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    Christopher Pentalion: Welcome everyone to Monday night Rage, LIVE from Davenport, Iowa!! We’re well on our way to our next ppv; Rise from the Ashes, and we have some heated rivalries coming to a head here!!

    Bodom: We do indeed Chris. I’m still pumped that TBOZ managed to pull off that win last week and beat Jman to earn his title shot at against K-Jammin!! What a win that was!!

    CP: It was indeed. Last week of course we saw the debut of Jman in EWNCW, a seasoned competitor that has won multiple championships, and TBOZ couldn’t have seen that coming last week, so a very well earned win for him.

    Bod: And now I can’t wait to see him beating the crap out of K-Jam at Tise from the Ashes!! He will once again become the World Heavyweight Champion!!

    CP: Well we’ll have to wait and see about that Bodom, but what an ovation we get here for The Beard of Zeus as he comes out here!! Everybody here is backing him now in a complete turnaround from a few weeks back!!

    Bod: that just goes to show how much hypocracy is going on in this world. These people are like sheep and will follow anyone who wants them to!! HA! Well, I hate to say I told them so! I told you ALL so!! Including you Chris!! I knew you’d see the light!!

    CP: Well you can’t deny that BOZ has altered his approach to things somewhat and shifted his attitude, but I digress, let’s see what he has to say here!

    TBOZ: You know what, I feel a change in the wind here in EWNCW. 2 weeks ago, I lost my World Heavyweight Championship to K-Jammin, but that's not the change I wanted to point out. When I lost that title, I was angry, but it gave me time to evaluate.

    I have been angry for a while, in fact, ever since I returned back almost a year ago, and all I could think was, why? I wanted a renaissance, and that is what I got. We ushered in a new guard, and I kept that title for four months, and I'm proud, but I was still so angry. I missed being jovial and battling with a smile on my face, and that's what happened last week.

    A weight was lifted, and I fought with more freedom than ever against Jman, and managed to come out the victor, and gain a chance to regain my World Heavyweight Championship at Rise from the Ashes. K-J, you have what is mine. I will become champion again, and there will no longer be anything that holds me back.

    The renaissance, The Machiavellian, the never-waking-up, it's over. It pays to have a smile back on my face.

    Bod: what the hell does this asshole want?! HEY YOU!! YOU SUCK........... MY BALLS, BECAUSE I OWN YOU K-JAM YOU LITTLE BITCH!!! I OWN YOU!!1 YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!!!

    CP: Uhhhhh, Bodom, I wouldn't recommend shouting that given what K-Jam has done so far in this company. He's ended a few guys careers here!

    K-Jammin: Aww isn't that adorable, your little tough guy act never worked so you've gone back to sucking up to these useless waste of skin in the crowd. You proved nothing last week TBOZ, it was merely an error on my part. You see, it takes a real tough bastard to join a new company and make an impact straight away, which is exactly what I have done. Where as Jman, as talented as he is, just didn't have what it took on the day. But no matter, now I have the opportunity to humiliate you. Not only will I humiliate you, I will decapitate you. Not literally of course, but certainly mentally. I will hurt you so bad that all of your beliefs and phony morals escape you, and then you will turn to me to save you. You will turn to me to show you the way, in which I will gladly oblige. I can show you how to be winner TBOZ, all it will cost you is your soul.A storm is coming here in EWNCW TBOZ, and blood will be shed. As I have stated numerous times, I'm not in this business for the love of the fans or for the love of the sport. I'm in it for the money and power, and if I have to cripple every single person in this company to get those things, then it is a necessary sacrifice.

    Bod: This shady guy?! What does he want?!

    CP: Well Jman made his EWNCW debut last week folks, and he took TBOZ right down to the wire, but the former World Heavyweight Champion overcame him last week. Jman's proven that he's a tough competitor and can go with the best of them though.

    Jman: Well, well, well...isn't this something? Y'know K-Jamm, I was shocked when you called me and asked if I would wrestle TBOZ. I figured you would call up some jobber just so you could guarantee yourself another chance to beat up on that guy *points to TBOZ* and prove the EWNCW crowd what I already know; you're one of the best in the business. Like you said, though, it's all a moot point now. I was close.....oh so close....last week but now it's between the two of you. TBOZ, you escaped with a win against me. I wasn't fresh, I wasn't familiar with your style, and, to be completely honest, I wasn't comfortable in a ring with the EWNCW logo on the apron. K-Jammm is all of those things and I guarandamntee you won't beat him when the lights are at their brighest.

    GM John Clevery

    CP: GM John cleverly’s coming out here to assert some order on things!!

    Bod: If he sucks up to K-Jam again I swear I’ll get in that ring myself and deliver the BODOM line to him!!

    John Cleverly: Allright guys, let’s pump the breaks and take a breath here for a minute!
    First of all, let’s get one thing straight. I am a fair man, and an honest man, and I play on a level playing field here. So true to my word last week, after beating Jman, TBOZ has indeed earned the right to have another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. So at Rise from the Ashes, it will be K-Jammin defending the title against TBOZ!!

    *crowd pop at this news*

    JC: Now as for tonight, I have a suitable idea for a main event. I don’t know if you K-Jam and you Jaman are on the same page or not, but since you’re both pretty friendly with each other, you two will team up tonight to face off against TBOZ and a partner of his chosing. Who that partner will be? Well, I’ll let you TBOZ to keep that one close to your chest, just as K-Jam kept your opponrnt last week close to his chest!

    Have a nice day!

    Bod: HA! Well at least Cleverly hasn’t sucked up to K-Jam again here tonight. TBOZ gets to chose whoever he likes to be his partner tonight!!

    CP: Indeed he does, but K-Jam and Jman know each other well, they’ll be a well oiled machine no doubt, but who knows, TBOZ could pick anyone!!

