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    Christopher Pentalion: Hello everybody and welcome to Monday night Rage!! We are live here form El Paso Texas!! I'm Christopher Pentalion, and alongside me here tonight is not EWNCw legend Bodom, since.....

    Dick Thompson: Since he's too much of a pansy to be here tonight!! Good evening EWNCW universe!! EWNCW anchorman Dick Thompson here, and we're LIVE from El Paso Texas here as we bring you some Monday night Rage!! I'm alongside EWNCW's very own monotone master Christopher Pentalion!! Chris, how's it going tonight?!

    Pentlaion: *Sigh* Great Dick, just great. So, let's bring things back to business, Bodom is actually absent here tonight since he's recovering from injuries he sustained from his match against Shaz at In Violence We Trust. So what did you think of the show Dick?

    Thompson: Well that part when Josh King was knocked off his perch by yours truly was pretty sweet wasn't it?!

    Pentalion: Any parts that didn't include you that you want to talk about? You know what, never mind. We saw our World Heavyweight Champion retain his championship in a vicious extreme rules match against Jman. But despite channeling his inner inovator ov violence, Jman couldn't topple Ronaldo Romulus and his reign goes on!!

    Thompson: Ok I got this! Mard Dimension, our very own T-800 machine retained his Evolution Championship against Eddie Juarez in a Texas Bull rope match, but not without some help from Mike Hawk. Juarez was SCREWED!! How's THAT for an exclusive!!!

    Pentalion: Yes, well thanks for the 'breaking' news. We also saw the rage Ignition Championship change hands as Van Hooligan X, with all the pressure in the world against him. He was granted a position in the ladder match for the title at In Violence We Trust on the condition that if he lost, that he would not get another chance at the title until after Destiny's Calling! But against the odds, he beat 5 other men to take the title from The Blue Flash!!

    Pentalion: And here comes our GM!! I hear he has some announcements to make as we make our way to out next ppv; Threat of the Net! The one night that the EWNCW fans has the say on what happens!!

    John Cleverly: Welcome everyone to Monday night Rage!! we're just back from a hugely successful ppv at In Violence We Trust, and we have all of you, the fans to thank for that! I think that most of the guys suffered some sort of injuries at that brutal event, but that just goes to show how far they're willing to go to put on a show for all of you!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: I also have to thank all of you for making the week leading up to the ppv a huge success as you all turned out in the thousands to attend our first ever Axxess event! And I can proudly announce that we will be holding another Axxess event in the week leading up to our main ppv of the year: Destiny's Calling in 4 months time!! And tickets for both Destiny's Calling and the Destiny's Calling Axxess event, which includes tickets to the EWNCW Awards show, will go on sale immediately after tonight's show!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: But coming back to tonight, and we're now on the road to our next ppv; Threat of the Net where we will again be relying on all of you; the EWNCW fans to help us out by going interactive!!
    As with last year's event, there will be various aspects of the ppv where you will all be able to vote on, such as opponents for different people, and stipulations for matches! And we all hope that you'll help us out by voting when the polls open!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: And I can proudly announce that the first poll that I'm announcing for the ppv, is the poll to pick the opponent to take on Mark Dimension for the Evolution Championship!! And the first man that will be on that poll, is none other than the man who beat The Devil's Advocate at In Violence we Chris; Chris Divine!!

    *the fans boo loudly*

    Cleverly: And I will be announcing the next 2 names on that poll in due course.
    Now, as for tonight, I have booked a main event triple threat match to determine the next number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, and the winner will take on Ronaldo Romulus for the title at Threat of the Net!! The 3 men that will be taking part in that triple threat will be; William Carlin!!

    *the fans boo*

    Cleverly: Seraphim!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: And..........

    Thompson: Hahaaa!! And thanks to this man right here, I'm at this table tonight!! Thank you Shaz!!

    Pentalion: How can you be happy about this Dick? But you are right. Shaz beat Bodom in a last man standing match at In Violence We Trust in what is just the latest notch in an impressive run for him.

    Thompson: I can't wait to see who he's going after next!! This young man is destined for big things!

    *Shaz' music hits, as the crowd immediately boo with Shaz coming out. He has a mic with him, and he begins to speak while walking down the ramp*

    Shaz: Listen to me Cleverly. I don't want to cause any trouble, so let's take away the fact that you're a terrible GM and let's cut straight to the point. Now- you've just announced a Triple Threat Match, where the winner takes on Ronaldo Romulus for the World title. Fair enough.

    But the reason why I'm here tonight, is to tell you why I deserve to be the 3rd man in that match. Not only did I knock out EWNCW's finest legend in the business, TBOZ- and sent his whooped ass to hospital but I did the exact same thing to Bodom. Oh, and if they are watching this! *Shaz turns his face to the camera* How's hospital life bitches?

    *Shaz winks and the crowd boo. John Cleverly shakes his head*

    And let's move on, to the guys you've chosen. First, William Carlin. Now listen- I'm gonna give this guy credit where it's due. He does deserve his place at the top, believe it or not. He's worked his ass off with Jesting Madness, and this is a great opportunity for him! But the only problem is, I'm the one who's craving for a title shot- so Carlin is going to have step aside, and let the REAL man have his shot.

    And last but not least, Seraphim. EWNCW's "angel." Well Seraphim, I hope you're listening to me. Do you know who I am? I'm the most malicious man you'll ever see in the EWNCW. So what are you gonna do about it? You gonna give me a lecture on how I've been a bad boy, and send me to hell? You know what, I could take this guy out of the scene if I wanted to! If Carlin wants, he can help out- but I don't need him anyway.

    *Crowd boo as they begin a Seraphim chant*

    Shaz: I've risen from the Ignition Division, straight to the top. But there is something missing. You see, in IWA. I'm at the top- and what proves that is the IWA Champion. In EWNCW, what will prove my status at the top, will be the belt that Ronaldo Romulus is holding right now.

    The bottom line, is this. I showed you all what I was capable of in the Ignition Division, and I am the longest reigning Rage Ignition Champion. I've showed you all that I am capable of competing in the big leagues, by taking out EWNCW's top two legends. Now let me show you what I am capable of, by taking on Romulus- and letting me start a fresh new era in the EWNCW, where Shaz is the champion!

    Cleverly: Yes yes Shaz, we all know about your, shall we say, extra curricular accolades outside of EWNCW, but as far as I'm concerned, if you haven't earned it here, then you're not getting squat.

    *the crowd cheer*

    Cleverly: However, I have been impressed with what you've been doing here in the last few months. You held onto the Rage Ignition Championship for a great deal of time, and you've just beaten TBOZ and now Bodom. I like what I see, so with that in mind, you got it Shaz, you will be the third man in tonight's match!! Seraphim vs William Carlin vs Shaz!!

