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    *We cut backstage now, where we see Jman exiting the locker room, relaxed as we’ve seen him in weeks. J grabs a bottle of water off of a production cart as the crowd cheer for him. It’s as he takes a swig of water that Jman nearly bumps into K-Jammin. J stops his Raging Inferno partner there and begins speaking.*

    Jman: Yo, just the guy I wanted to see. Look, I appreciate you showing up the way you did on Sunday. I’ll be honest, I thought you were out there for the sole purpose of screwing me. But, since that wasn’t the case, how ‘bout making this a semi-permanent thing?

    *Seeing where Jman is going with this, the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. K-Jamm looks surprised as well.*

    Jman: Hear me out. Between the two of us, we’ve won, what, three tag titles? Plus, we both faired pretty damn well in a league setup back during WarGames. And, honestly, I don’t see a team on Rage that can beat the two of us if we’re firing on all cylinders, including Mixed Emotions. So, what I’m saying is, let’s enter this tag team league thing.

    *Once again, the crowd is mixed in their reaction to Jman’s proposal. K-Jammin still seems conflicted, too.*

    Jman: If we earn the shot at Mixed Emotions for Day of Reckoning, great, we’ll see if we can’t make some hay in the tag division. If not, no harm done, we’ll go back to doing what most everybody knows us for; singles wrestling.

    *K-Jamm is about to respond, but J cuts him off.*

    Jman: No need to answer now, bruv. Think about it.

    *With that, Jman slaps K-Jammin on the shoulder and walks away before he can say anything.*

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    Bodom: I did not just see or hear that. TELL ME, I did NOT just see or hear THAT!! Jman can't be serious there, right? He doesn't seriously want to carry on tag teaming with K-Jammin?

    Pentalion: Well I can't make head nor toe of what's going on with K-Jam, but it does indeed seem that Jman wants to carry on teaming with him! But we're still waiting and being made to wait by K-Jam about his real intentions!

    Pentalion: Main event time!

    Bodom: Yes, those two have been already face to face for a shot at Romulus, then they have teamed up to destroy Inferno on our last PPV.

    Pentalion: And if I'm not mistaken, Shaz pinned Carlin.

    Bodom: He stole it from Seraphim, who had done the hard work. However, Carlin defeated Seraphim, or Black Angel as he calls himself now, and Shaz failed to win the belt.

    Pentalion: You helped a bit with that.

    Bodom: I just made the inevitable come faster.

    *Shaz' music blasts on the PA system as the crowd begin to boo. He comes out, and stands on the ramp- before taking time to soak in all the heat. He swaggers down the ramp, before shouting for a mic as he gets one. He slides into the ring, and he begins to speak.*

    Shaz: Now THAT is what you call a warm welcome.

    *The crowd boo as Shaz laughs.*

    You see- Raging Inferno was such a significant event for Rage & Inferno, because the whole purpose of the event was to see which brand was better than the other. The main event of the night was the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion: Ronaldo Romulus, teaming up with Shaz & William Carlin to take on the EWNCW Champion: Tommy Thunder & Shuriken Blade!

    And Team Rage won.

    *Crowd cheer and chant TEAM RAGE as Shaz sighs.*

    But that's what everyone else is saying. Purely because of the fact that I was teaming up with Ronaldo & Carlin. But the fact of the matter is- I'm the man who won, I'm the man who picked up the winfor our team- and I'm the only man in Team Rage who left Raging Inferno with a reason to have my head held high.

    Ronaldo & Carlin did indeed also have their heads held high, but they didn't have a reason to. Before the event, I talked about how Team Rage were supposed to work as a team- and how teamwork would be the key that would open the doors for victory- but for the first time ever, I proved myself wrong.

    I realised that teamwork wasn't the way to go, because Ronaldo & Carlin didn't do anything to help me win. Ronaldo, you were supposed to be the captain of our team! And what did you do? Oh yes, once Tommy Thunder left Shuriken on his own- you let yourself get blasted with a knee to the face and you let yourself get eliminated! And as for Carlin? I'm not even gonna start, because he was the first man eliminated in the match!

    *Crowd boo*

    Shaz:And tonight, I have a chance to get my hands on Carlin- because we go one on one, as we battle it out for the right to become the number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    *Crowd boo*

    Shaz:Ever since I got screwed out of my first title match against Ronaldo, I've been itching for another title shot. This is EXACTLY what I need to get prepared for Ronaldo, another challenge. And challenges are what make me even more hungry to get the job done- so Carlin, get your ass out here right now, so I can induct you to MY world of pain!

