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    Pentalion: And now we have EWNCw reporter and anchorman; Dick Thompson coming out! I'm hearing that we're going to have an exclusive interview front he stage with ex Evolution Champion Ryan Wells right now!

    Bodom: Why are we interviewing him? Why aren't we interviewing the current champion?!

    Pentalion: Well I don't know about you Bodom, but I want to know Wells' thoughts on what happened in that tag match last week where Dimension took him out!!

    Dick Thompson: Thank you, thank you all!! My name is EWNCW anchorman Dick Thompson, and I'm kind of a big deal!
    Now I'm out here tonight to host a special interview with a man that's much loved by our fans; the former Evolution Champion, Ryan Wells, so without further ado, let's get 'The Freak' out here right now!!

    Dick Thompson: Well Ryan thanks for coming out here this week.
    Firstly, let's go back to 2 weeks ago when mark Dimension granted you your rematch and a chance to regain the Evolution Championship. How glad were you that Mark gave you that chance?

    Well thank you Dick, always a pleasure to get some air time with the legendary Dick Thompson! But getting to the question, I can say that the Mark Dimension I asked two weeks ago for a rematch for the Evolution Title is not the same one who attacked me last week. This title has changed Mark and this is one of the fears I had before evening going into our match at No Guts, No Glory. With championships and titles, it changes people. I mean, look at Krysys, K-Jammin, TBOZ, and heck, King Strem got to be even more of a dick then before he had the International Title! Oh I allowed to say that on National Television?

    Dick Thompson: Oh boy...let me check with my producer...*touches his ear piece*...yes, on the fact that it is a true statement, you can say it. *Crowd starts laughing and cheering*

    Wells: Smart man your producer is...but getting back to the point, the Evolution Title changed Mark. He was a good, honest, and true wrestler and also a good friend and person. But now, he has turned into a filthy, cheating, and back-stabbing wrestler who is no more of a friend to me then Ronaldo Rumulus. I am relieved he gave me this opportunity at Bred For Combat, because he made an enemy out of me, not a smart career choice at all. Now I'm not holding back, I will treat him as the man who stole my championship, and not my friend. He has a death wish coming, and I'm here to make it come true.
    *Crowd starts cheering for Wells' determination*

    Dick Thompson: Now all seemed to be well between you both at that point, and even during the early parts of your tag team match last week, but then something happened, and Mark snapped. He flipped out and he, simply put, took you out and left you hanging. Your thoughts on what happened?

    Wells: It is because the power has rushed to his head and the paranoia of him losing the championship has changed him, and not for the better. He attacked me and cheap-shoted me and that is why I was pinned, not because of the other wrestlers, who I am far more superior to in strength, skill, and experience. He is feeling the power rushing to his head, but what will end up happening at Bred For Combat, is he will feel the power rushing through my veins as I destroy him and reclaim what is mine.

    *Crowd is chanting "Champion, Champion" while screaming and cheering for Wells*

    Dick Thompson: So after what happened, have your thoughts on Mark changed?

    Wells: I feel bad for Mark, that is one of my thoughts on him. Bad for him for two reasons. One, he turned me from a good friend into a dangerous enemy. And two, because he has to face me knowing at full-strength and not holding back, like I did in our first match, although I lost cleanly, I can and will beat him brutally. Actually, I'll add another reason, because I will end his wrestling career at Bred For Combat and he'll having nothing else going for him. Like over in EWA, Mike Muir, who happens to be here now, who will never go anywhere in life or in wrestling, he attacked me several times and regrets making an enemy out of me. He should have learned from Mike, to not make me an enemy. Ask Ronaldo, because I could've sworn...I was the one who beat him for the Championship in the first place, and ask him about the counseling he needs once a week because of the nightmares of our match at Pain For Treasure.

    *Crowd is laughing and cheering, remembering the title win Wells had*

    Wells: Mark is a well...marked man now because he crossed me. It's one thing to attack me and fight me and learn the meaning of brute force by my hands, but it's another to be my friend and betray me like Mark did. It only makes me more angry and determined. After I am done with him at Bred For Combat and the Evolution Championship is put back around the waist it belongs, mine, he's going to not only to lose the title, but one more thing. I'm going to send him travelling, from the 3rd Dimension, to the 2nd Dimension, when I flatten him when I get my hands on him!

    *Drops mic, raises arms and the crowd jumps up with deafening levels of cheering and Wells absorbs it all in before picking the mic back up*Dick Thompson: Well, that is certainly a speech that sends shockwaves throughout and chills down my spine. Thank you for your time Ryan, and good luck at Bred For Combat.

    Wells: No problem Dick, but thank you for your time. But it's the least I can do for these awesome EWNCW fans!

    *The segment ends with Wells once again turning to an exploding crowd full of screaming, standing, and cheering when......

    Mark Dimension comes out with a with a Flying Forearm Smash to the back of Wells Head, out of nowhere

    Dick Thompson tries to run off as MD snatches him by the neck, you can notice MD is making him watch as MD points towards Wells.

    ground and pound position hitting him with stiff shots
    Wells rolls unto his stomach trying to block his head
    MD is knocking him with left and right underhooks

    MD stands back and gives him a hard kick to the ribs, Wells gives out a hard yell while rolling towards the right side of the top stage

    He then calls Dick Thompson over and swipe's mic away from him and goes to stand over where Wells lays*

    Mark Dimension:
    Let me tell you the difference between you and me. IM the Most Vicious INDIVIDUAL walking Planet Earth,let Alone EwncW.You found out the harsh way.The Only way ,but you see ...

    *rushes towards camera and brings it close*

    You went into this Fight at first thinking, as a friend and just a match of competition.WELL,WELLS ...Thats when YOU failed yourSELF!

    *over wells says*


    *Wells lift his hand up slightly*

    DONT TOUCH ME! *starts stomping away austin style on his head*

    Ryan, if you dont stand for something ,youll fall for anything.
    I cant believe your blindNESS ,thaTS HOW LONG it took you,IS this HOW long IT TOOK to find somE kind of fire.
    ENOUGH OF YOUR Ridiculous Claims that you wont live up to,pathetic former champion.
    JUST KNOW NOW to kEep your eyes pealed.keep your mind aware. because i strike at every moment for the rest of your life till i make me stop.
    i cant make me stop.
    i cant stop The G.O.D. AT WORKK NOOOOOO !!!!!
    WHY WOULD I ,Imagine that RYAN WELLS.
    may the fan's guide you into the reality when they cheer NOT for you to have a chance against me. *laughs*
    But for your Blood dripping from you unto the Mat
    What they want .is a Final Finish.

    *starts yelling*

    i shall assert my dominance on you,on everyone else and who ever wants to QUESTION ,JUST WHHYY I AM THE EVOLUTION CHAMPION

    *Wells slowly and very groggily starts to get up. He's to one knee and as he stands Dimension charges and delivers a huge spear, driving Wells through a part of the stage (think Rhyno on Jericho)!
    He then grabs the mic again and goes to Wells who lays in amongst the wreck*


    *Dimension drops the mic and leaves as the crowd boo him profusely*

    My GOD! That man has completely snapped!! He's totally taken Wells apart there!!

    Bodom: I can't see Wells making it to Bred for Combat. Mark Dimension has reignited that fire that was lit under his ass back when he went under that undefeated streak, and we all know what happened then!

    Pentalion: He went on to be undefeated for months on end!! Nearly a whole year if I recall!
    Wells is in a world of trouble heading into Bred for Combat, and it looks like there's no stopping Dimension!
    Want to join EWN's original e-fed? Join EWNCW NOW!
    Want details? Just ask me!


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