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    Monday night Rage

    Christopher Pentalion: Welcome everyone to another episode of Monday night Rage, live from Seattle, Washington!! We are a mere 2 weeks away from our bnext ppv; ‘Pain for Treasure’ and we have a packed and stacked show ready for you guys tonight!! Already we have one match with championship implications on the card!! As announced last week, Ryan ‘The Freak’ Wells will go one on one with ‘The Great Pharoah’ Seth Ferrell!! The winner will become the no. 1 contender to the Evolution Championship and will face Ronaldo Romulus for the title at Pain for Treasure!! A huge match to look forward to right there!!

    Bodom: But after the events that took place on last week’s show, one guy that won’t be joining us there is Markus Beerstein of course.

    CP: Yeah that’s right. We all saw the report from Dick Thompson yesterday which noted that Beerstein was in a bad way and still at a medical facility recovering from severe head and neck injuries, stemming of course from a brutal assault that he suffered at the hands of one K-Jammin. As we saw in the report, the doctors are unsure at this point if Beerstein will ever fully recover from these injuries, and they rate his chances of ever wrestling again as slim to none.

    Bod: A sad story indeed Chris. We sat here and bared witness to the end of a young man’s career last week. Such a travesty given that he was doing so well here in EWNCW. A fan favourite and a great competitor, but unfortunately, never to be seen again in a wrestling ring.

    CP: Indeed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Beerstein and we’re all hoping for a speedy and succesfull recovery for him.

    *The lights collapse - the sounds of muttering echo across the arena. “TBOZ” “Title” “Victory.” Can be heard amongst the mostly unintelligible rambling of the voices. They steadily get louder, as the light above starts to show Seraphim, kneeled down and mumbling into the microphone.*

    *After a moment, his arms explode to his side and the light shines brighter. He looks up and rises - the white overcoat (Think Cody Rhodes) almost blinding in the light. He makes his way down to the ring, a big grin on his face.*

    Seraphim: Ladies and Gentlemen, you are now looking at the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, the title that is currently being held by the man that considers himself a GOD. Let’s face it, the man isn’t a GOD, the man can’t defeat me - the man knows he’s afraid of the big bad Seraphim. But that’s another story, for now, let’s rejoice in the fact that I am going to be the next World Heavyweight Championship.

    *He takes a deep breath*

    Sera: See that felt good, now let’s talk about Pain for Treasure, where I’ll take a beating, where I’ll endure an inhuman amount of pain, before walking out of Pain for Treasure with the World Heavyweight Title. You see, like I said last week, I never tapped out - and TBOZ knows that. He knows I’m not scared of him, and at Pain for Treasure that will be proven, I will wreck him come that PPV, and he knows there’s nothing he can do about it.

    You see, I’ve been getting better and better and better, he hasn’t seen me at my peak and he’s already getting ready to fall from his perch. I’m where it took him years to get too - and in only a fraction of the time. I can fly, I can wrestle, I can do whatever I need to in order to match my opponent move for move and that’s what scares ‘GOD’. It scares God to know he’s looking at a younger, better version of himself. One with more shelf-life, one who made it on his own. Primus Khan, Solla, The Battle of the Newcomers, all stepping stones to prove that I am the best young main eventer in the EWNCW and I be damned if anyone is going to take that from me.

    So if TBOZ thinks he is going to beat me, he has another thing coming. Before I got into wrestling myself, I looked up to TBOZ, but now - he’s another obstacle, another man I have to mow through in order to be considered the best, not one of the best, but THE best, and at Pain for Treasure, TBOZ is going to learn the hardway just what happens when someone is considered an obstacle in the path of the SERAPHIM!

    *TBOZ enters the arena to another chorus of boos, holding the title over his right shoulder, bearing the familiar grin the champ always seems to possess*

    TBOZ: Nice speech, it's a good thing someone nudged me to come out here, because I almost fell asleep to the sweet rhythm of your boring clichés.

    *Heavy booing commences*

    TBOZ: You see, you talk about being this young, impressive superstar, who has overcome every single obstacle that has come into his path. You go on and on about how I think I am a "god", and how voices in your head are telling you to beat me?

    Isn't it getting a little old for you people?

    *gesturing towards the crowd, all he gets is classic booing*

    TBOZ: Oh, yeah, nothing gets old for the EWNCW crowd. What should be concerning your mind is how you seem to misinterpret facts. You are young, and impressive, but I am no obstacle. I am a brick wall, a road block, a turn back sign. I am a warning, telling you that you will come up against me, and again, you will lose.

    *The constant booing grows ever louder*

    TBOZ: You keep on going on about how you have never tapped out. Haven't you learned that it's insignificant if you tap or not? The option to tap is to save you from passing out, which is the only other option. You have felt that though, the sting of a defeat, and the power that I can place into an opponent.