    *Shaz is waiting for Carlin's music to hit, but it doesn't come. Shaz is getting angry, until Carlin's voice is heared.*

    Carlin :Hey man, up here!

    *Carlin is standing in the middle of the crowd, but that doesn't get him any cheers.*

    Carlin: You are going to induct me into your world of pain? So, now you are EWNCW's own Mark Henry? Wow, good job in cutting all that fat in such a short time, congratulations!

    *Fans laugh at this. Carlin is making his way through the crowd as he keeps on talking*

    Write a book about that and make millions! For sure! *Carlin laughs.* Ok, enough of that. Let's get to business. Rage fans, rejoice, because as much as you hate us, Team Rage won the main event at Raging Inferno! We made Bodom pruod, hell yeah!

    *Fans cheer*

    Bodom: Of course you made me proud guys! Fack the Infernonites.

    Carlin: But of course, a man like you wouldn't give any merit to his partners. Yes, I got eliminated first. Yes, Ronaldo came next. Yes, you pinned Shuriken. Congratulations. But where is that team mentality you were talking about last week? Down the drain, of course. Ronaldo and I got eliminated, but helped to wear Team Inferno down and serve their heads on a platter to you. So don't be bragging that much, tough man. Especially after tonight.

    *Fans are split.*

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    Carlin: You said it yourself, you screwed it up against Romulus once, what makes you think you can beat him now? Yeah, you pinned Shuriken, fantastic. But this is a one on one match, and Ronaldo's got your number. You wanna know why you are failing again? Because you have no strategy. You grew up on the streets were being the toughest fella around was enough to survive. But this is where the top dogs fight, and brute force is nothing without the brains to use it. Hell, ask Grind and how he has changed into something better. Like him or not, Ronaldo is a pretty smart guy. He is one step ahead on you because he cultivate his brains, something you don't do.

    *Split reaction for this again.*

    Carlin: And that's why I'm going to beat you tonight. I'm one step ahead of you. I devised strategies, I have considered risk, and I can anticipate all of your moves. Tonight, I take care of you. And at Day of Reckoning, Ronaldo will meet his doom and I *lots of emphasis on this I * will be the new World Heavyweight Champion.

    *Mixed reactions for Carlin but Shaz interrupts.*

    What makes me think I can beat Ronaldo now? Carlin, at Threat of the Net- I had Ronaldo beat. I was ready to seal the deal by pinning him- but that fool over there *points at Bodom*had to get involved in my business, because he was the referee. He low blowed me, therefore- he screwed me.

    And it still haunts me to this day. Because I had one opportunity, one chance that would change my life forever- one chance that would cement my legacy, but I ruined that chance. But that's when I remembered, that with every failed chance you get- you've gotta correct it.

    I got screwed, and I'm back to take what's rightfully mine. I'm back to correct my first mistake of losing my first title shot, and letting someone get involved in my match. You talk about how I don't use my brains, well that's where you're wrong Carlin- because from my shoes, you're the one who isn't using your brain. You're the one who is getting fooled by my street image. You're writing me off as a threat.

    *Crowd boo Shaz*

    Shaz: I may not show the world that I've got brains, but believe me Carlin- I have got one. What, did you really think that I brutally injured TBOZ for no reason? Did you think that I injured him just to get to the top? Do you honestly think that all the bad things I've done in the past- I've just it just to make a name for myself?!

    If that's what you thought Carlin, than you must be thick- because I done it all for one reason, and that is for the pleasure. Because I enjoy watching people bleed. I enjoy watching people cry, and begging me to stop. I love it. And if I was given a chance to hurt every single person in my life that I already hurt again- I'd have no problems in doing it again.

    *Crowd boo and chant YOU'RE SICK!*

    Shaz: But the truth of the matter is, our match is like a war- but without the killing. We both need that grand prize- and we both will do anything at any cost to make sure that we get it. But the problem is, every war has a winner- and tonight when I face you, you can outsmart me all you want. You can kick my ass all you want- but at the end of the day, I'm leaving with the chance to winthe world title.

