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    Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for one fall! Entering first, from Boston, Massachussets, 'The Freak', Ryan Wells!!

    Pentalion: Welcome back to Monday night Rage, and we're looking at Ryan Wells coming out here and it looks as if he'll be the first to try and be the one to partner Jman at Raging Inferno. Jman has stayed here at ringside to watch the action!

    Bodom: Well Wells is a tough competitor and a former Evolution Champion, but at this point in time, he seems to be a little lost. Many people thought that he would have won the Rumble match at Threat of the Net, but that didn't mature. I guess we should wait and see who he's against here.

    Pentalion: Well I think that Wells is one of the leading guys that Jman would be looking at. There aren't many better options available to him to be his partner in my opinion.

    Jason McManus: And his opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, 'The Destruction', Darren Bull!!

    Bodom: Now here's a guy that would get the job done at Raging Inferno for us! He's got a good record on the main roster, he's sniffing around the Rage Ignition Championship. He's lookid in good shape as of late.

    Pentalion: Well he's yet to win a championship in EWNCW unlike Wells, and Wells has the experience edge. It'll be an interesting matchup for sure!

    (Start at 2:00)
    (Terry = Wells vs Magnus = Bull)

    (end at 7:00)

    *Bull has the armbar locked in good as a shot of Jman is shown looking on ponderously*

    Pentalion: Bull has got Wells grounded for a while here and is well and truly in control of the big man!

    Bodom: He's going about controlling the pace of this match the right way, you have to keep big guys like Wells off their feet if you want to beat them!

    Pentalion: Right, and now.....

    Bodom: What the?!

    Pentalion: Is that?! It is!! It's K-Jammin!! The former World Heavyweight Champion!! We haven't seen him since he dropped the title to Ronaldo Romulus back at Bred for Combat!!

    Bodom: What the hell is he doing out here?!

    *Jman has stood up and is looking on in shock as Bull and Wells look on not knowing what's going on. K-Jammin looks on into the ring at Bull and Wells before sliding in!! Bull releases the armbar and goes to strike K-Jam, but he ducks under before bouncing off the ropes and coming back at Bull with a clothesline which causes the bell to ring! He then drops an elbow on Bull before smashing some fists into him*

    Bodom: What the hell is he doing?! Why's he helping Wells out here?!

    Pentalion: Well this match has gone out of the window, who's won?!

    *Wells is on one knee and he looks on at K-Jam who's also on one knee over Bull and looking back at him. K-Jam gets up and goes to Wells and helps him up, much to the delight of the crowd.*

    Bodom: What the hell?! Don't tell me this idiot's gone soft?! I havent' forgotten what he did to me!!!

    *Wells seems grateful and takes K-Jam's hand to get up. They both look at the downed Bull as Wells goes to Bull and says something. K-Jam then grabs Wells' arm to spin him round and drills him with a superkick!! Wells drops back on his ass like a sack of potatoes!!*

    Pentalion: The Head Jam!! That K-Jammin is as treacherous as ever!! He's not changed at all!!

    Bodom: I knew that there was something wrong here.

    *The referee has a word with Jason McManus before the ring announcer takes the mic*

    Jason McManus: Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has declared this match a no contest.

    *K-Jammin then pushes Bull out of the ring with a few stiff kicks, before doing the same to Wells with the tip of his boot. He then just stares at Jman who's still looking on from ringside in shock and confusion. K-Jammin then simply leaves the ring and goes up the ramp as the crowd mostly boo him*

    Bodom: What the hell is up with that guy?! Come back here you ass!!

    Pentalion: I don't know, you don't know, Jman doesn't know, I don't think anybody knows Bodom. All we do know is that neither Wells nor Bull have qualified to be Jman's partner at Raging Inferno. As for K-Jammin, we can only speculate here I think.

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    Jonathan Sanchez: Ladies and gentleman, my name is Jonathan Sanchez- and my guest at this time, is none other than EWNCW's very own...Shaz!

    *Crowd boo as Shaz looks pissed*

    Sanchez: So Shaz, how do you feel about what went down at Threat of the Net?

    Shaz: How do I feel?...HOW DO I FEEL? Last week at Threat of the Net, I got screwed Sanchez. How do you think I feel? I feel absolutely frustrated, because I was just minutes away from becoming the new EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion. But no- it took one low blow, to stop me from accomplishing my goal.

    One low blow, from a man who I've destroyed before- and his name is Bodom. Out of all the things you've done Bodom...screwing me out of a title must be on top of that list! I've warned you so many times, to stay out of this- but you just don't listen do you? You still try and find a way to crawl back into the place where you don't belong!