    The voices in your head, do they all point in one direction, like you say? Or are they competing for your attention? I think you should listen a little more closely next time. Because what I really sense from you is doubt. Some of those voices are saying "It's too early" or "You are putting yourself under a load of pressure", but you choose to ignore them. Pay close attention, because these next words are from the only voice you should be listening to, mine.

    What if you never wake up?

    *Pulls the mike away from his mouth, smiling and staring, with a hint of laughter under his breath

    Seraphim gets int he face of TBOZ and they seem to be exchanging some words*

    CP: h boy, some strong words from both sides there, but this one is threatening turning ugly!!

    Bod: TBOZ is gtting into the head of Seraphim, he’s becoming one of those voices in his head. Let them fight! Let’s get this over with!!

    *After exchanging some words, Cena eventually laughs in Seraphim’s face, before stepping back, seemingly walking away, before unleashing a big slap to the face of Serphim!!
    Seraphim reacts by throwing some lefts and rights and both men begin to brawl!!*

    CP: And it’s physical!! Its all breaking down and both men are going at it!! That slap to the face was the last straw for Seraphim!!

    Bod: Look at ‘em go!! Reminds me of my time with Godmoney when we used to brawl in some bars!! TBOZ was the best at that!!

    *Both men are now on the mat and are vying for position on top of the other so that they can mount some offense. They eventually roll to the edge of the ring, and the action spills to the outside as the continue to dry and beath the other up!!*

    CP: Someone needs to stop this otherwise somebody’s going to get hurt, and we might not get to see that match at Pain for Treasure!!

    Bod: Let nature take it’s course I say!! GIVE HIM ANOTHER ONE TBOZ!!

    *Eventually, a few security personnel come rushing down followed by John Cleverly. They manage to break both men up and hold them apart as Cleverly grabs a mic.*

    John Cleverly: HEY! I don’t want you 2 fighting like this, I need you both at 100% for Pain for Treasure!! I already have one superstar in hospital, perhaps never to wrestle again, I don’t need more of the same!!

    If you 2 insist on getting physical tonight, then I have an idea; You can both pick each others opponents for tonight, so when you both calm down, I’d like you to come to my office at your earliest convenience, and tell me who you want to go up against each other.

    Until then, I want you both escorted to individual rooms while you mull over that decision!!

    CP: Ahhh, you can always count on GM Clevery to lay down the law!! This is his show, and he’s the sheriff!!

    Bod: I think he’s made a good decision. Rather than beating each other up, they’re going to pick someone else to do the job on their behalf tonight. We’ll have to wait and see who both men pick here.

    CP: Indeed. Join us after the break for some more Monday night Rage!!
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    Christopher Pentalion: We’re back here on Monday night Rage and we already have 3 big matches lined up for tonight!!

    Bodom: That’s right, already announced for tonight is the no. 1 contenders match between Ryan Wells and Seth Ferrell! The winner will geta a shot at Ronaldo Romulus’ Evolution Championship at Pain for Treasure!!

    CP: And just before the break, we heard John Cleverly announce that The Beard of Zeus and Seraphim will pick each other’s opponents tonight. Who will both men pick to go up against their Pain for Treasure adversaries?

    * Out walks K-Jammin with the usual smug grin on his face, taking a long slow walk to the ring. He climbs in the ring, and laughs at all of the hate he is receiving from the crowd *

    CP: Oh no. Look who’s coming out now. It’s that sick, sadistic man! EWNCW’s latest acquisition; K-Jammin!! Last week we saw him destroying the career of Markus Beerstein right in front of our eyes here. And look at him!! He doesn’t even care!! He’s smiling, laughing even!!

    Bod: It wasn’t a pretty sight that’s for sure, and it was hard to watch at times as we just witnessed the young career of a promising athlete perhaps come to an end. I can’t imagine what this man has to say here tonight. How will he justify his actions? Will he justify them even?!

    K-Jammin: Not a bad first few weeks here huh? Okay so let's see. I made my debut at Vendetta, and beat the absolute fuck out of Silver Cena, and then last week on Rage not only did I beat some drunk geezer named Markus Beerstein, I ended his pathetic laughable career.

    *Crowd Boo's*

    K-Jam: Now all week I've had questions like do I feel any remorse for what I did to Beerstein? And the answer is simply, no. You see, this is business. The more guys I injure, the more the company relies on me, which means more money. You people may boo, but you all pay your money to see someone get their head kicked in, and no one, I said NO ONE does it better than me! Within only a couple of weeks, I have already cemented myself as the most dangerous man in EWNCW. Nobody can stop me right now, I'm a beast, I'm an animal, I'm K-Jammin and you're not!

