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    *Static. After a few seconds, image shows a dim lighted empty arena. The shot is being taken from the center of the ring. And it is not a professional camera like the ones that are used for either Rage or Inferno. One would say it is a fan with a camcorder. Cameraman makes a 360 degrees turn to show nobody is in, no lights are illuminated the ring, the Titantron is off. All of a sudden, a burst of flames surround the ring, as we can see with another turn of the cameraman. Then, a voice is heard:*

    ???: That's how it would look like if the fans pick up an Inferno match.

    *The voice is unmistakable: William Carlin. However, he is nowhere to be seen, so he is probably holding the camera himself.*

    Carlin: That was Seraphim's pick for our match at Threat of the Net. Last week he got the job done, with the help of the Blue Flash and got me for the one, two, three. So, he chose an inferno match for the fans to vote. He called me a devil. I'm the antagonist, yeah, but not a devil. I've made my position clear in the past, so I won't go into it, but I'm not what he claims I am. However, these flames represent something. These flames represent the hell I've been through to get here, and the hell I'll go through again to go for a higher target. These flames are the hell I'm going to put him if the fans choose this match. Seraphim says he wants to burn a lesson in me. I invite him to try. But he'd better beware, because I'm gonna fight him with all my strength, my ability and my skills, and I'm gonna burn his angel's wings into ashes. He wants to take me to the City of Angels. Well, Sera, let me tell you this:

    *Carlin turns the camcorder around and we can see his face*

    Carlin: I'm gonna be the Nero to your City of Angels. Rome burnt, so will your city, and you with it.

    *Back to static.*

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    *pyro goes off all over*

    Welcome everyone to Monday night Rage, live from Salt Lake City, Utah! And boy do we have a show for you! We're just a week away from Threat of the Net! I'm Chris Pentalion alongside EWNCW legend Bodom!

    Bodom: We have a stacked night as we look forward to the ppv, the fans are voting, and they're having their say! But tonight, we're already looking forward to a big time main event!

    Pentalion: That's right, you and Jman taking on Ronaldo Romulus and Shaz! Tornado tag rules!

    Bodom: We're gonna beat those assholes down real good, just wait.

    Pentalion: I'm sure my friend! But right now, ready for some action by the tag team fellas, Bodom?

    Bodom: Always, except when I have to deal the Shameful Awful Males.

    Pentalion: Being the last Rage before Threat of the Net, you'll probably have to.

    Bodom: Well, I expect Black Blooded to beat the shit out of them.

    *A huge choir walks down the ramp in two single file lines before the last person stops at the end right before the ring. They all start are waiting and suddenly some music starts to play and they begin to sing.*

    *Confetti is falling from the roof and the crowd is unsure of what is going on until Mixed Emotions appears at the top of the ramp holding their titles high in the air. The choir is unphased by the crowds disapproval and continues to sing until Mixed Emotions reach the ring and lower their hands to signal for silence. A stagehand brings Pride and Sorrow some mics and Pride adsorbs the heat of the crowd before speaking.*

    Pride: What you just witnessed is our spectacular pre-celebratory party before our dramatic performance at Threat of the Net. The fantastic singing of Ode to Joy to get you all and us in a joyous mood before we triumph, the confetti and our titles polished up brighter than an Oscar to show you all how lucky your are to have such sophisticated and talented men as your tag champions of the world.

    Sorrow: Now we hear you all such degrading terms like "I hope Black Blooded breaks you" or "We hope those Mexicans deport you back to Italy" but we are not offended as you might think. No, we are joyed because in theater, it's bad luck to wish someone good luck before a performance and we wouldn't want any misinformed patrons who have just been introduced to the arts to make that mistake would we?

    *The crowd breaks out into a Yes! chant, but Mixed Emotions are still smiling and ignore them.*

    Pride: Threat of the Net is almost upon us and the poll has been set as of last week and in one corner, you will have the Thespians of Italy, Mixed Emotions and who will be playing our villain will be up to you fans. Now these last few weeks, Black Blooded, the Mexican Nightmares and The Sexiest Alpha Males have all been fight to get on the poll thinking they could win our titles. You all be pinning your hopes on one of these teams to take us down but look at those names again and think, what do they have in common?

    Sorrow: Before you think to hard, all of those teams have had the curtain closed on them by us. The Alpha Males and Black Blooded have lost their titles to us and the Mexican Nightmares haven't even been close to reaching our level. Now before you bring up last week, didn't you think it was suspicious for the Alpha Males to beat us by roll up?

    Pride: I do brother in fact, that was our plan all along. Now we knew if the Alpha Males lost, some new team would get the third spot and we couldn't have that as an option. You may control who gets to face us, but you pick from the options we give you. So don't think your voice is going to matter, because in a few days, we will come, we will see and we will conquer whoever you pick to face us. We are going to take someone out to a Night at the Opera and whether its a pair of classless bikers, the flee bitten hounds or those womanizing leeches you call poets, they won't be coming back in one piece.

    Sorrow: Now before we finish up, think hard boys, what have you all been fight for the last few weeks? The chance to become the World Tag team Champions or the chance to be the first to get taken out at the beginning of our glorious reign? We have been sitting back watching you all beat the crap out of each other and have been nice enough to let you do it on our stage, so don't get comfortable with your victories because they are only acts in an opera and everyone knows that the hero always wins in the final act.

    Pentalion: There you have them.

    Bodom: Way too early, Chris, way too early.

    Pentalion: Knowing your hatred, it would have been way too early no matter when they came out.

    Bodom: I give you that.