    Bod: Who knows who it will be!! We could even see another brand new EWNCW superstar here tonight!!

    CP: We could indeed Bodom! But K-Jam will have to defend his World Heavyweight title at Rise fromt he Ashes against TBOZ after that match last week, just as Cleverly promised. A HUGE amtch added to our ppv right there!!
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    *Backstage And Amazing walks over to Bloodstone*

    Andy Amazing: Hey dude you ok?

    Daymian Bloodstone: Not quite. Getting sick of this poetic vampire ruining our matches.

    Amazing: Ya, I can't figure out why he keeps getting involved.

    Bloodstone: Well I for one want one match to end with a pinfall or submission. The fans deserve it as do we.

    Amazing: I agree to weeks with no winner? Makes me curious who the better man is.

    Bloodstone: How about we give it one more try? It's worth a shot.

    Amazing: Hell ya it is. Plus maybe we can catch this guy in his tracks.

    Bloodstone: Alright than it's settled. May the best man win.
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    Jason McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, please Welcome at this time, being accompanied to the ring by Alice with their mentor “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, from the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia, “The Prodigy” Arius!!!

    *Bodom jumps up*

    Bod: Wooooooo! Its that time again on your feet Pentallion its GAWD!!!!!! On your feet! On your feet.

    *Pentallion reluctantly gets to his feet*

    Bod: YES Naitch, YES Naitch, YES Naitch!!!

    *as Flair makes his way down the ramp, he stops at the commentary table to shake hands with Bodom, Pentalion goes to extend his hand but Naitch blows him off.*

    Bod: Yes Naitch is the greatest of all time baby. He shook my hand!!! HE SHOOK MY HAND!!!!

    CP: And I bet you'll never wash that hand again. Lord only knows where that hand has been.

    *Naitch gets a mic and gets in the ring.*

    Ric Flair: Wooooooooo!

    *The crowd faithfully echos Flairs “Woooooooooo!”*

    Flair: For the last few weeks, you all have witnessed the tear that Arius has been on.

    *Crowd boo’s*

    Flair: Shut up, you do not boo when “God” is talking.

    *Crowd boo’s a little louder, Flair goes to take off his jacket, but Arius calms down the red faced Flair.*

    Flair: Bottom line is Arius is the best thing going today!, he has proven it time and time again and he is going to prove it again right here tonight.

    *crowd gives Arius and Flair some more heat.*

    Flair: And then once Arius has carved up another piece of meat, we are going to hit the town like only a 16 time World Champion, Limosine ridin’, Jet flyin’, Kiss Stealin’ Wheelin’ Dealin’, Son of a Gunn and the future of pro wrestling can, and when Ric Flair says it, it’s the freakin’ gospel, Wooooooooooooo!

    Now bring on the next clown that is going to fall against Arius.

    #Harley McCartney#

    Jason McManus: And his opponent, from San Antonio Texas, Harley McCartney.

    CP: Well here comes Harley McCartney, once a truly promising young talent here in EWNCW, last I heard he had been working a tour of Japan.

    Bod: Who cares where this kid has been wrestling, he couldn’t hack EWNCW, the pinnicle of Wrestling all over the world, and why? Because it has both Bodom and Ric Flair!.

    CP: McCartney, none the less will have improved from Wrestling in Japan and across Europe lets see if he can upset Arius, because I think this is the Prodigy’s toughest test to date.

    *Alice holds the ropes open for Flair to get out of the ring and this one gets underway.*

    Arius/Randy Orton w/ Ric Flair/Himself vs Harley McCartney/Val Venis

    Stop at 4:12

    CP: Harley McCartney has wrestled one hell of a match here, you can see the tips he has picked up and merged into his own game from Wrestling around the world, but he just took a big risk that did not pay off and Arius is going to have to capitalize.

    *Arius is first back to his feet, Arius grabs Harley in double underhooks and pulls him into the corner, he brutally suplexes McCartney back first into the turnbuckle, Arius motions that he is going up top. He climbs to the top waits for Harley to look upwards and then drops the double foot stomp*

    Bod: A brutal move, Harley’s ribs could be broken into pieces.

    *Flair is cheering on from the outside he motions to Arius that its time to wrap this up*

    Bod: You see Chris what’s the point in learning your craft all over the world when the best mentor is right here in EWNCW.

    *Arius pulls Harley out of the corner and then waits for Harley to get up then springs off the second rope with the spinning enziguri!*

    CP: That is “The Final Touch”.

    Bod: The leg is hooked.



    Winner: Arius

    Bod: Total domination yet again from Arius, “The Nature Boy” has done it again, he is probably the best talent scout of all time, YES Naitch! YES Naitch! YES Naitch!

    CP: Well my broadcast partner obviously happy about that result, Arius tear, here on Rage continues, and with the 16 time World Champion at his side its hard to see when its going to end.
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    Christopher Pentalion: Welcom beack to Monday night Rage everyone, and you join us just as Seth Ferrell’s coming out here, much to the displeasure of the crowd.

    Bodom: These people don’t know class when they see it!! This man is a former Ignition Champion here in EWNCW!! Give the man some respect!!

    CP: You mentioned the Ignition Championship there, and Ferrell’s been trying to get back on track to winning back that title, but he’s been side-tracked as of late by one of EWNCW’s latest acquisitions; the man the call Rain!

    Bod: Bah! That freak’s nothing! Who does he think he is and what the hell does he have against Ferrell?! Ferrell has bigger things on his agenda than hving to deal with some mere peasant like him!!

