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    Christopher Pentalion: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday night Rage!! We’re live here in Buffalo, South Dakota, and we’re freshly coming off a fantastic ppv event in the form of Pain for Treasure! Allongside me as always is EWNCW legend Bodom, what did you make of the ppv, and theperformances that came from the Rage brand?

    Bodom: We had a great showing Chris. We saw Shaz retaining the Rage Ignition Championship, and putting Chris King out of commission after that street fight. We saw a brand new Evolution Champion crowned after Ryan Wells beat Ronaldo Romulus. We saw The Beard of Zeus retaining his World Heavyweight Championship after amking Seraphim tap out. And we also saw K-Jammin seemingly end the career of Silver Cena after a brutal unsanctioned match.

    CP: It sure was an eventfull night. But K-Jammin ending the career of yet another top EWNCW talent. The man’s out of control, there won’t eb a roster left soon!

    CP: Here he is. The man who retained his title at Pain for Treasre! ‘The Machiavellian’ finally made Seraphim tap out, and has he now proven those coubters wrong Bodom? There was a hell of a lot of support for Seraphim going into the ppv, but TBOZ came out on top!

    Bod: He did what he does best, and that’s be the best. Anyone who doubted this man is an idiot, and doesn’t know the difference from an armbar to a headlock. TBOZ has proven over the last couple of months that he is the outright top dog on this brand and all of EWNCW. There’s no denying that.

    TBOZ: Well, here we are again. Ladies and gentleman, although you have begged and pleaded for someone like Seraphim to dethrone me, he has failed.

    In case you are unaware, or stupid, I finally made Seraphim tap out last night to the God Complex. Yes, at times, he has had enough willpower to not give in and simply slide into unconsciousness, but this time, he couldn't handle the pain. He couldn't handle losing himself again, and he took the coward's way out.

    *Fans boo loudly*

    TBOZ: And for that, and his petulance, he goes to the back of the queue. But now, we are faced with a dilemma. I am the best that EWNCW has to offer, that is more than clear, but what challenges do I have left to face? I've beat all they can throw at me, I suppose we might as well make this title permanently held by me.

    Face it, there is no one back there that can defeat me, so you better get used to TBOZ being World Heavyweight Champion for a long, long time.

    John Cleverly: Oh TBOZ, you always did have a sense of humor didn't you?! Have you not been watching Rage for the past several weeks? Did you not watch Pain for Treasure? Have you forgotten what happened after the main event back at Vendetta? Because if you did, you'd know for a fact that there IS a man in this company that is on your level, and there is a man who can give you a real challenge. You see, about a month ago, I signed this man for one specific reason; to dominate EWNCW and become the new MVP of this company.
    That man is this man; K-Jammin!!

    *Outcomes K-Jammin, welcomed by a tone of boos from the crowd*

    CP: K-Jammin. The man who at Pain for Treasure beat Silver Cena, leaving him having to be carried out on a stretcher by EMT’s!!

    Bod: this man here is a pretty twister individual. He takes pleasure on hurting people badly in order to move up the ladder. You can’t help but see why he’s doing it, but the way he’s going about it is pretty shocking I have to say.

    CP: Well there will barely be any guys left onthe roster at this rate!!

    K-Jammin: Wow, just wow. You know, I never had you done as an ignorant guy TBOZ. But for you to say there is no one left to beat? Once again... wow. Since I've arrived in EWNCW, I've done nothing but destroy and dominate. You see, I could have gone after you on day one. But I thought naa, I'll plant a seed of fear first. You don't fool me TBOZ, I know you know that I deserve a shot at your title, and I also know why you chose to dismiss it... out of fear. You saw what I did to Markus Beerstein, you saw what I did to Darren Bull and I know you saw what I did to Silver Cena. I am single handedly the most dominant force that has ever stepped foot inside a EWNCW ring! And it is time this company is saved, so please allow me to explain how I plan to save it. It's actually quite simple, if this company is going to be saved... then K-Jammin needs to win the World Title, YOUR world title. I will take this company to heights never before seen. I will be a champion that these fans can be proud of, no matter how dumb and hypercritical they all are!

    *Crowd boos*

    K-Jam: If you had any sense TBOZ, you would hand me that title right now. But I know you are too proud and stubborn to do that, which actually pleases me. Because I can't think of anything better than crippling you in order to win that World Title.

    TBOZ: Sorry, I can't remember you doing anything, I seem to only vaguely remember you taking out the scraps I left for the others.

    You beat the crap out of Beerstein? Wow! Amazng! It's not like you ran Rich Cranium so far down in to the ground he hasn't arisen yet. Who is Darren Bull? Seriously, I have never even heard of that name? And you beat SilverCena? The one I have beaten three times in a row? Clap, Clap Clap.
    If you want a shot, K-Jammin, if you think you are top of the tree for me to face, prove it. Prove it to me, and you get a shot at Rise from the Ashes. But remember, if you pass, and you face me, worry about this: What if you never wake up?

