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    EWNCW Rage 12/9/11

    CP: Welcome one and all to EWNCW Monday night Rage, live from Dublin Ireland!! We are less than 1 week away from ‘Day of Reckoning’ and we are looking forward to one hell of a ppv onSunday with several matches set!! As always, I’m joined by EWNCW legend Bodom here!!

    Bod: Lucky me! But yes, we do have an already star studded ppv lined up for Sunday. The tag titles are on the line, with The Upstarts challenging The Collective. Mark Dimension is facing Krystian Krysys. We have Solla facing Silver Cena. The International title is on the line in a 3 way!! I can’t wait what other matches will be added, so let’s get this show on the road!!

    CP: And here comes GM Cleverly to open proceedings!!

    JC: Hello EWNCW!! Great to see a full arena here tonight!! On behalf of Rage management, I have to thank the British fans for making the British Isle tour a success!!You have been brilliant hosts, and without doubt, we can’t wait to come back to entertain you guys again!!

    *crowd cheer*

    JC: And we hope to see you at this coming Sunday’s ppv ‘Day of Reckoning’!! Where we will be performing in front of a sold out crowd at Wembley Stadium!!

    *crowd cheer*

    JC: But now onto more serious business. First of all, I must do something about a situation that has get beyond out of hand. Mark Dimension, Krystian Krysys! You 2 have been attacking each other here, there, everywhere!! And both of you are a danger to yourselves and each other!! Now its obvious that you have issues with each other, so I’m announcing that you will cafe each other at ‘Day of Reckoning’ in an unsanctioned match!!

    *crowd pop big*

    JC: But, I must add that EWNCW cannot and will not take any responsibility for any injuries. But until then, I’m issuing a restraining order on both of you!! If either of you get involved with each other physically between now and ‘Day of Reckoning’, then you will BOTH will be suspended, and you will BOTH miss our big ppv, ‘Destiny’s Calling’.

    *mixed reaction from the crowd*

    JC: And now on to another issue. The EWNCW World Heavyweight title. We have 2 guys parading around here claiming to be the champion, and I’m not happy about it. So to resolve the matter once and for all, this Sunday at ‘Day of Reckoning’, I’m booking Gillz to face Tommy Thunder, and the winner will be crowned the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion. In the meantime though, tonight’s main event will have Tommy Thunder taking on Silver Cena!! So this Sunday...

    CP: Well here comes one of our champions, Gillz. He seems to have taken exeption to what GM Cleverly had to say, and he’s coming out there to voice his opinion. Let’s see what he has to say.

    G: Now hold on a minute Cleverly
    You’re forgetting one key point in what you’re saying
    I am the champion, which means i get say in who faces me and when
    Cleverly you haven’t been the greatest when it comes to me and who I face
    so I’m gonna make a recommendation for your benefit
    The only person that even remotely deserves a shot at me and this title
    is Solla, not Cena or that bitch Thunder,
    He can claim he’s champion all he wants but I was the one that won the match
    And I am the one it is and will remain champion
    Now if you wanna stay on my good side Cleverly you will scrap that match with Thunder now
    or are things between me and you going to get personal

    *grabs Cleverly by the scruff of the neck*

    G: What’s it gonna be little man?

    TT: Hey, hey, hey, hey, HEY!! Slow down there buddy, you seem to be getting all flustered there. You need to relax a bit, loosen up!! I think that match is GREAT!! The one thing that Mr John Cleverly has done that I agree with!! FINALLY I can get in the ring with Gillz and kick his ass!!

    *crowd cheer*

    TT: You think Solla deserves a shot? The only shot he deserves is a shot to sedate him!!

    *crowd laugh*

    TT: But seriously, I’ve kicked that guy’s ass so many times, I’ve lost count. I beat him in the first ever Hell in a Cell match in EWNCW. And I also beat him for the EWNCW title at ‘In Violent we Trust’. So if anything, he should be at the back of the queue for a title shot.

