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    *A pyro blast goes off around the stage as the crowd erupt in a huge cheer. The camera then pans across the arena before we hear the voice of Christopher Pentalion*

    Christopher Pentalion: WElcome everyone to Monday night Rage, LIVE from Corpus Christi, Texas!! Alongside me as always is EWNCW legend Bodom, and we're looking straight at the final stop here tonight before our next ppv! The ppv when all EWNCW matches get extreme; In Violence We Trust!

    Bodom: I can't wait Chris. I can't wait to get my hands on that rat, that little disrespecting SOB Shaz. I can't wait to get him, FACK him in the ass, and make him humble, as my good friend the Iron Sheik would say.

    Pentalion: Haha! Good one Bodom! And I hope so too! But although we know that someone's going to be made humble in that match, we don't yet know the stipulation to it, or indeed to most of the Rage matches for the ppv! But tonight, we're going to find out as we have ourselves a beat the clock special edition of Rage where we'll see a series of beat the clock matches, where the winners will get to chose the stipulations to their matches!

    *As soon as the theme song of Ronaldo Romulus blares on the PA system, he’s greeted with loud booing and jeering even before he makes his way out from behind the curtain. It opens with a flare as Ronaldo somberly shows his face, disinterest in the crowd’s hate evident in the way he refuses to look out to the spiteful crowd. With the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship secured between his hand and his left shoulder.*

    Pentalion: And here comes a man who knows who he's facing at In Violence WE Trust, and by the end of the night, he'll also know what kind of match he'll be in! Either way, World Heavyweight Champion Ronaldo Romulus will do everything and anything to keep that title when the ppv comes around!

    Bodom: You bet your ass he will. And he'll do it in the most sophisticated way possible! He's so well spoken, so regal. We never have and in all likelihood never will get another champion like him!

    *Ronaldo walks down the ramp with a microphone in his hand. At the ring, he steps in between the ropes and lays out the championship on the floor. He gets in a kneeling position and clasps his hands together, bending forward and saying words that can’t be made out. After his brief prayer, he stands on his feet, gazing out to the multitude of “deluded serfs”.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “In Violence We Trust. Just the name of the event tremors my very soul in anguish. I have prayed earnestly to my Father, hoping that he will deliver me from this vexation, begging that the bloody, thorny chalice of discord passes over me. But then, a holy apparition was flaunted before my very eyes. I saw my Lord, my Savior, leaning against a cold rock, drops of blood dripping from his very pores. The band of guards and soldiers, wishing to do him harm, drawing ever closer and His ultimate destiny drawing ever nearer. I heard the hasty and desperate pleading draw forth from his lips, asking for the fate of His death to be rewritten, to be abolished. But then, as the spirit overcame the flesh, he aligned with His father’s will and acquiesced to His father’s wishes.”

    *Ronaldo appears to almost be overcome with grief as he cradles his face with his free hand before he lifts up his head and looks back out at the crowd.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “After reviewing such a celestial image in meditation, I have recognized the parallels between myself and my Savior. Just as he wished to flee from His destiny under the moonlit glow inside the confines of the Garden of Gethsemane, I too longed for departure from my championship match with Jman. Not out of fear of my well-being but because I anticipated that our contest would be under…*shudders* hardcore stipulations. Even if I knew my God wouldn’t allow me to contend under such secular and barbaric principles, I would detest “hardcore wrestling” and dogma for which it defends and conserves. I assumed that the EWNCW would solely accommodate such a detestable and violent sport but alas, my soul was grieved even further when I discovered one company, one name, an alliance of hedonists and reprobates who glorified to heights that would make the most savage, unkempt breed of warriors tremble at the sight of that bloody spectacle. It’s name…was ECW.”

    *EC-dub chants begins almost instantly. Ronaldo does not looked pleased with their admiration and attempts to silence them.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “And of course, the bloodthirsty serfs would chant and acclaim for the mass degradation to unfold before their eyes just as you all do today. But the silver linings in this “extreme” debacle are in no way unappealing. For one, ECW is extinct. The absence of any refinement or culture led to its much worthy demise. How could such an impetuous cult survive with the patriarchs of that aggravating pastime being uncouth barbarians such as the one called Tommy Dreamer? As “The Heart and Soul of ECW”, he was just as responsible for allowing that cesspool of a wrestling federation exist! But his cohorts were no better! Take for instance…ugh, The Sandman. An inhospitable, unsociable, rustic, riotous maniac! And if that wasn’t enough, his practices of “extreme alcoholism” did nothing more than numb your consciences further. And who could forget the aerodynamics of their “cruiserweights”? Daredevils with no scrutiny for any true enlightenment. No, they’d rather beguile in short lasting streaks as they dove precariously from dangerous heights, encouraging the youthful spectators to follow suit. Only one word can accurately denominate ECW and that, my dear serfs, is gaaaaaaaarbaaaaaaage!”

    *By this point, the shocked fans have heard enough of Ronaldo and begin to boo even louder at him, drowning out Ronaldo’s shouting back at them. He has to wait until they quiet down before he continues.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Defile my standards all you wish but why would anything more than garbage be cadaverous?”

    *More booing starts and Ronaldo shakes his head.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    *sigh* No substantial rebuttal. Why am I not surprised? *rolls eyes*However, since it seems that I cannot sway you to obey the will of God as of now, perhaps now with my aforementioned other silver lining, I can cultivate your minds to appreciate the much more classy and refined methods of mat based grappling for tonight, I am engaged in a contest with my In Violence We Trust opponent, Jman. A “Beat The Clock” challenge where the man to defeat his opponent in the shortest allotted time will grant ownership of the final decision for the match stipulation of our bout. Should I become the ultimate victor, I will, of course, have our match contested under normal stipulations where the true measure of a champion, your world champion, can be gauged in testament to his natural ability. Through my example, you will…”

    Jman: *from behind the curtain*…all fall asleep from boredom. Was that what you were gonna say, Ronnie?

