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    *The ref lifts the arm, lets it go... and it falls for a third time*


    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    McManus: The winner of this match, the Rage Ignition champion, Van! Hooligan! X!

    Bodom: I told you Flash was going to lose, Pentalion. He didn't tap out, but was unable to escape the Vantastic Clutch. Now Van can pick a stipulation and I'm sure it'll be a good one.

    *The bell rings and Van stands up and gets into gear for bragging. He gets on the middle rope and starts bragging to a few fans in the crowd who were fully behind The Blue Flash. Meanwhile, the ref has grabbed the Ignition title and walks over to Van HX to pass it to him. VHX gladly accepts his title and raises it high into the air as the crowd let them know what they think of him. After a handful of seconds bragging about the win. Van grabs a mic from the side and takes a second to catch his breath before speaking.*

    Van: When will any of you people listen to what I say! You people honestly think someone like this idiot could beat me?! I'm leagues higher than him! But please, allow me to continue to crush all of your pathetic hopes and dreams that this era of the Vanity will be stopped...Because you're a long, long way against that ever happening!I am 1 of the biggest threats on this roster and I can find a way to do anything I set my god damn eyes onto. The sooner you people realise my abilities the easier my winning will become. The #1 contenders can yap on all they want about whatever they can think of, I could beat them quicker than I beat this old news over here!

    *Van then kicks him out of the ring*

    Van: I thought long and hard about what my first stipulation would be to give you people as an option. Do not be clouded by not picking this great option just because I suggested it. No. At Threat of the Net, your first option is Van Hooligan X, your champion, vs The Blue Flash...
    In a falls count anywhere match!

    *Van drops his mic and raises his championship high and proudly in the air and the crowd continue to boo him massively.*

    Bodom: Wow, a Falls Count Anywhere match. Van can destroy Flash all around the arena and toy with him like a rag doll.

    Pentalion: I won't be so sure, Bodom. Still, a pretty interesting choice by th Rage Ignition champ. Will the fans vote for it? We'll have to wait a couple of weeks.

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    Pentalion: And we are back ladies and gentlemen. Up next we have Seraphim trying to beat Carlin's time of 8 minutes and 39 seconds.

    Bodom: That won't be such an easy task as Seraphim takes on the Evolution Champion, Mark Dimension.

    McManus: The following match is schedule for one fall and is a Beat The Clock Challenge. The time to beat is 8 minutes with 39 seconds.

    McManus: Introducing first, he comes from The Future and is your Evolution Champion, Mark Dimension!

    *Mark comes out and holds his title up in the air for everyone to see. He received by many mixed crowd reactions and goes into the ring where he awaits his opponent.*

    Even though this ain't for the title Mark has to know this can help elevate him even more now.

    Pentalion: Thats true, but Seraphim wants to beat Carlin at his own game and fast. So, you won't see him messing around today.

    Pentalion: And here he comes!

    McManus: And his opponent, he comes to us from Straight Down From Heaven. This is Seraphim!

    *Seraphim comes out to many cheers. As soon as he steps out of the curtain, he turns around and sees the time he must beat. Without waisting anytime, Seraphim runs in and slides into the ring. He tells Mark and the ref he is ready and stares at the clock one more time.*

    (HHH=Mark, Seraphim=Hardy, Start @ 4:09, End @ 8:37)

    Mark is being a genius right about now. Keep Seraphim outside and cause time to run out thus causing to rush a move and miscalculate giving him an advantage.

    Pentalion: I actually didn't think about that.

    Bodom: That's why I wrestle and you don't.

    *Mark goes after Seraphim in the outside and gets hold of him. He hits an elbow shot to the back of Seraphim's head. Dimension then throws Seraphim to the restraining wall causing Seraphim's head to hit in the back again. Dimension then throws Seraphim back into the ring and slides himself in as well. Seraphim gets up and turns around to get hit by a facebuster. However, Seraphim doesn't go down to the mat, but is unsteadily on his feet. Mark decides to go back running and try another facebuster, but Seraphim tries to kick Mark. Mark instead grabs hold of his leg, but Seraphim hits a spinning mule kick.*

    Come on finish him off already you're at 6 minutes and 45 seconds.

    Bodom: What was that about Seraphim being able to beat the faster, Christopher?

    *Seraphim sees the clock is winding faster and faster. He then turns his attention at Mark and sees he ain't moving and he quickly decides to run to the turnbuckles and go for his 450 finisher. However........*

    Bodom: Carlin is here!

    Pentalion: What in the world does he want?!