    You don't belong in the same league as me because you're not on my level, and I've proved that already when I was the last man standing in our past encounter. You've just made this personal Bodom. I may have took out your best bitch in TBOZ- but look where the fuck he is now!

    He's an Evolution Champion, and he's recovered like crazy. You don't need to be dealing with me anymore, you're just trying to overshadow the rest of GodMoney- because you are a selfish human being. You're a sniveling piece of shit who needs to be murdered, and I'll gladly do that with no regrets!

    Luckily for you Shaz- you get a chance to destroy Bodom again as you face him in a Singles Match as the winner will join Ronaldo Romulus on Team Rage in the 6 Man Tag
    Team main event at Raging Inferno. What do you think about this?

    Shaz: I'm going to do what I can, to keep Bodom out of my way. I don't care if I have to break every teeth in his mouth, I don't care if I need to break every single one of his weak bones, and I certainly don't care if I have to end his life. I'm going inflict 10 times more pain that I did before, and I'll make him learn that he never should have came back for revenge.

    Sanchez: What about Raging Inferno, Shaz?

    Shaz: As for Raging Inferno, it's simple. It's Rage vs. Inferno. You have potentially 3 of the best superstars from Rage, facing 3 of the best superstars in Inferno. I'm here in the EWNCW to prove that I'm the best, so qualifying for this match- will back it up.

    If I am to defeat Bodom tonight, which I will- I'm willing to team up with Ronaldo Romulus. I've said this before I know, but this is my time to shine- and my time to prove that Rage is the best brand in EWNCW history. And the man that all you sheep are looking at, is the face of this brand!

    However Ronaldo, that don't necessarily mean I like you. Don't forget that if Bodom wasn't included as the referee in our world title match, I would've walked out as the world champion in a matter of 3 seconds. So Ronaldo, I need you to remember something. I need you to remember that I'm still hungry for that title.

    And sooner, rather than later...I'm gonna take it from you.

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    McManus: The following main event matchup is scheduled for one fall and it is for the qualifying process for Team Rage.

    McManus: Introducing first, he comes to us from Brixton, London. He is the one and only, "The Rapid King" Shaz!

    *Shaz comes out to many boos from the fans everywhere. He seems very happy with the match he is going to tonight. He ignores all the boos from all the people. He makes his way towards the ring steps, but instead of climbing on top of them he just instead walks towards the announcer table and yells at Bodom. He then stops his yelling and decides to roll into the ring.*

    He might have a loud mouth right now, but I will make sure it stops. I will beat him in the ring tonight.

    Pentalion: You better make sure you don't risk your ring type Bodom. You did a good job as guest ref at Shaz's and Romulus's match, but I do think you angered Shaz quite a few.

    I wouldn't worry about that my partner.

    McManus: And his opponent, he comes from Fredrick, Maryland. He is Rage's personal announce man of every night, Bodom!!!

    *Bodom gets up from his seat and takes off his suit while looking only at Shaz. Shaz tells him to move along faster than before. Bodom smiles a bit at Shaz's respond, so he actually does move faster. Once he is done he climbs the ring apron and stares down at Shaz, who tries to move closer to Bodm, but the referee is able to hold him back a bit. Bodom gets in the ring and then looks back at the announce table and signals out his seat. This cues out Dick Thompson to come out running a bit and sit himself down at Bodom's seat.*

    (Start @ 7:57, End @ 15:25, CM Punk=Shaz, John Cena=Bodom)

    *Both men are slow to get up to their feet on their own. They are both up at the same time, but Shaz is able to dropkick Bodom on his back and back to the floor. Shaz also drops down to the mat and slowly crawls his way to Bodom's position. He grabs hold of Bodom's head and applies a headlock. Shaz then starts to hit various right hand fist to Bodom's face. Bodom puts up his hands and is able to grab hold of Shaz's right hand. Bodom is capable to slowly rise both of them up. He is able to get the headlock off him and he sends Shaz to the floor and causes him to roll on his back. As soon as Shaz gets up to his feet, Bodom comes in running and hits a very hard clothesline. He moves towards Shaz and covers him.*




    I'll admit that Bodom is being quite smart here tonight. He knows that clothesline could have ended anyone, but Shaz is simply not anyone. He showed some heart out there.

    Pentalion: That's right Thompson. Shaz is showing he can keep himself in a match no matter what. However, I do see this match going into Bodom's direction.

