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    *K-Jammin is wearing his wrestling gear sitting on a couch in his dressing room talking on his cell phone.*

    K-Jammin: I'm telling you dude this chick is psycho. Just the other day I could've sworn I saw someone peeking through the window of my apartment and I live on a second floor. Last week she was taking a shower in my dressing room, it's like she's everywhere.

    *K-Jammin takes a short pause listening to the person he's talking to.*

    K-Jammin: Well yea she's hot, but I already turned her down twice so it's time she gets the message. You know what I'm saying?

    *Someone knocks on the door.*

    K-Jammin: Hey dude I'm gonna have to let you go cause someone's at the door.

    *K-Jammin looks through the peep hole and appears confused, but opens the door. A group of well dressed men enter his dressing room and start singing.8

    Group: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear...


    *One of the singers approaches K-Jammin.*

    Singer: We're here on behalf of a special friend to wish you a happy birthday.

    *One of the singers brings in a cart with an extremely large birthday cake.*

    K-Jammin: I don't know who put you up to this, but it's not my birthday so you better get the hell out of my dressing room before I throw you out.

    Singer: I'm sorry sir, but isn't this your signature?

    *The singer shows K-Jammin some papers on a clipboard. While K-Jammin is distracted the top of the cake pops open.*

    K-Jammin: Yea that's my signature, but I didn't sign this.

    *Eden climbs out of the cake topless with her nipples covered in frosting.*

    Eden: Tada!

    *K-Jammin turns around and looks shocked to see Eden.*


    Eden: Relax baby! Have some cake.

    *Eden runs her finger over her boob, gets some frosting and reaches over to K-Jammin's lips, but he moves away.

    K-Jammin: You know what I have a match to get ready for and you better not be here by the time I get back.

    *K-Jammin turns to the singers.*

    K-Jammin: That goes for all of you pricks too!

    *K-Jammin leaves his dressing room and the camera focuses on Eden.*

    Eden: Was it something I said?

    *Eden shakes her head with a naughty grin on her face and licks her finger full of frosting.*
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    Christopher Pentalion
    : Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to MONDAY NIGHT RAGE! We have a action packed show here for you tonight from Tampa Florida! We've seen Inferno come from this great city, and it's now Rage's turn as we continue our Florida tour! And I know that you are sure to be talking about this show for weeks on end. As you all know, we’re building up to our PPV, Bred for Combat, and I can tell you folks, tonight is likely going to be a crucial piece of that. So sit back, enjoy yourselves and be prepared to immerse yourself in some good action!

    Bodom: My partner here is right! Tonight things are going to be stellar! As seen last week, we had a lot of interesting developments. Ronaldo Romulus, who suffered defeat at the hands of Tommy Thunder, defeated Jman to become the number one contender to K-Jammin’s EWNCW World Heavyweight Title. Now to get there, he had to defeat Seraphim in an opening match, and Jman had to defeat Carlin. Ronaldo proved to be the better man in both of his incursions and that’s why he’s headed to BfC to face Jammin.

    Pentalion: Don’t leave out the fact he had to get help from Carlin, who out of nowhere, came down to taunt Seraphim.

    Bodom: Seraphim is a big boy, he should have kept his eyes on the prize and not been worrying about what someone, who was not even ringside, had to do. He’s been in this company long enough to know that when the top tier talent is in the ring, you don’t take your eyes off them. That’s why the Voice of the Voiceless has not held a major title, or any title for that matter, in EWNCW.

    Pentalion: Right you may be, but now he’s back and he’s gearing up to make his first title reign a big one, if he can make it to the number one contenders spot next time he has a chance.

    Bodom: Something he should never have. But in other news, we also saw some turmoil in a tag-team match last week between Wells and Dimension.

    Pentalion: Indeed we did, they were scheduled to be partners against Jose and Prophecy. Dimensions, out of nowhere, started to rag on his partner, losing them the match. Just more fuel on the fire for Wells to take back the title he lost at the last pay-per-view. Bodom, your take?

