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    Bodom: This next match should be one to watch out for. I ‘spect it will be brutal, following that attack from Matt Elder earlier in the evening.

    Pentalion: Indeed. Elder decided to show his dominance earlier,

    Jason McManus: Our next match is a Special Guest Referee Match. Introducing first, from Doncaster, England - MATTT ‘THE LEGEND OF LEGENDS” ELDER!

    *Matt Elder comes out to thunderous boos due to the attack earlier in the evening. He pauses on the stage and bows towards the fans on the hard camera, as he comes up - Kyojin blasts him from behind with a kick to the back of the head! Pissed from the earlier attack he suffered at the hands of Elder, Kyojin has decided to start the match early! Elder rolls down the ramp as Kyojin is hot on his trail, kicking him and pushing him towards the ring! Elder pushes Kyojin back and climbs into the ring, attempting to escape Kyojin, but Kyojin is too fast! There is no referee out here! Kyojin starts attacking Elder in the middle of the ring, both men sending shots towards each other like no tomorrow! They roll all around the ring, trading blows until they manage to get away from each other! However, the separation does not last long! They are back at it, hitting each other with shot after shot - hoping to put the other down for good! Kyojin gets the upper hand due to his sneak attack, and Elder still being slightly out of it from the kick to the back of the head he suffered up on the ramp. Kyojin throws him against the ropes, and hits him with a Yakuza Kick on the rebound.*

    Bodom: Wow, Kyojin is pissed off and rightfully so but he has no business coming out here and jumping Elder like that!

    Pentalion: What do you mean?! Elder attacked him first and Kyojin was just exacting his revenge!

    Bodom: Bullshit! And I ain't talking about when Darren goes #2

    *Kyojin stomps Elder, when…*

    *Reiko rushes down the ramp, Flair on the ramp barking orders. Rieko gets in the ring and spears Kyojin off Elder and out of the ring! Reiko returns to the ring and begins attacking Elder. Elder makes it to his feet and fights back, but a pissed off Reiko keeps him on his toes. Elder ducks a big shot, and takes Reiko down with a big thrust Spinebuster. Elder stomps Reiko down in the middle of the ring, while proclaiming to be the last one standing. Kyojin is back and leaps off the top rope hitting Elder with a missile dropkick. Elder is knocked against the turnbuckle, but remains standing. Kyojin attempts to go after him, but Reiko trips him and gets up! Elder comes back with a big clothesline, but Reiko ducks and kicks Elder in the midsection! With Elder doubled over, Reiko nails him with the Final Execution, a Twist of Fate, which sends Elder out of the ring.*


    Pentalion: Calm down, Bodom! Elder asked for it when he attacked them both earlier in the night, you saw that!

    Bodom: No! Elder was provoked!

    *With Elder out of the ring, Reiko gets up but catches a big Enzigueri to the back of the head ! Reiko is stunned and falls over, but Kyojin isn’t done with him just yet! He picks up Reiko and drives a knee or two into the man’s gut! Reiko catches the second one and trips Kyojin down to the mat, raining blows down on him as he falls with the man. Kyojin fights back and eventually to his feet, both men holding each other with one hand and swinging with the other! Elder starts getting up! Kyojin irish whips Reiko to the far side of the ring, and misses a clothesline! Reiko ducked and dropkicked Elder back against the barricade. As he gets up, Kyojin bounds off the ropes and drills Reiko with the Truth Hurts, a Disaster kick to Reiko’s face. Reiko rolls out of the ring and Kyojin stands on the turnbuckle! He is standing tall looking down at Reiko and Elder.*

    Pentalion: Could this be the sight we see come Threat of the Net? Kyojin standing tall in face of his opponents?

    Bodom: I hope not, that two on one was sickening. I hope Kyojin loses at the pay per view! That, plus me as Special Guest Referee would make my night!

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    *The camera cuts to the back and shows Jonathan Sanchez walking down the corridors trying to find Seraphim. When he finally finds him he introduces himself.*

    Sanchez: HELLO! Jonathan Sanchez here! Now Seraphim.. Ol' buddy ol' pal.. How do you feel about having to face William Carlin?