    *Tenorio and Thunda explode up the ramp to a great reception from the ladies, and some decent cheers from the men. They are all smiles, high fiving the fans down the ramp and posing with the women, even flirting with a couple of them, with Tenorio saying “later tonight” to one of them as he gives the lady a charming smile. T-Thunda enters the ring and poses while Tenorio goes to the timekeeper area, where Jason McManus hands him two mics. Tenorio pats McManus in the back before entering the ring, and after handing a mic to his partner he begins to speak:*

    Tenorio: My goodness!! Not only you are the most conceited tag team in the whole company, now you are also the most moronic in the business!!!

    *Crowd cheer, much to the dismay of the champs.*

    Tenorio: First you “dedicated” us a song that was worse than a duet oof Justin Bieber and a screeching rat, and today you say that *mocks Sorrow * the hero always wins in the final act. *Back to his voice * Newsflash, kids: you ain't the heroes of this play, listen to them!

    *Tenorio points to the fans, who pop for him.*

    Tenorio: You are the villains... *pauses for a second* No, scratch that. I was going to say you are the villains we love to hate, like Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, because there's a certain love for the character and, honestly, we hate you with a passion. You don't fit the bill of the intellectual, well mannered murderer, you are more like the psychotic, narcissistic transexual that is Jame Gumb in both the same novel and film!

    *Audience loves that*

    Tenorio: You know who are the heroes? The good guys. The ones the audience love here. And those have a proper name. Let me see. I'm asking you *points to the fans* to let these Jimmys know who are the real heroes in the play. Are they Mixed Emotions?

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    *Fans boo the shit out of the champs*

    Tenorio: Or are the heroes The Sexiest Alpha Males?

    *Big yes for Tenorio and Thunda*

    Tenorio: And you know what? The heroes already won. Last week we did. Say whatever you want to say about a roll up, but it is still a legal win. No shenanigans. No tight holding, no ropes used for leverage, no foreign object involved. A simple one, two, three. Nothing you can complain about like the little whiny bitches you are. No claim for a decision reversal. A roll up isn't the most dominating way to win a match, but mark my words! A title changes hands with a roll up. And guess who got the roll up win last week. That's right, my partner T-Thunda! Ain't that right, bro?

    *Tenorio brofists with T-Thunda, who puts the mic up to his lips.*

    Thunda: Dats right!! I, DA PIMP, got da pin last week!! But that's not all! You see next week, at Threat of da Net, after all of ya'll have voted in Da Sexiest Alpha Males into da match, so dat we can once again get da pin and win dem titles off of Mixed Emotion!!

    *the crowd cheer*

    Thunda: And just like mah partner here said, we ain't here to play, but we're here to play...... da ladies dat is!! And when we have some more gold around our waists, we'll get us some more ladies, we'll get us some more parties, we'll get us what da EWNCW fans want!! Some more entertainment!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Thunda: And DAT'S, da TROOF!!

    Bodom: I don't dislike the Nightmares, but they aren't high in my liking order. Still, they are music to my ears after those worthless Jimmys we've just had.

    *The crowd jeers, as the theme of the Mexican Nightmares blare out over the PA system. The team of three step out to the stage, already equipped with microphones. The Nightmares then slowly makes their way down to ring, before they hop onto the apron, and they enter the ring*

    Juilo: Uno, dos, tres! One, two, three! This whole predicament revolves around three. The three count, the three possible challengers, and the stable of three that will stand out on top by the time Threat of the Net is over with. Males, we've beaten you ~holds up three fingers~ three times now! Once on Brutality, once in the eight-man tag a few weeks back, and once the week after to qualify for this poll. And how many times have you defeated us? Zero! Nunca!

    We've made you pass out, and we've kept your shoulders down for the three count twice, so you've been deemed unable to compete! Hermano, we haven't defeated anyone by roll-up, and with no thanks to the Black Blooded, contrary to what you may think happened in the four-on-four match. Amigo, we won, because we are the better men compared to you. We haven't faced Black Blooded, and they may have destroyed the competition everywhere they've been - but it's time for new blood to rise to the top! Mexican blood!

    *The crowd jeers, but the Mexicans remain emotionless.*

    Esteban: We don't care about the arts. They may keep you four entertained, and serve as your inspiration, but esse, we focus purely on being the best in our field - and that's tag team competition We just need uno chance, to rise to the top, and Threat of the Net is the perfect opportunity for this. We're not illegal immigrants, unlike the current champions, we're not egotistical, vain, overrated chicas, like the "males" - if we can call them that. And we're not reliant on drugs, motorcycles, or brainwashing a girl so we can be her male parental figure, unlike the men who bleeds the wrong color.

    It's time for those that rise to the top by liking Opera, or riding bikes, to end. We know we're the best damn team EWNCW has to offer. Pride, you can grab your confetti, and shove it up your backside! Sorrow, you can take the nonsensical high-pitched whining, and appreciate it on your hospital bed. If we get picked to challenge you at Threat of the Net, we will take your titles away. Us three, versus you two, there's no doubt in my mind, we're going to show you why we're the Nightmares.

    Alexis: And Black Blooded - I'll know you're listening to us! Holmes, don't think you're better than my chicos! It's our time, not yours! And you know what, you'll need to take a backseat. We're going to the pay-per-view, and we're going to come out victo-

    Bodom: That's a team I like.

    Pentalion: I know you also like the champs. In case they face Black Blooded, who do you think will make it?

    Bodom: Yeah I like Mixed Emotions, but they are a bit pussies, I think Black Blooded will capture the belts.