    * Crowd boos harder!*

    K-Jam: Now I know what you are all thinking right now, you're all thinking who is K-Jammin's next poor victim going to be aren't you? Well to be honest, I haven't decided yet. EWNCW is my playground, I can go stand in the corner and quite simply observe to see who deserves a beating the most at Pain For Treasure. But one thing you can all bet on, is that I will not only beat them, but I will replicate what happened to Beerstein. I love ending careers, it makes me happy. The thought of Beerstein at home not being able to move while he sinks lower and lower into debt brings me great joy. I like to change up my style abit though, so whoever my opponent is, I have already thought of a different way of ending your career. What is it you say? Well, to be quite honest pal you don't wanna find out! So to whoever thinks they want to test my skills in the ring, I suggest you have a long hard think about what you're doing. Because to be it quite simply, I just cannot be stopped. Now I know I'm much loved by all of you, so seeing as for some strange reason EWNCW haven't created me a T-shirt yet, I created one by my self.

    K-Jammin: I will be round the back of the arena after the show selling these. All proceeds go to the Markus Beerstein retirement fund. Goodnight to you all!

    *K-Jammin exits the ring and walks to the back to the accompaniment of heavy booing from the crowd, and again we see some fans throwing paper cups and various other pieces of trash at him*

    CP: This man doesn’t care!! He’s making light of the fact that he ended the career of a young athlete here!!

    Bod: It’s pretty twisted isn’t it. But it’s evident to me that EWNCW management aren’t going to do anything. This man means business here. Who knows who he’ll take out next, or when he’ll strike!!

    CP: One thing’s for sure, nobody’s safe while that man’s around. Not even us Bodom!!

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    *We cut backstage to see Jonathan Sanchez standing by.*

    Jonathan Sanchez: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, 'Red Hot' Istvan Gretzky.

    Istvan, first of all let's discuss what happened last week. You were challenged to a match by Andy Amazing but you decided to attack him from behind instead. Why do you hate Andy so much? What do you have against him?

    "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky: Now you listen to Istvan, mic-man. Istvan can tell from the way you be holding onto that mic that you are into shaking a leg with a man, so if you don't mind, Istvan would like for you to take two steps back--Istvan would not be happy to catch gay on his first interviews with you.

    *Jonathan takes two steps back, and holds out the microphone for Istvan to continue.*

    Istvan: Now, as for you want to make words in Istvans mouth, I would have to say that mic-man is lucky Istvan does not slap the shit from your ass, kurwa! Istvan hasn't hated anyone since Jacek Hodinski take Istvans first ever American woman's virginite before him. No, kurwa, Istvan is not hating Andrew "not even half" Amazing. Istvan is realize that Andrew is good catch-as-catch-can-grapples fighter, but he also is more of a sneak than snake in bottom of Istvans garden back in mother Poland, kurwa! Istvan make plan for Andrew to be break before him has chance to sneak on Istvan and break Istvan, kurwa! Its mathematics simplistic, mic-man. Use brain first sometimes.

    JS: I’m sorry Istvan, I’ll keep that in mind next time. Now you're going to have to face him at the up and coming PPV; Pain for Treasure. What are your thoughts on that? Can you beat him one on one?

    Istvan: Hahahaha!! Can Istvahahahaha!!! Oh, mic-man is funny, kurwa!! Mic-man is asking the greatest catch-as-catch-can-grapples champions to ever come from Eastern Europe if he can beat a man whos shoulder span is smaller than just one of Istvans vascular arm made from fallen star, kurwa? Mic-man must be expectancy a thunderous slap from man who can turn coal into diamond with one squeeze of bare hands, kurwa! Of course Istvan can beat Andrew! Istvan has power of ten village ox, kurwa, and even if Istvan wasn't expertise in catch-as-catch-can-grapples, Istvans VASCULAR ARM MADE FROM FALLEN STAR WOULD BE TOO MUCH FOR WANNABE SPIDERMAN TO HANDLE, KURWA!! Watch on PPV name of Painful Treasure as Istvan break and rape this fake hero child like a fifteen year old asshole, kurwa!

    JS: I’m sure it’ll be a great match! We saw you teaming with the World Heavyweight Champion The Beard of Zeus last week in a loosing effort against Seraphim and Amazing. You took the pin there. Aren't you concerned that you won't be able to get the job done?

    Istvan: First and foremost, Istvan must take time out of his precious interview times and say what an honour absolute it was to be teaming with Zeus'GreatLowerMoustache. He he is a great man and the champion of all of ECWN, and for Isty Baby to step in same catch-as-catch-can-grapples ring at the same time was large news back home in Mother Poland, and made front of paper for news.