    Seth Ferrell: It's a disgrace that I must waste time on not only a newcomer, but a sad excuse for a newcomer in this Rain character. And at Rise from the Ashes I will do the best I can to beat some sense into that fool if that's even possible. Either way, when I leave the PPV with another win on my record and having dealt with this issue I will wash my hands of these stupid delays and get back to what I should be doing, fighting for EWNCW gold. And not just any gold either. Once Rise from the Ashes is done, that's exactly what I will do.

    *Shaz's music hits as the crowd boo the arena out*

    Shaz: Woah, woah, woah! Hold it right there. Look, I agree with you about the fact that this Rain dude is a newcomer, and he's just another jobber in the company. But hold it right there. That was so rich coming from you. Who are you to talk? You're the one who lost the battle royal to frickin Blue Flash! I've defeated that jobber plenty of times, and then you come out here and say that you're gonna fight for gold? What world was I born in? Look Ferrell, if you really think that you're gonna fight for any gold in EWNCW, then you must be living in the crazy world, and if you do choose to mess with me, then you'll regret it, cause not only will I kick Blue Flash's ass back to PussyVille, but I will kick your ass to PussyVille. I mean, its not my fault that Blue Flash doesn't appear backstage, after all, he is the so called "savior". But yet I don't see him saving any of these pathetic fans or wrestlers out there!

    *Crowd boo*

    Shaz: Not only am I gonna retain my belt at Rise of the Ashes, but I'm gonna kick Blue Flash's plastic ass. Just like I have before. So Ferrell, you better not have the smallest, tiniest thought about coming after my title, cause not only am I the best EWNCW Rage Ignition Champion. But I am also the Most Talented Man That Ever Existed! Look at you Ferrell, you are just the biggest waste of space in the Rage roster, I don't see why you are even out here tonight. I am the best wrestler in the damn world, so that gives me a right to be here. But you Ferrell, I'm highly disappointed. Cause jobbers aint allowed in the EWNCW, but I guess Nathan Staples and John Cleverly are douche-bags as well. Cause they always allow jobber in the EWNCW, besides me obviously.

    *Crowd boo heavier*

    Shaz: But Ferrell, if you do decide to make the mistake of coming after me, you will regret it. Cause not only will I kick your ass to death, but you will be wasting your time. The reason that is, is because I am better than you, thus I will beat you anywhere, anytime, and anyway. I will hold this belt for as long as I frickin can. Which will be hmm. I don't know to be honest, but what I do know. Is that this belt is under the hands for a real man. This belt is under the best guy in the company. But I'm not satisfied. Why? Cause at this moment, I should be gunning for that world title. That world title that K-Jammin is holding. That other world title that Krystian Krysis is holding. Them wankers will regret holding that title, cause once I finish with all these midcarders, I will move on to the top. Where I frickin belong! Cause I am the Most Talented Man That Ever Existed! And there is nothing! And I mean NOTHING! That can take that away from me!

    *Crowd boo the hell out of Shaz*

    *Thunder crackles as the music of Rain plays. The man appears on the entrance ramp, he is strapped down with the bag on his head. Doctors and security release him. Rain grins after the bag is taken off. Rain raises is hands as Thunder crackles again and rain pours on the entrance ramps*

    CP: Damn, this guy is weird. He really does have some aura about him.

    Bod: Oh come on! You’re not seriously put off by this guys and his antics are you?!.... Oh... wait a minute, watch out.....

    *Bodom gets up and backs up to the security barricade as Rain walks by the commentary table and stops to stare at Bodom momenteraly before continuing up the steps to the ring.*

    CP: You were saying Bodom?

    Rain: Seth.. You.. are a moron.. As are you... Shaz... You base your supposed victory over me on the fact that I am new? *Rain shakes his head* You should not do that... You see.. you no nothing about the destructive fore that is Rain... I am going to rip you apart.. I will leave you in a puddle of your own blood and with you gasping for air, your last words will be a plea... a plea for me to end your miserable existence...

    *The crowd cheers as Rain grins a evil grin as he walks don the ramp*

    Rain: And will grant you your end... Do not take me... lightly. I will be your worst nightmare.. for weeks to come... you will live in fear... knowing that when you are forced to face me.... at Rise From The Ashes... You will face your end...

    *Ferrell and Shaz look at each other before turning to Rain. They then start inching their way towards him, backing him towards a corner as they look to jump him, but then.......*

    *As the music plays out, Shaz and Ferrell stop and turn towards the ramp awaiting the arrival of EWNCW’s resident superhero. But instead, we see Flash rapeling down from the rafters, unhooking himself, and as Ferrell and shaz turn, they instantly dro to the mat and roll out of the ring.*

    CP: The Blue Flash!! Always in the right place at the right time!!

    Bod: It’s just a guy in a mask!! Why the hell are Shaz and Ferrell not getting him here!! Why are they bailing the ring!!

    *Shaz and Ferrell start their way up the ramp as Flash grabs a mic*

    Flash: Citizenz of Davenport, Iowa!!

    *the crowd pop big*

    Flash: At Rise from the Ashes, you will all witness myself becoming the new Rage Ignition Champion!! But tonight, If you would like to see The Blue Flash and Rain beating the justice into these two clowns, let me hear you shout for it!!

    *the crowd pop as they want to see the match happen right now!*

    Flash: That is unless of course you two are scared of us...

    *Shaz and Ferrell look irate as they seem to have changed their minds about leaving.*

    CP: Well it looks like we have ourselves a tag team match here!!

    Bod: Coming up right after the break playa! Holla!
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    CP: Welcome back ladies and gentleman and before the break we saw an altercation that has lead to an impromptu Tag Team Match.

    *We come back from the break to see Rain and Flash in one corner, and in the opposite corner Farrell and Shaz, who are locked in conversation, talking strategy.*

    Jason McManus: The following contest is a Tag Team Match scheduled for one fall, introducing first the team of The Rage Ignition Champion Shaz and “The Great Pharaoh” Seth Farrell!!!

