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    *Pyro blast etc*

    Bob Daniels: welcome to Monday night Rage everyone!! We're live from Montgomery, Alabama and we're just removed from Bred for Combat!!

    Bodom: That's right Bob, and we're now firmly on the way to our next ppv; In Violence W Trust, where EWNCW is going to get violent!

    Daniels: Exactly Bodom, and with some new champions crowned , they're all going to have a tough time defending those new titles when it comes around!

    Daniels: And here comes our General manager to start things off!!

    Bodom: I hear from the grapevine that John Cleverly here has some announcements to make here, so let's just give him the floor so that he can get on with it!

    John Cleverly: Hello everyone! Welcome to Monday night Rage! First of all, I have to open the show by saying a big thank you on behalf of EWNCW to you the fans for making Bred for Combat such a successful event! We had a whole bunch of exciting matches, each and every one of them a spectacle, and we saw some exciting action! But without you the fans, it wouldn't have been anywhere near the event it was, so thank you all for that.

    *the crowd cheer loud*

    Cleverly: We are now looking forward to our next ppv event; In Violence We Trust, which, as announced, will be an extreme gimmick ppv!! Its the one ppv every year where every match on the card will have an extreme gimmick to it, pushing the EWNCW talents to their limits!

    *crowd cheer*

    Cleverly: But there's 4 weeks until then, and for now, I must bring things back to the present. At Bred for Combat, we saw a brand new Ignition Champion crowned for Rage in the form of The Blue Flash!

    *crowd cheer*

    Cleverly: And we also saw a brand new World Heavyweight Champion crowned; Ronaldo Romulus!

    *crowd boo*

    Cleverly: And in tonight's main event, we're going to have our new champion here in the ring, and we're going to have Ronaldo Romulus lead us in a celebration of the beginning of his championship reign!

    *crowd boo as Cleverly shrugs*

    Cleverly: But of course, we also have a brand new number one contender in place in the form of Jman!! And I think that a big congratulations are in order for him too!!

    *crowd cheer*

    Cleverly: Now, next.....

    *Next is Jimi Hendrix heralding the arrival of the Superior Technician William Carlin, which elicits a negative reaction from the crowd, exasperated by both the interruption and the arrogance of the Toledo wrestler. Carlin wastes no time in appearing on top of the ramp with a mic in hand.*

    Carlin: Cut the music!

    *Music is cut so the boos are heard louder. Carlin takes the mic to his lips again and when he is about to speak, he pauses and lowers his hand, obtaining more abuse from the crowd. After some seconds he then proceeds to start his speech:*

    Carlin: Next, Mr. Cleverly, comes what people cares for. You see, nobody cares about Ronaldo Romulus celebration. His concept of happiness could be well explained by the following two metaphors: he has to struggle to produce a pseudo grin on his face, much like Michael Shannon did this season in his brilliant portrayal of agent Nelson van Alden, or, if our fans prefer it, his ability to show any emotion is equal to Kristen Steward, you can’t differentiate whether they are happy, sad or angry. Who wants to be in such a boring celebration?

    *Cheap pop for Carlin, as the fans clearly dislike Romulus more than him*

    Carlin: Besides, why the hell should we allow a celebration of tyranny? Allowing our new… *Carlin contorts his face in an effort to produce the following words, which he manages to whisper* ahem, World Heavyweight Champion, ahem, have a live celebration here is the same as president Obama allows Kim Jong-un to have a military parade in Pennsylvania Avenue, although I guess that would please the Tea Party fellas, as they’ll have a proper reason to call Obama a Commie.

    *Split reaction for this one*

    Carlin: Then you talk about Jman, who, in fact, deserves to be congratulated, but people don’t care about him. He got his spot by chance. I had him ready for the Chaos Theory suplex when Seraphim prevented me to take the spot I deserve. Don’t you remember? Roll that footage.

    *The Tron shows what happened at Bred for Combat:*

    *Jman goes to hit Carlin, but Carlin avoids it and hits him with a arm drag. Jman comes back and Carlin hits him with another. Seraphim pulls himself up to the turnbuckles and nurses his back. Carlin pulls off an Inverted Atomic Drop on Jman and wraps him up for a Crossface Chickenwing. The move is locked in, Jman has no way of escape, Seraphim is down in the corner! Carlin is going to win the match. Jman struggles, fighting to hold on, fighting to not give into the pressure! Carlin switches the move, effortlessly, setting Jman up for a Chaos Theory Suplex!

    Carlin: See? I got him there, I was about to get the 1-2-3 and become the number one contender when this happened.

    *Tron keeps showing the last PPV:*

    Seraphim manages to make it to his feet, he maneuvers his way behind Carlin and grabs him, hitting a Belly to Back Suplex! Jman is taken for the ride! Carlin takes the brunt of the move, and releases Jman, but Seraphim doesn’t let go. As Jman rolls off to the side, Seraphim powers Carlin up for a German Suplex and drills him! Carlin is out, but Seraphim isn’t done. He rolls through the German and leaps into the air, bringing down his feet together in a double foot stomp! Seraphim has hit ‘Welcome to Heaven’ on Carlin! The irony! Before Seraphim can get himself back together a Superkick sends him tumbling out of the ring, almost unconscious on the floor. Jman had recuperated! He drops down on Carlin for the pin.*

    Referee and Crowd:

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