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    *Pyro blast*

    Christopher Pentalion: Welcome everyone to Rage coming to you this week LIVE from Miami, Florida! We are on our way to our next ppv; Bred for Combat, and after just one week after No Guts No Glory, already things are heating up here! We have a big main event for you tonight with Ronaldo Romulus going up against Jman! The winner will challenge K-Jammin for the World Heavyweight Championship at Bred for Combat!!

    Bodom: I can never understand Ronaldo, but he has class, distinction, intellect. Everything that neither Jman nor K-Jammin has. And that's why I'm backing him to win tonight and go all the way to winning the title at the ppv. The man is on a roll as of late, and he's got his eyes firmly on the most coveted prize in this company.

    Pentalion: Indeed, Ronaldo did push EWNCW Champion to the limit at No Guts No Glory, but he eventually came up short in his quest for the EWNCW Championship, but he's still riding that wave of success after blowing the competition away at the War Games series. I have to agree with you that he is on a fine streak right now.

    Bodom: And here is the man that will be the new number one contender come the end of the show! I just know it! He's just got too much of that aura about him!

    Pentalion: Care to tell me how you always bang on about how you don't understand this man when he's speaking?

    Bodom: Who the hell cares!! He's saying that he's better than everyone!! He's just saying it in a more flamboyant way that you're used to!! Besides, he beat Seraphim last week, are you forgetting that?

    Pentalion: While you're correct, he did require some help from William Carlin to do that. His distraction allowed Ronaldo to pick Seraphim's pocket from that match.

    Bodom: Incredible! You know as well as I do that Romulus here had that match won. So what if Seraphim took his eye off the ball? That's his problem. This man here knows what he wants, and both men last week new what was at steak. It's just that one man wanted it more than the other.

    *Almost instantly, Ronaldo Romulus appears before the Rage audience, microphone in hand and his trademark solemnity in his features. An early “Tommy Thunder kicked your ass!” like the one he received last week but the fans are soon disappointed that he doesn’t flip out and go crazy so the boos continue. Romulus finally makes his way to the ring and cuts his music off with a swipe of his hand across the air.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “The coronation of Roanldo Romulus will not be thwarted by the likes of schemers and malicious tacticians! Seraphim was forced to recognize this actuality as I, once again, corroborated my status as the one and only ambassador of the Lord in the EWNCW along with the title as your next number one contender.”
    Ronaldo takes a moment to look around at the booing audience and feigns shock at their reaction.
    “What’s this?! You find cheek, pretension, dare I say, ego in my assertions?!

    *He establishes his façade more a few more seconds before he bursts out laughing. The increase in volume of the booing crowd doesn’t deter his amusement one bit. He finds the resolve to cut himself off after he sees the apparent joke played of all of its usefulness.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Fatuous serfs. There’s no abjuring the ample range that separates a commoner such as Jman and an ascended anomaly as me. Both of us were vanquished in our world championship matches but his defeat was inspired from sheer incompetence, a lack of finesse that addles and inebriates him and in immense populous of humans that occupy his pedigree.I, on the other hand, have been a victim of conspiracies such as the one Seraphim wished to campaign against my efforts as he interfered with my destiny as No Guts, No Glory. But now that I have absolved that eyesore, Jman…”

    *K-Jammin takes a slow walk to the stage whilst wearing a huge grin, he sticks his middle finger up to the fans who are taking a great amount of pride in booing him...*

    Pentalion: And the champion himself coming out here. Something doesn't sit right with him after Ronaldo's little speech there.

    Bodom: Are you surprised? He's scared. He knows that his Championship reign is in danger here, and he's not going to give it up without a fight!

    Pentalion: Well i can't say I'm a fan of K-Jammin, in fact, I can't think of anyone that's a fan of him, except of course a certain blonde bombshell that we saw last week. Who am I talking about? Well that would be Eden Sky of course. I've done some research here on her, and...

    Bodom: Steady on there Chris, when you say 'research' what exactly do you mean, you don't want to say something that'll get you into trouble here now. Have yo been stalking this woman?

    Pentalion: What?! No!! As I was saying, Eden Sky is a product of EWNCw's developmental system; TWE and she's now spreading her wings to the main roster here on Monday night Rage. Did you know that she's the current reigning Vixxen's Champion on TWE WarPath?

    Bodom: I didn't, but tell me, there isn't a womens division here on Rage, what the hell is she doing here?

    Pentalion: Well we don't know her motives just yet, but we saw last week that she tried to approach the World Heavyweight Champion himself as he was watching last week's main event up in his executive sky box.

    Bodom: Yeah, and you know what he did?! He turned her away!! What an idiot! But I mean, what the hell do women see in K-Jammin?! He's a vile, disgusting individual!! He went away last week with 2, yes 2 playboy models with him, and he turned down Eden Sky!!! 3 girls made a move on the man in one night!! But the thing is he turned away the most attractive one!! Well Eden, if you're watching, I'm always here each and every week, and I'm all yours!!

    Pentalion: Jeez, you really are smooth aren't you? Let's see what K-Jam has to say here!

    Ronaldo, mate, I beg you not to come after me and my World title! I mean, there's just no way I can compete with you and those big words! Now I've been up against some monsters in my career, some real bad men, but never have I ever had to face a guy who uses words such as "corroborated". It's fucking intimidating!

    *crowd laughs*

    Don't you fucking laugh at my jokes you wankers! You all just sit there in silence and appreciate my greatness!

    *crowd boos!*

    Now correct me if I'm wrong Ronaldo, but these big words you use aren't a way of compensating for a part of you that may be... you know... tiny? I mean, I completely understand if that is what you're doing! It's just, who are the ladies gonna pick, the guy with the big vocabulary, or the guy with the big... you know. I won't use a rude word to describe it, because I fucking hate swear words.

    *K-Jammin starts walking down the ramp and climbs into the ring*

    It's the same sorta' thing with this World Title aswell. You do you think will win, the guy with the big vocabulary, or the guy with the big bad fucking attitude? Let me make one thing clear, unless you plan on throwing a dictionary at me, then big words ain't gonna' do shit mate. So you can save you're little snobby attitude for some other guy, because if you are the guy I defend my Title against, then I will break your fucking jaw. Then we'll see how many big words you can say...