    Pentalion: A triple threat main event match!! The winner will be the new number one contender!1 i have to say it's a tough match to call!!

    Thompson: Well it's clear to see that it won't be one man!! Seraphim lost to William Carlin at In violence We Trust, why the hell is he in this?!

    Pentalion: He is a former contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Thompson: Oh man, please!! How long is he going to be riding that wave?! But let's face it, Shaz and Carlin's confidence are sky high, they're in good shape going into this one!!

    Pentalion: Well you can't really argue with that Dick, I'll give you that.

    Thompson: Because it's the truth!! Because I said it!!

    Pentlaion: Yes Dick, there there. We'll be right back after the break!

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    *We cut back from commercials to see the camera just looking out at the crowd and a lot of people talking and getting ready for the next piece of action.*

    Jason McManus: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome at this time, the NEW Rage Ignition Champion, Van Hooligan X!!

    * Surprisingly though nothing appears to be happening and this continues for a good handful of seconds until a large bang is heard. This loud bang not only makes a great percentage of people jump out of the very skin they own, but massive amounts of confetti begins to fall from the top of the arena!*

    Pentalion: We're back here live on Monday night Rage, and we're welcoming the new Ignition champion to the ring here!!

    Thompson: VHX had his back against the wall at the ppv, he was in the last chance saloon, and he produced the goods!! A shame that these fans don't seem to agree.

    *Van HXs music plays as EWNCWs faithful begin to give them there opinion with full force. Van walks out from the back with a massive large smug grin on his face and takes his sweet ass time getting to the ring since he is enjoying the confetti fall a long with a good number of audience too.

    Eventually he gets into the ring but not before grabbing the mic left on the steel steps for him. The confetti comes to an end and the boos do increase since now they have given him 100% attention. Van goes to speak but stops just beforehand and picks up some confetti and flings it above him and laughs. This doesn't go over well since no-one is happy he is the new Ignition champion.*

    Van: Oh boy, oh boy! I cannot tell you people how good it really is to be me. *Boo'ing intensifies* I truly, truly deserve every last moment of this. I started pro wrestling a while back, and the look on all of your faces when I took this title for my own is just something money cannot buy! So many crushed fans' dreams of seeing there fav wrestler win this title and low and behold little ol' Vanny-poo comes up good...Again.

    *The crowd begin chanting "You Suck!" as loudly as they physically can. VHX pauses for a second and he legitimately seems to love hearing this chant.*

    Van: Please, fuel to the fire I have created. Granted, a rough couple of weeks on Rage did even make me question whether I could pull this off. Not 1 of you actually saw it coming! Not 1! Hahahaha! You simply have to remember who I am. I am The Vanity. Van Hooligan X. A man with a Silver tongue more valuable than Diamond itself! I got into that match and I found a way to overcome the odds! The 1 thing you people have to remember is when I say I'm going to do something, I damn well do it!

    I said I would be Ignition champion and I damn well am! You people should be literally kissing my wrestling boots for granting this title a chance to rival the bigger titles in this fed! I am going to give this division an era it won't ever forget! No matter who is dumb enough to think they can win it, no matter the difficult low odds I'm faced with...I will prove to you all and every wrestler in the back that all of my accomplishments I have done elsewhere are just the begin of the dynasty I will create here! The big leagues of EWNCW aren't ready for what I will do here and the first step on this journey is the Rage Ignition Championship!

    So please... EWNCW... get annoyed at my existence, try to be as loud as you can because I'm not going anywhere! You're going to watch me beat your favourite wrestlers week in, week out and the more hatred you pump onto me the more I will hurt them!


    *The Blue Flash ascends down from the rafters and drops onto the stage, much to the delight of the crowd. He has a mic in hand and he's ready to address the audience*

    The Blue Flash: HALT! CITIZEN!

    *the fans cheer*

    Flash: First of all, allow me to say: GREETINGS!! CITIZENS of El Paso, Texas!!

    *the fans all cheer loud*

    Flash: I am not going to play with words citizen Hooligan. Instead, I am going to cut right to the chase. Because the Blue Flash is cashing in his rematch clause for the Rage Ignition Championship!!

    *the crowd cheer*

    Flash: But The Blue Flash wants the citizens of the EWNCW universe to have a say on something that happens regarding that championship, and I know exactly what that will be. Oner the course of the next few weeks, you and I, Hooligan, are going to be battling it out to pick stipulations that will be put to a poll for the EWNCW universe!! So that the people can have a say on what happens to the championship!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Flash: You may have squirmed your way into the match at In Violence we Trust, but at Threat of the Net, it's you and me one on one. And The Blue Flash intends to expose you and strip you down to the exact thing that you are; a hooligan. And after I do that, the championship will be back in the hands of the good people. Believe THAT, citizen!!

    *the fans cheer loud*

    Thompson: Are you kidding me?! This man's getting another shot again?! He's been in every Ignition title match at every ppv since, I can't remember!!

    Pentalion: But he's the former champion Dick, and he has a rematch clause to use if he so chooses. And the odds ere always against the champion at In Violence We Trust, given that it was a 5 man ladder match.

    Thompson: Well Flash was the one who chose that match! Seems like he's regretting it already!

    Pentalion: Maybe, but he'll face Van at Threat of the Net, and the fans will get to vote on the stipulation for that match! Van and Flash will battle it out over the next few weeks to put some stipulations on that poll!!

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    Mixed Emotions makes their way out with the Rage World Tag Team Titles to the crowds dismay and both men flaunt their titles high in the air for everyone to see.

    Pride: At In Violence We Trust, we came, we saw and we conquered! We not only defended the Grand and Intercontinental titles against the Mexican Nightmares and the Alpha Males, but we retained. And as if that is not celebration enough fellow patrons of the arts, we showed our everyone who has ever disrespected the arts that we can handle other genres of music as well when we took Black Blooded out in their own match type.

    Sorrow: We lowered ourselves to their standards and took their only claim to fame as one of the top teams on Brutality, the hardcore titles. But now we have sullied our good names with those filthy titles and before you all could call of sell outs, we made a couple of deals with managements.

    Pride: With Brutality ending and my brother and I holding all of the titles, we needed to rid ourselves of our newest gold in order to preserve our image. So we swapped out all of our gold and exchanged it in order to become the first and only World tag team champions here on Rage. Now as a welcoming gift and a celebration to our newfound glory, an opera for the fans, from your perspectives.

    Pride and Sorrow get ready as Sorrow comes in with a low note and Pride with higher notes.

    Mixed Emotions!
    Where have you been, when the classless took over!
    We have been waiting for gods,
    To bring class into the ring.

    Patrons, we have arrived to deliver you into the golden age of Rage.
    Who was it that dethrowned the wicked Blacklist?
    Who was it that castrated the Alphas?
    Who was it woke you up from the coming Nightmare?

