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    Clevelry: Wait a minute you two, and cut that out!!

    *Cleverly gets between the two enemies and separates them*

    Clevelry: Now let's get one thing straight; there will be NO titles on the line at Raging Inferno. NONE! Now I understand that you two don't like each other, and I know that you're both eager to get it on in the ring, but it will NOT be happening at Raging Inferno!

    *the crowd boo a bit as Van looks happy and Kyo still looks with an angry but determined look on his face straight at Van*

    Cleverly: Now, I've been taking with Nathan Staples, and we've arranged for matches for both of you, where you'll be defending Rage against Inferno at the ppv. Because you Van will be taking on the number one contender for the Inferno Ignition Championship; Artemis Eclipse!!

    *the crowd pop at this as Van's expression changes to a worried one*

    Cleverly: And you Kyojin will be taking on the Inferno Ignition Champion; KJ Punk!!

    *the crowd pop again, as Kyo still has his eyes locked on Van*

    Cleverly: So Van, I suggest you ease off and back out of here to the back, and I'll bring Kyo back once he's calmed down here.

    *Van slinks out of the ring and backs up the ramp with his title with a smirk on his face, and even gives Kyojin a sarcastic wave as he goes, as Kyojin still has his eyes fixated on him as Cleverly tries to calm him down*

    Pentalion: Well tensions are clearly high between Van and Kyo, but what about those matches set for Raging Inferno?!

    Bodom: Well are you surprised that tensions are high? After what Kyojin tried to pull there?!
    But I have to say, a set of tasty looking matches there. Eclips is relatively new to EWNCw and so is an unknown quantity really. A tough test for Van there. And Punk vs Kyojin should be a pretty exciting match of technical skill. Both came in here around the same time and both have been on similar paths thus far. The only difference; Punk now has a title around his waist.

    Pentalion: Well 2 great looking matches added to our ppv indeed there! The ppv's shaping up great thus far!

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    *TBOZ is seen getting read in the locker room, taping up and such, when The Blue Flash enters the shot, greeted by a big cheer from the crowd*

    Flash: GREETINGS, citizen of Olympus! I, The Blue Flash would like to greatly express my deepest regards to your skill, citizen, and I would like to express to you how deeply honored I am to be on a team captained by yourself at Raging Inferno. With The Blue Flash fighting alongside the great citizen of Olympus, then there is no denying the fact that our team will be coming home with the big win for team Rage!

    TBOZ: I’m glad you’re so excited man, it’s good to have a committed guy such as yourself on my side helping out these Rage citizens! You know, I wanted to be a superhero once, but a birthday suit is really frowned upon as a costume in the community. I’m sure I can rely on you in a sticky situation.

    *Mixed Emotions walks in on the Blue Flash and TBOZ and just scoff at them.*

    Pride: We're sorry did we interrupt this little love fest going on? You boys can talk about how great you both are all you like but the real Primo Divos of Rage are Mixed Emotions and as always, come Raging Inferno, we will be the hottest things to step onto the stage and deliver a show these people will never forget.

    Sorrow: First off Flash, its not enough that you failed not once but twice to defeat Van, but you barely scraped by last week against Dimension and now you think your worthy to be in the ring with performers like ourselves and perform your own Aria?

    Pride: You are dead wrong. You go around trying to correct the injustices here but little do you know that the most vile thing happening on Rage is you trying to claim the limelight from serious performers such as ourselves. You are nothing but a buffo. Your part is easily a trouser role and for the non educated fans out there, that means that Flash's part is expendable, easily playable by any man or woman and you should be lucky you are even around today.

    Sorrow: But sadly the same can't be said about you TBOZ, after such a long time away, you have to depend on these people to get you a title shot. And to make matters worse, you took the belt away from the one champion here that is going insane. Not very impressive from a man we held in such high regard when we entered the tag division last year.

    Pride: God Money inspired us to come here and face the best and we have done just that so far. We have beaten team, after team, after team and retired not one but 3 different sets of titles since we got here. We may have come here because of you TBOZ, but we have no intention of relying on these people to define our time here, we are going to go down in history as the best simply because we deliver works of art to the patrons.

