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    Christopher Pentalion: We're nearing main event time here in Greenville Mississippi, and we've had a great night so far!

    Bodom: And we just had to have this guy come out here. I mean there's no shame in loosing to Ronaldo Romulus, but man, I had that match won! It was that Shaz' fault I tell you!! THAT DAMN SHAT!!!

    Pentalion: We know Bodom, we know. And I'm sure you'll kick his ass at In Violence We Trust! But for now, we're going to be obliged to listen to Ronaldo Romulus no doubt as he's about to address us!

    *Ronaldo Romulus makes his way out to a chorus of boos and heads straight to the ring, with a smile on his face.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Bodom, that antiquated, senile has been, is a entity that you uncultivated mass of peons refer to as a legend?! Then, once more! I demand that more of your “legends” present themselves before me! Come hither at once! My sound prudence is aware that The Beard of Zeus is present this evening! Will you not spurn my bravado for the sake of your fallen comrade?! Come now! Surely the trek from your beloved rocking chair to this ring isn’t too tumultuous and arduous, yes!? What is that beggarly aphorism that you serfs coined? “Come at me, bro!” was it? YES! I believe it was! Come at me, bro! COME AT ME! Hahahahahaha!”

    *”Ronnie sucks!” chants emit from the audience as a response to Ronaldo’s bashing of the legendary GodMoney. Now, back in his seat behind the commentary table, Bodom glares at Ronaldo as he laughs at his expense.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “How do you not learn from your faults? Each and every one of you serfs pine the hours away awaiting for your exalted heroes to deliver your from the enthrallment of your iniquities. Have I not professed that your truly is such a hero? Now, as the centerpiece of Rage, I am now the valid guardian of your souls. The future of your offspring rests upon your willingness to abandon the haughty practice of rejecting the Lord by exalting and adoring me! Failing to do this will secure you a vicinity in the scalding lake of flames along with Beelzebub and his cohorts once the time of the Apocalypse has come. And as you are forced down the spiraling rocky mountains, no salvation in sight, carrying the children in your grasps into the ever growing, molten lakes, know that before you plunge into the scorching abyss that all non-pleasantries of the sort would have been avoided had you not spat in my face whilst your body could facilitate the action of drawing breath into your being!”

    *For daring to bring the lives of their children into his twisted game, the Rgae audience boos even louder at Ronaldo. Instead of biting back, he just shakes his head and continues.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “I see now where your misguided allegiance as been forged. Instead of expressing jubilee over the prospect of freedom from your sins, you once again rally behind an apocryphal idol who serenades you with their acrimonious agenda, raving on matters regarding the enlightenment of the wrestling business and of bringing honor to this tainted sport of uncouth Neanderthals! I mingle with these tainted animals only for the salvation of all of you and yet you continue to debase me, my clan and my God for what? The temporary indulgence of your cancerous guilty pleasures? How can such a habit ever surpass the comforting knowledge that a simple kowtow to yours truly is all that it takes to find peace with the Lord? Is it such a demeaning process to simply kneel down before me? Your superior? Your savior? Your champion?

    But no, instead of me, you’ll gladly be servile to that shallow maverick, Jman, the man who wishes to usurp me from my influence necessary to extricate you all from harm’s way. It’s this startling revelation that coaxes me into believing that the only effective method of penetrating your impregnable pride is to eviscerate all of the false idols that you’ve erected in the form of the imminent challengers who seek to deprive me of the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship. But the next venue of combat, In Violence We Trust, may as well be the consummate battlefield to carry out this new regime. The only thing that appears to spur you serfs out of your antipathy of the innocent is violence. Grotesque, abhorrent amounts of it at that. Though it defies my urbanity in every way imaginable, I have no choice but to not only physically decimate Jman on Sunday but to ensure that his will to fight, his conviction for sport is utterly demolished through the sole thing that he believes will dispatch me from glory. As I scourge his flesh with a chain of barbed wire, break bones against tables and bruise flesh with the brute swing of every chair shot, know that you are experiencing the true reckoning of the wicked. But, as I have professed, this cleansing will come to pass at I Violence We Trust and not a moment sooner. As I have already competed this evening, I will do no more but scrutinize tonight’s main event at ringside. That is all and may God have mercy on your souls lest The Wrath of Remus judge you accordingly.”