    *Seraphim is found in a dark corner, mumbling along with the voices in his head. As Sanchez approaches, Seraphim looks up towards him*

    Bu-- nevermind. How do I feel? I feel great! Carlin has been a thorn in my side for far too long now, and come Threat of the Net, he will have to pay! He can think and believe what he wants, but at the end of our match, he will find himself staring up at me, as I am declared the winner of this war. I can beat him and he knows it, that's why he is chose a Gates of Hell match as his wanted stipulation. He wants something he has an advantage in, but see that is where his downfall will be. At Threat of the Net, I hope the stipulation he chose is the one the fans voted for, because I want to put Carlin down - once and for all.

    Sanchez: Well, well, well! It appears that tensions are running high between the both of you just as Threat of the Net approaches us. Coming into this match, do you think the odds are stacked up against you, equal, or do you believe that Carlin will be going down to Georgia to visit the Devil in a body bag?

    Seraphim: These matches - they favor the Superior Technician William Carlin. You see, I have been in Ironman matches and Cage matches with monsters and people who wanted to put me down, ever since I started in EWNCW. The thing is, I always - and I mean - Always - come out on top. Every match chosen is in favor of Carlin, he has been through those wars, he has breathed in those fumes of matches that can end a man's career when that bell rings. You see, the voices in my head tell me it's okay. Everything is going to be fine, because - in this match - it won't be like the rest of the matches on the card. When TotN is over, either me or Carlin is going to walk away - the other is being carried out, and I have no intention of being carried out of here by anyone.

    Sanchez: Surely those voices will make you do some crazy things in this match! Lets say that you end up winning this match. What would be your future plans? You MUST have some kind of driving force that will help you get through this match.

    Seraphim: Ronaldo Romulus. Our World Heavyweight Champion. Remember back, Sanchez - the voices want you to remember back to the beginning of War Games. What happened? What happened there was a travesty and these voices want to rectify it. See, at War Games, I was slated to be in the main event section, but Ronaldo was not comfortable with that! He wanted me put down like a dog, and I must admit, he did a passable job. But just like the others who wanted my spot, he could not keep me down for long, and now he is the World Heavyweight Champion, he is what I am supposed to be. He speaks in big words, long words, insults those around him with his superior linguistic skills, but at the end of the day, I remember the look in his eyes when I returned. The terror he felt when he saw me coming for him. William Carlin is a obstacle, and like all obstacles, with the help of the Voices, I shall overcome them and walk away with the World Heavyweight Championship - while Ronaldo Romulus stares up at the belt that was once around his waist.

    Remember this, Ronaldo - Carlin is the only thing blocking my path to you - and after Threat of the Net, there will be nothing there to stop me.

    Sanchez: And there we have it folks! Tune in for Threat of the Net to see if Seraphim can hold true to his words.

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    *The ring is set up with a black carpet in the ring, and 3 podiums (the type you see people making speeches from) with mics on them*

    Pentalion: Welcome back to Rage, and we're ready to continue here with our very own Dick Thompson making his way to the ring!

    Bodom: We're apparently going to get one of his fantastic interviews here now, and I can't wait...

    *Dick Thompson waves to the fans as he makes his way down to the ring. He climbs the steel steps and enters before collecting a mic from Jason McManus*

    Dick Thompson: Good evening EWNCW! EWNCW anchorman Dick Thompson here, ready to bring you a very special interview segment!
    One of the polls for Threat of the Net is to determine the contender to face Mark Dimension for the Evolution Championship, and so, I have pulled some strings to get all 3 men on that poll together here so that I can pick their brains, get inside their minds, and get their thoughts on current affairs surrounding the Evolution Championship situation in order to help you, the people decide on who to vote for!

    *the fans cheer*

    Thompson: So without any further delay, let's get all 3 men out here!

    Thompson: Daymian Bloodstone ladies and gentlemen!

    *Bloodstone makes his way down to the ring to a cold reception*

    Pentalion: Well this man has over-gone a big transition from a favorite of the fans, to someone who really isn't about pleasing the crowds any more.

    Bodom: And rightly so, he wasn't making headway to the top of EWNCW before so he's done something to try and cure that.

    Thompson: Ryan Wells!!

    *Wells makes his way out to a big ovation from the crowd*

    Pentalion: Back from an aggravated injury at the hands of Mark Dimension, and he's looking for revenge!

    Bodom: Please. So we've seen him in training during his rehab, big deal, that doesn't mean he's going to be any worse than he was before!

    Pentalion: Well he is a former Evolution Champion Bodom, remember that.

