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    *Pyro etc*

    Christopher Pentalion: We are less than one week away from Bred for Combat, we've got an exciting card lined up from Rage, and the superstars are all fired up as they look to get the upper hand on their opponents!! Hello everyone and welcome to Monday night Rage, LIVE from Birmingham Alabama!!

    Bodom: Well if we're all as excited as you are Chris, then we're in for a great show tonight! WE already have our World Heavyweight Championship match set in stone, as we'll see Ronaldo Romulus facing the defending Champion K-Jammin for the most prestigious title in our business!

    Pentalion: I'm not sure which way that one's going Bodom. I mean, K-Jammin and Ronaldo both have some momentum behind them going into this ppv, it really is anyone's game!!

    Bodom: Well I for one Chris think that this man right here will be the one to take that Championship. Ronaldo Romulus is driven, he's educated, he's skilled in the ring, and it is clearly his destiny to win some more gold in this company.

    Pentalion: Well true, he's a former Evolution Champion, and since losing that Championship, he's had his sights set on the main gold here in EWNCW. He came within a whisker of beating Tommy Thunder for the EWNCW Championship after winning the War Games series, a feat in it's own! And he's now gunning for the World Heavyweight Championship. And right now, with the momentum he has, you wouldn't really bet against the guy!

    *Awakened from their lethargic frame of mind by the sound of Ronaldo Romulus’ music echoing around the arena, the crowd gets up on their feet and begin to boo emphatically as they await Romulus’ impending appearance before them. In no time at all, Ronaldo somberly advances from behind the curtain and the minute his face comes into view, the boos get even louder. With an almost bored expression on his face, Ronaldo walks down the ramp, ignoring all of the obnoxious fans in the front row, including a portly man leaning over the rail to flip him the bird. Taking only a quick glance at him, Ronaldo curls his lips up in a sneer and brushes him off by walking further away from him and disregarding his swearing at him. Instead of taking his time to climb up the steel steps, Ronaldo leaps onto the apron and holds onto the top rope while he looks back at all of the audience members behind him, booing him with forte. Romulus sulks slightly as he leans down to move between the top and middle rope. He walks over to the ring announcer and yanks the microphone out of his hand. Stepping into the middle of the ring, before he address the crowd, he rubs his temple with one hand while he keeps the microphone up to his mouth with the other one.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Instead of cogitating solely on the task of liberating you serfs from the tyranny of K-Jammin at Bred for Combat, I now must focus on the horizon, three potential challengers that inquire my future title.

    Like Ryan Wells, Jman is nothing more than a plebian who cannot inspire any reverence from me at all. After all, was he not the man I quelled to obtain the role as K-Jammin’s challenger? Should be become the number one contender, destroying him would be a rather…mundane preface of my ascension though that will not deter me from smiting him down. Still, I wish NOT to subjugate him again. Instead, there is only one entity that has monopolized my engrossment.”

    *Romulus takes a long pause, giving the crowd enough time to ponder over who Ronaldo is referring to. He doesn’t give them much time as he comes out and says it.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “William Carlin.”

    *At the sound of his name, the audience begins a mixed reaction of cheers and boos.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “ Like the legions of oppressors, that have persecuted and expelled the “Chosen Race” from society for centuries, this miscreant has chosen to take up the cowl as the EWNCW’s vindicator of “freedom”, deriving the task of supporting your aimless, rebellious and deleterious tendencies by advocating the prospect of religious independence, exemption from the Lord’s calling. Though, he has yet to berate or vilify my campaign and has done the Lord justice by abusing Seraphim, his latent longing to destroy me has not been ignored. Though he believes he battles flesh and blood, he truly contests with principality and virtue that exceed this earthly realm, the core of humanity, the salvation of the human race.

    Though I did not walk the Earth 2,000 years ago to witness His final act of grace, I revere and respect the Lord Jesus Christ who sacrificed His life to allow you serfs an opportunity of penance for your crimes. Lungs struggling for air, muscles and skin flagellated under the cat o’ nine tails, bruised for our iniquities, scorned for our transgressions, blood pouring from his broken skin, thorny wreath injecting his skull, wrists and feet pierced with barbed, iron spikes, forsaken from His Father, rugged wood grating his body; he allowed all of that torture to befall Him despite the verifiable truth that we deserved none of His compassion, never mind a caring glance and I am to forsake Him by granting Carlin the authorization to poison your minds further?!”

    *In conjunction with the raising of his voice, nearly everyone in the crowd starts to go into a booing uproar as Romulus disparages the only person to speak out against his regime. He doesn’t allow their rude interjection to distract him from channeling his inner rage into words.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::

    “Should he become the number one contender to MY World Heavyweight Championship during Bred for Combat, I will have the honor to smote that subversive lout under the heel of my conviction and begin the cleansing of deficiency under the guise of ROMULUS! You shall all be forced to look on at the crucifixion of that illusive deceiver at my hand should the reality of his victory come to pass! ”

    *Ronaldo clenches his fist and stares down at it with a deranged look on his face. Suddenly, he starts chuckling to himself and drops down to his knees with his head down, hair covering his face. The audience doesn’t know what to think of it as they look on as the chuckling progresses into laughing with wild abandon. He abruptly stops himself then slowly lifts his head, revealing eyes glazed over in euphoria and lips and teeth fashioned in a crooked smile.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “At Bred for Combat, it FINALLY arrives! The premonition of victory has just been granted to me from above! Prepare yourselves for the solace you and your families have yearned for! The time of the Chosen Race will most certainly come to pass! And as for that Seraphim, if he beckons for a worthy adversary, then I will not haste in dispatching him again and for all intents and purposes of the domain I wish to construct, I shall do so permanently! Never again to be tormented and flocked with those damned feathers and divine premonition! My veins will be free of the boiling ire that threatens to transform me into an animal! My…”

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    Pentalion: And here is the dangerous K-Jammin! He's been near unbeatable since joining EWNCW, and has really blown away some stiff competition!