    *Fans boo Shaz while Carlin smiles*

    Carlin: Always the same old excuse, huh? “I had him beat”. You always discard the chance that maybe, at the very last milisecond your opponent can kick out. Yes, your chances at winning are higher than those of your opponent escaping, very close to one hundred per cent, but you can't be sure. No way to know now, so move on. We, and I say we, mind you, tend to use excuses like that all the time. I had it but Jimmy distracted me, low blowed me, blah, blah. I don't care, you missed your chance, back to the end of the line. It is commendable you want to correct your mistake, but to do it, you have to go through me first.

    *Carlin gets boos mainly, a cheer here and there*

    Carlin: I'm clearly using my brain, Shaz, it is you who is not using it properly. It is simple. You are using the right side of the mind, the emotional side. Your reasons to destroy are the physical pleasure you obtain from it. Fine. Despite what the fans think, that viciousness is good *fans boo* It will take you to places. But not too far away. You are just like Grind when we started teaming: all violence, no strategy. We learned from each other. I taught him to be analytic, calculating. He taught me to be vicious, relentless. That's why we are headed to success. We have the brutal side, we unleash it when it is necessary, but we have the backup of our logical side telling us when to apply it, how to solve situations, how to focus on an opponent's weakness. That's what you lack, that's why I'm telling you you have no brains, you don't use them properly. That's why tonight I outsmart you, kick your goddamn ass all around the ring and become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    *They both go nose to nose, tension about to explode. Carlin then smiles and retreats to a corner.*

    Bodom: Come on! Send a ref right here and let these two fight!

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    Pentalion: Well this is your main event. Both contenders are in the ring, and here is Jason McManus with the official presentations.

    McManus: This match is the main event of the evening, it is set for one fall, and the winner will become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, from Brixton, London, he is the Rapid King! Shaz!

    *Fans boo as Shaz poses, all cockiness*

    Bodom: Hope this thug is taught a lesson in wrestling tonight.

    Pentalion: He's already proven his worth, you shouldn't forget that, Bodom! Especially you!

    Bodom: Meh, he was lucky.

    McManus: And his opponent, from Toledo, Ohio, The Superior Technician, William! Carlin!

    *Fans boo Carlin too, but he doesn't pose, he looks concentrated.*

    Bodom: It is time for Carlin to get his shot, he fucking deserves it!

    Pentalion: He is been impressive as of late, let's see if he can do it.

    Bodom: Yes, he can!

    *The ref checks on both fighters for concealed weapons before calling for the bell.*

    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    Pentalion: Here we go!

    (Benoit = Carlin / MVP = Shaz. Start at 2:30, stop at 11:39)

    *Carlin makes the theatricals that precede the Cubito Aequet, and jumps to hit it, but Shaz has moved out of the way. Carlin eats canvas and Shaz rolls him up.*




    Bodom: Despite Carlin's mistake, it will take much more from Shaz than a roll up to beat the Superior Technician. If he does.

    *Shaz does not waste any time in lamentations, and goes to attack Carlin with punches until the ref counts to four. Then he waits for carlin to get up to his knees and rocks him with an enzuigiri. Then procedes to lift Carlin up ready to hit a brainbuster, nailing Carlin's head into the mat and going for a show off cover.*



    2,99999999! NO!

    Bodom: Ha! That happens for not making a proper cover, you moron.

    Pentalion: Still, it was close. Shaz may have this in the pocket.

    Bodom: He should stab Carlin first.

    *Shaz goes to one of the corners and seems to be lamenting his bad luck. However, this is possum, as he is giving his back to the referee to expose the top turnbuckle. He throws the protector out of the ring, so the ref can't put it back. The ref warns Shaz of a DQ, but he plays innocent. The Rapid King goes to grab Carlin by the head and forces him towards the exposed buckle, but Carlin uses his right leg to stop Shaz's attempt by placing it on the second buckle. Shaz tries to smash Carlin's head to no avail. Carlin hits elbows to the head of Shaz until he releases the hold, then Carlin grabs his opponent's head, going to the ropes and escalating them, before rotating in the air to hit a sort of Sliced Bread #2, but when he is falling towards the mat Shaz manages to countyer with an elevated cutter, RKO style. Both hit the mat hard and none is moving.*

    Pentalion: What a series of moves here by both contenders, none of them is giving an inch to the other.

    Bodom: There's a lot at stake here, they are pretty conscious about it, and they are giving everything they have tonight. But I still believe Carlin will do it.

    Pentalion: Shaz is showing what he is made of, though.

    Bodom: Can't still hold it against Carlin.

