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    *K-Jammin enters his dressing room dressed in his workout clothes and carrying a duffle bag over his arm. He drops the bag on the ground and sits down on his couch laying his head back with his eyes closed for a moment before noticing the sound of the shower running. He gets up quickly seemingly pissed.*

    K-Jammin: Alright, I understand that this company has alot of bum boys but that's no reason for them to get all wet and naked in MY dressing room! You have 5 seconds to get a towel and fuck off!

    *Waits 5 seconds*

    K-Jammin: Okay, you fucking asked for this you queer!

    *K-Jammin opens the door to his bathroom and the shower stops. The shower curtains conceal the person inside.*

    K-Jammin: No point stopping now, your head's getting kicked in!

    *The curtain is opened and the camera zooms in on Eden Sky from the shoulders up. She grins and licks her lips a bit.*

    Eden: I'm all wet, can you hand me that towel?

    *The camera turns back to K-Jammin who looks shocked and speechless and then back at Eden once again from the shoulders up.*

    Eden: Or maybe you'd rather have me stay wet for you.

    *Eden grins once more. K-Jammin snaps out of it and throws her a towel.*

    K-Jammin: You know, there's alot of guys in this company who can't get laid, so if you don't get out now I'll chuck you out naked and let them have their way with ya! Actually, fuck this, I'm outta here. Sometimes I hate being this fucking handsome!

    *K-Jammin looks pissed once again and shuts the bathroom door. The camera turns back to Eden who is now shown from her waist up covered by the towel. She shakes her head and laughs softly.*

    Eden: I just love it when they play hard to get.

    *Eden smiles and the camera fades to black as we go to commercials.*

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    Christopher Pentalion: ........ I am speechless, what the hell is it with that guy and her?!?!

    I don't get it!! You have this super hot woman coming on to you and week after week you have that toolbag brishing her off!!! What the hell is wrong with him?!?!?!?!

    Christopher Pentalion
    : Beats me!! Now, this next match was made over the weekend following last week’s rage. As we all know, Wells lost his championship to his friend, Mark Dimension, and things have been more than a little rocky ever since. You can feel the tension in the room when these two men are near each other. Wells wants his title back and Dimension is giving him a title shot at Bred for Combat. Now, tonight, these two men are going have to team up.

    Bodom: Yes they are, and they have to team up against two men whose may hate each other as much as Dimension and Wells might. At No Guts, No Glory, Holy Jose made his debut in a losing effort to The Prophecy, and then on Rage, when Prophecy was off in a teezy, Jose challenged him to a match at Bred for Combat, and he wants his answer tonight!

    Pentalion: It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out here tonight in this match. How will these two teams co-exist here tonight, if they even can? Will we have a match or will this turn into a teammate on teammate no holds barred beat down?

    Bodom: Let’s find out, the match is up next!

    *The camera moves to the ring where Jason is ready.*

    Jason: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is scheduled for one fall, and is a tag-team match! Introducing first, HOLY JOSE!

    *The crowd roars happily as Holy Jose makes his way to the stage and down to the ring. He climbs in and looks towards the stage, waiting for the inevitable arrival of his tag-team partner tonight.

    Jason: Coming out next, his partner, from the darkest regions of England, PROPHECY!

    *Prophecy comes out to the ring and gets in the face of Holy Jose. The two start trash talking each other, and almost get into a shoving match before the referee separates them. Jason looks towards the two and chuckles, moving out of the way, before getting ready to announce the other two.*

    Jason: And their opponents, introducing first - from Boston, Massachusetts, Ryan Wells!

    #Ryan Wells#

    *Ryan comes out to the stage, but looks naked with the EWNCW Evolution Title. He goes to raise it then remembers he no longer has that title anymore. He looks down, and huffs, before heading towards the ring. As he enters he stares down Jose and Prophecy.*

    Jason: Introducing his tag-team partner for the evening, the EWNCW EVOLUTION CHAMPION! MARK DIMENSION!