    Sorrow: Mixed Emotions!
    Pride: Mixed Emotions!
    Sorrow: Mixed Emotions!
    Pride: Mixed Emotions!

    Not that we are saved,
    we pay tribute... to your greatness
    and mighty glory.
    Angels of Music and Lords of the Rings
    You conquered all before you
    And we will praise you
    Bravi, Bravi, Bravissimo
    Bravi, Bravi, Bravis.....

    Black Blooded walk out, seemingly for the first time ever to the relief of the fans, their music blaring through the arena as if to chase out the last traces of Mixed Emotions' performance. The men stop side by side at the top of the ramp, Vivica posing between them as they stare down Pride and Sorrow, before walking down the ramp as though they mean to walk straight through the ring itself, stopping only long enough to grab the ropes and pull themselves up they get in the ring, standing directly across from the newly crowned tag team champions.

    Mr. Blood: I'm sorry, we were looking for a couple of wrestlers, you know, real men. Not a couple of opera-singing drama homos. See boys, if indeed the two of you are boys, the only reason that we don't still have those belts, the only reason you are walkin around parading like Queens of the fucking world, the only reason you boys can even walk at all is because a couple fucks decided to bring their business with us from JBW to in Violence we Trust. Let's face it, you boys owe them the gay equivalent of a beer for pulling your dumb asses out of the fire.

    Mr. Black: No pun intended.

    Mr. Blood: You know, we know, and even the stupidest one of these inbred hilbilly fuck fans know that we can beat your asses any day of the fucking week, and twice on Sunday, and before you get excited I'm talkin about leaving you two panty waisted fucks lying in broken heaps, drenched in your own blood. Why? Because we are that much fucking better than you. We are Gods among men, Legends among tag teams, and you boys are just another fucking roadblock.

    Mr. Black: Soon to be removed.

    Mr. Blood: So it works out like this, you fairies want to prance about with your shiny new belts? Fine, but we got some unfinished business between us. It doesn't matter who we have to go through, what dreams we have to shatter, what jackasses we have to leave on the fucking shelf, we're coming for you, and we are coming for your Gold. You better look real fuckin close boys, cause you got your beady little eyes locked on the eyes of a pair of problems that are not going away. We are the biggest

    ???: Fattest débil hijos de puta, in EWNCW History!

    *The crowd jeers, as the Mexican Nightmares walk out from behind the curtain, to no music. Black Blooded seems angry at being interrupted, before the three Mexicans slide in the ring, the males equipped with mics*

    Juilo: Sorry to disturb you Black Blooded, but you losing your titles was your own fault. We however, wasn't defeated at In Violence We Trust. No amigos, they just left. They knew we wouldn't stayed down, so they just left the match! They managed to keep us down, and fair play for them to do that, but hombre, we could've, and would've turned the tables.

    And now, as there's no Intercontinental Championships, we want those Tag Team Championships. And we didn't lose last week hombre, Rage's newest Mexican modelos de conducta, are undefeated at Pay-Per-Views here. We aren't done with you Mixed Emotions, and as far as we consider, we should be at the front on the line for those Tag Gold.

    Esteban: If you want those titles Black Blooded, well, you can, as we say in Mexico, ir chingan, go fuck yourselves. You lost two and two, fair and square. We however, wrestled 2-on-2-on-2, and didn't even lose. You have the motorbikes, and the male lovers, but we have the senorita, and the right to have another title match.

    When we get our chance, we're not going to let it slip away again. We'll become World Tag Team Champions, and that hermano's, is a prom-

    ???: Is a goddamn lie!!

    *That voice sounds familiar, and the ladies know it, because they cheer like mad knowing that the one and only Spanish Love Machine has said those words. However, neither him or T-Thunda appear on top of the ramp. Instead, a gorgeous lady that resembles Veronica Lake (or Kim Basinger in L.A Confidential) makes the men gasp and the ladies stop the cheers. Then, Marilyn Monroe hits the stage, going to the opposite side of Veronica. Next is Grace Kelly, who stands next to Veronica. Finally, Claudia Cardinale goes side by side with Marylin. The 4 women resemble the 4 cinema stars on their prime, so this time is the men who cheer for such beauties. Then, the four ladies say at the same time:*

    Ladies: Hit the music!

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    *This time Tenorio and T-Thunda appear mic in hand, so the ladies cheer again. Miguel joins Marylin and Claudia and T-Thunda goes down the ramp with Veronica and Grace. The men are cheering for the ladies, who stop and salute them, while the Males greet the ladies in attendance. T-Thunda hits the ring first, and opens the ropes for Veronica and Grace. Then Miguel has the same courtesy with Marylin and Claudia. Then Miguel continues with his promo:*

    Tenorio: Yeah, we are the Sexiest Alpha Males, the hottest thing going in tag team wrestling, and we like to hang with the hottest ladies in the world. So, guys and girls, give a nice and outstanding welcome to Veronica Lake, Marylin Monroe, Grace Kelly and Claudia Cardinale!!!

    *Round of applause from the men, who cheer their favs, especially Marylin. The ladies are not so happy and they let Miguel know.*

    Tenorio: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on! I notice some hostility here from our lady fans here. See, I know you've been loyal to us, and I don't forget about you. I'm not called the Spanish Love Machine for no reason. I produce tons of love, it oozes from my body, so I have enough for all my ladies in attendance tonight. When the time comes, all of you will get your sweet words, your love sonnets, and if you're into it, some horizontal dancing with yours truly!

    *The opposite effect happens: men boo, and ladies scream in pleasure.*

    Tenorio: But you know, business comes before pleasure, and we have to deal with all these guys here. You know, Esteban says they'll become World Tag Team champions, and quite frankly, these narco apprentices have only one chance to do that, and it is if they bring their Cuernos de Chivo (side note, that's a Mexican expression for AK 47's) to the ring. We are not afraid of you. We've been in the ring with you at In Violence we Trust and are confident enough that we are going to send you back home moaning,

    with a bottle of Herradura Reposado and a song from José Alfredo Jiménez to forget the pain caused by being defeated by the Sexiest Alpha Males!

    *Cheers from the ladies, men are split. Esteban yells “Pendejo maricón” to Miguel*

    Tenorio: That's not what your sister said yesterday, hombre!

    *Positive reaction. Esteban is pretty pissed off, but Tenorio is facing Black Blooded now*

    Tenorio: And you two will also be defeated. You fucking call your-fucking-selves fucking legends, the most fucking hardcore fucking tag team in the fucking world, and the most fucking violent, fucking relentless and fucking dangerous fucking team in the fucking business, but I just fucking think you are the fucking biggest fucking fuckers in the fucking EWNC-fucking-W! And we're fucking going to fucking send you to a fucking meeting of fucking Sons of Anarchy fucking rejects, where you can fucking console each fucking other while you fucking fuck your fucking motorbikes in the fucking exhaust fucking pipe!! Fucking mark my fucking words!