    Thompson: And finally, The Beard of Zeus!

    *TBOZ comes out to the biggest ovation of the night so far*

    Pentalion: The crowd just love TBOZ Bodom!

    Bodom: And why wouldn't they?! The man is a living legend! Forget Hercules! This is the real son of Olympus!

    *Each man has settled behind a podium as Thompson gets ready to get things under way*

    Thompson: Alright! well first of all thank you all for joining me out here. Now I have prepared some questions for you guys to answer so that you can have the chance to try and earn the votes of the EWNCW fans for your respective polls!

    So let's get to business. First of all, all 3 of you have returned to EWNCW recently, and all 3 of you threw your names into the hat to going after the Evolution Championship. Why? what drew each of you to going after this Championship? Let's hear from you Daymian first.

    TBOZ: Actually, I'll start this off Dick, I think it's pretty clear what my intention is. I'd been here for so long beforehand and really, I'd just about achieved everything that I could dream about. But I sat at home, watching EWNCW and I knew there was one goal left. The Evolution Title. And that's what drives me, running for the gold again and becoming a triple crown champion will solidify any nagging feelings in the back of my mind that I won't go down in everyone's history books.

    Thompson: Alright, thanks TBOZ, moving on to you Daymian.

    Bloodstone: After losing the Ignition Championship I knew I need to set my sights higher. While I was way on injury I made my mission to win The Evolution Championship, not for these pissy fans but for myself. Because I deserved it and I knew that nobody thought I had a chance. The Evolution Championship can catapult your career to heights it ha yet to reach. These are places I am destined to go and That is why I will win The Evolution Championship.

    Thompson: And finally, Wells.

    Wells: Well, I think obviously there is a reason for me going after the Evolution Championship. I was not only the best Evolution Champion of all time, I was the Evolution Champion of the fans. Besides my friend Markus Beerstein, the first ever Evolution Champion and myself, no one else has ever fought with pride, honor, and dignity and for the fans with the title around their waist. TBOZ is a world champion, an original, and one of the best of all-time, let alone part of the greatest tag team of all time. Bloodstone and I have had a long history, he was one of the best Ignition Champions there has been. And of course myself, a former Evolution Champion. So I mean, I wouldn’t be any more wary of my chances to be voted into the match with any other candidates. I was drawn to the title because it is mine and it deserves to be around my waist and in my hands again, because Mark has no idea what it takes to be a champion. It’s a disgrace to the title, and the rest of us former champions. I can’t think of a better person to take the title away from him then a former Evolution Champion. It carries a prestige around as the newest title in EWNCW. Some of the greatest wrestlers of all-time have been one of the first champions of their respective titles. And that is what I’m going to do again when I win the title again, I will have the two best reigns as Evolution Champion in history. I don’t want the title just to have around my waist, I want it because that title is special to me, the Evolution Championship means much more than a belt. So I will go to the PPV, with my return and come out the winner and the first two-time Evolution Champion. But not just for me, but for the fans.

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    Thompson: Ok, let's go back down the line and let's hear how each of you feel about the current Evolution Champion Mark Dimension.

    Wells: Mark and I used to be great friends, I won’t lie about that. But then he got selfish, he started becoming ruder than he already was. Then all of a sudden, he starts attacking me from behind, cheap-shoting me, and attacking me when I’m not expecting it. And then he goes after the Evolution Title, and he beats me, I admit it. And then I went against him again, and he re-aggrivated my neck injury, which I broke and had a metal plate put in my neck years ago. So that is why I just came back. He didn’t give me an injury, despite whatever he wants to think, he only re-aggrivated an injury I already had, so his argument goes out the window. But now I’m back, I’m 100%, and at my 100%, I know no-one can beat me, especially with the fans in my corner and cheering me on. So Mark is nothing but a two-bit, oversized, loud, obnoxious, lame, and grammar-challenged title holder. That isn’t what I feel, that is what I know. But no one will have to call him a champion for much too longer, because when I win the vote, I will get in the match and send Mark packing, with one less thing to bring with him when he travels, the Evolution Championship.

    Thompson: And Bloodstone?

    Bloodstone: Dimension is an arrogant jackass who thinks because he's some muscle head no one can beat him. All that muscle and no brains. He has no skill. Marky is only a championship cause the brass has a thing for large guys. Not sure why, maybe it's a fetish? Mark has been handed everything since coming to EWNCW while I have had to struggle just to remain relevant. Mark doesn't deserve that title and that is why it will be taken away from him.

