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    *We cut backstage to see 'Cowboy' Bill Buxley standing by*

    'Cowboy' Bill Buxley: I'm here backstage with Daymian Bloodstone here. Daymian, what in the hell do you make of what happened during and after your match with Andy Amazing tonight?

    Bloodstone: What Happened? How the hell should I know? One minute I'm outside the ring struggling to make the ten count then next thing I know some kinda Undertaker S**t happens lights go off, come back on and I am in the ring. Than if it's not weird enough some crazy ass message plays and I get covered in more blood than Twisted and Slither combined!

    BB: Who or what do you think could be behind this?

    Bloodstone: I don't know maybe a poetic vampire? All I know is someone was trying to send a message and well I got the memo.

    BB: What about Andy? Is he ok?

    Bloodstone: I have no idea how he is. I was on my way to check on him when you popped up. Now get out of my way. Oh, and if you hear ANYTHING about who was behind this, you better tell me. Got it?

    BB: Sure thing Daymian. Thanks for your time.

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    Christopher Pentalion: We’re back here live on Rage folks, and we've had an incredible night here thus far in Buffalo!! We've witnessed the EWNCW debut of Kayden James right here tonight!! A huge talent coming in right there!!

    Bodom: Don't forget that we've also witnessed the return of the great Ric Flair here!! Can't forget that moment!!

    CP: I don't think you'll ever let anyone forget that! But this night isn't over yet, as we have a huge main event coming up next!!

    Bodom: The World Heavyweight Championship on the line, can TBOZ defendit against the dangerous K-Jammin?!

    Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship!!

    Well here is the man that has according to John Cleverly earned a shot at the title after he beat Silver Cena at Pain for Treasure, and he’s been granted his title shot right here tonight!!

    I don’t think it’s fair, but Cleverly’s the GM. This man has been on a roll since he came here, no doubt about it, but getting a title shot on Rage like this? I think it’s a bit too much to give him.

    CP: And now here comes the champion!! The Beard of Zeus!!

    Bod: Zeus has his hands full right here, but he’s been in trickier situations. He’s the master manipulator, and he knows how to win. He’s one of the most decorated stars in this business.

    CP: Master manipulator or not, maybe it’s him that’s being manipulated here tonight!

    JMcM: Introducing the challenger, from Manchester, England, K-Jammin!!

    *the crowd boo heavily*

    JMcM: And from Nottingham, England, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Machiavellian’, The Beard of Zeus!!!!

    *The crowd give a mixed reaction to Zeus as he hoists his title up high, before kissing it and handing it to the referee.*

    CP: Whatever you think, you know that this will be a good match!! Let’s see what happens!!

    (start at 4:30)

    (stop at 13:00)

    *TBOZ manages to create some separation between himself and K-Jam, but K-Jam comes right back at him, but he’s caught as TBOZ hits him with a samoan drop!! And both men are down!!*

    CP: What a amtch here so far!! Both men going toe to toe, but neither is giving an inch!!

    Bod: I can’t believe that there are actually some cheereing for TBOZ here!! Damn hypocrites!!

    *Both men use each other to get up in the middle of the ring, leaning on each other, supporting each other. They then start exchanging blows as we wait nd see who can out-strike the other!*

    Bod: Well I don’t know how good of a striker K-Jam is, but he should know better than to get into a slug-fest with TBOZ!!

    *Bodom’s words are true, as TBOZ does get the upper hand, strking at the head of K-Jam, before lifting him and driving him into the corner. He then starts raining punging combinations all over the head and body of K-Jam*

    CP: Damn! K-Jam’s going to be puch drunk by the end of this round!!

    Bod: Round?! This isn’t MMA you idiot!!

    *K-Jam looks weary as TBOZ then lifts him onto the turnbuckle, follows him up, and hits him a few more times for good measure.*

    CP: I don’t like the look of this!! Both men teetering at the top here!!

    *TBOZ then hooks K-Jam’s head as if going for a superplex, both men step onto the top rope, and TBOZ hooks the leg and hits a fisherman suples off the topalso holding onto the leg in a pinning attempt!!*




    CP: NO!!!! TBOZ didn’t get it!!! K-Jammin is still in this!!!