    *This gets a general pop. Tenorio turns to Mixed Emotions*

    Tenorio: Ah, our current champs! You know, I have lots of things to tell you, but I know my partner T-Thunda has a special message for for the Opera fans that are unable to sing a note from an opera!

    T-Thunda: You see, all ya'll little jimmies right here ain't got nuthin' on the Sexiest Alpha Males! Uh Uh!! We're da best tag team dat dis crowd right here has ever seen!! Dat's da troof!!

    *the crowd cheer*

    T-Thunda: And we ain't gonna stand around here now that we're on Rage, and sit on our hands, and sing some songs for you, because dat would be a waste of time for us and for all dese people! NO! We gonna be here on Rage, we gonna continue to be da bet and most entertaining tag team here in EWNCW, and we gonna win those World Tag Team Titles, and we gonna GET all of y'all!!

    *the grow cheer*

    T-Thunda: And when you get GOT by da Sexiest Alpha Males, you'll know, that we know, that all of these people know dat it's da TROOF, dat we are da best!!

    *Cleverly on the Tron:*

    Cleverly: Nice to see that the Brutality guys are so eager to steal the show! I like the points you made for being the contenders, but that will be the fans choice... next week! Right now, we are going to have an 8 man tag team match! Mixed Emotions, you are teaming with the Sexiest Alpha Males to take on Black Blooded and Mexican Nightmares! The Arts vs the The Strength! So, get a ref down there and let's get this started. Like Teddy Long would say: Holla, holla, holla!!

    McManus: The following contest is an eight man tag team match set for one fall. Already in the ring the team of Mr. Black and Mr. Blood, Black! Blooded!

    *Boos for the bikers, who don't give a single fuck*

    McManus: And their partners, Julio Montoya and Esteban Rodríguez, the Mexican! Nightmares!

    *More boos from the fans*

    McManus: And their opponents, first, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Pride and Sorrow, Mixed! Emotions!

    *The fans don't get tired of booing*

    McManus: Their partners, from across the street of the Playboy Mansion, T-Thunda, Miguel Tenorio, The Sexiest Alpha Males!

    *Ladies cheer and men boo*

    Pentalion: This is going to be huge!

    Thompson: These guys are ready to steal the show! And if Dick Thompson says so, it is the truth!

    *Ding, ding, ding.*

    (Devon = Mr Black / DOC = Mr Blood / Julio Montoya = Big masked man / Esteban Rodríguez = Small masked man / Tenorio = Angle / T-Thunda = Joe / Pride = Gareth / Sorrow = Brisco Start at 6:39 of the first video, stop at 3:22 of the second video)

    *Tenorio goes to pin Esteban:*



    2,5! NO!

    *Esteban kicks out. Tenorio wastes no time and grabs Esteban by the head, lifts him up and hits a rolling vertical suplex, thus completing the First Amigo. Miguel doesn't release the hold, and taking a bit more time hits the Second Amigo. And when he's ready to complete the Three Amigos, Mr Black comes from behind and clips Tenorio's left leg, causing him to collapse. Rodríguez falls on top of Miguel, and there's an unexpected pin attempt:*



    2,75! NO!

    *Sorrow has come flying with a frog splash and saves the match for his team. Tenorio rolls out of the way and so does Rodríguez. Sorrow gets up and collides in the middle of the ring with Mr. Black, both trading punches:*


    *The exchange comes to an end when Mr. Blood comes from behind and hits Sorrow in the back of the head. Black Blooded then proceed to double team Sorrow to weak him, and when he is in the point of no return, Mr. Black grabs him by the neck and hits a thunderous chokeslam, while his partner Mr. Blood is climbing to the top turnbuckle to deliver a huge Shooting Star Press that connects to perfection.*

    Thompson: That has to be it, no way the champ is surviving those two moves.



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    2,999999! NO!

    *Just at the last second, the cavalry in form of T-Thunda saved the day! But as soon as he is up, Mr. Black hits a Black Hole Slam that lays T-Thunda flat on the mat. Mr. Black is celebrating, but he is cut off by Pride, who dropkicks him into the ropes. Pride then bounces back to the opposite set of ropes, comes running towards Mr. Black, ready to hit a clothesline, but Mr. Black grabs the ropes and sits in the mat, causing Pride to go flying to the outside. Mr. Blood has grabbed Sorrow and he throws him over the top rope in vintage Royal Rumble fashion. Then, Mr Black points to the top turnbuckle, and there goes Mr. Blood again*

    Pentalion: This could be the end, seems like Black Blooded are ready to hit their finisher, the BBD!

    *Mr. Black lifts T-Thunda in an electric chair position and goes near the corner where his partner is waiting. Mr. Blood then dropkicks Thunda while Mr. Black hits the electric chair, completing the BBD (Heat Seeker). Julio Montoya sneaks into the ring and makes the cover.*




    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    McManus: The winners of this match, the team of Black Blooded and the Mexican Nightmares!

    Thompson: Black Blooded are on a rampage after their loss at IVWT, and tonight they proved it to the world.

    Pentalion: Back on track they are, and they don't like others interfering in their business.

    *Black Blooded are arguing with Montoya about him stealing the pin, when Esteban Rodríguez charges and starts throwing punches on Mr. Black, and Montoya takes care of Mr. Blood. Mixed Emotions join the brawl, Pride attacking Rodríguez and Black, Sorrow going for Montoya and Blood. Miguel Tenorio is also back into the ring, and gets himself involved with Sorrow and company, and T-Thunda goes to mess with the other three. The eight men trade punches, none of them being able to get the upper hand, because as soon as they get some advantage, they are cut off by other brawlers. Things are pretty even when a legion of refs and security hit the ring and manage to separate the eight fighters, who are still trash talking each other as we head to commercial*

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    *Camera shows us an interview set backstage, with Guy Smith mic in hand*

    Guy Smith: Good evening ladies and gentleman, it is good to be back on Monday Night Rage. Now please welcome my guest, one of the three participants in the TripleThreat Main Event, Seraphim.

    *Camera goes a step back to show us Seraphim.*

    Smith: You've been feuding with William Carlin for a while. What are your feelings about this rivalry?

    Seraphim: Rivalry? Guy, you've been gone too long, man, far too long - this isn't a rivalry. Me and Carlin, we aren't rivals. This is a war! I can still feel the effects of the Con-chair-to he blasted me with at In Violence We Trust. Rivals? Nah, this isn't a rivalry. Carlin declared war on me, and I have responded in kind. He wants to try and take away my livelihood? Well, he's more than welcome to try. No one, and I mean no one, is going to get in the way of the voices taking out Carlin one day - not even The Superior Technician himself. That piece of shit wants to go to war with me, and I'll fight him tooth and nail every minute of it.

