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    *The arena come live and te cameras start looking over all the arena. There are crowd cheering and holding up their signs. We then zoom into Pentalion who is at his commentary chair.*

    Pentalion: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Rage, LIVE from Greenville, Mississippi!! I'm Christopher Pentalion here and well my broadcast partner is not here with me at the moment.

    *The camera zooms out and reveals the empty chair of Bodom.*

    Pentalion: He is actually in the ring. He has chosen to speak some words here tonight. So, let's head over to the ring.

    *We then move to the ring and see Bodom trying to quiet the crowd down a bit.*

    Bodom: Yeah yeah, settle down you idiots, I'm not here to address all of you. I'm not out here because of you. I'm out here because of my friend 'The Machiavellian' The Beard of Zeus. On behalf of my friend 'Gods Golden Son' Rich Cranium. On behalf of 'The One man Muscle Mountain' Splattered Dreams. I'm out here to defend the legendary name of God Money.

    *the crowd pop loud*

    Bodom: I'm out here because Shaz thinks he's some kind of hot shot because he injured TBOZ. He thinks he's a real player because he seems to be able to beat people up. Well let me tell you Shaz you little rodent, I have beaten up my fair share of people in the past. I've beaten up people. I've won championships. I've been the man! But at In Violence We Trust, I'm going to get old school on your ass. I'm going to beat you to within an inch of your life. Because at In Violence We Trust, anything goes, and you don't want to be in the ring with ME, the Wrestling GAWD in that kind of environment!

    *the crowd cheer, and one fan in the front row shouts "I LOVE YOU BODOM!"*

    Bodom: SHUT UP FAT BOY!! Or I'll come out there and shove that pepsi bottle up your ass!!

    *the crowd cheer*

    Bodom: You see Shaz, I may not have wrestled a singles match here in EWNCW for a while, but I know for a fact that I'm still in shape. And while I don't need to be in any kind of shape to be able to beat a little runt like you up, I'm going to show you exactly what kind of shape I'm in tonight by facing......

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::

    *Cutting off Bodom from the gorilla position, Ronaldo makes his appearance to the now booing Rage audience, spitting verbal vile and venom upon him like a crazy hailstorm. Adorned in his ring attire and World Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist, Ronaldo gives Bodom a cocky smirk as he stands at the top of the ramp.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::

    “My, my. Isn’t someone’s ire ever augmenting? Sit back down with your uncultivated partisan and carry on with your measly vocation that actually suits your limited capabilities…lest you throw out a hip in-midst your enthralling diatribe.”

    *Ronaldo begins to pace the top of the ramp while looking at the ground, apparently trying to find the right words to best fit the current situation.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::

    “You claim that the “honor” of your cohort, The Beard of Zeus, is in need of defending but with reflection on the subject, it should be revealed, to the cognizant mind of course, that such a matter of decorum is not required. At least The Beard of Zeus once possessed this “prestige” trinket that now ornaments my visage. No guileless entity can enumerate such a feat for yourself now, can they? Doesn’t it abrade your self-worth realizing that your fallen friend, while a uncouth serf such as the rest of you…”

    *Booing prevents him from saying another word but the momentary obstruction only delays him for a very brief period of time.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::

    “Has done more to safeguard his integrity by being the better half of your glorified aggregation? Won’t inevitably failing only counteract your course of misguided goodwill?”

    *Now, Romulus starts to make his way down the ramp, never taking his eyes off of Bodom.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Nevertheless, “fat boy”, if you crave for the embrace of the familiarity of your glory days, I hereby appoint myself as the administrator of your ultimate castigation and let it be known to you and the EWNCW that Ronaldo Romulus does not discriminate in his quest for the cleansing of the wicked, even antiquated parasites of relevance like the one standing before you this evening.”

    *Both men start to have a pushing match against one another. Once Romulus shoves Bodom, Bodom can be seen with a disgusted look on him. Just as Bodom is about to throw a hard left hand a ref comes down and stops Bodom.*

    I couldn't be any happier for a referee to come in and stop this brawl. At least we'll be able to see a great opening match.

    (Romulus=Orton, Bodom=Cena, Start at 10:00, End at 17:18)

    *Just as Romulus jumps up, Bodom moves out of the way, which causes Romulus to land on his knee.*

    I can't believe I'm going to say this, but Go Bodom!

    *Bodom streaching out his legs gets up and waits for Romulus to get up as well. Once Ronaldo is up, Bodom chops Romulus down to one leg. Bodom starts to kick Ronaldo's other knee until he is on his knees. Bodom then runs towards the ropes and tries to kick Ronaldo, but instead is greeted with a belly to belly.*

    WOW! Romulus pulled that one out real easily. He really doesn't want to lose to Bodom.

    *Bodom rolls out to floor, before Romulus is able to anything else. Romulus tries to go to the outside as well, but the ref tells him no. However, once the ref stops to turn around and counts Bodom, Ronaldo goes to the outside on the other side. Romulus waits for Bodom to get up and runs towards him, but Bodom moves out of the way and pushes Ronaldo towards the steel steps.*

    Ouch! That had to hurt the champ. And I bet this would be the part where Bodom would say that Ronaldo can suck it up.