    Bodom: No poiint trying to big this guy up Chris! He's a man who knows his time's up! He might have taken out a few big stars in EWNCW, including myself, but Romulus is going to be one step too far in my opinion!

    K-Jammin: Now let's get one thing straight Einstein!! You think that you're going to be taking this title off me because you use some big ass words?! You think that you're going to win this title because you seem smarter than anyone else here? You think that you're going to be the man here because you're better than me?
    NOBODY is better than me!! I am the man around here!!! Do you understand me?!?! I beat Silver Cena into the next millennium!! I beat TBOZ for this World Heavyweight Championship!!
    And if you think that I'm giving it up that easy, then think again douchebag, because I'll kick you into next week too if I have to!!!

    *the crowd boo*

    Bodom: Oh great, more incoherent drivel! "Ohhh the VOICES"!!!! What garbage!

    *Seraphim stands at the top of the stage and looks down at Ronaldo and K-Jammin who are currently embroiled in a heated argument. As K-Jammin starts getting the upper hand, Seraphim brings the microphone to his lips and shuts them both up.*

    Seraphim: Woah there; woah there; woah there; you both are arguing about whose going to walk out of Bred for Combat the World Heavyweight Champion, but I have news for you - that won’t be the most important thing to happen. You see, no matter which of you walk out of BfC with the championship, because you’ll only be keeping it warm for me. K-Jammin, you have for hand’s full with Eden Sky, and the entire locker room knows it, they know your thoughts have been skewed, they know you aren’t focused anymore, they know you are easy pickings for whomever wants to take that title right off your shoulder, so you can go play house with Eden. And you, Ronaldo, I ain’t forgot about you, and I never will. War Games was going to be where I shined, and instead, you saw fit to put yourself there, but hey, that’s the nature of the business and I don’t blame you. The whole world has seen it now though, you didn’t deserve to be there! Tommy Thunder put you down like the dog you are, and then, you come here and try to get in on= the world heavyweight title situation, only to prove that you couldn’t beat me without someone interfering. You can say what you want, using whatever words come to mind, but you know, deep down where the voices I tout live, that you cannot defeat me and if you happen to walk out of Bred for Combat with that title, you’re going to be handing it right over to me.

    *Seraphim slides into the ring and keeps the microphone trained on his lips. The crowd chants for him, but he pays them no mind, as his eyes never leave the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion or Ronaldo.*

    Seraphim: At Bred For Combat I have to face not one, but two, of the top guys in EWNCW, one - is Carlin and he is too busy focused on a crusade to end whatever injustices he finds when it comes to people who are pushing their gods or beliefs on someone else. He doesn’t realize that he is no threat to me, and he’s barely a threat to anyone here in attendance. He wants to talk about how I will fall on his sword, but he doesn’t realize that he’s just letting the voices, the voices he tries to hide deep down within his psyche come out and play. He can bring the sword all he wants, because it will never leave its sheathe. That sword will never be able to pierce someone that is far superior than him, someone that has long given in to the voices, someone that has reached the top of the mountain, and though I did not succeed, this time around I will. Carlin needs someone to carry him, Carlin needs a tag-team partner, without one, he is a lost puppy and I am the big, bad, dog catcher.

    *Seraphim takes the microphone from his face for a moment and listens to the crowd; his eyes close as he focuses on what the voices tell him in side. When he opens his eyes, a smirk splits his face. He quiets down the lively crowd.*

    Seraphim: The other one is Jman, and let’s face it, he’s already lost his shot at the WHC, he’s only here because I had a score to settle with Carlin and he piggybacked off that to get himself into this match. Jman is a none issue, and that’s all he’ll never amount too. He can go back to the bottom of the pile, the end of the line, the back of the pack, because until he, just like everyone in the back, unless he accepts the voices into his heart and opens the door to his potential, he shall never go anywhere but nowhere and into senseless feud after feud, until he dwindles away into nothingness, the same as both of you men, once I take that title away from you.

    *Seraphim looks intensely at both men, before turning to walk out.*

    *Carlin's voice is heard throughout the arena, without any other presentation. *

    Carlin: Excuse me, Mr. Seraphim. I've got a question for you before you leave. Do you realize that those voices are clouding your judgment in such a way that only one thing of those you have said is actually true? Yeah, you said one thing that is right and it is that K-Jammin here is too focused on Eden Sky's tits to retain his World Heavyweight Championship, and I don't blame him.

    *A small pop for the guys and the girls boo like mad. *

    Carlin: Sorry, ladies, the truth hurts, but Eden is a really hot female. Wow. Back to you, Seraphim, it happens that you share one thing in common with K-Jammin. K-Jam also says a bit of truth in his speech, and that is that He who shares his name not with the Lord but with two outstanding football players believes that his vast knowledge of the English language is going to help him both winning the belt and improve people's lives by imposing a medieval system of thought that became obsolete hundreds of years ago. See, Ronnie, while I appreciate your amazing dominion of our language, you have a main problem with it. I suggest the reading of Patrick Colm Hogan's “Cognitive Science, Literature and the Arts”, for you to understand why people find you boring!.

    *This gets a pop. *

    Carlin: And second, no matter what efforts you make on behalf on those you call The Chosen Ones without any fact behind that proving it, people will hate your guts because you try to bring back a social and ideological system to overthrow the one Our Founding Fathers gave us, and people will not allow you to do that in a million years.

