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    Pentalion: And now we have EWNCw reporter and anchorman; Dick Thompson coming out! I'm hearing that we're going to have an exclusive interview front he stage with ex Evolution Champion Ryan Wells right now!

    Bodom: Why are we interviewing him? Why aren't we interviewing the current champion?!

    Pentalion: Well I don't know about you Bodom, but I want to know Wells' thoughts on what happened in that tag match last week where Dimension took him out!!

    Dick Thompson: Thank you, thank you all!! My name is EWNCW anchorman Dick Thompson, and I'm kind of a big deal!
    Now I'm out here tonight to host a special interview with a man that's much loved by our fans; the former Evolution Champion, Ryan Wells, so without further ado, let's get 'The Freak' out here right now!!

    Dick Thompson: Well Ryan thanks for coming out here this week.
    Firstly, let's go back to 2 weeks ago when mark Dimension granted you your rematch and a chance to regain the Evolution Championship. How glad were you that Mark gave you that chance?

    Well thank you Dick, always a pleasure to get some air time with the legendary Dick Thompson! But getting to the question, I can say that the Mark Dimension I asked two weeks ago for a rematch for the Evolution Title is not the same one who attacked me last week. This title has changed Mark and this is one of the fears I had before evening going into our match at No Guts, No Glory. With championships and titles, it changes people. I mean, look at Krysys, K-Jammin, TBOZ, and heck, King Strem got to be even more of a dick then before he had the International Title! Oh I allowed to say that on National Television?

    Dick Thompson: Oh boy...let me check with my producer...*touches his ear piece*...yes, on the fact that it is a true statement, you can say it. *Crowd starts laughing and cheering*

    Wells: Smart man your producer is...but getting back to the point, the Evolution Title changed Mark. He was a good, honest, and true wrestler and also a good friend and person. But now, he has turned into a filthy, cheating, and back-stabbing wrestler who is no more of a friend to me then Ronaldo Rumulus. I am relieved he gave me this opportunity at Bred For Combat, because he made an enemy out of me, not a smart career choice at all. Now I'm not holding back, I will treat him as the man who stole my championship, and not my friend. He has a death wish coming, and I'm here to make it come true.
    *Crowd starts cheering for Wells' determination*

    Dick Thompson: Now all seemed to be well between you both at that point, and even during the early parts of your tag team match last week, but then something happened, and Mark snapped. He flipped out and he, simply put, took you out and left you hanging. Your thoughts on what happened?

    Wells: It is because the power has rushed to his head and the paranoia of him losing the championship has changed him, and not for the better. He attacked me and cheap-shoted me and that is why I was pinned, not because of the other wrestlers, who I am far more superior to in strength, skill, and experience. He is feeling the power rushing to his head, but what will end up happening at Bred For Combat, is he will feel the power rushing through my veins as I destroy him and reclaim what is mine.

    *Crowd is chanting "Champion, Champion" while screaming and cheering for Wells*

    Dick Thompson: So after what happened, have your thoughts on Mark changed?

    Wells: I feel bad for Mark, that is one of my thoughts on him. Bad for him for two reasons. One, he turned me from a good friend into a dangerous enemy. And two, because he has to face me knowing at full-strength and not holding back, like I did in our first match, although I lost cleanly, I can and will beat him brutally. Actually, I'll add another reason, because I will end his wrestling career at Bred For Combat and he'll having nothing else going for him. Like over in EWA, Mike Muir, who happens to be here now, who will never go anywhere in life or in wrestling, he attacked me several times and regrets making an enemy out of me. He should have learned from Mike, to not make me an enemy. Ask Ronaldo, because I could've sworn...I was the one who beat him for the Championship in the first place, and ask him about the counseling he needs once a week because of the nightmares of our match at Pain For Treasure.

    *Crowd is laughing and cheering, remembering the title win Wells had*

    Wells: Mark is a well...marked man now because he crossed me. It's one thing to attack me and fight me and learn the meaning of brute force by my hands, but it's another to be my friend and betray me like Mark did. It only makes me more angry and determined. After I am done with him at Bred For Combat and the Evolution Championship is put back around the waist it belongs, mine, he's going to not only to lose the title, but one more thing. I'm going to send him travelling, from the 3rd Dimension, to the 2nd Dimension, when I flatten him when I get my hands on him!

    *Drops mic, raises arms and the crowd jumps up with deafening levels of cheering and Wells absorbs it all in before picking the mic back up*Dick Thompson: Well, that is certainly a speech that sends shockwaves throughout and chills down my spine. Thank you for your time Ryan, and good luck at Bred For Combat.

    Wells: No problem Dick, but thank you for your time. But it's the least I can do for these awesome EWNCW fans!

    *The segment ends with Wells once again turning to an exploding crowd full of screaming, standing, and cheering when......

    Mark Dimension comes out with a with a Flying Forearm Smash to the back of Wells Head, out of nowhere

    Dick Thompson tries to run off as MD snatches him by the neck, you can notice MD is making him watch as MD points towards Wells.

    ground and pound position hitting him with stiff shots
    Wells rolls unto his stomach trying to block his head
    MD is knocking him with left and right underhooks

    MD stands back and gives him a hard kick to the ribs, Wells gives out a hard yell while rolling towards the right side of the top stage

    He then calls Dick Thompson over and swipe's mic away from him and goes to stand over where Wells lays*

    Mark Dimension:
    Let me tell you the difference between you and me. IM the Most Vicious INDIVIDUAL walking Planet Earth,let Alone EwncW.You found out the harsh way.The Only way ,but you see ...