    *The Heels get some major heat*

    Bod: These people are just jealous of our Champion and our Pharaoh.

    CP: I think its that they plain don’t like our Champion or our Pharaoh.

    Jason McManus: And their opponent, the team of the No.1 Contender to the Rage Ignition Championship The Blue Flash and Rain!!!

    *crowd pops*

    CP: A much better reaction for these two, we saw Rain debut back at “Pain for Treasure” answering the challenge of Seth Farrell, Farrell got more than he was bargaining for that is for sure.

    Bod: I’ll admit, physically Rain could dominate Farrell, but Farrell has dealt with that his whole career, with giant behemoths but what makes him such a great competitor, is his mind and his intelligence.

    CP: I’ll agree that the Pharaoh is sneaky as hell but lets see if he can bring about victory tonight, with the partner of Shaz.

    Shaz/Chris Jericho & Seth Farrell/Christian vs The Blue Flash/Hurricane & Rain/Rosey

    Stop at 7:13

    CP: Rain is sent hard into the ring post.

    *Farrell pulls Rain out and goes for the Regal Cutter and nails it, in comes Shaz who goes up top and goes for the moonsault but The Blue Flash runs along the apron and pushes Shaz off the top, sending him down face first onto the announce table *

    CP: The action getting a little too close for comfort here, Shaz has been strewn across our announce table.

    *Flash quickly goes up top and hits a high cross body on Farrell, but Farrell manages to roll all the way through into a pining predicament*




    *The pin is inturupted by Rain who hits a huge kick to the head of Farrell*

    Bod: A sick kick from the man they call Rain.

    *With Farrell realing, Rain hits the ropes and then connects with a running bulldog, cover.*




    *This time its Shaz who breaks up the cover, Flash immediately goes over to Shaz and the two start brawling, Flash connects with a right hand then a left Flash goes for a third but Shaz ducks then hits a clothesline over the top rope, The Blue Flaash lands on the apron and springs in over the top with an AJ Styles like forearm smash on Shaz, Flash picks Shaz up into a Belly to Back suplex lift and flips into the high knee! *

    CP: The Blue Moon Knee, this is over, cover him Flash,

    *but before Flash can cover, Shaz who is close enough to the ropes, has enough energy just to roll to the outside saving himself*

    Bod: Smart move from the Ignition Champion.

    *behind Flash, Rain is using the ropes to pull himself up when Farrell comes along and hits a kick to the midsection into the sunset flip pin*




    *Flash saw what was happening and connected with a superkick to the head of Farrell allowing Rain to reverse the pin*




    Winners: The Blue Flash & Rain.

    CP: A fantastic win here tonight for the pairing of Rain and The Blue Flash, but you’ve got to believe Flash is disappointed that he didn’t get the win over Shaz.

    Bod: Well I am disappointed that they got the win at all, and I know that Farrell and Shaz will be disgusted that they’ve lost this match

    *Shaz is on the outside of the ring and he is talking trash to The Blue Flash inside the ring, when from behind Hanz Gruber jumps Flash.*

    CP: Not this again, that damned Gruber!

    Bod: My unprofessional college here, referring to last week on Rage when Shaz and Gruber took it to Flash post match.

    *Gruber puts the boots into Flash, Shaz wastes little time in getting in the ring to join in the beat down, meanwhile Rain is back up and its going to break up this beatdown when Farrell hits a low blow, Farrell then starts to beat down on Rain.*

    CP: Screw being professional, these men ceased to be professional when they come out here and show such little regards to Flash.

    Bod: Again they lost, they’re bound to be frustrated, if they don’t take it out on the wrestlers, they might start looking at you Pentallion.

    *Ferrell lays out Rain with a huge DDT, then goes up top and hits a moonsault, Meanwhile Gruber hits a Scorpion Death Drop on Flash, The three heels stand tall to end the beat down*
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    CP: Back from the commercial break, without further a do its time for Ryan Wells one on One with Gretzky. The title is on the line!! Here we go!!

    Ryan Wells/Triple H vs Istvan Gretsky/Vladamir Kozlov

    Stop at 9:30

    CP: The big bare hug applied by Gretsky, and it locked in tight, sapping,draining the air that Wells needs to function;.

    Bod: It’s a terrible move to be in, after a brutal match to have to fight back to your feet with no oxygen is going to take a momentus effort.

    *Wells slowly starts to pull himself to his feet every move Wells make, Gretsky seems to wrench the move in tighter, but Wells is almost up, Wells summons all of his enegy and he breaks the bear hug, follows up quickly with a kick to the mid section and a Freak buster!*

    CP: A huge Freak buster Wells could have him right here.

    *Wells has to crawl into the cover but he’s barely moving as Gretzky lies motionless int he ring!
    Wells is inching his way closer, but.....*

    #Ding Ding Ding#

    CP: What is going on!?, We heard the ring bell, this crowd has been shocked into silence.

    Bod: What is happening here?

    JMcM: Ladies and Gentleman, this match has been declared a No Contest, due exceeding the time limit!
    Therefor, still the Evolution Champion; Ryan ‘The Freak’ Wells!!

    *crowd give a mixed reaction, since Wells is still the champion, but disappointed that the match ended so abruptly*

    CP: Well in all the excitement I forgot about the ten minuet time limit!

    Bod: That’s a damn shame, the crowd is obviously disappointed with that. Gretzky had this one in the bag!

    CP: What?! Bodom, Wells had just hit Gretzky with the Freak Buster!! He had him there on a plate to win the match!!