    JC: Hang on a minute there TBOZ. Aren’t you forgetting something? Aren’t you failing to realize something?
    This man has already beaten a former Evolution Champion. This man has already beaten everyone tht’s come his way. This man has just beaten the former World Heavyweight Champion at Pain for Treasure. Now if you ask me, I don’t think he needs to prove himself any further. So with that in mind, K-Jammin will face The Beard of Zeus for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    *crowd boo, as TBOZ looks on at both men.*

    TBOZ: Well, with that in mind, as you say, I guess I will see you at Rise from the Ashes.

    *TBOZ goes to leave the ring, but as he’s going through the ropes...*

    JC: I wasn’t finished. So get your ass back in my ring!

    *The crowd boo, and TBOZ, after a moment’s hesitation obliges with an annoyed look on his face*

    JC: K-Jammin will get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, but not at Rise from the Ashes. He’s going to have his shot at that title right here in tonight’s main event!!!

    *the crowd pop at the thought of getting to see a World title defense live on ppv, as TBOZ looks a bit lost and pissed off. K-Jamm simply smiles back at him. He and Cleverly eventually leave the ring, leaving TBOZ stunned not sure what to do.*

    CP: Oh my GOD!! A title defense right here tonight?! DAMN! Cleverly’s really pulled an ace out there, and he’s really trumped TBOZ!!

    Bod: But remember who’s getting this shot. It’s K-Jammin. The man who nobody has been able to stop thus far in here. The man who’s ended 2 careers!!

    CP: This is a clear case of abuse of power from John Cleverly here! Surely someone can step in and stop this?!

    Bod: Cleverly’s the man in charge of Rage. What he sayd goes around here.

    CP: Well it’s an exciting thougt that we have a title match here tonight, and I guess that its possible that we’ll see a new champion crowned here tonight!!

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    *Backstage Andy Amazing is walking around when he bumps into Daymian Bloodstone*

    Bloodstone: Hey man watch it!

    Sorry man it was an accident.

    Bloodstone: It's whatever.

    Amazing: Hey Daymian, you ok man? You seem out of it.

    Bloodstone: I don't man I just seem to be in a slump. Not sure why but I can't seem to pull myself up. I've been on a bit off a losing spree as of late and it has me down. I just need something to get me going again.

    Amazing: Man that sucks. Well you know since I won at Pain for Treasure maybe I can talk Cleverly into give me a match with you tonight. No beef just two guys who wanna give the fans a hell of a match. What do you say?

    Bloodstone: You know, that sound like the pick me up I need. Man I'm in!

    Alright I'll go set it up!

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    Christopher Pentalion: We’re back from the commercial break here, fresh from hearing John Cleverly announcing that TBOZ will be defending his World Heavyweight Championship against K-Jammin in tonight’s main event!

    Bodom: It’s a huge match, that’s for sure!!

    CP: We alse heard during the commercial break that tonight we’re also going to see a new number one contender decided for the said World Heavyweight Championship, as Seraphim will take on the man who lost his Evolution Championship at Pain for treasure; Ronaldo Romulus.

    Bod: Well it seems to me that Ronaldo proved himself enough during his tenure as the Evolution Championship to suggest that he deserves to test his skills at a higher level. Meanwhile, Seraphim has another opportunity to make himself the man to challenge for the top prize. But what neither man knows is who they’ll be facing. We don’t know who the champ will be after tonight!

    CP: Well here comes ‘The Great Pharoah’ Seth Ferrell here. He came out and issued an open challenge at Pain for Treasure, after expressing his frustration at not being involved at the ppv.

    Bod: Well he got involved allreight. He got involved with some new lunatic that came out here to face him!

    CP: You’re of course referring to Rain. Rain did indeed answer Ferrell’s challenge and very nearly bet him. Ferrell was in trouble there no doubt about it!

    Seth Ferrell: So here we are today, after my open challenge was answered at Pain for Treasure. And here we are, after I was victorious in that contest. And here I am, still annoyed at the fact that after I beat some idiot nobody at the ppv I am not satisfied. Brutes! This federation is becoming overrun with them!

    As I think about this I think about what they're doing to it. And to one specific part, the Ignition Division. The precious Ignition Title is being dragged in the mud by these morons. Who holds it currently? Whose avarice does it inspire? The answers to these questions aren't satisfying.

    The title, my title, is held by some thug? Some moron from the street? And who is he defending it from? The Pint-sized pecker, Daymian Bloodstone? And don't even get me started on what Staples is doing and the farce surrounding the Ignition title over there.

    So, here we are at the part that brightens up your day. The best for last. The pièce de résistance. Someone must save the Ignition Title. And I am just the man to do it!

    Because I...

    CP: Oh boy!! Here is that man they call Rain!!

    *Rain comes out just as he did at Pain for Treasure; strapped to a stretcher carried by 4 men. He has a sack covering his head. The 4 men heave the stretcher into the ring and prop it up against the corner of the ring. They then set about unstrapping Rain before taking off the sack. They then take the stretcher and exit the ring.