    *The referee is counting the contenders. He is on the four count and still none of them has been able to move. Little by little, it seems that there's life inside of the Superior Technician, who stirs at the count of six. Shaz is also moving. On the count of seven, Carlin is on his knees and Shaz is grabbing the ropes. Finally Carlin stands and Shaz barely does so with the assistance of the ropes. Carlin catches Shaz from behind to hit an Inverted Atomic Drop followed by a huge German suplex. Carlin pins Shaz*



    2,75! Kickout!

    Bodom: This is what Carlin needed to change the tide to his favor, now he has to capitalize.

    *Carlin wastes no time and rolls Shaz onto his belly. The man from Toledo crosses Shaz's feet, placing his leg onto them for extra pressure. Carlin forces Shaz's right arm backwards, trapping it with an armpit and closing his hands around his rival's face, lifting Shaz's torso up with the move.*

    Pentalion: Well, I've never seen Carlin pull that one up.

    Bodom: That's another proof of why he is The Superior Technician. This is an arm trap cross legged STF, popularized by William Regal as the Regal Stretch.

    Pentalion: It is causing a lot of damage to Shaz. Will he tap out?

    Bodom: Eventually.

    *Shaz is yelling in pain as Carlin applies all the pressure possible. Shaz is trying to use his free arm to elevate himself and alleviate the pressure a little bit. However he is not able to get rid of the Superior Technician, who keeps going for a while before releasing the hold. Carlin has a twisted smile on his faceas he goes to position himself near the corner with the exposed buckle, his back turned to it. He grabs Shaz and elevates him as if to hit a powerbomb, but locks both hands around Shaz's neck. The Rapid King senses the Steenalizer coming, so he fights back with punches to the head, until Carlin lets go of the hold and Shaz slides out of the powerbomb predicament, almost hitting the exposed turnbuckle by less than an inch. Shaz turns around and sees a charging Carlin, in a spear like move, so he ducks, but barely. Carlin's forehead hits the exposed turnbuckle. Shaz wastes no time to round Carlin's neck with the left arm, using the right hand to press Carlin's head into the chocking arm, adding the pressure of the legs into a bodyscissors type of move. Finally Shaz falls to his back to complete the Shaz-Mission (Rear Naked choke)*

    Pentalion: Oh, my, Carlin is busted open!

    Bodom: That was a nasty impact. But he has survived worse moves. I still think he is going to make it.

    *Carlin is struggling hard to get out of the move, trying to hit elbows to Shaz's ribs, then trying to roll himself into the ropes, to no avail. Shaz is not giving him an inch of space, and every time Carlin tries to escape, he holds tighter. Seconds pass by and eventually Carlin starts to fight with less force. Still, there is almost a minute until he completely stops. The ref goes to check on him, lifting his arm up and letting it go. It falls lifeless for the first time. The operation is repeated, and as if confirming a law of nature, the result is the same.*

    Pentalion: Twice has Carlin failed to answer the call. One more and we'll have a winner.

    *The ref elevates the arm for the third time...*

    Bodom: Come on Carlin, don't give up!

    *But the arm falls again and the ref calls for the bell.*

    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    McManus: The winner of this match, and the new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, The Rapid King! Shaz!

    Bodom: What a bullshit ending. Shaz has just proved he cannot defeat Carlin clean.

    Pentalion: But it was Carlin who made the mistake

    Bodom: Still. He needed a shortcut, otherwise he wouldn't have done it.

    *The ref raises Shaz's arm in victory, then The Rapid king goes to the side next to the announce table, pointing at Bodom and making ostentous gestures of crying. Bodom stands up and gives him the two middle fingers. Shaz laughs and leaves the ring, still celebrating on his way up the ramp, while docs rush towards the ring to check on Carlin, who is going back to life little by little. Doctors check he is ok, and clean the blood, but Carlin refuses further assistance as he rolls out of the ring. He wipes the blood out of his face and looks at it with a puzzled expression. Then he goes slowly up the ramp, his head down and looking miserable and depressed as camera fades to black, thus ending the Rage telecast.*

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    Sorry that it's late, but Rage's going to be posted now.

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    We're nearing half way to our next ppv!

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    Things are heating up, nice to see the thread active on a near enough day to day basis with plenty of IC work!

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    Some good action hopefully on show this week as we continue the buildup to the penultimate ppv before EWNCW main event of the year!

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    EWNCW are still "in talks" with artists as to who will be the musical act for the event!

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    But now, it's time for Rage!


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