    Quote Originally Posted by Polski Paper: Translated
    As you can all see, it was another embarrassing moment in "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky's ECWN career, but as paper for the news stated, a prejudice fan in the crowd threw rotten banana skin into ring and cause Istvan to slip on ass, kurwa. Loyal fans at home understanding Istvans predicament, and in no way will they hold it against great Polish hero, "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky. As for getting the job done, Istvan always gets the job, mic-man--now end this interviews so Istvan can go and get his favourite kind of job... Last question, kurwa.

    JS: Of course. What about tonight? You have the chance to get retribution tonight as you go one on one against Seraphim. Given that he pinned you last week, you must be itching to get some revenge?

    Istvan: FACK SARA'SPHONE, KURWA! Istvan no fear this church bitch! Istvan no care if he thinks he is something divine and holy, kurwa! Istvan talk to god everyday, and he only speak Polish, Kurwa! Sara'sPhone no know Polish, so Istvan know him for be a fake. Heh, maybe Istvan should rename this angry young evangelist and call him SaraPhoney, kurwa!! Hahaha!!

    But seriously, kurwa; look on Istvan vascular arm made from fallen star and ask yourself if this is not the work of a god. If you tell me "yes, Istvan, those vascular arms made from fallen star could only have been create by a god.", then you would be right. See, it was the one and only god himself who called for the star to fall to Mother Poland and make the vascular arms that you see before you, and it is god himself telling Istvan in Polish that he must crush the life out of this imposter.

    *Turns to the camera*

    Istvan: So, let Istvan lay down warnings right now right here, kurwa!

    Istvan no care if its Sara'sPhone, Suzie'sPhone, Samantha'sPhone, a Nokia, a Virginte, or Richard Branson himself--Istvan will hurt someone tonight. Mark his words, kurwa.

    JS: Thank you for your time Istvan, and yes, those vascular arms made from fallen star could only have been created by a God!!

    ‘Red Hot’ Istvan Gretzky there folks, with his thoughts on his match tonight and his match against Andy Amazing at Pain for Treasure. Later on, we’ll see Gretzky go one on one with Seraphim!! Back to you!!

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    Christopher Pentalion: Thanks Jonathan. Well Gretzky there very bullish about his chances tonight, and seemingly confident ahead of his clash with Andy Amazing at Pain for Treasure.

    Bodom: And so he should be. Why does anyone doubt the talent of the man. He's a hero back in his homeland!! A multi-time amateur wrestling champion!! He has the skills, and he's shows that he's not to be messed with!!

    CP: Here comes Arius and he seems to be in a bit of a bad mood.

    Bod: Well I'd be pissed to if I were him. First the wannabe superhero gets involved in his match than he beats him on Warzone. Hell ya he's pissed.

    CP: You're right about that The Blue Flash and TJ Rage beat Arius and Splattered Dreams this past Friday on Warzone and I think it only served to make Arius that much angrier.

    Arius: All week i have been heckled by low-lifes and morons stating i was afraid of the Blue Blazer Let me clear this up right know for everywhere here tonight ,when Blazer took the chair from my hands I would of put him out right there and then but i had to get Alice out of trouble, i saw the look Blazer had in his eyes he was ready to start swinging at me and Alice.

    Now thats out of the way i dont want to spend more time than i have to out here on this subject so i will make this quick. Before i start casting threats i want to give you the opportunity to get yourself out of harms way and to do this all you have to do is fly down here and apologize to both me and Alice for you actions last week before i come and find you up in the rafters and throw you off, beacuase when i get my hands on you Blue Blazer i dont intend to let you walk away,

    CP: Speaking of our resident superhero! Here he comes!

    Bod: Oh God stop it with that superhero crap. Why is he even out here? To rub salt in Arius' wounds? This guy's nothing more than a Green Lantern rip off!! And everybody knows how much of a failiure The Green Lantern is!! Nobody cares about the Green Lantern!! The same way nobody cares about this goof in a costume!!

    CP: Well the fans seem to care about him Bodom. Maybe he is going to explain himself.

    *The Blue Flash's music hits, and the man himself emerges at the top of the ramp! He makes his way down to the ring interacting with some kids in the front row as he goes along. After entering the ring, he grabs a mic*

    Blue Flash: First of all citizen Arius, my name is The Blue FLASH!! The Blue BLAZER is a legend of this squared circle, and a man that I look up to as an inspiration. His life was taken from us at a tender age, but you choose to tarnish that name, by mocking me!

    *the crowd cheer*

    Blue Flash: Last week, you chose to attack TJ Rage in the middle of this ring after you had beaten him. I could not stand by and let that happen. Will I apologize for helping Rage last week? I will not! If you think that I am going to stand here and apologize for helping a friend, and preventing him from getting hurt, then you have another thing coming.