    *crowd cheer*

    TT: As for Cena, well he has a chance to prove himself this Sunday against ‘the Albino Hippo’, so he’s getting there to the front of the line, but he’s not quite there yet. But if you want to be known as the champion Gillz? You want to be known as the REAL EWNCW champion? You NEED to beat me. So I suggest that you accept this match, stop being a crybaby, and go and find your balls, so that when we meet in the ring on Sunday, I can shove ‘em up your ass! So when you shit, you shit all over your balls!!

    *crowd pop big. Gills stares at Thunder with a scowl on his face as Thunder who has a wide grin on his face. After a few moments, Gillz goes for Thunder, but he manages to get out of the ring in time.

    CP: Wow!! A huge match set up there by John Cleverly for ‘Day of Reckoning’, and also, a blockbuster main event tonight!!

    Bod: That’s right Chris. We finally get to resolve this situation, Gillz vs Thunder in the main event this Sunday! Only on will prevail as champion!!

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    CP: We’re back from the break here and we’re still digesting that huge match set up for Sunday!! I for one can’t wait for Thunder vs Gillz!!

    CP: And here comes Ryan Wells!! He’s been in EWNCW for 2 weeks now, and he hasn’t been stopped yet!!

    Bod: That’s right. He’s on a roll, but I’m yet to see something that makes him special. Until I’ve seen that, he won’t convince me.

    RW: Ok, so as most of you have noticed, the past 2 weeks, I've been stuck in matches with 2, shall I say...weaker opponents. Now people all around are praising me for my size, viciousness, and dominance, which is all to be expected. Also, you know, you, the fans, the support you give me also helps and I can't thank you all enough. But tonight I am a little angry and I deserve to be I think.

    2 jobbers, 2 lower-mid carders, 2 wrestlers in no title picture, and that is who I have to face. As all of you saw, I destroyed them completely and quickly, as much as I like a win, I like a win against an opponent who will give me a hard time and make me show all my skills to beat, or at least a semi-decent wrestler, which is a major improvement from the opponents I already did face.

    So I am asking you, no...I am DEMANDING that I get a better opponent tonight, or the EWNCW management will have a lot more then a championship debacle to deal with, they'll have a 6'7", 298 lbs angry giant to deal with too!

    CP: Some big bold words there from Ryan Wells and...

    Bod: Oh no...

    Bod:Tell me that isn’t who I think it is...

    CP: Sorry to disappoint Bodom, but that is indeed ‘Red Hot’ Istvan Gretsky!! And it looks like he has something to say to Ryan Wells!!

    Istvan Gretzky: Jak siemasz! My Name 'a Istvan, Istvan Gretzky... But all you of should be knowing of this by these times in present. I am interrupted this Rodney Well to let Kurwa know manage have asked if Istvan mind break him with vascular arms made from falling star, Kurwa!

    *poses, kisses biceps, and continues.*

    IG: In a my country you people know I take piss in well of the village, just to be pissing off the whole village and see if men will fight me. Well, Well, this is consideration of Istvan pissing in Well to make for fighting with Istvan. Dare make fighting with Istvan, Kurwa, dare make fighting with man with VASCULAR ARMS MADE FROM FALLEN STAR, KURWA! Dare make fighting with strongest of alls, Istvan Gretsky, Kurwa! Istvan make American journey for competitionist and make breakings of bones of ECWN children to make kielbasa with guts and blood. Istvan make American journey to leave trail of guts and eyeball and rib bones, Kurwa.. I, Istvan Gretzky have making challengings to Well in village, Kurwa. Rodney Well, I am pissing with you to see if you making fights with Istvan. Istvan prepare for answer from village Well... This is Do Widzenia for now but remember name of "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky.... He is coming soon, kurwa. Will Rodney be readys?

    Bod: What the hell did that man just say? Something about pissing in a well?!