    *Romulus is furious as his In Violence We Trust opponent walks through the curtain. Jman, mic in hand, wearing an old November to Remember T-shirt, has to wait for the cheers to die down before speaking again.*

    Jman: No? Well, that’s a shame, because it’s true. Actually, maybe boring is the wrong word for you. How ‘bout bland? Vanilla? Just like any devout Christian, you’re too wrapped up in saving your soul to have any creative thought in your head.

    *J actually gets a good deal of heat for that as he walks down the ramp.*

    Jman: Was that out of bounds? Y’know, folks, they said a lot of what we did in ECW was uncouth. And they were right. And, by being right, they proved our point.

    *Jman slides into the ring and takes a seat on the top rope before continuing.*

    Jman: The goal of hardcore wrestling is to push the envelope. Set tables on fire, introduce guys like Rey Mysterio to an American audience, Throw the NWA title in the garbage, make a mockery of blind people everywhere and don’t care who you offend when you do it.

    *J has the crowd back on his side as he leans forward on his perch and begins talking right to Romulus.*

    Jman: So you can say ECW is dead, Ronaldo, but, while that’s true in a physical sense, ECW will never die. That company, just like Jesus Christ, continues to have an influence on those who choose to believe in it long after its death. I’m one of those people. I subscribe to the gospel of Pope Heyman the 1st.

    *Jman hops off the ropes and takes a few steps toward Ronaldo to a mixed reaction. Comparing ECW to Christianity has turned some people off.*

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    Jman: And that’s why, after I win this Beat the Clock Challenge, I’ll be sure to choose the most hardcore stipulation possible for our match on Sunday. Whatever I choose, as the name of the Pay-Per-View suggests, it will be more violent than anything you’ve ever been a part of, Ronnie.

    And, when all is said and done, I’ll come out here next week on Rage, EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship slung over my shoulder, and kick off a new era in EWNCW. An era of innovation, an era of political incorrectness, an era that Ronaldo Romulus just doesn’t fit into. An Extreme Era.

    *Jman has the vast majority of the crowd behind him again as he drop the mic. He and Romulus go nose to nose and start yapping when…………..*

    Bodom: Whoa!! WEll good thing that Cleverly's out here, because things are in danger of getting, as Paul Heyman would say, EXTREEEEEEEME right here right now!! Did I say that right there Pentalion? I'll try again; Things are about to get EXTREEEEEEEEEME!!!

    Pentalion: Perfect Bodom. But you're right, things are looking to boil over here, but John Cleverly will now hopefully give us some more insight as to what we're in for tonight!

    Cleverly: Yes, yes, let that anger flow, embrace the extreme anger that's boiling inside of you!! Because this coming weekend, you're both going to have to get down and dirty and get extreme, even you Ronaldo, whether you like it or not!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: Now I informed Jman earlier this week of his match tonight, since it required that he go and try and find a partner for tonight. So what match are we going to see I hear you asking. Well, we're going to see Jman teaming with a person of his choice to face the team of William Carlin and Shaz!! That match will set a time for the team of you Ronaldo and Chris Divine or the team of you down there Bodom and TDA to try and beat later in the night!! If Jman and his partner win the match, then that time will have to be beaten by Ronaldo and Divine. If you fail to beat the time, then Jman will be the one choosing the stipulation for your match at In Violent We Trust!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: However, if William Carlin and Shaz are victorious against Jman and his partner, then it'll be on Bodom and TDA to try and beat that time!! If they fail, then it'll be Ronaldo and Divine who are choosing the stipulations for their matches!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: So I suggest that you both get your asses to the back so that you can prepare for our matches and we can continue with the show!!

    Pentalion: Excellent!! 2 matches with massive implications there, including your match at In Violence We Trust Bodom!!

    Bodom: So I'm teaming with old timer TDA eh? Not exactly who I' have chosen as a partner, but at least he knows what it takes to get the job done.

    Pentalion: You sure you'll both manage it into the ring without your zimmer frames?!


    Pentalion: Oh come on, you know I'm only joking! So we're going to see you and TDA against Divine and Ronaldo later!! First up though, it'll be Jman and a mystery partner facing William Carlin and Shaz. Whoever wins that match will set the time for your match to try and beat.

    Bodom: Well I have to say that it's a big ask, but I know tha tTDA wants to be chosing the stipulation for his match as much as I do, so we'll be doing anything in our power to win that match I'm sure.

    Pentalion: And do you have any idea who Jman might pick to face Carlin and Shaz with him?

    Bodom: Someone I don't like no doubt.

    Pentalion: You think? Anyway, some big matches set for later tonight, make sure you stay tuned for them!

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    *The camera goes backstage to show Malcolm Cage talking to a stagehand. Kyojin walks onto the screen and walks across to Cage, who turns to face him. The stagehand makes a quick exit as the In Violence We Trust opponents stare at each other for a few seconds, before Kyojin talks.*

    Kyojin: So I guess you’re another guy I have to face at In Violence We Trust. I’m glad, because the more guys I take down means that the more impressive I look. Don’t get me wrong, I respect you, I respect The Blue Flash but neither of you are going to stop me from making my way to the top.

    Last week though, I have to congratulate you. You beat a man who has been a World Champion in three different companies. Van Hooligan X is a hell of a competitor and I’ve proven that to beat him three times.

    *The fans cheer.*

    Kyojin: So the fact you won last week proved how good you actually are. But you have to realise that Van took his eye off the ball and I won’t be doing that at In Violence We Trust. So congratulations, but don’t expect to win.