    Smith: Can you tell us about your mental state after your IVWT match?

    Seraphim: Mental state? I think Carlin unlocked something within me that I have tried to suppress since my battles with TBOZ. Carlin opened up a can of worms that he doesn't want to divulge in - a can of worms that one day will be his downfall. My mental state? I am going to show Carlin just how twisted of an angel I can be, and he'll regret ever embarking on this crusade of his. I will hold nothing back against the man who attacked me, and then after I dispose of him, I set my sights on Ronaldo Romulus, the man who stole my spot in War Games, and is now holding a title that should be mine. My mental state? A deranged Seraphim.

    Smith: You are in a #1 contenders match with Carlin and Shaz tonight. We know how you feel about Carlin, but we want to know your thoughts on Shaz.

    Seraphim: Shaz? Who the fuck is Shaz? You mean that kid that took out TBOZ? Well, props to him, he did something I couldn't do - but what has he done since then? Take out an announcer, big deal. I have no thoughts on Shaz, but he better hope to the Voices, Carlin keeps my attention tonight, or else, he'll continue to wallow where he is, taking out legends, but never having what it takes to step up to the plate and hold a top title in EWNCW.

    Smith: Do you have any game plan for tonight's match?

    Seraphim: Gameplan? It's simple. Watch and learn. Take out Carlin, and Shaz, and Welcome them to Heaven.

    Carlin: *Off camera* Welcome to the real world!

    *Carlin storms in and punches Sera in the forehead, and the Voice of the Voices goes down like a ton of bricks. Carlin repeats the treatment a second time. And a third. Sera's busted open. The reason? Carlin has brass knuckles, now red with Seraphim's blood. Carlin turns to the camera and licks the blood from the weapon. Then he turns around and hits the Elbow of Disdain on Sera. Shot shows Smith pale as a sheet of paper. Carlin realizes and turns to him:*

    Carlin: Guy, Guy, it's ok, I know what you've been through, man. See, hand me the mic and go get checked by the meds, right? I'll handle this, no problem. Go, I have this, it's ok, man.

    *Smith handles Carlin the mic and leaves. Carlin stands on the left side of the shot, his silhouette offering us the right side of his body. He then mimics Guy Smith's voice:*

    Carlin: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time, The Superior Technician, William Carlin. Mr. Carlin, Seraphim just said you two are not in a rivalry, you are in a war.

    *Carlin turns around 180 degrees, going to the right side of the shot, showing the left side of his body:*

    Carlin: Good grief, about time the guy realizes what's going on! This has been open war since the beginning, and it will remain a war until the end. I'm on the hunt of religious wrestlers that want to tyrannize both their fellow superstars and the EWNCW audience by imposing their ideals, and I've been openly defending freedom of choice, the chance to follow the belief system that suits you most. It has been a war since the day I crossed paths with Kayden James on Warzone, and I've been going on battle after battle, taking out the opposition one by one. I've won another battle at In Violence we Trust, but the war is not over, as I just proved everyone right now. And if that Con-Chair-to has woken up the worst side of Sera, so be it! This is getting the intensity of the days of Shadows vs. Jesting Madness and you know how I loved that.

    *Back to the original position and Smith's mimic:*

    Carlin: One can say from your words that your state of mind can be called “The Joy of Aggression”

    *Again to the wrestler's position:*

    Carlin: You get it, Guy. I'm focused on my task, my mind is sharp as a blade and ready to strike. I keep training hard so my physique is on par with my mind. I watch all matches I've had with Seraphim and study them, taking notes on both our strengths and weaknesses, of our mistakes and good decisions. I devise strategies to apply them in matches and write them down, like a chess player has a book with hundreds of different moves and possibilities. All of this with one target in mind. Get rid of Seraphim and move to the ultimate challenge: Ronaldo Romulus. Sera says I've just opened a “can of worms” in his mind. That is good. You know another guy who had a can of worms opened in his mind after facing me? Abel. And let me tell you something: Sera can't hold a candle against Abel. I'm not afraid of what Seraphim has to offer after his mental breakdown. I've been into worst and beaten it. It will be no different this time.

    *Back to Carlin's version of Guy Smith:*

    Carlin: Your position about Seraphim is clear, but tonight you also face Shaz for a chance at Ronaldo Romulus World Heavyweight Championship. Expand your thoughts about Shaz.

    *Another wrestler turn:*

    Carlin: I don't like Shaz. He believes he is the next big thing himself, and he is just a thug with a bit of luck in his sneaky ways. He brags about taking out both TBOZ and Bodom, treating them like shit when they deserve the praise for being the legends they are. But I'll give him this: he gets the job done. He has proven it enough times to give him credit for that. Now, I've been in the ring with him and I know first hand what's he's capable of. Right now, he is not main event material. He is not in the same level of Seraphim, nor in Ronnie Romulus level. And of course, he is not in the same level as me. If he has any hope to break into the highest level of EWNCW tonight, he is set for a rude awakening. Tonight, I'll kill not two, but three birds with one stone: I crush Shaz's dreams, I get rid of Seraphim forever, and I move to the final challenge in my war: I earn the shot to go one on one with Romulus for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    *Carlin becomes Smith again:*

    Carlin: Any final words?

    *Carlin returns to his own self:*

    Carlin: Yeah, Guy, thanks.

    *Then he looks straight into the camera:*

    Carlin: Surrender or be dismembered.

    *Carlin drops the mic and leaves.*

  7. #617

    *The fans begin to cheer loudly as Kyojin walks out onto the stage. He runs to the side of the stage and begins to jump up and down in the same spot to get the fans pumped, before running across to the other side and doing the same. He runs back to the centre of the ring before walking down the ramp, slapping hands of fans. He climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone.*

    Kyojin: So last week, Van Hooligan X somehow found his way into the Rage Ignition Championship Ladder match at In Violence We Trust and found a way to grab that title and leave as the champion. What I wanna know is why Van even got the shot in the first place? He’s proven consistently week in, week out that he doesn’t deserve the spot he’s in.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to complain too much, I just want to know that if they’re going to be fair, I should be first in line for a shot at that title.

    *The fans explode with cheers at the anticipation of the match.*

    Kyojin: I appreciate The Blue Flash is going to cash in his rematch clause but if I know Van, and if anybody knows Van- I know Van, he’s going to find a way to retain his title. Van Hooligan X knows how to hold onto titles. Look at his track record. The final HWA Champion, the final EWA Hardcore Champion. It took an entire stable of SIN to take him down in Alpha Revolution. There is only one man who’s actually took Van on fairly and took his title.

    That me.

    *The fans cheer loudly.*

    Kyojin: That’s right, I’m the final ICW World Champion because I beat Van Hooligan X fairly. And ever since we’ve both arrived in EWNCW, he’s attempted to take me down. He knows what a threat I am but I hold two one-on-one victories in a row over him and that is what should qualify me for a title shot!