    *Crowd pops again for Carlin. *

    Carlin: But I digress. K-Jammin and Ronaldo are in my looks, in the near future, but the present is you, Seraphim. Let me start with your last words, on Jman. I don't like the guy at all, but I've been in the ring with him,, and calling him a non issue is one of the most stupid things I've heard recently. Ignoring a man like Jman in a triple threat match is a suicide. He may be the good guy the fans love, but I can assure you that if he sees the chance to capitalize, even if he has to blatantly screw one of us, he will. And he will be doing the right thing. There's a lot on stake at Bred for Combat, and in a match like this you'll have to have eyes in the back of your head, so, newsflash, kid, stop being an arrogant prick believing yourself so superior to a man that can beat your ass and do it whatever the cost, right?

    *Another pop for Carlin, who is on fire. *

    Carlin: And then, you are pretty much sure that your skills as dog catcher will get you this puppy. The puppy may look like a puppy, but it has teeth and claws. And knows how to use them. You can ask Jman if he remembers War Games. And you can ask James, if you know where he is after I got rid of him.

    *People boo and chant “James beat you” *

    Carlin: He beat me, but he ain't here, right? Because James found the truth you're going to find at Bred for Combat: That this puppy ain't no puppy, he is Fenrir the Wolf, and will bring Ragnarok on you!

    *More boos Carlin. *

    Carlin: So don't think my sword will stay in the sheathe. Well, I mean a metaphorical sword, because I have s real sword at home, made of the best steel in the world, the one from Toledo, Spain. I mean the sword of my reasoning and the sword of my technical in ring skills. You didn't deserve the spot, and I'm going to prove it to you, to Jman and to the world by winning that match at Bred for Combat, and after you two fall, it is either Ronaldo or K-Jammin, and I will be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

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    Bodom: What the hell does this guy want? Who the hell is he?

    Pentalion: That's Jman Bodom. You know, the guy who's been here for a couple of months now? He's a big name in this business, you should know by now who he is!

    Bodom: Never heard of him.

    *Back in Black hits and the crowd pops hard for Jman. Mic already in hand, he wastes no time addressing the scene around him. *

    Jman: My god, it’s like I died and went a special kind of hell reserved for only the biggest egomaniacs in the world.

    *The crowd pops at that as Jman continues.*

    Jman: So, let’s see. Ronaldo is already coloring himself champion, Seraphim is unwilling to admit that this triple threat is, indeed, a triple threat, K-Jamm, as per usual, is probably too pussywhipped to know what the hell is going on, and Carlin….Well, William’s disembodied voice actually makes a good point.

    *The crowd is mixed in their reaction to that but Jman plows ahead.*

    Jman: Billy boy is right. On Sunday, I’ll do whatever it takes to walk out with an opportunity at the World Championship. If that means taking advantage of an opponent’s lackadaisical attitude towards me or ruining some manufactured popular opinion of me, so be it.

    *There is legitimate heat on Jman but he doesn’t seem to mind.*

    Jman: But, you know what? I won’t have to resort to some dirty tactic to win at Bred for Combat. I probably would if I had to, but it won’t be necessary. The fact that Carlin and Seraphim, from the very beginning of this whole thing, have chosen to treat me as a supporting actor In their melodramatic play has opened the door plenty wide enough already. Carlin, Seraphim, you’ve already lost this match by forgetting who I am and just how fucking much I’ve accomplished in this business. The story of William Carlin versus Seraphim versus Jman has already been written; the climax has already been decided. On Sunday, all we’re doing is getting it published for all to read. When they do, they'll realize the only guy out here tonight who knew what he was talking about was me.

    Pentalion: Wow! What a handful!!

    Bodom: It sure is a mess out here, but it always is here on Rage! We're one week away from the ppv, Cleverly needs to restore some order here!

    John Cleverly: Ok guys, let's keep it easy here. I don't want to waste peoples time here tonight, so here's simply what's going to happen:
    Tonight's main event is going to be a tag team match! We're going to see Champion and contender team up to take on 2 potential future challengers; Jman and Seraphim!! Carlin, you're going to be on commentary!! So suck it up and get to the back to get ready guys, I want to see this show continue!!

    Pentalion: A big main event there!! But how do you think Carlin feels about not being involved in that match?

    Bodom: It's an outrage! He's not called the 'Superior Technician' for nothing! He's technically superior! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that one out! And compared to Jman and Seraphim, Carlin IS a rocket scientist!!

    Pentalion: Well that may be Bodom, but that's the main event and that's how it's going to be! Don't miss that one later folks!

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    Bodom: So, Pentalion, care to fill in the people about what’s been going on with Ryan Wells and the EWNCW Evolution Champion, Mark Dimension?

    Christopher Pentalion: Well, Bodom, it’s actually very simple. Mark Dimension took the belt from Ryan Wellsat No Guts, No Glory, and it seems like that caused a large rift between two former friends. Not only that, but over the course of the past few weeks, that rift has become noticeable, cumulating with a vicious attack on Wells last week, right here on Monday Night Rage!

    Bodom: That was one hellsh beating Dimension laid on his former friend, but Ryan is still up and walking around, and is even competing tonight. If that’s any indication, it’s that the EWNCW Evolution Champion didn’t do a good enough job putting his former friend in the dirt.

    Pentalion: I agree, though it’s a shame to see two people who once considered each other friends go to such lengths against each other. I can’t help but wonder why Dimension has been acting the way he has been when it comes to Ryan Wells, but I hope tonight we get an answer from Dimension.

    Bodom: Right you are, until then, however, it’s time for us to see Wells in action!

