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    *A big pyro blast goes off around the stage. The camera then pans across the arena as the fans let out an almighty cheer*

    Christopher Pentalion: Welcome everyone to Monday night Rage, LIVE tonight from Alexandria, Louisiana!! I am Christopher Pentalion, alongside me here is EWNCW legend Bodom, and we are just 2 weeks shy now of our next ppv; In Violence We Trust!!

    Bodom: We are indeed Chris, and I for one can't wait, and I'll give you just one guess as to why.

    Pentalion: Because we've got a huge main event with Jman taking on Ronaldo Romulus for the World Heavyweight Championship?

    Bodom: Damnit Pentalion!! No!! It's because.....

    Pentalion: Oh, hold that thought Bodom, our World Heavyweight Champion is on his way out here!! Ronaldo Romulus!

    Bodom: But.....

    Pentalion: Shhhh Bodom, the champ is here!!

    *One again, the ritual that is Ronaldo Romulus’ entrance begins. With the sound of his ominous music playing on the PA system, the booing and jeering starts and gets louder when the World Heavyweight Champion appears with his ring gear on and championship around his shoulder. Ronaldo completely ignores the booing audience as his journey from the ramp to the ring ends as he enters it. Picking up a microphone left for him in the corner of the ring, he bends over to pick it up before he address the serfs in the crowd.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Can it now be renounced? Should any and all adherence to the gospel truth of my divinity be contravened? One by one I slaughter your debauched idols in the epicenter of this ring. Time after time, I have crushed the wills and the bodies of the libertines who wish to turn you away from the liberation that benefits your families. Just last week, Bodom…”

    *The camera pans over to Bodom as he just rolls his eyes as Ronaldo talks trash to him and mouths off a little at him. Most of it can’t be heard because of the distance of the camera and Bodom, as well as the booing crowd, but “fat boy” can clearly be heard. The remark causes Ronaldo to smirk.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “My dearest apologies, commentator. ‘Fat boy’ was just a testament to my hallowed proficiency in such a barbaric sport. Even I can resurrect some distinction that doesn’t reflect the humdrum imbecility that “graces” the mat and it shows when I lay infidels such as him to rest. Not that the trinket treasures any intangible of my personal interest but this golden ornament that rests upon my shoulder, in your dullard minds at least, signifies that I am of an exclusive echelon of wrestler and that I stand above all else who oppose me and who abide by my teachings. I can comprehend your absolute abhorrence towards me. The outcries I receive in my entrances is proof to that. Pity you couldn’t heed my words sooner. I would have departed long before I had to contend with the abominable filth until I had reached the apex of your caste system where you now have no choice but to receive my words and acknowledge your sins and shortcomings humbly before the Lord. But a man who refused to do so now awaits his rightful place upon the altar where on Sunday, I offer his recalcitrant soul to God under stipulations where flesh and bone are bound to me marred far beyond recognition and he is reminded that a “serf” is nothing more than a hallow puppet that can easily be destroyed. That puppet is none other than Jman.”

    *The crowd begins cheering for Jman. Ronaldo seems uncharacteristically okay with their praise.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Yes. Magnify your expectations of my demise. I will allow you all to breed it to unfathomable proportions for on Sunday, it will slowly wither away as each blow strikes your idol, Jman. Further and further will his well-being deteriorate until nothing is left behind but a broken man, not only in constitution but in spirit. How effortless the task will be for he was no match for the lesser Shaz. His downfall his inevitable. Shall you spare him his castigation by bending your will to defy me? No. You lot are too selfish for that. Pity for you that you’ll never hear from him again after Sunday for…”

    Pentalion: Cut off by the number one contender!! Here comes Jman and alive comes the crowd!!

    Bodom: Yeah, yeah. Now as I was saying.....

    Pentalion: Hold that thought Bodom, Jman has something on his mind!!

    *The crowd are on their feet in a flash as the number one contender walks through the curtain. Jman, staring a hole through Ronaldo all the way, jogs down the ramp and, as a force of habit, high fives some fans on his way down. J slides into the ring and grabs a mic before saying something unintelligible, but surely offensive, to Ronaldo. Romulus just stares Jman down as he begins to speak.*

    Y’know, Ronnie, I hear you talk about our match at In Violence We Trust being contested under hardcore rules as if that’s a good thing for you. In reality, that’s about the worst thing that could’ve happened from your perspective. Another term for “hardcore rules”, Ronaldo, is “ECW rules”. You know where I got my start in this business? Working as one of those guys *motions to a stagehand* at ECW Arena.

    *A small “E-C-Dub!” chant causes Ronaldo to roll his eyes.*

    You can shit on our little bingo hall promotion all you want, Ronaldo, but I internalized everything I saw in that building. Sunday, you’re stepping in to my world, pal. Maybe I’ve gotten away from that hardcore mindset since I’ve made it to the big leagues, but it’s always been a part of my makeup. Sunday, like I never have before in my career, I’ll let it out to play.

    *That gets a big reaction from the crowd.*

    Ronaldo, what you did last week proves nothing. Nailing me In the head with that championship and breaking up another instant classic between Shaz and I does absolutely nothing to prove your worth as the king of the Rage mountain.

    *J gets a strange look on his face as the crowd pops.*

    Actually, no, it does prove something. It proves that, like I’ve said all along, you know, deep down in your Jesus riddled mind of yours, you can’t touch me in a fair fight. You need the element of surprise, a weapon or a weakened opponent in order to keep that championship. But, funny enough, that’s all fair on Sunday. I’ll be weakened during that match, weapons galore will be legal and easy to reach. Thing is, you’ll be weak, too. I’ll have easy access to weapons just like you will.

    *That idea gets a pop out of the crowd.*

    Jman: The thought that the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship Match, or any match on the In Violence We Trust card, for that matter, is going to be a truly fair fight is ridiculous. What it comes down to, Ronnie, is who’s better at using the resources around them. You might think that’s you, but, my friend, it's not. See, that title belongs to the South Philly kid, the Paul Heyman guy, the next EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion; m-

    ???: Fuckin' hell! You guys ought to keep it down, I nearly fell asleep listening to this bloody snooze fest!!

    *Crowd boo Shaz comes out making his way to the ring whilst he laughs. He slides into the ring, staring at Ronaldo Romulus as he smirks.*

    Shaz: And I can guarantee that your match at In Justice for Brawl, will also be a snooze fest! I'm not even gonna lie! Jman will probably end up the victor as he has a hardcore style to him! Which is obviously an advantage! Ronaldo will probably be too much of a pussy to actually touch a weapon let alone utilize one! You two have different styles, but I can only recall one thing that you two have in common...

    Nobody cares about either of you!!

    *Crowd boo as Shaz ignores them.*

    Shaz: Because last week everyone was talking about ME and nobody else! I was the one being talked about because I am better then you two! If none of you lot believe that fact, then I suggest y'all log onto Twitter more often! Because from what I saw, #Shaz was trending worldwide!!

    *Crowd boo at Shaz's cockiness as he smiles*

    Shaz: And come In Justice for Brawl, I will once again prove my superiority to the EWNCW faithful as I will yet again prove those clueless pricks wrong by breaking Bodom into tiny pieces! I decided to end this long rivalry, but he decided to continue it! And for that reason, Bodom will walk out of In Justice for Brawl unconsciousness on a stretcher whereas I will walk out the winner of our bout!