    Bodom: I don’t know what to make of it, but they weren’t the only people who had problems last week either. After the match, Jose and Prophecy began brawling, because prophecy has not given Jose an answer to his challenge! Hopefully we can get one tonight! But right now, we have a mega match that needs to be addressed.

    Pentalion: That is correct! We have the World Heavyweight Champion opening the show tonight in a match against a man who thinks he should have faced Jman for the number one contender’s spot! Seraphim!

    Bodom: Oh god! How did that man weasel his way into this match? I bet he worked some funky voices mojojojo on Cleverly, and that man caved and gave him that match,.

    Pentalion: A little too much Powerpuff girl’s there Bodom?

    Bodom: Shut up and watch the match before the professor grounds you.

    *The camera sweeps towards ring where Jason is holding the microphone*

    Jason: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to present to you, our opening match! It is a singles match, scheduled for one fall. First, Straight down from Heaven, it’s the Voice of the Voiceless, SERAPHIM!


    *The crowd pops loud as the lights dim and Seraphim’s music plays. A low murmur can be heard as the lights begin to flicker and Seraphim appears with his hands clasped together. He heads down towards the ring, motioning for the lights to come on as he slides into the ring. He pulls off his coat and hands it to the ringside attendant, and begins waiting for the World Heavyweight Champion. As he waits; familiar music hits, but it isn’t that of K-Jammin.*

    #William Carlin#


    *Seraphim gets ready for a fight as Carlin makes his presence known, but the man simply walks around the ring and takes a seat next to Bodom.*

    Carlin: I figured you boys need an educated, objective eye, to the nonsense that Seraphim comes out here spewing. I hope you fellows don’t mind.

    Bodom: Of course we don’t! We need a little more class out here to go along with my money. ‘Sides, Pentalion needs a role model.

    Jason: Introducing his opponent, the World Heavyweight Champion! K-JAMMIN!


    *K-Jammin pokes the World Heavyweight Title out from behind the gorilla position and then follows it out himself. The crowd boos loudly as the cocky young man makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He holds the title up to Seraphim and then leans over the rope, showing it to Carlin. Mouthing, “Neither of you boys had what it takes, now watch what I do to the Angel!” The crowd begins to boo more, as Jammin hands his title off.*

    Carlin: See, that’s why I wanted to take that title off that boy. It’s always good to believe in yourself, but that boy fancies himself God’s Gift to EWNCW, and that is just not okay with me. Now his opponent, that’s a completely different animal. He needs to be taken down a peg, more so than K-Jammin.

    Pentalion: What has he ever done to you?

    Carlin: The fact that he comes down here and waves around the fact he hears voices is enough, and I am going to put a stop to that, ASAP!

    Pentalion: Well as we've been seeing recently, K-Jammin has been distracted, so you might get that chance sooner than you think Carlin!

    Bodom: You mean that Eden Sky? You know, 2 weeks in a row now this idiot here has turned her away! Have you seen Sky? She's the hottest woman since Trish Stratus!! And last week I made it clear that I was of course available, and....

    Pentalion: And you haven't received any reply from her whatsoever have you Bodom!!

    Bodom: It's a waiting game Pentalion. But of course, you wouldn't know the slightest thing about women now would you? When I was in God Money, the 4 of us were swimming in women. We had women every night from the moment we left the arena in our limo to the second we stepped back into another arena the next day. THAT is how I know what I'm talking about. So you just sit there and shut the hell up!

    Carlin: Shut the hell up! Both of you! I'm more interested in this match than hearing about your women problems!

    K-Jammin(Lesnar) vs Seraphim(Angle)

    (Stop at 13:15)

    Excerpt from Carlin Commentary:

    Carlin: He almost had Jammin there, almost - but as always, he comes up short - no wonder he talks to himself!