    *The camera pans out to Jason, who is holding the microphone.*

    Jason: Ladies and Gentlemen our first match, of the evening is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Boston, Massachusetts Ryan! THE FREAK! Wells!

    *Ryan heads down towards the ring, intent on destroying the man already inside. Ryan climbs into the ring and Jason exits. Wells looks intently at Richards who is in the far corner, psyching himself up for the match with the big man.*

    Jason McManus: And his opponent, already in the ring, Bill ‘The Eagle‘ Richards!”

    Bodom: Have you ever seen a man so intent on something in your life? Ryan looks like he is on a rampage and Bill Richards has, unfortunately, been put squarely in his sights!

    Pentalion: I feel like this match is not going to end well for Richards, if he can pull of the upset though, he’ll be firmly in contention for a Evolution title shot against the current champion, Mark Dimension!

    *The referee rings the bell, and Ryan goes into a frenzy. As Bill comes towards him, he hits him with a huge kick to the gut, and then a big forearm across the back. Richards drops down to his knees, and tries to escape, but Ryan is too close upon him for it to be effective. He stomps on his back to weaken him, and then lifts Eagle up in a double underhook. With the hold cinched in, he drops Eagle down for a monstrous DDT. Eagle is obviously out of it, but the referee can’t get in edge-wise to see it. Bill starts to show some sign of life, but it’s quickly blotted out, by a scoop slam. The crowd cheers loudly for Ryan Wells, as he picks Richards up for a finely executed Spinebuster! He motions for the Freak Attack and looks straight at the camera. He pulls Richards off the ground and lifts him, slamming him down with a powerful Freak Attack. He goes for the pin and gets the three count.*

    Bodom: That was quick, Ryan was not here to play around! He came out here and sent a message to Dimension!

    Pentalion: You got that right! And who can blame him! Dimension straight up chap shot him last week, and gave him a right beating! It's a miracle that Wells is here tonight, and a testament to how tough he is!

    Bodom: If Dimension goes all Terminator mode on wells again, I can't see the title changing hands. But Wells has show he has the intensity here, so who knows!

    *Wells stands in the ring staring out into the crowd for a moment, before then turning to leave the ring and march to the back, almost in a machine-like manner, with an angry look of intensity and purpose on his face*

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    Pentalion: You want to talk about something heating up over the past few weeks, let’s talk about four men. Hanz Gruber, The Blue Flash, Reiko, and Arius. These men have chosen their sides and waged war against each other. Arius has paired with Hanz, and Flash has paired with Reiko, week after week, we’ve seen these men go at it with everything they’ve gotten, with no sign of slowing down.

    Bodom: You have never been more right, even about that Taiwanese ladybo-- , another matter, not wholly appropriate for this show. Anyway, these men are determined they are going to break their counterpart in half. Cleverly has seen this and made two matches tonight, splitting them up. Our first of the pair takes place between the number one contender to Hanz’ title, facing off against Arius.

    Pentalion: Now, Arius will be accompanied by Alice, who seems to have feelings for the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair. Could she potentially play into this match and how it all plays out?

    Bodom: I would not put it past them, with the things we’ve seen in the past few weeks, anything is possible.

    *The camera goes to Jason, who is standing in the ring waiting. He smiles towards the crowd and begins.*

    Jason: Our next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia, accompanied to the ring by Alice and the Rage Ignition Champion, ‘The Prodigy’ ARIUS!

    *Alice walks out meekly to the side of Arius, who stands at the top of the ramp posing. He makes his way down to the ring, occasionally dragging Alice with him, which she started to fall behind. He makes her get up on the apron and lower the ropes for him so he can get into the ring. Hanz Gruber hoists his title up to his shoulder and stalks around the outside of the ring.*

    Bodom: We’ve seen these two, while not a tag-team, work as a cohesive unit when it comes to Flash and Reiko. How will Hanz being out here factor into the upcoming match with that damned superhero?

    Jason: And his opponent, from the Justice League, companied to the ring by Reiko and Ric Flair, it’s The BLUE FLASH!

    *The Blue Flash comes out from the gorilla position with a ton of cheers for him. Reiko and Ric Flair walk out next garnering a large amount of WOOOOOOO’s from the attending crowd. Flash poses and walks down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans who have their stuck out. Before getting in the ring he looks across at Hanz Gruber and his championship. Flair smiles towards Alice, while Reiko doesn’t take his eyes off Arius.*

    Pentalion: It seems like the battle lines have already been drawn and these boys are ready for war! Time to find out whose going to walk away the victor!

    Flash(Jesse) vs Ion(Arius)

    (Stop at: 5:15)

    *Arius goes for a quick pin, but Flash kicks out at one. Arius pulls back to his knees and places his hands on them, sighing heavily, before pulling Flash up by his head. He knees him in the gut, and pushes him back to the ropes; using the momentum to whip him off to the other side of the ring. Flash catches himself on the ropes, interrupting whatever Arius has planned. Arius rushes towards him, but Flash dumps him over the top rope. The crowd cheers loudly, as Arius lands and slaps the apron. Flash runs towards the other ropes and bounces off, aiming to hit a suicide dive on Arius, however, his opponent throws his valet, Alice, in the way, causing Flash to have to stop. Reiko walks around the ring, and Arius begs off, by slipping back into the ring. Once there, Flash pushes him against the turn buckles, and hits him with a knife edge chop - drawing a WOOOOO chant from Flair and the crowd. He tells them to be quiet so he can do it again, they comply and he hit’s the chop, drawing another WOOOOO! Arius staggers towards a different turnbuckle, with Flash following behind him. Flash goes to irish whip him to another one, but Arius reverses it and sends Flash back first into the proposed turnbuckle. He drops down and hangs off the rope, grabbing Alice.*

    Bodom: Smart man, staying in the ropes means Flash can’t touch him!