    *Crowd boo as Shaz turns to RR*

    Shaz: And after that, I'll move onto bigger things! I'll turn my attention *points at RR's belt* to that strap over there. I don't care who walks out of In Justice for Brawl as champion! I don't care if it's Jman, Ronaldo, Jesus Christ, Chicken and Rice!

    I'll keep my eyes wide open as the winner of this match will be sitting on the loosest swing that the world has ever witnessed! Because whoever the winner is, you'll face me at the next PPV! And I'll exit that PPV announced as one thing!

    The World Heavyweight Champion!
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    Bodom: WRONG!!!

    *Bodom is on top of the announce table again with a mic in hand as Pentalion is facepalming while shaking his head in despair*

    Bodom: Oh sure Shaz. EVERYONE was talking about you last week. EVERYONE has been talking about you all week. But they haven't been talking about how great you are. They haven't been talking about what you did last week. They haven't been talking about what you've done so far in your career. They haven't been talking about your subscription to Playguy magazine, although you would understand why they would be talking about that given what you undoubtedly got up to in prison. But they have been talking about how I beat you down so bad last week that I was the one standing tall at the end of the show, and not you.

    *the crowd cheer*

    Bodom: If you think that you have any chance in hell of winning the World Heavyweight Championship, then you can think again, because you're about the last person on this planet that deserves it. You know, I think there's more hope of me winning the World Heavyweight Championship than you!!

    *the crowd cheer again*

    But I have no desire in gunning for that Championship, I only have intentions of making you humble when I make you cry like a baby at In Violence We Trust!

    *John Clverly emerges onto the stage*

    And here comes GM Cleverly! A lot has gone down here, well, apart from Bodom who's got up from his chair and up onto the table here, but I'm sure the GM will put things in order!

    John Cleverly: Ok easy here guys, I know that tensions are running high, but I can't have people running rough shop here. I know that you Jman want at it with Ronaldo there, but I don't want you two in one on one action until the ppv. And likewise for you Bodom and Shaz. You have your match at In Violence We Trust, and I can't have you going at it until then.

    *the crowd boo*

    Cleverly: But before we go any further, I have an announcement to make regarding next week's go home Rage show before our ppv. You all may have noticed that very few stipulations have been set thus far for some of our matches. Well, next week, we will be having a special beat the clock episode of Rage where all matches will be utilizing the beat the clock stipulation in order to decide stipulations for the remaining matches! I won't be announcing what matches will be taking place just yet, but be sure to be on the look out during the coming week for some announced matches!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: But for tonight's main event, I'm going to mix things up a bit. Because we're going to see you Jman teaming with your In Violence We Trust opponent; World Heavyweight Champion Ronaldo Romulus, to face Shaz and Bodom!!

    You're welcome!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Pentalion: Damn! Bodom here is going nuts! I can't repeat what he's saying because they're curse words that even I don't know the meaning of!! But that main event is a recipe for disaster isn't it?! What's Cleverly thinking?!?! But that's it!! Jman and Ronaldo facing Shaz and Bodom!! Enemies teaming together!
    But that's not all, next week's Rage is a beat the clock special!! All matches with beat the clock stipulations as our Rage superstars battle it out to see what stipulations they will be getting for their matches at In Violence We Trust!
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    *Celldweller track? Check. Arrogant bastard of a wrestler? Check! Out comes VHX from the back to walk down the ramp in cocky fashion. Except his week he looks incredibly irate instead of cool, calm and collected. The crowd aren't happy to see him either, although there seems to be quite a few more crowd signs based around VHX than usual. Having said that, they're all rubbing in his loss to Kyojin again with signs saying things like "Qualified yet?", "Van Lossagain X" and "He came, he lost, he flopped." He rushes to the ring after grabbing a mic*

    Bodom: Now here's a guy that I like. He sees things, he wants things, he takes things.

    Pentalion: Like you then Bodom?

    Bodom: Exactly like me Chris.

    Pentalion: And does he lose like you too? He lost to Kyojin at Bred for Combat, and he lost to Kyojin last week as he tried to qualify for the Ignition Championship ladder match at In Violence We Trust!

    Bodom: It's called biding your time. He's just probing. Van's talented enough to qualify for that match and he has time to do si before the ppv.

    Van: End the music! Cut it! *Music man does in fact stop the track* I am sick to fucking tired of seeing idiots outside of this ring coming up to me reminding me of the bullshit that happened last week! If I read another god damn hashtag Twitter thing again I'm going to break someones legs!

    Last week was complete bullshit! Nothing more than a fluke! Kyojin is not on my level! Not even close! He wasn't when I faced with in ICW, he isn't here either! I am the biggest threat anyone in the god damn federation could face!

    I clearly deserve another chance to qualify for this ladder match! This time you will see me not only win but send a clear cut message for everyone in this fed that I really am 1 of the best and if you get in my way, I'll hurt you!


    Pentalion: now here's a guy that I like! Malcom Cage is a fresh new face here in EWNCW and he's really been a breath of fresh air around here! He beat Darren Bull at Bred for Combat, and with the run he was on, that's no small feat!

    Bodom: But why on earth is he out here to interrupt Van?!

    Pentalion: Well, I guess we'll find out now!

    *Uncaged comes through the speaker a little louder than normal. It seems the guy that does the music is not happy with Van and thus plays Malcolm Cage's music loudly to irritate Van. Cage comes on out and has a mic in hand as he plans on getting right to business.*

    Cage: Sorry that I'm late folks, I was talking to the music guy backstage who told me to come out and whip Van's ass, but I figured I should get some words out first. Last week I said that I would bide my time to qualify for the Ignition ladder match, so I watched and I waited. I watched as the man in the ring right now was beaten by a man he claims is "not on his level." Van, you lost, and you say that you beat Kyojin before? Are you sure? Cause last week you seemed to prove other wise. A fluke you say? It seems that while Jericho has a list 1004 holds that he has, you must have a list of 1004 excuses that you use when you lose.

    *Cage starts down the ramp and takes a laugh at all of the anti-Van signs in the crowd.*

    Cage: You lost, quite badly, to someone, whom according to you, is not eve close to your talent. And then I watched that cheater, that snake, Darren Bull win against Reiko. I sucks to say it, but it is true, Bull will be in the match as well. So that is three people in the ladder match for the Title. Neither of those three being me or you Van.

    *Cage steps into the ring and stand in front of the former 3x Champion and places his hand on Van's shoulder.*

    Cage: You say you deserve another chance at qualifying which is all fine and good except for one thing, I haven't even had my first chance to qualified yet. Why should you get another?

    Van: Simple reason boo-boo. I'm just superior to you. I'm a bigger threat than you'll ever be. EWNCW will soon learn just how damn good I really am and it start with this ladder match. You can think they're excuses along with these idiots in attendance but the truth of the matter is I have been bullshitted! If I were you though, I wouldn't be focusing on what I'm saying since that title doesn't concern you after tonight!