    *Cage nods in agreement at Kyojin's compliments.*

    Cage: Ya know Kyojin, you are not to shabby yourself, I mean look at what you have done. Multiple championships, accolades from superstars and fans, you seem to have it all. You really have out done yourself. I appreciate the compliments. I have done a lot to get to where I am and have beaten many opponents like Van, though granted, not many here in EWNCW. I appreciate your respect as well, the same could be said of me to you, there is respect, but that respect won't stop me from beating you at In Violence We Trust.

    *The crowd cheers*

    Cage: I was surprised to see Van drop the ball, not just in his first attempt, but in his second attempt as well at making it into that ladder match. Just proves that on any night, anyone could win, doesn't matter if you've had three world championships or none.

    In Violence We Trust is fast approaching and soon, the Ignition Division here on Rage will be put on display for the whole world to see. It is put up or shut up, and I know that I won't be the one shutting up. Instead I will be the one shutting everyone else up, Darren Bull, The Blue Flash... and You!

    *Just then, the cheers start to turn to boos as Van Hooligan X makes his way in front of the camera and both of them. He's looks quite angry and he never breaks eye contact with either of them.*

    Van: Well, well, well. If it isn't the man who got incredibly lucky last week and the guy who helped him win. Proud of yourselves, hmm?

    I mean I don't want to stop you 2 making out or anything but if you think this is over for me you better think again! The only reason Cage is in this match is because of Mr. Roboto over here! You wouldn't even be a thought otherwise Cage! And did I hear you were talking about Kyojin accomplishments? Please! I've done more than both of you combined and that does include my future Ignition title!

    That's right ladies, I'm not giving up. I'm off to the GMs office to get and fair shot of qualifying. What's that old saying? 3rd times the charm? Yeah, it's very true. I promise you that I will be in that match and I am going to walk out of that ladder match without a scratch on me and with a brand new shiny title.

    Count on it!

    So please make sure you're both ready for that match, cause if I see you 2 idiots in the match, I'm going to break your legs for you 2 even thinking you're getting my title and trying to delay the inevitable.

    *Kyojin steps forwards into Van’s face as Cage watches.*

    Kyojin: Don’t try and blame me for your mistake Van. Last week, you were too obsessed with me, you were too bothered in trying to prove yourself to me to even stand there and win the match. For some reason Van, and I know the very reason, I’m in your head.

    Why am I in your head? Because from the very beginning in EWNCW, you realised what a threat I actually was. You realised how good I actually am, and I intimidate you. You know what I’m capable of and you know that when we’re in the ring together, whether it’s a Rising Sun, a Truth Hurts or a roll up pin, I will win.

    And that’s what is stopping you right now from getting into this ladder match.

    *The fans in the arena cheer.*

    Kyojin: And tonight, you’re probably going to attempt to qualify again but keep this in mind, if you somehow win tonight- I’m going to be at In Violence We Trust. And just like I have done time and time again, I’ll walk out victorious.

    *Van goes to punch Kyojin but he stops around half way. All 3 men have now put up there guard and Van HX looks like he's going to make this ugly pretty quickly. After a couple of seconds VHX puts down his guard and some to turn into his usually arrogant self. As if nothing has happened for the past few weeks.*

    Van: Ya know, although I do detect a hint of jealousy in you Kyojin. You're right. Last week was a bad week for me and seeing you just added to my problems. I guess you're in my head.

    But this truly is a case of 1 finger pointing forward and 3 pointing right back at you. You're like me in a hell of a lot of ways Kyojin. You probably don't see it but your victories over me have filled you with an arrogance level only thought to be found in the Vanity himself.

    *Kyojin doesn't seem to agree and hasn't let his guard down either.*

    I mean, you've never fought Cage before have you? Cause didn't I hear you say don't expect a win to him? I seriously don't think you know just how good Malcolm truly is. In your desperate attempts to stop the biggest threat to your match-up you allowed Cage to slip into it just because you're obsessed with me!

    Face it Kyo, I'm in your head as much as you're in mine. I've pushed you like no other regardless of what the match was. All you have said is basically what you think towards me.

    *Van then looks towards Cage*

    Considering you beat me last week, facing Kyojin for you will be nothing more than a walk in the park, right? I'll see you both at IVWT then.
    *Van begins to walk away and you can just hear a cocky laugh in the background as Kyo turns back to Cage, who is eyeballing Kyo.*

    Kyojin: You know what, he’s right. I truly have no idea how good you actually are. So tonight, let’s put it to the test. You and I, one-on-one, here tonight, live on Rage.

    *The fans in the arena explode in anticipation.*

    Cage: You want to see how good I actually am? Then you will get your chance to witness my talent, first hand, tonight. Don't underestimate a hurricane. From a distance it isn't all that intimidating, but once you get caught in it's winds, there is no escaping it. If a match is what you want then a match is what you will get.

    *Crowd erupts upon hearing Cage's agreement to a match.*

    Cage: Better go get ready Kyojin, cause I'm about to wrestle circles around you. You may not be a walk in the park, but you will be another step on my rise to greatness.

    *Cage turns and walks away as Kyojin stands and watches him leave, already preparing mentally for his upcoming match.*

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    Pentalion: Welcome back to Rage here, and as we saw there, and interesting moment backstage there with some of the Ignition guys. Van Hooligan X, who's yet to qualify for the ladder match at In Violence We Trust, playing mind games with Kyojin and Malcom Cage there, trying to drive a wedge between them almost.

    Bodom: That's very canny of Van. He knows that he's going to qualify for the match and he's putting things in motion to ensure that there's no alliances to make it unfair when the match comes around. And this match that he's coaxed Cage and Kyojin into having here later is a very wise move on his part.