    *rushes towards camera and brings it close*

    You went into this Fight at first thinking, as a friend and just a match of competition.WELL,WELLS ...Thats when YOU failed yourSELF!

    *over wells says*


    *Wells lift his hand up slightly*

    DONT TOUCH ME! *starts stomping away austin style on his head*

    Ryan, if you dont stand for something ,youll fall for anything.
    I cant believe your blindNESS ,thaTS HOW LONG it took you,IS this HOW long IT TOOK to find somE kind of fire.
    ENOUGH OF YOUR Ridiculous Claims that you wont live up to,pathetic former champion.
    JUST KNOW NOW to kEep your eyes pealed.keep your mind aware. because i strike at every moment for the rest of your life till i make me stop.
    i cant make me stop.
    i cant stop The G.O.D. AT WORKK NOOOOOO !!!!!
    WHY WOULD I ,Imagine that RYAN WELLS.
    may the fan's guide you into the reality when they cheer NOT for you to have a chance against me. *laughs*
    But for your Blood dripping from you unto the Mat
    What they want .is a Final Finish.

    *starts yelling*

    i shall assert my dominance on you,on everyone else and who ever wants to QUESTION ,JUST WHHYY I AM THE EVOLUTION CHAMPION

    *Wells slowly and very groggily starts to get up. He's to one knee and as he stands Dimension charges and delivers a huge spear, driving Wells through a part of the stage (think Rhyno on Jericho)!
    He then grabs the mic again and goes to Wells who lays in amongst the wreck*


    *Dimension drops the mic and leaves as the crowd boo him profusely*

    My GOD! That man has completely snapped!! He's totally taken Wells apart there!!

    Bodom: I can't see Wells making it to Bred for Combat. Mark Dimension has reignited that fire that was lit under his ass back when he went under that undefeated streak, and we all know what happened then!

    Pentalion: He went on to be undefeated for months on end!! Nearly a whole year if I recall!
    Wells is in a world of trouble heading into Bred for Combat, and it looks like there's no stopping Dimension!

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    Pentalion: As we talked about earlier, the tag-team match that involved Divine, Hooligan, Kyojin, and Bloodstone, resulted in a match. Divine versus Kyojin, which Divine won after a cheap shot earlier tonight. There was a second match made, which will be coming up in a few moments.

    Bodom: Unnecessary shot at the victor for using his brains and winning a match. But that’s not what’s important right now! Bloodstone, in a few moments, is going to face Hooligan, and if things go correctly, Hooligan is going to beat him - proving, that Divine and Hooligan are better than their detractors, even you, Pentalion.

    Pentalion: What’s he going to do? Cheap shot Bloodstone in the baby maker as well? Pathetic.

    Bodom: Just you watch and see- Hooligan X is going to take this match handedly and I hope he comes over to this table and rubs his victory in your face!

    *The camera leaves the table and heads to the top of the ramp.*

    Jason: The next match is a singles match, scheduled for one-fall. Introducing first, from Leeds, England, VAN HOOLIGAN X!

    *Van walks out to the ramp and heads down towards the ring. He got the pinfall last week, and is confident he can do the same with a different opponent and no back up. He slides into the ring and completes a three-sixty, letting the crowd get a full look at him. They boo loudly, but he brushes them off.*

    Bodom: Look at that boy there, a true winner as shown last week, a feat he is going to repeat this week to prove that he isn’t a fluke!

    Jason: And his opponent, from Boulder, Nevada, ‘The Pint Sized Rocker’ DAYMIAN BLOODSTONE!

    *Bloodstone makes his way to the stage to a loud, rousing chorus of cheers. He cracks his neck and throws his hands up in the air. He keeps his eyes on Hooligan as he makes his way down to the ring. The crowd reaches out and tries to touch him, with some succeeding. He slides into the ring and immediately gets in the face of Hooligan, forcing the ref to separate them.*

    Pentalion: That tells the story right there! Bloodstone does not like Hooligan, almost as much as he dislikes Divine. Will Bloodstone be making an example out of Hooligan here tonight? And will it carry over to Bred for Combat?

    Bodom: It doesn’t matter, Hooligan is going to get the win here and prove his superiority!

    Morrison(Bloodstone) vs Barrett(VanHooliganX)

    (Stop at 4:00)

    *Hooligan picks up Bloodstone and rams him into the side of the ring again. With the ref up to the count of five, he tosses the man back into the ring and slides in quickly after him. The crowd boos at the fact that Hooligan is in control. He drops down and puts Bloodstone in a headlock, causing the man to try and reach out for the ropes, to no avail. Every time he makes a move towards them, Hooligan slides around and takes him away from his salvation. Hooligan starts his smack talk, teasing Bloodstone with the ropes, but not letting him near enough to them to break the hold. “GO AHEAD! TAP! TAP! TAP!” Hooligan yells at Bloodstone, who is fighting for air. Hooligan finally lets him go and slams his head down into the ring. The crowd boos, but Hooligan is unfazed. Hooligan goes to the top rope and poses for a moment, drawing the ire of the fans. Hooligan smiles and goes for a knee drop from the top rope, but Bloodstone rolls out of the way. Hooligan grimaces in pain, as the crowd begins to hype Bloodstone up to get back in the match!*

    Bodom: Bloodstone got lucky there. Van made a mistake going to the top rope, but it’s insignificant, he’s going to get back in the game and walk out of that ring with the victory!

