, from Leeds, England! Weighing in at a total of 240 pounds, he is the EWNCW Rage Ignition Champion! Van Hooligan X!

    *Van walks out as the fans continue to boo loudly. He smirks at the scene in the ring before lifting his Rage Ignition Championship in the air. He makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring.*

    Christopher Pentalion: Here comes our Rage Ignition Champion, and he’s got a hell of a challenge ahead of him at Day of Reckoning, as well as tonight!

    Bodom: This is VAN! HOOLIGAN! X! This guy won’t lose to the pathetic Kyojin at Day of Reckoning. He might lose to The Naitch tonight but it’s The Naitch!

    Jason McManus: And their opponents, introducing first! From Tokyo, Japan but fighting out of Chicago, Illinois! Weighing in at 207 pounds, The Master of True Wrestling, Kyojin!

    *The fans explode with cheers as Kyojin explodes onto the stage. He runs to the side to get pumped up as the men in the ring watch on. Kyo returns to the top of the stage and makes his way to the bottom of the ramp.*

    Christopher Pentalion: Kyojin will be facing Van Hooligan X at Day of Reckoning with the Rage Ignition Championship on the line. The two men have a storied history and I can’t wait for the match!

    Bodom: I can’t wait for THIS match! It’s been far too long since Flair was in action here in EWNCW.


    Jason McManus: And his partner, from Parts Unknown, Reiko!

    *Another loud cheer is heard as Reiko makes his way out of the curtain. He makes his way down the ramp slightly and stops next to Kyojin as the two men stare at the three in the ring.*

    Christopher Pentalion: Reiko and Darren Bull have had an issue with each other recently and I think this is exactly what the two men need.

    Bodom: What we need is coming right now Chris! It’s time! It’s time! WOOOOO!

    Jason McManus: And their partner, from Charlotte, North Carolina! He is The Nature Boy, RIC FLAIR!

    *The fans positively erupt as Flair walks out of the curtain in a trademark shiny robe and spins on top of the stage. He makes his way down the ramp slightly and embraces Reiko. He shakes hands with Kyojin and the three men make their way down to the ring.*

    Christopher Pentalion: This place is thunderous for the arrival of The Nature Boy! How you feeling Bodom?

    *Instead of replying- Bodom is on his feet, headset off and Wooing at the front row, who return the woos just as enthusiastically.*

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    (Batista= Reiko, Orton=Kyojin, Benoit= Van, Edge= Ronaldo, Jericho= Bull)

    (Ignore Triple H)(Ignore faces & heels)
    (from 5:00 to 20:21)

    Christopher Pentalion: Kyojin was going up top but Ronaldo caught him with a chop!

    Bodom: And now we see how devastating our World Heavyweight Champion can be!

    *Ronaldo grabs Kyojin and throws him back first onto the canvas, running and bouncing off the ropes, hitting an elbow drop to Kyo’s chest. He goes for a cover.



    Kyojin kicks out but Ronaldo is quick to lock in a chin lock. He rearranges himself, locking in a headlock as the two men rise to their feet. Kyojin backs Ronaldo into the ropes and goes to whip him off but Ronaldo kicks Kyojin in the gut and pulls him across to Ronaldo’s corner. He tags in Bull and holds Kyojin in an abdominal stretch as Bull comes in with a kick to Kyojin’s gut.*

    Bodom: Great teamwork from Ronaldo and Bull there.

    *Ronaldo exits the ring as Bull grabs Kyojin by the head and turns him around, hitting a swinger neckbreaker. He stands up and shouts at the crowd who boo loudly, as Ronaldo and Van applaud. Reiko & Flair are shown screaming at Kyojin to get up. Bull turns around and taunts to the corner, causing Flair to go and get into the ring.*

    Christopher Pentalion: And there’s that passion from Flair!

    *The referee stops Flair getting into the ring as Bull drags Kyojin back to his corner and Van holds onto him as Bull and Ronaldo kick him in the guts. Flair leaves the ring as they stop the teaming and the referee turns around. Bull tags Van in and the Rage Ignition Champion climbs in, making to whip Kyojin across to his own corner but turning and whipping him into Van’s corner.

    Van grabs Kyojin by the head and hits a vertical suplex. He points at Flair and runs forwards, jumping and going for a knee drop but Kyojin moves out of the way and Van hits the canvas. Kyojin scrambles across and jumps, tagging in Reiko!*

    Bodom: Why would he tag in Reiko and not Flair?!

    *Reiko runs in, taking Van down with a clothesline. He runs across and punches Bull off the apron. He goes to do the same to Ronaldo but Ronaldo ducks under and hits a shoulder through the ropes to Reiko. He climbs in after Reiko and grabs him but Reiko reverses out and pushes Ronaldo back- but Ronaldo runs in with a clothesline. Flair goes to climb in the ring again but the referee- who had been counting Ronaldo- turns his attention to Flair and tries to stop him entering again. The referee thinks he has Flair out of the ring and Flair jumps in again, knocking the referee over and running at Ronaldo- who hits a big boot!

    Ronaldo laughs as he goes to climb out of the ring but then somebody jumps onto the apron.*

    Christopher Pentalion: Look who it is! It’s Shaz! Steel chair in hand!

    Bodom: Why is he out here? He has no business being here!

    *Ronaldo looks slightly worried as Shaz climbs through the ropes. Ronaldo ducks out as Shaz follows him through the ropes and chases him up the ramp.*

    Bodom: Ronaldo has a match! Shaz just ruined this main event!