    *K-Jammin and Ronaldo are now staring a hole through each other, and look as though they could come to blows at any second...*
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    Pentalion: And here's the other man that could potentially face K-Jammin at Bred for Combat!! And may I add that he DIDN'T need any help in beating his opponent last week?

    No, you may not add.

    Well I'm going to anyway. Jman beat William Carlin last week fair and square. And he's not going to let these 2 have their say while he stays quiet! Let's hear him!
    *….Until Back in Black hits and Jman appears at the top of the ramp to a big pop. He’s already carrying a mic and he wastes no time in interrupting K-Jamm and Ronaldo.*

    Jman: Man, you don’t know how much I would pay to see you two tear one another apart. But, as painful as it was for me to stop that from happening just now, it had to be done. The way I see it, the only person who’s going to tear you two to pieces is, well, me.

    *The crowd pops at that as Jman climbs into the ring.*

    Jman: First, tonight in fact, it’ll be you, Ronny. You’re right about me, y’know. I am a simple minded, unenlightened, regular, blue collar kid from South Philadelphia. You know what, though? We’re not taking a test on Shakespearian literature in the main event tonight. We’re wrestling. Something, if I don’t say so myself, I’m pretty damn good at. I may not be book smart, but between these ropes, I’m fucking Einstein. Tonight, Einstein is gonna kick your ass.

    *The crowd laughs and pop at that as Jman turns his attention to K-Jamm.*

    Jman: And then, because there’s no way in hell that guy *points to Ronaldo* is keeping me from doing what I came here to do, it’ll be you and me at Bred for Combat, bruv. And since I’m an equal opportunity ass kicker, that’s where you’ll be getting yours. Not only that, but I’ll take your title, too. Actually, it’s probably good you turned down Eden Sky last week. I’d hate to have to embarrass an old friend in front of his new lady. Then again, you do a fine job of that all by yourself…

    *crowd laugh as K-Jam pulls a face and lets out a faux laugh*

    Jman: But back to you, my intellectual friend, I will see you in tonight's main event where I, will become the new number one contender. You can meet me in this ring if you want where I will school you in art of wrestling.

    *the crowd pop as Jman stares at Ronaldo before turning to leave the ring. Ronaldo watches him as he goes with a determined, but dismissive look on his face as K-Jam leans in the corner with his title slung on his shoulder*

    Pentalion: Some fighting words form Jman, and this Miami crowd is right behind him! He's taking Ronaldo to school tonight, WRESTLING school that is!!

    Bodom: Wow, that joke was almost as bad as your commentary Chris, congratulations. But you're simply not getting it. Ronaldo is a master in EVERYTHING. He can talk the talk but he can also walk the walk. Do you not remember that he WON the War Games series? He's proven that he's the best singles wrestler in this company! He BEAT Jman in that series!

    Pentalion: Well is a one on one scenario here tonight, it's anybody's game Bodom. You can't rule out either man winning this one!
    Come back after the break folks when we'll continue with more action!
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    Bodom: And out comes Darren Bull! This guys sheer agression is exciting to watch! After making a pretty sick statement last week, I'm pretty sure he's back to show everyone how good he is.

    Pentalion: His attitude is disgusting, but his passion is crazy. What he did to TJ Rage, was absolutely mad. But it was a match, a match that had to be won. I see big things from
    Darren Bull.

    *Darren Bull comes out slowly to some boos and begins to bad mouth some fans. He even gives the middle finger to an old lady with her grandchild and Darren just smiles. He then gets in the ring and demands for a microphone.*

    Darren: Everyone to yourself a favor and shut the hell up, before I slap the shit out of every single one of you.

    *Crowd begins to boo a lot more.*

    Pentalion: Woah.

    Bodom: I like it!

    Darren: I said shut it! Now, first things first. Last week I showed I have come back and better than ever. I prove that I can handle myself in this ring, but my opponent was just so full of shit. So, I demand better competition. I don't want this chessy motherfuckers. Now, second thing in hand is the commentators.

    *Darren then slides out the commentator table and leans on it.*

    Darren: I recorded Rage last week and heard what you had to say. You Christopher are just talking out of your ass. So, do us all a favor and shut it.

    *The crowd boo even more at the words of Bull to Christopher.*

    Bodom: Holy crap! You just got dissed Chris!

    Darren: I'm not done. Then, we have Mr. KissAss Bodom. I don't care what you have to
    say about. How I'll be a future big star here Rage or EWNCW. You wanna know why I don't care for that comment? Cause I already knew that. I know thatI'm going to be in the Main Events of this company and no one will stop me from reaching there. Now, I don't want to hear peep from you two during my match. Got it?

    *Darren slides into the ring, but Harley McCartney emerges from out of nowhere, into the ring.*

    Bodom: What a son of a bitch! I respected this guy, until he made his statement and he pays me back with disrespect! That is it! I hope Harley kicks his ass!

    Pentalion: Errm..strong words there. Now let's get on with the match.

    *Bull goes for a Clothesline, but Harley ducks, Bull gets pissed and grabs Harley's head before smashing it on his face! Bull immediately strikes with a Big Boot, before nailing him with a Disaster Kick! He locks McCartney in an Armbar, as McCartney is screaming like mad! McCartney has no option but to tap as Bull smirks!

    Jason McManus: And your winner is.....DARRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEN..BULL!

    Bodom: That son of a bitch won. He really does need a reality check! And that was a flukey win!

    Pentalion: Son of a bitch? Yes he is. In need of a reality check? Yes he does. Flukey win? I don't think so. I despise him, but that doesn't stop me from admitting he's great in the ring!
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    Bodom: *facepalm* Ahhhh Jeeeeeesus this guy again? Seriously?! When is he going to stop coming out in costume!! We all know that guy is just K.....

    Pentalion: Killing the bad vibes around here left by Darren Byll!!! Yes Bodom you're right!! Last week the Blue Flash got a rollup win over the Rage Ignition Champion!