    *Black Blooded walk out, Vivica skipping between them as Mr. Black sizes up the other teams, a look of disgust evident even under his mask as Mr. Blood just shakes his head. The crowd boos, getting louder as Mr. Blood begins to speak.*

    Mr. Blood: Now wait a god damn minute here, aint all you boys forgetting something? Maybe the fact that it was Black Blooded who took out the four of you bitches and let that scrawny Mexican beat you? Or how about the fucking fact that it was thanks to our influence that you fucking he-whores are even involved in the fucking voting.

    Mr. Black: Y'all have a lot to thank us for.

    Mr. Blood: But lets get to that voting, shall we? Lets skip right over the fact that the fucking management around here has their heads so far up their fucking asses that they can't see the glory right the fuck in front of them. Let's go past the fact that Cleverly just can't that there is only one team here worthy of carrying those worthless fucking belts. And yeah right now they are fucking worthless because they sit around the waists of a couple of worthless fucking drama fags. After we take them, and even the stupidest sister-fucking redneck here knows we are going to fucking take them, then they will start to have some fucking value.

    Mr. Black: When real men hold them.

    Mr. Blood: You see, it's real fucking easy to figure which team here has the strength, the toughness, the talent, hell the fucking nuts to step up and do whatever the fuck it takes to make sure that you two grease-paint wearing homos not only lose those titles, but lose the ability to perform here, or in whatever rinky-dink firetrap of a "playhouse" you think you are rocking.

    Mr. Blood: At the end of the day the only fucking reason that there is even a choice in the matter is because you two are better at performing behind closed doors. You know as well as we do that the instant we meet without anyone else in the way, is the instant your fucking careers end.

    Mr. Black: All of your dreams, gone.

    Mr. Blood: So you run around backstage, and you bitch and you moan and you pull strings until once again Black Blooded has to go through every piece of shit here to get what should have been fucking handed to us on a platter. We are the Dominant Fucking Predators of this Industry and By God the rest of you are going to fucking realize it!

    Bodom: Here comes the BAWS!!!

    *Big pop for John Cleverly, who wastes no time and speaks*

    Cleverly: Yeah, I like that attitude, folks, that will take you far. But as always, words don't solve shit, and conflict is solved in the ring. Tonight is no different, so there's a match coming. But Not tag teaming for you, gentleman. This is going to be a singles fatal four way. Sorrow will represent the champs. Miguel Tenorio will compete for the Males. Esteban Rodríguez for the Mexican Nightmares. And fighting for Black Blooded, Mr. Black. So, get a ref down the way, because the match is now!

    Bodom: Good to see something different for a change, right Pentalion?

    Pentalion: Indeed, Bodom. No monotony in Rage is allowed!

    *Those not fighting leave the ring as a ref comes down the ramp, slides under the bottom rope and calls for the bell.*

    (Sting = Tenorio / DDP = Rodríguez / Goldberg = Mr. Black / Nash = Sorrow. Start at 4:23, stop at 13:10)

    *Mr Black decides not to go for the pin and starts cleaning house. First he grabs Tenorio and throws him over the top rope. He then goes to the corner where Rodríguez is and repeats the operation. Both Julio and T-Thunda go to check on their fallen partners, but Mr. Blood and Pride cut them off and they start trading blows.*

    Bodom: Gotta love this, chaos in the outside and a dominant beast in the inside.

    Pentalion: The scenario you prefer, Mixed Emotions vs. Black Blooded is happening now.

    Bodom: Yeah!

    *In the ring Mr. Black has grabbed Sorrow and helps him to his feet. Black grabs his opponent under the right arm, and helps himself with the other to elevate Sorrow, then Mr. Black rotates 180º degrees to plant his opponent down to the mat.*

    Bodom: Black Hole Slam connected!

    Pentalion: The leg is hooked!




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    *Sorrow kicks out. Meanwhile in the outside, the four non competitors are trading blows next to the ring, in the same side as the entrance ramp. None of them is getting the advantage, so they keep on throwing rights and lefts to whoever is next to them. All of a sudden, Miguel Tenorio is in the apron. He jumps to the top rope and hits a moonsault to the outside, taking the four brawling men, including his own partner*

    Pentalion: Spectacular move by Miguel Tenorio!

    Bodom: But pretty useless, he needs to take out whoever is IN the ring, not in the outside.

    *Mr. Black is trading blows with Sorrow when Esteban slides in and clips Sorrow's leg. He then looks at Mr. Black, points at Sorrow and smiles. Black smiles back and they both start attacking Sorrow with punches and kicks.*

    Bodom: Smart strategy, get rid of one of your opponents and level the match into a one on one.

    *Sorrow is down, Esteban and Black keep on stomping on him for a while. When they seem satisfied they separate and look at each other. Rodríguez is clearly seen saying “Lift him up”. Mr. Black gives him a long, distrustful look before obliging, helping Sorrow to a vertical base, back turned on Esteban. Mr. Black takes a couple of steps back and Rodríguez hits a backstabber on Sorrow. The momentum sends Sorrow forward, a motion used by Mr. Black to lift him in a military press, his arms high above his head. Black comes to the ropes and throws Sorrow to the outside with such a force that the World Tag Team champion's back hits the commentary table*

    Pentalion: Oh, gosh!

    Bodom: What a display of strength by Mr. Black, you've gotta love it!

    *Mr. Black turns his attention to the ring, and gets caught by Rodríguez, who has decided this was a good moment to end their partnership. Esteban lands a right, and a left, before Mr. Black counters with a huge right that sends the Mexican to the center of the ring. Mr. Black goes to the attack, but he is met by a right. Mr. Black retaliates with a left, and both trade blows in the middle of the ring:*

    Mr. Black!
    Mr. Black!
    Mr. Black!
    Mr. Black!
    Mr. Black!
    Mr. Black!
    Mr. Black!
    Mr. Black!
    Mr. Black!