    Thompson: And finally to you TBOZ again.

    TBOZ: Oddly, I'll have to agree with Bloodstone here, Mark is an arse. He started off like he needed a piss everytime he came out here his matches were done so quickly and he used to rally everyone up in here. And then, it faded. The magic faded, the bright lights were dimmer on his formerly unbeaten career and then it was, where do you go from here? He's teetering, Dick. He's gone wobbly in the legs and he knows it. I want to be the one to deliver that knockout blow.

    Thompson: Alright, well let's come back down again and see what you guys think about each other? Daymian? Would you like to go first?

    Bloodtone: Let me start with Ryan Wells, the poster boy for ass kissing! He comes out here and says what these retarded fans want to hear. That he is doing this for them and that he is their champion, Wells you are not a champion you're delusional. You are not better than Mark. Being giving things not because you earned them but because you are well liked with the fans. If this poll had anything to do with talent, you wouldn't get a single vote and that is the truth. When I beat you for the Ignition Title you bitched and bitched until you got another shot. Than I beat your as again. I am better than you Wells.

    Now for Mr. TBOZ. The legend in the poll. You tired to be a bad guy but couldn't stand these fans when they wouldn't stroke your ego anymore so you went back to kissing their asses. You are the worst. You lose a World Championship, leave, come back an decide that the Evolution Championship is yours for the taking? You wanna know why I attacked you my first night back? Simple. You are the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen and a two faced son of a bitch. These fans are stupid as hell for listening to you when just a few months ago they couldn't stand your face. But thats sheep for ya, do what they want and they cheer. Both of you should go back to jobbing and leave this title to me.

    Hold on just for one second you son of a bitch, who gave you the right to dictate what I do? I'm sorry but if I'm sadly mistaken, I'll take any opportunity that arises, much like I have all my career, but what electrifies me is when this crowd is hyped and I'll be the one to bring the hype. You, you damn hobbit waddlin' round the place, what the hell have you done? Oh you hit me round the head because I make you cry into your cushion at night? Well you should be glad I even give you the time of day to wax lyrical with the Sheriff of Nottingham. Now, since I've been back, I've said that I'm the ignition of recognition and that's exactly what you've done, you've used my status to upgrade your own. But it's not gonna be enough, because it's exactly that reason why the EWNCW universe will vote for me. And when I get voted in, and when I win that championship, I'll gladly answer your friend request, right before I bury you under six feet under.

    As for Wells, I'm glad you're back. I always liked your drive and determination, it's something I admire in you, kid. But, I always feel there's a piece missing. The willing is there, not the fire. Where's the emotion? Where's that driving force? What makes you stand head and shoulders above the rest? I mean, compare yourself to me, I go crazy every damn night, I'll have a joke and I'll chat with peeps then I'll go kick ass then drink and everyone knows I'm the laid back hard-to-crack son of a gun. Step out of the crowd, man, it's why I'll be voted in, but make yourself a better man and I'm sure we'll cross paths again.

    Thompson: Ok, and Wells?

    Wells: As I’ve said before, there really are not two other people I’d be more nervous to go up against in a vote then Bloodstone and TBOZ. All three of us are former champions and harder working wrestlers for the company, the sport, and the fans of EWNCW. I have the utmost respect for both of these guys and hopefully they can say the same for me, or at least have the smallest amount of respect for me, because coming from these guys, it means so much. Bloodstone, the high flyer, is a huge star in EWNCW and has always been known for being the underdog but still coming through in the end, he is sort of like the Rey Mysterio of EWNCW, and I think because of his heart, determination, and hard-working ethic, it has helped take Daymian in a good path so far and can only help him further down the line. TBOZ, when you think of him, you think of just “legend”. What has he done? He’s a multiple time tag team champion, he is a former world champion, and one of the most revered superstars of all-time. So these guys are great, just really are.

    Thompson: Finally, I'm giving you each here the floor to try and convince the EWNCW fans why you are the one who deserves their vote in this poll. Wells, why don't you start this.