    Bodom: Well maybe if Rain wasn't out here to distract Gruber, he may not have lost!!

    Pentalion: We'll never know Bodom. Speaking of Rain, he was out here last week, clearly interested in the Rage Ignition Championship, but as we saw on Inferno last week, we learnt that Rain picked up one of the brand switch contracts that were up fro grabs in the 5 man draw match at No Guts No Glory, so he's now part of the Inferno brand!

    Bodom: Good riddance, now we won't have anyone to help this costume bearing idiot to win his matches!!

    *The Blue Flash swoops down from the top of the titantron on a zipline and lands in the ring. After posing on the turnbuckle, he goes to get a mic*

    The Blue Flash: GREETINGS! Citizens, of MIAMI, FLORIDA!!

    *the crowd pop*

    Flash: The Blue Flash is all about preserving all that is good in the world!! And right now, in the Ignition Division of Rage, all is NOT good. The title has finally been taken from the clutches of the evil citizen Shaz, but is now in the greedy hands of the sinister citizen Hanz Gruber!!

    *crowd boo*

    Flash: But last week, The Blue Flash prevailed as The Blue Flash pinned Citizen Gruber 1, 2, 3 in the middle of this very ring!! And so, my fellow good citizens of the EWNCW universe, I think you'll all join me in agreeing that The Blue Flash deserves a chance to have a chance to right a wrong. To justify a mistake. And to bring the hammer of justice crashing down on Hanz Gruber by taking his Ignition Championship from him at Bred for Combat!!

    *the fans cheer in agreement*

    Flash: So I call upon Citizen Cleverly to oblige me, and oblige the EWNCW universe and give me the chance to vanquish this man!!

    *Arius emerges on the ramp with a reluctant alice, a mic in hand and imediately begins to speak on his way down to the ring.*

    Arius: Shut the hell up Flash. If you think for one second that you're entitled to a title match then you're just wrong. What did you do at No Guts No Glory may I ask? Oh, that's right, nothing! Meanwhile, I beat Ric Flair. That's right, I beat the Nature Boy himself!

    *the crowd boo*

    Arius: SHUT UP!! You know that I'm right when I say that I had the highest profile win at No Guts No Glory, but you people aren't man enough to admit that! If anyone here deserves a shot at the Rage Ignition Championship, then it's ME! 'The Prodigy', Arius!

    *Arius smiles and holds his hands out as the crowd boo him.
    We then hear John Cleverly's voice as we see him on the titantron*

    John Cleverly: Hold on there Arius, Flash. I think I'm right in saying that both of you have cases when you think that you should be the ones to challenge Hanz Gruber for the Rage Ignition Championship. Arius, you did indeed beat Ric Flair at No Guts No Glory, which is no easy task. And Flash, you beat the champion himself last week. So here's the simplest solution. Right now you're going to face each other! The winner, will move on to face Hanz Gruber for the Rage Ignition Championship at Bred for Combat!

    *Arius smiles, grabs Alice by the arm, and drags her towards the turnbuckle. He then grabs a pair of handcuffs from under the ring. He then hadcuffs her to the bottom rope, telling her that she's not going anywhere.
    He then enters the ring and gets ready for the match.*

    Pentalion: So another number one contender match made here right now by GM Cleverly!

    Bodom: Well you have to agree with Arius' point of view here. He's the one who deserves this chance more than Flash! It pains me to say it, but Arius beat one of the greatest of all tie at No Guts No Glory. That has to outweigh whatever Flash did!

    Pentalion: But Flash beat the current Rage Ignition Champion last week! That has to count for something!

    Bodom: He beat him after getting help from another superstar. Don't you think that's a bit unfair, Chris?

    Pentalion: To quote a certain someone, "It doesn't matter how you win, it's just that you win!".

    Bodom: Hmm, I wonder who said that?.....

    Pentalion: It was y... you know what? Never mind, let's just take it to the ring for this match!!

    (start at 1:25)

    (stop at 7:55)

    *Arius locks in a kimura lock on Flash and cinches it in!*

    Pentalion: The Kimura hold locked in tight on Flash!! That's a devastating submission maneuver that can potentially break your arm if you don't sumbit!

    Bodom: And that's exactly what's going to happen right here. That idiot's belief that he actually is a superhero won't allow him to let himself tap out. And because of that, he's going to lose this match right here, right now!

    *Arius cranks up the pressure as Flash struggles and tries to get clear but he can't break the hold!
    He tosses and turns but can't roll towards the ropes! He eventually manages to rotate his body so that his legs are extremely close to the bottom rope near the turnbckle, but still out of reach!
    However, It happens to be the bottom rope that Alice is handcuffed to, and she manages to use her free hand to aid Flash's leg onto the bottom rope, as she hooks is over the rope without the referee seeing!
    The referee sees the leg on the rope and calls for Arius to break the hold!*

    Bodom: WHAT?! Did you see that?! What is she doing interfering in this match?!

    Pentalion: Bodom, you need to take a side here. One minute you're on Alice's side the next you're on Arius'!!

    Bodom: Hey, I'm on Ric Flair's side, nobody else's!! Do you understand me?!

    Pentalion: Whatever. all that matters is that Alice doesn't want to be with Arius and she's showing that by aiding his opponent here!

    *Arius is on his knees pleading with the referee, as he can't believe how Flash got to the ropes! He then gets up and motions for flash to get up! Flash slowly gets up as Arius runs past him and springboards off the middle roe, looking to try and hit a springboard spinning enziguri!!*

    Pentalion: Arius going for the Final Touch.... but Flash ducks it!! Jumping neckbreaker from The Blue Flash!! And both men are down!!

    Bodom: I don't like Arius for beating Flair, but I don't like this costume bearing idiot even more!! It's anybody's game here right now though as momentum might have shifted into Flash's favor!!

    *Flash is he first to get up as he fires up the crowd!!
    Arius gets to his knees as Flash hits him with one, two, three quick fire shoot kicks to the chest before finishing off with a big buzzsaw kick. He then goes to the ropes and slingshots in order to hit an arabian press moonsault, into the cover!!