    Pentalion: If you say so! Bloodstone is a veteran of the ring, and he’s going to prove that right here!

    *Bloodstone uses the ropes to pick himself up after catching his breath. He goes on the attack, not allowing Hooligan to get in exchanging blows in. Smart move on his part. He hypes himself up and hits an uppercut like open hand slap. He moves Hooligan back up, and hits him with a open hand slap, causing the crowd to break out in a chorus of WOOOOOO’s. The slap and reactions are repeated, until Bloodstone stops and measures Hooligan, hitting him with a beautiful drop kick,. As he lands on his back, he rolls and pops himself up. The crowds roars their approval for his ability to bounce back. He sees Hooligan back against the turnbuckles and goes to execute a Enzuigiri, but Hooligan has him scouted. Holigan ducks under the kick, and catches Bloodstone on his shoulder, as Bloodstone comes down. The crowd is shocked that Hooligan is able to use such power to catch someone in a power slam position. Hooligan uses another burst of strength to flip the Pint Sized Rocker over in position for the VanHammer, a gut wrench neck breaker.*


    *Hooligan heads towards the middle of the ring. As he yells for the VanHammer, Bloodstone slips out and down, pulling Hooligan down into a roll up pin*




    *The bell rings, and Bloodstone gets his hand raised in victory. He leans over the ropes and yells towards Bodom. “WHAT WAS THAT? I’M GOING TO LOSE?” He looks into the hard camera and yells, “DIVINE YOU ARE NEXT!”

    Pentalion: Well, that was certainly a groundbreaking match, and both men looked strong. Bloodstone gets the win - so now, we have to see how Divine will respond, next week, and how things pan out for Bred for Combat.

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    Pentalion: Now, as we saw earlier tonight, Hanz Gruber assaulted one of the talents we have in this company in a vicious way. It was absolutely disgusting how he handled that situation.

    Bodom: The champion had every right to handle it like he did! That man disrespected him and he showed him he was not one to be disrespected by the likes of him! Now, if you want to talk about how something was disgusting, let’s talk about Blue Flash and Reiko trying to gang up on the champion, because they know they can’t beat him one on one!

    Pentalion: Oh, come on, take your blinders off! Arius was back there too! It was a even fight, straight down the middle. But that leads us to this right here, doesn’t it? Cleverly, after the gentlemen were pulled apart, made a tag-team match. Reiko and Flash, versus Arius and Hanz. This match is going to be a straight up and down, knock’em down, drag out fight.

    Bodom: Yes it is, and Arius and Hanz will show Reiko and Flash that they should show respect to those who are their superiors!

    *The camera goes to the top of the ramp as Jason begins to speak.*

    Jason: This next match is a tag-team match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from the Justice League - The Blue Flash!

    *The Flash comes out with a scowl on his face. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge the crowd, he just seems intent on getting to the ring and getting this match started. As he heads down the ramp, two figures, one wearing a title belt, come out from the side and attack him from behind! Flash is knocked forward, causing him to roll down the metal ramp. Hanz and Arius go on the attack, stomping him and kicking him towards the ring. After a few moments, a third figure is seen coming from the gorilla position. This figure, identified as Reiko, leaps and crashes into Arius, knocking him away from Flash. As a byproduct of the crash, Hanz is knocked away from Flash, but not far. All four men try to recuperate, and as soon as they are all up; they start attacking the opposition. Flash throws Hanz in the ring and immediately goes in after him. Arius follows behind, but doesn’t get far before getting a clothesline from behind by Reiko. The referee gets between the four men, in an effort to get the match underway. During this time, Flair comes to the ring, followed by Alice.*

    Pentalion: What was that?! Hanz and Arius attacked Flash from behind!

    Bodom: That’s what we in the business call getting retribution!

    Aries/Bryan(Flash/Reiko) vs MCMG(Hanz/Arius)

    (Stop at: 6:50)

    *Flash grabs up Arius and looks across the ring at Hanz, mouthing off towards him. He starts hitting Arius with elbows to the shoulder and chest. The crowd chants citizen in time with the strikes. He takes Arius over into a headlock, and slides him back towards his corner of the ring. Reiko tags in and starts putting the boots to Arius’ chest. Flash rolls under the ropes and stands up on the apron. Flair can be heard from the side of the ring urging Reiko to keep on the attack. Arius finds himself back first against the wrong turnbuckle. Reiko and Flash tag in and out repeatedly, each getting in an average of three or four stomps and punches before tagging back out. The buck stops with Reiko, who picks Arius up and teases whipping him towards Hanz. Instead, he stops the momentum, and sends him towards Flash in the corner. Arius smartens up and leaps a bit, smashing a forearm into Flash’s jaw. Reiko turns around and heads towards him but catches a forearm as well. Arius starts feeding him forearm after forearm. He takes a step back and attempts to jump over Reiko, who is bent low, but Reiko lifts in time to catch him and keep him from Hanz. The Prodigy, uses his momentum and positioning to lean himself over Reiko’s back and flip down, rolling Reiko into a pin. The ref counts, but the man breaks out at two. Reiko rolls back, but gets hit by Hanz, who leans in to make the blow. Arius takes advantage, as Reiko turns around to retaliate and hit’s a German Suplex, before making the tag to Hanz.*

    Bodom: These two teams are working well together, but you can see in their attacks that they aren’t pulling any punches!