    Sorrow: So how about you do Rage, us and yourself a favor and hang out of the ring during the match so we don't look like amateurs we hit the stage. Maybe then we can go out with a little honor to our name.

    *TBOZ stares down Mixed Emotions*

    TBOZ: I know we have to tag at Raging Inferno, but it doesn’t mean I have to be friends with you two. You better listen to me come then, I’m the one with all the experience and know-how and if you don’t, then I’m almost certain you’ll fail and you’ll both look like Sorrow, now that’s not a good look. Now scram!

    *Mixed Emotions stare down TBOZ, pull a smirk then walk away. The Blue Flash is looking disgruntled at being called the weak link, TBOZ puts an arm around him*

    TBOZ: Don’t worry Flashy, you certainly aren’t the weak link. Heck, you’ll be the heart and soul that drives us to a Rage victory, I’m certain of it!

    *TBOZ pats him on the back, flashing him a big grin as The Blue Flash smiles back, turns away looking a little subdued*

    Pentalion: Well Mixed Emotions were just plain rude there! It’s important that these four get along if they want to win at Raging Inferno.

    Bodom: They do bring up an important point though, The Blue Flash is clearly the weakest link and they don’t want that affecting the result of their match.

    Pentalion: Well it’s up to them to prove themselves and not blame everyone else. They have a top leader in TBOZ.

    Bodom: Agreed, hopefully TBOZ can rally them together come game time. I certainly taught him well enough to do so!

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    Christopher Pentalion: Well, one of Rage's teams there not looking like they're on the same page there. Mixed Emotions don't seem to be like the fact that they have Blue Flash on their team.

    Bodom: Well who would be happy with that costume bearing idiot on their team? But you're forgetting one thing; the captain. It's The Beard of Zeus. And if anyone can pull that team together, then it's him!

    Pentalion: Well you have a point there Bodom, but what about what we've got up next here? I hear that we have Jman coming out here next! Now last week he held a qualifying match between Ryan Wells and Darren Bull to decide who would partner him at Raging Inferno, as he's issued an open challenge to the Inferno roster for any pairing to take him and a partner on.

    Bodom: That's right, but last week we saw K-Jammin returning. And after seemingly helping out Ryan Wells by taking out Darren Bull, but he then revealed himself to be the same old bastard he's always been when he took out Ryan Wells too. Same old asshole!

    Pentalion: That's right Bodom. And because of that double DQ that match ended in a no contest and Jman is still without a partner! I mean what's he got against Jman?

    Bodom: I don't know, Chris. K-Jammin has shown in the past that he's in this business for anyone but himself. And last week proved that once again.

    Pentalion: Well let's hear what Jman has to say about it all here now.

    *Jman’s music gets a big pop from the crowd, but, barely through the curtain, J quickly cuts off the cheers and music with the sound of his irritated sounding voice.*

    Jman: Cut it! Cut the damn music!

    *Back in Black cuts out as J stands on the stage and tries, with not much success, to calm down before speaking again.*

    Jman: Y’know, heh, K-Jammin and I have been on the road together, for one company or other, for two years now. I know how the guy thinks, how he behaves, better than anybody on the Rage roster so I guess I should’ve seen what he did from a mile away, but I didn’t. If I know K-Jamm like I think I do, though, his interruption a match between Ryan Wells and Darren Bull had nothing to do with either of those men; it had everything to do with pissing me off. And, goddamn, K-Jamm, it worked.

    *J starts walking down the ramp with that, still attempting to compose himself. He slides into the ring, gets up and waits a beat before working the mic again.*

    Jman: Maybe I’m wrong, bruv. Maybe you were just trying to prove a point with your return. Maybe. But, anger aside, rivalry aside, I still need a partner for Raging Inferno. K-Jamm shat all over my attempt to do that last week but, come hell or high water, I’ll have a partner before we go off the air tonight.

    *The crowd pops at that news as Jman gets into how it’ll work.*

    Jman: See, we’re going to have a triple threat match.

    *That gets another pop from the crowd as J continues on.*

    Jman: I’m leaving the participants in that match up to John Cleverly but, obviously, triple threat rules don’t allow for anything but a definitive winner to be determined.
    So, K-Jamm, go ahead, interfere. But when I’m done with Raging Inferno, I’m coming for you.

