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    *Pyro blast etc*

    Bob Daniels: welcome to Monday night Rage everyone!! We're live from Montgomery, Alabama and we're just removed from Bred for Combat!!

    Bodom: That's right Bob, and we're now firmly on the way to our next ppv; In Violence W Trust, where EWNCW is going to get violent!

    Daniels: Exactly Bodom, and with some new champions crowned , they're all going to have a tough time defending those new titles when it comes around!

    Daniels: And here comes our General manager to start things off!!

    Bodom: I hear from the grapevine that John Cleverly here has some announcements to make here, so let's just give him the floor so that he can get on with it!

    John Cleverly: Hello everyone! Welcome to Monday night Rage! First of all, I have to open the show by saying a big thank you on behalf of EWNCW to you the fans for making Bred for Combat such a successful event! We had a whole bunch of exciting matches, each and every one of them a spectacle, and we saw some exciting action! But without you the fans, it wouldn't have been anywhere near the event it was, so thank you all for that.

    *the crowd cheer loud*

    Cleverly: We are now looking forward to our next ppv event; In Violence We Trust, which, as announced, will be an extreme gimmick ppv!! Its the one ppv every year where every match on the card will have an extreme gimmick to it, pushing the EWNCW talents to their limits!

    *crowd cheer*

    Cleverly: But there's 4 weeks until then, and for now, I must bring things back to the present. At Bred for Combat, we saw a brand new Ignition Champion crowned for Rage in the form of The Blue Flash!

    *crowd cheer*

    Cleverly: And we also saw a brand new World Heavyweight Champion crowned; Ronaldo Romulus!

    *crowd boo*

    Cleverly: And in tonight's main event, we're going to have our new champion here in the ring, and we're going to have Ronaldo Romulus lead us in a celebration of the beginning of his championship reign!

    *crowd boo as Cleverly shrugs*

    Cleverly: But of course, we also have a brand new number one contender in place in the form of Jman!! And I think that a big congratulations are in order for him too!!

    *crowd cheer*

    Cleverly: Now, next.....

    *Next is Jimi Hendrix heralding the arrival of the Superior Technician William Carlin, which elicits a negative reaction from the crowd, exasperated by both the interruption and the arrogance of the Toledo wrestler. Carlin wastes no time in appearing on top of the ramp with a mic in hand.*

    Carlin: Cut the music!

    *Music is cut so the boos are heard louder. Carlin takes the mic to his lips again and when he is about to speak, he pauses and lowers his hand, obtaining more abuse from the crowd. After some seconds he then proceeds to start his speech:*

    Carlin: Next, Mr. Cleverly, comes what people cares for. You see, nobody cares about Ronaldo Romulus celebration. His concept of happiness could be well explained by the following two metaphors: he has to struggle to produce a pseudo grin on his face, much like Michael Shannon did this season in his brilliant portrayal of agent Nelson van Alden, or, if our fans prefer it, his ability to show any emotion is equal to Kristen Steward, you can’t differentiate whether they are happy, sad or angry. Who wants to be in such a boring celebration?

    *Cheap pop for Carlin, as the fans clearly dislike Romulus more than him*

    Carlin: Besides, why the hell should we allow a celebration of tyranny? Allowing our new… *Carlin contorts his face in an effort to produce the following words, which he manages to whisper* ahem, World Heavyweight Champion, ahem, have a live celebration here is the same as president Obama allows Kim Jong-un to have a military parade in Pennsylvania Avenue, although I guess that would please the Tea Party fellas, as they’ll have a proper reason to call Obama a Commie.

    *Split reaction for this one*

    Carlin: Then you talk about Jman, who, in fact, deserves to be congratulated, but people don’t care about him. He got his spot by chance. I had him ready for the Chaos Theory suplex when Seraphim prevented me to take the spot I deserve. Don’t you remember? Roll that footage.

    *The Tron shows what happened at Bred for Combat:*

    *Jman goes to hit Carlin, but Carlin avoids it and hits him with a arm drag. Jman comes back and Carlin hits him with another. Seraphim pulls himself up to the turnbuckles and nurses his back. Carlin pulls off an Inverted Atomic Drop on Jman and wraps him up for a Crossface Chickenwing. The move is locked in, Jman has no way of escape, Seraphim is down in the corner! Carlin is going to win the match. Jman struggles, fighting to hold on, fighting to not give into the pressure! Carlin switches the move, effortlessly, setting Jman up for a Chaos Theory Suplex!

    Carlin: See? I got him there, I was about to get the 1-2-3 and become the number one contender when this happened.

    *Tron keeps showing the last PPV:*

    Seraphim manages to make it to his feet, he maneuvers his way behind Carlin and grabs him, hitting a Belly to Back Suplex! Jman is taken for the ride! Carlin takes the brunt of the move, and releases Jman, but Seraphim doesn’t let go. As Jman rolls off to the side, Seraphim powers Carlin up for a German Suplex and drills him! Carlin is out, but Seraphim isn’t done. He rolls through the German and leaps into the air, bringing down his feet together in a double foot stomp! Seraphim has hit ‘Welcome to Heaven’ on Carlin! The irony! Before Seraphim can get himself back together a Superkick sends him tumbling out of the ring, almost unconscious on the floor. Jman had recuperated! He drops down on Carlin for the pin.*

    Referee and Crowd:


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    Carlin: You see? Jman was down and out, the match was about to be mine and the man who hears voices stole it from me. And then Jman proved me right when I told Seraphim he shouldn’t ignore Jman and call him a non-issue. So, I find the current situation deliciously ironic: the non-issue wrestler cost the match to the one who called him that, and I myself have to thank and congratulate a man that pinned me for proving my point! Ain’t it funny?

