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    *A big pyro blast goes off around the stage. The camera then pans across the arena as the fans let out an almighty cheer*

    Christopher Pentalion: Welcome everyone to Monday night Rage, LIVE tonight from Alexandria, Louisiana!! I am Christopher Pentalion, alongside me here is EWNCW legend Bodom, and we are just 2 weeks shy now of our next ppv; In Violence We Trust!!

    Bodom: We are indeed Chris, and I for one can't wait, and I'll give you just one guess as to why.

    Pentalion: Because we've got a huge main event with Jman taking on Ronaldo Romulus for the World Heavyweight Championship?

    Bodom: Damnit Pentalion!! No!! It's because.....

    Pentalion: Oh, hold that thought Bodom, our World Heavyweight Champion is on his way out here!! Ronaldo Romulus!

    Bodom: But.....

    Pentalion: Shhhh Bodom, the champ is here!!

    *One again, the ritual that is Ronaldo Romulus’ entrance begins. With the sound of his ominous music playing on the PA system, the booing and jeering starts and gets louder when the World Heavyweight Champion appears with his ring gear on and championship around his shoulder. Ronaldo completely ignores the booing audience as his journey from the ramp to the ring ends as he enters it. Picking up a microphone left for him in the corner of the ring, he bends over to pick it up before he address the serfs in the crowd.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Can it now be renounced? Should any and all adherence to the gospel truth of my divinity be contravened? One by one I slaughter your debauched idols in the epicenter of this ring. Time after time, I have crushed the wills and the bodies of the libertines who wish to turn you away from the liberation that benefits your families. Just last week, Bodom…”

    *The camera pans over to Bodom as he just rolls his eyes as Ronaldo talks trash to him and mouths off a little at him. Most of it can’t be heard because of the distance of the camera and Bodom, as well as the booing crowd, but “fat boy” can clearly be heard. The remark causes Ronaldo to smirk.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “My dearest apologies, commentator. ‘Fat boy’ was just a testament to my hallowed proficiency in such a barbaric sport. Even I can resurrect some distinction that doesn’t reflect the humdrum imbecility that “graces” the mat and it shows when I lay infidels such as him to rest. Not that the trinket treasures any intangible of my personal interest but this golden ornament that rests upon my shoulder, in your dullard minds at least, signifies that I am of an exclusive echelon of wrestler and that I stand above all else who oppose me and who abide by my teachings. I can comprehend your absolute abhorrence towards me. The outcries I receive in my entrances is proof to that. Pity you couldn’t heed my words sooner. I would have departed long before I had to contend with the abominable filth until I had reached the apex of your caste system where you now have no choice but to receive my words and acknowledge your sins and shortcomings humbly before the Lord. But a man who refused to do so now awaits his rightful place upon the altar where on Sunday, I offer his recalcitrant soul to God under stipulations where flesh and bone are bound to me marred far beyond recognition and he is reminded that a “serf” is nothing more than a hallow puppet that can easily be destroyed. That puppet is none other than Jman.”

    *The crowd begins cheering for Jman. Ronaldo seems uncharacteristically okay with their praise.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Yes. Magnify your expectations of my demise. I will allow you all to breed it to unfathomable proportions for on Sunday, it will slowly wither away as each blow strikes your idol, Jman. Further and further will his well-being deteriorate until nothing is left behind but a broken man, not only in constitution but in spirit. How effortless the task will be for he was no match for the lesser Shaz. His downfall his inevitable. Shall you spare him his castigation by bending your will to defy me? No. You lot are too selfish for that. Pity for you that you’ll never hear from him again after Sunday for…”

    Pentalion: Cut off by the number one contender!! Here comes Jman and alive comes the crowd!!

    Bodom: Yeah, yeah. Now as I was saying.....

    Pentalion: Hold that thought Bodom, Jman has something on his mind!!

