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    *As the ref comes down the ramp, Jason McManus makes the quick introductions:*

    McManus: This match is set for one fall, and the loser will leave EWNCW! Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Chris! “So Fine”! Divine!

    *A plethora of boos are heard in the arena*

    McManus: And his opponent, from Nottingham, England, The Beard! Of Zeus!

    *Thunderous pop for the returning TBOZ*

    Thompson: Ain't you excited for this one, Chris?

    Pentalion: How can anyone not be excited for this match, Dick?

    Thompson: True that!

    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    (Divine = Rock / TBOZ = Stone Cold, start at 4:13, stop at 20:00)

    Pentalion: That was close!

    Thompson: Not enough to keep a former world and tag team champion down.

    *Divine can't believe his eyes, he thought he had TBOZ down for three, but his opponent barely survived. However, TBOZ hasn't moved since breaking the pin attempt, therefore Divine sees the chance and gives a cocky smile before heading to the top turnbuckle. He climbs it, stands still and before hitting the Frog Splash he yells: “get lost, chumperino!”. Flight 545 from Divine Airlines takes off, but crashes and burns in the landing, as the target has moved and Divine hits the canvas. This gives TBOZ a small break to catch his breath and repackage, then he gets up and grabs Divine to hold him into a fireman's carry position, then he falls backwards, slamming Divine's back against the mat with the Samoan Drop. TBOZ covers and the ref counts:*



    2,75! NO!

    *Divine resists! TBOZ is visibly upset, but still, he doesn't fuck around and goes straight to business, He helps Divine to his feet, puts the Pennsylvanian's head under his left arm, grabs Chris's left leg by the knee, lifting it up to make Divine stand in one leg, and hits a fisherman's suplex, immediately followed by a cradle pin:*

    Thompson: Divine Intervention complete!



    2,999999! NO!

    Pentalion: How ironic would it be that any of those two fall victim of the “Divine Intervention” as both superstars have a finisher named like that.

    Thompson: We've just seen Divine surviving to the Fisherman suplex. Will he be able to hit the jumping cutter he considers his own “Divine Intervention”?

    *TBOZ punches the mat in desperation, frustrated for not getting the win here. Divine is still suffering the effects of TBOZ's Divine Intervention and the Englishman thinks it's a good moment for flying, so he climbs to the top turnbuckle ready to hit an Elbow Drop. But same as happened with Divine's, the perfect flight has an awful landing. There was no human flesh to hit, only canvas, as Divine had rolled out of the way in the last second. Both men are down, and the ref has no choice but to count.*





    *Divine is stirring.*



    *Divine is on 4 legs*



    *The count is stopped when Divine uses the ropes to gain leverage and stand on his feet, but barely. Still, he takes a breather as TBOZ is half way up, his back facing his opponent. Divine doesn't let the Brit to get up, as he is perfectly positioned for a Reverse DDT that makes TBOZ's back of the head hit the mat hard. The former World Heavyweight Champion rolls to his left, offering Divine his back to difficult the pinfall attempt, but doesn't realize that the move gives a perfect opening for a crossface, one of the vintage signatures of his American opponent. Divine does not hesitate for a milisecond, so he immediately locks in his signature submission manoeuver.*

    Pentalion: CROSSFACE!!

    Thompson: Nowhere to go for TBOZ except the way he came in.

    Pentalion: If he taps out!

    Thompson: He is in the center of the ring and the hold is tight. Divine has this one in the pocket.

    *Divine is yelling TBOZ to tap as he is almost ripping his opponent's head from the torso. The ref asks TBOZ, but he barely says no. Divine keeps the pressure constant. TBOZ has his free hand in tension, almost ready to tap, but seconds go over and he still refuses to yield. Then his hand lays on the mat, like a dead man's hand. He has passed out, or one would say so. The ref has no choice but to grab his arm, lift it and release it. The hand falls, limp and lifeless.*


    *The ref makes the same moves, and the hand falls again.*


    *A third attempt by the ref, but an inch above the mat TBOZ is able to stop his hand and keep the match going. He then uses that hand to try to reach the ropes, with the help of his feet trying to impulse him forward. Inch by inch he comes closer and closer to the ropes. When his fingertips are less than an inch from salvation, his hand falls again. But he is playing possum. With a final effort, he grabs the ropes. Divine won't release the hold until the count reaches four.*

    Pentalion: He made it, Dick.

    Thompson: Fine, I give you that.