    *Bodom slowly grabs Ronaldo and tosses him onto the steel part of the ring. He then pushes RR onto the ring and Bodom then gets on the ring apron.....*

    Oh god! Not him, not right now.

    *Shaz shows up from within the crowd, and jumps over the barricade, and distracts the ref which allows for Bodom to get distracted as well. While Bodom stands behind the ref telling Shaz to leave, RR low blows Bodom. He then grabs Bodom and delivers his finisher, "Wrath of Remus".*

    Why did Shaz have to interfere in this match? He should have been banned from ringside.*RR goes for the cover once Shaz steps down from the ring apron and smiles at what he caused.*




    Here is your winner..... the World Heavyweight Champion..... Ronaldo Romulus!!!

    Pentalion: Damn it! Bodom so close to winning, but Shaz had to get himself involved there!!

    *Ronaldo looks on at Bodom while he leaves and at the same time Ronaldo, Shaz enters. He grabs Bodom and tosses him to the outside near the announcer table. Just as Ronaldo reaches the stage, he turns around and sees Shaz standing. RR is about to lift his title, but then gets turned around by Jman. Jman starts to hit wild lefts and rights at Ronaldo, whom he tackles to the floor. Ronaldo is able to push Jman off him and makes a b-line with his title to the backstage area.*
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    *We cut backstage to see The Blue Flash talking to Malcom Cage*

    Flash: So you see citizen Cage, this ladder match at In Violence We Trust is the perfect opportunity for the Ignition division to shine again. To be a shining light in EWNCW again! And you have what it takes to qualify for that match, and even perhaps challenge me for this Championship!

    Cage: Wow that's a compliment if I have ever heard one. Thanks Flash. Ya know, I was worried coming into EWNCW that folks wouldn't like me, being an original of the rival company, but I think people here are starting to take a liking to me.

    I can't wait to truly start my road to glory here in EWNCW, and I plan on starting with the Ignition Ladder Match. I hope that I can do JUSTICE to the ignition division here by showing everyone what I can do, and maybe taking that lovely title off your hands, no offense.

    Flash: None at all taken citizen Cage! You would make an exceptional Ignition Champion, since you epitomize what this division needs to be about.
    And while I have no intention to lose this championship at In Violence We Trust, I will have no problem in submitting it to you should you win. You might be new here, but you have a good aura about you, and you would make a great Ignition Champion.

    Cage: You are certainly the noblest of us all Flash. I will be trying for that ladder match, but I don't want to try and rush into it. I plan on stake out the competition before I go in head first. We still got three weeks before In Violence We Trust, and I want to make sure that I am ready to compete wuith whom ever I am going up against to get my shot at your title Flash. I just have to bide my time til I know I can make that Ladder match.

    To qualify for this match would be a huge accomplishment for me. It would give me the chance to finally go up against some of the best here in EWNCW and to show the world what being an Ignition superstar is all about. I feel I'm ready to show EWNCW what I can do, and the best way to do that is to go up against the greatest at In Violence We Trust. I just hope I don't have to go up against that no good cheat, Darren Bull... Well speak of the devil, here he comes now the cowardly lion himself.

    *Darren walks in and has his hand up against his mouth. He looks as he is going to puke. He quickly grabs a nearby small trash can and vomits in it. Both Flash and Cage try to see what is wrong withDarren, but he signals them to wait. He finally gets his face off the trash can. Darren the wipes up his face with a napkin he had with him.*

    Bull: Oh my gof, my stomach hurts so freaking much that I can barely move by myself. I need to take a quick seat.

    *Darren then goes and grabs a closeby foldable chair and sits on it.*

    Bull: I have never failed anything like this, before in my life. You want to know what made my stomach get in such pain.

    *Both are about to answer when Darren cuts them off from answering.*

    Bull: Who cares about your answer cause you'll obviously want to know about this illness. This illness came from watching your bromance and was that mighty terrible to see. People say there are alot of things better than Twilight relationships, but this not of them. You two were here

    *Darren looks directly looks at The Blue Flash without taking his sight off him.*

    Bull: You know when I win that title, I'll actually mention you in my victory speech. I'll thank you for showing everyone how inproper champion looks like. And I'll make sure your name in the title's history will be the most forgettable reign ever.

    *Darren the gets from the chair he sitting and walks toward Malcolm Cage. Darren decides to just smile and analyze over Malcolm. He finally shakes his head.*

    Bull: And talking about forgettable stuff, we have here the guy with the most forgettable debut here in EWNCW. You see, people will for years forget about your debut here and only remember it as the rise of the great legend known as Darren "The Destructin" Bull. Here's a question for your weak mind, Malcolm. Do you know why people call me "The Destruction". No. They call me that cause I'm the type of guy who enjoys ruining other one's dreams. Like yours and the other Ignition guys of achieving the pleasure of holding the Ignition Title around all of your wists. However, I will make sure that doesn't happen cause after the title match at In Violence With Trust I will assure of my victory.