    *The big man gains the upper hand and clotheslines his opponent to the mat. He then picks Esteban, places his head between the legs and grabs his arms with a double underhook. Mr. Black elevates his opponent until Rodríguez is in a vertical suplex position. Mr. Black holds in that position, but instead of hitting a suplex, he slams Rodríguez into the mat with a facebuster, a move called the Black Death Drop (Implant Buster). But before he can cover, Tenorio rushes into the ring, raining punches on Mr. Black. However, Black grabs Tenorio by the neck with one hand, the tights with the other and plants the Spanish Love Machine down with a huge chokeslam onto Esteban Rodríguez! Mr. Black pins both men.*




    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    Jason McManus: Here's your winner, Mr! Black!

    Bodom: This is a lesson for the Shameful Males: If you want to win a match and look dominant, check how Mr. Black has done it tonight. FACK THE ROLL UPS!!!!

    Pentalion: An awesome match, and what a display of physical domination by Mr. Black. Black Blooded seem ready to challenge Mixed Emotions for the titles.

    Bodom: And if they roll like they did tonight, they are going to win it, hands down!

    *Black Blooded celebrate in the middle of the ring. Pride is helping Sorrow up, so Mr. Black and Mr. Blood turn their attention on them. They make the signal for the belts around their waists and trash talk Mixed Emotions. Pride gets the belts, hands one to Sorrow and they lift them, saying “We still are the champions!” Black Blooded retort: “Not for too long!” before they head up the ramp, as Monday Night Rage goes to commercials.*

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    *Guy Smith is back stage with Malcolm Cage*

    Smith: I’m back here with Malcolm Cage, and Malcolm you are in the Number 1 Contenders Match at Threat of the Net for the Rage Ignition Championship. How do you feel your chances are going into the match?

    Cage: I feel like my chances are great Guy. And why shouldn’t I? I mean, I show up in EWNCW and immediately make a name for myself here in the Ignition Division. I have been in contention for the Ignition title already at a major PPV, and now I’m up for this number one contenders spot.

    I couldn’t be in a better spot! I am within reach of a one-on-one chance against the Ignition Champion and when I get it, I will not let it get away from me, not this time. I will not be out of the picture for to long. Just as a fly comes back to the light, I will always come back to the title scene.

    Smith: You are going against several other wrestlers for the #1 spot, what are your impressions on some of your opponents?

    Cage: Man, what is there to say about those guys? Well, there is the mouth, Reiko. He can’t even talk for himself. He needs that loud mouth manger of his, Ric Flair, to talk for him. He can’t talk, and he can’t wrestle.

    Then there is Kyojin, who is a great wrestler. I can honestly say that he is my biggest threat come the PPV. He is so consistent and technical. He is just like me, willing to through himself off of anything to get the job done. You can see that when it came to the Ladder match.

    Smith: What about the other two, Darren Bull and Matt Elder?

    Cage: Oh, those two? Well, I can tell you one thing about Bull that everyone else already knows. That he is a hack and a cheat. He is complete garbage. Honestly? I can say that he won’t be an issue. He has dug his own grave, and come TotN, he will have a target emblazoned on his back.

    And of course, the legend, the bully, Matt Elder. Where did he come from? No one knows. But like many who feel that entitlement, Elder came on in and thought it was all his, that everyone was to give him the respect he left with. Well he left, and now he is back, and now he has to start from the bottom all over again. He is a punk, just like Bull. They deserve each other, both are fellas who think they deserve the world, but actually deserve nothing.

    Smith: Final question. How do you feel about the two stipulations that people can vote at

    Cage: Oh man we have two really good stipulations that the fans can choose, I am excited to...

    *Out of nowhere Darren Bull comes in and blind-sights Malcolm from behind. He starts to pound the head of Cage with various left and right hard fists. Darren picks up slowly Cage and Cage begins to fight back with a couple of shots to Bull's mid-section, but Darren kicks Malcolm real hard in his ribs. He then drives him full force to the head and bangs it up against it. Bull then signals for Guy Smith to get near him and he snatches the mic.*

    Bull: If I were you Smith, I would leave at once.

    *Smith does so and leaves at once and Darren sits next to Malcolm on the floor.*

    Bull: Poor Malcolm. Tisk tisk man. You actually believe in your own little hype. You truly think you have a chance come Trouble On The Net. You are delusional Malcolm. As long as I'm in this match you and none of the other fellas have a chance at winning. Let me tell you something very important.

    *Malcolm begins to slowly get up, but Bull hits him with the mic on the head.*

    You are Malcolm Cage, a common peasant just like everyone else. While I'm Darren Bull. Which means by far I'm the best option to win come ToTN. I've already played mind tricks into Reiko's puny brain by simply attacking Ric Flair. As far as Matt and Kyojin go, I could care a damn about them. Matt still hasn't impressed me the slightest yet in singles competition. While Kyojin is just being Kyojin. He keeps on complaining about how he needs to beat VHX and how VHX is afraid of him. I find all of that laughable for so many reasons. While you have proved nothing here. I've beaten you here and let's not forget it was your debut match here in EWNCW. You all have your heads up your asses. All of your heads are so deep in there that you gals can't see the light of day.

    *Malcolm once more tries to get up, but Bull kicks him in the gut and throws a hard right fist to his forehead.*

    Darren: Just stay down and this will go faster and less painful. Now where was I at? Oh yeah. You see Malcolm, I'm just too damn good to be wrestling some worthless peasants like yourself and those other jokers. I'm Darren "The Destruction" Bull and I am the best damn athlete around here. I'm tired of "trying" to earn my spot at going after the title when I should be handed this shots cause I'm just that damn good. I'm so sick and tired of being over looked, but trust me when I say that come ToTN I will be walking out as the victor. Weather you or anyone else likes it or not.