    *William Carlin actually does come out and looks straight at Seraphim. Seraphim gets down from the top turnbuckle and gets down to the floor. He yells at Carlin to get closer, but Carlin stays where he is and instead points to titantron where the clock is at 1 minute now. Seraphim looks at it and decides to get back in the ring, but doesn't take his eye away from Carlin. Once Seraphim does turn around he is hit with the Next Dimension(Stunner)! Mark then slowly goes for the cover.*




    Here is your winner, the Evolution Champion, Mark Dimension!!!

    Bodom: Seraphim took his eye from the prize and lost here tonight.

    Pentalion: Oh please, Carlin came out here tonight and cost Seraphim the match tonight.

    *Mark rolls out of the ring grabbing hold of his head and is handed his title. Meanwhile, Seraphim is barely getting up, but once he starts looking for Carlin, he is gone.*

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    Pentalion: Ladies and gentleman, it is main event time! My broadcast partner Bodom is getting ready, so I'm going to pull a Joey Styles and comment the match on my own.

    Dick Thompson

    *Big pop from the crowd as Dick Thompson emerges from the gorilla position.*

    Pentalion: Well, seems that Dick Thompson is back again on commentary *sighs*

    *Dick Thompson goes down the ramp, all stylin' and profilin', when all of a sudden a hooded man attacks him from behind*

    Pentalion: What the hell is going on????

    *The hooded man hits Dick Thompson again a couple of times, and the fans boo him like mad. He then takes the hood off, revealing...*

    Pentalion: Josh King! He was broadcasting In Violence we Trust until the news team replaced him with Dick Thompson. Revenge time for him, I guess, but this is unneccessary.

    *Pentalion takes off his headphones and runs to separate Thompson and King, who are brawling. King pushes Thompson aside, but Guy Smith has arrived in time and hits him a couple of rights. He tries a third, but King ducks and Pentalion eats it right in the nose. Smith goes to help Christopher, apologizing in the process, but is cut off by King. Jonathan Sánchez and Cowboy Bill Buxley storm down the ramp and rain punches on King, overpowering him with da greatest of eaaaaazzze, dawg. Smith goes to help them, but Jonathan and Bill tell him to help Dick and Christopher, so Guy lends a hand to the two fallen men. Security runs down the ramp and they take King to the back with the help of Sánchez and Buxley. Smith stays with Pentalion and Thompson, checking if they are OK. Both thank him and say they can keep with the show, so Smith leaves with an ovation from the fans. Pentalion and Thompson but on their headphones and go on with the show.*

    Pentalion: What an accidental way to start the main event!

    Thompson: You call that accidental? That sneaky weasel called Josh King attacked me on purpose, not by accident!

    Pentalion: Yeah, you right. I'm still a bit shaken, but you took the worst of it, Dick, how are you?

    Thompson: Nothing that a bit of my good ol' medicine can't cure.

    *Dick produces a bottle of 21 year old Chivas Regal that miraculously is still intact. The timekeeper brings him a glass with ice.*

    Pentalion: You know what? After all that shit, I wouldn't mind a shot of that Scotch.

    Thompson: Sure, help yourself!

    *Another glass makes his appearance and Pentalion pours himself a good measure of Chivas. He tastes it, delighted and goes on:*

    Pentalion: Well, Dick, you are here covering for Bodom, as he is teaming up with his former partners in GodMoney, Splattered Dreams and TBOZ, to face the team of Ronaldo Romulus, Shaz and a returning Daymian Bloodstone, your thoughts on the match.

    Thompson: Yeah, we all love GodMoney, and TBOZ has a lot of momentum going after his spectacular win against Chris Divine last week, but we haven't seen Splattered Dreams for months, and Bodom is back after a grueling match with Shaz, and his condition is yet to be determined. That gives the edge to their opponents, but I'm not sure if the World Heavyweight Champion Ronaldo Romulus and the number one contender Shaz will be able to coexist. Both are on a roll, but they may clash during the match. Bloodstone is another unknown factor, we don't know if he's back at 100% . A very open match this one.

    Pentalion: Your pick?

    Thompson: I can see Romulus and co. picking up the win.

    Pentalion: GodMoney for me.

    Thompson: As usual, you're way too predictable.

    McManus: This match is a 3 vs. 3 tag team match set for one fall!

    If you're not down with GodMoney's theme, I have two words for ya!!!

    McManus: Introducing first, the team of Splattered Dreams, Bodom and The Beard of Zeus, they are God! Money!

    Pentalion: It's been a long time since we heard GodMoney's song, and a damn pleasure to hear it again.

    Thompson: it is a pity Rich Cranium is not here.

    Pentalion: Indeed, but that's the way life is.

    *Monstruous pop for GodMoney. The three of them are wearing vintage GM T-Shirts, and TBOZ has the trademark beer bags. They go down the ramp high fiving the fans. TBOZ leaves the bags in the timekeeper area before the three enter the ring and climb to the turnbuckles to salute the fans, who acclaim the all time favs, 4 times EWNCW Tag Team Champions.*

    Here's some Bloodstone for the fellas

    McManus: And their opponents first, from Boulder, Nevada, The Pint Sized Rocker Daymian! Bloodstone!