    *As Jammin tries to regain his breath, Seraphim tries to pick himself up from the corner. Jammin makes it to his feet first and begins to stomp Seraphim down in the corner, much to the dual delight and disdain of Carlin and the crowd. Jammin gives a cocky smirk to Carlin, before backing off the downed man. Jammin mocks the crowd, as he watches Seraphim struggle to his feet. As he gets up, Jammin drills him with a clothesline, keeping him in the corner. He hits several short range, strong clothesline in the corner, and then grabs Seraphim’s head, rolling him to the ground. Jammin motions to the crowd who begins to boo him loudly, before scaling the ropes. He looks back at Seraphim and attempts a moonsault. However, Seraphim rolls out of the way - using what power he could muster to make it happen. Seraphim breathes heavy and looks across at the grimacing champion. Both men attempt to get up again. This hard fought battle proving Seraphim deserved to be in the ring with Jammin, even after being shelved. The men get back in each other’s face and start exchanging blows. Rights and lefts!*

    Carlin: Look at that, two bitches having a slap fight! No wonder I wasn’t put in this match! I’d have wrestled circles around either of these men and then some! Kurt Angle Who? I’m the Superior Technician!

    Bodom: Yes sir, you are!

    *Jammin gets the better of the exchange, and whips Seraphim into the ropes. As Seraphim is on the rebound, Jammin attempts a kitchen sink, but Seraphim leaps over it, and rolls. He brings himself back up and blasts Jammin with a Superkick!*

    Carlin: Even his kicks lack power!

    *Seraphim has Jammin set up perfectly though - he whips him off the ropes following the kick and then drills him with another kick!*

    Pentalion: OH LORD! HE HIT CITY OF ANGELS! What was that about a weak super kick?!

    Carlin: Shut up, Pentalion, before I show you the City of Angels. That’s exactly why he is going to fall on my blade like James did!

    *Seraphim goes for the pin.....
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    .....but Jammin kicks out at two. Seraphim sits up and looks at Carlin. Anger flashes in his eyes as he rolls around and stands up, bringing Jammin with him. Carlin stands up and looks across at Seraphim. Seraphim grabs Jammin in a belly to back set up; but Jammin has it scouted. Using his superior knowledge of the ring, Jammin rushes him back into the corner again., but this time, he hit’s the ref as well! He starts hitting him with elbow after elbow, only stopping when he is satisfied. Hyped up now, Jammin rolls Seraphim out of the ring again and scales the ropes. Seraphim is quick to his feet, however, and starts punching Jammin, who responds in kind. Carlin takes advantage of the busy Seraphim and runs to the ring, and hops up on the apron. He punches Seraphim hard, who staggers. Carlin drops down and grabs the dazed Seraphim’s legs and pulls them from under him, dropping the man down on his face. As Carlin drops down, Seraphim rolls over on his back - bad move! K-Jammin hit’s a gorgeous Moonsault from the top rope, but isn’t done. He quickly picks Seraphim up and throws him into the corner. He takes two steps back and then a quick two forward, using his momentum to hit a super kick! Seraphim falls out of the corner and K-Jammin goes for the pin*



    *The bells rings and K-Jammin is the victor! Jammin grabs his belt and grins wildly, before slipping out of the ring. He holds the title close to his chest, kissing it, as sweat pours down his tired body. With K-Jammin gone, Seraphim manages to pick himself up and lean into a corner; though he can’t bring himself to stand just yet.*

    Pentalion: Well, what do you make of that, huh? Carlin blatantly interfered in that match for no reason what so ever!

    Bodom: If Seraphim wants to be on top of the food chain, he has to expect things like this. Trust me, Pentalion, I was part of GodMoney and we had to be on the look out for things like that all the time and there were TWO of us!

    Pentalion: You are just unbelievable!
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    *After costing Seraphim the match, Carlin asks for a mic and enters the ring*

    Carlin: Last week I had something to say to Mr. Seraphim here, but the boss seemed on a hurry to end the show, so they've been rotting in my chest all week long. First of all, you say that all of a sudden you are no angel. When you first came here, the first Inferno you appeared, you said you were the messenger of some unknown power represented by those voices, and next week, after you beat me, you said you downed a disbeliever. And now, when it suits you, you are no representative of anything but of your own ego, calling yourself the best thing going here without wrestling a match, but you still hear voices. Well, Jimmy, let me tell you something, you're as nuts as the one who came with the Little Jimmy thing. And let me tell you something, you hearing voices, that's not a good thing. Reminds me of the fella who killed a guy in Spain because that murderer had like 43 personalities and one of them told him to kill that man. And people blamed it on role games, ha! Role Game Killer they called him. He was as schizo as you are, Seraphim, because the other possibility is that you're high, and you don't have the symptoms of having smoked a good blunt while Afroman sing about getting high.