    *Bodom is a little bit shocked on how Shaz was able to kickout. Bodom decides to himself and Shaz at the same by grabbing hold of Shaz's hair. Bodom is quick to perform a hip toss on Shaz. The hip toss causes Shaz to move more towards the ring ropes. He is able to grab hold of the ring ropes and it causes Bodom to become unable to move Shaz from that position. Bodom grabs Shaz's legs and Shaz decides to hit Bodom with the legs and makes him fall to the ground. Shaz quickly gets up from the ground and waits for Bodom to get up as well and hits him with a floatover DDT.*

    Pentalion: Shaz might have found himself a move that causes Bodom to be out of this match.

    Dick: I can tell you right now that Shaz was just waiting for the right moment. He knew Bodom would not know about that DDT that there would be almost no counter to that.

    *Shaz moves fast and turns Bodom over and covers him for the win.*




    *Bodom is able to kickout of the pin cover from Shaz. Shaz in the other hand yells at the referee that the count should have been a 3 instead. Shaz stops the yelling at the ref to look back at Bodom and sees him trying to crawl his way out of harms way. He then drags Bodom over by his left leg onto the middle of the ring. Shaz fastly picks up Bodom left leg up to the air and decides to slam the knee on the mat. Bodom very fast grabs hold of his knee and yells out during the match and Shaz is just seen smiling at the hurt Bodom. Shaz then gets his leg once more, but this time he kicks it a bit on his own. Shaz then decides to stop the kicking, but he then turns the pain by hitting Bodom's knee with his own knee bit a couple of times.*

    Someone needs to stop Shaz at this moment. He is passing himself a bit too much here. He just damaging Bodom too much.

    Bodom: What are you talking about Christopher? Shaz is doing a smart move here by attacking Bodom's leg. That can cause Shaz to win the match here.

    *Shaz stops attack on the left leg of Bodom. He then gets up to the turnbuckles on the left side and climbs them all the way to the third one. Shaz smiles a bit at the hurting Bodom, who is grabbing hold of knee, and he decides to smile at him a bit. Shaz measures his distance a bit and launches himself. Shaz attempts to hit Bodom's face with his right knee on the face, but Bodom is able to see him and moves out of the way. Shaz lands on his knee this time around and begins to yell out of pain from the knee.*

    It looks like both men are now injured from their knees. Each of them on a different side to be honest.

    Dick: Who knows Shaz just barely landed on his knee. It might not be as hurt as Bodom's knee which has been targeted.

    *Bodom slowly grabs hold of his knee still and picks himself up. He then sees the fallen Shaz on his back and telling the ref about his knee. This time it is Bodom who smilies a bit and decides to walk his way over to Shaz on his own. Once he reaches there Bodom steps on Shaz's knee a bit and the fans cheer for that. Bodom gets off Shaz's knee and picks him up a bit and applies a bear hug rather quickly.*

    Pentalion: Bodom is being smart here and going after another body part rather than the knee. Bodom can cause Shaz to give up a bit here.

    Dick: All Shaz has to do is find a way to get out of this devastating bear hug.

    *Bodom slowly moves himself and Shaz to the middle of the ring. That causes for Shaz to be unable to reach for a rope break and allows Bodom to apply more pressure to the move. Shaz starts to scream out all the pain he is going through at the moment. Shaz punches Bodom a bit in his back a bit, but that causes for Bodom to apply even more pressure on the hold. With more of the pain in, Shaz begins to scream out even more this time. He gets a bit smart and yells out in Bodom's ear that is close to him. The yelling causes Bodom to get a bit undistracted and Shaz quickly gets his best hand and punches Bodom across the head and lands a bit in the chin. That punch causes Bodom to let go off Shaz and Shaz quickly runs to ropes and back to where Bodom is at and Shaz hits him with a enzuguri. Bodom goes down to the ground and lands on his back. This time it is Shaz who is quick to pin Bodom first.*





    Dick: What in the world! Bodom has found a way to get out of the pin attempt and get his shoulder up. After a devastating enzuguri like that, you shouldn't be able to get up and keep on trying.

    Pentalion: Well, Bodom has proven otherwise. He has shown that he has the desire to beat Shaz once for all. He won't give up that easily. Especially, after a very hard sounding enzuguri performed by Shaz right there.