    *Neither Wells nor Gretzky can make it to their feet they instead they slouch in the corners, gasping for air and grabbing at their injured limbs, the crowd start shouting “This is bullshit” as we fade to commercial*
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    Christopher Pentalion: Welcome back folks! If you missed it, just before the break we saw Ryan Wells and Istvan Gretzky fighting to a no contest, therefore no official winner, but Wells retaining his title.

    Bodom: You have to assume that Cleverly will address that next week, because I cant’ imagine that either guy is happy with ending their dispute with a no contest like that.

    Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for one fall!! On his way tot he ring, from Chicago, Illinois, ‘The Amazing One’, Andy Amazing!!

    CP: So we’ve got coming up here a match that, well, we’ve been trying to have for the past 2 weeks. Daymian Bloodston and Andy Amazing’s matches have been cut short by some very strange happenings to say the least, and we’re none the wiser as to who or what is behind these strange messages.

    Bod: From hanging mannequins to blood raining from the rafters. I can’t make head or tail of it Chris, but this is 3rd time lucky here tonight for Amazing and Bloodstone. I can only hope that we’ll get to see this great match reaching a conclusion here.

    JMcM: And from Boulder, Nevada. ‘The Pint Sized Rocker’, Daymian Bloodstone!!

    CP: Bloodston in particular has been expressing his frustrations at his matches with Amazing not reaching a conclusion in recent weeks, here’s what he wrote on his official facebook page earlier in the week, AND I QUOTE:

    Ok this is bullshit! For two weeks some fucktard has decided to get involved in my matches with Andy. I have no idea what your issues with us are but how about you grow a pair and meet me in the ring instead of playing your stupid ass wannabe undertaker mind games on me. One way or another I'm going to find you and paint the ring red with YOUR blood you twisted freak!
    Bod: Well it’s not often I sympathize with these guys, but having a match your match interrupted by a redurring problem on 2 occassions is cery frustrating, so I can sympathize with him in that sense. Let’s hope that tonight’s 3rd time lucky.

    CP: Indeed, let’s get to the action!

    (Xion = Bloodstone vs Azrieal = Andy Amazing)

    (stop at 10:00)

    CP: Brainbuster from Amazing!!! That surely has to be it!! Bloodstone’s taken a beating here and Amazing’s got him for sure!!

    *Andy rolls into the cover.....



    *Lights out!!!!!!!*

    Bod: Are you freaking kidding me?!?! Again?!?!

    *the entire arena is blacked out again just as it was the previous 2 weeks, and again, we see the titantron come to life, as the following message is seen....*

    "Man only likes to count his troubles, but he does not count his joys. So said Dostoevsky, and how right he was. I have watched from the darkness, intently acknowledging each and every one of you as you wander through your inconsequential lives, worrying about each day as if it was your last. That inspires me, it causes some faith in humanity to be restored. But what if if I was to tell you, it is all for naught, your lives are coming to a shattering halt and you have wasted them, feebly crying about that which can not be altered. Fearing the darkness of others, and of life itself, not enjoying what brief glimpses of happiness are thrown your way, merely casting them aside in favour of anguish. I say no more, your time for pleasant nourishment has subsided, all that remains, is the dimming of the candles of your souls, and in one swift unadulterated motion, I will do just that. So simply sit where you are, don't run, don't hide for the darkness sees you when you can see nothing sees you now, cowering holding your loved ones close, but now it is time to remove myself from the shackles of shadows, and illuminate the world with despair. The darkness is now here, no longer dwelling away from mortals, it is here for you...and it will take you...the eternal darkness"
    *The lights come up, and a hooded figure is seen in the ring standing behind Amazing and Bloodstone, who is still on his knees as he struggles to get up, who were looking at the tron.

    Amazing turns around, only to be hit by a thunderous spear from the mysterious firure!!*

    CP: What the hell?! Who is that?!?!

    *the man then goes to pick up Bloodstone and delivers a tombstone piledriver, leaving both men laid out int he ring.*

    Bod: What the hell is this man’s problem?!?! Who the hell is he?! Some fan?! Where’s security?!?!

    *After the attack in the ring, the man removes his hood (he is wearing a long black and red robe) and speaks.*

    The Prophecy: The eternity of darkness has arrived....The Prophecy has arisen.

    CP: The Prophecy?! In EWNCW?!

    Bod: Awwwww hell no!!! I’ve heard some bad things about this man. I don’t like what’s happening here, no good will come from having this man in EWNCW!!!

    CP: But what does he want?! Why has he been attacking Bloodstone and Amazing?! What is he prophecising about?!?!

    *The Prophecy stands tall in the ring as the crowd are in shock and awe.*
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    Christopher Pentalion: Welcome back to Monday night Rage where we’ve jsut witnessed another new talent revealing himself here in EWNCW. The Prophecy, revealing himself as the mystery attacker that’s been attacking Amazing and Bloodstone as of late.

    Bodom: I’m telling you, bad things are coming from that Chris. When I saw that it was him, it sent a spine tingling chill down my back. Eerie stuff.

    CP: Well back to the present here, and we’ve got ‘The Archangel’Kayden James making his way out. We saw James making his in-ring debut on Warzone last week in a fantastic match against William Carlin.

    Bod: Indeed. We saw from that match that James is in top shape. He means business, and he might talk a load of rubbish in some people’s eyes, but to others, he’s speaking with words that are music to their ears. Me, all I hear coming form his mouth is some mumbo jumbo, but he proved against a seasoned competitor int he form of Carlin that he can back it up in the ring.

    CP: He can indeed, now let’s see what words he has to preach this week.

    *The lights go out in the arena, and when they come on the 'Archangel' Kayden James is shown at the top of the ramp with his back to the crowd and his arms outstretched like a cross. As he drops his arms, pyro explodes all around the ramp. He turns around, smiles, and makes his way to the ring*

    Kayden: John 6:38-39 says "For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me. And this is the Father's will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day."