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    Pentalion: Flash so close to getting the 3 count there!! Some quickfire offense nearly finishing off Arius!!

    Bodom: There's a lot at stake here and Arius won't give it up that easily!

    *Flash signals to the top rope as the crowd cheer!! He goes to the outside and climbs to the top rope, facing the crowd as he appears to be looking for a moonsault! He jumps just as Arius quickly gets up, and as he rotates in the air, Arius is able to connect with an European Uppercut as he comes down!!*

    Bodom: What a move by Arius!! Incredible!!

    Pentalion: Flash looking for that top rope moonsault but he got caught by that massive European Uppercut!! Here comes the pin!!




    Pentalion: NO!! Again Flash is able to get out of it and Arius can't believe it!! Flash just won't give in!!

    Bodom: Well he's got resilience, I'll give him that much.

    *Arius looks shocked as he motions to the referee that it should have been 3. He then says that the referee is counting too slow, before turning his attention back to Flash.
    Arius picks Flash up and goes behind to push him towards the corner. He then goes to lift Flash in a back suplex lift in order to sit him on the turnbuckle, but Flash follows through and flips over to land behind him!
    Flash then grabs Arius in a back suplex life before flipping him over his head and landing him down on his knee!!*

    Pentalion: The Blue Moon Knee!! The Blue Flash's signature maneuver!! Here comes the pin!!





    Jason McManus: Here is your winner, and the number one contender for the Rage Ignition Championship, The Blue Flash!!

    Pentalion: Flash did it!! What a battle between these two!! A great win for EWNCW's resident superhero, and he's going to Bred for Combat to challenge Hanz Gruber for the Championship!!

    Bodom: well let's take a few things into consideration, Flash could have lost it when he was locked in that Kimura hold. He again, could have lost it a few other times in that match, but I have to be fair, he put in a good performance there. A good win for him, but he has a big task on his hands to face Hanz Gruber.

    *Flash is seen celebrating in the ring as he goes to each turnbuckle to pose to the crowd and motion that he's going for the belt!! He then pauses as he sees Alice. He drops down and exits the ring to go to her. He can be sees saying something to her before looking at her cuffed hand. He takes the handcuffs and looks at them before gripping them with his hands. He then begins to pull them apart, trying to break them!! After a few seconds of visual strain on his face, the cuffs pop apart!! As Alice embraces The Blue Flash!!*

    Bodom: What the?! Give me a break, this guy too trying to steal Arius' girl?!

    Pentalion: Come on Bodom, Arius handcuffed her to the rope!! She's simply saying thank you to Flash here!! Oh watch out!!

    *Arius has recovered and seeing what's happening he's rolled out of the ring and attacked Flash from behind!! He then begins to beat him down outside the ring, despite Alice's protests!! He rains down with punches galore until......*

    *Reiko and Ric Flair come running down as Arius stops dead in his tracks!! He realizes who's coming and hoists Alice over his shoulder before hightailing it past the bellkeeper and out through the crowd*

    Pentalion: Yeah, run you coward!! Reiko and Flair coming to Flash's aid here as that monster runs like the snake he is!!

    Bodom: WE did you expect him to stay out here to get his ass handed to him?!

    Pentalion: No, but I didn't expect him to beat a guy down when his back was turned to him!! Ric Flair has said that Reiko is coming for Arius, and I'm not sure if Arius can keep running like this! sooner or later, they're going to have to fight!!
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    *TBOZ emerges to a big reception from the crowd. He heads straight to the ring and upon entering grabs a mic*

    Bodom: TBOZ is out here tonight! Let's see what he has to say! I hope he disses Shaz even more! That son of a bitch needs a beating!

    Pentalion: Woah Bodom! That's a whole different attitude from you!

    Bodom: Damn right it is! Shaz disrespected me, and I'm not having it!!

    Pentalion: Wow.

    TBOZ: So last week Shaz was out here talking a big game. He was seriously suggesting that he deliberately dropped the Rage Ignition title because it was "weighing him down" and preventing him from moving on to the next level. I mean what a load of bollocks! Shaz, you wouldn't be able to beat any of the guys currently ahead of you here on Rage! And come Bred for Combat, I have a chance to prove that to you first hand as I show you why exactly I'm a former World heavyweight Champion. I'll show you why I'm one half of the
    greatest ever tag team, and the greatest stable in the history of this business; God Money. And I'll show you exactly why I'm considered a legend around here!

    *crowd cheer*

    TBOZ: Because you see....

    Oh great! That ungrateful son of a bitch is out here tonight. I swear to god, his face needs to be chucked in a smelly ol' bin!!

    Pentalion: Calm down Bodom!

    Bodom: NO!

    *Shaz's music hits, as the crowd boo the hell out of him. TBOZ looks pissed as Shaz interrupted him*

    Shaz: You see TBOZ, that's the thing with you. Always talking about the past. No one gives a fuck if you were part of the greatest tag team, the greatest stable, a former world champion. No one cares. You're just trying to use all those facts against me, to make you look superior. But you TBOZ, are far. And trust man when I say this, FAR from that. I am still better than you in every way.

    But guess what TBOZ? This championship loss that I intended to lose, is moving me to the next level. Because at Bred for Combat, I'm facing you. There may not be a title on the line, but there is plenty of things on the line. Such as, your career. I can tarnish your career in the match, because when it comes to the ring. I am a tough motherfucker. There is also another thing on the line..

    Bodom: The only thing on the line, will be his ass. Once TBOZ is finished with him, I certainly won't be finished with that ungrateful son of a bitch!

    Pentalion: Seems legit.

    Bodom: Damn right it is! My reputation in EWNCW, has been fantastic! Shaz is trying to ruin that!

    Pentalion: Well, I'm not surprised, he is the self proclaimed "Legend of all Legends".

    Bodom: Hahahaha! That stupid son of a bitch! Does he even know what the word means?! TBOZ is a legend, I, am a legend! Shaz is wha tI'd describe as the polar opposite of the word!!