    Pentalion: Please, he’s using Alice like a meat shield.

    *Flash goes to pull Arius off the ropes but the referee breaks it up. Arius resets himself and they lock up, Arius getting the better of the deal with a knee to the stomach. He starts to viciously beat him down, before tossing him across the ring. As Flash comes up, Arius starts hitting them with Karate Jabs to disorientate him. As he goes for another, he stops and pokes Flash in the eyes to blind him. The referee berates him, but Arius shrugs it off. He pulls Flash from the ropes and lifts him in a scoop slam, depositing him on the ropes in the tree of woe. He climbs up the ropes, using Flash’s body as the wall. The crowd boos as Arius calls for the ‘Kingdom Come’. As he looks around, he sees Flair and Alice, embraced in each other’s arms. Flair looks up at Arius, and presses a long, slow deep kiss. Arius looks on in horror, giving Flash time to recuperate. He pulls himself up and steadies himself for a superplex. BAM! The superplex is a success, and Flash gets the almighty one-two-three!*

    Bodom: Once again, Flash gets lucky! How can anyone justify his position in this company? It all comes down to luck!

    Pentalion: He won that match fair and square, Arius took his eyes off the ball and Flair got his tongue in a girl!

    Bodom: Oh cut the shit! I mean I'm all for Flair getting what he wants!! I mean he's a wrestling GAAAAAWDDD!!! But Flash won out of pure luck there!!

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    Bodom: And we’re back. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just seen one match in this mayhem end due to Ric Flair making out with Alice, causing Arius’ attention to be taken away from Flash, who executed the Blue Moon Knee to win.

    Pentalion: He did, and as we can now see, Reiko and Hanz have taken place in the ring for their match. Arius is on the outside fuming, berating Alice and Flash is standing next to Flair, watching what’s going on in the ring. The tension here is high!

    Bodom: Yes it is, that superzero got lucky, but can Reiko get lucky as well?

    Pentalion: I don’t know about that, but that kiss between Flair and Alice means someone is trying to get lucky again tonight!

    Bodom: And now that we know how sick and twisted the mind of Pentalion is, let’s see what’s going to happen in this match!

    Reiko(Eddie) vs Hanz(Kotaro)

    (Stop at 15:10)

    *Reiko and Hanz hit each other with a simultaneous cross body, dropping them both to the ground. After a long moment, they get up and start slugging it out; left and right; right and left. The Champion gets the advantage and drops Reiko to his belly. He rolls him over for a pin, but only get a one count. He drags his forearm across his face before the referee calls him on it. Hanz gets up, and waits for Reiko. Reiko goes for a clothesline, but misses. Arius is on the apron in a flash. Reiko, sufficiently distracted goes to hit him, but Arius drops down. Reiko turns around gets hit with a picture perfect super kick. He drops down for the pin*



    *As the referee finishes his count, Arius’ slides into the ring and immediately begins clobbering Reiko. Hanz joins in on the attack; soon followed by the Blue Flash, whom had been watching from the outside. The four men brawl back and forth, knocking each other around the ring and out of it. Hanz ducks under a big right hand and hits Flash with another super kick, knocking him out of the ring; while Arius kicks Reiko in the stomach, to get him doubled over, and then hits Divine Retribution on Reiko, kicking him out of the ring. As Flair tends to Reiko, Arius jerks Alice in to the ring and calls out to Flair, who looks up. When he does, Arius gives Alice a large, sloppy kiss, causing Flair to go over the deepend, threatening to get in the ring and kick Arius’ ass. He takes off his coat and throws it, the crowd hyping him up. Arius just looks on laughing, and smiling, holding Alice’s arm hard. Referees and agents have to come down to keep the men from going at each other once more.*

    Bodom: Well, that certainly was an unexpected turn of events. It seems Alice is just getting all the loves tonight. This must be what her wonderland is like!

    Pentalion: I think Flair is trying to find out what her wonderland is like, if you know what I mean. *Gives Bodom a look*

    Bodom: Stay the hell off the internet, you damn, meme.

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    *We cut backstage to see Jonathan Sanchez standing by*

    Jonathan Sanchez: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time; EWNCW Evolution Champion, Mar.......

    * Snatched The Mic Away and Lift's The Interviewer Off His Feet ,Staring at him with one eye open more wide then the other*
    *drops him on his Ass, Interviwer backwards crawls away*

    *MD Brings the Camera Up and Puts it Close to his Face*

    Dimension: I Have An Answer, An Answer To a Question That Hang's on The Mind of Ryan Wells. A Question that Linger's Around and has Cast a Dark ,Deep Shadow over The Career of Ryan Wells. The Answer to The Question is No. No You Cannot Be Successful. Now The Question , Oh The Question is a Good One and Its One that's Even Shameful to Ask. But its Comes from a ShameFul Prospect. Can Wells Beat Dimension?

    Its So Obvious Behind All The Charateristics Ryan Wells Shows, On The Face of Ryan Wells it Shows....
    It Shows, The Concern and The Truth. The Truth of What is to Come.
    Ryan You know this.
    Some Thought The World would've Ended on Dec.21, 2012..And You Think You Can "End Dimension"...Meanwhile , All of This is Bullshit Wrapped up into One Big Hype.

    I , The G.O.D. , The Existing Power That Has Proven His Worth and Capabilities.
    Am Going to End YOU!!!
    YOUU!! Ryan Wells!!
    And I'm Going to Do What it Takes, Because at Bred for Combat ..The Stage is Set and Not Even Blue Ray Will Justify the Effects I Will Put on You *Laughs Hard*

    At Bred for Combat MD Will School Wells Once again , and Dimension Shall Stand Tall With Evolution Championship in Hand , Raised Above my Head and My Foot on your Chest. As I Am Announced Winner , and Ref's Help Your Carcass Stand.