    *Then Darren turns around and shows his back to Flash and Malcolm.*

    Bull: And you might be asking yourself how I can do this, since I haven't had a qualifying match. Well, I have myself a qualifying match up next and I tend to win it and get one step closer to claiming my rightful place in the match. Then, I will win the ladder match and go on to become the greatest Ignition Champion to ever have lived. So, I encourage both of you to go find a nearby T.V. and watch my greatness at work. And don't bother to wish me luck cause I don't need any of that.

    *Darren then turns around exits leaving both men behind him as Flash and Cage look on before going back to their conversation.*

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    Bodom: Well, next up is our first Ignition Ladder Match Qualifier.

    Pentalion: And it should be a nice match-up.

    The following match is an Ignition Ladder Match Qualifying match. Introducing first, he weighs in at tonight at 225 lbs. He is being accompanied by Ric Flair, he is REIKO!!!!

    *Reiko comes out to a good amount of boos. He is then followed by Ric Flair who has a suit on. Reiko and Ric make their way to the ring and Ric decides to stay outside. Reiko climbs on the top rope and pumps up the crowd.*

    YES!!! Ricg motherfucking Flair!!!

    *sigh* Yes Bodom, and with Reiko under his wing, there's always the chance that we're looking at a future star here!

    Fair's already a star Pentalion!!! What the hell are you talking about?!?!

    Pentalion: I meant Reiko you idiot!

    And his opponent, he hails from Detroit, Michigan. This is..... DARREN...... BULL!!!!

    *Darren makes his way to the ring and is greeted by a chorus of boos. He stands at the halfway mark of the ramp and stops. He then looks around and shakes his head in disapproval and then continues his way to the ring. Once he climbs inside and enters the ring, Darren locks onto Reiko's eyes and decides to stop right were he is at.*

    Well, here comes one of the biggest loudmouths I have ever known. This guy is just....


    Pentalion: Of course, you would be the one to thing that highly of him.

    Bodom: I'll admit the kid has said some stuff to us, but he has backed it up. Hence the reason, he is undefeated.

    *Both men look at one another and both have their game faces on.*

    (Jericho/Bull, Reiko/Batista, Ric well Ric, Start at 2:28 ,End at 4:36)

    *Darren starts to climb the turnbuckles from the outside. He steadies himself and drops a missile dropkick and quickly goes for the cover.*




    Pentalion: And almost like that Bull's hopes to advance to the Ignition Ladder Match went up on flames.

    Bodom: Please Bull win this match.I don't get why Flair is wasting his time with Reiko, Bull would be the perfect man for him to mentor!!

    *Darren then grabs hold of Reiko by the head and throws him back to the floor. Reiko lands on his head and is trying to search for any blood while Darren is catching his breath and looking at Reiko. Once Reiko is up, Darren launches himself and hits a reverse diving crossbody.*

    Bodom: Mother of god! That kid is crazy as hell.

    Pentalion: How crazy is hell?

    I don't get payed enough to be sitting next to you.
    *Darren once again drags up Reiko's body and places Reiko in the ring. Darren starts to slide in the ring, but is stopped by Ric who grabs hold of Darren's foot while the ref is checking on Reiko's status. Darren tries to wiggle Ric off, but he can't get him off his leg. Darren quickly slide his boot off and hits a fast baseball slide on Ric pushing him onto the barricade.*

    The dirtiest player int he game strikes again!!

    Pentalion:There's the opening for Reiko! He's setting up something.

    *Darren gets up, but has body facing back of Reiko. Reiko the smashes Darren's ankle and drops him to the floor. He then viciously starts stomping on his ankle. He then drags Bull to the middle of the ring and tries to apply the ankle lock. He tries, but Bull is able to turn on his back and get Reiko off him. Darren quickly gets up and runs towards Reiko while avoiding a clothesline. Reiko quickly turns around and is immediately hit by Darren's finisher; Awesome Punishment. Darren goes for the cover while Ric slowly gets up and looks on.*




    McManus: Here is your winner..... Darren Bull!!!!

    The kid keeps on winning. I might actually bet on him coming out on top.

    Bodom: Well, I'm happy that Bull won this one. Maybe now Flair will realize that he's wasting his time with someone like Reiko!

    *Darren asks the ref violently to raise his hand and the ref does. The ref then checks on Reiko while Darren just smiles and exits the ring. While heading backstage, Darren can be heard yelling, "And that's how you do finish the job".*
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    *HolyJose is seen sitting in his locker room lacing up his boots and taping up his hands. He notices the camera and before he speaks he looks down at the floor with his eyes closed and then looks up.*

    HolyJose: You know I’ve been on Rage for what two months now? Three? While I’m out there on Brutality week in and week out wrestling twice a week for EWNCW alone that’s not including my stint in JBW. Needless to say I bust my ass every week wrestling and I’ve made a name for myself. While yes the Prophecy has been around longer than I have what has he accomplished to this day? AWF SuperFly Champion, twice! That’s about it! While I, was the first dual Champion in another company. AND I am the only man to hold tag team gold in JBW and EWNCW I am the current reigning EWNCW Blacklist Champion alongside my brother Azrael.