    *The crowd equals its excitement for Kyojin with a pop of their own for Cage. Cage comes out to see the crowd, having heard what Kyojin had to say. He plans on responding to him right now. Cage lets the crowd calm down before speaking.*

    Cage: Alright settle down guys, let's not get to crazy out here. I know you guys are excited to see this right, I mean come, Malcolm Cage? Kyoijn? This is prettyexcited to see this right, I mean come, Malcolm Cage? Kyoijn? This is pretty exciting... You got two of the best flyers around and all you want to see is them throw themselves off of ladders and ring posts at each other. And as much as I would like to oblige you all, I have bigger fish to fry...

    *Cage takes a few steps down the ramp as the crowd starts another pop for Cage and Kyojin.*

    Cage: You are good Kyojin, you are damn good. After me, I would say you are the best. You go out every week and put effort and quality into everything you do, same as me. And I tend to find myself agreeing with, it's similar here tonight. I agree about Van, he is a slimy little twit, and he doesn't deserve that title. He lost, not once, not twice, but three times. And yet, while all of us fought our way in, he just used his serpent tongue to slither his way into a match he had no right to be apart of.

    *Cage makes his way up the steps and into the ring. He stands next to Kyojin as weight of superstars' presences can be felt around the arena.*

    Cage: But here is where I don't agree with you Kyojin. If you think that you are next in line for a title shot, then you are seriously disturbed. I am the next in line, I was the best performer in the Rage Ignition Title match, and I'm the one who is going to take that title off Van. And if you want to argue the point, then I am willing to go through you to prove my point. I will get my shot and I am not afraid to beat you to get it.

    *Outcomes Reiko along with "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair with no theme song this week. He quickly gets into the ring while the fans have some mixed reaction towards him.*

    REIKO with Ric Flair: Hold on , HOLD ON!
    Let me tell the both of you right now , I Deserve the shot to Qualify.
    IM the Man with Thee MAN and student of the game that keeps giving... and Wrestling isss ThaT Game.
    I deserve it , because of 3 reasons.
    The first reason starts with kyojin...jin, nobody care's about what you have done. frankly it just doesnt hold any weight in Ewncw. this is the big leagues, so everyone here can agree , it not about the before. it alll about the now and what have you done for us lately.

    *A flair smile with him giving a minor clap for 2 seconds*

    The second reason is Malcol Cage nobody is excited to see you. Not that kid right here by the ramp in his seat, not the smokin hot babe in the front row, not the timekeeper, not your mom with the bird in the cage sign, not my fans, not flairs fans * a wooo sound from crowd*, not anybody ...this is very true.

    And the 3rd and most important reason is that unlike the both of you. i am the most recent to beat Van between the 3 of us here as we stand. isnt this right ric.

    Ric Flair: REikO! ... THat is Right , you are correct my Friend.
    The Both of You, Malcolm Cage ...*take one sleeve from his jacket off*
    Kyojin.....*other sleeve off and jacket drops*
    *yells* KYOJIN....MALCOLLM CAGGE...WOOOoooooo
    The Both of You Are GOOD , but REIKO is GREAT!! thats what makes him the best.
    and the Best always Wins , so im proposing a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH AT THREAT OF THE NET TO DECIDE THE NEXT #1 CONTENDER FOR THE....................

  8. #618
    *Just then Darren Bull comes out to interrupt Reiko and is received by numerous boos by the audience. Darren is slow to get into the ring and once it looks like he is about to get in the ring, he gets off the apron and heads over to get a microphone. Instead of getting into the ring, Darren decides to grab a chair from under the ring and sets it up in the outside in front of the announcer table.*

    Darren: Sorry for the interruption, actually I'm not sorry, but I had to come out here and call BULLSHIT upon all this little fiasco. I mean are we seriously supposed to believe this is the worst things you all can say after IVWT? Nah. Unlike all three of you ladies and whatever the hell you are Flair, I'll keep it real. Lets start from the beginning, Malcolm Cage. What can I say about you Cage that everyone doesn't already know? We all know you can't beat me. I've proven to be the better between us two. So, I see no use in you being out here complaining and trying to get a title match. How about you go back to the minor leagues?

    *Darren gets a smirk in his while the fans boo him knowing what he exactly referring to.*

    Darren: Now we come down to the even less interesting Reiko. I mean when was the last you were even relevant in this industry. Huh? Let me answer that. Hummmmmmmm.......... NEVER!!!! Hahahaha..... I mean I remember beating you not too long ago as well. So, how about you get out of the ring, before I make you into laughing stock. Which is actually pretty hard, believe it or not, because you are doing a great job at doing that. I mean who in the world wants to align themselves with the biggest disgrace to have ever step into a wrestling ring, "The Fat Boy Himself" Ric Flair!

    *The crowd beings to chant "Ric is God!".*

    Darren: I don't think you all were saying that when he got his ass handed to him by an even bigger disgrace, Hulk "No One Gives A Crap" Hogan. But moving on, we now come down to the man who I'll admit who I haven't beaten..... yet. KYOJIN!

    *All the fans give a big ovation for Kyojin while he just smiles.*

    Darren: Whoa! I wan't finished, didn't your mothers teach you manners? Assholes. Like I was trying to say, Kyojin you are the only in that ring who is at least half decent to be in the ring and trying to win over the fans votes for a match against VHX. I mean you are the man who beat Van Hooligan X for the ICW Championship in the company's final match. So, a little round of applause should go to you for that achievement.

    *Bull puts down his microphone on his lap to start a clap for Kyojin, but he stops just before he hits even one clap.*

    Darren: On second thought, I would give you that honor, but the issue is that little fact is nothing more, but just a past memory. I mean who are we kidding here? The fans? I know they are pretty stupid, but I don't think they are that stupid. Actually, scratch that. This people don't know the difference between right and wrong. All of you standing inside that are what is wrong with this company and I'm the right. I'll actually do something the former Rage Ignition Champion, The Blue Flash, couldn't do and that's clean up the trash that soils this company inside and out. Starting with all of you in the ring.

    *The crowd start yelling out, "Bull is trash!".*

    Shut the fuck up! I'm not finish............

    *Just then the titantron comes up with the image of Rage GM John Cleverly.*

    Darren: No one interrupts me......

    Cleverly: Actually, I can and have, so shut up Bull or your ass is going back to Mexico. Now, gentlemen I love the fact that all of you are eager to want to get your hands on the Ignition Champion, VHX. It shows me that all of you have passion to be the best in the Ignition Division here in Rage. And from what I can tell you all have some legitimate claims to be the next challenger. However, I'm just not going to award it to one of you. Now, what type of GM would I be? So, to settle this dispute I've decided to have all four of you in a macth at our next PPV; Trouble On The Net. You will all be in a fatal four way match. But don't expect a day off from this Rage cause tonight you will all compete in a tag match. And the teams will be Darren Bull teaming up with Reiko. And the other team will consist of Malcolm Cage and Kyojin.