    *Wells looks dejected as Dimension is announced; and looks up the stage as Dimension comes out. He hoists the title in the air, and the crowd roars. He plasters a smile all over his face and heads off towards the ring. He slides in and turns around three hundred and sixty degrees, letting everyone see the title.*

    *Both teams go back and forth about who’ll start; Dimension winning out, as well as Jose. The men square off, use a elbow and collar tie, though Dimension overpowers Jose and sends him flying back. He yells “CHAMPION!” Jose gets up and gets ready to tie up again, but as Dimension goes for the title, Jose kicks him in the stomach. “HOLY!” He yells, dropping him elbow down on his back. He reaches down, and grabs Dimensions arm, whipping him into the ropes. As Dimension comes off, he shoulder blocks Jose, knocking him to the ground.*

    Cena/Mysterio(Wells/Dimension) vs Punk/Truth(Jose/Prophecy)

    (Stop at 11:43)

    *Dimension looks down at Jose and goes to tag in Wells, who enters and goes straight to work. He picks Jose up and nails him with a short arm clothesline. He runs over and knocks Prophecy off the ropes and turns back to Jose, who is trying to recover. He kicks him in the stomach, and then out of the ring. Wells climbs out of the ring and hunts down Jose, who is going around the corner of the ring. As Wells follows him down the ramp, down the row, he doesn’t seem to notice Prophecy is still missing. He starts to run after Jose, but gets drilled by a clothesline from a cleverly hidden Prophecy. Jose smiles and starts stomping him. Dimension runs around the ring to keep things square. Jose and Prophecy back off, and Wells gets himself together. Wells and Jose end up back in the ring, with Jose having the advantage. He drags Wells back to his corner and tags in Prophecy, who slingshots into a elbow drop on the downed man. He mocks the crowd, who boo him vehemently. He doesn’t seem to mind, and goes back on the attack. With Wells down again, he looks towards Dimension and begins to mock him. Dimension attempts to get in the ring, but the referee stops him. As Prophecy turns around to get attack Wells again, he is met by a double leg takedown and several blows to the head and body. As Prophecy throws him off, he jumps and tags in Dimension. Dimension attacks Prophecy before he can tag in Holy Jose.*

    Pentalion: These teams are working well together. It’s amazing!

    Bodom: I don’t see how, but I don’t see it lasting much longer. These men are going to turn on each other quickly!

    *Dimension rushes towards Prophecy, but he avoids him, and is forced towards Jose. Jose thinks quickly and punches the oncoming Dimension. Prophecy goes back on the attack , as well as Jose. Wells stands there unable to do anything because the referee keeps him back. When the ref turns around, he stops the two on one assault. Dimension pushes Prophecy off him, and elbows Jose. He heads towards Wells and starts to yell at him for not helping him. As the two argue back and forth, Prophecy is in the corner regrouping himself and tags in Jose. Dimension slaps Wells on the chest, making the tag, but Wells refuses to get in. Dimension eventually snaps and grabs Wells around the neck in a double choke hold before lifting and tossing him into the ring!! As Wells gets up groggily, Dimension picks him up and drills him down hard with a standing thrust spinebuster!!*


    *Dimension has exited the ring and is standing by the commentary table. Wells is rocked as he slowly makes his way to his feet, only to be hit by a super kick from Jose, but Wells manages to stand on his feet still. Jose moves back towards his corner and sets up for another Superkick, but is met by a hard slap on his back. The Prophecy has tagged himself in. He moves into the ring quickly, via the second and top rope. He sprints at Wells and drills him with a SPEAR! He goes for the pin.*



    *The bell rings, as Prophecy pins the former EWNCW Evolution Champion! Jose looks on at Prophecy as he crawls out of the ring and celebrates. Dimension looks on at Wells in the ring before demanding to be handed his Championship belt before walking to the back, looking at Wells after he gets pinned. Jose and Prophecy head to the back, with Prophecy celebrating with the crowd as Jose looks at him with a narrow gaze on his face.*

    Bodom: I called it, those teams were never going to work out, or last.

    Pentalion: Yes you did, but we’re going to have to get the full story on these matters, ASAP! Why did Prophecy take the victory away from Jose? Why did Dimension rage at Wells? Things are going to get really heavy around here, if things don’t get sorted out.

    Bodom: You're right, but now you'll have to excuse me, I have a match to participate in soon!
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    *We cut backstage to see EWNCW anchorman Dick Thompson standing by*

    Dick Thompson: Good evening EWNCW, I've caught up with The Prophecy here fresh from beating Ryan Wells and Mark Dimension! Prophecy, you didn't get on very well with your partner, but you got the win.