    Cage: Van, Van, Van... Shut the hell up. I'm not just here to make fun of you and call you out for losing, I'm also here to get mine. I'm taking my chance to qualify tonight!

    *Crowd cheers as they anticipate more info from Cage*

    Cage: You keep saying that what happened to you was bullshit and a fluke. But you just keep making excuses, so tonight I'm going to give you the chance to make it up. I see the perfect chance to qualify tonight and it is against you! Give the fans something they, and the sound guy, wants Malcolm Cage kicking your ass. You thought Kyojin was a fluke, well I'm going to show you that it is indeed you Van that is the fluke. When our match is over, the only message you will be sending is SOS!

    Malcolm Cage versus Van Hooligan X for a chance at the Rage Ignition Title. Let's give the people what they want Van. Once I claim that spot in the Ladder match, you're going to have to make up another excuse. But that's not hard for you right, you got 1004 of them. A so called fluke is about to take you down, just like Kyojin did to you, but unlike Kyojin, I will win the Ladder match a In Violence We Trust and win the Ignition Championship. Prepare to lose Van, cause the only fluke tonight is going to be you!
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    Pentalion: All right! So up next, we have a rather important match set up here. We are going to see Malcolm Cage get a chance at qualifying for the Ignition Ladder match at In Violence We Trust.

    Bodom: Wow, get your stuff right. This is Van Hooligan X's second chance at qualifying, and I think this time, he is going to do it. I mean who the hell does Cage think he is making the challenge here?!

    Pentalion: Well considering Van failed to before, I don't know what will make it so different this time.

    Bodom: Last time was a fluke. Even great men like Van have flukes. Tonight..tonight will be decisive.

    Pentalion: And here comes one of the men who have already qualified.

    Bodom: You mean stole his qualification.

    Pentalion: You must be blind, because we saw the same thing, and Kyojin earned his right to be in the ladder match.

    Kyojin walks out from the back to a nice size pop from the fans. He makes his way down the ramp, looking at Bodom for a moment, before going near the timekeeper and grabs a chair. Kyojin goes to the corner of the barricade, placing the chair there, as he sits down.

    Bodom: Why in the hell is he out here anyways!?

    Pentalion: He is probably out here to check out how Van does, considering the animosity between them.

    Van Hooligan X walks out from the back, to nothing but boos from the fans. Van walks down the ramp, and climbs into the ring, where he climbs the ring post closest to Kyojin, and points at him. We can see Van mouth "i'll be joining you" as he turns, hopping down.

    Bodom: Oh great. Here comes the blow hard who thinks he is the next big thing.

    Pentalion: There is no denying that Cage has potential, and tonight he could prove it and advance to the Ladder match at In Violence We Trust.

    Bodom: Yeah, when that happens, pigs will fly, and hell will freeze over.

    Cage makes his way down the ramp, slapping some of the fans hands along the way. Cage hops onto the ring aprong, and leaps over the top rope into the cage. The ref looks at both men, as he rings the bell.

    Ignition Qualifier
    Van Hooligan X(Dolph Ziggler) vs Malcolm Cage(Daniel Bryan)-Ignore Kane

    (start at :05, end at 9:44)

    Pentalion: Massive kick from Cage!

    Cage immediately drops, rolling Van over, as he goes for the cover.


    Van kicks out shortly after 2. Cage smacks the mat, as he slowly gets to his feet. Cage starts to pump himself up, as Van is slowly getting to his feet. Cage turns, running straight into the ropes. He leaps onto them, springboarding off of the ropes.

    Pentalion: Incarceration!

    Bodom: NO!

    Malcolm springboards off the ropes, flying straight at Van, grabbing his head, wanting to go for a tornado ddt, but as he spins, Van uses the momentum and turns the tornado ddt into a half german suplex with a bridge! The ref drops, going for the pin.


    Cage kicks out just after two. Van gets to his feet, as he lifts Malcolm to a standing position. VHX irish whips Cage into the ropes, as Malcolm bounces back. Van puts Cage into a sleeper holder, locking it in tight.

    Bodom: Yes! Yes! Van is going to make Cage pass out!

    Van immediately leaps up, and uses his legs to put a body scissors around Cage. Cage falls, landing hard, but VHX still has the hold in. Cage is trying to fight, but it's not use. Slowly, he begins to fade, until finally, the referee begins to check. The ref raises the arm of Cage, and let's go, as it drops once. The ref yells one, as he holds one finger up. The ref raises Cage's arm once more, and again it drops. The ref yells two, and holds up two fingers.

    Pentalion: Oh man, if Cage doesn't answer this next call, Van will be declared the winner!

    The ref raises Cages arm once more, and let's go.

    Bodom: It drops! It drops! Van wins!

    Pentalion: No! Cage just stopped it, keeping the match alive!

    Cage is shaking his hand, as he rolls onto his stomach, and uses his arms and knees, to get up. Van is still on the back of Cage, as Malcolm charges, going straight into the corner, and flips at the last second, pancaking Van in the corner. The hold breaks, as Van slumps in the corner. Cage turns running into the ropes. Malcolm bounces back, as he goes for a massive body splash in the corner, Van moves! Cage hits hard, as he stumbles out. Van immediately grabs Cage by the back of the hair, and pulls him back, and nails a huge reverse ddt. Cage is dropped on the back of his head, as Van gets up, and goes to the corner closest to Kyojin. We can see Van mouth to Kyojin "that's how you do it!" Van smiles, as he hops down, and turns. Cage springboards out of nowhere, and nails VHX with Incarceration! Cage plants Van hard with the tornado ddt, as he goes for the cover.


    McManus: Here is your winner, Malcolm Cage!

    Kyojin immediately stands up, clapping, and smiling.

    Bodom: Damn Kyojin! He screwed Van!

    Pentalion: No, Van screwed Van! He shouldn't have show boated like he did! He got ahead of himself!

    Bodom: This is robbery. How can people like Kyojin and Cage get a chance at the Ignition title, but Van doesn't! He should sue!

    Pentalion: Yeah..cause that will get him anywhere. He lost, twice. Simple as that.
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    Pentalion: Great, I've been waiting for this man to come out for a while!

    Bodom: Don't be sarcastic Pentalion.

    Pentalion: I mean it! I want to hear what Divine has to say about this situation that's brewing between him and TDA?!

    Bodom: What's to say? TDA has come back to EWNCW, but he's about to get booted out again as he realizes that he can't hang with the likes of Divine! He doesn't have what it takes to keep going with the new blood of this day and age!

    *The camera's pan to the entrance stage, as Chris Divine walks out from the back, to nothing but boos from the fans. He walks down the ramp, as he stops, seeing a fan trying to take a picture of him. He smiles, as he takes the camera, and leans in, taking one of him and the fan, as the fans give a mixed reaction. Divine turns, smiling at the camera and the picture, before throwing it to the ground, as he stomps down, crushing it. The young girl begins to cry, as the fans just boo. Divine climbs into the ring, as he goes to the corner, grabbing a mic. He turns back to the center, as he raises it to speak, but the fans just boo him.*

    Divine: Wo wo wo, hold on there for one second....did Divine ask for any of your irrelevant opinions? here is a word of advice...shut..your chumperette asses up! Pronto!