    *Seconds pass with good ol' Jimi sounding in the arena and the fans giving their usual negative reaction to Carlin's entrance music, but nobody comes out from the ramp. Time goes on and there is no pressence of the man from Toledo, Ohio.*

    Pentalion: Where the hell is he?

    Shut up, Christopher! Carlin does as he pleases and will come out when he is ready.

    *Hendrix starts singing Purple Haze, and when Carlin's fav line is coming, we can hear his voice joining Jimi's*

    Carlin and JH: Excuse me while I kiss the sky!

    *But Carlin is still unseen neither on the ramp nor in the ringside area, so he calls the fans:*

    Carlin: Hey guys! Up here!

    *And there he is, The Superior Technician, sitting on the steps on the upper part of the building, mic in hand.*

    Carlin: As much as I love this song, please, cut it, I need to address the fans.

    *Music is out, not the boos*

    Carlin: First of all, I guess Bodom is a bit mad at me about what happened last week, when I put Ric Flair's protege Reiko down for the one, two, three, but there was nothing personal on Reiko, Ric, or you Bods. Simply business. But it is good for Ric and Reiko. They needed to measure if that guy has "it" or maybe not yet, and it turns out that he still needs more training and advice from Naitch! You see, Reiko, you mentor says that *imitates Flair* to be the man you have to beat the man!!! *Back to normal * And you ain't the man, because the man put you down last week. You may have it inside yourself, but it is still good enough! And you're not in the ladder match for the Ignition title belt because you couldn't beat the man. Exactly! Me!

    *Crowd boos the hell out of Carlin, who's going down towards the ring*

    Carlin: Let's face it, folks. Like it or not, I am the man. I don't carry the WHC, that's right, but still, all eyes are on me. Why? For several reasons. First of all, I am the man who's ending that voices bullshit from Seraphim at In Violence We Trust. I'm sick of that Orton-esque paranoia he has. He should be under psychiatric treatment because “hearing voices” could be a symptom of schizophrenia. And mostly, that shtick has lead him nowhere. He can brag about being in the main event faster than others, but when the time came to claim the prize, he didn't deliver. A change of attitude is good. It happened to me. I changed my focus after that feud with Krysys ages ago, and after I started teaming with Grind I finally succeeded. Now I'm on my way to get that same success in singles competition. Back in the day I told Krysys the same thing I'm telling you now: the voices won't make you any better. Hard work will make you better. Not giving three fucks about what you have to do to win will make you better. And having the willingness to inflict as much pain as you can with the capacity to endure unimaginable suffering will make you better. I know what I'm talking about. The same as the Children didn't make Abel any better, the voices won't do the trick for you. That's why at In Violence We Trust, I am leaving victorious.

    *Crowd don't like Carlin's words. He is still on his way down*

    Carlin: Another reason that makes me the man is I'm a working machine. How many EWNCW wrestlers make double duty regularly? Not many. How many are doing it on free TV? Only one. The Superior Technician William Carlin. I may disagree with John Cleverly from time to time, but still, he knows who's the guy he can trust to tear down the house not once, but twice on Rage. It pays to be a workhouse. Let me tell you something: were Tyson Kidd working in EWNCW he will be main eventing PPV's and not rotting into low card obscurity courtesy of Vinnie Mac and co., before he was injured, and where he'll probably return when he is healthy again. In our company we don't have him, but EWNCW has me. And tonight I'm proving this. First of all, I'm facing one of the other workhouses in the house, none other than Holy Jose.

    *Big pop for HJ*

    Carlin: I'm glad to hear you like that, because you know, there are some smarks on Twitter, Facebook or wrestling sites claiming that neither Jose nor me should be getting the rub. They say shit like we are outfashioned, and that we should give the spot to a more deserving guy, mainly the “flavor of the month” that changes as soon as the guy's pushed. I mean, they say Jose and I are “old timers” but cream their pants anytime TDA is in the ring. Believe it or not I'm happy with that.This is a free country, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Voltaire said he'll fight for the right of expressing opinions freely, but he didn't say anything about refuting, mocking or simply disagreeing with those opinions. Well, you can say that you don't like us, but I don't care. Here we are, ready to tear down the house once again. We know each other well, but still both of us can reach into our bag of tricks and pull a new one that will drop the jaws of those watching. And in the end I will defeat him and set a time that Seraphim won't be able to beat.

    *A mixed reaction withboos prevailing. Carlin is in the ring now*

    Carlin: And after that, I'm teaming up with Shaz to take on Jman and a mystery partner. Let me get this straight. I don't like Shaz, he believes he can beat the shit out of Bodom, and I respect Bods a damn lot, he's a legend in the biz and should not be treated like crap, like Shaz does. But Shaz, hear this. I don't care about what you think of me. I don't care about what you think about Bodom, because tonight, we have business, and that business is to get rid of Jman, and setting a time for Ronnie and Divine to beat up. So, you'll have my back regardless of what's going on, ya hear me?. Fine. Let's move to the final reason I'm the man.

    *There are “No, you're not” chants*

    Carlin: The final reason is that I'm a damned fine wrestler myself. Not only I'm getting rid of Jman and his partner, I'm setting a time that Sera won't be able to beat, and I'm doing it right now, as soon as Jose gets down that ramp and the ref signals the start of the match. Then, I'll be dictating the path my match with Seraphim will take when I name the stipulation we will be fighting in. Hardcore is my realm, and I'll reign supreme after I defeat Sera at In Violence We Trust. And that ain't a threat, it's a goddamn promise!!!