    Proph: Exactly, I got the win. Greatness prevails irrespective of the challenge, and that is what happened in this match. You see Benjamin Franklin once said "we must all hang together or most assuredly we shall hang separately . In this instance, he was talking about my opponents tonight, Dimension and Wells. They failed to align and separate their differences, and I took advantage and proved once again, that I am the dominant force here in EWNCW regardless of who I had the misfortune of being paired with.

    Thompson: You pinned the former Evolution Champion there, even if you did get some help from the current champ. A good feeling?

    Proph: Any time I beat someone it is a good feeling. It matters not who I defeat, or how I defeat them, only that I am the one to stand tall. Even if Dimension didn't pull a Benedict Arnold for his team I would have prevailed, even if the powers that be tried to handicap me by teaming me with that futile existence of a man HolyJose. You see Confucius once said "a gentleman can withstand hardships, it is only the small man who, when submitted to them, is swept off his feet" in terms even you can understand, I am the gentleman withstanding the hardships of a feeble tag team partner.

    Thompson: Now on to your partner, Holy Jose challenged you to a match at Bred for Combat last week, have you, or are you going to give him an answer?

    Proph: What is this obsession with doing what I have already done? I beat him before why would I want to or need to do it again...

    *Holy Jose walks up to the Prophecy looking furious*

    Holy Jose: What the fuck was that out there?! I had that match won for this team. You and I know full well how damn good we are in a tag team. Hell I am the fucking EWNCW Blacklist Champion the best damn tag team in the world right now. But you’re so full of your pride you couldn’t handle me getting the win could you? You call yourself the most dominant force in EWNCW but you have to steal a damn pin fall from me. You’re nothing but disgraceful and full of shit. You quote Benjamin Franklin and Confucius. Well let me quote George Mason in saying “I Begin to grow heartily tired of the etiquette and nonsense so fashionable in this city” What I mean by that is I’m tired of your bullshit and avoidance. Are you going to man up and accept my challenge? Or are you going to continue to walk away like a coward. You say you beat me once. Prove to everyone that wasn’t a fluke. I have been the biggest challenge you’ve ever had and if you weren’t afraid of me you’d accept.

    *Crowd Cheers*

    Holy Jose: So I am not asking, I am demanding an answer this time. And to answer your question on why you have to beat me again. Because I am everything you’re not. I have proven myself to be better in every way you’re not. You made a name for yourself in a tag team first, I actually won tag team gold not once but twice!

    *Holy Jose shows off his EWNCW Blacklist Championship

    Holy Jose: You tried to make it as a singles star I’ve won singles championships TWICE! I am everything you wish you could be. Because when it comes down to it, you only beat me once by a fluke but the fans will forever remember me and my accomplishments while you. You’ll fade into obscurity. So I am demanding an answer NOW!

    *Prophecy raises his mic as to answer but instead drops it and begins to walk away. HolyJose turns Prophecy around and hits him with hard right. Both men begin to brawl and lay hard punches onto one another.
    They push and shove each other and get several shots in on each other as Thompson scrambles away. Jose goes to grab a chair to hit Prophecy with only to be stopped by some backstage security who takes it from him, Prophecy takes advantage and kicks him in the gut and takes him to the floor before mounting an offense on Jose as more backstage security arrive.
    Eventually both men are separated and taken their separate ways as the camera fades*

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    *TBOZ makes his way to the announcers table, as Pentalion is on his own. As up next is Shaz vs Bodom.*

    Pentalion: Hey TBOZ! Great to have you out here!! I could do with a partner that actually listens to what I say for a change!

    TBOZ: How's it going Pent! And I'm afraid I can't guarantee I'll be doing that.

    Pentalion: Well ok, but let's get to why you went for this match, Do you really think that Bodom can beat Shaz?

    TBOZ: Chris, hear this; Bodom was the leader of God Money. He made us what we were. If it wasnt' for him, we wouldn't have gone on to become one of the best and most successful tag teams in history. What me and Rich learnt form him, you can't learn from just anyone. And keep in mind this man is a legend in his own right. He's a wrestling GOD! You hear me Chris?! GOD!!

    Pentalion: Oh man, not you too!! I get enough of that crap when Ric Flair is out here!!

    TBOZ: Take it easy Chris, I'm joking! But seriously, GOD!

    *Shaz makes his way to the ring, as he looks towards TBOZ and Pentalion. He taunts them before looking at the ref, and he awaits Bodom.*

    TBOZ: Look at that pussy. I swear to god, he's craving for his jaw to be broken by me and Bodom.