    *Divine just smirk, as the fans boo even more.*

    Divine: Now...the reason Divine has come out here. Finally........The Divine One has returned to.....returned to......

    *Divine pauses, looking at the camera man.*

    Divine: Where in the blue blazing hell are we again?

    *The camera man goes to say something.*

    Divine: It doesn't matter where in the blue blazing hell we are! What does matter, is where Divine is, and Divine is standing in this ring, in front of the billions.....

    *Divine waits, looking around at the fans.*

    Divine: Divine front of the billions....

    *Divine waits once more, getting frustrated.*

    Divine: Ok chumpettes, this is where you chime in with your semi irrelevant opinion. One more time with feeling! In front of the billions...........AND BILLIONS of Divine's undying fans, Divine is standing here, wanting to address one man. One singular normal man. A man who has been the thorn, the nail, the cactus in Divine's side. The one, the only, The Devil's Reject, TDA.

    *The fans cheer at the mention of TDA.*

    Divine: Last week,, Divine did one thing, and one thing only. Divine put the chucklehead known as Seraphim flat on his back, and picked up the win. Now, if any of you listened to the opinion of those who don't matter, namely you the fans, you all would believe Divine was behind the interruption during TDA's match. Let Divine make one thing clear. Divine was not behind that tom foolery. See, when Divine has an issue, Divine comes out to this ring and faces that person like a man. See, that is what Divine is, a man. Not some schmuck like TDA. See, someone like TDA, would come out here cutting bs reasons why he lost to Carlin last week, like....

    TDA: Oh Chris Divine! You have a funny way of saying things!

    *The camera zooms in on TDA standing up in the rafters.*

    TDA: You think that I do not know what you planned that night? I am not oblivious to anything. I am fifty percent certain that you were the one behind all of it. But lets say that the other fifty percent is resting on the thought of there being a secondary guy involved with all of this; Somebody pulling the strings... Regardless of which ever I will take you down then take down your accomplice if you end up having one. Do not think for a second that I am not on to you, Divine.

    *The lights go out and when the lights come back on TDA is standing behind Chris Divine inside of the ring.*

    TDA: I AM THE KING OF MIND GAMES!!! This is my game, Divine. This is my yard... And I will do whatever means necessary to protect what is rightfully mine. I have had this territory marked since I have gotten here and quite frankly it has gotten a little too big for the both of us. One of us will eventually have to step down and I can say right now that.... Well......

    *TDA spins Chris Divine around and then stares at him in a serious manner.*

    TDA: I am not going to be the one stepping down! Whether you admit to having something to do with that little interruption last week or not I will assure you of one thing Chris Divine and that is that I will kick your sorry ass right here in the middle of the ring until I start getting some honest answers out of you. I will get these answers out of you eventually and I-

    Divine: Really need to shut my pathetic mouth!

    *The fans boo, as Divine smiles.*

    Divine: Sorry, Divine just figured he would finish your sentence for you. No need for you to ramble on and on, and when frankly the only person listening is yourself...but...isn't that something we have known all along? That TDA loves the sound of his own voice. It's always been about TDA, it's been about the mind games, the trickery, all of it, has been about you. See TDA, that's the thing though. That is why Divine is in EWNCW. For too long, people like Tommy Thunder, K-Jam, Jman, King Strem, they've sat at the top of near the top making it all about them. Slowly, but surely, Divine is going to take each and every single person out at their knees. First it was Waterstone, then it was Saranwrap.'s TDA's turn to feel the ring mat on your face.

    *Divine smiles, as he steps away from TDA, walking around the ring for a second, before turning back to TDA.*

    Divine: Accomplice? Do you really think Divine needs some chumpettes help to overcome the "not so great" TDA? Come on now. You are better than that. Divine is a one man show. Divine flies solo. He doesn't rely on outsiders to get the job done. No..what occurred last week, wasn't Divine trying to play mind games with TDA, or even someone else trying to play mind games with TDA, it was a technically difficulty...but hey..can you blame EWNCW for having technical difficulties? Divine means, look around! Loose cables, frayed cables, broken lights, all of it, just an empty shell of what EWNCW use to be, so it's no wonder Divine's music played. They were probably going to change the tv angle, and somehow got Divine's music.

    *Divine just smirks, as the fans are chanting bullshit.*

    Divine: That's the thing though with EWNCW TDA, much like this company, you, are just an empty shell. Sure sure, some might boast about you being the JBW World Heavyweight Champion, but let's be honest. The only reason you stand at the top of that crumbling mountain is because there is no one else willing to be at the helm of a sinking ship. You aren't the man, the myth, that people would fear, that when your name was spoken, it was spoken with are just a ghost. You talk about this being your yard TDUD, but the fact remains, the grass is over grown, the trees are falling apart, the fence is broken, and those pesky Henderson kids keep trying to break into the old decrepit house. Look around TDA. This is Divine's time. This is the era of the Divine One. Divine is the voice to these brainless people who worship you as if you are god's gift to wrestling, but the truth is they are so blinded by their love for you, they need someone like Divine to speak the truth. The truth divine truth is TDA, you are a washed up, has been, never going to amount to anything more than the 6th string company, falling below the waist, never claiming it's former glory, good boy. Divine...Divine is the future...plain and simple.
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    *Divine smirks, as he lowers his mic, looking at TDA.
    TDA raises his mic up to his mouth to speak*

    TDA: You think you are very clever.... Well let me tell you this Divine.. You have another thing coming if you think you are going to knock me down and come out of this as the last man standing! The difference between me and those other guys is that I am already familiar with the type of person that you are. You will say anything to get a reaction out of the person on the opposite side of the ring from you. You enjoy screwing with the heads of others and that little smirk you just pulled out of your ass is proof of that.

    *Fans are cheering*

    TDA: That chip on your shoulder will eventually become shattered! The cold harsh reality around you will soon sink in and you will realize just how deep you have fallen into this little world of yours where your head is stuck in the clouds. You can say whatever you want Chris Divine but I will expose you for the little man that you truly are. I will expose you for being a guy whose luck has just ran out, and it appears that the hour glass only has a few grains of sand remaining inside of it.

    *Crowd chants TDA's name as he holds up his JBW World Heavyweight Championship*

    TDA: Oh and this Championship right here was not a simple thing to gain. I went through a massively hard fought battle just to achieve this position. And that withered down and sinking ship is far from going anywhere. In fact it is stronger than ever before! Your days are numbered Chris Divine... When I am finished with you - you will be going around with a new title.. It will not be "So fine". No, no, nooooooo! It will be "So damn friggin' Ugly". Because after our match you will be so unrecognizable that the next time you come to an EWNCW show you will be ejected for trespassing.

    *TDA violently slaps Chris Divine across the face
    Divine stumbles away for a moment from the slap, as he turns, with a smile on his face. *

    Divine: Is that all you've got?