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    Pentalion: Wow, so William Carlin is going to be pulling double duty here tonight!! of course, we heard earlier that he's going to be teaming with Shaz to help him in trying to set a beat the clock time later tongiht, but right now, he's gong to be ffacing Holy Jose here as he tries to set a time for Seraphim to try and beat later, so that we can find out who chooses the stipulation for their match at In Violence We Trust!

    Bodom: You heard what Carlin said, hardcore is his realm, and I have no doubt that he'll be the one to chose the stipulation. Carlin is a superior technician, and he'll sweep aside Jose here in double quick time!!

    Pentalion: We will see!

    Bodom: He and Seraphim have had some words to say about each other! Particularly, the controversy of Seraphim and his ‘forcing his beliefs down other people’s throats.’ And that's where I agree with Carlin, I don't want something shoved down my throat by someone like Seaphim!! Carlin makes some valid points I tell you!!

    Pentalion: He does, but he’s harkening back to the days of old when Seraphim first started here in EWNCW, back when he went by the Black Angel. Those were darker times for EWNCW, but now he’s known as Seraphim.

    Bodom: See, I know that, but Carlin does not care. After his crusade against James, who has long since left EWNCW< Carlin has been targeting religious characters in EWNCW, James was one, and now Seraphim is the next. I wonder who he will go after next, if he gets rid of him?!

    Daniels: The World Heavyweight Champion.

    Jason: Our next match is scheduled for one fall and is a beat the clock challenge! Already in the ring, from Toledo, Ohio, WILLIAM! CARLIN! And his opponent, from Washington, D.C, HOLY JOSE!

    *HolyJose comes out and makes his way to the ring, trash talking towards William Carlin the entire way! The referee keeps them apart, so Holy Jose goes to the top rope and starts greeting the crowd. They cheer loudly as Carlin gets a sick smile on his face.*

    HolyJose(Kensuke Sasaki) vs Carlin(Takashi Sugiura)

    (Stop at 6:40)

    *Carlin looks towards the clock after he drops HolyJose with that brutal clothesline. After checking that it’s still low, he goes for the pin, but Holy kicks out at the last moment! Carlin pounds the mat and then picks Holy Jose up, but Jose reverses him and positions himself with in a german suplex position, before dropping Carlin with the move! He holds on and the referee starts the count, but Carlin kicks out at the count of two. Holy lets go and moves back, kneeling down in preparation for a double leg take down. As Carlin gets to his feet, Holy shoots forward! Oh no! He misses, the move! The clock is now at 7:3o, time is running down for these boys! Holy had to stop himself with the turnbuckles, or risk injuring his own body, but that gives Carlin enough time to counteract what HolyJose has planned! Carlin quickly grabs him, and rushes him back towards the turnbuckles! Oh God, he’s going for the Chaos Theory Suplex! As they bounce off the ropes, only Carlin is sent back! HolyJose holds on to them! Carlin rolls back but it drilled with a double leg takedown! Holy starts raining down rights and lefts, lefts and rights, before going for a quick pin at the 7:46 mark!*

    Pentalion: My god! They are throwing everything they can at each other!

    Bodom: And they have good reason to do so! They must set a good time, or risk it being broken!

    *The pin is broken up by Carlin’s kickout. With the time now at 7:55, it’s getting really down to the wire! HolyJose can’t afford to wait any longer! He must put this match away and he must do it right now! He gestures towards the crowd, who get him pumped up before he picks up Carlin for a Spinning Reverse DDT! He calls it the Final Judgment! As he holds Carlin, Carlin quickly reverses it. Uh-Oh! Jose is in trouble here! Carlin quickly pushes him against the turnbuckles and drills him with the Chaos Theory Suplex! But he releases him as he lands! What is Carlin thinking?! What is going through his mind! HolyJose is flat on his face, he is out like a light. Carlin leans down! What is he doing?! What is this man thinking?! He slaps on the Cattle Mutilation! The hold is on tight, time is ticking! And at 8:20, HolyJose taps out! He taps, the match is voer! Carlin has won! The referee holds his hand high, as he releases the hold, but Carlin jerks it away and leaves the ring. He points towards his time, and yells “Eight Minutes! Twenty Seconds! It ain’t pretty, but Seraphim ain’t getting near it!”*

    Bodom: He did it! He won the match, but did he do it fast enough?!

    Pentalion: We’ll find out later!

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    *The camera moves backstage and we see a very annoyed Mr.Hooligan X who seems to be just as irate as last week. The camera follows him door a hallway for a few seconds and he barges into Cleverly's office! He stands up looking surprised that Van HX walked in like that and looks like he is going to speak, but just as that happens Van interrupts him.*

    Van: Let's get 1 thing perfectly clear here! You know that match last week doesn't count for anything! Kyojin shows his ugly mug in a match that doesn't concern him whatsoever and literally costs me the match! Here I am trying to qualify for the Ignition ladder match and this circus keeps getting in my way!

    I demand a 3rd opportunity! I deserve a fair and proper shot! You give me 1 more chance and I'll make sure that the 3rd time is the charm! You can put me against anyone, I really don't care. I'll take care of them accordingly. But you cannot let this injustice not be fixed!


    *Just then Reiko and Flair walk into the GMs office*

    Flair: I-I-I

    *walks in with his HOF Rings above his face*

    Nooo ..if any fixing will take place fellas then it has to be the mean man fighting submission specialist and the future of this organization, Reiko!

    Thats right, Reiko should be getting a shot ,forget the charm being at the 3rd shot...the charm is always inbedded in us for the ladies. The Winning is what happens when its time for business. CLEVERLY!! *RIC yells* Oh brother am I here to talk business ...WOOOOOOO...

    *starts to loosen tie and takes off blazer*

    Not Only is Reiko worth 10 times what Vhx has to offer , but he should be getting a fair shot *starts to get mad* One that should be given to him and to him ONLY!