    *With that, Jman drops the mic and leaves the ring to a big pop. On the stage, J finds a cameraman, pulls him close and, as we cut to that camera, sends one last message to K-Jammin.*

    Jman: This ain’t over between us, bruv. It never is.

    *Jman then storms down the ramp and after spalling hands with several fans along the way, he again takes a seat at ringside*

    #Holy Jose#

    Jason McManus:
    The following is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Washington D.C. Holy Jose!!

    Well Jman is clearly less than happy with what happened last week, but we're going to give it another go here tonight.

    Bodom: A Triple threat match eh? Holy Jose is out here first. He knows Jman well as they have some history. I think they'd make a good pairing.


    Jason McManus: And his opponent, Reiko!

    Pentalion: And it's Reiko next. Ric Flair is still out after that attack at the hands of Matt Elder a few weeks ago. we hear that Naitch is recovering well and should be back soon!

    Bodom: Don't Chris, I can't bare the thought of Naitch being hurt!

    #Daymian Bloodstone#

    Jason McManus: And their opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, 'The Pint Sized Rocker', Daymian Bloodstone!

    Bodom: Now Bloodstone's someone who's changed his attitude recently, and for the better. He looks more focused on the game, and I think he's probably the best partner for Jman in this match.

    Pentalion: Well I have to disagree. I mean Bloodstone has shown total disregard to everyone who has supported him so far in his EWNCW career.
    But here we go! Triple threat rules, so let's see who wins the right to partner Jman!

    Reiko (Miz) vs Jose (ADR) vs Bloodstone (Mysterio)

    (Stop at 10:32)

    Pentalion: Reiko with the big DDT!! And in he goes for the cover!!

    Ref: ONE!!


    *Bloodstone jumps in to break up the pin!! He then stands up quickly and grabs Reiko's 2 legs before dropping a double leg drop to his groin making him sit up, before delivering a dropkick to the face of Reiko, sending him flat out on the mat.

    Bodom: Nice combination from Bloodstone there, and that's why he's so dangerous!

    *Bloodstone then quickly goes p to the top turnbuckle before landing a moonsault on Jose before staying on top for the cover*

    Pentalion: Oh no, not again!!

    *Jman stand up from his chair to see K-Jammin running down the ramp!! Bloodsotne is still atop of Jose after his moonsault, and as he sees K-Jam, he angrily shouts at the referee to count his pin*

    Ref: ONE!!


    *Bloodstone has to get up, breaking the pin himself, as K-Jam has now slid into the ring!! He then goes to hit K-Jam only for K-Jammin to floor him with a hard clothesline which signals the bell from the referee!! K-Jam then gets Bloodstone up and tosses him through the ropes and out of the ring!*

    Bodom: What the hell has gotten into this guy?! What's his deal?!

    *Reiko is stirring and starting to get up. K-Jammin sees him and sizes him up. Once Reiko is up, K-Jam drills him with a superkick which sends Reiko tumbling through the ropes and out of the ring*

    Pentalion: Head Jam to Reiko!!

    *K-Jammin then turns his head towards Holy Jose who's stirring. He eggs him to get to his feet. As Jose stumbles up, K-Jammin drills him with a superkick too!*

    Bodom: And one for Jose!

    *K-Jammin stands in the middle of the ring as the crowd boo him. He's not taking any notice of them though as he's simply starring at Jman who's now up on the apron in front of the commentary table and is starring back at K-Jam angrily. After a tense moment, Jman goes to enter the ring, but he quickly jumps down as K-Jam shifts suddenly and hits another superkick on Bloodstone who was back on the apron trying to get back into the ring!
    K-Jammin then diverts his attention back to Jmanin front of the commentary table. He then cracks a smile before exiting the ring and backing up the ramp as his music plays. The crowd mostly booing him, but many very confused as to how to react to his actions. Jman still looks on in anger at K-Jammin.*

    Jason McManus: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has declared this match a no contest.

    Pentalion: What carnage. What a mess.....

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    Pentalion: Ww hope you've all enjoyed tonight's broadcast, but we're not quite done yet as it's now main event time! God money taking on Team Rage! The 3 man team that has been assembled to compete in the main event at Raging Inferno!

    We'll see if this team is good enough to get the job done. We'll expose their weaknesses for sure!