    Pentalion: It's been months since Bloodstone has competed in EWNCW, I wonder how he will do tonight.

    Thompson: Judging by his actions, he is focused on the task at hand.

    *The fans boo Bloodstone due to his heinous attack on TBOZ earlier in the show. Bloodtsone is smiling on his way down the ramp. He enters the ring and taunts TBOZ, but before violence escalates, the ref separates the two.*

    I'm a gansta, I want mah corners!!!

    McManus: His partner, from Brixton, London, England, the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, The Rapid King! Shaz!

    Thompson: He may be a thug and a villain and whatever negative edjective you want to add, but Shaz is on a roll and can't be denied.

    Pentalion: As much as I dislike him, I have to agree with you, Dick, he earned his spot in the main event after being the longest reigning Rage Ignition champion and defeating William Carlin and Seraphim last week.

    *Shaz is also heavily booed by the fans, like he gives a single fuck. He taunts them on his way to the ring and faces Bodom. Camera shot shows his face and the audience can read his lips: “How ya feelin', Bod?” Again the ref avoids further confrontation before the bell rings.*

    Get ready for the World Heavyweight Champion

    McManus: And their partner, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Ronaldo! Romulus!

    Pentalion: Ronaldo proved the world that he is a worthy champion after beating Jman in an Extreme Rules match at In Violence we Trust.

    Thompson: He despises hardcore action, but still reigned supreme against a man that thrives with those kind of matches.

    *The lights are out. Silence is deafening after Shaz music dies, and seconds go on without a signal of the World Heavweight Champion or his music. The fans are growing impatient, and after 15 seconds, Ronaldo's music hit, and the boos are deafening. The melody keeps going and the light does not return, until a single, white spotlight illuminates the entrance and Romulus is there standing, a white, hooded cloak covering his body. The head is down as if in prayer, and after some seconds, he raises it while outstretching his hands in a Jesus Christ like image. Boos increase at the sight of the Brazilian wrestler, and on his slow, majestic way down the ramp. Ronaldo enters the ring, unhoods himself and opens the coak, revealing the World Heavyweight Championship belt on his waist, shining pristine and polished. He gives a look of disdain to his opponents and handles the belt to the ref.*

    (Kane = Dreams / Taker = Bodom / D-Bry = TBOZ / Reigns = Romulus / Rollins = Bloodstone / Ambrose = Shaz. Start at 6:39, stop at 20:26)

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    Thompson: Ronaldo saves the day for his team!

    *Shaz, who is the legal man, wastes no time and goes for the cover*



    2,75! NO!

    *Bodom kicks out with authoritah! But his opponents are ready and as soon as Shaz has rolled out of the way, Bloodstone and Romulus start to kick Bodom in the ribs. It doesn't last long, as both TBOZ and Dreams enter the ring and come to the rescue. Dreams rocks the champ with a flurry of punches that make Ronaldo step back before being clotheslined to the outside. TBOZ goes with forearm shots to Daymian's head, and the man from Boulder leaves the ring, trying to head to the back, but TBOZ rolls out of the squared circle and cuts him off with a clothesline. In the meantime, Shaz is kicking the shit out of Bodom, who grabs the ropes looking for a bit of space. The ref counts to four before Shaz retreats, but as soon as he is allowed, returns to the attack again. Another four count is made, and the ref warns Shaz that he can get disqualified. Shaz calms down and helps Bodom to his feet, only to hit a Tornado DDT that plants his opponent to the mat. Shaz positions Bodom's limb body near the corner, and climbs to the top turnbuckle, ready to hit a Moonsault. Shaz takes off, but Bodom moves out of the way, so both men are down.*

    Pentalion: Both men need to tag in one of their partners or they will be counted out.

    Thompson: I see TBOZ eager to get the pin, but who is in Shaz's corner?

    Pentalion: Looks like Bloodstone is up again.

    *Shaz is nearer his corner, and is moving a bit faster than Bodom, so he manages to reach Daymian's hand before Bodom gets to his corner. Bloodstone enters like a house on fire, but with a last effort Bodom makes the hot tag to TBOZ. Bloodstone sees this and slightly changes his direction to go for TBOZ, but the former champion is aware and before entering the ring blocks the attack and delivers a huge punch to Bloodstone, who stumbles. TBOZ is fast and jumps to the ropes, delivering a springboard crossbody and going for the pin:*




    *Bloodstone is fresh and the move is not enough to keep him down. TBOZ is ready and goes for Punch Drunk, a flurry of punches in Undertaker's style, not giving a single inch of space to his opponent. Bloodstone goes back against the corner, and TBOZ goes for a dropkick to the knee followed by a DDT, the Crumbling Olympus. He sees the opening and gets ready to fly, climbing to the turnbuckle and going for an elbow drop that connects. Pinning predicament and the ref earns his salary:*



    2,75! NO!