    Reiko: *now walks in the office* I
    want my fair shot to be in that match and take every ignition title challenger to there limit , the same way i did william carlin...just ask him he can tell you better then anyone just how much i can push the pace in the squared circle.

    Flair: *turns red instantly*
    He's a bad SON oF a GUUun ... I'm saying this kid deserves it!! *yells this * He deserves it damn it!!!

    *Reiko holds ric back by his shoulder*

    this is all we want and you wont regret the results , i assure you.

    *Flair is shouting something in the face of Van as Cleverly hold his head in a Captain Picard style double facepalm*

    Cleverly: ENOUGH!!

    *the trio go quiet and settle down as the GM has clearly had enough*

    Cleverly: Look, Van, Ric, Reiko, there's a very simple solution to all of this. We do have time for one more match on tonight's card. So, with that in mind you Reiko will indeed have another match tonight to try and qualify for the Ignition Championship ladder match!! I can admire someone who challenged a top player like William Carlin, so you deserve another shot to qualify for the match.
    And you Van have had plenty of opportunities to qualify for the match in previous weeks. You've had 2 chances and twice you've failed. However, they do say three times lucky. So tonight, you two are going to face each other and the winner, and ONLY the winner will qualify for the final spot in the Ignition Championship ladder match!!

    *the crowd can be heard cheering as Van looks relieved and Flair lets out a big "WOOOOOOO" and embraces Reiko*

    Cleverly: So now that you have what you want, please, get out of my office and give me some peace and quiet to manage the show!!

    *The trio leave the office, leaving Cleverly shaking his head as he goes back to his laptop at his desk*

  7. #597

    Jason McManus: The following is a tag team match and a beat the clock time setting match!! Introducing first, from Toledo Ohio, 'The Superior Technician', William Carlin!!

    Christopher Pentalion: So here we go Bodom, this match has implications for your match later!

    Bodom: I hope that Jman's picked a good enough partner to get the win and set a competitive time here, otherwise I'm screwed!

    Pentalion: And what about William Carlin? He's pulling double duty here tonight!! That's pretty tough going!!

    Bodom: Well that's simply how good the man is. He set a great time earlier that will be tough for Seraphim to beat, and I wouldn't put it past him doing the same thing here again along with that bastard Shaz.


    McManus: And his partner, from Brixton, London, 'The Rapid King', Shaz!!

    Pentalion: And here is your friend that will be facing you at In Violence We Trust; Shaz!!

    Bodom: Just that name is enough to make my blood boil. And at In Violence We Trust, we're going to see his blood spilled all over that ring, I guarantee you that Chris!

    Pentalion: I have no doubt, I'll be cheering you on from here all the way Bodom!

    McManus: And their opponent, from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Jman!!

    Pentalion: And here's the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship; Jman! He defended the legacy of extreme wrestling when we opened the show, after Ronaldo Romulus completely trashed the concept! He even went as far as to trash ECW and ECW legends!!

    Bodom: While extreme wrestling isn't exactly something that I advocate as the best sort of wrestling, I'm all for getting extreme from time to time as I'll demonstrate at the ppv. ECW was unique and popular, no doubt about that. And if that's what Jman likes and takes inspiration from, then that's fair game I suppose.

    Pentalion: Well I'm keen to see who Jman has picked as his partner here tonight! He was told about this match a few days ago so he's had time to think, time to recruit someone. I wonder who it'll be?!

    *Jman is in the ring, and after his music fades away, he whispers in the ear of Jason McManus before going to the side of the ring facing the stage*

    McManus: And his partner.....

    McManus: From Philladelphia Pennsylvania, he is the 'Innovator of Violence', Tommy Dreeeeeameeeeer!!!!

    Pentalion: Oh my God!! It's Tommy Dreamer!! The ECW original!! And on the eve of our extreme ppv, could Jman have picked a better partner than his fellow Philly native?!

    Bodom: Well he has had a few days to pick his partner, and he's not spared any mercy for his opponents when he made this choice!! It's great to see a fellow legend in the form of Tommy Dreamer out here tonight!!

    Pentalion: I can't wait for this match!! So let's get to it!! Jman and Dreamer need to set a good time here!!

    *Tommy Dreamer enters the ring and after greeting Jman, he goes to chase Carlin and Shaz out of the ring, before grabbing the mic from McManus before he gets out of the ring*

    Dreamer: Now I'm here in Corpus Christi tonight to help out my man and fellow Philly man Jman here. But seeing as EWNCW have an extreme ppv coming up this weekend, and given that the Inovator of Violence is in the house here tonight, I think that it makes sense that we have a little warm up for Sunday, what do you guys out there think?!

    *The fans cheer*

    So here's what I'm proposing to you two clowns down there is that we up the ante here and not only have ourselves a tag team match, but we have ourselves a throwback ECW style extreme rules tag team match!!!

    *the fans all pop loud*

    Dreamer: That is of course, if you two have the balls to get EXTREEEEEEME!!!!!

    *Dreamer throws the mic down and motions for Carlin and Shaz to get in the ring. Outside the ring, Carlin and Shaz seem to be having a conversation, and they eventually get up on the apron, as Shaz gets into the ring. Dreamer motions for Jman to get out and let him start things off*

    Pentalion: Good Lord, is this wise on the part of Carlin and Shaz?! It seems that they've agreed to what Dremer just proposed there!!

    Bodom: What the hell do I care! I'm going to sit back and enjoy seeing Dreamer beat the crap out of Shaz here!!

    Pentalion: Well it seems that Carlin and Shaz' egos have gotten the better of them and this match is indeed happening! An old school ECW style extreme rules tag team match, anything goes!! Let's get this match under way!!

