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    Christopher Pentalion: Hello everybody and welcome to Monday night Rage!! We are live here form El Paso Texas!! I'm Christopher Pentalion, and alongside me here tonight is not EWNCw legend Bodom, since.....

    Dick Thompson: Since he's too much of a pansy to be here tonight!! Good evening EWNCW universe!! EWNCW anchorman Dick Thompson here, and we're LIVE from El Paso Texas here as we bring you some Monday night Rage!! I'm alongside EWNCW's very own monotone master Christopher Pentalion!! Chris, how's it going tonight?!

    Pentlaion: *Sigh* Great Dick, just great. So, let's bring things back to business, Bodom is actually absent here tonight since he's recovering from injuries he sustained from his match against Shaz at In Violence We Trust. So what did you think of the show Dick?

    Thompson: Well that part when Josh King was knocked off his perch by yours truly was pretty sweet wasn't it?!

    Pentalion: Any parts that didn't include you that you want to talk about? You know what, never mind. We saw our World Heavyweight Champion retain his championship in a vicious extreme rules match against Jman. But despite channeling his inner inovator ov violence, Jman couldn't topple Ronaldo Romulus and his reign goes on!!

    Thompson: Ok I got this! Mard Dimension, our very own T-800 machine retained his Evolution Championship against Eddie Juarez in a Texas Bull rope match, but not without some help from Mike Hawk. Juarez was SCREWED!! How's THAT for an exclusive!!!

    Pentalion: Yes, well thanks for the 'breaking' news. We also saw the rage Ignition Championship change hands as Van Hooligan X, with all the pressure in the world against him. He was granted a position in the ladder match for the title at In Violence We Trust on the condition that if he lost, that he would not get another chance at the title until after Destiny's Calling! But against the odds, he beat 5 other men to take the title from The Blue Flash!!

    Pentalion: And here comes our GM!! I hear he has some announcements to make as we make our way to out next ppv; Threat of the Net! The one night that the EWNCW fans has the say on what happens!!

    John Cleverly: Welcome everyone to Monday night Rage!! we're just back from a hugely successful ppv at In Violence We Trust, and we have all of you, the fans to thank for that! I think that most of the guys suffered some sort of injuries at that brutal event, but that just goes to show how far they're willing to go to put on a show for all of you!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: I also have to thank all of you for making the week leading up to the ppv a huge success as you all turned out in the thousands to attend our first ever Axxess event! And I can proudly announce that we will be holding another Axxess event in the week leading up to our main ppv of the year: Destiny's Calling in 4 months time!! And tickets for both Destiny's Calling and the Destiny's Calling Axxess event, which includes tickets to the EWNCW Awards show, will go on sale immediately after tonight's show!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: But coming back to tonight, and we're now on the road to our next ppv; Threat of the Net where we will again be relying on all of you; the EWNCW fans to help us out by going interactive!!
    As with last year's event, there will be various aspects of the ppv where you will all be able to vote on, such as opponents for different people, and stipulations for matches! And we all hope that you'll help us out by voting when the polls open!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: And I can proudly announce that the first poll that I'm announcing for the ppv, is the poll to pick the opponent to take on Mark Dimension for the Evolution Championship!! And the first man that will be on that poll, is none other than the man who beat The Devil's Advocate at In Violence we Chris; Chris Divine!!

    *the fans boo loudly*

    Cleverly: And I will be announcing the next 2 names on that poll in due course.
    Now, as for tonight, I have booked a main event triple threat match to determine the next number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, and the winner will take on Ronaldo Romulus for the title at Threat of the Net!! The 3 men that will be taking part in that triple threat will be; William Carlin!!

    *the fans boo*

    Cleverly: Seraphim!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: And..........

    Thompson: Hahaaa!! And thanks to this man right here, I'm at this table tonight!! Thank you Shaz!!

    Pentalion: How can you be happy about this Dick? But you are right. Shaz beat Bodom in a last man standing match at In Violence We Trust in what is just the latest notch in an impressive run for him.

    Thompson: I can't wait to see who he's going after next!! This young man is destined for big things!

    *Shaz' music hits, as the crowd immediately boo with Shaz coming out. He has a mic with him, and he begins to speak while walking down the ramp*

    Shaz: Listen to me Cleverly. I don't want to cause any trouble, so let's take away the fact that you're a terrible GM and let's cut straight to the point. Now- you've just announced a Triple Threat Match, where the winner takes on Ronaldo Romulus for the World title. Fair enough.

    But the reason why I'm here tonight, is to tell you why I deserve to be the 3rd man in that match. Not only did I knock out EWNCW's finest legend in the business, TBOZ- and sent his whooped ass to hospital but I did the exact same thing to Bodom. Oh, and if they are watching this! *Shaz turns his face to the camera* How's hospital life bitches?

    *Shaz winks and the crowd boo. John Cleverly shakes his head*

    And let's move on, to the guys you've chosen. First, William Carlin. Now listen- I'm gonna give this guy credit where it's due. He does deserve his place at the top, believe it or not. He's worked his ass off with Jesting Madness, and this is a great opportunity for him! But the only problem is, I'm the one who's craving for a title shot- so Carlin is going to have step aside, and let the REAL man have his shot.

    And last but not least, Seraphim. EWNCW's "angel." Well Seraphim, I hope you're listening to me. Do you know who I am? I'm the most malicious man you'll ever see in the EWNCW. So what are you gonna do about it? You gonna give me a lecture on how I've been a bad boy, and send me to hell? You know what, I could take this guy out of the scene if I wanted to! If Carlin wants, he can help out- but I don't need him anyway.

    *Crowd boo as they begin a Seraphim chant*

    Shaz: I've risen from the Ignition Division, straight to the top. But there is something missing. You see, in IWA. I'm at the top- and what proves that is the IWA Champion. In EWNCW, what will prove my status at the top, will be the belt that Ronaldo Romulus is holding right now.

    The bottom line, is this. I showed you all what I was capable of in the Ignition Division, and I am the longest reigning Rage Ignition Champion. I've showed you all that I am capable of competing in the big leagues, by taking out EWNCW's top two legends. Now let me show you what I am capable of, by taking on Romulus- and letting me start a fresh new era in the EWNCW, where Shaz is the champion!

    Cleverly: Yes yes Shaz, we all know about your, shall we say, extra curricular accolades outside of EWNCW, but as far as I'm concerned, if you haven't earned it here, then you're not getting squat.

    *the crowd cheer*

    Cleverly: However, I have been impressed with what you've been doing here in the last few months. You held onto the Rage Ignition Championship for a great deal of time, and you've just beaten TBOZ and now Bodom. I like what I see, so with that in mind, you got it Shaz, you will be the third man in tonight's match!! Seraphim vs William Carlin vs Shaz!!

    Pentalion: A triple threat main event match!! The winner will be the new number one contender!1 i have to say it's a tough match to call!!

    Thompson: Well it's clear to see that it won't be one man!! Seraphim lost to William Carlin at In violence We Trust, why the hell is he in this?!

    Pentalion: He is a former contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Thompson: Oh man, please!! How long is he going to be riding that wave?! But let's face it, Shaz and Carlin's confidence are sky high, they're in good shape going into this one!!

    Pentalion: Well you can't really argue with that Dick, I'll give you that.

    Thompson: Because it's the truth!! Because I said it!!

    Pentlaion: Yes Dick, there there. We'll be right back after the break!
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