    *Hanz looks across the ring at Flash, before leaning down and grabbing Reiko by the hair. The ref warns him to let go of his hair, but Hanz ignores him and drags him across the ring. He nonchalantly tosses Reiko towards Flash, but just before he can make the tag, he pulls him by his hair and drops him to the ground. His eyes don’t leave Flash, as he stomps repeatedly on Reiko. He mouths “Champion” towards Flash and then drops down to pin Reiko. Reiko kicks out at two, but Hanz doesn’t seem put off by this development. Instead, he lifts Reiko’s head and moves it around, so that Flash can see his partner. “LOOK AT THAT!” He grabs Reiko’s arms and slides him back to the other side of the ring. He tags in Arius, who immediately slaps on a Boston Crab. Reiko frantically looks for the ropes, and eventually finds them, but has the damage been done? Arius moves off Reiko, and looks down at Alice, winking. He flips Flair the bird, who goes into a frenzy, threatening to whoop the disrespectful runt’s ass. As the ref attempts to keep Flair from getting in the ring, Arius hangs Reiko on the bottom rope; where Hanz and Alice take turn hitting him with punches and slaps, respectively - the latter of which only doing so when egged on by Arius. Flash tries to call the attention to it, but he ends up doing more harm than good.*

    Pentalion: That referee needs to turn around! This is blatant cheating!

    Bodom: What did I tell you - let me get my Tickle, of Moonshiner’s fame, voice out for you. “Ain’t nothing illegal ‘til you get caught.”

    *Arius tags in Hanz, who puts an arm bar on Reiko. For a few moments, he holds on the arm bar, and then releases it. As he does, he pulls him into another arm bar. Reiko fights to the ropes to force the break. Reiko makes his way towards his corner, with Hanz on his trail, seemingly undeterred by Reiko heading that way. “I AM THE CHAMPION!” He drops an elbow on Reiko, and then another. “GO AHEAD! TAG HIM IN!” Despite what he says, he doesn’t allow the tag to go through. Hanz starts showboating in the ring as Reiko rolls out. When the referee starts counting, Hanz turns him around so he can make the tag to Arius. With the tag complete, Arius hops down and runs his hand along the cheek of Alice, before making his way around the ring. He throws Reiko into the guard rail, as Hanz and Alice attempt to take away the referee’s attention. As they do, Flair slips around and pushes Arius, before hitting him with a loud chest slap. The crowd pops with a WOOOOOO! Flair hits him with another, and then another, until the ref turns his head rapidly. The crowd dies down with the woo’s.*

    Bodom: There was absolutely no reason for that!

    Pentalion: What did you say? “Ain’t nothing illegal ‘til you get caught?”

    *Reiko recovers and throws Arius into the ring, he slides in and immediately tags in Blue Flash. Arius attempts to get away, but Flash grabs him by the right leg and stops him. “VILLIAN ARIUS! YOU HAVE BEEN CAPTURED!” He pulls Arius to his feet, and hits him with a forearm to the side of the head. He grabs his left arm and pushes him back, before rocketing him into the ropes; on the return, he executes a Japanese arm drag. As the crowd pops. Arius rolls off to the corner to catch his breath. As he does, he gets up, but sees he can’t get to his corner without being stopped. Flash comes for him, but Arius kicks him in the gut, and then takes his head off with a clothesline. Instead of going for the tag, he decides to finish Flash off with his ‘The Final Touch’. He picks the hero up, and gives him a hard knee to the gut. He turns towards the closest, safest turnbuckle, and attempts to climb it. As he does so, he sees something that is shocking to him. Alice is walking towards Flair; uncaring of Arius. The two embrace and then display their affections with a long, kiss. As Arius is in shock, Flash comes up from behind and pulls him into a Belly to Back Suplex Lift, yanking him off the turnbuckle. Arius frantically tries to reach out for Hanz, but is out of reach.*

    Bodom: Oh lord! The superhero is attempting his famous Blue Moon Knee! Tragic! How does he get so lucky?!?!?!

    *Flash hoists Arius up and over, executing the Blue Moon Knee, a bleely to back suplex lift flipped into a high knee. Flash gets the pin, and a 1-2-3. Hanz tries to break it up, but Reiko is right there to knock him out of the ring, preventing the pin disruption. Reiko and Flash celebrate in the ring, with Reiko putting his foot on Arius. Alice stands outside the ring watching, fighting hard not to hold in the smile that wants to overtake her face. Hanz leaves ringside and grabs his title, holding it up as he walks to the back - locking eyes with Flash as he does so.*

    Pentalion: It seems, Flash and Reiko showed Hanz and Arius that they needed to have some respect! They walk out the victors of a hard fought battle. With Bred for Combat so close, you have to wonder what is in store!