    Wells: Fans, you guys have been with me from the start, and have been with me even through my worst of times, and also my best of times. And for that, I can’t be anything but grateful and humbled. But it is time again for me to fight for all of you, like every single match I have been in and will ever be in, and come out the People’s Champion again. I know I can do it, especially with your help. I need your help to get in the match, to teach Mark a lesson. I can do it, but I need your help first. I have been Evolution Champion, and can be again, if I get that match with Mark, I can do it, so that is why I should be in the match and get your vote.

    Thompson: Ok, and TBOZ?

    TBOZ: Ladies and gentleman, we've all had fun and games right here, we've had a nice laugh but I'm gonna go all deep and serious now. I want this. I want this as much as you could believe and I can only rely on you out there to put me forward. You've loved me, you've hated me but I've always needed you. I'm your best bet at beating Mark at Threat to the Net, and I will put on the performance of the night just for you.

    I implore you please, vote for TBOZ.

    Thompson: And finally, Bloodstone.

    Bloodstone: I shouldn't have to convince these people to vote for me. This polls should be based of skill and who truly deserves it. If these idiots took a minute to think they would know that out of the three of us no one deserves it more than I do. Ihave been busting my ass of here for a year and haven't seen anything get handed to me. That is fine with me because I will take it by force. I am the person who should be taking on Dimension for the title and these fans know it.

    Thompson: Alright! Well allow me to bring things to a close here with a big thank you for coming out here to answer my questions, and good luck to each of you in the voting for Threat of the Net!
    And now...... OH!!! BY THE BEARD OF ZEUS!!

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    *Thompson scrambles out of the ring as the hulking figure of Mark Dimension slides into the ring, lead pipe in hand, and starts taking out each man one by one. Bloodstone is closest and gets a shot in the gut sending him to his knees, then a big boot takes down the oncoming Wells before the pipe is again used to strike down TBOZ with a shot to the head!*

    Pentalion: My God!!! Mark Dimension here!1 Taking out all of his potential challengers!!

    *Dimension then lifts up one of the podiums before tossing it out of the ring up the ramp. He then sees Bloodstone getting up and charges at him with a clothesline from hell*

    Bodom: Damn! A clothesline form the future!! That's knock you flat out!

    *Dimension then grabs another podium before setting it up horizontally in the ring. He then grabs Wells before picking him up and thrusting him down hard, back first onto the podium with a spinebuster, which breaks the podium in half!*

    Bodom: Big time thrust sinebuster! Shades of the great Ron Simmons there and that has got to hurt!

    *He then grabs the other podium and sets that one horizontally too before grabbing hold of TBOZ who's getting up. He shoves him head first between his legs before lifting him up and driving him through the podium, breaking that in half too!*

    Pentalion: He's gone crazy!! He's just destroying all of his challengers!! None of them will be able to compete at the ppv at this rate!!

    *Dimension then grabs the Evolution Championship that's lying in the corner of the ring before standing in the middle of all the carnage with the title held high as we had to a commercial*

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    Pentalion: We're back here on Rage as we see William Carlin coming out here to grace us with his presence.

    Bodom: Will Carlin is on a tear, and he's going to tear Seraphim to pieces at Threat of the Net!

    Pentalion: Well there's 3 stipulations on the poll to decide what match they'll compete in at the ppv, 3 very intense match stipulations, and Will Carlin has been giving us a closer look at 2 of these stipulations throughout the night, as he seemingly highjacked a camcorder before the show and introduced us to the stipulations in our ring here when the arena was empty.

    Those videos we've seen tonight have been really insightful and intense in themselves. I bet Seraphim's quacking in his boots!

    Pentalion: Well let's just hear what Carlin has for us here now!

    *Pavlovian reaction from the fans: Purple Haze sounds, fans boo like mad. Carlin emerges from the gorilla position, camcorder in hand. He is all smiles, waving to the fans to encourage their boos. The shot now is from the camcorder, it shows the fans yelling abuse to the Superior Technician. A kid with a Seraphim t-shirt is shown and Carlin puts the cam almost in the kids nose, before laughing. He goes to the timekeeper area to ask for a mic. Jason McManus hands him one, and smiles when Carlin asks him to. The man from Toledo approaches the commentary table, salutes Christopher Pentalion and high fives Bodom. He then gives the camcorder to an EWNCW assistant, and the shot obviously changes to a vintage one. Carlin enters the ring, and after settling in the middle of the ring, the lights dim and a spotlight shines on Carlin before he starts speaking:*

    Carlin: I've already shown you how an Inferno and a Hell in a Cell match look like. There is one more stipulation I want show you, but instead of doing it in an empty arena, I'm gonna do this in front of a live crowd. Because what I'm going to explain you is something you've never heard from the lips of one of the protagonists. Yet here I am to explain you how does it feel to be in a Gates of Hell match.