    Shaz: And that is my step. This will be my step, my leap to the main event. I am the best in the world, and I don't even need a midcard title to prove it. Only few guys, have won the EWNCW Rage Ignition Championship, and moved onto the main event scene straight away. But me, I've only been here for what? A year? 11 months? And I'm the breakout star! I'm the greatest thing that EWNCW has ever witnessed!

    And I'm on the midst, of making EWNCW the best there is. Trust me, when I win that world belt. The crowd will explode with jeers, because they despise me. But guess what? The feeling is mutual. I couldn't give two fucks, if they fell over and died. Because I'm a cold person. I want them, to despise me. And most of all, I want you, TBOZ, to despise me.

    Because that is what will get me to the top. The more my opponents despise me, the tougher I get. The more fuel that gets added to my fire. I'm like a Bugatti Veyron, ready to be started up..and BOOM! I go! That's exactly how my career has been so far, like my Bugatti Veyron SS. 11 months in, and I'm making massive movements. Because I am truly..the best in the wor-

    TBOZ: Blah blah lah best in the world, we know. You've only said it about 10 million times already.

    Bodom: COME ON TBOZ!! Trash him on that damn mic!!

    Pentalion: This is absolutely great, I'm loving every second of this!

    Shut up!! I wanna hear what TBOZ says! GO TBOZ!

    TBOZ: You know that saying that goes 'if you say something enough, people will actually believe it'? Well this isn't one of those things! No matter how many times you tell yourself, me, these fans that you're the best in the world, it doesn't get any more real you know. If anything it looks more and more like a desperate attempt by you to be something that you're not.


    He did indeed, he did.

    *crowd cheer*

    And if you seriously think that you're ready to even e considered amongst the best in this company, then you're gravely mistaken. You seriously think that you're better than Jman? Seraphim? even guys like William Carlin, Ronaldo Romulus, K-Jammin? Do you REALLY think that you're better than ME? Ask yourself that. Search your feelings and you now that it ain't so. You know that you can't go toe to toe with greatness. But if you really think that you have what it takes to face 'The Machiavellian', then I have a challenge for you, unless of course that you're afraid to lose. How about tonight you face the leader of the best stable in the history of this business; BODOM!! Then we'll really see if you're ready to step in the ring with ME!

    Bodom: BRING IT ON TBOZ! You see, that is the best thing about GodMoney! Me and TBOZ read each others minds! TBOZ knows that I want to kick the ass of that wannabe gangster, and I will do it! Because when you're God Money Chris, you're...

    Pentalion: Yeah yeah, you're God Money for life, we all know!! But he'll need to accept first!

    Bodom: If he doesn't..I'LL MAKE HIM!!

    Shaz: Woah, woah, woah. Take it easy you twat, I am the best in the world. And you know it. The more I say it, the more it pissed ya'll off, and that's a good thing. My ambition in EWNCW, is to gain heat. And that is exactly what I'm doing. These mongrels are cheering me like mad, and they think I hate it. But no, I LOVE it. I could stand there in the
    middle of the ring, all day, and listen to all these boos!

    I am a hundred times better than those nobodies you've stated. They have no ability what so ever, the only reason why they are on the top. Is because management is desperate for main eventers. But they won't choose me, because they know that I'm gonna piss the crowd off. But what they don't know, is that, Shaz equals ratings. I am the reason why all these pathetic mugs, watch Rage!

    But to the answer to Bodom's challenge, is bring it on! But I wanna have a few words with prick.

    Pentalion: Holy crap Bodom, this guy is coming towards us.

    Bodom: Stop pissing yourself!

    *Shaz walks up to Bodom, and sits on the announcers table*

    Shaz: You're supposed to be Rage's color commentator, but do you really know what you really are? A poor mans Michael Cole. That's right, I said it. Those fools in the back, have been too scared to say it. You are a Michael Cole wannabe. And it would be such an honor to face a man, who can't even do his job in the ring, let alone do his job on the announcers table. And-

    TBOZ: Well that settles it! Good luck Shaz!!

    *the crowd cheer as TBOZ leaves the ring leaving Shaz slightly stunned. As TBOZ is walking up the ramp with a smile on his face, Shaz can be seen sliding back in the ring, before taunting Bodom as the EWNCW legend does the same back.*

    Bodom: Pathetic Shaz! That's what you are!! Pathetic!! I mean Michael Cole?! Michael Cole?! I am nowhere near as bad as Michael Cole!!! I am the JBL of this company!! In the ring and behind this table!! And tonight, I'm going to show that asshole just that when I clothesline him to hell!!

    Pentalion: So! That's official for tonight! Shaz vs Bodom! That will be great action, but up next we have Hanz Gruber backstage.
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    Jonathan Sanchez: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, Rage Ignition Champion, Hanz Gruber.
    Hanz, first of all congratulations on winning the Ignition title at No Guts No Glory! How good was it to finally get gold around your waist here in EWNCW? It's been a long time coming after trying for so long.

    Hanz: Well first of all thank you. It feels great to finally hold some gold here in EWNCW- I mean I knew I would in time because I am the best damn wrestler to come along in a long time. I busted my ass in the ring week in and week out. I scouted everyone here- and knew their weaknesses. I was ready for any one EWNCW dared to put in front of me. And going into War Games- I had more focus than anyone else. I knew what I had to do. And when I finally got a title shot at an Ignition title- I knew just the oppnent to pick- the Rage Ignition champion- the guy full of hot air- Shaz. And I did just what I did to him in my debut match here in EWNCW- I beat him- and this time I walked out with the Ignition Title.

    Sanchez: Shaz held that championship for a while, do you think you can match or even emulate his reign?

    Hanz: Match it? Emulate it? Fuck that shit- I'll outshine his motherfucking reign. The guy is a tool

    Sanchez: Well I think many can agree with you there. Now last week Shaz suggested that he deliberately lost the match because he felt the title was weighing him down and slowing his progression up the EWNCW ladder so to speak. Your reaction to that claim?