    *Divine starts to argue with the ref while TBOZ tries to recover. The official reminds Divine that if he is disqualified, he loses and has to leave the company. Divine calms down and waits until TBOZ is up, ready to hit his version of the Divine Intervention (RKO), and as soon as the chance presents itself he strikes, to no avail. TBOZ has firmly grabbed the ropes for extra leverage, and Divine's back makes a hard impact with the mat. As Divine gets up, TBOZ comes in with a flurry of punches he calls the Punch Drunk, and then hits the opponent's neck with his right wrist, slapping the head down at full speed and placing the bowed head under his right armpit with the forearm ready to choke the neck, closing the elbow to the side, and using the left hand to lift both the right arm and Divine's head, locking in the guillotine choke he calls the God's Complex.*

    Pentalion: Now Divine is in trouble!

    *TBOZ is twisting Divine's neck hard, to no avail. The Divine One still resist, even when he is barely breathing, gasping for the little air TBOZ allows into his lungs. The Brit increases the pressure and Divine yells, only to be released seconds later. TBOZ keeps with this manoeuver for a minute, increasing and decreasing pressure to tire his opponent down. Finally, Divine has no choice but to tap out.*

    McManus: Here's your winner, The Beard of Zeus!

    Pentalion: What a devastating match!

    Thompson: No doubt, those two gave each other everything they had in their respective arsenals, but in the end The Beard of Zeus prevails.

    Pentalion: And no Divine Intervention made, but TBOZ's devastating God's Complex.

    *TBOZ climbs to the turnbuckle to celebrate with the fans, who are giving him a standing ovation and lots of “Welcome back” chants, as medics have run into the ring to tend on Divine, who has collapsed after the tremendous guillotine choke he has endured. TBOZ goes to check on his fallen opponent, who is still alive, but barely. Meds help Divine up and help him go backstage on his own feet, with TBOZ following close, asking the fans to applaud Divine for his efforts. The fans oblige, and they keep applauding as Divine reaches the backstage area and leaves EWNCW.*

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    *Video shows Ryan Wells benching nearly 300 LBs for a few reps*

    *Cuts to Wells sitting down; talking*

    Wells: Yeah, it’s been a tough time trying to get back into fighting shape again with my neck, but I’ll be back soon, that’s for damn sure.

    *Video cuts to show replay of explosions of Boston Marathon*

    Wells: Absolutely horrible, can’t believe whoever did this would be sick enough to do this, especially to the great city of Boston.

    *Video cuts to Wells visiting hospitals around Boston, visiting those hurt by the explosions and posing for pictures and autographs and playing board games*

    Wells: This is a tough city, with even tougher people, and I know we will all get through this and come back stronger.

    *Video cuts to Wells back in the gym, lifting huge metal chains in reps, lifting 100 LB dumbbells on each arm*

    Wells: But for me? I’m ready, 1000% ready to come back and do what I do best, which is two things; kick ass and treat the fans right. Do I miss EWNCW? Damn right I do, and do I miss being a champion? You can bet your life on it. I’m gonna be back soon and be ready to destroy again.

    Reporter: Do you think you deserve a World Title shot? Maybe against Ronaldo Rumulus, or Tommy Thunder?

    Wells: I know I do, I’m not cocky, just speaking the truth. But am I going to get it? Probably not. I’ve been with EWNCW for over a year and a half now, longer then over 75% of that roster. I’ve busted my ass every single day there. I want to get back into the thick of everything, but should I be able to fight for a World Title? I think so, but I don’t get it, then I’ll show whoever makes that decision that they were wrong not to give it to me when everyone else in my way gets destroyed by me.

    *Video cuts to Wells deadlifting 800 LBs along with him in the ring, sparring with unknown wrestlers, crushing them both and giving them both Freak Attacks*

    Wells: I’m better than ever, and when I come back, people will know that, I promise you that. I’m The Freak for a reason, and if people don’t know why now, they will soon enough.

    *Video cuts to final seconds of Rumulus vs. Wells for Evolution Championship, with Wells pinning Rumulus to win title*

    Reporter: How did it feel, when you won the Evolution Championship from the now World Heavyweight Champion, Ronaldo Rumulus?

    Wells: It was great really, I knew I could beat him, and he had been avoiding a fair fight for so long against me, maybe he was scared, I don’t know, but I beat him, silenced all of the doubters and non-believers, and the true believers in me, the fans, the great fans of EWNCW, along with my friends and family, finally saw that I did what I had promised for so long.