    *The pops for the dream team of Kyojin and Cage.*

    And that match is next gentlemen.

    Dick: God I love this. Our GM sure does know how to keep the show interesting.

    Pentalion: You do know you're still not getting that raise you suck up. However, this exciting tag match will be up next when return from commercial.


  9. #619
    Pentalion: And we are back from commercial break.

    Dick: And like I said. Shut up and let the action begin.

    *We head over back to the ring where both teams are in their respective corners. Just before the referee can signal for the bell, Darren and Reiko have a dispute over who is going to start the match. After a bit, Flair to just let Bull embarrass himself, so Darren is the one to start against Kyojin.*

    (Start @ 3:55, End @ 6:45, Kyojin=Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara=Malcolm Cage, Cody Rhodes=Reiko, The Miz=Darren Bull)

    Pentalion: I've been surprised on how Reiko and Darren have been able to work as a team. Even with the argument they, before the match started.

    Thompson: Well they obviously both want to pick up some momentum heading into their match at ToTN.

    *Kyojin tries to get to his partner and make the tag, but Reiko even dazed grabs hold of his ankle. With all his might, Reiko tries to bring Kyojin with him over to where Darren is waiting for a tag. Kyojin is able to turn around and push off Reiko off him and dives over to tag in Malcolm Cage. Before Malcolm make a move on Reiko, Cage tells him that he wants Bull instead. Bull just smiles and calls at Reiko to tag him in. Reiko does so and tags Darren into the match.*

    Here we go, this two men have had their own issues dating back to Bred For Combat.

    Dick: And that will be a day Malcolm will never forget about. His EWNCW debut was started in misery thanks to Darren Bull. Maybe Malcolm can redeem himself here.

    *Darren quickly goes for collar and elbow tie-up with Malcolm, but Cage throws Darren to the floor. Bull decides to go to the outside and catch a breather. Cage however decides to fly by doing a suicide dive to Bull in the outside. Reiko decides to stay on the apron then go help his partner. Cage then throws Darren back making sure Reiko and Ric don't try something funny. Malcolm stalks Bull into he gets up and turns around. Cage then jumps off the ropes to hit a flying forearm and quickly goes for a pin attempt.*




    And somehow, Darren is able to kick after a devastating flying forearm.

    Pentalion: I'll be surprised if Darren barely remembers his name right about now.

    *Malcolm picks up Darren and tries to hit his finisher, Caged Aggression(Slice Bread #2), but Bull slides out of Cage's grasp and hits various knife edge chops. As soon as Cage is on his knees holding his chest, Darren turns around to Reiko and Ric and yells out,"That's how you do it!". Darren the knife edge chops Reiko's chest and the ref considers it as a legal tag. Darren just smiles and gets into the ring apron. Reiko gets in the ring and heads over to Malcolm. He picks up Cage and actually lead Cage over to Kyojin and the three begin to discuss something and Reiko calls for Flair. Now all four men are discussing something while Bull looks on in confusion.*

    What are they doing over there in the ring.

    Thompson: They are not wrestling, that's for sure. I just hope they ain't jerking it over in the corner.

    *All four men then stop talking and turn around and look at Bull. Ric steps in the ring and the ref starts to tell Ric to get out. Flair just Woos at the referee, before hitting him with a low blow. The ref drops down to the floor and all competitors run over to Darren and grab hold of him, before he can escape. They all throw Bull into the ring and have him surrounded in the corner meanwhile Ric begins to strut over the ref.*

    Oh my, Bull is cornered and is about to pay dear consequences for his actions.

    Thompson: This guys are a bunch of cowards and ungrateful assholes who are picking on the defenseless.

    Christopher: Nice joke Dick.

    *Just, before anyone can do anything..........


    What in the world os going on?!

    Dick: I have no idea, but I hope that EWNCW isn't trying to pull a Superbowl.

    *Just then the lights come back on and standing in the middle of the ring is.......... MATT ELDER!!!!*

    Thompson: Oh my god, it's Matt Elder! One half of the former multi time EWNCW tag team Champions; The Force of Grateness!! This man is a legend and he is here live in person on Rage! We need to throw a party!

    Christopher: I don't think 'The Force' is in a partying mood.

    *Matt has a chair in hand, but he is still surrounded five to one. Just as it looks like all men are agreeing to attack Matt, Darren tackles down Malcolm down to the floor. Reiko goes over to stop Darren meanwhile Kyojin and Flair are left with Matt to deal with. Ric decides to strut himself to the back and leaves. Kyojin quickly runs to Matt and tries to tackle him, but Matt moves and hit Kyo in the back with the chair and lands three nasty shots on his back/spine area. Reiko finally gets Darren off Cage, but Reiko doesn't see Matt behind him and gets hit in the back as well. That leaves Darren and Matt staring at each other. Elder moves in closer and pushes Darren to the side and hits Cage on the head while he is on his knees getting up. Darren smiles and decides to extent his hand at Elder. Matt then accepts the handshake without hesitation. The crowd boos both men.*

    It looks like Matt and Darren have aligned with one other.

    Dick: And I don't blame Elder. He is doing a smart choice by getting together with someone and knowing he needs backup.

    *Both men head over to opposite sides and get on the top turnbuckles and celebrate in glory. Darren then gets off and turns around to Matt and hug him when Matt hits him as well with the chair on the head.*

    It looks like Matt is actually on his own on this.

    Thompson: Well, Matt has probably made the most enemies all at once. That's got to be a world record.

    *Elder looks around and sees his destruction, but he has no emotion on his face. He then decides to leave the ring and medical attention is brought out for all men laid out in the ring.*

  10. #620

    Pentalion: We're back here live on Monday night Rage, and we're watching as Chris 'So Fine' Divine makes his way to the ring. A man who arguably had the biggest win of all at In Violence We Trust where he buried the living, or former living, legend that was The Devil's Advocate.

    Thompson: I had a hard time believing it myself Chris. TDA was competing in his speciality match, a match that he's made famous. He chose that stipulation for that match against Divine, but the oh so fine one managed to still come out on top.

    Pentalion: Indeed. TDA was buried alive, 6 feet under the ground, and that's where he'll be resting in piece, and this man here will no doubt be bragging about it for a very long time to come.

    Thompson: Well let's look on the bright side here Chris, a new star is born here!! Divine can use this victory to propel himself to stratospheric heights!!