    When I came to EWNCW, I didn't come to just preach. I didn't come to referee matches. I didn't come to talk and make friends. I came here to fight, to do my God's will as he has laid it out for me. I proved just that when I refereed that match between the Hypocrite and the Pushover.

    You see Romulus, I caught you in just another lie last week. Just one of many apparantly because everything you seem to spew from your corrosive lips is nothing but lies from the Devil's Hell. You said I came here to "exterminate the masses" when that couldn't be farther from the truth. I came not to exterminate masses as you claim but merely filthy hypocritical vermon like you and Seraphim. People who come to deceive and lie.

    I called you out last week on your big words because you attempt to use your silvery tongue to woo people over and what did you do? You went on a 5 minute diatribe using every big word you could think of All you did is confirm to everyone exactly what I had said to be truth. Your talk of your make believe "caste system" proves you have nothing but intentions for yourself. You really are all talk you pathetic, ignorant fool. I guess I'll have to cut your tongue out to finally shut you up.

    The time for talking is over. The only reason I've said this much is when you're lied about you have to defend yourself. It's time to fight. Time to fight for what I believe in. Time to fight for what's right, what's holy. Romulus, Seraphim it's time for me to put an end to both of you for such is the will of my God. Will you fight or will you prove to me and everyone else that you in fact are all talk?

    1 Peter 2:15 says "For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish" and the sooner I silence you, the better off we all are. The Archangel has spoken.

    *While Ronaldo’s instrumental music plays again, the titantron turns on and Ronaldo Romulus appears on screen. Once again, his visage is veiled under his ominous white cowl, except for the lower half of his face. The sound of his voice beckons the attention of not only his adversary, Kayden James, but of the Rage audience members as well.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “ First, you employ Biblical verses to validate your celestial personage, then you attempt to abase my efforts at admonishing you by claiming I am a liar? How sophomoric.

    My assertions coinciding labeling you as “Antichrist” were not apocryphal as you say they were. I speak nothing but the truth. Obviously, you try to coax allegiance to your cause with Bible verses to disguise your heinous ulterior motives? Might I remind you that Satan himself, the adversary and ruler of the Earth, was familiar with the Scriptures? In the apex of the Messiah’s fasting in the wilderness, in an attempt to undermine his mission, Satan used Scriptures to trick Jesus in tempting his Father. He, of course, failed.

    Because of your demonic upcoming, you know try to utilize the very same tool of salvation for your own selfish creed; something only the “Antichrist” would do. But I never would have assumed ignorance and a lack of figurative perception to be your Achilles heel.

    I was not wrong when I said you aim to “exterminate the masses”. However, I was referring to a spiritual extermination for any of these uncultivated serfs, who side with you, shall surely be shunned from the Kingdom of God. I act, not as a sole savior, but as a member of an allegiance, a race, The Chosen Race, who seek to restore the caste system and make the Earth a righteous domain once more!

    If you truly seek to do battle, instead of striking from afar like a serpent, then at “Rises From The Ashes”, we will have a match and you will be castigated for your treason against the Lord both my my undying conviction and of The Wrath of Remus.”

    Bod: We really need to get some translating equiptment out here. I didin’t get any of that.

    *Before James can answer Ronaldo, a massive spotlight shines atop of the titantron, and a silouhette can be made out standing in front of it. It is unclear who it is, but once he speaks, it’s evident that it’s Seraphim*

    Sera: Correction Ronaldo.
    You say that you speak the truth? What truth is this? The truth that you were chosen to wash the souls of the unworthy? And who are you to judge who is worthy or not?

    You are here because you speak on behalf of those who think you to be superior to all else, to suppress all who you deem unworthy of walking the same soil as you.
    I am the Seraphim that was sent down to this earth by the Lord himself to clense this world of the supressors such as yourself. To keep the balance.

    And what you fail to see is that God created all man equall. And that is why I propose, gentlemen, that we all face off at Rise fromt he Ashes. All 3 of us in one ring. Then , and only then will we find out who is truly the servant of God, and who God truly favors.

    CP: All three of these guys in one ring?! At Rise form the Ashes?! Is this wise?!

    Bod: Shall we have a holy communion before the match to? This commentary table will make a good altar with a nice piece of white cloth over it. Hey Chris, I’ve always figured you as a priest, it could be your time to shine!

    CP: Don’t be ridiculous! At Rise form the Ashes, we’re going to see Kayden James vs Ronaldo Romulus, vs Seraphim!! That’s a huge match right there added to our ppv card!!
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    CP: Ladies and Gentleman its time for the Main Event match of the evening and conspicuous by his absence, is my broadcast partner Bodom. Seemingly disgusted by all the religious themes going on in the last segment, he marched out during the commercial break in protest, and hasn’t returned yet, so I guess its just me.


    Jason McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is your MAIN EVENT of the evening, introducing first, from London England, The reigning EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, K-Jammin!!!!

    CP: Here comes the man who shocked the Wrestling world two weeks ago when he became the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, a man that prior to that and since has shown no remorse for disrupting Rage programming, think of the names he has taken out, Markus Beerstein, SilverCena, he’s been beating up rookies and yet for some reason, John Cleverly just hands him a title shot.


    Jason McManus: And his Tag Team Partner, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, This is JMAN!!!!!!!

    CP: and his Tag Team Partner the man who is known the world over for being Hardcore, the man who grew up watching ECW, and is now here in the premier Wrestling promotion in the World EWNCW, it was last week that K-Jammin introduced him as the mystery opponent for TBOZ, K-Jammin and Jman no strangers to each other so expect them to work well as a team.


    Jason McManus: And Their opponents, introducing first, from Nottingham England, The No.1 Contender to the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, This is TBOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CP: And where the hell has Bodom got to?, none the less here comes TBOZ officially now the No.1 Contender for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship at Rise from the Ashes 2012.