    *Fans boo like hell. *

    Carlin: Well, either you're an angel or a schizo, you don't seem to understand what I'm crusading for. You say this, let's hear it on the Tron:

    *Footage from last week's Rage is on the Tron: *

    You say you are atheist, you say you are hunting for the people that believe in something, anything related to a God

    Carlin: Those voices cloud your understanding. I don't hunt people that believe in something. I hunt people who try to impose religious views on others, even if that means beating them to pulp. I mean, other wrestlers in the roster have religious beliefs, but don't enter a crusade to be the tyrannic dominants of EWNCW, the rest of us accepting their God or being eliminated in the process. I have no problem with people's beliefs. Let me prove it to you.

    *Carlin leaves the ring and approaches the first row: *

    Carlin: You, sir, please. What is your religious affiliation?

    Fan: I'm a Catholic.

    Carlin: Are you fine with people here having their own beliefs?

    Fan: Yes, I am.

    Carlin: Are you willing to impose your religious beliefs on others by force, even getting rid of those who don't subjugate?

    Fan: No, sir, I'm a man of peace.

    Carlin: Excellent answer, sir. See? I have no problem with this Catholic man.

    *Carlin turns left and points to another fan: *

    Carlin: You, ma'am, what is your religion?

    Woman: I'm a Presbyterian.

    Carlin: Are you fine with the fact that the other fan is a Catholic?

    Woman: That's perfectly fine.

    Carlin: So, you won't impose your religion on him by force, will you?

    Woman: Not at all.

    Carlin: See? She's fine with that man, I'm fine with both.

    *He goes the the ramp area and picks a teen with a sign: *

    Carlin: You, gentleman. Do you follow any religious cult?

    Fella: Yes sir, I'm a Jew.

    Carlin: Do you have any problem with the Presbyterian lady and the Catholic man?

    Fella: No, sir, why should I?

    Carlin: Exactly, why should you? Are going to force them to convert to Judaism, and kill them if they don't?

    Fella: Never!!

    Carlin: You get it? These people have no problem with each other, and I have no problem with them, neither I'll hunt them or impose my non religious view of things. If they ask me, I'll explain my reasonings, but not tell them to follow if they don't want to. What I'm trying to do is to eliminate those religious freaks who believe they are God envoys. Now you just tell me that all of a sudden you don't have any religious connections, despite calling yourself Seraphim and hearing voices from either a mysterious entity or your own madness. Well, it doesn't matter to me. I'm a man on a mission and we have crossed paths. You will fall, the same way James, despite what you say, fell before me.

    *Fans boo like mad. *

    Carlin: But you also said something that almost made me crack into laughter, man. You said you are the best thing going in EWNCW... without wrestling a match since you came back!! Hilarious!! Listen fella, that shit mean anything. Damn, even that thug called Shaz thinks he's the Best in the World!! You have to back it up with real action, so, why don't we get at it? Prove you are the best thing going by fighting me!!!

    *Heavy breaths come from Seraphim after a hard match against the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion. As he leans over the ropes to collect himself, he sees Carlin getting into the ring with a microphone in hand. Seraphim turns and watches the man as he uses his arm to wipe sweat from his brow. The yammering of Carlin drills into his ears, as he attempts to make point after point about who Seraphim is, and what Carlin, himself, stands for. He watches as Carlin shows footage from last week; and then gets out of the ring to question those in the audience about their religious affiliations. He brings his hands down over his face as Carlin steps back into the ring, and ultimately, challenges him to a match. Seraphim leans through the ropes and grabs a microphone from one of the ringside attendants.*