    Bodom: I can tell you this, for Flash and Reiko, it won’t be pretty. They worked well together here tonight

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    We're back here on Rage, and we're now witnessing The Prophecy coming to the ring!! He has been challenged to a match against Holy Jose at Bred for Combat but thus far, he's seemingly not keen...

    Correction Chris, he's simply holding off from playing his hand. He has yet to agree nor turn down the match, for all we know, he's always known that he'll accept the match!! 'It's Jose that's just hasty and not willing to be patient and wait for his answer!!

    Well Holy Jose himself was set to be here tonight, but has been hist by a bout of food poisoning and so he won't be here tonight, but I can only hope that The Prophecy will now announce which way he's going with this challenge here tonight.

    *Prophecy comes out wearing a black robe, with the hood over his face.*

    Proph: HolyJose, will you ever face the fact and bow down to your inferiority complex? You failed in your meager efforts previously, and yet for some obscure reason you relentlessly harp on about defeating me. Why Jose? Is it some sort of Holy Grail for you, to vanguish that which you cannot vanquish?

    *Prophecy removes his hood.*

    Proph: But this is your lucky day Jose, you see you have became a meddlesome fly that needs to be squashed. Cervantes once said "A closed mouth catches no flies"...and over the last few weeks, you have repeatedly opened your mouth to try and convince me to face you once again. Well now its my turn to talk, and once that bothersome fly known as HolyJose comes for me, I will dispose of him once and for all. You want a rematch, you have it.

    Bodom: And Prophecy has accepted the match. HolyJose vs Prophecy is going to happen. I wonder how HolyJose feels about this turn of events!

    Pentalion: He must be elated, but is he ready for what's to come? Prophecy seems to be tired of HolyJose and is going to want to end at Bred for Combat and end it for good!

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    This was meant to be before the Kyojin vs Divine match

    *Daymian walks in and to get ready when he sees Kyojin getting ready for his match*

    Bloodstone: Hey man I wanted to apologize for what happened last week. I should have been paying more attention.

    *Kyo looks up for a couple of seconds before finishing lacing his boots up. He stands up and looks at Daymian*

    Kyojin: I get it man, don't worry about it. We both lost that match last week and it isn't entirely your fault. I've gotta take some of the blame too. I didn't see Van coming when it was one of the oldest tricks in the book. It's okay though. Tonight we each have a chance at redemption. We each have a chance to kick Divine & Van's asses tonight and neither of those two deserve anything less than being put on the mat for a one, two, three count.

    Bloodstone: You got that right. As much as I would like to be the one facing Divine tonight, I know that there isn't a chance in hell that he'll be getting the win against you. As for Van, It'll be fun beating his ass all over that ring and putting his ego in check.

    Kyojin: I know you have the ability to do that. Van won't know what hits him. As for Divine, well you can let me worry about him for tonight. I'll gladly rearrange his face on the way to showing him that the Divine way is the wrong way. I'll expose Divine's 'rooty pooty' ass for what he really is. A cheap The Rock impersonator whose entire body holds not even half of Rocky's little finger's talent. And THAT is some Divine truth.

    Bloodstone: I have no doubt in my mind that Divine will be handed the beating of his life. Looks like you're up man. Good luck. Wipe the stupid ass smile off his face for me.

    *offers a handshake*

    Kyojin: Thanks man. Tonight, I know you'll treat Van to a real beatdown.

    *Kyojin takes the handshake and walks away, ready for his match.*

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    Pentalion: The Beard of Zeus enters!! The last great man to hold or challenge for the World Heavyweight Champion!!

    Bodom: You got that right Chris!! Mah boy TBOZ is the man here in EWNCW!!

    Pentalion: He is indeed. But I digress, he's been challenged for his spot by Shaz these past few weeks, and just last week, he was laid flat out backstage.

    Bodom: A disgrace!! I hope TBOZ gives it to this guy at Bred for Combat!! I can't stand the thought of Shaz climbing the ranks to the main event here!!

    *TBOZ comes out to a rousing reception. He's visibly wincing and has a slight limp on his way to the ring from the pain of the beatdown he took from Shaz the past week.
    He eventually reaches the ring and slowly enters before grabbing a mic*

    TBOZ: Last week I hit a low. A low that I haven't hit for a long time here in EWNCW. I was laid out backstage by some rough, tough, cowardly thug.

    *crowd boo*

    TBOZ: Yeah, I'm talking about Shaz of course. He's come out here for the past couple of weeks claiming that he's on his way to the top of this company, claiming that he's the next big thing here in EWNCW, and I have given him a chance to prove that at Bred for Combat by facing me. Well let me tell you this Shaz, if it's by taking out people backstage you're hoping to reach the top here, then you're very much mistaken. There's no respect in that. There's no honor in that. You're nothing but a slimy backstabbing arse, and I'm going to had you your arse at Bred for Combat.

    *the crowd cheer*

    TBOZ: I am one half of the greatest tag team in the history of this business! God Money!! And I'm one quarter of the best stable in the history of this business alongside Splattered ating on aDreams, Rich Cranium,.....

    *a "RICHARD CRANIUM" chant starts*

    TBOZ: And that man right there; the legend that is Bodom!!

