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    *As the ref comes down the ramp, Jason McManus makes the quick introductions:*

    McManus: This match is set for one fall, and the loser will leave EWNCW! Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Chris! “So Fine”! Divine!

    *A plethora of boos are heard in the arena*

    McManus: And his opponent, from Nottingham, England, The Beard! Of Zeus!

    *Thunderous pop for the returning TBOZ*

    Thompson: Ain't you excited for this one, Chris?

    Pentalion: How can anyone not be excited for this match, Dick?

    Thompson: True that!

    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    (Divine = Rock / TBOZ = Stone Cold, start at 4:13, stop at 20:00)

    Pentalion: That was close!

    Thompson: Not enough to keep a former world and tag team champion down.

    *Divine can't believe his eyes, he thought he had TBOZ down for three, but his opponent barely survived. However, TBOZ hasn't moved since breaking the pin attempt, therefore Divine sees the chance and gives a cocky smile before heading to the top turnbuckle. He climbs it, stands still and before hitting the Frog Splash he yells: “get lost, chumperino!”. Flight 545 from Divine Airlines takes off, but crashes and burns in the landing, as the target has moved and Divine hits the canvas. This gives TBOZ a small break to catch his breath and repackage, then he gets up and grabs Divine to hold him into a fireman's carry position, then he falls backwards, slamming Divine's back against the mat with the Samoan Drop. TBOZ covers and the ref counts:*



    2,75! NO!

    *Divine resists! TBOZ is visibly upset, but still, he doesn't fuck around and goes straight to business, He helps Divine to his feet, puts the Pennsylvanian's head under his left arm, grabs Chris's left leg by the knee, lifting it up to make Divine stand in one leg, and hits a fisherman's suplex, immediately followed by a cradle pin:*

    Thompson: Divine Intervention complete!



    2,999999! NO!

    Pentalion: How ironic would it be that any of those two fall victim of the “Divine Intervention” as both superstars have a finisher named like that.

    Thompson: We've just seen Divine surviving to the Fisherman suplex. Will he be able to hit the jumping cutter he considers his own “Divine Intervention”?

    *TBOZ punches the mat in desperation, frustrated for not getting the win here. Divine is still suffering the effects of TBOZ's Divine Intervention and the Englishman thinks it's a good moment for flying, so he climbs to the top turnbuckle ready to hit an Elbow Drop. But same as happened with Divine's, the perfect flight has an awful landing. There was no human flesh to hit, only canvas, as Divine had rolled out of the way in the last second. Both men are down, and the ref has no choice but to count.*





    *Divine is stirring.*



    *Divine is on 4 legs*



    *The count is stopped when Divine uses the ropes to gain leverage and stand on his feet, but barely. Still, he takes a breather as TBOZ is half way up, his back facing his opponent. Divine doesn't let the Brit to get up, as he is perfectly positioned for a Reverse DDT that makes TBOZ's back of the head hit the mat hard. The former World Heavyweight Champion rolls to his left, offering Divine his back to difficult the pinfall attempt, but doesn't realize that the move gives a perfect opening for a crossface, one of the vintage signatures of his American opponent. Divine does not hesitate for a milisecond, so he immediately locks in his signature submission manoeuver.*

    Pentalion: CROSSFACE!!

    Thompson: Nowhere to go for TBOZ except the way he came in.

    Pentalion: If he taps out!

    Thompson: He is in the center of the ring and the hold is tight. Divine has this one in the pocket.

    *Divine is yelling TBOZ to tap as he is almost ripping his opponent's head from the torso. The ref asks TBOZ, but he barely says no. Divine keeps the pressure constant. TBOZ has his free hand in tension, almost ready to tap, but seconds go over and he still refuses to yield. Then his hand lays on the mat, like a dead man's hand. He has passed out, or one would say so. The ref has no choice but to grab his arm, lift it and release it. The hand falls, limp and lifeless.*


    *The ref makes the same moves, and the hand falls again.*


    *A third attempt by the ref, but an inch above the mat TBOZ is able to stop his hand and keep the match going. He then uses that hand to try to reach the ropes, with the help of his feet trying to impulse him forward. Inch by inch he comes closer and closer to the ropes. When his fingertips are less than an inch from salvation, his hand falls again. But he is playing possum. With a final effort, he grabs the ropes. Divine won't release the hold until the count reaches four.*

    Pentalion: He made it, Dick.

    Thompson: Fine, I give you that.

    *Divine starts to argue with the ref while TBOZ tries to recover. The official reminds Divine that if he is disqualified, he loses and has to leave the company. Divine calms down and waits until TBOZ is up, ready to hit his version of the Divine Intervention (RKO), and as soon as the chance presents itself he strikes, to no avail. TBOZ has firmly grabbed the ropes for extra leverage, and Divine's back makes a hard impact with the mat. As Divine gets up, TBOZ comes in with a flurry of punches he calls the Punch Drunk, and then hits the opponent's neck with his right wrist, slapping the head down at full speed and placing the bowed head under his right armpit with the forearm ready to choke the neck, closing the elbow to the side, and using the left hand to lift both the right arm and Divine's head, locking in the guillotine choke he calls the God's Complex.*

    Pentalion: Now Divine is in trouble!

    *TBOZ is twisting Divine's neck hard, to no avail. The Divine One still resist, even when he is barely breathing, gasping for the little air TBOZ allows into his lungs. The Brit increases the pressure and Divine yells, only to be released seconds later. TBOZ keeps with this manoeuver for a minute, increasing and decreasing pressure to tire his opponent down. Finally, Divine has no choice but to tap out.*

    McManus: Here's your winner, The Beard of Zeus!

    Pentalion: What a devastating match!

    Thompson: No doubt, those two gave each other everything they had in their respective arsenals, but in the end The Beard of Zeus prevails.

    Pentalion: And no Divine Intervention made, but TBOZ's devastating God's Complex.

    *TBOZ climbs to the turnbuckle to celebrate with the fans, who are giving him a standing ovation and lots of “Welcome back” chants, as medics have run into the ring to tend on Divine, who has collapsed after the tremendous guillotine choke he has endured. TBOZ goes to check on his fallen opponent, who is still alive, but barely. Meds help Divine up and help him go backstage on his own feet, with TBOZ following close, asking the fans to applaud Divine for his efforts. The fans oblige, and they keep applauding as Divine reaches the backstage area and leaves EWNCW.*
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