    Pentalion: I wouldn't call him a pussy TBOZ, he's a real tough guy, you HAVE to admit that.

    TBOZ: Maybe, but not tougher than me. That's a fact.

    True, but I wouldn't underestimate him. He's a former Rage Ignition Champion. He's the longest reigning Ignition Champion in EWNCW history!

    TBOZ: While that's true, there' a whole lot of difference in dominating the Ignition division and making the jump to the top of the company like this guy's trying to do. While I'm not underestimating him by any means, I hope Bodom doesn't hurt him that much, I still want some energy in Shaz, for Bred for Combat. I don't want him getting soft in his old age.

    Pentalion: But Shaz is 19?

    TBOZ: He's 19, but he acts 5. I might as well punch him 19 times, in the head. And then he'll realize how old he is.

    *Bodom runs into the ring, and taunts Shaz as Shaz smirks*

    TBOZ: And there is my man! Bodom!

    Pentalion: GO BODOM!

    TBOZ: He's gonna kick Shaz's ass! I can guarantee it!! He knows how to win matches against punks like Shaz.

    (Shaz/JTG, Ziggler/Bodom, skip at 2:38)

    *Shaz is down while Bodom taunts him. Bodom picks Shaz back up, and quickly nails him with a Clothesline, but Shaz ducks, before jumping off the top rope to strike with a missile dropkick! Shaz jumps up the turnbuckle, to hit Bodom with a 450 Splash and he does so, but Bodom moves out of the way! Shaz slowly gets up, and Bodom nails him with an RKO! He goes for the cover*

    TBOZ: Perfect RKO, executed by Bodom! Bodom is going to finish this one off!

    n: I agree!


    TBOZ: Come on Bodom!

    Pentalion: Come on Bodom, keep him down!


    TBOZ: He's close!

    Pentalion: He's getting there!


    TBOZ and Pentalion: NO!

    *He picks Shaz up, but Shaz quickly hits him with a shot. As Bodom does the same, but Bodom's shot goes flying as Shaz ducks! Shaz turns around and kicks Bodom in the gut, before going for the Best in the World, however Bodom hits Shaz with a Spinebuster! Shaz slowly gets up, and Bodom kicks him in the gut, before going for a Neckbreaker, he goes for the cover*

    TBOZ:That was a fantastic Neckbreaker from Bodom, good stuff.

    Pentalion:I agree! But let's see if it's enough to keep Shaz down!





    Pentalion: I thought he had that one! That was indeed a vicious neckbreaker!

    *Shaz and Bodom slowly get up, and they start exchanging shots*


    *Bodom goes for a blow, but Shaz grabs his hand before kicking him in the gut and laying him out with a dropkick! Shaz taunts the crowd, and Bodom, before getting up the top rope, he goes for a Swanton Bomb, but Bodom reverses into a Big Boot! He goes for the cover, but Shaz grabs the ropes. Bodom gets up but Shaz is also up! Shaz ducks a Clothesline from Hell, from Bodom, and strikes with a Pele Kick! He goes for the cover*

    TBOZ:Ouch, as much as I hate to say it, what a Pele kick.

    Pentalion: I hope Bodom can break out of this one!


    TBOZ: Come on Bodom!


    Pentalion: Kick out!!


    TBOZ and Pentalion: YES!

    *Shaz picks Bodom up, and kicks him in the gut before running from one side to another, and he strikes with a Future Shock DDT! But he isn't done! He picks Bodom up, and goes for a Best in the World, and he hits a perfect one! But he still isn't done! He picks Bodom back up, and kicks him in the gut again, before locking him in the Shaz-Mission! Bodom is out cold, and he has no choice but to tap out!*

    TBOZ:What a son of a bitch.

    Pentalion: Damn!

    Jason McManus: And the winner is.....SHAAAAAAAAAAAAZ!

    *Shaz goes to pick Bodom up, before kicking him in the gut. TBOZ runs from the announcers table, and chases Shaz to the back as Shaz runs for his life*

    Pentalion: That was a huge message from Shaz to TBOZ. Shaz just might have, injured Bodom over there, trying to prove that he is a massive threat in the EWNCW. I honestly hope that TBOZ beats the crap out of Shaz come Bred for Combat, that was absolutely unacceptable!