    *Crowd agrees*

    Carlin: And I guess most of you find it funnier because it happened to the guy you see as a villain in this story, me. Ok, shit happens. But I’m damned sure of one thing, and it is that you care about having the best matches possible at any given time, either here on Rage or at any PPV. And Seraphim robbed you of the best match possible for the World Heavyweight Championship: it would have pitted either K-Jammin or Romulus, at least before they clashed at Bred for Combat, vs. the Superior Technician William Carlin!

    *Crowd boos the hell out of Carlin*

    Carlin: Yeah, like it or not, it was the best match possible, as much as I hate them, two great athletes will defend the title against the most sound and technical wrestler in the biz! And it would happen at the most extreme and violent PPV in the whole EWNCW: In Violence We Trust. Speaking of which, I anxiously expect this PPV. I don’t need to bore you with how I thrive on hardcore matches, and if I do, please, buy a DVD from our older PPV’s and watch the matches Jesting Madness had. You then will know what is going to happen at In Violence We Trust: I’m going to go extreme and use extreme measures to put Seraphim out for good. And that is not a threat. It’s a goddamn promise!

    *John Cleverly looks at Carlin with an amused look on his face as the crowd give a split reaction to the prospect of what Carlin had proposed*

    Cleverly: So you're telling me that you want to get your hands on Seraphim? You want to face Seraphim one on one at In Violence We trust? Hmm..... well? What do the people think? Do the fans want to see Seraphim and William Carlin get EXTREME with each other at In Violence We Trust?!

    *The fans pop big*

    Cleverly: Hmmm... well, then as the general manager, the man who has the power here on Monday night Rage, I am going to say that I will think about that one, and get back to you on it.

    *the crowd and Carlin are clearly not too thrilled about this as Cleverly simply stands there with a smug look on his face.*

    Cleverly: However, I will say this; you Carlin need to be more concerned about tonight, because before you so rudely interrupted me earlier, I was about to make an announcement on a match that we're going to see later on. A match that concerns you. So I suggest you shut up and think twice before interrupting me again, and pay close attention to what I have to say.

    *the crowd give a mixed reaction again as Carlin looks irate*

    Cleverly: Because tonight, we're going to see a tag team match! You William Carlin are going to team with 'So Fine' Chris Divine!!

    *the crowd boo*

    Cleverly: And you two are going to be taking on the team of Seraphim, and, making his return to EWNCW television and his first ever appearance on Monday night Rage, The Devils Advocate!!!

    *the crowd pop big*

    Cleverly: So instead of thinking about what's going to happen 4 weeks from now, you leave that to me, and you think about what's going to happen tonight!

    *Cleverly drops the mic and exits the ring before marching to the back with a smug look on his face, laving Carlin looking stunned in the ring as the crowd cheer loud*

    Daniels: Wow!! What a match to look forward to tonight!! Divine and Carlin against Seraphim and the returning TDA!!!

    Bodom: That's huge right there!! We saw TDA revealing himself as the man that's had Divine's number over the past few weeks, and he's now here on Rage! And he's no doubt gunning for Divine!!

    Daniels: But another thing to consider, is Carlin's request. He wants Seraphim at In Violence We Trust!! A potentially good match, but Cleverly keeping us guessing as to whether or not he'll grant us the match!!

    Bodom: It sure as heel would be a good match, but I think Cleverly's right in keeping us in the dark there. He's only doing his job as the GM. He's the man that makes the matches here, not the talent.

    Daniels: True. But another announcement that was made there is our main event for tonight; a celebration of our new World Heavyweight Champion!! Ronaldo Romulus!

    Bodom: I can't wait. Our great saviour is about to lead us in a celebration of his hard work over the past few months. It's going to be incredible!

    Daniels: I'm sure! Join us after the break!

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    *We cut backstage as the cameras switch to Seraphim, he can be seen walking through the halls looking for his tag team partner, The Devil’s Advocate. The crowd sheers loudly as Seraphim is shown. He can be seen mumbling to himself, talking to the Voices as usual while he searches. Seraphim dons a black coat, similar to Miz during Wrestlemania, and a black towel draped around his shoulders. The search continues for a few more moments, before eventually stopping a nearby stage hand*

    : You, which room is The Devils Advocate in?

    *The stage hand points down the hall and around the corner, before scurrying off. Seraphim goes back to speaking with the voices, as he heads down the hall and around the corner. Seraphim reads the sign on the door that says TDA. Seraphim chuckles, and knocks on the door, entering a moment after. He looks across the room at The Devil’s Advocate, the crowd popping loudly as the camera reveals TDA and Seraphim in the same frame. The men look at each other for a moment, before Seraphim’s hands part from each other and he begins speaking.*

    Seraphim: The Devil’s Advocate, ironic that we would be on the same team tonight. An Advocate of the Devil, if in name only, and the highest choir of God, if only in name. I saw what mind games you played on Chris Divine, and I must say, I, and the Voices, were impressed. Let me welcome you back to EWNCW, and here tonight, to Monday Night Rage.