    *crowd cheer*

    Blue Flash: Oh, and I will also not apologize for me and Rage beating you and Splattered Dreams on Warzone last week. I hope that made you feel good!

    *crowd cheer as Arius looks very cheesed off*

    Blue Flash: So I suggest that you and your accomplice leave this ring for those of us that do have some honor and respect to this business, otherwise, I might have to kick your ass again!!

    *the crowd pop big

    Arius stares at Flash for a while. He then just shrugs his shoulders and turns to leave the ring, with Flash staring him down all the way. Just as he is half way through the ropes, Alice delivers a stiff kick to the genitals area of Flash from behind. Flash doubles over in pain and drops to his knees as Arius re-enters the ring with a smile on his face.

    Flash is now on his knees, and Arius seizes him up before delivering a devastating Shinning Wizzard to Flash, leaving him knocked out!!

    As his theme plays, both Arius and Alice leave the ring with Flash out of it.*

    CP: What in the hell was that for?

    Bod: Simple, Flash got in his way and paid the price. Now he'll know better next time.

    CP: I doubt that Bodom. If anything this will only serve as fuel for the fire.

    Bod: Whatever Chris.

    CP: Anyways we have a great match coming up next so stay tuned

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    Christopher Pentalion: Welcome back and so far this show has been on fire!

    Bodom: And we still have a lot to go!

    Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for ONE fall!! Making his way to the ring, from Warsaw, Poland, 'Red Hot' Istvan Gretzky!!

    *Istvan comes out to a few boos but doesn't seem to care*

    Bod: This guy right here, I like him a lot. I can't put my finger on it but he's great.

    CP: Hmmm I have no idea why that is.

    JMcM: And his opponent, coming straight down from heaven, Seraphim!!

    *Seraphim hits the ring quickly not looking to waste time*

    CP: He looks pumped up! Must be ready to get his hand on The Beard of Zeus.

    Bod: Why? We all know that he's going to lose at Pain for Treasure.

    CP: That's your opinion.

    Bod: Exactly and I'm usually right.

    Wade Barret/Istvan Gretzky vs Randy Orton/Seraphim

    stop at 6:31

    Bod: Gretzky has been on fire in this match.

    CP: He needs to capitalize on this and quickly!

    *Gretzky grabs Seraphim by the head and brings him to his feet. Gretzky throws a punch but Seraphim grabs him and throws a few lefts. Searphim off the ropes and hit Gretzky with a clothesline taking him to the mat. Seraphim measures his man and executes a leg drop with force. Seraphim goes to the top ropes but sees The Beard of Zeus coming out from the back*

    CP: What is the world is he doing out here?

    Bod: Scouting his competition of course, why else would he be out here?

    CP: We'll see soon enough.

    *Seraphim yells at The Beard of Zeus who is slowly walking towards the ring. Seraphim turns around to see Gretzky who lifts him up and hits a Gorilla Press Slam into a pin




    JMcM: Here is your winner, 'Red Hot' Istvan Gretzky!!

    Bod: Ha! I knew he'd win the match!

    CP: Ya only because TBOZ came out and distracted Searphim.

    Bod: A wins a win and thats all that matters.

    CP: Ya sure whatever

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    *We cut backstage to John Cleverly’s office. He’s on the phone with someone.
    After a few seconds, K-Jammin bursts into the room*

    John Cleverly: I’m going to have to call you back....*puts phone down*..... What the hell do you think you’re doing? Can’t you see that I’m busy?

    K-Jammin: I need you to do something for me Cleverly, and I need you to do it for me NOW.

    JC: Woah there, I don’t NEED to do anything for you, I.....

    *Cleverly stops dead in his tracks as K-Jam leans over the desk and gets in his face

    K-Jam: You’ve seen what I’m capable of John, so no, you’re right, you don’t need to do anything for me, you ARE going to do something for me.

    *Cleverly stares right into K-Jam for a few seconds*

    JC: Know what, you’re right. Ever since I signed you up to EWNCW you’ve been the most dominant force on this brand. Hell, the most dominant force in this company even!!
    You’re quickly establishing yourself as EWNCW’s MVP, so teah, I guess you’re right, I do need to do something for you, so I will. What can I do for you?

    K-Jam: I want match, and I want it tonight. I don’t care against who, just give me someone in that ring so that I can again show these undeserving fans why I’m going to be the best thing this company’s ever seen!

    JC: Hmm..... sure, I can do that. In fact, I have just the ideal opponent for you. You go and get ready and I’ll make the necessary arrangements!

    K-Jam: Good, good job Johnny!

    *K-Jam taps him hard on the back and exits with a smile on his face.
    Cleverly smiles after him and then goes back to his desk*

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    CP: King looks mad. Must not be happy that Our Rage Ignition Champion, Shaz ignored him last week.