    *Shaz and TBOZ are seen outside the building! Brawling like mad! Shaz strikes with a kick to the gut, but TBOZ grabs his leg, and smashes it on concrete! TBOZ lays Shaz out with a Clothesline as Shaz is screaming in pain! TBOZ walks off as Shaz obviously faking, grabs a hammer and nails him with a hammer from behind! He grabs his Louis Vuitton belt from his jeans and wraps it around TBOZ's head, before increasing pressure as TBOZ lies unconsious!*
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    Pentalion: Well I have Bodom back at the table with me here now, but Shaz there just absolutely destroyed TBOZ there.

    *Bodom has a towel around his neck and is red in the face and out of breath*

    Bodom: He may have beaten me but what happened after was a step too far! Next week that rat is going to get his ass handed to him!! I guarantee you that!!

    *Purple Haze explodes in the arena and the fans in attendance let Carlin know their hate in form of boos and whistles. The former EWNCW Blacklist champion emerges on top of the ramp, and encourages the boos. He turns to the cameraman and says “Time for Enlightenment”, and goes down the ramp, taking a moment to join Jimi to sing “Excuse me while I kiss the sky!”. He enters the ring and asks for a mic. *

    Pentalion: It's William Carlin!! He didn't manage to make it to tonight's main event number one contender match since he lost to Jman last week, but he also made an intervention in last weeks main event, preventing Seraphim from winning and allowing Ronaldo Romulus to get the win!

    Bodom: He's clearly taken offense to Seraphim here, and I don't blame him. Seraphim has barged back onto the scene and to be honest, if Carlin couldn't be number one contender, then why the hell should Seraphim?

    Pentalion: Well let's hear what the 'Superior Technician' has to say here right now!

    Carlin: I know the rumors. I know the commentaries. People in the social networks, on house shows, or directly to myself have asked the same question: Why did you cost the match to Seraphim last week? I couldn't answer to the first two, I don't care about social networks, and the other was things staff heard from fans and reported to me. To those who asked me directly, I had one answer: When the time comes, you will know. And the time has come. None other than Monday Night Rage. What better place than the show I'm working for? Instead of mere gossiping or a short and incomplete answer, I have a place where I can give a proper explanation.

    Last week I had the chance to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship against Jman. I know that I could beat him, because I already did at the War Games. So I was a bit overconfident, especially after my global performance at No Guts, No Glory, and I ate Jman's superkick finisher. Bye-bye to tonight's finals. But then there was a match with Seraphim and Ronaldo. And those two are a target for me. You'll know why later. And one of them wasn't going to make it to the finals. That is for sure, but I could help deciding who won't be doing it. And that was Seraphim. He's been out of business for a while, and instead of going back on line, he is guaranteed a chance to face K-Jammin. And no way, folks. If I, that I've been busting my ass on Brutality and during War Games couldn't make it, he that is been relaxing in the shadows won't do it too!

    *Crowd is clearly displeased. *

    Carlin: Let me get this right. Ronaldo is on my list too, he's an arrogant walking Thesaurus, but at least he earned his spot by defeating most opponents than anyone else. Like it or not, he deserved the spot. I don't like him, and I'm glad Tommy beat him, but at least he made his job and got the chance by doing his job well, at least before No Guts, No Glory.

    *There are still some boos for this. *

    Carlin: But there's another reason for attacking Seraphim. As you know, I've been battling Kayden James for a while, and I may lost the battle at No Guts, No Glory, but I eventually won the war, I'm here and he's not, I got rid of him despite losing, so that makes me the final victor.

    *Crowd yells abuse to this. *

    Carlin: I already stated the reasons of my beef with James. But just in case, I'll explain again. It is no secret that I'm an atheist. There is a special hate for those who don't believe in God, whatever that God is, up to the point of considering us some sort of psychopaths. But I'm also an American. When Jefferson devised his proclamation of religious freedom in Virginia, when the Constitution was written and the first ten Amendments approved, there was a reasoning behind it. The same reasoning I'm using now. By declaring religious freedom, by making the institutions secular, they guaranteed that any American, either born or coming from any part of the world had the right to choose FREELY which God to worship, at least when they were not interfering with other people's freedom. Of course, making human sacrifices to a God would have been prosecuted by the law. But while you respect that simple rule, you can follow any cult you want. Or not follow any. And that's the beauty of it: I bet in this arena there are representatives of different creeds, and you can pacifically coexist here, with each other and with me in the ring. You can boo me, but still, here I am explaining the reasoning behind my actions. Isn't it good? That is the very foundations of our country. I'm not going to tell you to follow any God or why you shouldn't believe in any deity. Because I value the freedom you have of choosing whatever cult you want without me imposing my ideals.