    Then What?
    A Cheer ? A Cheer For Your Effort and a Laugh on My Behalf!

    *laughs at the thought*

    Dimension: And As in Your Anger , The Angry Ryan Wells.. Well Wells, it Was About Damn TiME you Gave it The Timing , It was About Time that you Try to Give yourself some leverage. Am I Suppose to Take you Serious Now.

    Please Kid, I've Benchpressed Tougher Opponents and Just how I Beat you Before in One Shot.
    I'm Going to Do it Again, and When I Feel Like I Took You Down a Few Level# Enough and Buried your Career ..Then I Will Pin You and Walk out the same way I walked in to The PPV.

    As The EwncW Evolution Champion .
    Mark Dimension .

    *camera shows a close up of MD as he Intensely Stares at it.

    Next thing you know, Dimension goes sprawling as he's speared from the side!! The camera zooms out to reveal a seething Ryan Wells!!
    Wells gets up immediately before dropping down to lay some mounted punches!! In doing to he seems to have busted Dimension's nose, as blood is flowing out of it!
    He then gets up and wildly begins looking around him for something, he then spots it, before lifting Dimension up. He then grabs him, one hand on his hair, the other on his trunks as he slings him, sending him crashing into some steel scaffold pipes and lights!!
    Dimension is screaming in pain, but Wells doesn't seem done!! He then spots something else that takes his fancy before marching towards it!! He grabs the table that caught his vision and sets it up!
    He then picks up the groaning, bloodied Dimension before lifting him up high and sending him crashing through the table with a Freak Buster!!

    Wells stands there breathing heavy as he looks at Dimension's downed carcass in a bloody heap, shards of glass visibly sticking out of his body from the lights. Wells then slowly exits as the fans can be heard cheering him on and eventually some EMT personnel arrive to attend to Dimension.*

  8. #518
    Christopher Pentalion: This next match up promises to be a doozy. Over the past few weeks, along with the other disputes that have been going on, not many has attained the height of Prophecy and HolyJose.

    Bodom: A few weeks back, Holy Jose challenged Prophecy to a match. Now, Prophecy did not give him an answer until last week, while Holy Jose was out due to food poisoning.

    Pentalion: That isn’t the case here tonight! We have confirmation that Holy Jose is in the building and will be competing here tonight!

    Bodom: Yes he will be. He’ll be competing against the man that Prophecy opponent tonight has been having issues with over the last few weeks, Van Hooligan X. It all started when Divine and Bloodstone were having words about who belongs and where; Van and Kyojin came out to state their side of things and it snowballed from there. Kyojin is looking to prove himself to the EWNCW audience, and Van is looking to prove to them that Kyojin doesn’t belong!

    Pentalion: Correct, we’ll see how he fares tonight against Prophecy.

    Jason: Our next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, fighting out of Chicago, ‘The Master of TRUE! Wrestling!’ KYOJIN!

    *Kyojin comes out from behind the gorilla position, making sure to watch his back as he does so. He heads down towards the ring and climbs in, much to the approval of the crowd. He poses for them and then sets up in a far corner, waiting for his opponent to come down to the ring for the match.*

    Jason: And his opponent, from the Darkest reaches of England, ‘The Prophecy!’

    *The crowd boos loudly as Prophecy heads towards the stage. He walks down the ramp, his eyes borrowing a hole through Kyojin, even from the distance between them. He walks up the steel steps and climbs in and paces back and forth along the side of the ring he is on. Jason quickly exit’s the ring to give the two wrestlers their space.*

    Prophecy(Davey) vs Kyojin(Jack)

    (Stop at 5:15)

    *The crowd boos as Prophecy mocks Kyojin, whose outside the ring. He slips out of the ring, and makes his way around, picking up Kyojin and tossing him against the barricade. As the referee reaches four, Kyojin is thrown back in the ring by the predatory Prophecy. He stalks his prey, and then picks him up for a Impaler DDT. Before it can hit, Kyojin uses a rare burst of strength to overpower Prophecy and lift him by his legs. He pushes the man’s legs high into the air, forcing the man to let go of his head. On the way down, KYOJIN hit’s a RKO; causing the crowd to erupt loudly in cheers.*


    Bodom: Indeed I did, I think the boys in the back have a replay for us.

    *On the split screen, we can see Kyojin going for a pin, which turns out to be unsuccessful; on the other, it shows Kyojin making himself virtually deadweight, while at the same time gripping Prophecy’s legs and lifting him to the air. At the peak of the lift, he pushes him up into the air and makes a one-hundred eighty degrees, As Prophecy comes down, Kyojin reaches his arms up and wraps them around his neck, bringing him down with a jumping cutter! The screen goes back to normal as Kyojin watches Prophecy on the outside of the ring. Kyojin pumps himself up and runs against the ropes, using the momentum for a suicide dive. Prophecy sees this and moves out of the way, pushing Kyojin against the barricades. Both men fall on the outside of the ring, the referee beginning his count. When he gets to five, both men stir; at 7 Prophecy makes it into the ring, and at 9, Kyojin follows suit. The match is still going! Prophecy gets up and slugs Kyojin with a big right hand knocking him back. Kyojin responds in kind.*


    *Prophecy switches up and hits Kyojin with a right hand and then pushes him back. As Kyojin is reeling, Prophecy attempts a big super kick, but Kyojin gets his wits about him and spins behind the kick, pulling Prophecy down into a roll up pin.*



    *Kyojin quickly rolls out of the ring, and heads up the ramp. Prophecy grabs his head and looks on before arguing with the referee. The music for Kyojin hits and the crowd chants.*

    Pentalion: Stellar match on behalf of both men.