    The following match is scheduled for one fall. This is going to be a six man tag team match. Introducing first, he comes to us from Stockholm, Sweden. He none other than Splattered Dreams!

    #Splattered Dreams#

    *Dreams comes out to the arena to some huge cheers from the crowd. He simply smiles a bit and walks down the aisle. He climbs the steel steps and gets into the ring. He then begins to pose a bit on the top rope while everyone is happy to see him once more in the ring.*

    I have to say at least this. I am very interested in seeing Splattered out here tonight.

    Pentalion: Not to be mean or anything here, but why aren't you happy to see him here tonight? I wonder why.

    Introducing his first tag team partner of the night, he comes to us from Fredrick, Maryland. He is Rage's very own ring announcer and a great athlete. He is Bodom!


    *Bodom gets up from his chair in the announce table to some good reaction from everyone there tonight. He then proceeds to take off his suit and be in his wrestling attire. He then puts down his suit nicely on his chair and slides into the ring. Bodom then gets a couple of claps from Splattered Dreams himself.*

    I guess that I am going to be taking commentary all by myself tonight. How sweet is that deal?!

    McManus: And finally their tag team partner for this matchup. He is very cool man in my own words. He hails from no other place besides Nottingham, England. This is a great wrestler, he is none other than "The Machiavellian" The Beard of Zeus!!!

    #The Beard of Zeus#

    *TBOZ comes out to the best crowd reaction of his group tonight. He smiles a bit and looks around at all the fans in attendance and clapping for him tonight. He walks down the ramp and gets onto the ring reel of the ring. He then gets in and slaps the hands of his partners tonight in a good type of deal.*

    It looks like TBOZ is more than ready for this match. He seems to be alright with his tag partners for the night.

    McManus: And their opponents of this Main Event match, first he comes from all the way from Toledo, Ohio. He is "The Superior Technician" William Carlin!

    *William comes out to many boos from the crowd. He is pleasant with all those boos that he simply moves forward, but he stops mid-way on the ramp. He looks at his opponents and now waits for his partners.*

    Pentalion: Looks like William is going to easily wait for all his partners to come on out.

    And his partner comes to us from Brixton, London. He is "The Rapid King" SHAZ!

    *Shaz comes on out and gets booed as well from all the fans. He simply nods at their reaction towards him. He walks down and waits their with William for his partner as well while look at all the competitors for this match.*

    Pentalion: This next partner for sure is going to be interesting for these men.

    McManus: Finally introducing their tag team partner for tonight. He is the World Heavyweight Champion here on Rage. This man is none other than Ronaldo Romulus!

    *Ronaldo comes on out with his belt in hand and smiles at this loud and negative reaction he receives. He simply raises his title, so everyone can watch him with it. He then reaches his partners and agrees with them to go to their corner instead of heading into the ring for a simple fight. All men get to their place and stand their while the other three go to their side.*

    (Start @ 7:32, Shaz=Randy Orton, Ronaldo= Cody Rhodes, William=Ted Dibease, Bodom= Shane McMahon, Splattered Dreams= Batista, TBOZ= HHH)

    (End @ 1:02)

    Pentalion: Shaz has come back to the ring and has probably taken out a man he knows too well.

    *Shaz and William whisper something to one another and nod heads. They climb back into the ring while Bodom is slow to get up to his knees. Shaz yells a bit at Ronaldo to tag him in and says he'll handle Bodom while he is almost down. Ronado takes a breather and looks around a bit. He then decides to let Shaz have a go at it and tags him.

    Shaz quickly gets down onto the outside and goes on running to Bodom. He grabs hold of him and pushes him back into the ring and slides in himself as well. Shaz stomps a bit on Bodom's chest and then he goes for a quick winning cover try.*




    *Shaz doesn't look too surprised at the kickout. He quickly stands up to his feet and lets Bodom sit-up a bit. Shaz runs to the opposite ropes and dropkicks him on the jaw. Shaz sees that Bodom might be down for awhile and he looks very pleased. That causes him to go to the ring apron. His partners yell at him to not try at all. However, Shaz ignores them and he tries a springboard elbow dive. Bodom is fast enough to move out of his way. Both men are now on the floor. Bodom rolls over to the ring ropes and uses them to get up. Shaz grabs hold of his elbow, but he still manages to get up from the floor, but he is got by Bodom who nails him with a flowing DDT. Bodom raises quickly to his feet and grabs hold of Shaz's legs and drags him over to Bodom's corner. Bodom quickly tags in Splattered Dreams into the match. Dreams quickly gets in and does a low shoulder tackle onto Shaz's right knee which is the one Bodom is holding up.*

    Splattered Dreams is doing smart thinking and attacks Shaz's knee right in that opportunity.