    *Crowd gives a split reaction, some still hate the guts of Carlin, others like the freedom the US give. *

    Carlin: But, there are some individuals here who claim they are the only authority sent by God to impose their will on Earth, and have no empirical base for that. James was one of them. Seraphim is one of them, Ronaldo is another. Hell there are even those who follow a kind of demonic cult that want to spread all over EWNCW. And that I won't admit by any means. No messing with my ideals, no messing with the wrestlers and their beliefs, and not yours, here and at home. I'm on the hunt. On the hunt of self proclaimed angels. On the hunt of self proclaimed God envoys. On the hunt of tyrannic megalomaniacs that want to get rid of OUR religious freedom. And the first one in my list is Seraphim. A man that hears voices and calls himself an angel? That sounds like a case of schizophrenia. So-

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    *The lights begin to die out as incoherent murmurs fill the arena. The crowd goes quiet, almost as if something has overtaken them. Soon the lights come back on and Seraphim is seen holding a microphone, hands clasped together as if in prayer.*

    Seraphim: You really are a stupid son of a bitch, aren’t you? You say you are atheist, you say you are hunting for the people that believe in something, anything related to a God. Yet, you come after me. I’m not a religious man, despite my name, despite my moves. No, I listen to the voices, and chose something similar to them. So that means, that means, I am now your target - and that means you have just made yourself a new enemy. See, Carlin, no matter what you are - you know I am still better than you. You lost to James, then you lost to Jman, and then you cost me my match against the man who took me out. What is it, Carlin? What is this really about? Have you really lost your damn mind? See these voices, these voices they tell me things, and you can’t stand that. You make me out to be schizophrenic bastard, yet you are on a crusade to take out everyone who believes in something higher.

    *Seraphim walks down towards the ring and steps in, looking at Carlin - side to side*

    Seraphim: Do you really think you can stop these voices? Do you really think you can stop me? You come from Brutality, then you get your ass handed to you by James; who beat you so bad, he decided that he had nothing left to do here, and walked away. Then you get your ass handed to you after a failed Chaos Theory; and then you want to cost me my match, because I believe in something you don’t. I don’t think you get it, you say I don’t deserve to have a chance at K-Jammin’s title, when that title was supposed to be mine. What have you done? Get carried by someone, then when you were on your own - you get beat, just like I am going to beat you.

    *The crowd roars its approval towards Seraphim as he speaks. He waves one hand to quiet them down, his eyes never leaving Carlin*

    Seraphim: You are just pissed off that I am so much better than you, that they decided that K-Jammin needed better competition. Come on, Carlin, admit it - admit that I am just that much better than you. So I tell you what, let me tell you what these voices have told me. Ever since Ronaldo took me out, they told me to come back harder, come back faster, come back better - and now, I am the best thing in EWNCW, and you can’t stand it. I’m better than I’ve ever been, and that is why I am where I am today. Several people have tried to take me out - Primus Khan, Solla, even TBOZ couldn’t take me out, Ronaldo decided to give it the try, but even he couldn’t put me down for long. I’ve been in the ring with the best EWNCW has to offer and I’ve always survived; just what I am going to do when I get my hands on you.

    *Seraphim gets in Carlin’s face, watching him before speaking again*

    Seraphim: You see, I don’t give a fuck if you’re an Atheist, a monotheist, a polytheist, or agnostic - the moment you get in my way, you become dirt, and I walk on dirt. I call myself an angel, because I am just that damn good in the ring - I speak to the voices, because they have guided me to the top; I worked my ass off to get where I am, while you let someone else handle the bulk of your career. These people love me, they come out to see me, even if they don’t want to admit that they hear the voices in their head as well. So, let me tell you what, no matter what you believe, you are going to get your ass handed to you, William. I don’t take kindly to anyone trying to take my position, and I care even less for people who try and cheat me out of my position, just because they couldn’t make it to where I am. I’ll give you a piece of advice, you stay the hell out of my way because the next time you step into my ring, I won’t be so keen on letting you walk out -especially if you cost me another match.