    Bodom: Prophecy put on a clinic, but Kyojin was lucky. If he’s in the ring with Van, can he get that lucky?

    Pentalion: We will find out soon

  9. #519

    Bodom: And here he is!! He's so fine!! He's Chris Divine!!

    Pentalion: You're really digging this guy arent' you?

    Bodom: Are you kidding? this guy is the breath of fresh air we've been waiting for here in EWNCW!! The man is incredible, both in the ring and out!

    Pentalion: True as that may be, Chris Divine has been troubled by some mysterious video promos since he's started out here in EWNCW.

    Bodom: And you know what? I know who it is!

    Pentalion: You do?!

    Bodom: I do! It's someone who is jealous of Divine. Someone who just doesn't get that this man is really as good as he says he is, someone who can't accept the fact that Divine is better than them and is destined for the tip here That's who!

    *Chris Divine walks out from the back, to boos from the fans. He walks down the ramp, and walks around the ring, looking at different fans along the way. He turns, grabbing a mic, as he walks up the steel steps. He climbs through the ropes into the ring, as he raises the mic. His music fades, as a asshole chant starts up.*

    Divine: Oh shut up. Just shut your mouths. Divine didn't come out here to listen to you chuckle heads share your opinion. Your opinion amounts to a pile of shit, so how about all of you go get shovels, and dig into your own shit..because Divine has bigger fish to fry. For weeks now, Divine has come out here, to share his wisdom to each and every single one of you. Each and every single week though, Divine is interrupted by some jackass behind a computer screen playing a video, taunting Divine, trying to mess with Divine's head. Now Divine is sick and tired of these shenanigans. Yes...Divine is calling shenanigans on these sum bitches.

    *The fans are chanting "fuck you" over and over, and Divine seems really irritated this time.*

    No...fuck all of you! Divine has done research, and Divine has got some clues as to who is behind these videos. So..Divine wants that tu tu wearing, pink splashing, party crashing, has a vagina since Boy George went smashing chumperino named Bloodstone to get his rooty pooty ass out here and answer as to why he is screwing with Divine's head.

    *Divine pauses, waiting...but nothing.*

    Divine said for Bloodstone to get his ass out here. Or does Divine have to come back there and whoop a sum bitch? Huh?

    *Divine pauses once more, and when nothing happens, he starts walking to the ropes.*

    *A girl appears on the titantron dressed in victorian clothing.*

    Quote Originally Posted by Mystery Man
    "The creature who walks among us.. Has passed on his message to me.. His presence will be felt once again...."
    *Divine pauses at the ropes, this time, not shaken, but extremely pissed.*

    Divine: Divine said enough!!! Enough of this melodramatic bullshit! Divine is sick and tired of these head games. Bloodstone, get your ass out here now! Divine isn't leaving this ring until he gets some answers, and if anyone tries to force the Divine One out of the ring, they will be in for a bad ass beatdown!

    *Divine pauses waiting...*

    Pentlion: And here comes the 'Pint Sized Rocker'!!

    Bodom: You see!! I told you!! I told you that it was some jealous idiot that was behind these pathetic videos!! And who could be more jealous than the shortest guy on the roster; Daymian Bloodstone!! And who can blame him!! He's got so much to be jealous about of Divine! He's about 2 feet shorter, both in height and in the love making department no doubt!

    *Bloodstone comes out from the crowd to a chorus of cheers. He shakes hands with fans before hopping the barricade and grabbing a mic. He stand on the announce table and looks at Divine*

    Bloodstone: Will you please shut the hell of! Dear lord you talk a lot. I mean seriously nobody out here cares what you say! As for the videos, I have no idea who is behind them and quiet frankly I don't care. The only thing I care about is getting my hand on you at Bred for Combat!

    *The crowd chats Bloodstone*

    Bloodstone: Now you had the balls to call me out here, Do you have the balls to face me right now? No rules no refs!

    *Crowd chants hell yes as Divine just laughs*

    Bloodstone: Oh maybe your afraid a stupid ass video will play causing you to lose? Whatever I'll just start this off

    *Shaz's music blasts on the PA system as the crowd jeer, and out he comes. He doesn't look happy at all, as he looks pissed.*

    Shaz: Yo, Bloodstone fam. Shut your fuckin' mouth. You sound like a butthurt, and utter twat. Well, man aint surprised since you are a twat. But that aint why I came out here. Why did I come out here? To tell you- that you are a wannabe. Not any type of wannabe- a TBOZ wannabe!

    That's right. You sound like TBOZ for fucks sake, acting as if you're the guy around here. But shit don't work like that fam, you get me? I'm the best in the world. And Divine can be the best, but we can all agree that he'll never be better than me.

    But Bloodstone- you aren't here cause you don't like Divine. You're here because you don't want a fresh breed being faces of EWNCW- And talking of myself being the best in the world- there seems to a load of people going around acting as if they are!

    *Crowd actually cheer Shaz- but Shaz doesn't have any of it.*

    Shaz: People, people. Don't try and make me a goodie two shoes, it's not happening, twats.

    *Crowd start to boo again*

    Shaz: But back to you Bloodstone, you see. You and TBOZ are blocking myself- and Chris Divine's paths to greatness. And funnily enough- Divine has a chance to prove that at Bred for Combat. Now- i know for a fact that Divine will kick your ass.

    But I just wanna thank you Bloodstone. Why? Because you are the reason to my success. After you jobbed to me, giving me my first title. Which I made more prestigious than anything else. I held it for the longest- and look where it's got me!!