    *Divine chuckles, as he keeps going.*

    Divine: You want to talk about the chip on Divine's shoulder? How about the championship on Divine's shoulder. The JBW Intercontinental Championship. You know what, Divine is going to do you, and everyone else a favor, and talk with only facts for a moment. Fact, on Divines first night in JBW, Divine won the Intercontinental Championship. Fact, that same night, you won the World title. You've had a year plus career, spanning EWNCW and JBW, and you've never won the big one before that. Fact, you came at Divine because you know Divine is a challenge. Those are some facts for you. Now, here are some opinions to wrap your mind around.

    *Divine immediately gets right into TDA's face.*

    Divine: This isn't about EWNCW vs JBW, this isn't about the World Champ vs the Intercontinental Champ, this is the past vs the present & future. See TDA, people can sit here and cheer you all they want, but you and I both know what lies before us. You want Divine in this ring, don't you. You want the chance to hurt Divine, to break Divines bones, to make Divine feel the pain you've felt, the pain you've felt throughout your entire miserable career. Don't you!?

    *Divine is right into the face of TDA. *

    Divine: So do it! Challenge the Divine One! Make the challenge that will seal your fate! CHALLENGE ME!

    *Divine's nose is pressed against TDA, as Divine pauses for a second, and steps away, laughing.*

    Divine: That's what Divine are nothing more than the devil's coward.

    *Divine grins, as his grin immediately turns to a scowl. Divine turns away for a second, as he turns back, and spits right into TDA's face!
    TDA's head hangs low for a second before he wipes the saliva off of his mask.*

    TDA: SPITTING?! REALLY?! Now I am more determined than before to kick your scrawny ass all over the place! Everything you got since joining that company was handed to you. I had to work extremely hard for what I earned because people believed that I could not carry a company on my own two shoulders. They did not view me as a locker room leader. I was just one of the guys going out there just to collect a pay check. Every opportunity I had I got screwed out of! SCREWED... I WAS SCREWED OVER AND OVER AGAIN... By management and those corrupted wrestlers who would do any tactic to pick up a victory.

    I am happy that you have the balls to step up to me because I enjoy the challenge. That is indeed something I have said before and I plan on sticking by those words. And you can say whatever fact you like after we have our final match there will be another fact on your resume. It will be that Chris Divine got his ass kicked by the one and only TDA. TDA ain't no coward and I will show you just what I mean when I finally get my hands on you.

    *TDA allows the fans to chant his name again*

    TDA: I will gladly challenge you, Chris Divine. I will take you to the brink and then never let you come back. I will make you suffer! You are the challenge I expected you to be, and so with that being said, "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!". I just hope that you are prepared for this Divine. I would not want you to fall short... BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

    *TDA drops the microphone and slinks away into the corner, laughing constantly for some odd reason.*

    *As Divine looks on, the tron flickers to life and John Cleverly appears.*

    Well now that's all sorted out, we have another match settled for In violence We Trust! TDA will face Chris Divine, and the stipulation will be decided next week on Rage in our special beat the clock episode!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: But for tonight, I want both of you to be in singles action, so here's what's going to happen; we're going to have a Bred for Combat rematch as you Divine will be facing Daymian Bloodstone!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: And hold onto your hats, because also later tonight, you TDA will face our Evolution Champion Mark Dimension!!

    Pentalion: Wow!! 2 big matches there!! A huge match that will see 2 big men collide here tonight as TDA faces the Evolution Champion, the monster that is Mark Dimension!!

    Bodom: That's a bad accident waiting to happen. 2 big guys going at it in the ring here!!

    Pentalion: And a Bred for Combat rematch, with Bloodstone against Divine! I'm sure that Bloodstone will be gunning for revenge!!

    Bodom: While that's a big motivating factor for Bloodstone, Divine will also be weary about loosing to Bloodstone. That wouldn't be a great mark on his chart.

    Pentalion: Both matches to come later tonight as we continue with Rage!
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    Christopher Pentalion: We’re back here on Rage and it’s time for a huge triple threat match. The two challengers already locked into the Ignition Championship Ladder Match at In Violence We Trust have a chance to pin the champion tonight.

    McManus: The following is a triple threat match! Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan; “The Destruction” Darren Bullllll!

    *Bull gets booed pretty heavily immediately after stepping through the curtain. He just smiles a sly smile, though, and doesn’t seem to mind. He starts walking down the ramp and yapping to fans that are up against the barrier as he goes.*

    Bodom: How can you not be impressed with Bull, Chris? Just look at him!

    Pentalion: Look at his record, too. There’s a big fat zero in the loss column. That might change tonight, though. He’s in there with two tough customers.

    Bodom: Pfft, he’s got this.

    Pentalion: We’ll see.

    *Darren steps through the ropes and into the ring before turning to face the ramp.*

    McManus: And his opponent, from Nagasaki, Japan, fighting out of Chicago, Illinois; “The Master of True Wrestling:, Kyooooojinnnn!!

    *The crowd pops big for Kyo’ as he appears on stage. The prospective Ignition Champion takes a moment to soak in the adulation at the top of the ramp before starting his trek to the ring.*

    Pentalion: We don’t know the full match yet, Bods, but Kyojin has to be one of the favorites heading into In Violence We Trust.

    Bodom: I don’t get the hype for this guy. Like, at all.

    Pentalion: He’s a tremendous talent. Just ask anybody who’s been in the ring with him. Or, better yet, get in there yourself.

    Bodom: That’s what I’m doing at the Pay-Per-View! Pay attention, idiot!

    Pentalion: That’s not what I meant, dipshit.

    *As Chris explains himself to Bodom, Kyojin slides into the rint and heads for an open corner where he does some last minute stretching.*

    McManus: And their opponent, from The Justice League, The Ignition Champion; The Bluue Flashh!

    *There’s a slight pause before, in a flash, the Ignition Champion runs onto the stage and down the ramp before sliding into the ring.*

    Bodom: The champ is in a hurry to get his ass kicked, I see.

    Pentalion: Or not! Flash goes right for Bull, Kyojin goes after Flash, and there’s the bell!

    Cena=Flash, Punk=Kyo, Ryback=Bull

    *Dropkick by Kyojin*

    *Dropkick by The Flash*

    *Armdrag by Kyojin*

    *Amdrag by The Flash*

    *After that quick series of moves, both men go into a fighting stance and get a nice pop for the ir efforts. The cheers change to boos, though, as Darren Bull slides back into the ring (he was ousted by a Kyo’ kick to the temple) and nails his two opponents with a double clothesline that twists them both inside out.*

    Bodom: Hahaha! Boom.

    Pentalion: Boom, indeed. Darren Bull is in control, now.

    *Bull is in control, and he knows it. Flash slid out of the ring after getting clotheslined, so Darren goes to work on a downed Kyojin with some kicks. Then, with no real intention of winning the match, Bull covers Kyo’ and hooks the leg.*


    Two! No! Kyojin powers out before the two counts, but expends some energy doing it.*

    Bodom: That’s smart wrestling right there. Make your opponent burn some gas.

    *Kyojin, the most active man in this match, has burnt himself out so much that Darren has to drag him to his feet. Bull drags Kyo’ up, whips him across the ring, catches him on the rebound and hits him with a big spine buster.*

    Pentalion: Here’s the cover!