    Ferrell looks disgusted as Rain stands opposite the ring from him, breathing heavy. Ferrell can be heard shouting “get out of my ring!!” But this just serves to encourage Rain to step forward and approach Ferrell, who’s now backing towards the back of the ring. Rain gets right in Ferrel’s face, but before any more can transpire.....*

    *Shaz comes out as the crowd are booing the hell out of him*

    Shaz: Woah woah woah! Hold it right there you two. Before You 2 fags decide to get weird in that ring, I have a few things to say.
    Ferrell! Let me answer your petty questions! When you say who is holding the EWNCW Rage Ignition Champion! It's me! Shaz! It's not rocket science! And who's avarice does it inspire? Hmm. It inspires mine mate!
    Who the hell do you think you are? Saying that MY title is your title! All these rookies on the roster! All these Shaz Haters know that its MY title! I beat the weak Damian Bloodstone! And a son of a bitch! Chris King! And hell, I even beat them two together to win the belt! Ferrell, you say I'm a thug. I think you forgot to mention the EX! Ex-Thug that is! I've changed! When I got arrested recently! I was drunk! And then you call me a moron from the street?! Who the fuck are you talking to me like that! So yeah, I was born in the mean streets! But that don't change nothing! I'm still the best wrestler in this frickin roster! And I'll prove it by defeating all these pathetic imbeciles! I am the face of EWNCW! But the best thing is! That I am loving every moment of it! The fans are getting all pissed off! Cause I'm the champ! In prison, I've been told that I'm not worthy enough of being a wrestler! But I proved the convicts wrong! And I've made these rookies in the EWNCW not worthy enough of being wrestlers!

    *Heavy booing*

    Shaz: When was the last time you held gold in EWNCW? Are you just coming out me cause you're jealous? Jealous of me being a champion! You can use all those insults against me! But it doesn't hurt Ferrell! Actions speak louder than words! I am the guy who has given this belt the prestige it deserves! I am the savior! I have stopped all the dirt that Damian Bloodstone and other title holders were giving the belt! I've wiped the dust off! I've given this belt more attention to any pussy out here! I've defended it with pride! I've even made this belt more prestigous then the EWNCW Champion! All you Shaz Haters may think that this is ridiculous! But I am just speaking the truth! Ferrell, I am the best wrestler in this roster! And I'm not scared to admit! But the only problem for me is that all of you rookies are denying it! But trust me Ferrell. Deep down you know that I am the best!

    *Heavy booing*

    Shaz: Wait a sec. I've been digging closer to what you've just said. You really think you're better than me, don't you? You're really over confident? But what you don't understand Ferrell, is that you are underestimating me! But that's what I love! Everyone underestimating me! Cause when I do beat you! Your confidence, and excitement will fade away. But all you Shaz Haters think that I'm just another black criminal, waiting for a purse to snatch. Waiting to stab someone. Waiting to murder someone. But you're all wrong! I'm actually a wrestler. The best wrestler in fact. Trying to make my name across hundreds of E-Feds! You people are just as worse, as people in prison! But Ferrell, you nearly got beaten by that rookie! At Pain for Treasure! You came out lucky! Your win was a fluke! So don't even think about it! Don't even think for a second that you are better than me! Cause every low life in this world knows that you're not!

    *Really heavy booing. Shaz then turns his attention to Rain.*

    Shaz: And what about you, you freak?! Who the hell do you think you are? You think you’re better than me? You want a piece of this title? Get a life. You’re nothing but a screwy freakshow that should be locked up in a padded cell!!

    *crowd boo*

    Shaz: But you're lucky Ferrell! Cause I've recently been discussing something with John Cleverley. I came up to him and said 'What the fuck'! I can see that all the Shaz Haters are baffled by this! I said it cause I knew in the first place, that Chris King wasn't worthy enough. Of defeating me! I asked him for better threats! Better opponents! Hell! I even asked him for a current EWNCW main eventer! But deep down! I knew that he agreed! He wouldn't admit it! But I could see it in his eyes! That he agreed! So we agreed to having a 10-Man Battle Royal tonight! The winner would become the number 1 contender for the EWNCW Rage Ignition Champion! Then we will see who is worthy enough of facing me! Cause I am the Best in the...Wait! No! Cause I am the Most Talented Man That Ever Existed! And there is nothing! And I mean NOTHING! That can take that fact away from me! Not even you Ferrell. I mean it! Not even a bitch you!

    CP: Wow, so Shaz and Cleverly have set up a 10 man Battle Royal here tonight to set up the next contender for the Rage Ignition Championship!!

    Bod: Well, Seth Ferrell’s a former champion of course, so he has an advantage, but with 10 men in that ring, anything can and will happen!!

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    *We’re back from the break and all 10 participants are now in the ring awaiting the start of the match. Joining Seth Ferrell and Rain are: Arius, Hanz Gruber, The Blue Flash, Splatterd Dreams, Darren Bull, TJ Rage, Harley McCartney and Captain Amazing*

    Christopher Pentalion: We’re back here on Monday night Rage where we have 10 members of the Ignition Division ready to compete here for a chance to become the number one contender for Shaz’s title!! Let’s see how this one plays out!!