    *The crowd pops loudly.*

    Seraphim: Tonight, you and I will team up for the first time, to take on the team of EWNCW’s own, William Carlin and Chris Divine. Tonight, we officially re-introduce you to the EWNCW Universe, when we welcome Carlin and Divine to Heaven and Hell.

    TDA: Heaven and Hell? That sounds like a nice Tag Team name. I was always impressed by your work as well.. I am deeply interested in seeing just how well we both work together. I know we have never done this together before but if you have my back then I will have yours.

    *TDA grabs a near by cloth and wipes down the exposed flesh in the mouth piece of his mask. Upon finishing he tosses the cloth across the room and into a lonesome corner. The cloth apparently and remarkably slumps over itself in a rather neat fashion. After taking a few moments to properly compose his thoughts he looks back over to Seraphim before detailing the next phase of his thoughts. His mind was racing with everything going on right now and he was secretly excited to be back in EWNCW.*

    TDA: When we go out there we will have to be in unison. We can not sway from eachother and we can not think for ourselves. It would most likely cost us the match which is something that we can not have happening. When that bell rings we will find a creative method to see who gets to throw in the first several strikes. But all I have left for you, Seraphim, is one question... Are you ready to entertain The Million Devils in the audience Tonight?!?

    *Seraphim smirks as TDA speaks about who gets the first few strikes at Carlin and Divine.*

    Seraphim: Since you are coming back to EWNCW, I’ll gladly allow you to get the first few strikes in, but be clear, that worm Carlin is mine. That man is the reason I’m standing here and not Jman, no offense. You can twist and break Divine all you please, but Carlin is mine. He wants to call me out because of what I preached to the people, about what they ignore. He’s on a tirade and in his crosshairs, is me, and that is the last person you want to be targeting. Everyone in this arena is going to see what I do to William Carlin tonight, and what I think of his little crusade against those who ‘push their religion on others’, like Kayden James, I will defeat Carlin, but unlike James, I will not leave this company.

    *Seraphim watches as the towel folds up perfectly after being thrown towards the chair; he pulls his own towel down and wraps it around his fist, and punches his unwrapped hand with it.*

    Seraphim: I don’t know how long you are going to be here, Advocate, but you are a well respected wrestler and the ‘Devil’s’ seem to love you. What you did to Divine was nothing short of amazing work. Am I ready to entertain the millions of Devil’s? So long as they are open to the Voices that lay deep in their hearts, and want to see William Carlin find himself on the wrong end of my feet, and fists, then I am always ready to entertain those out in the audience. What tonight is going to be will be nothing short of ground-breaking. First time ever, The Voice of the Voices, Seraphim, and the Devil’s Advocate, tag-teaming in the ring against two men who couldn’t wrestle their way out of a damp paper bag against that Japanese Sensation, Yoshihiko, the amazing wrestling human doll. So, if you’re asking me if I’m ready, hell yeah I’m ready. The question is, are they!

    TDA: We are fixing to find out!

    *TDA rises up from his seated position and both men leave the room. The camera fades out with the last image being of the door closing back*

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    Daniels: Well Seraphim and TDA there seemingly in harmony as they look on to their upcoming tag match against Carlin and Divine.

    Bodom: I'm as excited as anyone that TDA is here, back in EWNCW. A fellow EWNCW original like myself. But he's going after Chris Divine. He's arguably the hottest star in this business right now. Why? That's what I'm asking. What is TDA gaining from going after Divine?!

    Daniels: Well I don't know Bodom, we're yet to hear why TDA is going after Divine, but we have a great match to look forward to later tonight!
    Now, we've been hearing since Bred for Combat that EWNCW have signed multiple new talents to the roster! One of these talents has been revealed as Mexican luchador Avidico! Who is Avidico I hear you asking? Well, here is a a little taste on what to expect from the an who calls himself 'The Dark Star'; Avidico!

    *Avidico is seen on the titan-tron holding a camcorder*

    Avidico: Hello Folks
    Some of you may or may not know me
    So allow me to introduce myself
    I am Avidico. The greatest highflier in the wrestling business and EWNCW’s newest luchador. I’m Here to bring back high flying to the ignition division.
    I Come From a little town in Mexico called Martínez de la Torre
    growing up I idolised legends like Eddie Guerrero and Rey mysterio
    I began my training age 17 with the legendary Gory Guerrero.
    I signed with AAA at the age of just 21 and won the AAA World title a month later
    So now I’m Here in EWNCW I have a message to The Blue Flash
    I’m coming for your title
    So you better keep it warm and shiny because very soon I will be take it.

    *We fade to commercial*

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    Bob Daniels: And here comes our NEW Rage Ignition Champion!! The Blue Flash!! Flash beat Hanz Gruber at Bred for Combat, where Gruber proceeded to quit EWNCW after the match!

    Bodom: An outrage. Hanz Gruber was one of the most underrated and talented guys on the EWNCW roster. Arguably the most talented in ring technician we've had in the Ignition Division here in EWNCW. And now who do we have as our champion? Some jumping jack dressed in a costume!!

    Daniels: Flash beat Gruber fair and square Bodom. He's exciting in the ring and he's loved by the fans! If the fans are happy then that's all that matters I think!


    *the crowd pop*

    Flash: At Bred for Combat, good prevailed over evil. Light conquered darkness. Justice overcame the wrong. The Blue Flash beat citizen Gruber for the Rage Ignition Championship, and citizen Gruber is no more!!!