    *Crowd boo Shaz's cockiness, however he laughs it off.*

    Shaz: So tonight. There's something that needs to be done. Tonight, I'll-

    Pentalion: Here comes the former World Heavyweight Champion!! Here comes the legend that is Olumpus' greatest!!

    Bodom: TBOZ better put that Shaz in his place!! You can't diss greatness like that!!

    TBOZ: Woah there Shaz, Divine. You two chumps seriously think that me and Bloodsotne here are blocking your path to the top?
    Has it occurred to you two that maybe you need to EARN your way tot eh top? I have been in this company from day one. DAY ONE!! I haven't missed a SINGLE day of work here!! I've been busting my ass here for these fans for longer than both of you combined!

    *Crowd cheer*

    TBOZ: Daymien here has also been here damn well longer than both of you, especially you Divine. And still you two think that you deserve to be ahead of us two in the pecking order? i think not. so unless you have anything sensible to say, I suggest that me and Daymian beat the crap out of you two right here right now!!

    *TBOZ rushes and slides into the ring as both sets of men get ready to square off, but they're cut off by the titantron.....*

    John Cleverly:
    Stop right there TBOZ! You might have been here for a long time, longer than me in fact! But that doesn't give you the right to say what happens here!! The 4 of you have your respective matches for Bred for Combat where you can settle your diferences. TBOZ is facing Shaz, and Divine, you're facing Bloodstone. So tonight, since you have problems with each others opponents as well as your own, let's see you swap opponents! So later tonight, we'll first see TBO facing Chris Divine, and then we'll see Shaz facing Daymian Bloodstone!!

    *fans cheer*

    Cleverly: But for now, clear the hell out of my ring, and get to the back!!

    Pentalion: 2 huge matches made there by our GM!!

    Bodom: You got that right! I can't pick a winner from the first one! TBO is a legend here in eWNCW, but Divine is a very competent up and coming guy in this company!

    Pentalion: You have to fancy Bloodston in the other match though, he has the experience!

    Bodom: What has Bloodstone done in eWNCW that's greater than what Shaz has accomplished? The answer is nothing. Bloodston is a one time Ignition Champion, Shaz is the same They're both in that position of trying to break into the next level, the next tier. That match will be equally close in my opinion

    Pentalion: Well we'll find out soon enough!!

  10. #520
    Bodom: Darren Bull has been on a roll lately, wouldn’t you agree, Pentalion?

    Pentalion: I would, Bodom; despite his remarks towards us, this man has been a beast in the ring since his debut, no losses.

    Bodom: He’s been backing whatever he’s said in that ring, night after night.

    Pentalion: And he’s going to get a chance to do that once more!

    Jason: Our next match is a handicap match, set for one fall. In this match, the team of two will be allowed to be in the ring at the same time. In the ring already, from Stockholm, Sweden, Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr, and his partner, Harley McCarthney!

    *The two men get hyped for the crowd, who sits there dead for them.*

    And their opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, Darren Bull!

    *Darren Bull forcefully walks out of the gorilla position and down to the ring. The crowd booing him as he makes his way down. He climbs into the ring and stares at the jobbers.*

    Pentalion: And he proves himself once more.

    Bodom: It looks like he’s going after a microphone again!

    Pentalion: I wonder what he’ll say this time!

    *Darren gets up from his victory with a huge smile on his face. Instead of allowing the referee to raise his hand, Bull rejects contact with the official. Darren heads out of the ring and goes over to the ring announcer and demands a microphone. Darren doesn't want to wait and decides to just take one immediately. He then returns to the ring where the ref is checking on the victims of Bull.*

    Darren: Do you all see what I did? Actually, scratch that. I know you all had to see that, because I'm the only good thing going on here in Rage. There is no one that can reach my type of skills. I have been proving that for the past couple of weeks. However, I am still being overlooked cause I am yet to have the star power of someone like K-Jammin. When in fact I'm better than that idiot.

    *Crowd begins to boo.*

    Darren: You can boo all you want, but you all know I'm better. However, my talents are being wasted by having me literally destroy this nobodies. I should not be in this type of position. I mean it's almost as bad as seeing every single one of or hearing those idiots ever week. *Points to the announcer table.

    *Crowd boos even more.*

    Darren: I mean I would actually rather hear the Spanish announce team than you two ass clowns. But, at least your not as bad as all this people here. They all know I'm the best damn thing to have come in a long time.Yet they decide to boo me and hate on me, but here's the good thing about all of this. I don't care about any of you. You are all the people who work in McDonalds flipping patties and then serving them to me. Hey, I actually got a good idea. How about once the show is finished I go to McDonalds and see how many of you fat ass bitches are there? I for one know you will either be making the burgers or eating your Big Macs like the fatties you are. Unlike me, you all can't lose that body fat.

    *Even more heat now comes towards Darren's way.*

    Darren: Go ahead and boo. I'm just stating the facts. The facts that I'm better than all of you. And just like I'm better than every single one of you here in the arena and sitting around the world, I'm better than all of this competition that has been giving to me. So, I have come to a conclusion that in order to make an impact and taken seriously is that I am issuing a challenge. That's right a challenge for anyone to face me at Bred For Compact. I don't care who you are, where your from, which company you are in, or anything like that cause you suffer the same fate many of men have suffered this past few weeks. I guess we can call this the Darren Bull Open Invitational. So come one, come all and experience the most brutal beating off your life. Live on PPV!

    *Bull exits the ring to a chorus of boos*

    Pentalion: Well there it is, the challenge has been laid down!!

    Bodom: Only a fool would challenge this man, nobody on the roster could stop the roll he's on!!


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