    *Darren then gets back back up and drops the mic on top of Malcolm. Bull then begins to leave while slowly and steadily gets to his feet with some help from the people in the back.*

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    Jason McManus: This match is set for one fall and making his way to the ring and hailing from Detroit Michigan.. 'The Destroyer' Darren Bull!

    Chris Pentalion: Look at the face of Darren Bull here tonight! He looks pumped up for his match as he makes his way down to the ring.

    Bodom: His face reminds me of those Activia commercials where Jamie Lee Curtis and an army of people come marching out of the woods after taking a successful shit.

    Chris Pentalion: Only YOU would think of something like that Bodom. You are just special!

    Bodom: Not as special as you! I heard that your Mother bought you a helmet for your Birthday not too long ago. She even threw in a magical invisible cloak from the Harry Potter franchise.

    Jason McManus: And his opponent... FROM OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA.... Malcolm Cage!!!!!!!!

    Chris Pentalion:
    Now here is a man who means business! Just look at him Bodom!

    Bodom: I am looking at him... I am not cross eyed like your former partners! My eyes are actually focused on the match instead of one eye being focused on your shoulder while the other one is focused on some Ladies tits a few inches away.

    Chris Pentalion: What a relief.. I thought there was going to be some problems here.

    Bodom: There are already problems here! I have to sit next to a little punk bitch like yourself every week.

    Chris Pentalion: And guess what? You have to live with that.

    Bodom: *Grumbles*

    (Malcolm Cage = Jeff Hardy, Darren Bull = Jeff Hardy)

    (Pause at 14:02)
    *After such a long and grueling match the two men are still fully capable of rising up to their feet. Both panting with the intent of victory just hanging off the very edge of their tongues. Both men then gather to the center of the ring where they begin to exchange blows, every second it seems like either of them could fall over in a limped state.*

    What a crazy match this has become! These two are already looking as if they are standing on their last legs.

    Chris Pentalion: At this point either of them could take control! Will either of them take advantage of this situation?

    Bodom: They better! I already hate the world enough for being filled to the brim with imbecilic baboons such as yourself.

    Chris Pentalion: Stay classy, Bod. STAY CLASSY!










    Chris Pentalion:
    Oh man! What a jab!

    *Just as Darren Bull was getting the upper hand, Cage decides to run his forearm into Bull's chin. This causes Bull to stumble backwards, and before Bull could even regain his composure Cage comes rushing in for a tackle that lays Bull out. Cage quickly rolls over on top of Bull for the pin.*




    Bodom and Chris Pentalion:
    He kicked out!

    *Oh snap! Bull kicks out which causes Cage to slap the mat frustration. He immediately gets on to his feet and picks Bull up. Bull just seems to allow Cage to do whatever he wants. Cage slinks his arms around Bull then irish whips him into the ropes. When Bull comes back around Cage elevates Bull from his legs and performs a maneuver known to many in the wrestling industry as a flapjack.*

    What a brutal and textbook classic... A Flapjack!

    Chris Pentalion: I bet you have received quite a few of these Bodom.

    Bodom: I am pretty sure that I have. I was man enough to step inside of that ring week after week. What is your big accomplishment? Being able to order the big kid menu at Chucky Cheese?

    *Cage goes for the pin again but instead of getting it like he thought he would, Bull moves away and kicks Cage in the face. Cage goes for another tackle but Bull moves away and jabs his elbow into the back of Cage as hard as he can. Seeing an opening Bull runs towards the ropes to perform his finishing move, but before he can even reach his destination Cage comes up behind him and gets the roll up. Bull is flailing around as the ref counts the pin*




    Jason McManus:

    Chris Pentalion: OH MY GOD! Rage has done it! Rage has done it!

    Bodom: After such a long match Malcolm Cage has secured this victory. I bet ya after this match he is going to go backstage and celebrate with some whiskey.

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    *The camera cuts backstage where ‘Cowboy’ Bill Buxley is shown. He has a microphone in his hand and begins speaking as soon as the camera focuses on him.*

    Buxley: Ladies & gentlemen, please help me welcome my guest at this time, the Master of True Wrestling- KYOJIN!

    *The fans in the arena pop loudly as Kyojin walks onto the screen. He smiles at the reaction before turning to Buxley.*

    Buxley: Tonight is the final stop on the road to Thread of the Net Kyo, what are your thoughts heading into your five man Rage Ignition Championship number one contender match?

    Kyojin: My thoughts? My thoughts are very simple Bill, I have to win. For months and months I’ve put myself on the same podium as Van Hooligan X, a man who currently holds the Rage Ignition Championship. In order to prove my own expectations of myself- I have to walk out of Threat of the Net, not just with a victory but with a stamp on the fact that I am as good as Van Hooligan X and I am capable of taking that title from him.

    There will be four men looking to stop me from achieving that goal. First of all, there’s Matt Elder. Known worldwide as one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time, but now he’s going it alone. He’s already made some waves, attacking all four other men in this match and even picking up a triple threat victory over myself and Malcolm Cage. But the real question is- can he hack it in such a high pressure situation?

    Can Matt Elder walk into Threat of the Net- in the biggest match of his single’s career, not have Tai Nights in the corner ready to tag in- and walk out with a win? That question will be answered on Sunday- but if it’s down to me- he won’t.

    *The fans pop loudly in the arena.*

    Kyojin: Secondly, a man I’ve already mentioned- Malcolm Cage.