    *HolyJose looks up.*

    HJ: Yet for some reason The Prophecy thinks that because he has been around longer he is so much better than me and I am not counting his win over me at the last PPV. He got the cheap win. While I understand a win is a win. In my eyes he hasn’t proven a damn. I won’t rest until I have my rematch with him and quite honestly at this point it’ll only end when either one of us submits or someone is going to get knocked the fuck out.

    *HolyJose gets up and begins to leave the locker room*

    HJ: And I’m not known for taping out our letting myself get knocked out. Prophecy I will find you and I will end you!

    *Just as Holy Jose opens the door, Prophecy is there and instantly hits Jose with a steel chair on the head. He throws the chair to the side and jumps on Jose. He starts to hit some heavy blows to the head. Prophecy picks him and throws him to the door. Prophecy is seen smiling while Jose tries to crawl his way to safety, but Prophecy just kicks HJ on his ribs. Prophecy goes back and grabs the steel chair and smashes it across Jose's back. Prophecy grabs Jose's head and tosses him to the wall. Once he sees that HJ can't move, Prophecy decides to leave. Just as Prophecy leaves a backstage worker comes to the aid of HJ. He starts shouting for a paramedic.*

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    *We come back from commercial break and we can see a video of what happen after the break. The video shows Jose being stretchered out of the building.*

    What a sick thug is Prophecy! He should be arrested.

    He was making an impact you dope.

    Pentalion: I don't do drugs. However, I was actually told that no one has been able to find The Prophecy after his assualt on Holy Jose.

    Bodom: Why am I never told this things?

    Pentalion: Cause the people in the back like you.

    Christopher Pentalion: But for now we roll on with Monday night Rage, and we have one of our newer stars, a very talented star in the form of Kyojin coming out here!

    Bodom: Talented? This guy? He's a glorified spot monkey Pentalion!

    Pentalion: If you mean that he's exciting, entertaining and that the fans love to watch him in this ring Bodom, then you're absolutely spot on! Kyojin will definitely be one of the guys looking to qualify for the Ignition ladder match at On Violence We Trust, Darren Bull is already in, Malcom Cage has stated his intention to qualify, let's see what Kyojin has to say!

    *The fans begin to cheer as Kyojin walks out onto the stage. He smiles at the fans as the cheers get louder. He begins to make his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans on the way. He slides into the ring, asks for and receives a microphone.*

    Kyojin: So tonight’s the night huh? Tonight, I officially begin in my quest to become the next Rage Ignition Champion. And you see, I don’t really care who out of Darren Bull, Malcolm Cage, Van Hooligan X or anybody else that I have to beat on my way through this. I’m not about to turn around and say that I should be the number one contender no questions asked, because that’s not my way.

    Instead, I will happily take on any person that walks through that curtain tonight. Why? Because that’s called being noble. That’s something that I hold dear and I can tell you now, each and every single man in that ring last week claiming they should be the number one contender, I will respect them to a certain extent.

    *The fans cheer.*

    Kyojin: Darren Bull- well he deserves respect for the fact he’s unbeaten. But past that, he’s not exactly respect material. He’s arrogant, he’s egotistical, he’s a cheater and quite frankly, he’s somebody that given the chance to, I would love to beat the hell out of in this ring.

    *The fans cheer.*

    Kyojin: Malcolm Cage- well this guys a little different. I have respect for everything he’s done in this business but I meant every single thing I said last week. He hasn’t done enough in this company to warrant the number one contender. Should it come down to it, we may have to face off, and don’t get me wrong- we’ll tear the house down.

    But if Malcolm thinks that he can beat me- he’s very much mistaken. Malcolm is a hell of a talent but when it comes down to it, I will beat him. I can guarantee that.

    *The fans give a mixed reaction, with the Malcolm Cage fans booing and the Kyojin fans cheering. For a few seconds, the arena is split and both Malcolm Cage and Kyojin chants break out.*

    Kyojin: And then there’s Van Hooligan X.

    *The fans boo loudly.*

    Kyojin: Oh yeah he brings out the same response with me. Van and I have a little rivalry going on right now where he has tried at every turn to stop me doing anything in this company. At No Guts, No Glory, he beat me but at Bred For Combat, I beat him. Forgetting ICW, we’re completely even in this company. One a piece.

    Trust me when I say that I would love to settle the score and face him in this ring.

    *The fans cheer loudly.*

    Kyojin: And I have to congratulate John Cleverly. Last week, he booked it so that the Ignition Championship would be defended in a Ladder Match at In Violence We Trust. With this division, and especially what The Blue Flash was saying last week, the Ladder match is perfect for me. Look at me!

    *The fans laugh as Kyojin smiles.*

    Kyojin: The fact that Cleverly made the match a Ladder match may make the Ignition Champion The Blue Flash think he has the upper hand but he’s sorely mistaken. You see, when I do qualify for that match- and I WILL qualify for that match- I’ll be climbing that ladder to retrieve the title and there’s not a damn thing that The Blue Flash, Darren Bull, Malcolm Cage or Van Hooligan X can-

    Bodom: Finally, somebody to shut this guy up!