    *the crowd pop again*

    Flash: The Rage Ignition Championship is in the hands of the great protector of the EWNCW universe, and I will fight with honor and glory in order to protect the good name of the Ignition division!
    And with the announcement that EWNCW's next ppv; In Violence We Trust will be an extreme ppv, The Blue Flash has decided to resurrect something else. Yo see, citizens, the Ignition division isn't just about the newer stars of the EWNCW universe, but it was a division that was originally designed for the high flying, high octane superstars. Something which the Blue Flash feels has gone missing. and
    so, at In Violence We Trust, I plan on bring ing back this high flying style that once made this title stand out back!!

    *crowd cheer*

    Flash: I can see that the current Ignition division here on Rage holds many an exciting superstar. People such as Kyojin, Malcom Cage, and our newest signing; Avidico, who will no doubt bring with him his trademark high flying luchador style from Mexico! So along with these exciting superstars, I will aim to bring back the excitement to this Ignition division, and take this title to new heights, literally!

    *Pump Up Kicks starts playing and out comes Darren Bull in-ring gear and with a microphone in hand. He proceeds to walking into the ring with the Ignition Champion; The Blue Flash.*

    Bull: Boring! I mean can we get any worse than this guy. But, do not worry people a true man of honor and class has arrived. That man would be me, Darren Bull. So, there is no need to change the channel anymore. You see, I have been hearing you in the back and I got to say that all the things you said were... bullshit.

    *The crowd the begins to boo Bull.*

    Bull: You truly believe this so called hero standing in front me?

    *Crowd start a Yes! chant to answer Bull's question.*

    Bull: Then you are even more stupid than I thought. This man, if we can call him that, standing in front of me stands for nothing. He is a simply a coward like all of you. Why else hid your real identity? Cause he has no honor for his traditions in family. Unlike him, I am a true hero.

    *More boos come out.*

    Bull: Calm down. Let me finish at least. You see I'm like all your heroes. You can think of Superman and I'm just like him. Powerful. Batman. I have his intellegence and skills of secretness. Hell, you can even think of Hulk Hogan. I'm unbeatable like him. That's right, I am undefeated. Let me rewind history for all of you who missed my match at Bred For Combact. I put forth an open invitional and had no idea who my opponent was until when their music hit. And wouldn't you have guessed who answered my challenge, it was no other than.... Malcom Cage!

    *Some cheers start to burst out.*

    Bull: Go ahead you can cheer for him. But, just like the Flash here, he ain't no hero like yourself. Well, he failed to show his heroness. I showed to the whole world that I was not to be messed with. I beat my opposition and now I'm here to state my claim. My claim of being the NEXT......


    *Malcolm Cage’s music hits the speakers, and the new Rage employee comes out to a mixture of cheer and indifference. Cage takes a few steps towards the ring before speaking.*

    Cage: So here I am, finally on Rage. The bright lights, all the stars of EWNCW here tonight. I’m on the show where history has been made and dreams have been crushed. Let’s hope that for me the former is true and not the latter. Let’s get a couple of things straight first off.

    One, I agree with what you said Flash, the Ignition Division is not here to show of the newer guys. While I may be new here in EWNCW, I have been doing this for years, and I, for one, applaud you for pointing out that this division is to show off all the crazy styles that are apparent here in EWNCW. I bring my own style to EWNCW and I can’t wait to get the chance to show everyone here what it is like to see human flight.

    Second, Darren Bull, “a man of honor and class?” By round of applause, who here thinks that Darren Bull is a man of Honor and Class?

    *The crowd boos, showing their dislike for Bull*

    Cage: Now, by round of applause, who here thinks that Darren Bull is a cheat and a coward?

    *The crowd cheers as Darren Bull is furious in the ring, yelling at the fans for their hatred of him.*

    Cage: See, I knew we could find some level ground. You call yourself a man of honor and class, but all you seem to prove is that you are a cheat and a coward. You can’t win for yourself, only through dirty tactics. One on one you are nothing, and you only help with that assessment. Your “undefeated” streak is a joke. You may find that one day, all that scheming is going to catch up with you, and by that time, you will be nothing worth its time.

    Did you guys just hear what Bull said? He just said he was a powerful, intelligent person, and then went on to use made up words. Tell me Bull, where does one learn or gain “heroness?”

    *The crowd laughs at Bull as Cage walks further down the ramp.*

    Cage: Well I was worried that the crowd wouldn’t like me, but it seems that we are in each others’ could graces. I’m sorry that I interrupted you Bull, but honestly, I didn’t want to hear anymore of your fat mouth. Blue Flash probably has more class and honor than you do in your whole body and then some.

    You cheated me out of my first win here in EWNCW and you will not get away with this. I am coming for you Bull and once I am done with you, I will keep going working hard until I am a champion in this company, and as far as I can see, it all starts with that Ignition Title. That title will be my spring board to the top of EWNCW and to the hearts of these lovely fans. To be the legend I want to be, I have to be the best, and it continues in EWNCW, right here on Rage, with that title right there.

    Van: Now hold on a second there ladies.

    *Aww snap! Van Hooligan X walks out to no music from the back and the crowd isn't at all pleased to see him. He walks slowly down to the ring whilst speaking.*

    VHX: Am I actually hearing this correctly? It almost sounds like you think you should be the number 1 contender Cage. Now I don't doubt for a second that you could beat this idiot. Hell, I'm sure most people in the back could. But the true #1 contender has finally showed up. The Vanity!