    *Shaz looks back at his two tag partners and look at them for help. They look at him with disappointment in their faces. Splattered Dreams allows for Shaz to begin to crawl just a little bit and then he elbow drops him in his back. Dreams then begins to hit his back a couple of times with furry. Splattered then drags Shaz over to his corner a bit more, but Shaz finds a way to turn around and hit Dreams with both his feet. Shaz and Dreams make their fast movement towards their side and reach to partner each. Shaz tags in Ronaldo to everyone surprise and Splattered Dreams is capable of tagging in TBOZ into the ring. TBOZ and Romulus both going quite a bit slowly knowing who is entering the ring. They met up in the middle of the ring to face one another.*

    This is rather interesting to see both these men come into the ring without going after one another. Let's see what happens with this two.

    *Romulus and TBOZ met up in the middle of the ring and begin to stare at each other. TBOZ makes a bit of fun of Romulus by signaling that one day he will win the title from Romulus in the ring. Romulus laughs for a short bit of time and he immediately goes for a strike with his right fist onto TBOZ. TBOZ outsmarts him there by grabbing his arm and kicking him in the gut with his boot. TBOZ goes onto get Ronaldo and hits him with a samoa drop on the mat. TBOZ then goes for an elbow drop onto Ronaldo's chest and pins him at the same time.*




    *NO!!! William is able to get in the ring and hit TBOZ on the last mili-second they had in the match. Splattered Dreams sneaks his way into the ring and gets onto a kneeling position and looks at Carlin who doesn't see him. Dreams goes for a spear attempt, but Carlin is able to move out of the way and causes Dreams to crash his head in the outside.*

    William Carlin is being smart right there by causing Dreams to go to the outside.

    *Carlin turns around once more to try and hit TBOZ once more, but he his caught by Bodom and he sends Carlin flying through the top rope like if it were a battle royal and he lands on top of Dreams. However, it seems like William might have crashed his neck a bit. Bodom smiles a bit and starts to be smart by looking at Shaz very first. Shaz stays on the ring apron and just looks on at Bodom. Bodom then starts to move back a bit, but is hit with a clothesline to the back by Ronaldo who is up. He throws Bodom over the top rope as well. Shaz then dives himself by performing a five star splash on the outside to Bodom and injuries a bit more his knee.*

    Holy hell! These men are out there risking their bodies in order to win a bit in this match.

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    *TBOZ gets up as well and awaits for Romulus to turn around. He does turn and gets into another samoa drop maneuver. However, RR finds a way out of that hold and gets behind of TBOZ very smoothly. TBOZ turns around, but he gets caught by Ronaldo and gets nailed with Wrath of Remus(Curt Hawkins's Taste of Pain). Ronaldo quickly turns over TBOZ and covers him.*




    Here are your winners of this match. The team of William Carlin, Shaz, and the World Champion; Ronaldo Romulus!!!!

    Pentalion: They did it! Team Rage won! The World Heavyweight Champion led by example ad got the job done for his team in the end, but that was a great match. A good warmup for our trio here!! The trio that will hopefully beat the trio that Inferno serve up!
    That's all the time we have for tonight! Thank you for joining us folks, until next time!

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    Here's a filler!

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    We're on the road to Day of Reckoning now, and we're about 2 months or so out from Destiny's Calling!

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    If you want to be on the card for EWNCW's main event of the year, then now is the time to step up your game and book your place on that big ppv card!

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    I'm not sure what TJB's plan with Inferno is, but if it's not posted tonight, then I'm sure he'll do everything he can to post it tomorrow.

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    You'll also have to bear with me in terms of posting the show, as I may have to post it in bits rather than all in one go. Rest assured, it will all be posted tonight though!


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