    *a "BODOM" chant starts*

    TBOZ: And last week you Shaz did indeed beat Bodom right there, but instead of leaving it at that, you just had to take it one step too far. You just had to carry on beating on a defenseless man, no, a LEGEND of this business. And then you took it yet another step too far when you beat me up, took it backstage and choked me out with that belt.

    *crowd boo*

    TBOZ: I am a not just any superstar in this company Shaz, I am The Beard of Zeus!! I am one half of the most successful tag team in this company's history, I am a former World Heavyweight Champion, and I am a legend!!

    *crowd cheer*

    TBOZ: And if you think for one second that I...

    *To the disdain of the collective Rage audience and The Beard of Zeus, the theme music of Ronaldo Romulus, the number one contender of the World Heavyweight Championship, blasts from the PA system. TBOZ faces the ramp as he awaits the culprit behind the disturbance. In no time at all, Ronaldo Romulus appears before the multitude of booing spectators and glaring TBOZ. In a rare occasion, instead of coming out in his wrestling attire, Romulus is lithely clad in a black suit, black dress pants, purple tie, Aston Grey loafers and a pair of sunglasses along with this hair tied up in a ponytail. Microphone grasped tightly in the grasp of his left hand, Ronaldo strolls down the entrance ramp, a smirk tugging the side of his face as he blocks out the sound of the abusive fans giving him what for. One in particular holds out a homemade sign that reads “Ronaldo Romulus= Big Factor, Small Denominator”. Apparently not getting the hidden meaning of the insult or just not giving a damn, Ronaldo pushes the sign aside, not giving it or the fan flipping him the bird a second glance, and continues to keep The Beard of Zeus waiting as he takes his time coming down the ramp. Eventually, he steps up the steel ramp and enters the ring through the top and middle rope, all while staring down The Beard of Zeus. Romulus’ music stops and he takes a few steps towards TBOZ before coming to a stop right in front of him. Romulus slowly lifts the microphone up to the side of his face.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “If I, or anyone of these serfs, are to accredit you as a legend based on the ventures that you consummated in the Arthurian age, your logic is as erratic as your pseudonym. Yes, you indeed have been the World Heavyweight Champion yet where have your feats led you now? What event has culminated your journey as of late? Quibbling with the likes of Shaz? Did you factor his age as debilitating factor that you could exploit? Oh yes. I am able to discern your rather unimpaired vessel quite accurately, free of any abuse.”

    *Romulus stares down at the leg that TBOZ limped on and shakes his head, chortling to himself as the audience continue to boo him. TBOZ only glares at him as he mocks his state of health. He looks back up and looks like he’s about to say something but breaks out in laughter again, more heartily than before. He doubles over as he tries to catch his breath and returns to his standing posture to confront TBOZ at eye level.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “In the dusty, disheveled, damp archives of this company’s history, you can be regarded as an icon. Headliner, innovator, pioneer. But, as I strive to enlighten the peons of the EWNCW, your presence is not longer relevant but rather likened to an impotent, archaic memento that no longer reserves any significant context in this age. As the victor of last week’s main event, I am once again presented with the earmark of the EWNCW’s salvation when at Bred for Combat, K-Jammin contests with me in a battle for EWNCW’s soul hanging in the balance. I am a future world champion while you sift through the realm of obscurity, bombarding my eardrums with tales of escapades past as if I am a wide-eyed youth, cross legged and eager to be indulged by your copiously tedious discourse.”

    *Romulus quickly snatches off his sunglasses, revealing his narrowed eyes and crooked eyebrows. He steps even closer to TBOZ and just stares back at him while the audience starts chanting “Shut the fuck up!”*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::

    *With his bold declaration and personal stab, the audience continues to chant and boo, nearly blowing the roof of the place.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Even you…even you can’t discern reality from your brand of transparent deception. I, need nothing to shield from because I embrace the hostility head on. The epic of Odysseus would never have amounted to such an apocryphal status without the hero being scourged and tormented at every turn. Would the triumph of any dignitary be worth retelling without the marks of suffering decorating his back? For over a year, I have conquered the best that Rage has produced on many occasions from Ryan Wells to Gillz and even you. All that is left is K-Jammin, who bears the crown jewel that I must possess before my mission can bear any fruit. All he shall remain with is that harlot, Eden Sky, who only distracts him from his impending demise. Such a relic of the past, like yourself, has no place in that deciding conclusion. I no longer wish to allot my bask in glory with the likes of you.”

    *Romulus literally butts heads with TBOZ and remains in close proximity with him, having the resolve not to flinch from where he is.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Leave at once.”

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    Bodom: What the hell does this guy want?!

    Pentalion: Well Shaz must have heard something he didn't agree with!! i don't like him either, but at least we should be able to understand what he says!!

    *Shaz's music blasts on the PA System, as Shaz makes his way to the ring with a mic with ease. He ignores the crowds jeers as he slides into the ring, just staring at TBOZ.*

    Shaz: TBOZ, I hope you're okay man! I hope I didn't hurt you too much. Because I still want you to have some energy left inside you. Why? Simple, because I want you fit and healthy for our match at Bred for Combat. You see, I don't care if you're 25%, 50%, 100%, it doesn't matter. I wanna kick your ass as much as I can, because I wanna be the one who ends your fantastic career. No, I AM gonna be the one who shatters your career into little pieces. And I really it funny...