    *Bloodstone still resists! TBOZ laments a bit, but he is focused on the task at hand, so he helps Bloodstone to a vertical base before slapping the head down and putting it under his armpit, finishing the lock by clasping his hands and choking Daymian with the God's Complex guillotine choke.*

    Pentalion: Last week TBOZ defeated Chris Divine with this move, will he win the match tonight?

    *TBOZ has the choke hold tight and Bloodstone is fighting for getting enough oxygen into his lungs, but his strength is fading little by little. When he seems about to tap, Romulus enters the ring and nearly decapitates TBOZ with a clothesline. Splattered Dreams charges to clean house, but Ronaldo ducks and grabs the ropes, so Dreams goes over the ropes and to the outside. Ronaldo goes to stmp on TBOZ and does it repeatedly. The ref orders Romulus out and the champion obliges. Both Daymian and TBOZ are down, but TBOZ has no partners to tag in, as Shaz first kicks Bodom in the head and then goes to get rid of Splattered Dreams. Romulus encourages Bloodstone to get up and tag himself in. Little by little both men go their respective corners, but the only one who has a partner waiting for him is the Pint Sized rocker, who tags in the World Heavyweight champion.*

    Pentalion: Critical situation for TBOZ!

    Thompson: This one will be over sooner rather than later and Romulus will win it.

    *Romulus wastes no time and goes right to the attack with punches to the head of TBOZ. Meanwhile in the outside, Splattered Dreams has recovered and gotten rid of Shaz, so he goes back to the apron. Romulus grabs TBOZ and takes him to another corner, far from the reach of Dreams. He castigates TBOZ with punches to the ribs, then makes some space at the ref's request to hit a running enzuigiri. TBOZ falls like a ton of bricks. Ronaldo grabs him and Irish whips him to the side where the big Dreams is, and the big man capitalizes and tags himself in. Ronaldo does not see it, and makes TBOZ turn around with a punch. Romulus grabs TBOZ's left arm with one arm, and elevates the left leg with the other, flipping TBOZ in the air who goes face first into the canvas, victim of the Wrath of Remus. Splattered Dreams has waited patiently till the move was done and as soon as TBOZ hits the mat, he cuts Ronaldo off with a big boot that sends Romulus to a corner.*

    Pentalion: Dreams is the legal man now, he has caught Ronaldo by surprise and has the chance to capitalize.

    *Ronaldo is down, TBOZ rolls out of the way and Dreams is measuring Ronaldo. When the champ is up, Dreams charges ready to hit a spear, but Ronaldo ducks and Dreams eats the ring post. Ronaldo throws Dreams away and climbs to the top, ready for a missile dropkick. He waits perched on top but Dreams surprises him with a fast move towards the ropes and Romulus is crotched. He yells in pain while his opponent recovers and attacks with a series of rights to the head. Dreams climbs to the first turnbuckle and continues to punish Ronaldo a bit more until the ref says it's enough. Then he forces Romulus to abandon the sitting position and stand on top of the corner while he climbs to the second rope. Ronaldo won't give up and hits a right to the head of Dreams, who counters with a left to the ribs. There's an exchange saluted by the fans with the respective yeahs and boos:*


    *The champion gets the advantage, but Dreams doesn't fall from the ropes. Ronaldo places his hands on his enemy's shoulders and impulses himself forward, rotating in the air. He lands on the mat, right between Dreams' legs, a perfect position for a powerbomb and Romulus nails it!*

    Thompson: This could be it!



    *TBOZ in for the save, Shaz cuts him off!*


    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    McManus: The winners of this match, the team of Damyian Bloodstone, Shaz, and the World Heavyweight Champion Ronaldo! Romulus!

    Pentalion: What a match!

    Thompson: Both teams did their best to get the win, but in the end Ronaldo Romulus hits an unexpected sunset flip powerbomb and gets the win for his team.

    Pentalion: A great show overall, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, we bid you a good night, and please tune in next week.

    *GodMoney gets out of the way as the heels celebrate, with the fans voicing their disapproval. Shaz then trash talks Ronaldo, signaling for the belt around his waist. Ronaldo just smirks and lifts the belt in the air as Rage goes off the air.*

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    Some filling for the cake.

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    Remember that the polls will open after this week's shows. We'll be posting a separate thread for it and it will be in a prediction contest style form. So look out for that later in the week!

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    Stealing fillers from T_T is fun, yo.

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Another filler.

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    And another.

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    Last one, show's next!


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