    Bod: I'd ignore him too. He had nothing worth replying to so that's why he got ignored.

    CP: Well lets see what he has to say today.

    Chris King: Last week I was disrespected by that thug of a champion Shaz. I deserve some respect. I put up one hell of a fight came close to beating him at Vendetta. Shaz you are a disgrace to this business and a disgrace to that championship. If you're such a great champion how about you defend your title against me at Pain for Treasure!

    CP: Well our champ is here! Lets see if he accepts.

    Bod: Why would he? He has nothing to prove.

    Shaz: What's up fools! Every time I look at you people, I feel sick. I just wanna vomit. All of you imbeciles are cancer! I may be a criminal, but I'm still human. That's what you people don't understand. You think that I'm just a dirty thug who likes to hurt people for fun, with no pride and respect. I'm here to prove every one of you people that I'm a man that nobody should mess with! And I proved it at Vendetta, when I showed Damien Bloodstone and Chris King who the man is and that they shouldn't mess with me! To my pleasure, I wouldn't give two shits if any of you 'Shaz haters' lived or died! I will dominate every wannabe wrestler put in front of me! Oh and Chris King. You just stand there and challenge me to a match? Wow! I'm impressed! You have the guts to challenge, me? Shaz? The Best In The World? Well guess what! You ain't getting the title shot that you think you deserve! So don't even try, don't even think about it! Cause you are just another 'Shaz hater'. All of you are 'Shaz haters' and I love it! Every time you boo me, it just boosts my confidence! I am better than all of the nobodies on this roster! King you don't deserve a title shot, in fact. Nobody does! Cause I am the best wrestler in the Rage roster, and all these wrestlers have nothing on me. Cause I am the Rapid King, the Legend Of All Legends, The Best In The World at what I do, and there is nothing! And I mean NOTHING! That can take that away from me! Punks!

    *Shaz then simply walks out of the ring and back up the ramp as King looks on in amazement*

    Bod: Ha! Now thats a champion. I like the way this guy talks. So confident that he doesn't need to address King.

    CP: Look like he was dodging King if you ask me. Maybe He's scared.

    Bod: No one asked you!

    CP: Ok Ok, Well we got a great match coming your way.

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    *We cut backstage again to see Jonathan Sanchez*

    Jonathan Sanchez: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time; 'The Amazing One', Andy Amazing!!
    Andy thanks for joining me. Now last week you challenged Istvan Gretzky to a match on Rage to settle your differences, but instead of facing you, he took you out. What do you think he has against you?

    Andy Amazing: What does he have against me? Well let's see here... Well I am better looking then he is, I am a better wrestler then he is, I'm just better then he is in general, because I am...

    *The crowd says Amazing*

    Andy: Exactly...

    JS: Now you got some retribution in last weeks main event where you teamed with Seraphim to take on World Heavyweight Champion the Beard of Zeus and Gretzky, and you won, with Seraphim pinning Gretzky. How do you think that affects your situation with Gretzky?

    Andy Amazing: If anything it only makes Gretzky angrier, and that's a good thing. I want Gretzky at his best. I want him 100%, and I want him enraged. So he doesn't make excuses when I pin him at Pain for treasure 1...2...3!

    JS: It was also announced last week that your wish of a match with Gretzky has been granted and that it will happen at our next ppv; Pain for treasure. Are you confident that you can beat such a seasoned athlete such as Gretzky? He has many amateur grappling accomplishments from his homeland of Poland, and he's a champion in his own right. Can you beat him?

    Andy Amazing: Can I beat him? Is that a serious question? Of course I can beat him, I know it, and so does he. Why do you think he had to try to take me out? I'm a threat, and I don't care how many amateur grappling accomplishments he has, it doesn't matter. This isn't going to be a grappling competition, it's going to be a fight.

    JS: finally, tonight, Seraphim has picked you to face the champion in a one on one match in the main event. This is an excellent opportunity for yourself to have a good showing against he champ, possibly even beat him, and put yourself in a good position for consideration for a future title shot. How confident are you that you can beat 'The Machiavellian'?

    Andy Amazing: Now confidence has never been a problem for me, so as you can guess I'm feeling pretty good about this. I feel that I can takes this match home and earn me a future spot for the title, and a permanent spot as a top performer of this company. It's my time to do what I do best, and that is by being ah-maz-ing!

    *The crowd says Amazing with him and Andy winks at the camera and walks away*

    JS: Thanks for your time Andy. Andy Amazing there folks in good and confident spirits here tonight ahead of his main event clash with the World Heavyweight Champion!!

    *back at the commentary desk...*

    CP: Well Andy sounds upbeat and eager to get in the ring with TBOZ tonight!!