    (The remaining 5 are: Hanz Gruber, Seth Ferrell, Rain, Splattered Dreams and The Blue Flash)

    CP: And there goes Arius!! Dumped out by Splattered Dreams!!

    Bod: They need to take the big man out here!!

    *As Dreams is inspecting his handiwork of tossing Arius out, the 4 remaining competitors rush up behind him and help each other to upend him ovr the top rope and down to the florr below!!*

    CP: And there he goes!! Dreams won’t be challenging Shaz for the Ignition title!!

    *Ferrell is leaning on the ropes as Rain charges at him. Ferrell though backbody drops Rain onto the apron. He turns around and goes to deliver a kick to the gut to finish him off, but Rain catches his leg, shaking his head at him as he does so. But Ferrell replies with a big enziguri that drops Rain to the floor below!!*

    CP: And Rain, the new superstar is out of this!! Ferrell staying one step ahead of him there!!

    *As Ferrell is gloating, he’s taken out from behind by a dropkick courtesy of The Blue Flash!!*

    Bod: Ahh, too much gloating there from Ferrell. He wated too much tim and didn’t keep his eyes on his opponents!!

    CP: And we’re now down to the final 2 here!! The Blue Flash and Hanz Gruber!!

    (start at 2:15)

    (end at 6:12)

    CP: And with both men up top here, who will crash and burn?!

    Bod: The top rope is somewhere you don’t want to be in a battle royal like this, I don’t know what either man was thinking in going up there!!

    *As Flash fights off Gruber, he eventually gets the German to let go of the superplex hold position.
    He then gets on the top rope and hits a frankensteiner to Gruber, dragging him over the top rope and sending both men to the floor!!
    The bell has rung, but it’s unclear who’s won at this point who’s feet hit the floor first!!*

    CP: What a move by The Blue Flash!! A frankensteiner dragging Gruber over the top rope and down to the floor!! What a away to win this match!!

    Bod: I thought that Flash’s feet hit the floor first. It was a stupid move if that was the case. A huge gamble that didn’t pay off at all.

    *The referees are conferring amongst each other, and they’re chatting to a ringside personel who can be heard talking into his headset asking for a replay from production.*

    CP: Well it seems that we need a slow motion replay here, here it comes, let’s see what it concludes to us...

    *During the slow motion replay, it’s clear to see that Gruber’s feet hit the floor about half a body length before Flash’s legs.
    The referre sees this and confirms to Jason McManus*

    JMcM: The winner of the match and NEW number one contender for the Rage IgnitionChampionship, The Blue Flash!!

    CP: What victory!! Flash rolled the dice and he got double sixes!! A huge victory for him!!

    Bod: Well, you have to take a gamble once in a while, this time he got lucky as it paid off. But I'm sure the Gruber's been screwed over here.

    CP: Flash will now move on to face Shaz at Rise from the Ashes for that championship!!

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    *We come back from the break to see Arius sitting in the middle of the ring on his own. Alice is trying to comfort him, but he continues to sit there looking pissed off with himself.*

    Christopher Pentalion: Well we’re back here on Rage, and after seeing The Blue Flash win that 10 man battle royal to become the new number one contender for the Rage Ignition Championship, we’re still stuck here with Arius refusing to get up and exit the ring.

    Bodom: He’s disappointed. He’s been in EWNCW a while now, and he’s just seen the man that he beat at Pain for Treasure winning a shot at the title. Do you know how that feels Chris? It’s like taking one step forward and then 2 steps back.

    *As Arius continues to sit there, the arena’s filled with a familiar sound.....*

    CP: What the hell?!?!?!?!......

    Bod: YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!! He’s finally returned!!!! The Nature boy!!! Ric Flair!!! The Wraaaaslinnnnnnn GAAAAD is back!!!!!!

    CP: Indeed he is!! But what’s he doi......

    *Bodom is now standing on the announce table and his cheering on Flair*

    CP: Oh no, not this again..... *facepalm*


    CP: Bodom, get down!! What’s wrong with you?! You’re making a fool of yourself!!

    *Bodom however just keeps going and is seemingly crying with tears of joy

    Loud shouts of WOOOO! ring out across the arena as the Nature Boys signature them tune hits the speakers! The crowd are on there feet for this living legend, despite his shadowy past concerning EWNCW and his clients. Ric Flair struts out from the back and gives the crowd a few of his own WOOOO!'s before slowly walking down to the ring in a slick, tailored suit. Stylin' and profilin', Naith arrives at the ring and walks up the steps, he glances at Arius who is still seething in the ring. A referee lowers the ropes for Flair as he steps through and Flair struts again to a huge pop from the crowd and delivers another WOOOOO! which is echoed by the fans. Flair is handed a mic through the ropes and begins addressing EWNCW.*

    Flair: It's me! The Nature Boy! Ric Flair! Excuse the bruises boys and girls, I had a run in with Mrs Flair, WOOOOO! I'm back baby! And it's about damn time! WOOOOOO!