    *Video cuts to Wells squatting 750 LBs continuously*

    Reporter: Going back to when Mark Dimension beat you for the second time, retaining the title he won from you in the match before that, did you feel that you’d ever be able to wrestle again?

    Wells: Oh yeah, I knew I could and would, it was just a matter of time. And now I’m just waiting for the call, to come back and steal the spotlight, and win, like I always do. It won’t be long now.

    *Video cuts to Wells fooling around while working out with his other people, doing top rope dives and trying to pull off the 619 and Hurriciranas, etc.*

    Reporter: We all look forward to you coming back soon Wells, I promise you that. Any last words to say?

    Wells: Oh yeah, same here. And just this, WATCH OUT.

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    Pentalion: Well we saw a video of Ryan Wells there. He's been out of the game for a while now after sustaining injuries at the hands of Mark Dimension, but if that clip was anything to go by, he looks better than ever!

    Thompson: Absolutely, and it was great to see the Boston native giving his time to the fans too, especially those who were affected by the explosions last week. And of course, EWNCW would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to those affected by those explosions. We WILL find out who did this and they WILL feel the full wrath of justice upon them!

    Pentalion: Absolutely, hear hear Dick! But back to tonight, and we're gearing up for our main event, as.....

    Pentalion: Oh, well it seems we're going to hear from our champion before the match!!
    Thompson: Well it wouldn't be a real show without our gracious champion making an apperance!!

    *As Ronaldo's theme song plays, he's greeted by the usual chorus of booing and jeering. It takes a while for him to step out from behind the curtain but when he does, the battle scars from his clash with Jman are very much evident from the limp on his left leg to the white bandaging that covers his forehead. With the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist, Romulus complete's the distinction of perfection that the crowd despises from him. He gently slides under the ring and looks over to the corner of the ring where a microphone sits. He crawls over to the grab it and, without getting up to his feet, huddles up in the corner. He looks out at the booing crowd and without looking at them, he begins to trace the canvas. the booing gets louder as they just want Ronaldo to get his boasting out of the way already. Ronaldo doesn't cater to what they want and continues to trace the canvas with his fingers. A small "Hurry up!" chants breaks out that dies down as Roanldo lifts the microphone to his lips.*

    Ronaldo Romulus:
    Yes, yes. Go on. Do not cease on my account. Hahahaha! Extreme indeed! Hahahaha!

    *The booing gets to an all time high as Ronaldo laughs at their disdain. He uses the ropes around him to hoist himself up, preserving a scholarly posture.*

    Ronaldo Romulus: But if you will, for just a minute, embrace the irony that circumscribes the vicinity. Espouse the enlightenment that's propagated from this blithe occasion. The advocate of extreme, Jman, was thoroughly and utterly castigated by his own barbaric means. What did I endorse all along? The unity with God's ideals is the only method one is left with for inevitable triumph. Without Him, you serfs will continue to indulge in shallow practices of luxary and gratification that will ultimately leave you a dissatisfied, disheveled, dishonored heap. I would ask Jman for testimony but of course, he has suddenly been concealed before our very eyes! I'm almost certain he's among us, begrudging at the twist of fate that befell him and prepared to instigate yet another challenge.......WRONG! Hahahaha!

    *Ronaldo laughs again, not giving a damn for the booing he gets.*

    Ronaldo Romulus: Hehehe...and once again, I have validated my semblance with the Lord Jesus Christ. He shed his blood for the ultimate redemption of mankind. I shed my blood for the sake of the enlightenment of your reclusive rank of rapscallions. And in the end...

    *Ronaldo unstraps the championship and puts it across his shoulder as he smiles.*

    Ronaldo Romulus: We both embraced victory. But such elation is not perennial by any means as I am aware that three men will be competing for the honor of eschewing their earthly desires and serving to provide me with another platform to erect the glory to God upon as their match will grant the winner the privilege of facing me for this golden trinket. As for myself, I will NOT be competing this evening. I will simply observe the three miscreants whose delusions of grandeur will only leave them the Wrath of Remus.

    *Ronaldo goes to take a seat at ringside*

    Pentalion: Some righteous words from Ronaldo there, he has 3 great men gunning for a shot at his title, none of which have been world champions before. We'll be right back to see which one gets that chance!!

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    McManus: The following match is a triple threat match. And it schedule for one fall and it'll also determine the number one contender for Ronaldo Romulus's World Title!!!

    McManus: Introducing first, he hails from Toledo, Ohio. He is none other than William Carlin!