    *Seraphim walks towards one of the turnbuckles*

    Seraphim: I agree with you about Ronaldo, though you and him are nothing more than the same person, just different faces. You both cost me something, you both tried to make me out as a scapegoat - you for being jealous, and Ronaldo for wanting my spot. Hey, I don’t blame you, I did the same thing to Kevin Matthews when I was in HWA. He was taking a spot I thought belonged to me, and therefore, I went and took it from him. The things I did to that boy, no one will ever be able to duplicate.

    *crowd cheer at remembering Seraphim handing Matthews' ass to him*

    Seraphim: I worked my ass off for that spot, just like I’ve been doing in EWNCW. I made it to the top, I faced TBOZ; and I would have dominated in War Games, had Ronaldo not interfered. He took my spot, and I am going to take it back - even if that means going through both Tommy Thunder and K-Jammin. You, William, are nothing more than an obstacle in my way - no matter what happens tonight, no matter who goes on to face K-Jammin, it’ll only be a matter of time before they have to stand across the ring from me, and lose that title.

    *He puts his foot on the ropes, lowering it down*

    Seraphim: Now get the hell out of my ring before I throw you out. The US gives us a lot of freedoms, but here in this ring, when you’re with me, the only freedoms you have is to get pinned in the middle of that ring - So says.. The City of Angels.

    *The crowd roars again with cheers.

    John Cleverly appears on the tron*

    John Cleverly: seraphim, you're sounding very confrontational here tonight, and if you want confrontation THAT bad, then I'm going to give it to you. We don't have any more air time for more matches tonight, but next week, we're going to see you taking on World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin in a non title match!! So let's see what you make of that!

    *the crowd cheer*

    Cleverly: And as for you Carlin, next week you'll also be involved in a match. But I'm not going to reveal your opponent just yet. You're going to have to wait until next week to find that out. But right now, I need both of you out of MY ring so that we can get on with tonight's main event match!!

    *the crowd cheer as Seraphim and Carlin stare at each other. Carlin slowly exits the ring and backs up the ramp as Seraphim stares daggers at him all the way*

    Pentalion: Wow what a match made for next week by GM Cleverly!! Seraphim against our World Heavyweight Champion!!

    Bodom: And what about Carlin, he's going to be taking on a mystery opponent! I can't wait for both matches personally.

  7. #487
    Christopher Pentalion: Well we thank you al for joining us here in Miami, Florida! We're it's just the second week of our Florida tour, and we're having a great time here with some great fans! And now we're on to our main event of the evening, Bodom, tell them what they are in store for!

    Bodom: Alright then, just let me get back in order. I'm still recovering from that match earlier!

    *Clears throat*

    Bodom: This match is a bit of continuity from last week. Cleverly made two matches for Jman and Ronaldo, one each. The winners of those matches would go on to this week, and face off for the number one contender’s spot for K-Jammin's World Heavyweight Championship. Now, Jman’s opponent was William Carlin, and Jman won that match. Ronaldo had to face an old nemesis in Seraphim. During the match, however, Seraphim was on the verge of getting revenge when Carlin came out.

    Pentalion: Earlier in the night, we learned why.

    *Goes to the tron, where the segment earlier between Carlin and Seraphim took place.*

    Bodom: Seraphim took his eyes off the ball and that’s why he isn’t in this match now. Ronaldo kept his wits about him and picked up the win, and there is all there is to it.

    Pentalion: So, what’s your excuse for losing earlier tonight?

    Bodom: Shaz is fucking crazy. He acted completely out of line and I hope the Powers that Be do something about his heinous actions! that match should be removed from the records!!

    Pentalion: Figures.

    *Jason McManus stands in the middle of the ring, ready to introduce the participants.*

    *The music for Jman hits and he heads out to the ring to a chorus of cheers. The crowd eats him up as he makes his way down to the ring, He climbs in and scales a turnbuckle, sucking up the cheers from the crowd. He nods his head to his music, and hops down, bouncing up and down, getting ready for his upcoming main event.*

    Pentalion: How do you like Jman’s chances here tonight?

    Bodom: I don’t think he can do it! Ronaldo is far superior, and Jman already has his chance. Both want to redeem themselves, but I see Ronaldo wanting it just a little more than Jman does at this point.