    Hanz: I think that's bullshit. He knew I had his number. He knew I was gonna beat his ass. And he thinks he will last against some of the guys who headline? Please, Shaz headlining a show? That would kill off EWNCW- the ratings would go down the toilet. I'll be headlining before that loser does

    Sanchez: Ok, now tonight we've see The Blue Flash beat Arius to become your first challenger for the title. Flash is an exciting high flying superstar, very dissimilar to yourself. How will you counter his high octane style?

    Hanz: No problem there. I've wrestled all over the world. I've wrestled many different styles. And I'm a student of the game- I watch tapes of everyone- including Blue Flash. I don't take him for granted. The guy may be a moron- but he has talent. Impressive talent

    Sanchez: He does indeed. Finally, your thoughts on The Blue Flash. Many people think he's someone from backstage here on Rage dressed up as a superhero. What's your theory?

    Hanz: Again- I think he is a moron, a talented moron. If he is someone backstage playing dressup- so be it. Maybe dressing up as a hero is the only way he can get over. I mean someone like me can get by on talent alone, but some need that extra, how do you say? That extra thing to connect with the fans wether they like him or not. It works for him and I respect that. I'll still kick his moronic ass though

    Ok thanks for your time Hanz.
    So Rage Ignition Champion Hanz Gruber there folks, who we now know will face The Blue Flash at Bred for Combat. The title will be on the line. The question; can Gruber come out on top in his first defense of his title. We'll have to wait and see.
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    Christopher Pentalion:
    We're continuing with Rage here with Daymian Bloodstone coming out here! We saw himlast week watching Chris Divine's EWNCW debut!
    Bodom: And what a debut it was! Dominating, and making a clear statement on what he's doing here!! I liked what I saw from Chris Divine. Know why? Because he's so fine!!

    Pentalion: Ok, I'm going to tell you right now, that's going to get annoying. Fast.

    Bodom: Good. I wouldn't want it any other way.

    *Bloodstone makes his way to the ring shaking hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp. He gets a mic and enters the ring*

    Bloodstone: Now last week I was backstage watching the show, and I specifically payed attention to the debut of one Chris Divine. Why? Becauuse I'd heard so much about him. I heard he had some moves. But I didn't like what I saw one bit. Divine, last week you disrespected Harley McCarthney and you disrespected EWNCW. This isn't some piss poor indy fed, this my arrogant friend is the big time. You aren't going to be handed things you have to earn them!

    *crowd cheers for Bloodstone*

    Bloodstone: You might have been big in the tiny pound the brass pulled you from, but here you are nothing more than a curtain jerker till you prove yourself. You think you can do what you please because a few people know your name? Not here! Here you wrestle who ever gets in the ring with you and prove you're not something worthless jobber. What you did last week earned you nothing but boos from the fans and disrespect from the guys in the back. The only thing you showed last week was that you take cheap shots whenever you can instead of fighting like a man. There is nothing Divine about you!

    *Crowd boos at the word Divine*

    Bloodstone: Last week you showed everyone you are nothing and that the only reason you got this far in your career back taking short cuts. Divine enjoy your time here in EWNCW because judging by your actions, you won't be here long.

    Bodom: And here is the man himself! SO FINE!! Chris Divine!!

    Pentalion: *sigh* Well Chris Divine did indeed make his debut last here on Rage, where he flat out refused to have his scheduled match against Harley McCartney. I found that very unprofessional and disrespectful, just as Bloodstone alluded to there.

    Bodom: Chris, do you even know who this man is? He's Chris Divine. He can't be wasting time with people like McCartney. He's one of the best talents out there, and EWNCw should be putting this man straight in there at the deep end, instead of wasting time with people like Bloodstone, who's had chance after chance to break into the top tier and failed. It's time for a change here, and this man here is the man to bring it!

    *Divine walks out from the back, to boos, as he has a mic in hand. He stands at the top of the ramp, as his music is cut.*

    Divine: Hold on there chumpette....Divine heard what you had to say...and Divine has a few choices words for you...but before I get into it, Divine wants to refresh these fans memory of last week.

    *Divine points above him to the tron. We see footage of last week where Divine attacked McCartney, and then was interrupted by a strange video. The tron dies.*

    Divine: Now, Divine could have sat and dwelled on who was behind that video, and what that video was about, but Divine will leave it at this. Whoever you are, whatever you are trying to do....when you want to go toe to toe with the Divine One, get your rooty pooty ass to the ring and face Divine, until then, shut your damn mouth and learn some respect!

    *Divine looks at at Bloodstone, as he starts down the ramp.*

    Divine: Now, Divine re-watched Rage last week, and saw what you had to say about Divine, and Divine just heard what you said now. See, Divine isn't a future main eventer...Divine IS the main eventer. As for the face of EWNCW? would appear that this company is in need of a new face, a new #1 guy. Because frankly, the people at the top, striving for that spot, have fallen to the sides in Divine's eyes. Divine is a dick, just like you said...but the difference between myself and others who are dicks...Divine gets the job pun intended...

    *Divine has reached the bottom of the ramp, as he climbs up the steps and into the ring, looking at the man in the ring with him.*

    Divine: Let's replay back something you just said Hardstone...."You wrestle whoever gets into the ring with you"...well..

    *Divine looks around for a moment, then back at Bloodstone.*

    Divine: are in the ring with does that mean you want Divine to kick your chumperino ass? Hmm?

    *The lights go out followed by the titantron lighting up. The shadow of a tall figure emerges upon the screen and then begins to speak*

    Mystery man: Hahahahahaha... The time to unveil everything is just around the corner.
    *Then the tron goes blank and the lights return.*

    Pentalion: What the hell was that?

    Bodom: Again, someone interrupting Divine in full flow!!

    *Divine is looking at the tron, more shaken than last week. He seems to have forgotten about Bloodstone, as he raises the mic once more.*

    Divine: No! NO! This is not "Let's get into Divines head and fuck with him time!" This is not "Let's make Divine watch his back at every turn time"! Divine will not be spooked! Enough of this bullshit!

    *Divine rolls out of the ring, walking around to the fans.*

    Divine: Is it you!? Are you messing with Divine?