    *Carlin comes out to a roar of boos. He doesn't seem to mind and keeps on walking with a somewhat smile on his face. He enters the ring and gets in the middle and signals himself as the future World Champion.*

    Christopher: William is looking mighty confident today.

    Dick: And why shouldn't he be confident?!?! He is probably the favorite going into this match. This should be his for the taking.

    Christopher: I think Shaz might say otherwise.

    Dick: He should cause at In Violence We Trust, where I made my awesomeness present, proved he can hang in the ring with some of the best legends EWNCW has every seen. Not only that, but win against them as well.

    Christopher: You're luck Bodom ain't here. Or might have knocked you to Mexico along with Bull and "The Cowboy".

    *Shaz comes out as well to some extra boos from the fans. Instead of ignoring them, Shaz mocks them and yells out "You miss Bodom?". Once he enters the ring, Shaz gets face to face with Carlin. William just smiles and steps back to await the next man.*

    McManus: And his first opponent, he resides from Brixton, London. He is the one and only Shaz!!!

    McManus: And their opponent, this man comes straight to us from Heaven. He is the always intimidated, but never duplicated; Seraphim!!!

    *Seraphim comes out to a parade of cheers from everyone. He goes around to shake the hands from everyone in the front rows around the ring. He then finally slides into the ring and concentrates first on his former opponent from IVWT; William Carlin. Seraphim then turns his attention to Shaz who is leaning back in the turnbuckles.*

    Seraphim better know what he has gotten himself into here.

    Christopher: Really Thompson? Seraphim obviously knows what he is in stored for here in this match. He knows, just like Shaz and Carlin, that this match can lead into the promise land that all wrestlers hope to make it into.

    *The referee checks all competitors to see if they are ready. Once all agree they are ready the ref rings the bell. All three men walk into the middle of the ring and look at one other. They start to bad mouth each other until Carlin lands the first blow to Seraphim. That's followed up by a dropkick from Shaz to Seraphim as well. Seraphim drops to the ground and both begin to land punches, kick, knees, and anything else they can think about.*

    Dick: That's what I'm talking about. Use some teamwork to take out one man and have a better chance at winning.

    Christopher: How can you condone this act of ruthless aggression? Shaz and William should be hitting each other as well not trying to target one man and not trying to possibly end his career.

    *Shaz moves away from Seraphim and allows Carlin to attack his nemesis by himself. Once Carlin stops a bit to yell something at Seraphim, Shaz comes from behind and goes for a quick roll-up.*



    Shaz trying to get a quick W right tere. Too bad that won't work on William.

    Christopher: At least they can stop attacking just one man and focus on each other.

    *Carlin gets up and looks at Shaz and nods in approval of trying to out smart him. Both men then quickly go for a collar and elbow tie-up. They move over to the opposite corner from where Seraphim is. Shaz now has back in the turnbuckles and Carlin starts to hit some shoulder block attacks in the corner. Once Shaz is sitting down in the corner, Carlin decides to back-off a little and get some space. Carlin then runs over to Shaz to hit a knee, but Shaz moves out of the way. Shaz quickly gets up and awaits William to turn around, whom seems to be holding his knee, and upon turning around Shaz hits an enzuigiri on Carlin. But, before Shaz can try to do anything Seraphim comes up from behind and tries a quick roll-up of his own.*




    Thompson: That dirty little weasel of Seraphim playing possum!

    Christopher: Hold on! How can weasel be a possum and a weasel at the same time? Level in your logic: Negative Zero.

    Thompson: Are you ain't drunk. Pentalion go home, you're drunk.

    *Shaz can't believe Seraphim almost won without trying. He slowly gets up and Seraphim just smiles and closes his fingers together signaling how close he was to winning. Seraphim quickly runs towards Shaz and hits a Lou Thez press. However, Carlin gets up and delivers a clothesline to Seraphim. Carlin then starts laying straight right hand punches onto Seraphim's face. He is then stopped by Shaz who talks him and starts hitting his own shots to William's body. Just then Seraphim takes Shaz off Carlin and all three men are now up.*

    This guys can't seem to gather a bit of momentum at all.

    Thompson: And we are just in the feeling out process according to amazing commentary abilities.

    *Shaz, Seraphim, and Carlin all seem to be waiting for one of the others to strike first. It looks as if none of them want to make a bad judgement call, but Shaz is the first to move. However, he decides to move to the outside of the ring. Seraphim looks at Shaz with a puzzled face, but is quickly blindsided by Carlin. Carlin then grabs hold of Seraphim and throws him to the outside where Shaz is. He waits for him to get and then hits the...... ARMDRAG!!!*


    Channeling your inner Jericho there Dick?