    VHX: You'll what?!

    *Van walks out from the back and the crowd doesn't exactly sound pleased to see him.*

    VHX: You seriously think you're going to even qualify for this ladder match I've already won?! Don't make me laugh! All John has confirmed is how my path to the Ignition title will be won, nothing more, nothing less!

    You're not going to be climbing any ladders whatsoever!

    See, I'll give the devil his due. You're easily the toughest guy I've ever faced in the ring and you should know all the people I've faced. But whilst you're equal with me in EWNCW, in the pay-per-view matches, I'm not going to give you the chance of even getting the ultimate win in this match up.

    Be truly honest with yourself...Just once. Do you really think you're going to qualify in time? Sorry Japanese boo-boo. You're not! I'm qualifying very, very soon and I'm personally going to see that you're not even a possibility of getting into this match for my new title!

    You'll then have, what, 3 weeks to try and squirm your way into it and I'm personally going to see that you're going to struggle more then that Darren Bull kid. You should be honoured that I've decided to end this once and for all Kyojin.

    *Kyojin laughs for a few seconds.*

    Kyojin: Wow Van, for a second there I thought you were actually going to show some respect, then I realised who you were. So let’s get this straight, you’re still bothered by the fact I beat you at Bred For Combat. All of your words, all of your threats, everything you tried to throw at me. I threw it all back in your face by beating you.

    I beat you Van, and you can’t handle it. And the fact is, I can do it again.

    *The fans cheer.*

    Kyojin: I don’t care if that’s at In Violence We Trust, in fact, we’re here in the very state of hospitality, Mississippi and that’s something you and I will not be to each other, we won’t show each other hospitality. And in fact, why don’t we just get this over and done with. Because just like all of these people, I would love to see you and I go at it...tonight!

    *The fans explode with cheers as Van smirks.*

    Kyojin: The fact is Van, you’re very sure of your ability, but so am I. And that’s the recipe for disaster. Forget In Violence We Trust. This will be our Ignition Championship qualifier. You and I tonight!

    *Kyojin throws the microphone aside and steps forward into Van’s face as the two continue to trash talk each other.*

    Wow! So we're going to see our second Ignition ladder match qualifier right here right now it seems!

    Bodom: This is a foolish move on Kyojin's part. He's let his pride and his ego get the better of him. He thinks just because he beat Van at Bred for Combat that he can do so again, but he's forgetting that van has also beat him back at No Guts No Glory.

    Pentalion: Well one man is going to qualify for the ladder match here tonight, but the other, well, will be in a bit of a predicament since he will be in the unfortunate position of not only having qualified, but already lost one qualifier! And that right there has to count against that man when it comes to John Cleverly arranging some more qualifying matches!

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    Bodom: This is going to be fun to watch.

    Pentalion: Cause of Kyojin?

    Nope. Cause of the Vanmaster. He is just so spectacular.

    (AJ Styles= Kyojin, Mesias= VHX, Start at 4:55, End at 11:06)

    Pentalion: Van may have this match in the bag.

    Pentalion: I wouldn't say that cause Van is facing an impressive Kyojin.

    *VHX grabs hold of Kyojin and moves him near the steel steps. Van gets hold of Kyojin's head with both arms and tries to smash it, but Kyo blocks the attempt. Kyo then elbows Van in his rib cage. Kyo then gets VHX and does smash his head across the steps. Kyo quickly rolls into the ring and catches a quick breather until he sees Van getting up. Kyo quickly runs to the turnbuckles and dives onto Van's body.*

    Kyojin is seriously putting his own chances at winning this match by doing those crazy things.

    Pentalion: He knows what he's doing. Or do you no comprender?

    *Kyojin slowly gets up and holds on tight to the barricade for support. As soon as Kyo gets up, he picks Van up and rams him into the barricade and stomps on his ribs once more. Kyo sees that the ref is at a 7 count, so he quickly slide into the ring. He goes for another top turnbuckle dive, but Van grabs hold of him midair and slams his back onto the barricade.*

    Pentalion: DAMN! That has to hurt.

    Bodom: Nooooo..... It actually feels like falling on rose garden. No shit it has to hurt.

    *Van rams Kyo's head on the barricade and once he stops ramming the head, Van quickly suplexes Kyo on the outside. He then goes to grab Kyo's body and drag it into the inside of the ring. Once inside the ring, Van goes for the cover on Kyojin.*



    3...... NO!

    *Kyo barely kicksout of the pin. VHX gets a bit frustrated, but tries to keep his cool. VHX grabs hold of Kyo and starts to deliver some heavy knees to Kyojin's face. VHX stops and leaves Kyo on his knees and goes for a left high kick, but is stopped by Kyo who grabs of his leg and goes for quick pin attempt.*




    Pentalion: Kyo was playing possum.

    Bodom: I hate possums. Which reminds me of a story.