    *Boo'ing ensues. Seems like the EWNCW faithful don't want him anywhere near the contendership.*

    VHX: Now you may all be wondering how I have the nerve coming out here claiming why I actually am the perfect choice for #1 contender over everyone on this roster. Especially after only just losing to Kyojin again. Well, that's simple.

    I'm The Vanity! I'm done with Kyojin, I realised during the match with him that even if I beat him I won't prove anything to anyone. I've taken more loses then you inane people think. But I'm not remembered for loses, only the success I have had! Kyojin had a 15 minute world championship reign as soon as ICW ended. I held it for months on end and became a second time dual world champion. Something no-one else can state and which by the way, is only a small portion of what I've done everywhere.

    So forget that 1 hit wonder, my next milestone is winning that shiny title around that dipshits shoulder to prove to you all that the only way is up for me!

    *The fans probably expected it but they still go nuts as Kyojin’s music hits the airwaves. The Master of True Wrestling walks out onto the stage with a smile on his face as everybody goes nuts. He makes his way down to the ring and slides in, taking a microphone from the apron- before turning back to the four men in the ring.*

    Kyojin: Well, this looks like fun!

    *The fans laugh and pop.*

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    Kyojin: Firstly, to The Blue Flash- congratulations on the victory. You deserved to win that match and title- and you’re right when you say that that Rage Ignition Championship and Division deserves the very best high flying action possible. With you as champion Flash, it’s bound to get that, but I don’t believe every single challenger should be like that.

    The amount of different types of superstars in this division where you have power, speed, technical and all other types of abilities, it’s the fact that this division has so many different types of guys makes it a must-see division. People tune into EWNCW to see the great action and their favourite superstars but one of the things everybody wants to see is the Ignition Division.

    And since everybody else is out here to claim it, I’m going to throw my name into the hat- I’ll be the guy that takes that championship from you.

    *There’s a huge mixed reaction from the crowd, with Flash’s fans booing but Kyojin’s fans cheering.*

    Kyojin: Secondly, Darren Bull- this guy has beaten person after person after person week in, week out ever since he redebuted on Rage. But let’s just ask you something, who the hell did you actually beat? Malcolm aside, I’m actually asking. I’m not trying to insult anybody- I actually have no idea who the hell you managed to beat.

    The thing is, you’ve got a big mouth. And it’s going to take somebody like Malcolm Cage, somebody like The Blue Flash shut you up to maybe make you realise that your bark is more intimidating that your bite. Because regardless of the fact that you’re unbeaten, I will happily climb into this ring whenever you want to do so and I will take your unbeaten streak and I will end it.

    *A massive cheer from the crowd as Kyojin turns to Malcolm Cage.*

    Kyojin: Malcolm. Cage. A guy that everybody knows in the world. The ex-JBW Television Champion, a man who held that title for near on a year. You debuted at Bred For Combat, but there’s no way in hell you have any kind of claim to being the number one contender. Not only have you only had one match in EWNCW, you also happened to lose that match.

    I had two matches at Bred For Combat and I won both of them. With all due respect, and I do respect you, I think you actually need to make an impact here before you start going for titles, because you’ll just fall at the first hurdle, like you did at Bred For Combat.

    Because you can talk about other companies all you like but the fact remains, whatever you did in those companies mean absolutely nothing when you get to this place. Forget everything else you’ve ever done, because here- you’ve done nothing.

    *There’s a mixed reaction from the crowd, with Cage’s fans booing and Kyojin’s fans cheering. Kyojin turns to Van.*

    Kyojin: How the hell can you have a claim to the number one contendership?

    *The fans explode with cheers.*

    Kyojin: First of all, after all of the talking and moaning about how I’m not good enough for this company and the very top stage, last Sunday at Bred For Combat- I shut you up.

    *Another massive cheer from the crowd.*

    Kyojin: So for you to actually walk out here and not only call me a one hit wonder, but to have the audacity to claim you deserve a shot at the Rage Ignition Championship is not only laughable, but it’s straight up delusional.

    To deserve a shot at something like the Ignition Championship, you actually need to start winning matches, just like I did at Bred For Combat, and I’ll repeat something I said to Malcolm Cage. The fact you’re a three time World Champion means nothing in EWNCW if one of those titles weren’t the EWNCW Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship- which, wait for it, they weren’t.

    You, like Malcolm, have done nothing in this company and the fact remains that out of all prospective challengers in this ring, the only man with a real claim to that number one me.

    *The fans explode with cheers again and a huge Kyojin chant echoes throughout the arena.*

    The Blue Flash:
    Citizens, settle down. I, The Blue Flash have been in contact with General manager John Cleverly, and we have both agreed that high flying wrestling has gone missing from the Ignition division, and that something should be done to correct this grave error. We also agreed that In Violence We Trust provides us as stars of the Ignition Division with an opportunity to showcase our talents!

    *the crowd cheer*

    Flash: GM Cleverly and I have also agreed on a stipulation of the match in which I will defend my Ignition division. The Rage Ignition Championship will be defended in a ladder match!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Flash: But the question remains. who will I face in this ladder match. The answer is simple. Every star in the Ignition Division will have to earn their spot in the weeks leading up to the ppv. If you want to be the match, then be sure that you earn that spot in these coming weeks.