    *Divine goes to another fan.*

    Divine: Or is it you!? Are you trying to get into my head!?

    *Divine goes to over to Bodom, looking at him.*

    Divine: Or is it you!? You chumpette looking fool, you trying to screw with Divine?

    Bodom: What did you call me?! Chris, did you hear that?! That little....

    *Divine stops, taking a deep breath, as he rolls back into the ring. He looks at Bloodstone, but walks right by him, going to the ropes once more near the ramp.*

    Divine: Seriously....Divine is not going to stand for this. Whoever it is in the back trying to mess with me, get out here right now! Settle this like men!

    *Divine waits a moment, but nothing.*

    Divine: Divine said...get your rooty pooty ass out here so Divine can curb stomp you!

    *Divine waits another moment, as he goes to raise the mic but is cut off by...*

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    Pentalion: We've had a big influx of new talent recently, and here's another of those new talents! 'The Master of True Wrestling; Kyojin!! Did you know that some say this man right here is the new Shuriken Blade?! That's some tag to live up to!

    Bodom: What?! This small timer has an age to go before he can even dare to consider himself that good!! Shuriken Blade is one of the best superstars to ever set foot in this company, and you're saying that this guy is the replacement?!

    Pentalion: Well that's what I'm hearing Bodom, and I won't argue with that, because Kyojin has shown that he has the makings of a true wrestling great here in EWNCW. He did come up on the losing end of a match with Van Hooligan X at No Guts No Glory, but last week that feud showed no signs of stopping there as they went at it again, this time backstage!

    *The Master of True Wrestling’s music is met by cheers from the fans as he walks out onto the stage, looking down at the ring with a look of amusement etched onto his face. Divine looks infuriated with Kyojin as he makes his way down the ramp, high fiving a few fans. Bloodstone has backed up to a corner and is now watching with a smirk on his face as Kyojin grabs a microphone from the top of the steel steps and climbs into the ring.*

    Kyojin: I’m sorry Divine, I had to come out here- you see, I just had to ask- did you seriously just say rooty pooty...twice?

    *The fans laugh as Kyojin looks as if he’s holding back laughter too.*

    Kyojin: As luck would have it Divine, I’m not out here to answer your prayers to find out just who ‘has a problem with you’. I will say this though, it’s not difficult to find who has a problem with you, just look around the entire locker room backstage.

    Nobody likes you, nobody can stand you- and what Daymien just said, that all rings true. This isn’t some little indy company where you can walk in at main event level because of what you did in previous companies. This isn't a company where you can just walk in and demand a shot at the big time.

    This is the big time, this company here is the company every single wrestler wants to be in- they wanna make a name for themselves and that’s exactly why nobody can stand you- because your attitude is pathetic.

    Let’s get something straight, you joined this company after me- and I haven’t once made my way out here and demanded a title shot, I haven’t once called out the big guns- because as Daymien said, here- you don’t get anywhere by demanding things. You get to the main events by working your ass off, showing some damn respect and earning a place at the top.

    *The fans pop loudly as Kyojin smiles.*

    Kyojin: And you can come out here every single week if you like demanding this and demanding that but not once will you ever get what you feel you deserve. EWNCW is a place of action- that’s why a talker like you won’t get anywhere- and that’s why Van Hooligan X won’t get anywhere either.

    *The fans boo loudly for Van’s name, which gets a chuckle from Kyojin.*

    Kyojin: Ahh yes, Van Hooligan X. The coolest guy in the back- or so he thinks, but did you see last week? Did you see how I got under his skin? This guy acts as if nothing is wrong, as if he can take the entire world on and he’ll still not have a scratch on his ego at the end of it. He thinks that by shouting his mouth off, he’ll get noticed. In that sense Divine, Van Hooligan X is a lot like you.

    Another way in which Van is like you Divine, is nobody likes him either. He needs to realise that by doing things in this company, that’ll get him noticed. His previous World Championships mean absolutely nothing to the guys here. If he wants to be the big guy- if he wants to be the guy that everybody has to beat, he’s not gonna do it by making a lot of noise.

    He’s gotta do it with actions, not words. And last week, backstage- he tried that. I’ll give it to him, Van’s a tough bastard- he’s got the ability to go with the best of them but if for one second Van believes I’m gonna be scared of facing him, he’s got another thing coming.

    *The fans pop loudly as Kyojin walks across to Daymien, leaving Divine to his own thoughts. Daymien stands up straight. Kyojin looks him up and down, before offering a handshake.*

    Kyojin: I have a lot of respect for you Daymien, and some guys may think you don’t deserve to be in the spot you’re in, but most of them are worthless idiots like this guy. You’ve got the ability to make it and you know that.

    *The fans pop for Kyojin & Bloodstone as Bloodstone takes the handshake. Kyojin turns back to Divine.*

    Kyojin: Are you still here? Don’t you have a-

    Van Hooligan X: Hooold on a second right there.

    *Van walks out to a crowd that isn't happy to see him. He arrogantly grins.*

    VHX: Kyojin, you honestly think that your words have any weight around here? You may be able to convince those idiots in the cheap seats that you're sum sort of big threat but you're nothing!

    The master of true wrestling? Ha! You're looking at him, Mr. Roboto!

    I'm going to be kind to you and actually be brutally honest for your own sake buddy. You shouldn't even be in this company, yet alone holding a mic or kissing that idiots hand! Fact is, I've not just beaten you, I've not just made you tap, I've owned you every single time we come face to face.

    Take last time we came face to face. It ended rather badly for you. But alas, people like you around here are all the same. You talk a big game, you think you can compete with the big boys and then The Vanity delivers a freshly baked reality check. Funny thing is, I really do enjoy giving you them. So by all means allow me to out wrestle, out wit and out perform you day after day.

    See Kyojin. 1 difference between us. Respect. You gain your respect off pathetic wrestlers such as the currently present. You try your damndest to give these idiots in attendance a great show.

    Meanwhile in Successville, I take my respect from winning and doing anything it takes to win. Which instantly makes me more of a threat than you could ever be. I will take my place in this company as the man who continued his domination. You? The best you'll achieve is being the man I embarrassed before you could even get going.