    *The fans echo flair again and applaud him some more.*

    Flair: I've been watching EWNCW for the last couple months since I took a break from the wrestling scene, and it's clear to me that when I left, I took all the class with me baby! WOOOOO! EWNCW needs Ric Flair, the stylin', profilin', limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin' son of a gun. WOOOO!!

    *Flair looks over at Arius who stands with his hands on his hips glaring at Flair.*

    Flair: Now lets get down to business, and the real reason i'm here. Arius, i've been lookin' to get back in this game for weeks, boy. And let me tell you right now, you've caught my eye. You've got that edge, that certain something that none of these other clowns have got, you've got just what it takes to get to the top! But you ain't there yet boy.. oh no, you're raw, you're not refined, you're not the Nature Boy! WOOOOO!

    *Arius narrows his eyes at Flair but seems to be listening.*

    Flair: This ain't no garden party, brother, this is wrestling, where only the strongest survive. And you're lookin at the strongest, and the best wrestler to have ever lived, and you better believe it! WOOOOO! But I can unlock that potential in you, I can turn you into the great that you are destined to be, boy! Your loss tonight, forget about it, that's small change compared to what you'll achieve with me as your mentor, and trust me you need me as your mentor. I'm not just a hall of famer baby, i'm the hall of fame! WOOOOOOOO!

    *Flair smiles over at Arius who looks at Alice before looking back at Flair, considering his next move carefully.

    After a while, Alice whispers something in Arius’ ear. Seemingly agreeing with what she said, Arius approaches Flair and extends his hand. After Flair takes a look around the arena, with a smile on his face he extends both hands, and clasps Arius’ hand, before raising it high, to a mixed sort of reaction from the fans.*

    CP: So it seems that Arius and Flair have struck up some sort of partnership here!! What do you think Bodom?

    Bod: The Wresting GOD is back!! The greatest wrestler in the history of this business is back!! And now, he’s taken another young star under his wing, and he’s going to make him a star!! Just you wait!!

    CP: Well you have to look at Flair’s track record in EWNCW. He took Mitch O’Connor and The Heartbreaker under his wing before kicking them to the curb in favour of Bam. And when that alliance came to an end a few months back, Flair was the one kicked aside by Bam!! Will he be more successfull with Arius?

    Bod: Are you questioning Ric Flair, Pentalion? I mean, really? How dare you!!

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    Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for one fall! On his way to the ring, from Boulder, Nevada, ‘The Pint Sized Rocker’, Daymian Bloodstone!!

    Christopher Pentalion: We’re back here in in Buffalo, South Dackota, and we’re getting ready for this match that was set up earlier by John Cleverly after Andy Amazing offered to help out his friend Bloodstone here.

    Bodom: Well Bloodstone’s not been having such a good time recently. Ever since he lost that Ignition Championship, he’s been on a slippery slope. He dropped the title to Shaz, failed to regain it with his rematch clause, he then lost again at Pain for Treasure at the hands of Hanz Gruber. It’s not a good place to be, and when you’re in a hole like that, you have to dig down deep to try and get out of it.

    JMcM: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, ‘The Amazing One’, Andy Amazing!!

    CP: this man on the other hand has been having a great time as of late. He’s been tangling with Istvan Gretzky ever since he came to EWNCW, and it finally came to an end at Pain for Treasure when Amazing beat the Polish grappler.

    Bod: Well this guy needs to now take it to the next level. We all know how good Gretzky is, but Amazing here managed to overcome him, I’m impressed with that. I want to see if he can do it when we really turn up the heat and up the ante on him!

    CP: Well this match should be a good one! Both of these men friends of course, looking to put on a show for the fans here!!

    (start at 1:07)

    (end at 2:52)

    CP: Well we’re at a count of 7 here, and both men are struggling to make the 10 count!!

    *Suddenly, the lights go out in the arena. There is nothing for a few seconds, and then the lights come back up again, with Bloodstone back in the ring, and Amazing seemingly knocked out on the outside.
    Meanwhile, the referee reaches the count of 10, and rings the bell*

    JMcM: The winner of theis match as a result of a countout, Daymian Bloodstone!!

    *Bloodstone looks confused as he takes a look over the roipes at Amazing on the outside*

    CP: Well what the hell happened there?

    Bod: this place is getting crazier by the day I’m telling you.

    *Suddenly, the lights dim, and turn to a deep red in color. Smoke also fills starts to fill the ringside area, the ramp and the stage. Then, the following message plays on the titantron.....

    "He who has injured thee was either stronger or weaker than thee. If weaker, spare him, if stronger spare thyself. Words spoken by Shakespeare that still have meaning to this very day. I see the looks in their eyes, not sure what to make of me, am I all talk, a man who lets words hurt instead of actions? Hahaha No fear me, fear my words and fear my actions. The black hole, that used to house a heart is void of all your pathetic cries of help. Your feeble minds do not comprehend what I intend for you all. I will rain down blood upon you, and you will do nothing to stop me."
    Then, a redsubstance, seemingly blood, begins to rain down from the rafters and onto Bloodstone in the ring. This continues for about half a minute, before stopping as the lights come back*

    CP: What the.... ummmm, Bodom, care to explain?

