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    *Seraphim is sitting at ringside for the next match, having entered during commercial*

    Bodom: What the hell are you doing out here?

    Seraphim: Came to watch the match, heard you and Pentalion had the best seats out here, so I figured why not?!

    Pentalion: Glad to have you, Seraphim. How do you feel about your opponent come IVWT?

    Seraphim: Well, I’ll tell you how I feel, Carlin is a wonderful com--

    Bodom: No one cares how you feel!

    Jason: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Ric Flair, REIKO!

    *Reiko comes out to the ring, telling Ric Flair he has it and to go stand ringside. Reiko gets in the ring and scales the ropes, the crowd loudly split for him for him.*

    Jason: And his opponent, from Toledo, OH! The Superior Technician, WILLIAM CARLIN!

    *Carlin comes out to the stage and is greeted by a plethora of boos. He ignores them and makes his way down to the ring, eyeing Seraphim at Ringside.*

    Bodom: This is the man that is going to beat Seraphim come IVWT! Seraphim, you will have no chance at beating him!

    Seraphim: You think that, but he has no idea what I have in store for him come this PPV. Ironaldo same time, prove to the world, that Ronaldo same time PROVE TO THE WORLD that Ronaldo Romulus, or Jman, is going to fall just the same!

    Pentalion: Strong words from a spectator out here tonight!

    Carlin(Jericho) vs Reiko(Mysterio)

    (Stop at: 12:30)

    Seraphim: Man, Carlin is looking good out there, able to come back from that whooping Reiko’s been putting on him!

    Bodom: Whooping? Man, you must be reading the future, because that’s exactly the same beating Carlin is going to put on you.

    Seraphim: How was that ass whooping you got, Bodom?

    *As Bodom shuts up, Carlin goes back on the attack, stalking and stomping Reiko as he rolls around the ring trying to get away from William. Carlin grabs the man and chokes him on the ropes, causing Ric Flair to approach the ring and start shouting at Carlin, who, in turn, shouts back! The referee is too focused on keeping Flair away to start the count on Carlin, so Reiko is in for a long choke. When the referee finally does start, Carlin backs off and smirks as Reiko tries to catch his breath. Carlin attempts to go after the man, but Reiko manages to push him away, while still leaning on the ropes. Carlin rushes towards him again, but finds himself elevated and launched over the top rope. Carlin manages to land on the apron, however, much to Reiko’s dismay. Carlin’s opponent tries for a lock up, Carlin hits him with a European Uppercut. As Reiko reels, Carlin sticks a leg through the second and bottom rope. He reaches over and grabs Reiko, hitting him with an Inverted Atomic Drop through the ropes. Carlin quickly climbs back into the ring, and picks Reiko up on his shoulders. As he goes for a rolling fireman’s carry slam, Reiko hops off his back, and pushes him towards the ropes. As Carlin comes back, Reiko hits him with a big Spinebuster!*

    Seraphim: Wow! Carlin looked like he had him there!

    Pentalion: Yes he did, but it didn’t work out for the technician! Reiko still seems to have some fight left in him!

    Bodom: Carlin will run that out of him soon enough!

    *Reiko goes on the attack, locking in a standing submission on Carlin. It seems to be some sort of modified crossface! Carlin fights to get to the ropes, but Reiko won’t let the man go! He pulls him out to the middle of the ring, holding in the submission tight! The referee asks Carlin if he wants to quit, but Carlin tells him no! Carlin fights and makes it to the ropes, but is peppered by punches and kicks, before the ref can get Reiko away from him. As Carlin comes off the ropes, Reiko is right back on the attack, determined to put the man down for the match. Reiko goes for another submission, but Carlin has it scouted and reverse it, into a standing crossface chickenwing! Reiko is in pain! He gets to the ropes before he taps out! Carlin breaks the hold at four, leaving Reiko in extended pain! Carlin goes to grab him for the Chaos Theory Suplex, but Reiko holds on to the ropes., so when Carlin pulls on him, he ends up rolling back alone. Reiko turns and kicks Carlin in the stomach and sets up for the Final Twist, a Twist of Fate. However, when he turns around to complete the move, Carlin grabs him and rushes him towards the tunrbuckles, pulling back forcefully to bring him in and drop him with a Chaos Theory Suplex. He rolls into a pin, but puts his foot on the ropes, when the referee isn’t looking!*



    Jason: Your winner, as a result of pinfall - WILLIAM! CARLIN!

    *Seraphim shoots out of his chair, but Carlin is too quick and escapes out of the ring, celebrating his win. Seraphim tries to get the referee to acknowledge Carlin using the ropes, but the referee didn’t see it!*

    Bodom: Told you, Carlin was going to win this match!

    Pentalion: Yeah! But he used the ropes to do it!