    Pentalion: Ain't nobody got time for that.

    *Both Kyo and Van get up at the same time and they start trading some blows.*


    *Kyo starts to deliver some head shots to Van, but Van sends Kyo to the ropes and tries to apply a sleeperhold on Kyojin, but he reverses it again into a roll-up.*




    Wait! He did it! Kyo won.

    Pentalion: He showed that anyone can win in any fashion. He now is qualified for the Ignition Title Match!

    Bodom: I call bullshit!

    Pentalion: And I called your mom!

    Bodom: Please tell me you didn't just say that.

    McManus: Here is your winner..... KYOJIN!!!

    *Kyo rolls out of the ring quickly and heads to the back. Meanwhile, VHX is in disbelieve of what happened to him. He starts to hit the mat with full force and starts to explain to the ref he counted wrong.*

    Pentalion: So Van has lost here, Kyojin stole the win and he joins Darren Bull and champion the Blue Flash for the Ignition ladder match at In Violence We Trust!

    This isn't right!! Van won't stand for this bull crap!! Van is one of the top stars in the Ignition Division, he can't be left out of the match!!

    Pentalion: Well Bodom, right now he isn't in! Three have qualified for the match thus far and it's shaping up to be a great match right now! We'll be right back after the break for more!
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    Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for one fall!! Making his way to the ring, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Chris 'So Fine' Divine!!

    Christopher Pentalion:
    We're back here live on Monday night Rage and we have here Chris Divine coming out for what promises to be an excellent match!

    Bodom: This man is going places here in EWNCW! He showed it by beating Daymian Bloodstone at Bred for Combat in his EWNCW ppv debut and he's going to prove it again here tonight by beating Seraphim.

    Pentalion: Well Seraphim is a tough competitor Bodom, and he's beaten his fair share of top stars here in EWNCW.

    Bodom: Listen Pentalion, Divine is a cut above the rest. There's a reason he's called Divine you know!

    Pentalion: Well he has a rather sizable monkey on his back these days though in the form of The Devils Advocate! A man that's made it crystal clear that he wants Divine in that ring come In Violence We Trust!

    Jason McManus:
    And his opponent, coming to us straight down from heaven, Seraphim!!

    And here comes the former number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!

    Bodom: Yeah, former. And did he win that championship? No, he certainly didn't. And I guarantee you that when Divine gets that chance, he won't make the same mistake!

    Pentalion: Seraphim's knocked off several top guys here in EWNCW Bodom. And given the competition here, it's a big achievement to just reach the number one contender spot! Something that Seraphim's striving to achieve again no doubt!

    Bodom: He can try and try, but fail is what he'll do.

    Pentalion: Time will tell Bodom. But for now, let's take it to the ring for this match, because looks like Seraphim isn't wasting any time in going after Divine here!!

    (ignore Plumtree)
    (stop at 9:12)

    Bodom: And there's the reverse DDT!! Great reversal from Divine!! And into the cover he goes here!!

    Ref: 1.....



    Pentalion: Seraphim hanging on in there!! Big move landed by Divine there, but Seraphim manages to kick out, and you can just see the frustration building in Divine's eyes now!

    Bodom: He needs to focus, Divine has this on won if he can just focus!!

    *Divine questions the referee as Seraphim slowly gets to his feetDivine shoves the referee aside and goes to get Seraphim, but he's met with a half power superkick. Seraphim then delivers and irish whip to divine before nailing him with a full power superkick on the way back, sending Divine crashing to the mat!!*

    Pentalion: The City of Angles!! Seraphim hit the City of Angels on Divine!! This could be the beginning of the end right here!!

    *Seraphim motion to the crowd that he's going up top and starts climbing the turnbuckle*

    Pentalion: Here we go!! We could be about to see the Shooting Star Press or the imploding 450 splash here!!

    Bodom: This man is nothing more than a glorified spot monkey!! How about he tries some wrestling for a change!!

    Pentalion: Have you been watching this match Bodom?!

    *Seraphim is about to hit one o his finishers, but he stops as Divine has rolled away from the centre of the ring and is now cowering by the ropes in he opposite corner. Seraphim comes down, looking annoyed and goes right after Divine in the corner, laying into him with a few stiff kicks. The referee starts the 5 count and as Seraphim lets up at 3, the referee pulls him away towards the opposite corner and gives him a warning. Meanwhlile, Divine has seen that the referee's back is turned and has untied the protective cover on the top turnbuckle. He doesn't take it off completely, just loosening it enough to push it down to expose the metal.*

    Pentalion: Hey! He can't do that?!

    Bodom: If the referee can't see it, then it's all legal Pentalion!!

    *Eventually Divine steps out form the corner, and is met with Seraphim coming at him. Divine though manages to lift Seraphim up and drops him with a flapjack, sending him face first into the exposed turnbuckle!
    Seraphim clutches his face in pain and stumbles away from the turnbuckle as Divine quickly moves the pad back to cover the turnbuckle once again while the referee checks on Seraphim. As Seraphim turns back towards the corner that he just came from he's met with an RKO from Divine!*

    Bodom: DIVINE INTERVENTION!! Get up from that you jumping jack!!

