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    *Pyro etc*

    Christopher Pentalion: We are less than one week away from Bred for Combat, we've got an exciting card lined up from Rage, and the superstars are all fired up as they look to get the upper hand on their opponents!! Hello everyone and welcome to Monday night Rage, LIVE from Birmingham Alabama!!

    Bodom: Well if we're all as excited as you are Chris, then we're in for a great show tonight! WE already have our World Heavyweight Championship match set in stone, as we'll see Ronaldo Romulus facing the defending Champion K-Jammin for the most prestigious title in our business!

    Pentalion: I'm not sure which way that one's going Bodom. I mean, K-Jammin and Ronaldo both have some momentum behind them going into this ppv, it really is anyone's game!!

    Bodom: Well I for one Chris think that this man right here will be the one to take that Championship. Ronaldo Romulus is driven, he's educated, he's skilled in the ring, and it is clearly his destiny to win some more gold in this company.

    Pentalion: Well true, he's a former Evolution Champion, and since losing that Championship, he's had his sights set on the main gold here in EWNCW. He came within a whisker of beating Tommy Thunder for the EWNCW Championship after winning the War Games series, a feat in it's own! And he's now gunning for the World Heavyweight Championship. And right now, with the momentum he has, you wouldn't really bet against the guy!

    *Awakened from their lethargic frame of mind by the sound of Ronaldo Romulus’ music echoing around the arena, the crowd gets up on their feet and begin to boo emphatically as they await Romulus’ impending appearance before them. In no time at all, Ronaldo somberly advances from behind the curtain and the minute his face comes into view, the boos get even louder. With an almost bored expression on his face, Ronaldo walks down the ramp, ignoring all of the obnoxious fans in the front row, including a portly man leaning over the rail to flip him the bird. Taking only a quick glance at him, Ronaldo curls his lips up in a sneer and brushes him off by walking further away from him and disregarding his swearing at him. Instead of taking his time to climb up the steel steps, Ronaldo leaps onto the apron and holds onto the top rope while he looks back at all of the audience members behind him, booing him with forte. Romulus sulks slightly as he leans down to move between the top and middle rope. He walks over to the ring announcer and yanks the microphone out of his hand. Stepping into the middle of the ring, before he address the crowd, he rubs his temple with one hand while he keeps the microphone up to his mouth with the other one.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Instead of cogitating solely on the task of liberating you serfs from the tyranny of K-Jammin at Bred for Combat, I now must focus on the horizon, three potential challengers that inquire my future title.

    Like Ryan Wells, Jman is nothing more than a plebian who cannot inspire any reverence from me at all. After all, was he not the man I quelled to obtain the role as K-Jammin’s challenger? Should be become the number one contender, destroying him would be a rather…mundane preface of my ascension though that will not deter me from smiting him down. Still, I wish NOT to subjugate him again. Instead, there is only one entity that has monopolized my engrossment.”

    *Romulus takes a long pause, giving the crowd enough time to ponder over who Ronaldo is referring to. He doesn’t give them much time as he comes out and says it.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “William Carlin.”

    *At the sound of his name, the audience begins a mixed reaction of cheers and boos.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “ Like the legions of oppressors, that have persecuted and expelled the “Chosen Race” from society for centuries, this miscreant has chosen to take up the cowl as the EWNCW’s vindicator of “freedom”, deriving the task of supporting your aimless, rebellious and deleterious tendencies by advocating the prospect of religious independence, exemption from the Lord’s calling. Though, he has yet to berate or vilify my campaign and has done the Lord justice by abusing Seraphim, his latent longing to destroy me has not been ignored. Though he believes he battles flesh and blood, he truly contests with principality and virtue that exceed this earthly realm, the core of humanity, the salvation of the human race.

    Though I did not walk the Earth 2,000 years ago to witness His final act of grace, I revere and respect the Lord Jesus Christ who sacrificed His life to allow you serfs an opportunity of penance for your crimes. Lungs struggling for air, muscles and skin flagellated under the cat o’ nine tails, bruised for our iniquities, scorned for our transgressions, blood pouring from his broken skin, thorny wreath injecting his skull, wrists and feet pierced with barbed, iron spikes, forsaken from His Father, rugged wood grating his body; he allowed all of that torture to befall Him despite the verifiable truth that we deserved none of His compassion, never mind a caring glance and I am to forsake Him by granting Carlin the authorization to poison your minds further?!”

    *In conjunction with the raising of his voice, nearly everyone in the crowd starts to go into a booing uproar as Romulus disparages the only person to speak out against his regime. He doesn’t allow their rude interjection to distract him from channeling his inner rage into words.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::

    “Should he become the number one contender to MY World Heavyweight Championship during Bred for Combat, I will have the honor to smote that subversive lout under the heel of my conviction and begin the cleansing of deficiency under the guise of ROMULUS! You shall all be forced to look on at the crucifixion of that illusive deceiver at my hand should the reality of his victory come to pass! ”

    *Ronaldo clenches his fist and stares down at it with a deranged look on his face. Suddenly, he starts chuckling to himself and drops down to his knees with his head down, hair covering his face. The audience doesn’t know what to think of it as they look on as the chuckling progresses into laughing with wild abandon. He abruptly stops himself then slowly lifts his head, revealing eyes glazed over in euphoria and lips and teeth fashioned in a crooked smile.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “At Bred for Combat, it FINALLY arrives! The premonition of victory has just been granted to me from above! Prepare yourselves for the solace you and your families have yearned for! The time of the Chosen Race will most certainly come to pass! And as for that Seraphim, if he beckons for a worthy adversary, then I will not haste in dispatching him again and for all intents and purposes of the domain I wish to construct, I shall do so permanently! Never again to be tormented and flocked with those damned feathers and divine premonition! My veins will be free of the boiling ire that threatens to transform me into an animal! My…”
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