    *as TBOZ’s music ends, he points to the entrance way, and awaits his tag team partner.....*


    Jason McManus: And his Tag Team Partner from Federick Maryland, This is BODOM!!!!!

    CP: Ok now this makes sense, its going to be Bodom, who teams with TBOZ here tonight, I guess this is a bit of Godmoney reunion, why didn’t he tell me?, oh well, we are set for a tremendous Tag Team Main Event, K-Jammin & Jman taking on TBOZ & Bodom.

    TheBeardOfZeus/Shawn Michaels & Bodom/John Cena vs K-Jammin/Randy Orton & Jman/EDGE
    Ignore Titles.

    (Stop at 5:08 of the second video.)

    *K-Jammin stalks TBOZ as he gets back to his feet, he is looking for the headjam superkick*

    CP: K-Jammin is waitin’ for it, the headjam it would surely end this match.

    *As TBOZ gets back to his feet, K-Jammin fires the foot into the air, but TBOZ manages to duck, as K-Jam, spins around TBOZ hits a big samoan drop, he goes for the cover*



    CP: No, Almost but K-Jam kicked out.

    *TBOZ gets back to his feet but is close enough to the ropes for Jman, who is back on the apron to grab TBOZ and stretch him over the top rope and pound him with forearm shots, much like Sheamus might, Bodom is quickly in he hits a dropkick to Jman, to save TBOZ and send Jman back down the floor, Bodom goes up to the top rope and hits a crossbody onto Jman on the outside.

    CP: High flying Bodom!, he never used to be able to that back in the day.

    *TBOZ turns around and K-Jammin goes for head jam yet again, but TBOZ ducks goes for an atomic drop but K-Jammin manages to avoid the knee making contact with the “family silver” Jammin sweeps out TBOZ’s legs and locks in the sharpshooter.*

    CP: TBOZ is in trouble, centre of the ring, nowhere to go.

    *TBOZ considers tapping for a split second before, wrenching up all of his guts and trying to pull his way to the ropes*

    CP: And TBOZ is scratching, clawing to the reach the ropes.

    *TBOZ gets within touching distance of the ropes only for K-Jammin to pull him back, back to the centre of the ring and sit down ever tighter on the sharpshooter.*

    CP: TBOZ is crying with pain but he still won’t give up.

    *TBOZ uses his leg strength to break the hold, K-Jammin sort of forwards rolls onto his back, TBOZ is in the full guard all of a sudden he can work a submission and he locks in the “God’s Complex”, the Guillotine choke and turns K-Jammin over, The crowd irrupt in appreciation of a brilliant counter.*

    CP: Now how on earth did he do that, amazing, amazing move from the former World Heavyweight Champion applied to the currant World Heavyweight Champion.

    *K-Jammin struggles like hell to break the hold he just can’t quite reach the ropes but out of the corner of his eye, K-Jammin notices that Jman is back on the apron and his hand outstretched, K-Jammin goes to the make the tag but just as he is about to get release, Jman moves his hand and drops from the apron*

    CP: What?. What is Jman doing?

    *There is a look of shock on K-Jammins face before he realizes that he is about to be choked out, so he taps!!!*

    Winners: TheBeardOfZeus & Bodom

    CP: He tapped, TBOZ just submitted the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, and gets the win alongside my broadcast partner Bodom!!!...but can you believe the actions of Jman, not being there for the tag, when K-Jammin needed it most...

    *Jman walks away up the ramp, stopping to take one last look at K-Jammin before heading to the back, TBOZ and Bodom celebrate at ringside, TBOZ motions to Bodom to head backstage for a celebration but Bodom, has to retrieve something from commentary first, TBOZ heads on up the ramp and to the back as Bodom has collected his jacket…*

    CP: Watch out Bod…

    *K-Jammin hit Bodom with the Head Jam!!!, K-Jam proceeds to pick up Bodom and roll him back into the ring, K-Jammin then receives a chair and starts to assaut Bodom, with a brutal chair shot to the back and then to the torso and the legs*

    CP: C’mon Bod fight back, fight back bod!!!

    *K-Jammin wills Bodom to get back to his feet and as Bodom does, Jammin hits a sickening unprotected chair shot*

    CP: Oh my god!

    *K-Jammin places the chair on top of the head of the prone Bodom, and goes up the second rope*

    CP: Don’t do this, Don’t do this.

    *just as K-Jam is about to jump TBOZ races back down the ramp, K-Jam jumps down from the top rope and high tails it over the guard rail and through the crowd. TBOZ attends to Bodom, Christopher Pentallion leaves the announce table and comes in to check on Bodom, they call out EMT’s from the back who rush down with a stretcher and a spinal board, Bodom still hasn’t moved as the show, silently, fades to black.*
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    CP: Well here comes the brute that is Istvan Gretzky, I wonder what’s on his mind tonight, remember it was one week ago that he had that tense confrontation with Ryan Wells laying down the Evolution Title between the two.

    Bod: Well Gretzky is from Poland, which was once described as a “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”

    CP: Well that was said about Russia,

    Bod: No, I said it about Poland, I was quoting myself, Chris!.

    CP: well, none the less, The catch as catch can grappler for Warsaw, doesn’t look in the best of moods tonight, lets see what he wants?

    Istvan Gretzky: Jak Siemiecz, presently I am in ring to speak of things to make brow wrinkle and gut become flatulent, kurwa! Thing to make Istvan wish to pretend not to know rulebook like back of enourmous hand kurwa and go and take mighty anger out on any ECWN children and crush enemy and destroy whiny-boy no-good champion.