    *Back in the ring, the referee and the legal men- Reiko and Van- are reaching their feet as Flair is now back on his apron. Reiko jumps across and tags in Flair. The fans explode with cheers at the tag.*

    Christopher Pentalion: And here comes Flair!


    *Flair runs in as Van turns around and begins to lay right and left hands onto Van, who backs into the ropes. He grabs Van by the hair and goes for the snapmare but Van hits his knee into Flair’s gut. He follows up with a right hand to send Flair back to the centre of the ring. Van whips Flair into the corner and follows him, hitting a clothesline. He sets Flair in the corner and hits a chop to Flair’s chest. Van follows up with a second chop, and a third.*

    Christopher Pentalion: Van using Flair’s own techniques against him!

    *Van goes to grab Flair but Flair punches Van and throws him into the corner. He holds Van in place and chops his chest, Flair style.*

    Bodom: WOOOO!

    *Another chop from Flair.*

    Bodom: WOOOO!

    *Another chop from Flair.*

    Bodom: WOOOO!

    *Flair woos and hits a final chop.*

    Bodom: WOOOO!

    *Flair hits a snapmare on Van into the middle of the ring and bounces off the opposite ropes, hitting a knee to Van’s face. He does a strut and hits the ropes, before hitting a knee drop. He covers Van.




    Bull breaks the count to the fans booing loudly. Reiko is back in though and he hits Bull with a massive big boot, sending Bull through the ropes. The referee attempts to get Reiko out of the ring as both Flair and Van begin to get up. Van reaches his feet as Flair is on his knees. The referee finally gets Reiko out of the ring but checks on Bull, allowing Flair the few seconds he needs.*

    Bodom: Low blow!

    Christopher Pentalion: Dirtiest Player in the Game right there!

    *Flair stands up, struts to the ropes and woos. He does a bit of a celebration strut around Van, as the referee has now turned around, unaware of what happened. Flair looks over to his corner to see Kyojin is back to his feet. Flair points at Kyojin to a big cheer from the crowd. Flair struts across, elbow drops the ground and stands up, tagging in Kyojin.*

    Bodom: What is Flair doing?! These people want to see Naitch!

    Christopher Pentalion: He recognises this chance!

    *Flair grabs Van’s legs and the fans explode with cheers as Kyojin hasn’t even got off the apron yet. Flair locks in the Figure Four on Van, who begins to scream. Kyojin finally moves, climbing up to the top rope on the turnbuckle. He looks down at the screaming Van and turns around.*

    Christopher Pentalion: We know what Kyojin is planning here!

    *Kyojin jumps and connects with the Rising Sun (Double Rotation Moonsault)! Flair lets go of the lock as Kyojin covers Van.




    Jason McManus: Here are your winners...the team of Kyojin, Reiko and Ric Flair!

    *Bull is shown on the outside leaning against the fan’s barricade as Reiko climbs into the ring to celebrate. Flair rolls Van out of the ring with his foot and woos loudly to a return woo. Kyojin is stood on a turnbuckle celebrating.*

    Bodom: That was all Naitch!

    Christopher Pentalion: You definitely have to give a lot of that win to Flair and his influence, but Reiko and Kyojin did a great job alongside him, Kyojin getting the pinfall over his opponent at Day of Reckoning! One move like that in their match and that could be it for Van’s Rage Ignition Championship reign.

    *We get another shot of Reiko, Flair & Kyojin celebrating now- as the three men strut across the ring.*


    *We cut backstage where Ronaldo is shown jogging through the corridor. He keeps checking over his shoulder for any sign of Shaz. When he is happy the coast is clear, he slows down and begins walking. He turns a corner and has to duck immediately as a steel chair swings right at his face as Shaz awaits.

    Ronaldo grabs Shaz and slams him backwards into the wall. He backs up and goes for a right hand but Shaz ducks underneath and throws Ronaldo down the corridor. Shaz runs forwards as Ronaldo is rising and kicks him in the gut, sending him to his back. Shaz climbs on top of Ronaldo and grabs his hair, hitting a right hand, and a second and a third, to his face. Shaz stands up above Ronaldo but Ronaldo kicks out into Shaz’s gut, sending Shaz to the concrete.

    Ronaldo follows up by climbing onto Shaz and unloading as many right hands onto Shaz’s head as he can in quick succession. Shaz, showing his street fighting background, has his guard up but is still getting hit. Ronaldo stands up and jumps, connecting with a double stomp onto Shaz’s chest. He leans down next to a coughing Shaz and grabs him by the hair, pulling his face up to look at him.

    Ronaldo smirks down at Shaz and pushes him head into the concrete ground. He walks across to the steel chair and turns around, chair in hand, and walks across to Shaz. He lines it all up, before he lifts the chair up and slams it down- into the floor!

    Shaz rolls out of the way at the last second as Ronaldo runs forwards but Shaz hooks Ronaldo’s leg with his own and scissors Ronaldo to the ground. Shaz is quickly back to his feet as Ronaldo is on his knees and grabs at the chair, but Shaz puts his left foot onto the chair, holding it to the ground. Ronaldo looks up and Shaz hits a knockout punch to Ronaldo’s temple!

    Shaz stands above our laid out World Heavyweight Champion as we cut to black.*

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    First filler!

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    And a second one!

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    The next show after this one will be Day of Reckoning!

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    I do it once more and steal a filler from T_T.

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    After the ppv, we will also be announcing the categories and nominees for the annual EWNCW awards, with that show to take place the night before Destiny's Calling!

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    But for now, it's time for Rage!

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    Oh, there will also be another Axxess event planned over a week in the run up to Destiny's Calling!


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