    Thr-No! Kyojin kicks out at two and a half. Once again, though, Bull just pulls Kyojin up by the hair and looks for more offense. He can’t get it, though. Instead, Kyojin creates some separation with a shove to the chest and starts firing off stiff kicks at Darren. After a few kicks to the body that stun Darren, we see Kyojin take a step back and launch a beautiful head kick to a spot just behind Darren’s ear.*

    Pentalion: What a kick! Bull is staggered! Oh, here comes Flash!

    *Blue Flash slides back into the ring and, in one fluid series of movements, roundhouse kicks Kyojin through the middle ropes, grabs a punch-drunk Darren Bull and nails him with The Blue Moon Knee!*

    Pentalion: Blue Moon! Here’s the cover!




    McManus: Your winner, the Ignition Champion; The Blue Flash!

    Pentalion: Darren Bull just got pinned by the champion! The undefeated streak is over!

    Bodom: Wow…

    *Flash poses on the turnbuckle closest to where he made the cover before jumping down and, without warning, getting blasted with an Awesome Punishment from Bull. Kyojin slides in and goes for Bull but, as Kyo’ leaps into an attack; Darren catches him and launches him halfway across the ring with a fisherman’s suplex.*

    Bodom: Hahaha! Undefeated or not, Darren Bull is still a threat come In Violence We Trust.

    *To the boos of the crowd, Bull laughs at the carnage in the ring as he backs up the ramp. We leave the scene with a shot of Flash and Kyojin licking their wounds.*
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    Bodom: All right! Now, we've got a rematch, that I can't wait to see happen.

    Pentalion: Indeed. It's a rematch from Bred for Combat. We are going to see Daymian Bloodstone go one on one with

    Pentialion: This man, Chris Divine.

    McManus: The following match is set for one fall, introducing first, from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Chris "So Fine" Divine!

    Chris Divine walks out from the back, now in his wrestling gear, as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. Divine goes to a corner, climbing it, where he stands, posing. Some flashes go off, as Divine hops down. Divine turns to the entrance ramp.

    McManus: And his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, the 'Pint Sized Rocker', Daymian....BLOODSTONE!

    Bloodstone comes out from the back, to a nice little pop from the fans. He makes his way down the ramp, and into the ring, he stands across from Divine, just glaring them down.

    Bodom: My boy Divine has already one upped Bloodstone, and I bet he does it here again.

    Pentalion: Your boy? Since when was Divine your son.

    Bodom: Shut up, you know what I mean. Divine is going to win tonight.

    Pentalion: Well Divine definitely seems to be on a roll, but anything is possible.

    Chris Divine(Orton) vs Daymian Bloodstone(Mysterio)-Ignore Bob Orton

    (start at 2:40, end at 8:56)

    Bodom: And a wicked uppercut from Divine!

    Pentalion: Well Bloodstone definitely isn't out of it yet. This is still anyone's match.

    Divine grabs Bloodstone by the leg, and pulls him to the center of the ring. Divine grabs both legs now, and flips Daymian over, locking in a boston crab. Bloodstone is scratching and crawling, but can't reach the ropes. Bloodstone uses his hands, pushing himself up, trying to break the hold. Divine stumbles a bit,, but still has the hold locked in. Bloodstone lets out a scream, putting all his strength into it, and sends Divine flying into the ropes, breaking the hold. Divine is leaning on the middle rope, as Daymian gets to his feet, and charges, leaping into the air and lands on the back of Divine. Divine springs off the ropes, and lands on his back, as Bloodstone dives, going for the cover.


    Divine kicks out right after 2. Bloodstone doesn't seem deterred, as he gets to his feet. Bloodstone watches Divine, as he is slowly getting to his feet. Bloodstone charges into the ropes, bouncing off, as he comes back, and catches Divine with a huge flying wheel kick! Divine is put back flat on his back, as Bloodstone gets up, and runs into the ropes. He springboards off, with a moonsault, but as he lands on Divine, Divine gets his knees up! Bloodstone lands though, and grabs the legs of Divine. Daymian moves, positioning himself, and falls backwards, as Divine is sent flying through the air, and collides into the ring post! Divine stumbles back, holding his head, as Bloodstone grabs Divine, rolling up him, and stacks Divine on his shoulders.


    Divine kicks out, as Bloodstone looks at the ref for a moment.

    Bodom: It was 2! Maybe if you didn't suck it would be three!

    Pentalion: Well, you are certainly being vocal.

    Bodom: And you are being naive.

    Pentalion: How so?

    Bodom: by thinking Bloodstone has a chance of winning. The day Bloodstone wins a match against Divine, is the day you grow a spine.

    Pentalion: That hurts...that just hurts.....

    Bloodstone is to his feet, as Divine is slowly getting to his feet. Bloodstone grabs Divine, irish whipping him into the corner, but Divine counters, sending Bloodstone in instead. Divine charges in, going for a massive clothesline, but Bloodstone moves, and Divine hits the turnbuckle, Divine stumbles out, as Bloodstone grabs the top rope, and uses it to springboard.

    Pentalion: Springboard tornado ddt!


    Just as Bloodstone goes flying through the air, Divine turns the attempted move from Bloodstone into a diamond cutter, as he drops Daymian with the Divine Intervention! Divine rolls Bloodstone over, as he goes for the cover.


    McManus: The winner of this match, Chris Divine!

    Bodom: See! I told you! I told you!

    Pentalion: Well, you were right..Divine did win. But you've got to give it up for Bloodstone, he came so close!

    Divine gets to his feet, as the ref tries to raise Divine's hand, but Divine pulls away. Divine turns as he climbs out of the ring, and goes near the time keeper. Divine grabs a steel chair, folding it up, and a microphone. Divine turns, as he throws the chair into the ring, and then climbs in. Divine has the mic, as he looks down at Bloodstone.

    Divine: Oh TDA........oh TDA....come out come out wherever you are.....

    Divine pauses, and then smiles.

    Divine: See Bloodstone...there is no one coming to save you...there is no one who cares. The man who is suppose to be the hero in this story....The Devil's Advocate...he isn't a hero...he isn't good! All he is, is a road bump! A GOD DAMN ROAD BUMP!

    Divine just glares down at Bloodstone.

    Divine: TDA...Divine knows you are pay close attention...what Divine is about to do to what is going to happen to you at In Violence We Trust!

    Divine throws the mic out of the ring, as he kicks the chair in front of himself. Divine grabs Bloodstone, lifting him to a standing position.


    Divine drives Bloodstone down onto the chair, as he then rolls out of the ring, frowning. Divine turns, heading up the ramp, but halfway...he stops. He starts shaking his head, as he looks back at Bloodstone who isn't moving. Divine runs back to the ring, sliding in, as he has a vindictive smile on his face. Divine pulls the chair out from underneath of Bloodstone, as he opens it, and wraps it around the leg of Bloodstone. Divine turns, going to the corner, as he climbs to the second rope and sits at the top.

    Pentalion: No! Chris! Don't do this! You'll break his ankle!

    Divine looks around, as he jumps off, and stomps down on the chair, as Bloodstone screams out in pain. Divine climbs out of the ring, smiling, as he turns, heading up the ramp.

    Pentalion: My god! Divine just broke Bloodstones ankle! Does this man not have a conscious?