    *The fans in the arena pop for Cage.*

    Kyojin: Cage and I have respect for each other and it’s been evident from day one in this company. We’ve co-existed in tag matches from the very start, but last week, we both lost to Matt Elder in a triple threat match. It was something that shouldn’t have got between us but Cage let it. He made a point by storming away. Does that mean there’s no respect anymore? No, but what it does mean is that Cage understands.

    He understands that I’m not going to let anything stand in the way of winning at Threat of the Net- including him.

    *The fans in the arena give a mixed reaction.*

    Kyojin: Thirdly, there’s Darren Bull. This is a guy that holds a victory over Seraphim and we all know how difficult that is. But he’s arrogant and he needs to be taken down a few pegs. I’m glad to be able to do that- and I will do it at Threat of the Net.

    *The fans in the arena pop loudly.*

    Kyojin: And finally, Reiko. Now I’m not sure what he says half the time but I’m sure he’s good enough to hang with the rest of us. Either way, I’m sure he’s-

    * REIKO AND RIC FLAIR come into the picture*
    *Reiko takes off his shades*

    REIKO: So You Dont Know what i say Half of the Time, well kyojin you should know and be more concerned about what i do All of the time. I fight , and im in it to win it.

    Ric Flair: wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo

    BILLL BUXLEYY MYY MANNN.......What Do you think they are talking about in Europe ,in the States and All Around the World?

    Bill Buxley: Th----

    *Ric Flair snatches the mic back his way*

    Ric flair: There Saying Reiko is going to Win the 5 man Ignition Match and go on to challenge for the Title. It Goes like this ,REiko couldve been making money right now just for an appearance, he couldve been on another show getting the Main Event slot right now, he couldve been high Rolling and Jet flying , Gambling in the sky on our way to Vegas to Double up , triple up, Quadiple our Net Worth Bill. but its not about what couldve been , its about What Is!

    REIKO: And i can tell , What its All About. Its about me Bill , its about My Match. its not about Malcolm Cage, its not about Darren Bull, its not about Kyojin *flair points at kyojin , and its not about "The Oh-So-Great" Matt Elder. As i stand here today and look at my Rolex , its telling me the right time. My Time is coming and after the Threat of the Net ,VHX will know it too. VHX vs REIKO will steal the year in the Best Match Category because of me, I can gaurantee it. and just as easy as i can beat every opponent in this upcoming ignition match , i can beat the champ... who can tell me any different!

    *Out of nowhere Matt Elder appears and lays out Kyojin with a chair shot to the back of his head, followed by another shot clear in the face of Reiko. With the 2 superstars out cold, Elder grabs Bill Buxley, connects with a headbutt and throws him down the hallway.*

    Elder then turns and grins at flair before pouncing with a series of over hand rights, then bouncing him off every wall in sight, ripping Flairs jacket and shirt of in the progress....Elder then starts dragging Flair through the locker room, muttering ...........*

    Elder: You, Reiko, Kyojin Bull and Cage think its about you???!!! None of this involves you, I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you, you're just stepping stones, simple nobodys who’s only purpose is to act as the bridge between the present and my over all goal, and at Threat of the Net that goal will be achieved and you lot can go back to you miserable lives.”

    *Paramedics attend to Flair who Elder has left laying in a pool of blood*

    Elder: Its ironic that the landscape of EWNCW changes at Threat of the Net”

    *Elder starts shaking his head and turns back to Flair who is being loaded into the back of an ambulance.”

    *Elder grabs the camera from the cameraman, hits him with it then pulls the camera close into his face*

    Elder: Some of you will know me, others don’t..........But they should....and they will. Everybody knows my name but who really knows who I am?

    The reason why they don’t know me is down to ignorance and double standards. See I’ve been here from the beginning, I was on the very first show in this company.....*sigh*...... since the beginning, Yes I’ve taken time away, as we all have, but I’ve been dropped to the bottom of the pile, Forgotten like a piece of shit which you guys stepped in.

    I returned the ther week to no such fanfare as others get when they make their grand returns here! Others take time away and makes a grand return....anybody remember who else returned that night?.......2 Legends in 1 night, No coincidence I assure you, isn't that right, TBOZ!!!

    And what about all the awards that these so clalled legends have gathered? The Tommy Thunders, the TBOZ's and the like, but what about ME?! No mention is ever made of 'The Force'!
    I built this ship!! I've been here since the start, but never is my name mentioned in the same light as your 'legends'!!

    Instead, others get to stand on that stage and take the credit for steering a ship that I built!!!!

    Do I even get mentioned in a speech for the time we gave up for you guys? Fuck no I don’t.

    Do I get a thanks for the effort and hard work I put into building the foundations that the company still stands strong on? Hell No!!!

    The head honchos of this place take all the credit while I am left to wallow at the bottom!!

    So I dug out my gear and decided to make a return to the efeds, And what do I see? A ton of different companies all doing the same thing.... A serious case of quantity over quality.

    I make my return to EWNCW, was I welcomed with open arms? Fuck no I wasn’t, when I eventually got onto a show, It takes 5 weeks for me to get a spot, on a weekly show that's full of damn low lives that don't even know what the word 'legend' means let alone have what it takes to become one!

    All I see here is a load of people, the same people dribbling constant bullshit trying to sound intellectual using big words, The words which after 4 sentances just blend together and could put Steven Hawkins to sleep!!!

    And what makes it worse is that all these people, are from guys mimicking wrestlers they see all the time, Or Ninja’s....The amount of times I read “we’re The Tag team champions” or “Best in The World” is unreal! For Fuck Sake man find some originality and come up with your own shit!!!