    *Chris Divine walks out to a tremendous sea of boos, the crowd clearly not happy with the result of In Violence We Trust. He has a broad smile on his face and even takes the time to bow at the top of the ramp before continuing down the red carpet laden ramp to the ring.
    The ring is also set up with a red carpet in it. He then enters and demands a mic before settling in the middle of the ring to begin talking.*

    Divine: Thank you, thank you one and all!! Yes, you will be right in saying that Chris Divine did indeed just whoop The Devil's Advocate's rooty pooty tooty ass at In Violence We Trust!!

    *Divine pauses once again to smile out to the crowd as they continue to boo him*

    Divine: Yes, and not only that, but witnessed by the MILLIONS.....

    *the crowd boo*

    Divine: Of Divine's fans, Divine went ahead and buried The Devil's Advocate alive right up there, pilled a few tons of dirt on top of his corpse, and effectively ended his career for good!! A moment that will live long in the memory of Divine, as one of the highlights of Divine's career!!

    *the crowd boo once more as Divine steps back and laughs to himself*

    Divine: Ohhhh yes, and that incident, that historic milestone was just the first milestone in the great career that will be the career of Divine. Because tonight, GM John Cleverly has recognized Divine's accolades and talent, and has named Divine as the first name to be on the poll that will determine the next contender for the Evolution Championship!! A poll that Divine will indeed win, believe that people!! Because the MILLIONS........

    *the crowd boo again*

    Divine: And Millions of Divine fans out there know that there isn't a single chumperino on the Rage roster that holds a candle to the magnificence that is Divine!! Divine is the best, because Divine is the Divine one!!

    *the crowd boo*

    Divine: But Divine must now ask, are the people wondering what's with all this get up here? Are the people wondering what's with the red carpet that was greeting Divine to the ring here? Well allow Divine to explain to you a bit further.
    You see, Divine is of the opinion, and Divine's sure that the people will agree, that The Devil's Advocate was a symbol of greatness, a symbol of immortality, a symbol of a legend. And Divine beat him.

    *the crowd boo*

    Divine: When Divine beat TDA's rooty pooty tooty ass, then that moment right there was a symbolic moment, a historic moment!! You see, TDA was a symbol. He was the man!! He was a torch bearer of the epitome of this business. And now that Divine has beaten that symbol down like a candy ass bitch, that torch, was passed on to Chris Divine!

    *the crowd boo*

    Divine: Divine is the future of this company, Divine is the future of this entire business!! Divine is now the be all and end all of this entire business, and to be the man you got to beat the man, and that man right now, is Divine!!

    *the crowd boo*

    Divine: And so, as a symbolic gesture of this fact, Divine has arranged for a little ceremony to take place right here right now to mark this passing of the torch. And all of you people, the MILLIONS!! Of Divine fans, are going to bear witness to this moment, as the torch and the future of this business is passed on, to Divine!!!

    *Divine gestures to the titantron as a drumroll happens before the following music hits*

    *the titantron then goes outside to the main road leading to the arena. We see 4 police motorcycles escorting an athlete running carrying an olympic style torch heading towards the arena*

    Divine: And here it comes!! My torch, the torch that Divine earned! The torch that is now being bestowed upon Divine!

    Pentalion: What on earth is this?! Have you seen anything like this in the past Dick?

    Thompson: This is incredible!! A passing of the torch!! Live here on Rage!! amazing!! Divine, even!!

    Pentalion: Clever of you... But this is an outrage, how can Divine claim that he is the future of the business like this? It's crazy!!

    Thompson: This man is ready!! He's beaten the best there is!! Or should I say, WAS! Haha!!

    *the police escort has led the athlete and the torch into the back loading area of the arena, and they leave the athlete to continue from there on his own*

    Divine: Divine is ready for this, so ready!! Divine has earned this!! Divine deserves this!!

    Pentalion: This is insane.

    Thompson: This is awesome!! A figurative and symbolic moment is upon is here!! The torch being passed to Chris Divine!!

    *the torch bearing athlete is nearing the gorilla position and turns the corner of a corridor only to be floored by a clothesline from an unknown man!!
    Divine looks on in shock and confusion, not knowing what has happened. The camera zooms out to show the back of the man that took out the athlete. some of the crowd cheer loud as they recognize him, but others don't. The man turns his head to show a smile, but he shoves the camera away before you can get a good look.*

    Pentalion: Wait, was that?!

    Thomoson: Now THIS, is an EXCLUSIVE!!!

    *the crowd let out an almighty cheer as they instantly recognize the music of the former God Money superstar!*

    Thompson: By the Beard of Zeus!!

    Pentalion: Nearly Dick, it's THE Beard of Zeus!! One half of the best tag team in EWNCW history the legendary God Money!! TBOZ is back in EWNCW, back on Monday night Rage!!!
    TBOZ: Now that, is what you call a crowd reaction!

    * Huge pop for TBOZ*

    TBOZ: Ladies and gentleman in attendance, get out your phones, text your parents, take a photo or a video, like it on Facebook, retweet it on Twitter or put it in black and white on Instagram because the Sheriff of Nottingham is back!

    *Crowd going nuts, many seen with their phones out*

    TBOZ: You know, it's been a little while since I was in the groove here in my home of EWNCW, but I felt compelled to come out here and happily apease you paying customers from hearing any more jibber jabber from that Rocky imitator in the ring.

    *Crowd with another loud pop*

    TBOZ: You see, speaking in the third person like you're the Queen is not cool. Alcohol is cool, Jean Claude Van Damme is cool and Siberia is damn cool, but Devine, I don't think you are. I mean, you clearly think you are, if there was any more sun shining out of your arse you'd blind the front row.

    *Fits of laughter in the crowd*

    TBOZ: Who has ever said "rooty pooty tooty" in a threatening way before?

    *Looks to the camera*

    TBOZ: An EWNCW first ladies and gentleman! But I digress, the only thing I think you have millions of is problems, because you've stirred up ol' TBOZ here. Because I didn't just come by to say hello, give you a wave and a joke and send you on your merry way. Oh no no no no no! That's not how I've ever done things, I've come back to clean shop. So, you've taken out TDA, a grizzled veteran who's a prized head to put on your mantlepiece, but you think that gives you the right to declare yourself this fine company's next huge star?!

    I think you have one more grizzled veteran to get through first.

    *Crowd pop*

    TBOZ: So, I have a little proposal for you, but don't get all giddy because I'm not getting down on one knee just yet. You see, I'm thinking that Chris Divine should go one-on-one with an EWNCW Original, a four-time tag team champion and a former EWNCW, which would be my good self right here.

    *Crowd cheer loudly*

    TBOZ: And how about you risk a little something? The winner gets to be put in the voting for the Evolution Championship at Threat of the Net!

    *Crowd pop loudly again*

    TBOZ: And just to sweeten the deal, whoever loses, has to leave EWNCW.
    Now what are you going to do? Knowing that by the end of tonight, you may never wake up?

    Pentalion: What an ultimatum!! What will Divine do?!?!



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