    *Van then throws his mic at Kyojin but he dodges easily and both men proceed to give each other a stare down as Divine and Bloodstone can be seen exchanging some angry words*

    Bodom: See, now this man right here, VHX is a man I can get behind!! Came in the same time as Kyojin and is already ahead of him! Beat him fair and square at No Guts No Glory!! And not only that, he made him tap out!!

    *John Cleverly appears on the tron*

    John Cleverly: Ladies, please, calm yourselves. Now all 4 of you seem to have issues with eah other, but it's clear to me that 2 of you agree with each other while the other 2 do not, so simply put, we're going to have ourselves a tag team match!
    Chris Divine will team with Van Hooligan X to take on Daymian Bloodstone and Kyojin! Right NOW!!

    *All 4 men stare at each other. Kyojin and Bloodstone shake hands again as VHX and Divine talk aggressively with one another*
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    Christopher Pentalion: As you all just heard it’s going to be a tag-team match between Divine and Hooligan, facing off against Bloodstone and Kyojin. These men just went out there and faced off against each other on the microphone, with Hooligan taking a pretty heavy shot at Kyojin. They all must be pretty heated!

    Bodom: Indeed, and Hooligan has a point! What has Kyojin done to deserve to be up here with the big boys? I can think of several talents all around the e-fedding world that deserve that spot more than him! And who is Bloodstone to come out here and talk about how Divine is acting? Look all around EWNCW, and look at how everyone is acting, and he has a problem with Divine. You know what I call that? Jealousy! Bloodstone is jealous of Divine, and in this upcoming match, Divine is going to show everyone just why.

    Pentalion: What do you mean jealous?

    Bodom: Are you thick? He’s jealous of Divine’s abilities in that ring, that’s why he’s out here right now for this match, that’s why he came out here downing Divine, for no reason at all!

    Pentalion: *Shakes head* Shut up, Bodom. Let’s get to the match.

    *The camera pans out to the ring, where the two teams are talking about who is going to start off against who. Bloodstone agrees to start off first, facing off with Hooligan X, Divine choosing to forego having to face Bloodstone early on.*

    Punk/Cena(Kyojin/Bloodstone) vs Bryan/Jericho(Hooligan/Divine)

    (Stop at 6:35)

    *Divine takes over after the DDT, stomping away at Bloodstone, taking advantage of the downed man. He mocks the crowd who boos him vehemently, before he goes back to stomping away at his opponent. As Bloodstone reaches for Kyojin, who is far away from the man’s hand, Divine mocks him, and Kyojin, before dropping an elbow on Bloodstone. He drags his nemesis back to the corner and tags in Hooligan, who immediately starts to pound on Bloodstone. He picks him up and pushes him into the corner, beating him until the ref counts to four and begins to push him away. With the ref distracted, Divine hits Bloodstone in the head with an elbow, then pulls his neck back over the ropes - walking off when the ref turns to look at him.*

    Bodom: That’s tag-team wrestling at its finest right there! Taking advantage of the downed man!

    Pentalion: Of course you’d condone something like that!

    *Hooligan lifts Bloodstone up again and attempts to whip him into the turnbuckle, succeeding at his task. He tags in Divine, who immediately drives a knee into his face, breaking when the count got to three. He starts trash talking Kyojin, enough to make him try and get in the ring. Just as the ref is about to get done with Kyojin, he slaps his hand loudly signaling a tag, letting Hooligan get into the ring with Bloodstone. The ref, not knowing any better, allows it due to the sound. As Hooligan goes to get Bloodstone he is met by a boot to the gut, and then another. Bloodstone pulls himself up and catches Hooligan with a dropkick. With both men down, Kyojin starts to get the crowd into the match by chanting Bloodstone!*



    *Bloodstone hops over and gets the tag, at the same time Hooligan does - putting Divine and Kyojin in the ring together. The men trade blows, before Kyojin ducks, and drills him with an elbow. As Divine falls back, he bounces off the rope, running right into a kick to the gut. With Divine doubled over, Kyojin takes advantage and lifts his head, dropping it back down on his knee. He whips Divine into a corner and almost decapitates him with a Yakuza kick. The crowd roars it’s approval of these actions, but he sees Bloodstone in the corner waving eagerly for a tag. He wants a piece of Divine and by God, Kyojin is going to give it to him. Kyojin tags in Bloodstone who comes in like a man on a mission. Hooligan hops in and takes a clothesline, then Divine takes one as well. He tosses Hooligan over the ropes and turns his attention to Divine who is recovering in the corner. He rushes forward and kicks him in the mid-section. He drags him out of the corner and drops an elbow on the back of his neck. He goes to tag Kyojin, but Kyojin is no longer there. Hooligan survived the toss and rushed over to Kyojin and pulled him off the apron. Bloodstone looks around and sees Hooligan headed back to his side of the ring. He looks over to check on Kyojin, and Divine sneaks a tag, however, he tells Hooligan to wait just a moment.*

    Pentalion: What is Divine doing? Wait! TURN AROUND BLOODSTONE! WATCH OUT!

    *As Bloodstone turns around to face Divine, he is caught with Divine’s finisher - DIVINE INTERVENTION! The RKO hits out of nowhere, downing Bloodstone! Hooligan quickly takes advantage as Divine slips out of the ring and walks up the ramp; laughing as he looks back at the dropped and pinned Bloodstone.*



    *Kyojin recovers just in time to see the ref count to three and Hooligan roll out of the ring. He hops in and rushes towards the ropes, which keep him from rushing out of the ring. Divine and Hooligan raise their hand and laugh as they head out of stage area; leaving Bloodstone down, and Kyojin pissed off.*

    Bodom: That was what a tag-team match is all about and the right, and by right I mean smart, people got the win.

    Pentalion: How can you seriously condone that? Divine took advantage of a unaware Bloodstone and Hooligan picked up the scraps!

    Bodom: The name of the game is to win and that’s just what those boys did! Win!

    Pentalion: You are really a piece of work. Let’s just move on, before we get out of hand out here!
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