    *Carlin points to the rafters and we see the Gates of Hell cage being lowered.*

    Pentalion: And down comes perhaps the most demonic structure in all of wrestling; The Gates of Hell cage. A steel structure that is seemingly like a normal steel cage, but then.....

    *the top of the cage lights up all around with fire*

    Bodom: Wow! And that's not all, there's so much more to this match, but I think I'll let old Bill tell us more!

    Carlin: It is not only a matter of the match itself. It is the previous hours. You spend those 24 hours inside a coffin. There is not much problem at the beginning. You can drift away in your thoughts for a while, even you can have a nap if you want. Then there's an itch to stop laying, a need to stand up and move, but you can't. Hunger starts to attack, and you need to take a sip of water. None of these wishes are granted. You lose control of the time. The only thing you want is to get the hell out of there, have a big meal, drink two bottles of water, abandon the laying position, get up and run like hell. But you can't. And you don't know when you can do that. You start yelling to be let out, you keep punching the lid of the casket, to no avail. Your thought are erratic, you just want to tear everything apart. Then is when you feel like being transported, and when they open the lid you're in the gorilla position and you hear the music and see your partner, so you run down the ramp barely seeing shit after 24 hours of darkness.

    Then you enter the match itself. You start all dazed and confused, but soon you realize your opponents are there, ready to start an onslaught on you. Then you don't give three fucks, you just see red and attack. You ignore the hunger, the thirst, the lights that blind you, everything except the rage you feel. You are in the perfect state of mind to send a man against a red hot wall, even knowing that you can seriously damage him. It doesn't matter. You just go for it. And the pain of being burnt... Have you ever been burnt by boiling water? Yeah, multiply that by a million. You can still see the scars in my back. Even worse: you can relief yourself with cold water when boiled water burns you, but let me ask you something: what do you do when a crazy seven foot monster is holding you against the burning steel? Nothing but yell and scream and feel how your epidermis is being charred, and the heat pierces towards your muscles, destroying nerves, sinews and everything that finds in the middle. That leaves you even madder. You've felt pain you'll never imagined, so you want retaliation. Inflict the same you've been inflicted. If you didn't care before, you even care less now. You have to fight through the pain, because you know the moment you abandon yourself you lose the match. You just gather the remaining of your senses and focus them in mauling your opponent. And that is something Seraphim hasn't experienced ever in his life. That will be his perdition. I've been through all of this and succeeded. If the fans choose this match, come Threat of the Net, I will succeed again!!!

    *Carlin stands there starring out to the distance as the crowd boo him.
    But suddenly, the spotlight shining on him becomes 10 times brighter, blinding Carlin as he's unable to look up and see what's going on. We then hear this theme*

    Pentalion: Oh my! It's Seraphim!! But where is he?!

    Bodom: There's nobody coming out, what the hell is this?!

    *Carlin shields his eyes and looks towards the ramp, but there's no sign of Seraphim.
    Then we see a figure ascending from the rafters directly down into the ring through the middle of the brighter then bright spotlight. Carlin is blinded by the light and sinks to his knees as he tries to look up. Seraphim then reaches the ring and unhooks himself before starting to beat the crap into Carlin as the lights return to normal. He lays into Carlin with several kicks as he can do little in return. Seraphim picks Carlin up before delivering a half power superkick, then irish whipping Carlin off the ropes, which burns Carlin as he touches the red hot cage, and Seraphim blasts Carlin with a full power superkick on the way back, flooring Carlin.*

    Pentalion: What a statement from Seraphim! He's spent all night listening to Carlin running his mouth, time for some payback here!!

    Bodom: This is nothing more than a cheap shot! You just wait until Carlin gets his hands on Seraphim at Threat of the Net!!

    *Seraphim stands tall over Carlin's body as his theme rings out and the crowd cheer*

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    *we come back to Rage to see Bodom already in the ring, in his wrestling gear ready to go*

    Christopher Pentalion: We're back here live on Rage for the last time tonight as we get ready to go ahead with tonight's main event! Bodom is already in the ring, awaiting his partner Jman as they get ready to face Shaz and our World Heavyweight Champion Ronaldo Romulus! I'm joined at this time by.....