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    *Shaz is in shock at the ability of Bodom being able to kickout right there and then. Shaz even looks at all the people in attendance and sees they are surprised as well. Shaz gets up to his feet while holding onto his ribs and he quickly begins to stomp a bit onto Bodom's chest while he is down. Shaz stops the stomping and is not surprised at the fact Bodom is still in the floor. Bodom starts to very slowly pick himself and he stops on his knee. He seems like can't get up a bit more than at what he is at. Shaz smiles and he runs back to the ropes and tries another enzuguri, but Bodom was tricking Shaz a bit cause he catches him mid air and has him in a powerbomb move. Bodom gets up as well and starts moving around a bit and finds a corner and hits the powerbomb on the corner. The powerbomb causes Shaz to grab his ribs and back more than the bear hug from earlier.*

    Bodom was able to catch hold of Shaz I'll admit that. But, can he capitalize on that move.

    Pentalion: Are you kidding right now? Bodom is smart enough to know how to capitalize on this opportunity.

    *Bodom runs to the corner where Shaz is located at and hits him with a strong shoulderblock tackle. Bodom doesn't move from the corner and he decides to hit a couple of more shoulder block tackles onto Shaz's mid-section. The ref tells Bodom to get off or he'll get disqualified. Shaz is able to get off the corner and move away from it. Bodom sees the way Shaz is moving and he decides this time he shall move back to the ropes on the other side. He returns and hits Shaz with his finisher; Clothesline From Hell. Bodom smiles at the fallen Shaz who is out cold and Bodom slowly turns Shaz around goes for the cover.*

    This can be the end of the match right now!

    Dick: Not this way! Come on any other way is better!





    *Bodom is surprised this time around it is Shaz who was able to kickout of the pin. Bodom can't believe what has happened and starts to hit the mat quite a few times. He calls for the referee to come over and tell him the match is over, but the ref tells him he must continue. Bodom has shocked look on his face, but he stands up by himself. He gets ready to deliver another Clothesline From Hell to Shaz. However, a special Rage superstar decides to come out by himself and unwanted.*

    *The World Champion on Rage's section decides to come out and he is booed by everyone. He slowly makes his way out, but Bodom looses focus on the match and starts to tell Ronaldo Romulus off. Ronaldo keeps on walking while Bodom is unhappy and keeps on looking at him. Romulus then stops at the announcer table and both men are also surprised and have chosen to go without talking. Romulus then gets his title of his shoulder and straps it on and puts it on the announcer table. Bodom meanwhile yells at Ronaldo to get the title off his table. Ronaldo looks at Bodom and then looks over at Bodom's clothes that he left behind on the desk. Ronaldo then gets Bodom's clothes and rips them apart. Bodom in the ring gets on the ring ropes and yells every single bit onto Ronaldo. Shaz is able to get up and he quickly dropkicks onto Bodom's bad knee and knocks him off the ring ropes. Once Bodom falls to the mat, Ronaldo soon stops his actions and instead causes himself to look at the match at the moment. Shaz quickly grabs hold of Bodom's head, shoves him between his knees and gets him up a bit. Shaz then hits Bodom with B.I.T.W (Canadian Destroyer) and he rapidly goes onto pin him.*




    *Shaz this time does indeed win the match and he finally look gets up with no worry and looks at Ronaldo in the outside.*

    Here is your winner of the match and the newest qualifier onto Team Rage for Raging Inferno. SHAZ!!!!

    Pentalion: I don't believe this!! Bodom was in control! Ronaldo here distracted him!!

    Thompson: Well that'll teach him to get distracted now won't it.

    Pentalion: Well Shaz is officially the winner here and he will join William Carlin on team Rage with Ronaldo Romulus!

    Thompson: That's a great team! They can win this main event for Rage!! YEAH!!

    Pentalion: Well I don't argue with you Dick, but that doesn't change the fact that Bodom was screwed here. But that's all the time we have for this week. Join us next week as we continue on the way to Raging Inferno, and tune in to Inferno this week! But from Phoenix, Arizona, goodnight everybody!

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    Right, time for Rage I think.

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    Keep in mind that this is the last Rage before Raging Inferno. Ther ewill also be Inferno this week, but then it's 2 supershows taking us into the ppv.

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    There's a WWE fed ppv set for tonight too (last I heard anyway), so if that makes an appearance, then why not take a look at that?

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    There's an RTE show due too, so be sure to check that out when it comes out.

    If you've been living under a rock and don't know what RTE is, it's the re-vamped, re-branded TWE. CT did a great job with his first show, considering that it was his first, so go check that out, and check out the new show from this week.

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    But now, tonight, it's nearly time for Rage.

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    Now it is time


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