    *The crowd are on their feet in a flash as the number one contender walks through the curtain. Jman, staring a hole through Ronaldo all the way, jogs down the ramp and, as a force of habit, high fives some fans on his way down. J slides into the ring and grabs a mic before saying something unintelligible, but surely offensive, to Ronaldo. Romulus just stares Jman down as he begins to speak.*

    Y’know, Ronnie, I hear you talk about our match at In Violence We Trust being contested under hardcore rules as if that’s a good thing for you. In reality, that’s about the worst thing that could’ve happened from your perspective. Another term for “hardcore rules”, Ronaldo, is “ECW rules”. You know where I got my start in this business? Working as one of those guys *motions to a stagehand* at ECW Arena.

    *A small “E-C-Dub!” chant causes Ronaldo to roll his eyes.*

    You can shit on our little bingo hall promotion all you want, Ronaldo, but I internalized everything I saw in that building. Sunday, you’re stepping in to my world, pal. Maybe I’ve gotten away from that hardcore mindset since I’ve made it to the big leagues, but it’s always been a part of my makeup. Sunday, like I never have before in my career, I’ll let it out to play.

    *That gets a big reaction from the crowd.*

    Ronaldo, what you did last week proves nothing. Nailing me In the head with that championship and breaking up another instant classic between Shaz and I does absolutely nothing to prove your worth as the king of the Rage mountain.

    *J gets a strange look on his face as the crowd pops.*

    Actually, no, it does prove something. It proves that, like I’ve said all along, you know, deep down in your Jesus riddled mind of yours, you can’t touch me in a fair fight. You need the element of surprise, a weapon or a weakened opponent in order to keep that championship. But, funny enough, that’s all fair on Sunday. I’ll be weakened during that match, weapons galore will be legal and easy to reach. Thing is, you’ll be weak, too. I’ll have easy access to weapons just like you will.

    *That idea gets a pop out of the crowd.*

    Jman: The thought that the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship Match, or any match on the In Violence We Trust card, for that matter, is going to be a truly fair fight is ridiculous. What it comes down to, Ronnie, is who’s better at using the resources around them. You might think that’s you, but, my friend, it's not. See, that title belongs to the South Philly kid, the Paul Heyman guy, the next EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion; m-

    ???: Fuckin' hell! You guys ought to keep it down, I nearly fell asleep listening to this bloody snooze fest!!

    *Crowd boo Shaz comes out making his way to the ring whilst he laughs. He slides into the ring, staring at Ronaldo Romulus as he smirks.*

    Shaz: And I can guarantee that your match at In Justice for Brawl, will also be a snooze fest! I'm not even gonna lie! Jman will probably end up the victor as he has a hardcore style to him! Which is obviously an advantage! Ronaldo will probably be too much of a pussy to actually touch a weapon let alone utilize one! You two have different styles, but I can only recall one thing that you two have in common...

    Nobody cares about either of you!!

    *Crowd boo as Shaz ignores them.*

    Shaz: Because last week everyone was talking about ME and nobody else! I was the one being talked about because I am better then you two! If none of you lot believe that fact, then I suggest y'all log onto Twitter more often! Because from what I saw, #Shaz was trending worldwide!!

    *Crowd boo at Shaz's cockiness as he smiles*

    Shaz: And come In Justice for Brawl, I will once again prove my superiority to the EWNCW faithful as I will yet again prove those clueless pricks wrong by breaking Bodom into tiny pieces! I decided to end this long rivalry, but he decided to continue it! And for that reason, Bodom will walk out of In Justice for Brawl unconsciousness on a stretcher whereas I will walk out the winner of our bout!

    *Crowd boo as Shaz turns to RR*

    Shaz: And after that, I'll move onto bigger things! I'll turn my attention *points at RR's belt* to that strap over there. I don't care who walks out of In Justice for Brawl as champion! I don't care if it's Jman, Ronaldo, Jesus Christ, Chicken and Rice!

    I'll keep my eyes wide open as the winner of this match will be sitting on the loosest swing that the world has ever witnessed! Because whoever the winner is, you'll face me at the next PPV! And I'll exit that PPV announced as one thing!

    The World Heavyweight Champion!
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