    Bodom: Divine is ruthless...and he will need to be if he has any hope of defeating TDA. Simple as that.
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    Pentalion: Disgusting sights seen before the break there. And during the commercial break we saw Daymian Bloodstone being carried out on a stretcher, and I'm hearing now that he's been taken to a nearby medical facility.

    Bodom: He got what was coming to him. Bloodstone tried to take another bite out of Divine, but once again, just as he did at Bred for Combat, he failed. And this time, he's paid a hefty price for it. I don't like to see people getting injured, but you have to say that he had it coming to him here.

    Pentalion: I can't agree with that Bodom. Bloodstone has been here for a long time and he was destined for great things.

    Bodom: No Pentalion. He USED to be destined for great things. WE've had an influx of talent into EWNCW as of late. The likes of Van Hooligan X, the return to singles action of William Carlin, Chris Divine. All guys that are twice the men that Bloodstone was. He was simply too complacent. There's new blood in EWNCW and the old guard need to take note.

    Pentalion: Well whatever you may think, here comes one of the guys you mentioned right now.

    Bodom: Absolutely. William Carlin here is a future Champion. Absolutely no question about that.

    *Time for some JimiHendrix on Rage, but the fans are not for it, knowing that TheSuperior Technician William Carlin will come out in a moment. And sohe does, playing air guitar, and signing the lyrics of the song,yelling at the camera the classic “Excuse me, while I kiss the sky!” Carlin is not appalled by the chorus of boos, he goes downthe ramp all dancing and enjoying himself. He climbs a turnbuckle and salutes to allow the heat increase. Then he asks for a mic and goes on: *

    William Carlin: Last weekon Rage, there was a very special moment for everybody involved.Well, I lie, there were two. It was good to see good ol' Bods in thering again, almost defeating that bore of a World HeavyweightChampion we have. Man, a shame they stole you that win, but let metell you, I loved how you took out the bragging hip hop thug Shazwith his own finisher. That was class!

    *Fans cheer Bodom andchant “Shaz sucks”. Carlin leaves the ring and goes to shakehands with Bodom. He then returns to the ring and keeps rolling*

    Carlin: The other momentwas the singles debut of TDA in EWNCW. A legend of legends has cometo the company, and we all should be grateful to have it in thenumber one fed in the world, no doubt. And his first opponent, noneother than yours truly, The Superior Techncian William Carlin. Aquality match, worthy of a PPV, and on free TV, for everybody to see.And when the smoke cleared and the battle was decided, the man whohad scored the one, two, three was none other than me. Me! I defeateda legend in the business. I superkicked him in the jaw, not once, buttwice, I covered TDA, and the referee awarded me a clean win. I didit! I defeated TDA and no one can take that away from me! No one!

    *Fans boo and TDA chantsare heard. *

    Carlin: You know, since Ireturned as a singles competitor during the War Games, I have beendoubted. People were saying I was just a tag team specialist with nofuture fighting in singles competition. I was no more than a sidekickto Grind. The classic Marty Jannetty comparisons were made. I admitthat I kept losing, that in the end I failed to make the big win. Noone has trusted me as a future champion, as I keep saying I'm goingto be. I failed to become the number one contender against Romulus,and in a triple threat match with Sera and Jman. Who could have betfor a man that can't get the job done? See, you have a big babyfacein Jman and a Jimmy like Seraphim, who panders the crowd and makeshis high flying shit to make people happy. And they were defeating aman who says the truth as he sees it, who challenges people's mindswith his ideals, who wants to fight to throw away the medievaltyranny of Romulus and the religious freaks around. How to back a manlike that?

    *Fans still boo Carlin. *

    Carlin: But you know what?They weren't the chosen ones to face the legend, one on one. Jman istoo busy with RR, and Seraphim was facing that fine man that is ChrisDivine. The one that was picked up to face TDA was me. An you knowwhat? I fight TDA and I won! I'm the one taking down the legend. I'mgetting the rub with this one. And this will be the stepping stone Iwill use to cement my path to the World Heavyweight Championship. Iwill get rid of Sera at in Violence We Trust, and I'll go to face thechampion and defeat him to. I'm on the path of glory, and no one canstop me. Don't stop me now, 'cause I'm having a good time, and it iscelebration time!

    *Carlin leaves the mic,makes some theatricals and does a Cartwheel Sandow Style! He thenpicks the mic again. *

    Carlin: But enoughcelebrations for now. I have a message to that Jimmy who callshimself an angel and then denies it. Sera, you say that you are hereto make people listen to the voices they have in their hearts. Allowthe darkness in them be heard, and let them control their lives. Andyou say I should do the same myself. But you're too late. I did itwhen I started pairing with Grind Bastard. I allow my rage to take control, that's why I thrive in hardcore matches. I do my best wehenI have to unleash the fury, and twist, tear muscles and make people bleed. And my chance to do that is here. In Violence We Trust is atthe turn of the corner and there I will prove my quality as a fighter. I will rip you off so badly you will have to retire. Yournonsense will be gone, and rationality will prevail. And don't youthink for a second you can stop me. I'm on fire, and that fire willconsume you!

    Pentalion: And here comes one of my favorites! Seraphim has been close to winning gold before and I can see him getting close again in the not too distant future!

    Bodom: Get real! Carlin has him in his back pocket and I'm not ruling out seeing these 2 battling it out at In Violence We Trust!

    Pentalion: I'd go further than that. I won't rule out both these guys battling it out for the Championship at some point!

    *These Voices start to play as Carlin winds down from his spiel about defeating the legend, TheDevilsAdvocate, and how he thrives on hardcore matches. Seraphim stands on the stage, looking down at the ring and chuckling. He holds the microphone in his hands, watching Carlin before he lifts the microphone to his lips and begins to speak.*

    Seraphim: You’re right, there were some very special moments on last week’s rage. First off, we got the singles debut of TheDevilsAdvocate, a legend in the business, and a welcome addition to the EWNCW Roster, if I do say so myself. If there is anyone who deserves all the accolades that man has, it’s him. And you’re right, William Carlin, oh Superior Technician of Rage, you did beat TDA, in what was said to be a very impressive match up. However, was it really you that won that match, or was it that music that Chris Divine has play before every match he has? I, as I so commonly do backstage, kept tabs on what’s going on and it seems your victory was heavily reliant on TDA getting out of that ring, and waiting for a man that never showed up. Now, I know what you’re going to say! A legend like TDA should have known better, should have known to finish that match, especially when he has such a killer Clothesline from Hell, that was cocked, and ready to take your self-righteous head off.

    *Seraphim, still on the stage, lowers the microphone for a moment and then looks at the crowd, who are cheering him on. He points to one side and watches as the crowd erupts. He points towards another side, and the crowd erupts again. He gets a smile on his face before he looks towards Carlin again.*

    Seraphim: And the second thing we learned, ladies and gentlemen, is that Chris ‘So Fine’ Divine, needed to use a partially, or hell, fully, exposed turnbuckle to defeat the Voice of the Voices. Now, I know, I know, that’s just how this business works. You get in a bad way, and the name of the game is to win, what are you going to do? Take every chance you can, and I have to give it to Divine, he took the route that was sure to get him a win and what do you know? It gave him the win! What is Divine going to do now? Well, I suspect he’ll be touting that victory out as much as he can, because he knows that beating Seraphim, is like beating the man that should be at the top of the EWNCW mountain. So Chris, I want you to enjoy that victory, because next time you step through those ropes, and I’m standing across from you - exposed turnbuckle or not, I’m going to show you the City of Angels, just like I showed William Carlin, before Jman pinned him one-two-three at the Bred for Combat Pay-Per-View.