    Bod: You’re asking ME to explain THAT?! Right.

    CP: Well that was bizarre to say the least folks, but a potentialy good match was spoiled there by these strange happenings.

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    *We cut backstage to see Jonathan Sanchez stnding by*

    Jonathan Sanchez: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, ‘The Great Pharoah’ Seth Ferrell.
    Seth, I need to ask you about Rain! What was your reaction first of all when he answered your open challenge at Pain for Treasure?

    Seth Ferrell: Dammit can't you see I'm not really in the mood? And what do you think my reaction was? Just another brute whose hideousness is inversely proportional to his intellect! Stupid enough not to know that he should damn well stay in the back when someone like me offers a challenge and not get in the way of someone worthier coming forward. Idiot!

    JS: What do you make of him? He seems a bit... unstable shall we say?

    Ferrell: Just another imbecile. Though they seem to be making them bigger and better as time goes by. This one can't even make up his mind as to who he is.

    JS: Tonight, he denied you the chance to become the #1 contender for the Ignition title. He denied you the chance to regain the title you previously held. How does that make you feel?

    Ferrell: ...I am aware of that Jonathan. I was present in that match in which the event which you allude to took place... how do I feel...? I will not tolerate such arrogance. I will not be interfered with... by some idiot.

    JS: How are you going to counter a guy like that? You seemed shell shocked when he confronted you before the battle royal tonight!

    Ferrell: The bigger they are the harder they fall.

    JS: Ok, thanks for your time Seth. So Seth Ferrell there not in a talkative mood after he was thrown out of the number one contender battle royal earlier by Rain. I’m sure that this isn’t the last time we’ve seen these 2 clash!

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    J. MacManus: Ladies and gentlemen, please help me in introducing, your NEW Evolution Champion, Ryan "The Freak" Wellsssssssss!

    *Ryan Wells' music hits and the area erupts, people standing and going crazy, Wells comes out running, belt around his waist, absorbing the cheers and explosion of support before running full force into the ring, sliding, grabbing a mic, and then putting belt on his shoulder and ready to talk*

    Christopher Pentalion: And here is the man who FINALLY realized his dream of winning gold here in EWNCW!! Ryan wells is FINALLY a champion here in EWNCW!!

    Bodom: Key word being 'finally'. Remind me again how long it took him to get to this point?

    CP: Give the guy a break. You can't deny that he's worked hard and earned this. Let's see what he has to say.

    Wells: Wow! I mean, holy freakin' shit! What is UP (insert city name pretty please)! There is no better place to appear for first time as champion then here, with all of you, I mean come on, this is frickin' (insert name again, thanks you lol)! And I'm the Evolution Champion!

    *The crowd, loud the whole time, erupts again, chanting "Champ, Champ, Champ"*

    Wells: You're damn right I am! It's been too hell of a long time for this! I came to EWNCW 10 months ago, and you guys, and you guys alone, have had my back throughout all of this, and I couldn't be more gracious to have the best fans in the world cheering for me and chanting my name, so thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart, soul, body, and mind, thank you.

    *Wells puts title on other shoulder, not before raising high in the air, to show it off and the crowd ONCE AGAIN erupting and saying "Thank You Ryan" to him for his continued gratitude and perseverance and acknowledgement*

    Wells: It's been 10 months, and the best ten months of my life, honestly, with all of you, every night and every time I come out here, to hear all of you, there is no better feeling, and nothing that sends a shiver down my spine more, then hearing all of you. People doubted me, thought I couldn't make it. From my unsuccessful tries at winning the Rage Ignition Title, to my bouts for the Evolution Championship. My best friend, Marcus Beerstein, will go down in history to be the first Evolution Champion ever. And while he has retired, I fought for him, and for all of you as well of course, but for Marcus too. To avenge his loss of the title and of his career.

    And to do that, I had to beat the man who he lost his championship to, Ronaldo Rumulus.

    *Crowd boos loudly at the sound of his name*

    Wells: I've heard Ronaldo may have gotten some sense knocked into him by me. But, the way he treated all of you, and the Evolution Championship, was despicable. And I had to avenge and fight for Marcus, and all of you. He had won unfairly before against me, at the Cross Brand Battle Royal, in the Evolution Championship tournament, and in the 6 pack challenge for the Evolution Title.

    But, when I got my shot, at Pain For Treasure, everyone thought I would choke, that I was some, "'roid raging lunatic who couldn't handle the pressure" but the fact of the matter is, that I am all pure, and all muscle. And I could handle the pressure, when I beat Ronaldo 1-on-1 fair and square, despite him trying to cheat in our match. I won, fair and square, and I stand before all of you today, Evolution Champion.