    CP: Well I think Istvan Gretzky has just issued a challenge to Wells here...

    *Wells looks outraged, but a smile creeps across his face*

    RW: Alright hotshot, get your foreign ass in the ring here and let’s do this right here right now!!

    CP: Wow! And it seems we have a match here folks!!

    Bod: Damn, I hope Wells gives me a reason to like him right here!!

    Ryan Wells/Brock Lesner vs Ivan/A-Train

    CP: And Wells does it!! How do you like him now after he beat ‘Red Hot’ there?

    Bod: Ironically, I like him a lot more Chris. He’s not letting some idiot like Gretzky get in his way, and that’s the way to do it!!
    __________________________________________________ ________________

    CP: We are back live and its time to hear from the candy man.

    *Candy Man comes down the Ramp theres no ice cream van today*

    Candy: nyron ..I’m saying this to you now so everyone can hear it and u and my fans can understand why I left..I didn’t mean to cause as much harm as i did but there was no money around at the time I had to go..i had to get out while i still could ...u were dragging me down and ur mother was a two faced fukin hore how couldn't give a fuck about anything other than men...I had to leave and make money for the future for your future for our future..nyron I’m sorry ..I did what was best for us

    *Candy Man puts the Mic down and heads to the Back we see Nyron Backstage starring ferociously at the Screen*

    CP: well Bods I certainly hope that Nyron takes notice of this I mean we don’t really want to see a father and Son go at it

    Bod: Well I do Chris. Candy Man is in an Idiot and an Asshole and I hope Nyron beats the Shit out of him Sunday at the PPV.

    CP: Well certainly everyone has their own view on this one and whether I like it or not I guess we will see it at Day of Reckoning folks.

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    *we return to see Damien Bloodstone and Grind Bastard and TJ Rage waiting in the ring. King Strem is suited up at ringside joining the commentary table.

    CP: We’re now going to see an Ignition division exhibition match. This Sunday, we’re going to see King Strem defend his title against title against the 3 guys who are in action tonight, one of which has a guaranteed shot at the title. TJ Rage of course has that Money in the Bank contract he won at ‘In Violent We Trust’, which he can cash in at any time! Grind Bastard and Damien Bloodstone are the other 2 in triple threat action with Rage!! And King’s here with us tonight!

    KS: That’s right. But let me tell you this Pentalion; I may have 3 guys against me this Sunday, but I’m a King. If I say I don’t loose, then I don’t loose.

    Bod: Well I certainly don’t see you loosing on Sunday. I mean let’s be serious, none of the 3 guys here are serious contenders.

    Grind Bastard/Batista vs Daymian Bloodstone/Jeff Hardy vs TJ Rage/Elijah Burke

    CP: And the crazy Grind Bastard has done it!! Any thoughts on that King?!

    KS: That man is crazy. He thinks he’s so great here in EWNCW. He’s nothing. He doesn’t deserve to win this title!!

    *King Strem rips off his headset and makes his way into the ring with the Ignition title where Grind is celebrating*

    Bod: You had to make him mad didn’t you Pentalion!!

    *Grind is on a turnbuckle posing to the fans. King Strem waits behind him with the title ready. After Grind dismounts the turnbuckle, Strem charges and drills Grind in the head, before posing over his body with the title*

    CP: Good Lord!! Strem just floored Grind Bastard there!!

    Bod: HA!! No more than that crazy little worm deserves!! He thinks he can take the title from Strem? I think not!!
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    CP: We’re back here folks! Dublin Ireland is buzzing here tonight!! What a great host city they’ve been for us here!

    CP: Rich Cranium is in the house folks!! The former Tag team champion lost the titles thanks to Primus Khan, but Rich got some payback when he beat the life out of Khan last week!!

    Bod: It wasn’t in Khan’s interest to help Cranium keep the titles. As for the attack last week, Khan was on the verge of a HUGE victory over Tommy Thunder, but he was cheated out of tht by this sour grape!!