    (Tommy Dreamer and Sandman (Jman) vs Mike Knox (Shaz) and Test (Carlin)

    (stop at 4:15)

    Pentalion: DAMn! Dreamer just drilled Shaz good with that trash can and now here's Jman right in front of us with that singapore cane, stalking William Carlin!!

    Bodom: That's right Dreamer!! Bust that damn bastard open again!!

    *Jman turns to go and hit Carlin, but Carlin has crawled towards Jman and as he turns, Carlin drills Jman with a low blow! Jman crumbles to the floor and Carlin swipes the dropped cane as the camera zooms on his face, which is brandishing a sinister grin*

    Pentalion: What underhanded tactics by Carlin!!

    Bodom: It's extreme rules Pentalion, it's anything goes, and Carlin just used that fact to his advantage.

    *Meanwhile, Dreamer has set up Shaz in the tree of woe position and has placed a chair in front of his face. He's now working the crowd up as he looks for his patented dropkick in the corner. As he gets the crowd to chant "E! C!....." The 'W' never comes as Carlin is on the apron and has cracked Dreamer on the head with the singapore cane."

    Pentalion: Ouch, that's got to hurt! Dreamer looking for one of his most famous moves there, but Carlin is back up here and was waiting for him!

    Bodom: Carlin just saved Shaz from a world of pain right there!!

    *Carlin then enters the ring and delivers a few more blows to Dreamer, who's on his haunches, across his back with the cane. Meanwhile Shaz has recovered and has placed the steel chair, unopened, in the middle of the ring and has a trash can lid in his hand. He tells Carlin to do something with the chair. Carlin lifts Dreamer to his feet and hoists him in a fireman's carry position before delivering a rolling fireman's cary slam to Dreamer across the chair, and no sooner as he's laid Dreamer on the chair, Shaz drops a legdrop onto Dreamer landing the trash can lid between his leg and Dreamers face*

    Bodom: Some good use of the weapons here by these 2, very smart strategy.

    Pentalion: certainly is Bodom. They know how to utilize these weapons to their advantage, and they're doing it well.

    *After playing to the crowd a bit, Carlin tells Shaz to pin Dreamer, to which he does*

    Ref: 1!!!!


  8. #598

    *Dreamer kicks out as Carlin is incensed. Carlin goes out of the ring in search of some more weapons, but can't find what he's looking for. He goes around the corner of the ring only to catch a stop sign that's thrown to him, much to his surprise. He;s then drilled by a superkick from Jman!!*

    Pentalion: GOOD MATCH, LET'S GO EAT!! And that's Carlin well and truly stopped in his tracks!!

    Bodom: Dreamer and Carlin need to capitalize on this!!

    *Shaz, oblivious to what's going on outside the ring has placed the chair across Dreamer's chest in the ring and has ascended the turnbuckle, in search of a moonsault. Just as he's about to let go of the corner to launch himself, when Jman appears in the ring, singapore cane in hand, and he uses it to crotch Shaz from behind, which prompts him to drop down onto a seated position on the turnbuckle. Jman is then handed a trash can by Dreamer who's recovered and is told to put it on Shaz. Jman obliges as Dreamer backs to the opposite corner.*

    Pentalion: I think I know what's coming here!!

    *Dreamer again gets amps up the fans before getting them to chant with him: "E! C! W!" as Jman smashes the trash canned Shaz with the cane in unison. Then Dreamer runs and launches himself planting a 2 footed dropkick to Shaz in the corner, crushing the trash can in his face*

    Bodom: HAHA!! I bet that feels good, huh Shaz?! How do you like that?!

    *Jman has already slid to the outside and has thrown 2 fresh chairs into the ring*

    Bodom: What's he doing?! Do they realize that this is a beat the clock time setting match?! They need to win this match as quickly as possible!!

    Pentalion: Well they're at the 8 minute mark already here, but they're insisting on having as much fun as possible while doing it Bodom!

    *Jman then instructs Dreamer to open the chairs up and place them opposite each other. He then points to the barbed wire board, and as Dreamer looks he sees his idea and likes it as he smiles and nods. they grab the board and suspend it across both chairs. Dremer then goes to pick up Shaz and hoists him up in a firemans carry position. He then proceeds to drill him through the barbed wire board with a Dreamer Driver!!*

    Pentalion: Dreamer Driver!! Through the barbed wire!!! That has to be it!!

    *Carlin has hauled himself up via the apron and is looking on, but dare not enter the ring because Jman is keeping guard with the singapore cane! Dreamer covers Shaz*

    Ref: 1!!!!!




    McManus: Here are your winners; Jman and the 'Inovator of Violence', Tommy Dreeeeamerrrrrr!!!!

    Pentalion: They did it!! Jman and Dreamer won, and they have set the time for later, and I can confirm that the time set is 8 minutes and 40 seconds!! That means that you and TDA Bodom have to prevent ronaldo and Divine from beating that time, and then you'll both as well as Jman will get to pick your stipulations for In Violence We Trust!!

    Bodom: A competitive time, but they could have ended it earlier. We'll have to wait and see I guess.

    Pentalion: So Jman and Tommy Dreamer, making a one night only appearance here tonight, win!!

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    Jonathan Sanchez: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time; The Rage Ignition Champion, Blue Flash!!
    Flash, thank you for taking some time out of your schedule to talk to me here. But I have to ask you, how much are you anticipating the Rage Ignition Championship match at In Violence We Trust, a ladder match!

    Flash: Well, citizen Sanchez, this match is the chance that the great citizens of the EWNCW universe have been waiting for. The match that will reignite the Ignition division here on Rage. The match that will take us back to the roots of the Ignition division, back to the high flying wrestling that kick started tis division.