    *Wells holds the title high, soaking in the eruption of the crowd once more before resting it on his shoulder again and ready to talk once more*

    Wells: I promised you all, I would be the People's Champion, and that is what it's going to be. I will be your champion. This isn't some Rock copycat bullshit, I'm the real People's Champion, I have, and always will fight for all of you. But, I'm also going to be a fighting champion, ready to take on any challenge, at any time, and any place, and any stipulation. I'll fight every Rage and Inferno and Warzone and PPV, putting my title on the line, if that is what they want, I don't care. The result will be no different, it will be me walking in with the title, and walking out with it as well. I may not have been the first Evolution Champion, but I'll be the best goddamn one ever!

    *Crowd explodes, not erupts this time, at eardrum-shattering noise levels*

    Wells: So bring it on! Who is it gonna b----

    CP: Well that’s Istvan Gretzky, and he’s making a bee line for the ring here!

    Bod: Gretzky’s not one to beat around the bush, and he certainly won’t spare you any words when saying something!

    *Gretzky instantly gets in the ring and grabs a mic*

    Istvan Gretzky: Congratulations on win of title of Evolutions Ryans Well. ‘Red Hot’ Istvan Gretsky think s this greatest accomplishment in all of Ryan Wells tiny career.

    *crowd boo*

    Gretzky: Istvan Gretzky agree that long times coming this title win is for you, a persons who when he wins titles, is very surprised to win, unlike man who has many titles, like Istvan Gretzky.

    *crowd boo*

    Gretzky: But Istvan Gretzky thinks something else is long time coming for you Ryans Well

    *Gretzky then drops the mic and goes to his Wells with

    Before just standing over his body, picking up the Evolution title, and after staring at it for a while, lifting it high above his head shouting KURWA!!! Very loud.*

    CP: DAMN!! Wells got hit and hit good with that Burnning Hamer real good!!

    Bod: It’s a BurnSKI Hammer Pentalion, get it right!! And Gretzky’s right, Wells had that one coming!! The way he’s been parading around with that title since winning it is sickening. If all champions were to do that, imagine what a loathsome place this would be to work!! Imagine if I was to do that!! You’d be sick to death of me!!

    CP: Well I think you’re already succeeding in that department, but I digress, ‘Red Hot’ Istvan Gretzky certainly sending a message here to Ryan Wells!!

  9. #409
    Jason McManus: The following match is scheduled for one fall where the winner will become the new number one contender for the World eavyweight Championship!

    Introducing first, coming straight down from heaven, Seraphim!!

    *Seraphim emerges at the top of the ramp. He kneels and mumbles some words, presumed to be a prayer, before starting his descent down to the ring. He's handed a mic upon entering, and then he begins to speak.*

    Christopher Pentalion: Well Seraphim came up short in his attempt to win the World Heavyweight championship from TBOZ at Pain for Treasure, but he’s still hell-bent on getting it done.

    Bodom: Well you can’t fault him for trying. But after failing to get it done 2 ppv’s ina row, tonight, he has to prove again that he deserves another shot at the title.

    Seraphim: It is true that at Pain for Treasure I did not complete the quest that was bestowed to me. It is true that I did not walk the path that he laid in front of me. I failed, and for that I can only apologize.
    I was too weak. I was too naive. I was perhaps too confident. But mark my words, this will not stop me from gaining what will one day be mine.

    *cheers from the crowd*

    Sera: Tonight, I have been placed in a number one contender match with Ronaldo Romulus, the winner will go on to face the World Heavyweight Champion. When tonight is over, I plan on being that man. For the voices have spoken to me, and then have told me that I NEED to defeat Ronaldo. And if that's what was told to me, then that is exactly what shall be done.

    *Out of the blue, the doleful yet stimulating theme of the fomer Evolution Champion, Ronaldo Romulus, projects its invigorating tune across the tangible plane of the arena. Said tune ignites contempt and bitterness from the audience who don’t even wait for the slightest indication of Ronaldo’s presence before heavy and spiteful jeering and booing emit from their vocal cords. Instead of the man they’ve become familiar with for so long, however, a man in a white cowl emerges from behind the curtain. Behind him are four men wearing black cowls. Though Ronaldo’s theme indicates that these five mysterious men are associates with Romulus, the crowd can no longer bring themselves to boo anymore as they look on at such an alarming and enigmatic turn of events with awe. The man in the white cowl already has a microphone in his hand and raises his other hand in the air, palm opened. The music dies down and the man in the white cowl slowly takes the hood off. It’s none other than Ronaldo Romulus. The men behind him, choose to have their hoods over their heads.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Do these hooded collaborators of God inspire consternation to churn and fester in your troubled soul, Seraphim? Fear not. These men have not accompanied me for the sake of mass turmoil. They’re simply the beacon for what is to come when I, Ronaldo Romulus, have subdued you, in our scheduled contest, and I am one step closer to the immortalization that will gratify the Lord God and restore his hierarchy of natural order to the world.”