    *Ronaldo comes out, a cocky smirk on his face. No longer worried about Seraphim, he makes his way down to the ring, soaking up the boos from the crowd. He yells back, “I AM BETTER THANK YOU!” He gets in the face of one of them and smirks, pissing the fan off. The boos get louder. He makes his way into the ring and looks directly at Jman, “And you too!”*

    Bodom: Here’s the man! He’s going to be the one to take down Jman and then go on to face K-Jammin for his title.

    Pentalion: Well, we’ll see how well your prediction is here tonight!

    Jason: The next match is our MAIN EVENT! It is a number one contender match for the World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, from San Paulo, Brazil. RONALDO! ROMULUS!

    *The crowd immediately erupts into boos again, almost blowing the roof off the arena*

    Pentalion: We’ll we’re going to get a noise complaint!

    Jason: And his challenger, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, JMAN!

    *The crowd once more threatens to blow the roof off, except, this time with cheers. Jman smiles towards Ronaldo, making the man across from him pissed.*

    Roode(Ronaldo) vs. Aries(Jman)

    (stop at 7:45)

    *Ronaldo mocks Jman before going back to stomping him in the corner. The ref gets up to three and Ronaldo backs off. He watches as Jman attempts to pick himself up, but is flattened by another stomp to the back. He drives his knee into the neck of Jman and uses the ropes to apply more pressure. The ref pulls him off after reaching four. Ronaldo poses for the crowd who begins to boo him again.*

    Bodom: This crowd does not like Ronaldo! They are making that known, but I think it’s just jealousy at this point!

    *Jman picks himself up and meets Ronaldo in the middle of the ring. Ronaldo swings but misses and Jman catches him with a strong left hand. Then follows it up with a right; then a left, then a right, rights and lefts raining down on Ronaldo, until Ronaldo is unsteady. Jman grabs him and rushes him back to the ropes, and pushes him off to the opposite side. On the return, he hits Ronaldo with a kitchen sink. The crowd cheers and Jman starts to get pumped up. He kicks Ronaldo against the ropes and backs up, getting momentum to clothesline him out of the ring. With Ronaldo out, Jman takes a moment to catch his breath while the referee counts.*



    *Ronaldo, at the start of the count, begins pacing outside - catching his breath and getting ready to hop back in the ring. When the count gets to eight, he climbs back into the ring using the steps. The ref backs Jman up who attempted to make a run at Ronaldo. Once everything is reset, the two men go at it again.*


    *Both men are taken down to their knees, but the blows don’t stop.*


    *Ronaldo gets an idea and starts taking the hits. As he leans over, he pushes forward, knocking Jman off balance. When Jman regains it he is met by a punch, and then another.*

    Pentalion: How much more of those hard shots can he take? Ronaldo is just dominating him at this point.

    *Ronaldo makes it back to his feet, and begins to stomp away at Jman to keep him down. Once satisfied, Ronaldo steps back to regain his breath. Jman struggles back to his feet and Ronaldo goes on the attack. Jman ducks under a clothesline and takes a quick step back. He’s looking to end the match quickly with a ‘Good Match, Let’s Go Eat.’ He moves forward to launch the finisher but Ronaldo drops down and ducks out of the way. Jman catches himself and looks around for his opponent, but the man is nowhere to be found. When he finds Ronaldo at the turnbuckle, he runs towards him to body check him, but Ronaldo moves to the left and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Jman pops off, but it’s too late. By the time he turns around, Ronaldo is already moving. He catches Jman with a running Enzuigiri. Jman manages to stay on his feet, but that may have been a costly mistake. Ronaldo gets a wild look in his eyes. Without warning, he grabs Jman, and hit’s the ‘Wrath of Remus’! He moves quickly into the pin.*



    *Ronaldo hops up and raises his hand in victory. Jman stays on the ground, grimacing in pain at the turn of events. Ronaldo stands on the ropes, and K-Jammin comes out on stage, clapping.*

    Bodom: Well, we have our match. K-Jammin and Ronaldo Romulus for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship. I wonder how these two will fare until that match comes up. Ronaldo seems to be on the rise quickly and a win against Jammin for his title could be his best moment yet, if he can swing it.

    Pentalion: Indeed, should be a great match up! That’s all we have for tonight folks, drive safe and see you next week on MONDAY NIGHT RAGE!

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    First filler.

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    Second filler.

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    Final filler.


    Warzone will be returning this Friday, so keep a keen eye out for that!


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