    *Divine goes for the cover*

    Ref: ONE....




    Jason McManus: The winner of this match, Chris 'So Fine' Divine!!

    Bodom: I told you. You can't take your eyes off the Divine one for one second!!

    Pentalion: That's not one bit fair Bodom and you know it!! You can't expose the turnbuckle like that!!

    Bodom: As far as I can see the turnbuckle isn't exposed Pentalion!! And I don't see the referee doing anything about it, so the decision's good!!

    Pentalion: I don't like this one bit, but Divine gets the win here. Seraphim won't like it, and I'm sure TDA won't either. You know that he won't stand for anything like that when the and Divine colide!!

    Bodom: Who the hell cares about what that old fart thinks?!?!

    Pentalion: Well perhaps you'd like to ask him that yourself?!

    I'm ok to just sit here for now, maybe later?

    Pentalion: I'll hold you to that. But Divine gets the win here over Seraphim.

  8. #558
    Dick Thompson: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, Shaz.

    *The crowd boo like crazy, as the whole arena is full of boos.*

    Shaz, first of all, you've sent an EWNCW legend packing from EWNCW in the form of The Beard of Zeus. Have you any comments to make on that? The fans are very much displeased.

    Shaz: Displeased? Well that's a good sign isn't it! Let's face it. EWNCW has been stale, before the arrival of myself! I'm the one bringing legitimacy back to the EWNCW! I came to EWNCW for many, many things, and one of them..was to get noticed!

    And oh boy, did I do that! I got myself noticed, by annihilating TBOZ! Before my lengthy Ignition title reign, I was a nobody! A nobody who came out of prison, who was never going to change! But after I gave up my title on purpose, I moved onto bigger things. And TBOZ is the prime example of that statement!

    Thompson: Now last week you were seemingly challenged to a match against another EWNCW legend in the form of TBOZ' fellow God Money member; Bodom. Your thoughts on him issuing this challenge.

    Shaz: I must be honest, that guy has got some bloody balls to challenge me! But I'm not sure if I should face Bodom! I mean, come on. Wrestling someone is one thing..but wanting to get murdered? That's on a whole different level!

    Now Bodom competed in his first singles match in a while here tonight, where he lost against World Heavyweight Champion Ronaldo Romulus, largely because of your distraction. What are your thoughts on how Bodom looked in the ring?

    Shaz: He looked exactly the way he looked in his prime...sloppy! I mean come on, if that guy really thinks he can wrestle, then calling him delusional is an understatement! He simply doesn't belong in a wrestling ring! He makes Hornswoggle look worthy enough for a world title!

    Now you're slated to compete in tonight's main event against Jman. He's the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship and will no doubt pose a great challenge for you.

    Shaz: Funnily enough, we've faced each other already! Over at IWA, I defeated him as I was the last man standing! Over at Grand Prix, he pinned me 1-2-3 to move onto the semi finals! If this match means anything, it means a rubber match! And I am the one who is gonna triumph over Jman, in this rubber match.

    Thompson: Finally, with In Violence We Trust looming, what sort of match could we expect to see Bodom and yourself competing in? What sort of match would you prefer?

    Shaz: Well! This match should only do one thing, and that is to end the beef that we all have! And this upcoming PPV is the most violent PPV you'll witness! The theme of this PPV, is violence!

    And let me assure all of you pricks one thing! I do trust violence, violence is my strong point! Hence why I want a Last Man Standing Match! I want the chance to make sure that Bodom doesn't even think about stepping into the ring again! I want the chance, to make sure Bodom wakes up in a hospital bed! And come In Violence We Trust, I will finish this goon off once and for all!

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    Pentalion: And we are back to what has been an exciting night thus far. I don't even how it can get any better.

    Bodom: I'll tell you how this night can get even better. By having this next match between Carlin and TDA.

    Pentalion: You got that right. It should be a thrilling match.

    McManus: The following match is schedule for one fall. Introducing first, he is the one and only...... TDA!!!!

    *Outcomes TDA to a huge chorus of cheers. He stands on the ramp for a bit and looks at the audience at attendance. He then takes a deep breath and proceeds to go into the ring.*

    Pentalion: And here comes TDA! This guy has had his altercations with Chris Divine, but that hasn't stopped TDA from being an amazing addition to the roster.

    Bodom: You're such a fanboy. How can you love TDA? He has been disrespecting Chris ever since joining Rage.

    McManus: And his opponent for tonight, William....... CARLIN!!!

    *Carlin comes out to a huge amount of boos. He looks at the crowd and shakes his head disappointment. He then gets in the ring and looks directly at TDA without taking his sight out of him.*

    Now, this is a guy who deserves fanboys and such. He is a true beast and no one can say other wise.

    Pentalion: I guess I found his personal fanboy. However, I won't take anything away from Carlin. Cause I can surely bet that he'll be looking to get some revenge from last week.

    Bodom: And you can bet your ass he will win tonight.

    Pentalion: That's just nasty.