    *Ronaldo takes a look back at the men behind him.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Like me, these are the chosen few that are blessed by God Himself to improve the lives of his creation, “the chosen race”. They have come, all the way from our holy monastery to give you a glimpse into the glorious future. Once I become the World Heavyweight Champion, legions of these devoted followers of God, will spread their influence over the hosts of the EWNCW. Rebellion from the “serfs” or from the “gifted” shall no longer be tolerated once the world championship is in my possession. Though this sounds like glorified anarchy, this is merely for the sake of humanity. Who are you, some pretender, to stand in the way of that? No one came here to listen to you whine about your losses and make excuses. Despite my loss to that brute, Ryan Wells, I made no excuses n or did I file any sort of complaint. The records showed that I lost and that was that. I was even ordered to return to our monastery to receive punishment for my failure.”

    *Ronaldo turns around and slips his cowl halfway down his naked back to expose bruises and marks, obviously caused by scourging.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “I am completely devoted to serving my God and will do so even if my life ceases in result. You hide behind public shows of minimal devotion, such as that prayer of yours, and nonsense about “voices”. I only follow the voice of God and he has instructed me to repent for my transgression at Pain for Treasure by defeating you tonight and restoring the world to its nirvana, away from the bondage of pride and self gratification. Seraphim, you, just like all the other serfs, have a chance to repent. If not, “The Wrath of Remus” will judge you accordingly.”

    *Ronaldo drops the microphone and puts his cowl back on. The four men behind him leave the arena as Ronaldo prepares for the match ahead*

    CP: Well soem are questioning why Ronaldo’s getting this chance here tonight, since he lost his match at Pain for Treasure.

    Bod: He did, but he’s also show and proved during his title reign that he’s ready to step up. And besides, unlike Seraphim, he’s actually held gold here in EWNCW. If anything, he’s got more of a case to be involved in this match!!

    CP: Well, let’s find out which one of these men will be the next to challenge for the big gold belt here in EWNCW!!

    (start at 3:00)
    (end at 12:30)

    *Seraphim jups off the top hitting Ronaldo with a hurricanrana!!*

    CP: Seraphim has control of this match here!! Can he become the number one contender again?!?!

    Bod: Ronaldo’s been in charge for most of this match!! This is his time!!

    *Seraphim is back up on the top rope again, looking for his finisher!!*

    CP: Here it comes, will we see the Shooting Star Press or the 450?!?!

    *just as Seraphim is steadying himself, Ronaldo is quickly to his feet and runs up the ropes to hit an enziguri!!*

    Bod: What a move right there!! That’s whay Ronaldo Romulus is one of the best here in EWNCW!!

    *Seraphim has dropped off the turnbuckly now and is laying in the ring, Ronaldo lying beside him, but before neither are able to get up, they are interrupted by something on the tron.....*

    *The mysterious man is shown in a locker room*

    ???: Tonight. Tonight is the night. Tonight will be the night you never forget. You don't know me yet but you will. It's time for me to introduce myself and Ohhh I have plans for you, big plans indeed Want to know who I am don't you? Soon..... NOW......!!!!!

    *The camera cuts to snow for possibly the last time.*
    *Both men are clambering on the ropes in confusion*

    CP: What the hell?....

    Bod: Well who the hell’s running the production truck tonight?!

    CP: We’ve seen similar videos being reported on the EWNCW news channel of course, but who the hell is this man?

    CP: What the....?!?!?!?!

    *An unfamiliar tune rings thorugh the arena, and after a few bars of music an all too familiar man emerges at the top of the ramp!!*

  10. #410
    Bod: Is that Kayden motherfucking James?!?!?!?!?!?! That damned batshit crazy redneck?!?!?!?!

    CP: I believe it is Bodom!! A familiar force in the business, and he’s now here in EWNCW!!! And a pretty big ovation here for him!!!

    *The crowd are going crazy as a “Kayden James” chant breaks out. After taking a moment to absorb the ovation, James makes his way down to the rign which now has Seraphim, leaning on the bottom rope in one corner of the ring, and Ronaldo Romulus in the middle with a priceless shocked look on his face!

    James enters the ring, no nonsense, and makes a bee-line for Ronaldo, picks him up, lifts him in a front suplex position before dropping him hard on his head with a brainbuster DDT!!!*

    CP: OH MY GOD!! A huge brainbuster DDT to Ronaldo!!!

    *The bell rings as the match has now been thrown out, but James isn’t done, as he goes for Seraphim*

    Bod: what the hell does this man think he’s doing?!?! Who’s the number one contender now?!

    CP: I don’t know Bodom, but I don’t think he’s done here!!!

    *James grabs the diminutive, tired Seraphim, before putting his head between his legs, hoisting him up, and dropping him with a powerbomb, once, twice, and a third time!!

    He then simply stands in the ring examining his handiwork as his music continues to right out through the arena!*

    CP: That’s a move I know he calls the Alpha and Omega Drop right there, and Seraphim may not be getting up fromt hat one for a while here!!

    Bod: But why? Why spoil such a great match? A match that Ronaldo Romulus was going to win!! He was on his way to becoming the new number one contender!!

    CP: I don’t know bodom, but it looks like we might have to wait until next week to find that out. But one thing’s for sure, Kayden James has landed here in EWNCW and he’s made one hell of a statement here taking out 2 of our top stars!!


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