    *Ronaldo drops the microphone on its head and exits the ring to go to the announcer’s table. He picks up his championship on its pedestal and take a look back at Bodom, smirking at him before taking a seat at ringside.*

    Pentalion: Well he doesn't lack the confidence does he! He's always had that swagger about him, but winning that Championship seems to have just swelled Romulus' ego!

    Bodom: He may have beaten me tonight, but I think Ronaldo Romulus is the best Champion that we've seen here for a while. And I can't see Jman beating him at In Violence We Trust.

    Pentalion: All I know is that it's going to be a fantastic match no doubt. but for now we're going to sit back and watch Jman taking on Shaz, right after the break!

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    Pentalion: After a long and amazing show, we finally have come to our main event.

    Bodom: Yippy! Time to see 'fat boy' lose.

    Pentalion: Come on Bodom. Turn that frown upside down. This will be an awesome main event.

    (Shaz=Ziggler, Jman=Jericho, Ignore Vickie, Start at 4:32, End at 8:38)

    Pentalion: Damn! Jman is not playing with Shaz here tonight.

    Bodom: I'm actually enjoying this. If Jman can keep this up, then he might get in my top five.

    Pentalion: Hiya Booker!

    *J gets up to his feet and sees Shaz getting up as well in the corner. J charges towards Shaz and hits a corner clothesline, he then goes for a running bulldog, but Shaz gets away from J. Shaz waits for Jman to turn around and hits a standing dropkick! He then goes for a cover.*




    Phew! We didn't see a fat boy win right there.

    Pentalion: Shaz truly changed this around for himself.

    Bodom: And Jman better find a way to turn this thing around. I'll admit J is too good to lose to Shaz.

    *Shaz gets up and sees J still down in the mat. He then runs towards the opposite ropes and back to hit a lionsault! Shaz then holds onto his ribs and picks himself up. Shaz quickly sees J trying to pick himself up and decides to kick him in the ribs. He decides to pick up Jman and irishwhip him to the opposite corner. Shaz runs over and grabs hold of Jman to hit a monkeyflip! Shaz then crawls his way to Jman and pins him.*



    3.... NO!

    The resiliency in J is strong. He is not giving up right now and you can see it right there.

    Bodom: He better start doing something cause Shaz is starting to get some momentum. You better get up J!

    *Shaz can't believe himself J kicked out. He slaps Jman across the head a bit and decides to pick him up, but J quickly grabs hold of Shaz and delivers a suplex. Both men are now down and are not getting up. The ref begins to count when Bodom gets up from his chair.*

    Pentalion: What are you doing Bodom? Get your butt back here or you might be looking at a firing.

    *Bodom keeps on walking closer into the ring until he actually gets in it. The ref tries to take Bodom to the outside, but Bodom decides to super punch the ref. Shaz gets up, but does not see Bodom in the ring until Bodom grabs hold of Shaz fast and hits a Canadian Destroyer! Bodom then pushes Shaz out of the ring with his foot. As soon as Bodom exits the ring, Ronaldo runs towards the ring with his belt and slides into the ring. He drills Jman with the title as the crowd boo loud. He then quickly picks up Jman and nails Wrath of Remus!*

    My God! Bodom hiting shaz with his own finisher!! Ronaldo Mass destruction is here and upon us all in Rage. What has gotten to these people?

    *The shows ends with image of Shaz on the floor with Bodom smiling and of Romulus standing on top of Jman with his title above his head.*

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    First filler.

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    And another.

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    Brutality is up, so please go check that show out.

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    A lot of filers this week

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    I'm going to contact TTC tonight to see what the update is on him, but in the mean time, plans are being put in place to replace him.

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    Several good promos on this show, so be on the lookout for those!

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    There's one more Inferno, Brutality and Rage to come after this one before IVWT.

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    But for now, here's a very delayed episode of Rage!


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