    *Rich is in ring with mic*

    RC: I am here to address some facts that need to be aired. As many of you know, I've had a string of bad luck as of late. First, the team of GodMoney lost it's beloved tag team gold! I was thinking to myself, okay, it's happened before, all I gotta do is regroup, find a new partner and win those titles back!
    I have a rematch clause so it's money in the bank! What happens next? I announce my plans to find a new partner but our GM decides,

    *does a child like voice* 'oh no Rich, you can't just find a partner. I will find one for you.'

    *Crowd laughs*

    RC: And so he decides to pair me up with this guy named Primus Kahn.

    *Crowd boos*

    RC: The GM is a fool for doing this! I gave Kahn a chance since I really had no option and what does he do? He leaves me high and dry and costs me the chance to once again hold the EWNCW tag team titles! This folks, is the reason for my actions last week when I attacked him! To teach him a lesson and to beat some sense into him!

    *Crowd cheers*

    RC: Primus Kahn, I want you to bring your ass down here and explain to me the reasons for your actions and why you cost me the titles! If you have any balls, BRING THEM OUT!

    CP: Well after those comments it would have been hard for Primus Khan not to come out, and here comes ‘The Alpha and the Omega’!!

    Bod: This man is impressive. He’s clinical, and he’s very businesslike. Just my type of guy.


    *John Cleverly appears on the tron*

    JC: Hold on a just a minute there!! I make the matches around here! But I do like what you 2 have going here, so I’ll make it happen. Rich Cranium will take on Primus Khan at ‘Day of Reckoning’!!

    *crowd pop*

    JC: But I can’t have you two coming out here to argue like this, so tonight, we’re going to have ourselves a tag team match!! Primus Khan will team with The Collective, to take on the team of Rich Cranium and The Upstarts!! Holla!!

    CP: Wow another huge match made for ‘Day of Reckoning’!! Rich Cranium taking on Primus Khan!! What do you think or that Bodom?!

    Bod: Khan will beat him. He said it right there. Cranium was being carried by TBoZ back in the days of Godmoney, he can’t cut it as a singles guy, and Khan will take him to school.

    CP: Ok. Well join us after the break for this 3 vs 3 tag team match!!
    __________________________________________________ ____________
    *The Collective and The Upstarts are out and the match is ready to get under way*

    CP: Welcome back folks, you join us just in time for this one, let’s get going!!

    PK & Collective/ CM Punk, Drew McIntyre & Luke Gallows vs Rich & The Upstarts /R-Truth, Matt Hardy & John Morrison

    CP: And Primus Khan did it!! He got the win for his team!!

    Bod: I told you Chris, that man is a real talent!!

    CP: I wonder what will transpire at ‘Day of Reckoning’? The Upstarts against the Collective, and Rich Cranium vs Primus Khan. 2 big matches!! Stay tuned for more folks!!
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    *We Cut Backstage to see Krysys and MD*

    KK: 3 Stages of Hell! Just the match to end you!

    *Gets in Dimension's face*

    KK: I promise I will make you bleed!

    MD:The 3 Stages Of Hell Is no Ordinary Match I'm Gonna Kill You in the squared circle and no I don't mean hurt you
    No I Don't mean just have you in Pain
    I'm Goin in For The Kill On Krystian Krysys
    Some Might Say hmm MD really got Krysys noticed put him on da map to WATCH!
    Well Watching Stops Now as I Will rip The Heart out of the body that holds your soul
    And let you see yourself as your spirit rises and say Damn Ii should of Never been in The way of a Dimension
    Exterminate I will,kill on site

    (Steps right back in krysys fae)
    (Yells out “you don't want to really your scared this all a frontHands off me damn it you don't want this!”
    starts fighting security krysys jumps over and more security get in the way krysys just snapped an arm of head of security trying to speak to him MD and krysys are being pinned down and dragged away)

    (MD Runs back down the hallway with a guard holding on to his leg *Stop,Stop it guys Krysys isn't backing down)
    We will See Who Wins You Watch Now Krysys You Just WATCH

    *guard says please stop*

    MD:Shut up (and walks away)

    KK Yea! Walk away you little bitch! Enjoy your time being undefeated, at Day of Reckoning I will end your f***ing streak!