    Bod: We'll see if he feels the same after the match!!

    CP: Only on way to find out, come back to join us after this break!
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  9. #369
    *After everything that has happened so far on Monday Night Rage, the spectators couldn’t be any more enthralled as they look on to the rest of the evening with anticipation. A somewhat annoying obstruction to their joy, an interview, is about to take place. Standing in an undisclosed vicinity of the backstage area is one of EWNCW’s senior reporters, Jonathan Sanchez who’s wearing all smiles as the world looks onto him before he starts his interview.*

    ::Jonathan Sanchez::

    “Hello ladies and gentleman! Jonathan Sanchez here about to conduct an interview with Rage’s current Evolution Champion, Ronaldo Romulus! After this, we will witness a match between Ryan “The Freak” Wells and Seth Ferrell. The winner of that match will face Romulus at Pain for Treasure for the Evolution title on the line. With that being said, without further ado, here is the champion, Ronaldo Romulus!”

    *As stoic and somber as possible, Ronaldo Romulus walks in the way of the camera with his Evolution Championship fastened around his waist. The cameraman takes the time to get a close up on the championship belt before focusing back to both Sanchez and Romulus. Like usual, Ronaldo’s face conceals any sort of human emotion except for his usual streak of apathy. In order to break the ice and end the awkward atmosphere, Sanchez starts the promised interview.*

    ::Jonathan Sanchez::
    “Thanks for joining me here, Ronaldo. I know it’s been a tough week for you but…”

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “What essence of axiom derived such a conclusion?”

    ::Jonathan Sanchez::
    “Well...uh, if you haven’t noticed, you’ve been the talk of the town recently. Members of the Rage roster on backstage crew swear that they heard you, Seth Ferrell and Ryan Wells get into probably the most heated verbal altercation any of us have every witnessed in recent history. In fact, at one point, some people even claimed to have heard you swearing and shouting at Wells in a manner that we’ve never heard from you since you arrived in this company late last year. Of course, it could be just a rumor, but that’s one of the topics I want to focus on in our interview. Did you address Ryan Wells in such a manner yesterday or is it all speculation? Also, how do you feel your chances are at defending the Evolution championship at Pain for Treasure is? If you were to face Seth Ferrell instead of the popular choice, Ryan Wells, would that go into your favor or against you? ”

    Sanchez holds the microphone closer to Ronaldo, signaling to him that he’s ready for his answer.

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “The aforementioned incident did indeed betide as you say. The aphorism you must attune your cognizance with, however, is that redemption is segregated and peculiar and is bestowed upon the meek, not the contumacious like Ryan Wells. Again and again, I offered him reparation and he disowned it. For that, he shall bear the abounding breadth of my ire until his presence and conquest are extinguished from this plane of subsistence. Though the ambivalence of possible opponents for my championship match would inspire trepidation for a man of false intrepidity, fortunately, all such doubts are quelled by history itself.”

    As if he had a mutual understanding of anything Ronaldo just said, Jonathan Sanchez just nods. Ronaldo looks at his facial expression questionably and sighs. He shakes his head.

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “One factor of the oscillation is Seth Ferrell. Twice, I have bested him. The first? My inaugural PPV debut. The second? My neoteric title defense against him and four other oppugnants. Though his comportment is tolerable, he, like Ryan Wells, will suffer abatement at Pain for Treasure. The other factor, Ryan “The Freak” Wells is just that, a freak. An anthropomorphous being without doubt but one void of any purport of elementary comprehension. A trammel bred to stir up rebellion in the “serfs” for defiance of the Lord God. A thorn I intend to pluck from my side and incinerate. If he somehow gleans acuteness in his match against Ferrell and wins, at Pain for Treasure, I won’t bask in the jubilation of my Evolution Championship being retained. His pain…”

    Ronaldo takes a moment to scowl at the camera as he finishes off his invective.

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    … will be my treasure.”

    *Ronaldo walks off leaving Sanchez lost for words.*

    ::Jonathan Sanchez::
    "Thanks Ronaldo....."


    *Ronaldo Romulus walks down the ramp regaly. He goes to the ringside area and sets up a steel chair by the announce table, he then sits down.*

    Christopher Pentalion: Well it seems that Evolution Champion has come out here to check out his 2 prospective opponents for Pain for Treasure.

    Bodom: And why not? You heard what he said before he came out here. He intends to get rid of the thorns that have been in his side recently. The only question is, which thorn will he be removing?

    CP: He could have joined us at commentary for this one, I wonder why he elected not to?

    Bod: Because idiots like yourself don’t have the volcabulary to hold a conversation with men such as him!! You’d be lost with him talking into your ear here!!

    Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for ONE fall, where the winner will become the no.1 contender for the Evolution championship and challenge for the title at Pain for Treasure!!