    But Istvan learn proper manners in Mother Poland and did get many beating from grandmama when step out of line kurwa so roster can stop shaking in boot and pissing pants kurwa. Istvan settle this with word.

    Last week, Istvan try to issue challenge to Rodney Ryan like real man, in middle of ring. But instead, Rodney Ryans come AND INTERRUPT ISTVAN BEFORE HE HAVE CHANCE TO FINISH SENTENCE. ...Then he say many silly thing like always which Istvan not pay attention but Istvan know this:

    Istvan get no answer.


    CP: And here comes the EWNCW Evolution Champion, finally capturing that title from Ronaldo Romulus at EWNCW Pain for Treasure, in what was certainly the moment of the night, but couldn’t take time to celebrate because Istvan has been straight in his face.

    Bod: Well I think we all know that Wells is scared of facing Gretzky.

    CP: I couldn’t disagree more, I think it was clever for Wells to make Gretzky wait for an answer, he managed to cool of the situation slightly.

    *Wells music hits, with the crowd on their feet, cheering at the top of their lungs for their Evolution Champion and interrupting the Polish Rambler*

    *Wells now stands at the top of the ramp, with a mic in hand, in his ring gear, anticipating a fight, with his Evolution Title around his waist*

    Wells: Wow! This is just...woah! I know where I want to come back soon! But tonight, unfortunately guys, if you couldn't tell by now, I have a bit of a Russian Rodent on my hands!

    *Crowd laughs*

    Wells: You see, this championship, this title of mine, *unhooks title off waist and raises it high with one hand*, is MINE. I worked damn hard for this, for us, all of us. I promised I'd be the best champion I can be, and I have been so far. Unlike most of the other champions here, Sweet Jones, King Strem, Krysys, Shaz, just to name a few *Crowd boos at all of their names being said*, I have fought for you through thick and thin, through the bad and good times, and you guys stuck by me all the way, and I will always do that for all of you, every single one of you, the EWNCW faithful.

    *Crowd stands up and gives a nice, standing ovation*

    Wells: Thank you, I appreciate it. But the matter at hand here, is that Istvan Gretzky, or however the hell you say it or spell it, but no matter, the EWNCW won't have to worry about spelling it right on any belts, seeing as you won't win any. Especially not the Evolution Title. Let's look at the word Evolution, it's root is evolve. To evolve, is to progress in a forward manner, growing, or achieving. And one of the main problems why you'll never be a champion, let alone a winner here, is because you've done just the opposite of evolve, you've digressed.

    Wells: You have taken many steps backwards. When I first saw you come here, around the same time as me, I thought of you as a threat, someone who can do a lot of damage. But I faced you, and I beat you, and I could tell, no matter how much you tried, no matter how hard you worked, I'd still be better then you in the end, because I have worked harder, I've sacrificed more, and I've endured a lot more then you can ever imagine. But, despite all of that, here we both are, you, fresh off another PPV loss, while I, am coming off a title win, the first of many. But, I also, unlike you, keep my promises. I promised the fans I'd win the title at Pain For Treasure, and I kept it. You, promise to win and bring pain and bring glory to the Motherland or whatnot. But guess what? You didn't, you lost to Andy Amazing.

    *Wells is seen scratching his head*

    Wells: So even though...I'm a fighting champion, why of all people, do you deserve this shot? Why not...give Bloodstone a match for the title, a proven champion, or Mark Dimension, one of the hardest workers around? Or, maybe give the person you fought and lost to, Andy Amazing, a match? Also, to think about, why haven't they asked for a match, knowing very well that I'd give them one? Because they aren't greedy, like you are. Andy and Daymian, have a mutual respect for one another and can't seem to have a real match for some reason...and Mark is in a grudge with King Strem. So I guess I'm stuck with the bottom of the barrel, you. That's what you are, the bottom of the totem pole, the lowest on the food chain, the rock bottom tier of talent.

    Wells: You're nothing more, then a card filler. You took very well the advantage of me being a humble and fair champion. But, you made a very big mistake, in making an enemy of me. Of attacking me, laying your hands on my Evolution Title. You made not just an opponent out of me, but an enemy out of me. And ask Ronaldo, you don't end up in a great place or on the right side of a decision in a match with me as an enemy. I could tear you limb from limb and send you back UPS to Poland, but I'm not that vicious, especially in front of our great, younger and passionate fans. But I can and will promise you, I'll give you a world of pain, and another loss in your record.

    *Crowd explodes, cheering "Wells, Wells, Wells*

    Wells: But see, you also made a challenge to me last week. But see, I'm smarter then you and can one-up you. So how about come up here and take this title from me. Now I stress on the implied TRY, because you'll fail. But I can give you a beatdown before our match, so bring it! *Rips shirt in half and tears it off, muscles can be seen getting tense* Bring it! I'm right here!

    *Crowd explodes and excited, at Wells' passion and the potential showdown between the two*

    *A familiar face is heard from the back, it becomes clear who it is as they walk onto the stage*

    John Cleverly: Hey, ok you two calm down just a second, we’ve already had one inpromtu match here tonight, and with that huge Tag Team Main Event coming up, I can’t afford to have any more delays in the schedule.

    *crowd boo’s, Cleverly stops and contemplates, he exchanges words with the Rage producer, who is on headphones talking to the back*

    JC: Ok, so do you people want to see Ryan Wells and Istvan Gretzky fight right here, right now!?

    *crowd cheers like hell*

    JC: Alright then your on!! Istvan Gretzky vs Ryan Wells for the Evolution title right here, right now!!

    *the crowd pop big*

    JC: However, due to time constraints, I’m going to have to put a 10 minute time limit on the match. So we have to find a winner within that time, otherwise, it’s a no contest!!

    CP: Woah that is huge! Its Gretzky vs Wells it’s up next and they’ve got ten minuets!
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