    *Guards hold back Krysys as he tries to get to Dimension*

    KK: Let me go you assholes! I just wanna hit him once!

    Guard: No Krysys, we got orders to keep you two seperated!

    KK: Screw that! Dimension get back here

    Bods: well I cant wait to see these two go at Day of Reckoning this is certainly one of the Hottest feuds at the Moment

    CP: Couldn’t be more Right Bodom

    Bods: I am always right!
    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    CP: We welcome you back as ‘The Great Pharaoh’ Seth Ferrell makes his way out here. I wonder what he has on his mind?

    Bod: Isn’t it obvious? He has Billy McCoy’s International title on his mind!!

    SF: You know, I think you people have had to put up with an unworthy champion representing you long enough I'd say. He doesn't deserve the title he carries. The title he sullies! That title loses its esteemed history the longer he holds it. TJ Hawks, Tommy Thunder, and Billy McCoy. *sings* Which one of these things is not like the other! I am a Pharaoh. I deserve gold at all times NOT JUST THE INTERNATIONAL TITLE. Every title. McCoy it's true, has some skill. But I am a superior athlete. I am superior to McCoy, I am superior to the entire International Title Legacy, and I am superior to you peasants. But fret not my dear peasants, and you too McCoy, because you will all get to bask in my spectacle. You've cheated, you've given me the runaround. Day of Reckoning couldn't be a more fitting title for you McCoy.

    CP: Well look who it is...

    Bod: Don’t you dare disrespect this man Pentalion!!

    Bam: Now here me when I say Ferrell, I respect you. I would even hazard saying I like you in some ways. But understand one thing. The International title has MY name on it. ‘The Japanese Dragon’ Bam!! This great man here

    *points to Flair*

    Bam: Has been schooling me, and helping me hone my skills over the past month or so, and now I’m ready to have some gold around my waist. And that’s going to happen this Sunday at ‘Day of Reckoning’!!

    CP: And here comes the International champion!!

    Bod: Shut up Pentalion!! This man is as bland as they get. He’s not worthy of a title as prestigious as that one!!

    BM: I Feel like I am watching an Inferno re-run!! Because you know there is Seth Farrell saying he should have a shot Bam saying he should have a shot and Billy McCoy saying that Better is Bigger and the fans, the good fans in Dublin Tonight just want the talking to stop and the Ass Whipping to begin!!! All in good time one thing I have to do first
    …Dublin Ireland…

    *Crowed Roars*

    BM: WE ARE LIVE ALL AROUND THE WORLD and your International Champion is going to head in to EWNCW Day of Reckoning and face 2 men The Japanese Dragon BAM and Seth The Pharaoh Farrell now you 2 punks have been running around disrespecting Me, This Title and These People!! And what makes you think either of you deserve a shot at this title in order to even get a shot at this title I beat the Albino Rhino in a Scaffold Match you two have had an easy ride thus far but that’s going to chance because in the packed out Wembley Stadium at Day of Reckoning I will show you what it takes to be a true Champion

    *Ric Flair snatches a mic from Bam*

    Ric Flair: Stand back boy, I’ll take this one!! What!?! McCoy! What did you say!?! Don't look at me like that!! Are you disrespecting me!?! I think you are! Don't you talk to me like that! Don't you know who I am!?! I am GOD! You can't talk to GOD like that! You are not worthy to hold that title! In fact, you should be stripped of your title and it should be handed to a REAL athlete such as BAM!! Hell, I bet Ferrell would whoop your ass! You know what!?! I want to fight you right now! Let’s go right now! You and me, one on one!