    JMcM: Introducing first, from Boston, Massachussets, Ryan ‘The Freak’ Wells!!!

    *Wells walks out looking dead set on a his match*

    CP: You know Wells has only one thing on his mind and that is his match at Pain for Treasure.

    Bods: Well he better get his head in the game or he's gonna lose.

    CP: I trust Wells will get this match done.

    JMcM: And his opponent, from the sandy backs of the river Nile, Egypt, ‘The Great Pharoah’, Seth Ferrell!!

    *Seth comes out with a look of pure determination on his face*

    Bod: Here comes my pick for the winner of the match.

    CP: You would root for him.

    Bod: Duh, Ferrel is the greatest and I know he'll get the win here tonight!

    Ryan Wells/John Cena vs Seth Ferrell/Edge
    stop at 5:25

    Bod: So close!

    CP: He'll need to do more to get the win.

    *Ferrell pick Wells up and knees him in the gut. Warps an arm around Wells' neck and plant him on the mat with a DDT. Goes for the pin



    *Kick out! Ferrell looks shocked. He picks Wells up. Ferrel throws a punch, Wells throws one of his own. Ferrell throws Wells against the ropes and goes for a clothesline only for Wells to duck and hit a massive spinebuster!*

    Bods: No come on Ferrell you can get up.

    *Wells sets up Ferrell and points at Ronaldo. He lifts Ferrell up and hits a giant sit down powerbomb and goes for a pin*





    JMcM: Here is your winner and the no.1 contender for the Evolution Championship, Ryan ‘The Freak’ WEEEEELLSSSSSS!!!

    *Wells turns around to a spear from Ronaldo. He stomps on Wells and yells at him before leaving the ring*

    CP: What the hell was that for?

    Bod: Simple, he was sending a message to the new number one contender.

    CP: That was uncalled for.

    Bod: I have no idea what you're talking about, I loved it!

    CP: Of course you did. We’ll take a break now folks, but much more yet to come from this show!!

  10. #370

    Bod: What the hell is this guy doing here?

    CP: How should I know? Maybe he wants to talk with the fans?

    Bod: No one care what he has to say.

    *Daymian comes out from the crowd where was sitting. He shakes a few hands before hopping over the barricade and getting in the ring. He asks for a mic*

    Bloodstone: Last week I had a little match with a guy named Hanz Gruber. Now at first I felt that the match was a great match but something spoiled it for me. No it wasn't me losing. It wasn't even the fact that it was a count out. You wanna know why I ended up hating that match?

    *Crowd chants yes!*

    Bloodstone: It was because Gruber took the cowards way out. Now I can admit that he had a better chance of getting back to the ring and winning but instead he got in a cheap shot and got counted out! That was a coward's move! And to make things worse you kicked me in the gut and walked away! Than you ran away like a pussy when you saw me coming! You are a coward, a wimp, a pussy. You are....

    *Hanz Gruber walks out on the ramp with a mic in hand*

    Bod: Finally someone worth listening to!

    CP: He doesn't look very happy.

    Bod: You don't say? I'd be mad to if some random runt came out here and called me a pussy.

    Hanz: Whoa, you're callling me a pussy? A pussy? Really? Bet ya never even seen pussy in all your pathetic life

    *Hanz takes his time walking down and entering the ring. He walks up to Bloodstone, places his hand in Bloodstones face*

    Hanz: This is what pussy smells like little man

    *The crowd is booing the hell out of Gruber now*

    Hanz: Just fucking with ya Daymian. No, last week, I had that match won, and yes, all I had to do was step back in the ring- and it would have been all over for you, you could have gone home a cried the night away knowing you lost yet again. But you know what? I don't owe you an explanation as to why I did what I did. I have my own damn reasons. Deal with it! But one thing I will say, you put up a pretty decent fight for a midget. You actually had me convinced you could wrestle.

    Bloodstone: You know how about I prove right now that I can wrestle.

    *Daymian crack Hanz in the head with the mic and tackles him to the ground and pounds on him*

    Bod: What the hell? Why did he do that?

    CP: He said he wanted to prove he could wrestle.

    Bod: Ya by taking cheap shots!

    *Security rushes out to the ring and pulls Daymian off Hanz. Security hold both men back but Hanz manages to get away and connects with a low blow. Daymian drops to the mat. Hanz kicks him in the gut a few times before spitting on Bloodstone and leaving the ring*

    Bod: Yes! Bloodstone got exactly what he deserved! I knew Hanz would get out of it. Hopefully this is the last time Hanz has to deal with this guy!

    CP: I highly doubt it Bodom. Bloodstone is gonna want some payback after taking one to the family jewels. But we got more action coming your way after this


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