    *Flash drops the mic and exits the ring as his music plays, as the rest of the crew argue amongst themselves.*

    Daniels: A ladder match for the Rage Ignition Championship!! Now that will be a spectacle!!

    Bodom: Please, who the hell wants to watch a bunch of guys tossing their bodies off ladders around the ring?! This is wrestling! It's all about the grappling on the mat! That's something that Hanz Gruber was bringing to the Ignition Championship!! That's what The Blue Flash is taking away from it!!

    Daniels: But Bodom, high flying lucha style wrestling is exciting! It gets the crowd on their feet!!

    Bodom: If I wanna see people throwing themselves off the top rope only to break their backs on ladders, then I'll just go watch some southern hillbillys doing some backyard wrestling on youtube. And before you ask Bob, yes, I do have the internet, and I do know about the youtube!!

    Daniels: Umm, it's just 'youtube' Bodom, not 'THE' youtube! But alas, there will be a ladder match for the Rage Ignition Championship at In Violence We Trust! And each member of the Ignition Division will have to earn his pass into the match!! Exciting times!!

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    Jonathan Sanchez: Jonathan Sanchez here folks, I'm backstage and I'm Here With.....

    * Spins with his Hands up and Hall of Fame Rings Shining *

    Ric Flair: Johnny Boy, Oh Johnny Boy! How Are Ya!! Woo

    Sanchez: I'm Doing G...

    Ric Flair: Let's Start Cut to The Chase , You Know How I Love to Come out Here and Talk About None other Then

    Sanchez: ...Ric Flair?

    Ric: Annd...

    Sanchez: ReiKo ?

    Ric: ....That's Right W000000000

    First Of All , Let's Start The Day Off By Telling Ya, IT IS ROLEX TIME!!!!
    And Johnny Boy, Don't Let Your Micky Mouse Watch Face The Camera.
    Especially In The Presence of The New Man Taking Over Ohh,Soo Surely.


    * reiko Comes in the scene with 3 Women , One Goes Right under the Arm of the Nature boy*

    *Jonathan Sanchez is blushing while eyeing the gorgeous Woman*

    Ric Flair: Hey Over Here *whistles* Over Here Buddy We're Talking Wrestling Now!

    Reiko: I Know I'm Here With The Ladies That Could Woooo You The Most. With That Said ,I Say This... Reiko is One that I know Nobody Takes Lightly with even the quick sight of me with the Vision of There Eyes before I make there 20/20 into 10/0 for denying themselves the right thought.

    The Correct Way of Thinking ,and To Notice Who is The New Man with The Originator of The Swagger in Wrestling ..The Nature Boy Ric Flair

    * Ric Wooooo's in the background *

    Reiko: I Don't Care Where The City is , When Ric and Reiko are in Town ...Things are Taking Place.
    Business Picks up, and the luxury of having expensive taste comes together at an All Time High Price.

    Yes, The Checks get Cut.But not Big Enough, Reiko are in it , to Win it and Gold is on my mind. Just like these watches ,chains and rings.

    RIC FLAIR: Reiko's Shoes are 5 thou, My Shirt Alone are 3 *looks at Sanchez* I Don't know How much is what your wearing , But I'll Be Ashamed to Wear it!

    Reiko: Good Thing you have Friends on your side that would tell ya about it and take you on a shopping spree right after Tonight.

    You See we are Not the Bad guy, But we sure aren't the Good Guys .. We are the Men with One Goal ,and its Set.
    Success and to Do it in Accordingly Fashion, According to The Fan's of This Great Sport its a New Era that's Emerging . And it Happened After Bred For Combat,and the rock Solid Proof is standing here now.

    You Don't ever lose Faith in Winners, Ric and Reiko everyday of there Live's will be winning, and winning and keep winning.

    The Next 24 will display , Just That.

    *Reiko Walks Off from the Frame*

    Ric Flair: There Goes The MAN!!!

  8. #538
    *The camera heads backstage, where we inside John Cleverly's office, he begins to drink a cup of tea, before his door is kicked Ryan Wells. Cleverly immediately get's up, as Wells begins to speak.*

    Ryan Wells: Cleverly..I've had enough.

    Woah, woah, hold on there Wells. This really isn't like you. Enough of what?
    Wells: Mark Dimension! I've had enough of Mark Dimension! At Bred for Combat, I'll admit- he defeated me fair and square! But his cockiness, his attitude, his ignorance, is absolutely doing my head in! I wanna have the chance to end this guy once and for all! I want to take him down, and take my title in the process!

    All seems well. Okay then, Ryan Wells- I'll book you in a match tonight, and if you'll get a title shot for the EWNCW Evolution Championship.

    Wells: No. I am not waiting THAT long for my opportunity!! You know it, I know, and these people know it! I know that they all want to see a championship match on Rage, and I'm willing to risk my career to put on a match that they all want to see! Why? Because I wanna go far in this business! But going far in this business, means that I'll also have to defeat my enemies! I'll never let anyone get away, with humiliating me! Hence, why I want
    him in this ring tonight!!

    Okay, why not? Wells, I'll grant you a title match tonight, I'm going to give these people out there, a taste, an experience of what is to come at In Violence We Trust. So Ryan Wells, you will take on Mark Dimension, for the EWNCW Evolution a No DQ match!

    *Crowd begin to pop insanely as Wells smiles. He leaves the room as Cleverly grins.*

  9. #539

    Jason McManus:
    On his way to the ring...coming all the way from Boulder, Nevada, he is the Pint Sized Rocker...DAYMIAAAAN...BLOODSTOOOONE!