    I’m honestly shocked that we haven't seen a guy with a character based on a fucking Pokemon yet!!!

    Well here I am, The Fire in the snow here to bring my grievance down on EWNCW and I aint going to stop until I’ve gone through every character this company as to offer, starting at Threat of the Net, the concept where the fans vote for what they want to see, The concept and the PPV which I brought to EWNCW, well the fans wont get much choice in my match, The Match will start, I will destroy and my hand will be raised.....No votes will change this!!

    For you guys that don’t know who I am?

    I’m Matt Elder and I’m The Legend of Legends....The payment for the piper is long over due, and I’m collecting on each and everyone of you!!! Starting with the belt I created...The ignition title!!!

    *Elder throws the camera down and his seen leaving the arena*

  8. #678
    Pentalion: Wow, well Matt Elder was not holding back at all there. Some very harsh words there.

    Bodom: I knew that there was something brewing with that guy. There's some frustration building up inside him and it's only a matter of time before it's unleashed. We got a taste of that just then.

    *Van Hooligan X walks out to no music whatsoever. This surprise does catch a few people out who don't realise he's come out but once most of the crowd begin boo'ing him the rest all see him and join in with the reaction.*

    Pentalion: Welcome back to Monday night Rage, and right now we're looking at Rage Ignition Champion Van Hooligan X coming out to us here, with no music though...

    Bodom: When you want people to listen to you, you make a statement, and doing something different and out of the ordinary like this is one way of doing that! I've been impressed with this guy, and at Threat of the Net I like his chances given the stipulations on the poll.

    Pentalion: Speaking of which, on the poll to pick the stipulation for that match we have a submissions match, a best of 3 falls match and falls count anywhere! Which of those would you go for Bodom? In fact, have you voted yet?

    Bodom: I haven't vote yet, but I'm going to do so right now via this pad thing here. I've always been a fan of good old technical wrestling, and with a submissions match on the poll, how can you say no to that? Also, we know that Van has that Vantastic Clutch in his arsenal that he can utilize, but it would be interesting to see what Flash would pull out of the bag to counter that.

    Pentalion: Well that's an ipad Bodom, but that's a good reason to go for that one for sure! But let's take it to the ring to see what this man has to say!

    *Van HX walks to the ring with a smug look on his face and takes his sweet ass time in doing so.*

    Van: I hope you enjoyed having no music this week, I purposefully asked to not come out to music because you idiots don't deserve to hear my badass track! But now that I've gotten your attention let me bring up last weeks tag team match.

    Flash...Last week you teamed up with Seraphim and managed to get the luckiest you've ever gotten in your whole wrestling career. So congratulations Blue boy! Thanks to my ta team partner completely fucking the match up for me you got the win. Don't think for a second that they will be around in our match though, you still have no chance to survive this match up with me.

    I would now like to ask my friend, our hero The Blue Flash to come out and just talk to me about the stipulations.

    *Flashes music begin and he comes out to a great pop but then is cut off and he looks around whilst wondering what has happened to his music*

    Van: Oh yeah, my bad. I asked them to cut your dreadful music off too...I hope you don't mind. Just hurry up and get your ass down here.

    *The crowd boo, especially Children, since a lot of people wanted to hear it and cheer him on. Nevertheless, TBF comes down and enters the ring and stares at VHX.*

    Van: Jesus Christ...I thought the other stipulations were pointless but you honestly are pathetic. You're what? In your late 20's and you're dressing up like a wannabe Spiderman.

    *the crowd boo even louder but Van doesn't listen for very long*

    Van: You all boo because it's the truth!

    Just look at this walking mistake! He is a disgrace not only to this federation, but more so to this title I have saved. To think someone like you actually held this great title! You idiots should be thanking me for saving it from this clown!

    I really do hate you Flash. Hate is such a strong word and I don't hate a lot of people but it really doesn't sum up everything I feel for you. You stand for everything that is wrong with being great and rememberable in this business. You live off the Children loving your gimmick, you have no charisma, you're weak as hell and the only super power you probably own is the ability not drown your liver in alcohol poison!

    *Van starts to poke and prod and sometimes pinch his costume a handful of times during this whole convo.*

    Van: The stipulation in our match-up truly doesn't matter in the end, the outcome is going to be the same. I have faced some of the greatest wrestlers going today and even beaten a good number of them. I can honestly say that out of all the people I have faced you will be the worst. You're not even worth being in the same sentence as me, yet alone taking a beating from me!

    Funny thing is you know I'm right. I'm a mountain just far too high for you. That's why you don't bother defending yourself right now, or bother deny I will own you. You're trying to save the heart of every child that believes in you the pain of watching me turn you into a bloody pulp.

    *Van grabs him by his chin and look into his mask*

    Well I got news for you Blue.

    I'm going to make sure that by the end of our match, I'm not walking out of that PPV with just my shiny title but I'm also going to take every last drain of hope and belief all of your fans have in you and crush it into dust. You'll have nothing left but a pathetic mask and what ifs. I'm not just going to give you the worst physical beating at the PPV...I'm going to hurt your fans as well.

    I promise you.

    *Flash stares at Van for a while before grabbing the mic from his hand. He then stares at Van before lifting the mic to his mouth.*

    Flash: You know what? You talk a big game, citizen. You talk, and talk, and talk a hell of a lot. But right now, I'm about to show you that ACTIONS speak louder than words, CITIZEN!

    *Flash clocks Van with the mic before dropping him with a double leg take down before raining down upon him with multiple strikes! He doesn't let up at all for a good minute or so, as Van can only try and cover up.*

    Pentalion: Damn, Flash has snapped here!! He's not letting up at all!!