    *Seraphim walks down the ramp, speaking directly to Carlin.*
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    Seraphim: Now you, Superior Technician, at In Violence We Trust, I am going to beat you in the middle of that ring. One-Two-Three. I don’t care if it’s your own backyard. I don’t care if you reached deep within yourself to find the darkness that I once preached about, because this ends now. Oh, by the way, tell me how you liked that DDT Michael Archangel delivered to your tag-team partner, Grind Bastard? So high up in the air, right where I stand above you. The difference between you and I, Carlin, is that I have no problem kicking your ass right here and now. You come out here talking about how you will prove your quality as a fighter? Well, Carlin, show me how much of a fighter you are! We don’t need to wait until In Violence We Trust, in fact, we don’t need to wait another day!

    *Seraphim climbs into the ring, keeping an eye on William Carlin*

    Seraphim: How about I just kick your ass right here and right now. I have no problem giving you what you deserve! See, you say that since you teamed with Grind Bastard, you’ve embraced that darkness, well I’m here to tell you that since I’ve come to EWNCW, I have lived that darkness every week, every single night and tonight I will show you just how dark I can be. Tick. Tock. Carlin. The Voices will be back on top.

    *Carlin listens with a scowl of disdain before replying to Seraphim. *

    Carlin: Ah, Sera, Sera,Sera, you like the good guys always tend to think the obvious. You are giving all credit to Chris Divine for helping me winning the match with TDA. Let me ask you something: were you there? Were you in the production set and watched Divine playing, or ordering to play, his own music to distract The Devil's Advocate and help me win this match? Were you there? No, you weren't. You can't say 100% it happened like that. Let me plant a seed of doubt in your head, and in fans here and at home heads. Let's play some “What if.. ?” game. A what if that doesn't sound way too outlandish to happen. What if I bribed the person in charge to play our music beforehand and asked him to play Divine's music and help me to win the match? Couldn't that had happened? Everybody contemplates me like the villain in this play, and isn't this a villanous move to be done? Not like it hasn't happened before, like Mick Foley... or was it Cactus Jack? Playing MEM's music to distract Sting and assault him 3 days before their match? We are so used to the trick of the outside interference that we all systematically think there is an foreign force, either a wrestler, a manager or a figure of authority, who has played the trick. Although I agree that the Ockham's razor will say you're right, I'm suggesting a situation that could had happen, don't you think?

    *Crowd boos like mad.There are “You're a cheater” chants. *

    Carlin: Well, seems like I persuaded some of them that I can actually be right, ain't it? Why we give the wrestlers so little iniciative of their own, even if it is for bending the rules in their own favor? Divine here proves my point: he created his chance himself and capitalized, But don't get fooled, Seraphim, exposed turnbuckle or not, Divine is so fine, and if you show him the City of Angels, he might burn it down, like I'm going to do at In Violence We Trust... and right now! See, as one half of the EWNCW Blacklist Champions, I never backed down a challenge, we were fighting champions, so if you want some, come and get some! And don't worry about Grind, he's used to those impact moves, nicely done from Michael, but he'd better beware of the beast he has unleashed. And now, ramblers, let's get rambling!

    *Carlin throws the mic and waits for Seraphim.
    As Carlin throws his microphone to the wayside, Seraphim brings his own to his lips.*

    Seraphim: Now, a man like you should know better! I never said anything about Divine having anything to do with it, Carlin. In fact, I believe my words were "relied heavily on the music Divine has play before his matches." However, that is unimportant now - as you have just thrown the gauntlet...

    *Seraphim stops talking and tosses the microphone before getting in Carlin's face. The two trash talk each other before a shoving match begins. Carlin pushes Seraphim first, leading to Seraphim returning the push. They start jawing back and forth again, but the two get the same idea and began drilling each other about the head with hard blows, rights and lefts. They both fall to the ground and roll out of the ring, falling with Seraphim taking the brunt of the drop. It hinders nothing as the pair continues their brawl. Carlin makes it to his feet first, but Seraphim is up soon after. The crowd is on their feet to see the brawl between the heated pair. Carlin goes for a punch, but Seraphim ducks and drills Carlin with a big super kick!*

    Pentalion: God damn! Things have really broken down here and these guys are not backing down!!

    Bodom: Let them go!! Let them go I say!!

    *Seraphim grabs Carlin and whips him against the barricades. He starts jumping, the crowd getting behind him, as he runs towards his foe. Just as he gets there, Carlin places his hands strategically on Seraphim's chest and elevating him towards the air. Seraphim comes down hard on the barricade. Carlin steps back and gloats, before rubbing his jaw - feeling the pain from that superkick. The crowd boos loudly, before Carlin goes back on the attack, focusing a big kick to the chest of Seraphim. He goes for another, but Seraphim grabs his foot and rolls him around. Security begins running down from the backstage area to break up the brawl. Seraphim picks Carlin up for a back suplex, however before it can be completed, the security staff reaches them and pulls Carlin down, separating the two.
    We then see John Cleverly emerge on the stage, mic in hand. Once Carlin and Seraphim are properly separated, he goes to speak.*

    Cleverly: That's enough you two!! It's evident to me based on recent weeks that you two want to go at it one on one, and I've been hearing the fans, they want it too!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Cleverly: So at In Violence We Trust, we're going to see William Carlin vs Seraphim!! The stipulation will be decided next week in our beat the clock special episode!!

    *the fans again cheer*

    Cleverly: Tonight however, I want you William Carlin to be in action, and I have just the opponent for you!

    Pentalion: Damn!! It's Reiko!! And....

    Bodom: RIC MOTHERFUCKING FLAIR!!!! The wrestling GAWD!! The MAN!! The NATURE BOY!! RIC FLAIR!!!!!!
    Oh, and Reiko. What's he doing here?!

    Pentalion: Well it seems that we're about to see Reicko take on William Carlin here, a huge match for Reiko!!

    Bodom: Silence!! Ric Flair has a mic in his hand, and when that's the case, you listen!! So.... SHUT UP FAT BOY!!!

    Ric Flair: Wait just a minute!! Cleverly!!! I see this match right here as a golden ticket!! Just like Charlie seized a golden ticket to the chocolate factory, I want mah boy Reiko here to seize a golden ticket into that Ignition Championship ladder match at In Violence We Trust!! So here's what I'm proposing here; if Reiko wins this match, I want him in that ladder match on the ppv!!! Deal?!

    *Cleverly takes a pause to think before raising the mic*

    You heard the man, let's do it!

    Pentalion: So this is going to be a qualifying match for Reiko?! Flair just pilled the pressure onto his protege there!!

    Bodom: Not sure about Reiko's chances against Carlin, but I won't question Ric Flair!
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    Want details? Just ask me!


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