    Christopher Pentalion: Bloodstone looks as tougher than ever, and he's got some momentum to regain after losing to Chris Divine last week, at Bred for Combat.

    Bodom: Meh, he's boring in the ring anyway.

    McManus: And Bloodstone's challenger..coming all the way from the darkest reaches of

    After defeating HolyJose at Bred for Combat, this guy is a huge threat heading into this match. He may be a talented wrestler, but I think Bloodstone has what it takes to
    defeat him tonight.

    PROPHECY! He's got the full package. Will he defeat Bloodstone tonight? Damn right he will! You don't like it Pentalion, well- up yours!

    Daymian Bloodstone vs The Prophecy

    (Skip at 10:53, Bloodstone/Michaels, Prophecy/Edge)

    *Prophecy is shocked as he doesn't pick up the win, however he picks Bloodstone up, and goes for a Clothesline! But Bloodstone ducks, and goes for a Superkick, which sends Prophecy flying! Bloodstone begins to motion Spear, as Prophecy get's up, Prophecy turns around, but quickly moves out of the way before striking with a Dropkick! He goes for the cover, but Bloodstone has his feet on the ropes! Prophecy quickly get's up, as Bloodstone turns around..kick to the gut, DDT! And he goes for the cover.*




    Bodom: Prophecy was unlucky there! However, Bloodstone went to prove that he is just as delusional in this ring as Ryan Wells is.

    Pentalion: If he's delusional, then what exactly are you? You're the one who's sitting here doing commentary with me, not Wells, or Bloodstone.


    *Prophecy picks Bloodstone up, before going for a Spear but Bloodstone counters that into a Facebreaker, before hitting him with a Leg Drop! Bloodstone get's the crowd hyped up, before getting up the top rope for a 450 Splash!*

    And Bloodstone get's up the top rope! Can he do it?!

    *Bloodstone launches, but Prophecy reverses it into a Jumping Cutter! Prophecy get's up the top rope, to hit the Depths of Despair, and he launches but Bloodstone moves out of the way! Bloodstone and Prophecy are both down, but luckily they manage to find their feet! Prophecy goes for a Clothesline, but Bloodstone grabs his hand, and kicks Prophecy in the gut..Huricanrana! Prophecy lands on the top rope, as Bloodstone goes to Spear him, but Prophecy moves out of the way! Bloodstone goes for a Superkick this time, but Prophecy ducks as Bloodstone hits the ref!*


    *Bloodstone turns around*

    Pentalion: LOW BLOW! And then you say Bloodstone should be disqualified.

    *Prophecy, slides outside the ring to grab a chair as he slides back in again! He waits for Bloodstone to get up, but from out of nowhere- a man comes out and grabs the chair from his hands!*

    Pentalion: IT'S HOLYJOSE!

    *HolyJose grabs the chair and chucks it outside the ring, before sliding back out! Prophecy get's pissed, and he taunts Jose before turning around to a...*

    Bodom: ENZUIGIRI!

    *Bloodstone climbs up the top rope, and he strikes with a Reverse 450 Splash! He goes for the cover.*




    And your winner is....DAYMIAN...BLOODSTOOOOOOOOONE!

  10. #540
    Jason McManus: This match, is set for one fall. In a No DQ match, for the EWNCW Evolution Championship belt!

    And making his way to the ring, all the way from Boston, Massachusetts, he is The Freak...RYAN WEEEEEEEEEELLS!

    Bodom: Who the hell is Ryan Wells? I thought it was Mason Ryan.

    Christopher Pentalion:
    Was that supposed be a joke? Anyways, Ryan Wells, has lost to Mark Dimension in the previous 2 ppvs, losing the EWNCW Evolution title, and failing to regain it. However, he has one last chance to redeem himself. Can Wells do it? I sure hope so.

    He won't Pentalion, trust me. If he can't do it in two matches, how can he succeed in the third?

    McManus: And his challenger, he is the EWNCW Evolution Champion..hailing all the way from the Future...MAAAARRRKKK DIMENSIOOOOOOOOON!

    Bodom: My money is on the champ, Dimension!

    Pentalion: My money is on Wells.

    What money? Last I heard, you payed Ryan Wells a one way ticket to your bed last night. Not very classy is it Pent?

    (Skip at 7:44, Dimension/Lashley, Batista/Wells)
    Ryan Wells vs Mark Dimension (C)

    *Dimension goes for a Clothesline, but Wells ducks, and he goes for a Big Boot which sends Dimension flying outside the ring! Wells slides outside of the ring, before grabbing Dimension's head and smashing it onto the barricade. He repeatedly smashes his head onto it, before shouting that he's going to tear his face off! He smashes it again, but Dimension manages to avoid one, and he pushes Wells before laying him out with a Spear!*

    Bodom: Look at Dimension! Proving he's the better athlete than Wells!

    Pentalion: Dimension just layed Wells out with a pretty vicious Spear I'd say, let's see if Wells can still cope.

    *Dimension picks Wells up, before slapping him in the face as he begins to smash Wells' head onto the steel steps! He throws Wells away, before grabbing the steps and nailing Wells with it! He begins to strike on Wells' mid-section with the steps, but Wells moves out of the way and strikes with a massive jab to Dimension's head, as Dimension drops the steps! Wells then nails him with a Spinebuster onto the Steel Steps as the crowd go mental!*

    Pentalion: And I'll have to say, this was a OMG moment!