    Funny, how you always go on, and on, and on about you being part of GodMoney, being part of your legendary stable. Because all those things are legendary. But it feels weird doesn't it TBOZ? Knowing that I am a bigger legend than all of those ridiculous achievements. I gave your bitch, Bodom, an ass kicking. Except for the fact, that you'll feel triple the pain I delivered to your whore. You see, you were coming for me after I made Bodom lay there sobbing like the twat he is, so I done to you, what you would have done to me.

    *Crowd boo Shaz, as Ronaldo Romulus claps, looking impressed at Shaz*

    Shaz: You see Ronaldo, me and you never get on. In fact, I despise your guts. As I know for a fact, that you despise mine. But truth be told, I didn't understand a single word you said but luckily for me. I've got my iPhone on me, so I was able to look up every single word you said. And I quite frankly, agree with everything you said. As for you TBOZ, you're nothing but a washed up veteran. Me and Ronaldo may not get along, but we can agree with the fact that WE are the futures of EWNCW!

    TBOZ, so far. You have never had any real challenge, you haven't faced a guy with my quality, my expertise. I am the best in the world, and I'm pretty delighted about the fact that you are ready to gamble your life, your own career against someone who can tarnish the legacy you have created in the EWNCW. Now, I can't deny the fact that you have ability. But that ability hasn't been utilised against anyone with talent. So you should consider yourself lucky.

    But every single week, you piss me off even more. And you are just asking me. Asking me to hurt you. I'm an animal, waiting to unleash on you. But there is a massive problem, because I didn't wanna wait until Bred for Combat to make you cry like the bitch that you are. So you wanna know something? I want you in this ring right now! Forget Bred for Combat, why would I want to settle it then, when I could just do it now? What do you say, bitch?

    Pentalion: Well Shaz wants to do this right now!! He doesn't want to wait!! You faced him last week Bodom, what do you think?....

    *Bodom however is standing on the commentary table in vintage fashion and has taken his headset off and is holding a microphone*

    Bodom: Woah woah woah there Shaz!!! Hold on a minute there!! I know what you're doing!! You know for a fact that you can't beat TBOZ on ppv, so you want to spare yourself the humiliation of loosing on ppv and lose right here, right now tonight.
    Well I tell you, that's not going to happen!! These fans want to see that match on ppv, so that's the way it's going to be!!

    *fans cheer*

    Bodom: But I have a better idea for tonight, since you've got your new best friend Romulus in the ring with you there, how about I get in that ring and we have ourselves a tag team match!! You two take on me and TBOZ, God Money!!

    *the fans cheer as Bodom takes off his white cowboy hat and his blazer before quickly taking his tie off and ripping off his shirt. He then rips off his trousers t reveal his wrestling uniform underneath!! He then jumps down and gets intot he ring as the crowd chant "GOD MONEY! GOD MONEY!"*

    Pentalion: What the?! Well ok, it seems as if we've got ourselves a tag team main event on our hands!! Ronaldo Romulus and Shaz teaming against a God money reunion of TBOZ and Bodom here!!

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    Pentalion: As you can probably hear and see, my broadcast partner, Bodom - is participating in this next match!

    BoD(Bodom and TBOZ) vs. Jeri-Show(Ronaldo and Shaz)

    (Stop at 6:50)

    *GodMoney poses in the ring as they look at Ronaldo and Shaz trying to regroup and come up with a plan. TBOZ gets out of the ring as Shaz gets in, and Ronaldo takes his place at the side. Shaz slinks back to his corner and tags in Ronaldo, who cautiously enters the ring. Both men begin to circle each other, before Bodom suggests a test of strength. His left hand goes up and Ronaldo teases grabbing it, but doesn’t and switches to his other hand. As Bodom goes to grab it, Ronaldo switches again. Bodom huffs and makes a grab at the hand, but Ronaldo kicks him in the midsection. Ronaldo grabs the back of the man’s head and looks around at he crowd, before sending him chest first into the turnbuckles. As he bounces back, Ronaldo charges forward, ramming a shoulder into Bodom’s back and forcing him back against the turnbuckle. He repeats this action until the ref gets to a count of four. Ronaldo mocks TBOZ, and kicks Bodom, before moving over to tag Shaz. He makes the tag and turns back to Bodom. He picks the man up and sets up for a double suplex. Shaz takes his position, and they lift him, but instead of going back, they first use the ropes to add to the momentum. The slingshot suplex is a success, and Ronaldo exit’s the ring, a smile on his face. TBOZ can be seen on the ring, itching to get in there with Shaz. He calls out for Bodom, but draws the attention of Shaz. Shaz looks down at Bodom and kneels beside him, lifting his head to look at TBOZ. “Look at GodMoney now! Pathetic!” He positions himself and applies the Scissored ArmBar Crossface, forcing the screaming Bodom to look at TBOZ. Bodom refuses to tap, despite the pain, and the increasing pressure Shaz applies to the move. Eventually, Shaz lets up and goes back to let Bodom up. Bodom is slow to his feet, his left arm crossing over his midsection from the damage its sustained thus far.*

    Pentalion: I may not agree with what Bodom spews sometimes, but this is getting hard to watch. Bodom is one tough son of a bitch, but if he doesn’t get a tag soon, Ronaldo and Shaz may figuratively and literally break him.