    BM: Ok, you're on...... Old man!!

    *Flair is outraged and clearly worked up as Bam struggles to hold him back*

    CP: Wow!! Flair is really lost it here...

    Bod: NO PENTALION!! Flair is a wrestling God!! And he just got disrespected by a young nobody!! Why should he stand for that?!

    CP: Well come back after the break to see how this one plays out folks!!

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    CP: We're back here folks to see Ric Flair ready to take on Billy McCoy!! Can't wait for...

    Bod: This is going to be great!! Ric Flair is the best ever in this business!! He's taking this kid to school here!!

    McCoy/Beniot vs Ric Flair/Ric Flair

    CP: What a match, and McCoy does it!! What about that Bodom?!

    Bod: This match never happened....

    CP: *sigh* Well McCoy gets some momentum going into Sunday. Ferrell and Bam will be there waiting for him, Flair is banned from ringside remember. It should be a great one!!

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    CP: We’re back here folks and it’s main event time!!

    CP: And here comes the ‘Rapping Hyena’!!

    Bod: You mean the ‘RAPING Hyena’!! Haha!!

    CP: Bodom! There are kids watching!!

    Bod: Hey, Thunder said it, not me!!

    CP: And now here is Thunder. He takes on Gillz this Sunday so that we can finally find out who the real champion is!!

    Bod: I don’t know who wins on Sunday Chris, but this one tonight, is a Thunder win!!

    CP: Well let’s find out!!

    Thunder/Eddie Guerrero vs SilverCena/Chris Jericho

    CP: And Thunder does it!! Thunder wins and gets the momentum builder!!

    Bod: A great match, but Thunder was too good in the end!!

    *Thunder extends his hand to Cena to pick him up. Cena takes it and they shake hands. Suddenly, Gillz and Solla come through the crowd and attack both competitors.
    After taking Thunder out of the ring, they double team Cena in the corner.
    After some beating, Thunder comes back in with a chair to run both out.*

    CP: Damn!! Those 2 came out of nowhere there!! A brutal attack on both, especially Cena there. But Thunder with the steel chair was enough to force them out of the ring!!

    Bod: Those 2 wanted to send a message, simple as that, and that’s the best way to do it!!

    CP: You can’t seriously be congratulating them on this attack?!


    I don’t joke Chris. Look, this is my serious face.

    CP: Ok. Whatever!! We’ve had a great Rage tonight folks!! Remember to tune in to Thursday night Inferno when we will be live from the CIA arena in Cardiff Wales!! And of course, join us on Sunday when we’ll be at a sold out Wembley Stadium for ‘Day of Reckoning’!! But thank you for joining us tonight folks!! Goodnight!!

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    Warning Rage is still going to be awhile just going to post the EWNCW Awards 1st Nominations so u can all look at them they are coming next

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    There will be 4 nominees in each catogory here is this weeks

    EWNCW Superstar of the Year

    EWNCW Tag Team of the Year
    The Force of Greatness
    EWNCW Show of the Year

    EWNCW PPV of the Year
    In Violence We Trust

    EWNCW Promo Man of the Year
    Tommy Thunder

    EWNCW Moment of the Year
    Tommy Thunder leaves with both Titles

    EWNCW Newcomer of the Year
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    This is the most awesome filler ever
    RAGE is Next!
    Prediction Contest Podiums:
    Extreme Rules: 1st (Perfect Score)
    Payback: 3rd

    CGBigMan - The Football Manager

    EWNCW - Gillz:
    Superstar of the Year (2011)
    World Heavyweight Champion Aug 29th (11) - Oct 30th (11)
    EWNCW Champion Nov 28th (11) - Apr 16th (12)
    BWA Undisputed World Tag Champions Feb 19th (12) - March 18th (12) (With Ryan Wells)

    WWE Fed - Manik:
    Royal Rumble Entrant


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