    Bod: I’ve never seen TBOZ hit the Divine Intervention from the top before!!! How the hell did this son of a bitch kick out of that?!?!?!

    *TBOZ can’t believe it, as he crawls to the ropes to hoist himself up. K-Jam is also stirring and trying to get to his feet!!
    TBOZ is finally up, and he goes to get K-Jammin again, but K-Jam explodes towards TBOZ and hits the superkick!!*

    CP: THE HEAD JAM!! The Head Jam superkick!!! This one’s over!!!





    *TBOZ kicks out as K-Jam’s mouth is weid open and his eyes as wide as if he’d seen an explicit picture of Layla!!*

    Bod: That’s mah boy right there!! He’s still in this!!!! TBOZ is still in this!!!

    CP: the World Heavyweight Champion must have seen his title slipping away there, but ‘The Machiavellian’ has somehow kicked out there!!!

    *K-Jammin crawls over to TBOZ to try and pin him again, but he’s caughe as TBOZ takes K-Jam’s head, applies a body scissors and locks in the Guillotine choke!!*

    CP: Oh no, The God’s Complex!! The submission manouver that’s beaten every superstar that TBOZ has locked it in on thus far!!

    Bod: Nobody’s managed to beat this submission right here, and for the first time in this match, K-Jammins is locked in it!!

    *K-Jam can be seen struggling as he tries to wrestle himself out of the move, but the larger tBOZ isn’t budging as he applies more preassure!!*

    CP: He’s fading !! He’s going here!! He’s not far from the ropes, but he’s not getting any closer here either!!

    *K-Jam eventually tries to roll both himself and TBOZ towards the ropes. He manages to roll once, but he’s still a foot or so short, and his arms seem to be flailing less, as if the life was being sucked out of him!!*

    Bod: He’s going.... he’s going.... he’s gone!! There reff!!1 Ring the bell!! He’s out!! Look!!!

    CP: Not yet Bodom, he’s not quite there, but there’s no getting out of this for sure.

    *The referee goes to check on K-Jam, as he lifts his hand once.........

    It drops. Once more?..........

    It drops again. A third and final time?..........*

    Bod: This has to be it!!! He’s gone!!!

    *K-Jam keeps the hand hovering above the mat as it nearly drops!!*

    CP: How is he still in there?!?!

    *K-Jam manages to roll once again with one last push, and gets to the ropes, forcing TBOZ to release the hold!!*

    Bod: Well you have to hand it to the guy, but he’s resilient!! But I’m sure he was out there!! How the hell did he hang on?!?!

    CP: I don’t know Bodom, I don’t know anything any more!!

    *TBOZ is first up as he argues with the referee, adamant that K-Jam tapped!
    Meanwhile, K-Jam has lifted himself up in the corner.
    TBOZ charges at him, looking for a corner clothesline, but K-Jam moves, adn TBOZ goes into the corner sternum first!!
    He backs out slowly, clutching his chest, and turns around, walking right into a SUPERKICK out of nowhere!!!*


    *K-Jammin goes into the cover again!!!!





    Jason McMnus: here is your winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion, K-Jammin!!!!

    Bod: What? No! It can’t be!!

    CP: Did that really just happen?! He’s won?! K-Jammin is the new World Heavyweight Champion?!

    Bod: But.... No.... I mean.... Not like this!!!

    *K-Jam has grabbed the title and is celebrating in the ring as the crowd are very angry, booing and throwing rubbish at him.
    He eventually gats out of the ring and celebrates on the ramp, even spitting at a fan who’s being a little overzealous in his anger towards him.
    John Cleverly emerges on the stage clapping too, with a smile on his face.*

    CP: I can’t believe this, TBOZ isn’t the champion any more.
    We have to close the show there folks, but this has been a shocking end to an episode of Rag efull of surprises. I don’t know what else to say. Tune in next week again folks, goodnight.

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    One filler.

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    And another.

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    But there's another one!

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    You hear that?

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    It's time!!

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    It's time!!!

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    It's Rage time!!


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