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    McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Hell, The Devil's Advocate, TDA!

    Pentalion: Huge match set to go here. Out first is TDA who came up short last week against William Carlin when Devine cost him the match.

    Bodom: Hey, the sound guy screwed up and played music at the wrong time. Can't fault Devine for that.

    Pentalion: Sureee...of course Bodom. Either way, he will finally get his hands on Chris Devine at In Violence We Trust in one of the most horrific inferno match!

    Bodom: Pretty intense just saying that name.

    McManus: And his opponent, from the Future, the EWNCW Evolution champion, Mark Dimension!

    Pentalion: And out walks the self proclaimed "G.O.D."

    Bodom: After what he did last week to Ryan Wells, I would start calling him a god more often.

    Pentalion: And with Wells pretty much out, what is in store for Mark at In Violence We Trust?

    (Undertaker-TDA, Shango-Dimension)(8:47)

    *TDA picks Dimension back up and throws him off the ropes and hits a sidewalk slam and goes for a cover*




    *Dimension kicks out after two. TDA gets to his knees, takes a deep breath, and picks Dimension up, who counters and starts throwing punches to TDA, Dimension irish whips TDA into the corner, Dimension charges and hits a clothesline, which sends TDA out from the corner, Dimension charges off the ropes and hits a huge shoulder block that slams TDA down, Dimension goes for the cover*




    *TDA kicks out, Dimension just stares at him thinking of what he has to do to beat him. He starts punching TDA in the head as he slowly picks him up. He kicks TDA in the stomach and goes for a next dimension, as Dimension turns TDA shoves him and sends him off the ropes. TDA quickly behind Dimension and Hits Dimension with a clothesline from hell that turns Dimension inside out and knocks him out. TDA covers.*




    McManus: here is your winner, TDA!

    Bodom: Can you imagine if that was Devine?

    Pentalion: I can't but I am sure that is what TDA is thinking of. He looks ready to destroy come sunday.

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    (Jman/Chavo, RR/Hernandez, Shaz/AA, Bodom/Roode, skip at 1:30)

    Pentalion: And Ronaldo takes down Shaz with a vicious Clothesline which sends Shaz flying to the ground!

    *Ronaldo picks Shaz up, and goes for another Clothesline but Shaz manages to duck as he jumps off the springboard to strike with a Dropkick! Shaz gets distracted by the crowd, as he puts his middle finger up at them- but he turns around to a Spear from Ronaldo as Shaz winces in pain! Ronaldo goes for the cover, but Shaz's feet are already on the ropes!*

    Pentalion: Clever move from Shaz there, but I think it's safe to say that Ronaldo has dominated this match so far!

    *Ronaldo goes to complain to the referee, as he pushes the ref, but he turns around to an Enzuigiri from Shaz! Shaz gets up the top rope, and he goes for a 630 Splash! He launches but Ronaldo moves out of the way as Jman sticks his hand out! Ronaldo unintentionally tags Jman as Jman gets into the ring!*

    Jman is in this ring! Let's hope that Shaz has had his medicine today, because his ass is gonna get kicked!

    *Shaz slowly finds his feet as Jman goes for a Spear! But Shaz moves out of the way, before grabbing Jman's hand and kicking him in the gut! Shaz goes for a Clothesline but Jman moves out of the way...*


    *But Shaz grabs Jman's feet and nails him with an Enzuigiri! Shaz taunts the crowd, before turning back to Jman. He taunts Jman, but shouting Let's Go Eat! He sets him up for a Superkick! He goes for it..and he hits it! He gets back up, before picking Jman up and finishing him off with a Souvenir from the Ghetto! As he goes for the cover!*




    Ronaldo Romulus breaks the pin!!

    *Shaz gets up in frustration before pushing Ronaldo, as Ronaldo does the same! He pushes him so hard, that Shaz is left lying on the top rope! Bodom takes advantage by tapping him on the chest!*


    *Jman gets up as Bodom goes for a Clothesline, but Jman ducks and strikes with a Atomic Drop..followed by a Good Match, Let's E-But Bodom ducks and pokes Jman in the eye before hitting him with a Clothesline from Hell! Shaz has enough, and he slides into the ring as he lays Bodom out with a Spear!*

    Shaz you dirty bastard!! This match was turning out to be another top quality match, but Shaz has to go and ruin it doesn't he?!?!

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    Here's the first filler for Rage.

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    This is the final Rage before In Violence We Trust.

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    There is one more Brutality show, then it's on to the ppv.

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    I'm still waiting on some bits from TTC, but I'm at least going to start the show tonight.

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    Rilla and King have started on the ppv, so work is underway on the Inferno side of things.

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    So yeah, here's Monday night Rage!

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    And it's even on Monday for a change


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