    Dick Thompson: Good evening folks, EWNCW anchorman, reporter and top commentator Dick Thompson here, alongside rookie Chris Penation as we gear you up for tonight's main event; a tornado tag team match pitting out esteemed World Heavyweight Champion and his number one contender against the 2 special guest referee choices on the poll for their match! What a feast! Your thoughts on this match if you please Pentalion!

    Pentalion: ..... Right..... well as you say, a good match is afoot here!

    Jason McManus: The following is a tornado tag team match scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, from Frederick, Maryland, EWNCW legend, Bodom!

    McManus: And his partner, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jman!

    Pentalion: Well here comes the other special guest referee option.

    Thompson: What a schmuck. Jman only wants involvement in that match because he's bitter about what happened back at In Violence we Trust. Do you see other people who lost holding on to past glories like that? No. We have a new contender here now, why does he feel the need to be involved? I just don't get it!

    Jason McManus: And their opponents, from Brixton, London, he is the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Shaz!

    Thompson: Now that's what I'm talking about! A guy that's really making strides towards what he really wants here in EWNCW! He's had a fantastic few months here and he's getting close to the top!

    Pentalion: He has been a force here in EWNCw since he won the Ignition Championship. He's dropped that title, but he's since then gone on to greater heights. And now, he's on the cusp of winning the top prize here on Rage!

    McManus: And his partner, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Ronaldo Romulus!

    Thompson: And here's the Champion! He's going to be a tough man to displace, don't you agree?!

    Pentalion: Can't argue with that. He's been in possession of that title since beating K-Jammin back at Bred for Combat. That's a nice reign by any stretch of the imagination, and he won't want it coming to an end anytime soon!
    but tonight, he teams with his opponent for Threat of the Net to take on Bodom and Jamn here!!

    ​Swagger (Romulus) and Miz (Shaz) vs Riley (Bodom) and Jman (Mysterio)

    (stop at 11:30)

    *Ronaldo stalks Jman egging him to get up as he goes, before going to him and flaps at his ears, taunting him. Meanwhile, Shaz and Bodom have gotten up on the outside, but as Bodom goes to Shaz, Shaz swings ad Bodom, clocking him in the head with the bell keeper's bell, which lets out a loud "DING" that echoes around the arena! The referee calls for the bell, but neither Ronaldo nor Shaz seem done.*

    Thompson: Woah! Now that's gotta hurt! Hey Bodom! Better get some ice on that ASAP!! HAHAAAA!!

    Pentalion: How can you make jokes like that?! It's only 4 weeks since Bodom competed in a last man standing match against Shaz!!

    *Bodom seems to be knocked out but Shaz doesn't care as he keeps going at Bodom with the bell.
    In the ring, Ronaldo also seems to have thrown any sort of wrestling out of the window as he's just laying into Jman with heavy fists. He then gets up before starting to drop elbow upon elbow onto Jman. Shaz has eventually got onto the apron and is entering the ring. He then starts kicking away at Jman as Ronaldo looks on. shaz then lets Ronaldo take over again as Ronaldo slaps on a knee bar onto Jman's leg*

    Pentalion: The match is over here!! Why aren't they letting up?!

    Thompson: They're trying to do some damage here!

    Pentalion: But why?! To what purpose?!

    *Ronaldo finally gets up and Shaz pats Ronaldo on the back as they survey their handiwork. Shaz though peels away before dropping down and hits a big low blow on Ronaldo, which puts a big look of shock on Ronaldo's face as he drops to his knees*

    Pentalion: I knew that things were going a bit too smoothly between these two, especially considering that they're facing each other!!

    *Shaz then slips outside the ring and grabs the World Heavyweight Championship. He spits onto Bodom before returning to the ring.
    Ronaldo is coming to his senses and is starting to get up as Shaz eggs him on. Ronaldo finally gets to his feet before Shaz drills him with the title. Shaz then stands over Ronaldo before standing over Ronaldo with the title hoisted high above his head as the crowd boo him.

    This concludes the Rage broadcast.*

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    One filler.

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    We're ready to head on the road to Raging Inferno here!
    The poster for the event will be revealed on Rage!

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    Thanks to Krysys for the poster, next up, it's Rage!


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