    Sanchez: Uh huh, and what about your opponents? Kyojin, Malcom Cage and Darren Bull have qualified, later we'll see Van Hooligan X taking on Reiko for what will be the final qualifying match before the ppv. It's a tough ask for you to retain your title against such competition in a match that's going to be physically demanding.

    Flash: Citizen Sanchez, I pride myself as a fighting champion And I'm proving that by being the one who asked for this match to take place. I know that it's going to be tough, I know that it's going to be hard, but I also know that every man in this match has an equal chance to win the title.
    Citizen Hooligan and Citizen Reiko will do battle to be the final man in the match, but there's already so much talent in the match. Citizen Kyojin is a future star of this business. Citizen Cage has shown great heart and courage to qualify for this match. Citizen Bull however has bullied himself into the match. He has used thug-like tactics that I do not take kindly to. He has...

    *Just then Darren Bull makes an unexpecting appearance.*

    Darren: First off, citizen? When you say my name from here on out, you will address me as "Superstar" Darren Bull. Not that "Citizen" shit you spew out of your mouth. Cause, I am of a higher stature than some normal loser citizen. Now onto other things. I couldn't bother to hear you calling me out by saying and I quote "Bullying my way in and using thug-life tactics". And here I thought you were some sort of colorful character, but you have proven me wrong. You have decided to use such profanity to describe me when I have truly earned my way into the Ladder match at In Violence We Trust. You wanna know who hasn't earned their chance to rightfully be in the Ignition Title Match? It's....... THE BLUE FLASH!!!! You have done nothing amazing to prove yourself worthy of holding that tile. You have only beaten that deadbeat loser known as Kyojin. I'm undefeated for a reason. You on the other hand have no advantage come IVWT. You will be forced to watch me ascend to higher statures and you better believe it.

    *Darren then exits while The Blue Flash turn around and tries to focus on his interview once more. Just as he is going to get back into the intervie..... BOOM!!! A spear from Bull to Flash onto the wall. Bull gets up and grabs hold of the Ignition Title and puts it over his head. He then smiles at the unconscious Blue Flash and decides to leave and throws the title onto the dead-like body of The Blue Flash.*

  10. #600

    McManus: the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a beat the clock match. Introducing first. From Pittsburgh, PA, Chris Divine!

    Pentalion: Big tag team match set up next for the beat the clock. The time to beat is 8 minutes and 40 seconds!! Out first is Divine who last week not only saw Divine get the win against Daymian Bloodstone, but just masacared him after the match. We have no idea when Bloodstone will even be back.

    McManus: and his partner, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ronaldo Romulus.

    Pentalion: And out comes the champion who had a bizzare tag team match last week when he had to go against bodom and shaz with his partner Jman! How will he fair here tonight?

    and their opponent, from Hell, TDA, The Devil's Advocate.

    Pentalion: and out strolls the big guy who last week picked up a great win against the EWNCW Evolution Champion Mark Dimension. He has a cold stare dead straight on Divine right now it's chilling!


    McManus: And his partner, from Frederick Maryland, Bodom!!

    Pentalion: And out comes my partner, who was blind sided last week by that thug Shaz. I hope Bodom gives him what is coming to him.
    The time for Ronaldo and Divine to beat is 8 minutes and 40 seconds, if Bodom and TDA manage to prevent that from happening, then they win!! Let's take it to the ring!!

    (Stone Cold-Divine,Booker-Romulus,Undertaker-TDA,Angle-Bodom)

    (Stop at 8:25)

    Pentalion: TDA is running wild in the ring, clothes-lining damn near anything in his path, but he has to hurry if he wants to beat the clock.

    *TDA hits a kick to the gut on Divine, TDA sets him up for a Devil's Fate, he sees Romulus charge in after him but Romulus is met by a big boot from Bodom*

    Pentalion: Huge save from Bods!!! GO GET EM' PARTNER

    *TDA goes to do the Devil's fate but Divine tosses TDA over his back. TDA gets up to his feet and is meet with Divine who goes for the Divine Intervention, TDA counters and tosses Divine off the ropes, Divine turns as TDA goes for a clothesline from hell, Divine grabs his arm and takes him down and puts him in a crossface*

    Pentalion: What a counter!!! He has TDA right in the middle of the ring and Romulus and Bodom are outside fighting. There is no help for TDA, will he tap here? Is this what is to come sunday?

    *TDA screams as Divine wrenches on his neck harder and harder. DIvine looks up to the titantron to see that he has 30 seconds to beat the clock.*

    Pentalion: Can he make him tap in 30 seconds?

    *Bodom back in the ring and runs towards Divine. Bodom is tripped up by Romulus who slaps a kneebar on and now both men have their opponents in submissions with 15 seconds to go*

    Pentalion: The clock's at 8 minutes and 30 seconds!! This is going to be close!! But is does not look good for TDA and Bodom, can they hold on just a little longer?!

    *TDA looks half passed out as the crowd starts to countdown*






    *Both TDA and Bodom are frantically looking to grab a rope*




    *Bodom has his hand up as he looks like he is about to tap*



    *As the buzzer goes off Bodom and TDA both begin to slam the mat writhing in pain. Both Romulus and Divine let go of their submission and lay in the ring in upset.*

    Pentalion: That finish came down to the wire. Both men made their opponents tap but to no avail as the clock struck zero before they could pick up the win. However, it seems as though they did damage to TDA and Bodom. How will this effect both men come In Violence We Trust?
    But what we do know is that now, Jman will pick the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Championship match where he takes on Ronaldo Romulus, Bodom will pick the stipulation for his match against Shaz, and TDA will pick the stipulation for his match against Chris Divine!! What will they all chose? We'll find out throughout the night!!


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