    *Shaz lines up and punts Bodom in the midsection, sending him rolling across the ring in pain. He nonchalantly follows him and brings him to his feet. He grabs Bodom’s chin and slaps him in the face twice. He moves the dazed man back and turns, setting up for a standing Shiranui. He goes to pull off the move, but Bodom pushes him a little higher than required. On the come down, Bodom grabs Shaz’s head and pulls him into a desperation cutter-like move. The crowd is split between loud cheers and boos, at the sudden revelation. Bodom and Shaz both wince in pain; though Bodom does so as he tries to get to his feet. He reaches towards TBOZ but is still too far away. Shaz attempts to stop him, but has to fight through his own pain. Bodom inches closer to TBOZ, as Shaz makes it to his feet, although unsteadily. Bodom uses the last ounce of current strength he has to leap across and tag in TBOZ, who comes in to the roar of the crowd. He clotheslines Shaz, and then Ronaldo, who enters the ring. He turns back to Shaz, and lifts him up, hitting him with a Samoan Drop. Ronaldo picks himself up, but gets hit with a dropkick to the knee, and then a DDT - The Machiavellian’s signature ‘Crumbling Olympus.’ The crowd roars its approval as a hyped up TBOZ turns his focus back to Shaz.*

    Pentalion: TBOZ has come out like a bat out of hell, all the momentum in the world, piled into one, precise, ring commander.

    *Shaz pulls himself up in a corner, but TBOZ is on him. He starts hitting him with Punch Drunk, a combination of punches in the corner. When the ref gets to three, he stops and whips Shaz into the opposite corner. With a head full of a steam, he rushes towards him, but Shaz dorps down and out of the way. TBOZ bounces back off the turnbuckle, and Shaz goes for a pin*



    *TBOZ kicks out with authority. Shaz moves towards Ronaldo to make the successful quick tag. Ronaldo comes in and he, and TBOZ, begin to exchange blows. One after the other, both men intent on bringing the other down a couple of knots. TBOZ starts to get the better of the exchange, after blocking one of Ronaldo’s punches. He irish whips Ronaldo to the ropes and hit’s a Samoan Drop on him as he comes back. As he picks himself up, he sees Shaz on the ropes, trying to get his attention. With his focus now on Shaz, he goes after him, but is pulled into a trap. Shaz neck drops him over the rope, taking away the vast majority of his momentum. Quite proud of himself, he makes his way around the ring and pulls Bodom down from the apron, both men exchanging blows, though Shaz has the upper hand. Shaz goes to throw him into the guard rail, but Bodom has the wherewithal to stop himself. Shaz rushes back to his side of the ring, telling the ref to stop Bodom. The ref, now distracted, doesn’t see the two on one attacks by shaz and Ronaldo on TBOZ. As TBOZ falls to his knees, Ronaldo hit’s a knee to the chest to knock him back. He applies a kneebar, while Shaz drops multiple elbow drops down on his chest. The referee turns around in time to see it after the fourth one and gets Shaz out of the ring. The knee bar is broken up, and Ronaldo officially tags in Shaz. *

    Pentalion: This is turning out to be one helluva main event! Who knew old Bodom could still make GodMoney work?!

    *Shaz immediately grabs the ropes for leverage as he begins to stomp TBOZ. The ref warns him once he gets to four, and Shaz breaks it up. As TBOZ moves away from the ropes, and to the floor, Shaz follows him. Bodom jumps down and hits him with a big clothesline, causing Ronaldo to come through the ring and to the side the other three men are on. The referee has lost control. TBOZ pulls himself up and manages to cut Ronaldo off. He picks the man up and rams him into the barricade. Bodom slaps his hands together and TBOZ throws Ronaldo at him. Bodom slaps on a abdominal stretch; leaving Ronaldo open for a Punch Drunk/Abdominal Stretch combination. After a few punches, TBOZ rolls in the ring and Shaz is rolled in by Bodom, who climbs in as well. Shaz finds himself in between Bodom and TBOZ. He tries to beg off, but it doesn’t work. Bodom and TBOZ take turns punching him, before Bodom knocks him down. They look at each other and execute the GOD MONEY taunt. With Ronaldo out, and the end nigh, they set up for a finisher. TBOZ picks up Shaz, and sets up for Divine Intervention. Bodom positions himself and hits Backstabber while Shaz is on the way down from TBOZ’s finisher. Shaz bounces off Bodom’s knees and Bodom rolls out of the way. TBOZ lifts Shaz’s leg during the pin.*




    *Ronaldo is seen heading up the ramp, holding his ribs - Shaz is left in the ring, dazed from the combination moved named ‘Divine Epiphany.’ Bodom and TBOZ hold each other’s hands up in the air. Bodom drops his hand and smiles towards TBOZ, who nods back. As the camera fades out, we see TBOZ staring down at Shaz, who is finally starting to stir. The crowd chants God-Money as the show ends - what a sight to see in the weeks leading up to Bred for Combat.*

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    Only 2 fillers this week.
    A big week ahead of us with Rage today,Inferno to come and then Bred for Combat on the weekend!

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    Be sure to show some support to the other feds and give those shows a read too!


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