    (Sheamus=TDA, Cody=Carlin, Start at 7:01, End at 11:27)

    Bodom: Come William you can't let TDA do this to you.

    Pentalion: Well, it looks like TDA is just having his way with him.

    *TDA goes over to Carlin and covers him.*



    *Carlin was able to kickout and TDA is just seen smiling. TDA gets on his knees and applies a headlock on Carlin. Carlin slowly and steadily gets up to his own knees and hits a jawbreaker on TDA. Instead of going for a cover, Carlin lets TDa motion himself to one knee. Carlin then hits a superkick on TDA's jaw! Again instead of going for a pin, William gets to his feet and positions TDA for something.*

    He should be going for a cover or else!

    Bodom: He wants make sure TDA ain't able to kick for sure. TDA should learn a thing or two from Carlin.

    *Carlin turns himself around and checks on TDA and goes for a standing moonsault, but TDA picks up his knees. TDA and Carlin are both down, but TDA starts to get up just a bit faster. As soon as both of them are up, Carlin runs towards TDA and tries to clothesline, but TDA grabs hold of Carlin to deliver a sidewalk slam. TDA then starts to motion for a Clothesline from Hell when......*

    Bodom: Yes! Yes! Yes! Divine is here.

    Pentalion: Doesn't seem like it cause he ain't showing his face.

    *TDA is confused as to what is happening and he decides to exit the ring just in case Divine decides to show. After 7 seconds of a no-show from Divine, TDA decides to go back into the ring. And Carlin hits another superkick! He moves TDA away from the ropes and goes for a pin attempt.*




    Here is your winner... WILLIAM CARLIN!!!!

    Bodom: Suck it TDA! You lost you fool.

    Pentalion: Thanks to Divine.

    Bodom: We can not be 100 percent it was him since he didn't show up.

    Pentalion: Then who was it the Tooth Fairy!?!?

    *Carlin demands the ref to raise his hand up in the air. He then looks at TDA and smiles, before leaving the ring.*

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    Jonathan Sanchez: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, the Evolution Champion, Mark Dimension.
    Mark, first of all, last week we saw you decimate Ryan Wells in what was a vicious attack. People are asking questions, what do you have to say about that?

    Dimension: Because im a Beast ,any and every time i step into that ring its a known thing. Expect the unexpected. And know that there's No ESCAPE. No Backpeddling , not one excuse to be heard.Pain and Punishment Brought and Delivered First hand. Sanchez there's No preparing. He knows , He lost the Title to me and He Failed to Regrain the Title From me.
    Facts of his Life remain the same . When its Wells vs Dimension , G.o.d. goes to Work and finishes the job every single time ...ON TIME.

    Sanchez: With Wells seemingly out of the picture for now, we saw Daymian Bloodstone come down to save Wells from possible permanent damage, do you have anything to say about that?

    Dimension: Dont even say seemingly. Thats it. its over for that guy....lets not even put a possibility out there. After i left that fanboy for Fan's Wrestler laid out and made him an image in dire need of help.....i ,Mark Dimension the Evolution champion and without Question the Structure of EWNCW.Have takin the Frame and took Wells out of the picture for Good.

    As Far as Daymi-knee high Buttstone Goes , The Midget Headbanger, The Dwarf Drummer,Short shiet "Rocker" can stick his Nose in my business and get it Broken along with the Rest of his Bones.ive drank out of skulls of the defeated when in a Good Mood. Imagine when im Angry at Someone. AnD with the interference of DayDay Last Week...Wellll, All i can say is that its Starting to Piss Me OFF.

    Sanchez: One might say that the 'Pint Sized Rocker' will be your next challenger for the Evolution Championship. As a former Ignition Champion here on Rage and a man that's been on the cusp of the main event scene, how much of a challenge do you think Bloodstone will pose to you and your title reign?


    Dimension: NONE ! SANCHEZ ....ZERROOO!
    On the cusp, Mark Dimension hasnt been on the cusp, people tune in to see me . the Made Main Event. I am ALL THAT IS THIS COMPANY. The Opportunity has been seen by Bloodstone thats why he wants to come in and step to me . why ? because i would never turn down a challenge or think twice about kicking a person's ass.
    Dont Blame me when the pint size rocker gets stepped on and scraped off my boot.
    pfff, a challenge ..pleassee Sanchez . Think before you speak.

    Sanchez: Finally, with EWNCW's next ppv being an extreme ppv, what can we expect to see from Mark Dimension at a ppv where anything goes?

    Dimension: Expect Blood , Injury , Doctor's Running around , Ref's throwing the X signs in the Air and a Grin on my face from Ear to Ear as i rip off from Ears to toes of my Opponent No Matter who it is , it can be anybody from the scraps of the Bottom of the Barrel like D.Bloodstone ALL the Way up to The "oh SO GREAT" Tommy Thunder.
    Anybody Goes, Anything Goes.
    i cant wait *rubs hands together*
    Mark of The Beast.

    *intensely stares at jonathan Sanchez, js gulps looking uncomfortable ,gently steps away*


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