    *While holds onto the armdrag with all his might, William Carlin climbs to the top of the turnbuckles where neither men can see him. He then hits a moonsault to the back of Shaz. Both Shaz and Carlin are down, but Seraphim is slow to getting up. He sees both men laying in the floor and he doesn't know who to target. He just quickly grabs hold of Shaz and throws him into the announce table. But once he turns around to get Carlin, he is hit with a roundhouse kick. Carlin drags Seraphim back into the ring, but Carlin is stopped from entering the ring by Shaz who throws Carlin to the steel steps. Shaz then gets in the ring apron and tries to hit a diving elbow drop.*

    This is amazing. All three men are predicting what the other is going to do before they do it.

    Thompson: It also goes to show you how much they all want this opportunity at Romulus's World Title.

    *Seraphim quickly rolls up to his feet and hits his own standing elbow drop onto Shaz. Shaz is quick to move his own body, once he gets hit, onto the nearest corner. Seraphim quickly runs over to Shaz and starts to pound away at Shaz. He then gets off Shaz and turns around to pump up the fans into his actions. Once he turns around he is met by William who delivers a spear. He then goes for a pin.*



    3!!!!! NO!!!!

    *Shaz was able to interrupt the almost victory from Carlin.*

    Dick: And just like that Shaz and Seraphim could have almost kissed their World Title dreams goodbye.

    Wherever Bodom might be right now, I can be assured he rather see Seraphim or William win here tonight then Shaz.

    *Shaz waits for either men to get up to their feet. Carlin is the first to his feet and is hit by Shaz with a spinning heel kick to the face. Shaz now awaits for Seraphim to get up to his feet and try to do the same. Slowly Seraphim gets up to his and ducks Shaz's kick. Seraphim then hits him a with a hard superkick!*

    Ouch! That hurt almost as bad as a lawyer punching you in the dick.

    Tell me about it.

    *Seraphim goes for a cover on Shaz.*



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    3!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!

    *Carlin interrupts this time the pin attempt. He grabs hold of Seraphim and nails him with a quick DDT. Carlin then hits his own standing moonsault on Seraphim. He then sees Shaz is starting to get up to his feet. William just waits for him and hits him with a inverted atomic drop.

    *It is Seraphim who this times breaks up the pinfall.*

    Seraphim is trying his damnest to stay alive in this match.

    Dick: And was that truly close. All this man have almost tasted the glory of almost winning and going onto being #1 Contender.

    *Seraphim dropkicks Shaz as soon as he stands up. He then throws him out to the floor and targets Carlin who is steadily getting up. Once Carlin turns around he is met with a roundhouse kick, but Carlin barely moves out of the way. Carlin tries to put Seraphim to the floor for a triangle chokehold. However, Seraphim moves out of the way this time and turns William around to hit a jumping DDT(think Dolph's jumping DDT). Seraphim realizes he has William down in the floor and he decides to climb to the top turnbuckle. Just as he jumps off the third turnbuckle for a Shooting Star Press, but Shaz runs in back to the ring and leaps into the air to nail a Superkick to Seraphim mid-air.*

    Holyshit! Shaz just risked it all right there.

    Thompson: No kidding, but I see this as Shaz knowing that this is his last dying breath.

    *Seraphim falls to the floor from the tremendous Superkick. Shaz looks at William and grabs hold of and puts him in the middle of the ring to hit the B.I.T.W.(Canadian Destroyer). Shaz goes for the pin.*




    Here is your winner and the NEW Number 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title.............. SHAZ!!!!!

    He hasdone it! Shaz is now going to be facing Ronaldo for his World Title.

    Pentalion: I can certainly say that Bodom right now must be pissed off at the end result. However, we have a new number contender and who knows where this can take us.

    *The final image is of Shaz standing tall in the ropes posing. He is as well signaling himself as the future World Champion as Ronaldo looks on from his seat, seemingly unimpressed.*

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    On the road to Threat to the Net

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    In other news, since Scribbs is MIA, Vegas is the new head of TWE.

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    Stealing a filler FTW!

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Look out for more to be revealed regarding the polls for Threat of the Net!
    Keep in mind that there will be a prediction contest style thread for you guys to fill in for the polls! That will be posted once all the polls have been finalized!

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    Yeah, Rage is next


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