    Bodom: What's the meaning of this?! He's meant to be a noble superhero! This isn't very superhero-like manner!!

    Pentalion: Van pocked and prodded Flash and he couldn't take it any more!! He's not taking any more crap from Van here!

    *Van eventually manages to push Flash off and roll away, he gets up before striking Flash with a kick to the mid-section before whipping him into the turnbuckle. He then charges towards Flash in the corner.... but Flash moves!! Van hits the turnbuckle hard!*

    Bodom: Damnit! What's he doing?!

    *Flash drags Van back towards the middle of the ring before spinning him round and drops him to the mat with a reverse STO! He then wraps up Van's head into a Koji Clutch!*

    Pentalion: Damn! Now that's a move you don't see every day! And with a submissions match perhaps on the cards, Flash needed to bust something out!

    *Flash keeps the hold on tight and Van is fading fast. Eventually a few referees come out and try to split both men up. After some effort, they eventually manage to separate both men as Van rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Flash then manages to wriggle free of the grips of the referees and runs towards the ropes before launching himself with a suicide dive over the top rope, crashing onto Van before continuing to lay into him!*

    Bodom: Oh come on!! Somebody control this guy, he's completely lost it!!!

    *The referees scramble to try and once again separate both men and after a struggle, they manage it. Van scrambles up the ramp, still feeling the affects of the Koji Clutch*

    Pentalion: Flash isn't playing around, he wants that title back, and he's going to get the job done whatever the cost at Threat of the Net!

    Bodom: You say that as if it's a foregone conclusion. Van is the champ, and he's not going to let that title go just after winning it!

    Pentalion: Well I can't wait to see what happens! And remember folks, if you haven't voted yet, then you can still do so!! You have a few more days to get those votes in!

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    *Camcorder time again. This time the right is slightly illuminated, and we can see steel walls surrounding it. Carlin shows us a shot of the upper part of the arena, trying not to focus in the spotlight and blind both the spectators and himself. The ceiling of the Cell is seen, Carlin speaks:*

    Carlin: Ah, what memories we have from the top of the Cell, right? Images stored in the collective unconscious of pro wrestling fans. Mankind thrown to the Spanish announce table, chokeslammed into the ring by Taker, then back body dropped by Triple H, with that burning barb wire 2x4. Hell, even Roidback provided a decent moment when he Shell Shocked CM Punk after that shitty match they had last October. And now it can be our turn for having a memorable moment, in case the fans want us to clash inside the Devil's Playground.

    *Carlin pauses for a moment. He leaves the ring and approaches the steel wall. He outstretches his left hand and stars caressing the steel.*

    Carlin: Speaking of that name, how ironic would be if we do battle here. Flash called me the devil, because I am the antagonist in this story. Therefore, we will be fighting in MY playground, isn't it? The angel Seraphim vs. the devil Carlin in my battlefield. Wasn't that what Sun Tzu said in The Art of War? A fine strategist chooses the battlefield. And we could be inside Hell in a Cell. A demonic structure you can use to maul your opponent, and filled up with weapons under the ring. A scenario that suits me like a glove. Because make no mistake about it. As soon as we are both locked in here, I'll become the devil himself, and lash all my fury into Seraphim. Then something sweet will happen.

    *Carlin shows his face again*

    Carlin: The Fallen Angel takes revenge on one of his former peers.

    *Camera goes to static.*

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    Dick Thompson: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time: Shaz.

    *Crowd boo loudly*

    Dick: Shaz, how do you feel teaming up with the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, and your opponent at Threat of the Net, Ronaldo Romulus?

    Shaz: Listen, I absolutely despite Ronaldo Romulus- and I'm pretty sure that Romulus despises me. But tonight, we need to be on the same page. As much as I don't want to team up with him tonight, we need to forget about our match at Threat of the Net- and we have to focus on taking down Bodom and Jman tonight. Because that is all that matters.

    Dick: What are your thoughts on Bodom and Jman?

    Shaz: Well firstly, Jman. Let me give you some truth about him, he's lost his touch. He doesn't even belong in the main event scene. You know what? He should be wrestling in the Ignition Division and he should be getting his career back on track. Because right now, he's garbage. And the fact that Ronaldo Romulus defeated him to retain his title at In Violence We Trust, proves that...if you catch my drift.

    *Shaz winks at the camera as Dick laughs, knowing that he's insulted RR*

    Shaz: And as for Bodom, who the hell does he think he is?! At In Violence We Trust, I was the last man standing! Last Man Standing is a match which is supposed to settle feuds, it's supposed to be the finish to a rivalry. But Bodom, he thinks he's smart trying to get his hands on me again!

    He shouldn't be trying refereeing a match! To be fair, he can't just waltz his way back into the main event scene after I destroyed him at In Violence We Trust. He wants to make Rage all about him, because he's envious about the fact that the only reason why people tune into Rage isn't to listen to his Michael Cole-esque commentating.

    It's to watch EWNCW's Baddest MOFO tear the roof apart each and every single week! It's to watch me insult the fans, prove them wrong every single damn time! Because that's what I've done from the very beginning. And I know, and they know- that it won't stop! I'll continue to prove them wrong, and I'll continue to kick all the sticks ahead of me to get to finish line!

    But like Jman, Bodom is garbage. And to be fair, Ronaldo is garbage as well. But I'm sure he already knew that anyway. However, I'm not gonna let him hinder our chances of winning as we all know he's gonna take it to heart. All it takes is one little mistake, and our chance of defeating the "Washed Up Wonders" is flushed down the drain.

    Dick: Brilliant words from you Shaz, yet again. And my final qu-

    Shaz: That's enough for now.


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