    Shame we don't have any EWNCW video games.

    *Wells picks Dimension up, before kicking him in the gut, setting him up for the DDT! But Dimension grabs Wells' hands, and headbutts Wells on the nose, as Wells begins to get a nose bleed! Dimension smirks, before spearing Wells onto another pack of Steel Steps! Dimension get's up, looking proud of what he has done, he goes onto look under the ring for more weapons, but instead he exposes the concrete as the crowd begin to boo!*

    Pentalion: Oh my! Oh my! What the hell is he thinking?!

    Bodom: Come on Dimension! MAKE HIM SUFFER!

    *Dimension picks Wells up, before kicking him in the gut and setting him up for the Powerbomb! Dimension shouts it's over Wells, before going onto to hit him, but Wells reverses it into a DDT as both men land on the concrete! Both men are down, as the crowd cheer for this crazy action!*

    Bodom: That. Was. Incredible.

    Pentalion: I. Agree.

    *Both men struggle to get up, as they both fail to find their feet, however Wells manages to grab onto the ropes before kicking Dimension in the head. He gets up, and he picks Dimension up before kicking him in the gut and he then Spear's him to the barricade which causes the barricade to break! Wells then picks Dimension up, and he strikes with a vicious blow as Dimension's nose goes wonky!*

    Pentalion: Absolutely amazing, Wells could've ripped Dimension's nose off!

    Bodom: He should get fired for that!

    *Dimension doesn't have any of it, and he also gives Wells a vicious blow, as Wells does the same again.*


    *Wells goes for another blow, but Dimension grabs his hand and kicks him in the gut before laying him out with a Double Underhook Facebuster as Wells' face goes flat! Dimension begins to smirk, and he grabs hold of Wells' leg, before dragging him over to the Spanish announcers table as he begins to take the top off!*

    I feel sorry for the Spanish!

    Bodom: They better say there final prayers. Say adios to your announcers table guys!

    *However, Wells grabs Dimension from behind before locking him in the Full Swinging Nelson! He applies the hold, as Dimension screams in pain, and agony! Wells increases the pressure as Dimension's face has turned all red, with Wells not giving a toss! Wells shouts TAP OUT as Dimension tells him to piss off straight, Wells breaks the hold before laying Dimension out with a Clothesline from Hell, as he looks under the ring.*

    What's he gonna find?! Wells is hungry!

    *Wells grabs a table, and he stares at Dimension before smirking, as he sets the table up. He grabs Dimension by the head, and he places his head onto the table. Before fully placing his body onto the table, as Wells goes on top of the announcers table! He shouts FREAK TIME as the crowd cheer, he jumps off as the table cracks into tiny, little pieces! The crowd cheer big time as Dimension and Wells cause chaos throughout the match!*

    That was impressive! Wells is putting his body on the line, and he doesn't give a damn about ending his career. He wants the championship belt around his waist, and he won't stop till he get's it!

    Bodom: Dimension is still going to win. Just because Wells pulls off some flukey moves, doesn't mean Dimension isn't going to.

    *Dimension and Wells slowly, get up, as the ref aids them to their feet. Wells and Dimension begin to exchange blows again, but Wells ducks as Dimension lands on the announcers table. Dimension turns around, as Wells with all his power, nails him with a Clothesline from Hell as Dimension's body is fully placed on the table. Wells get's up on the table, before picking Dimension up.*

    Bodom: What's he doing?!

    Pentalion: Proving that he's got what it takes to be Evolution Champion! That's what he is doing!

    *Wells kicks Dimension in the gut, before setting him up for the Powerbomb, but Dimension elbows Wells on the head, as Wells get's slightly dizzy! Dimension bites a piece of Wells' hair off, as Dimension manages to land on his feet as Wells drops him! Dimension kicks Wells in the gut...*


    *Dimension smirks, before picking Wells up and throwing him back in the ring. Dimension slides into the ring, as Wells slowly begins to get up, Wells turns around...*


    Looks like I underestimated Dimension.

    *Dimension goes for the cover!*




    McManus: And your winner is..and STILL..EWNCW Evolution Champion...MARK..DIMENSIOOOOOOON!

    *Dimension doesn't grab his title, instead, he picks Wells up before laying him out with another Powerbomb! He slides outside of the ring, and grabs two sets of chairs, along with a table! He chucks them all in the ring, before sliding into the ring, as he smirks at Wells.*

    What? No Dimension, don't do this man! You've already won!

    Pentalion: WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING?!?!

    *Dimension sets the table up, and he places that on the top rope, as he sets the chairs up both in the middle of the ring. He picks Wells up, and he kicks him in the gut before setting him up for another Powerbomb! He shouts it's over, before laying Wells out with a Powerbomb onto both of the chairs!*

    Bodom: This..this is unbearable.

    Pentalion: I can't watch, this is disgusting.

    *Dimension grabs the tables, before placing it in the middle of the ring. He sets it up, before picking Wells up again!*

    Please don't Dimension! Please!

    *Dimension throws Wells onto the table, before getting up on the table himself. He picks Wells up, and sets him for the DDT! He spits on Wells' face, and he hits it!*

    Bodom: DAMN!

    Pentalion: This is crazy.

    *But Dimension still isn't done. He picks Wells' up, but suddenly...*


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