    Seraphim: Well…

    *He takes a breath and walks around the ring just a little bit.*

    Seraphim: You come out here and cost me a match - you say I am going to fall on your sword - you question these people about their beliefs. Let’s keep it real, Carlin, what is it that you’ve really been listening too? I’ve advocated, since day one, that people listen to what’s in their hearts. No over power, that rules the lives of those who believe in them. I asked, back in the day, that people believe in the very darkness that they hide in their hearts each and every day. Is that something you don’t want to do? You don’t want to listen to what you have in your heart? What you hide from each and every time you look in the mirror? You see…

    *He stops to take another breath.*

    Seraphim: You see, that is what is in your heart - not your religion, but the utter darkness that your conscious and subconscious try so hard to repress. That ‘Role Game Killer’ you spoke about, the one they blamed the role games on, hence his utterly uncreative name, you see he wasn’t listening to the voices - he had a mental affliction. I have no such problem, I simply have chosen to embrace what others try so hard to deny. That’s what the voices I advocate for are - the depths of a person’s hard. You misunderstand me, as I have seemed to misunderstand you. However, that won’t stop me from beating you from here to next Monday and the Monday after, for costing me TWO matches now. Whatever little crusade you have decided to go on, to force your own opinion onto me, and those round you, stops now.

    You want me to prove I’m better than you? Hell, I’m all for it. We all know I’m the best thing EWNCW has going and that’s why I am where I am right now. Working my ass off to get to this spot, and you want to take that from me? Don’t let your crusade get you in a position you can’t get yourself out of - I promise you, it won’t be pretty.

    *The crowd pops loudly and Seraphim let’s them make noise for a few moments, before calming them down again. As they die down, he turns his neck in order to pop it a bit.*

    Seraphim: I told you last week, that if you cost me another match, I wouldn’t be so keen on letting you walk out of this ring. But see, you said something I actually liked, Carlin. I really did. You just challenged me to a match - and let’s be honest, you record isn’t looking too good at the moment. James beat you so bad, he walked out of this company, he had nothing left to prove after beating you. The only reason you’re here, standing in my ring, looking me directly in the eye, is because James didn’t completely do the job. I don’t know, nor do I care if he knows, but rest assured, that I will put you down - and when I do, you won’t be getting back up. So I’ll let you walk out of this ring,

    *The crowd starts cheering loudly, as Seraphim turns and heads towards the ropes. As he goes to go over them, he stops, and looks back at Carlin. He plays with the microphone just a tad bit, before coming back to the center of the ring and getting in Carlin’s face.*
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    Seraphim: Before I forget - I accept your challenge. Bred for Combat, Seraphim vs. Carlin. But let’s make this one better, huh? How about at Bred for Combat, it’s Seraphim vs. Carlin for the number contender’s spot to the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship? I don't care who has the title. Ronaldo. Jman. Some mystery dude from the crowd. Let’s see if you got what it takes to justify your claims of me not deserving the spot I’m in right now. How does that grab you, Carlin? Sounds like something you’d be interested in - just so I can put you down in a high profile match, like James did - like Jman did, and like Jammin would do, like Ronaldo would do, like everyone in this arena would do if you had to face them.

    *Carlin listens to Seraphim with a serious expression, but there is a point where his face is contorted in disbelief. When Seraphim is done, he picks up the mic.*

    Carlin: Do you seriously believe I’m walking out of this ring without putting a fight, after all the shit I have endured for months? No, please, don’t tell me that “it was tag team wrestling”, the efforts and pain are shared. I’ve been in ladder matches, in Hell in a Cell matches, in a 2/3 falls match in which all the rest of the participants fell on top on me, and I was the one standing. And a Gates of Hell match which left me this.

    *He turns around to show the scars the flaming cell left on his back*

    Carlin: No sir, my record ain’t good, but I’m not leaving any ring. I always stood up for a fight, Grind and me never left a challenge unanswered, we gave them all the chance to stand up and fight because both of us, as a team and as individuals, would stand up and fight. So, I’ll fight you at Bred for Combat, and I’ll become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. The time has come for me to show that I’m not only dominant as a tag team wrestler, but as an individual competitor. You think you’re good, I’ll damn prove how good I am. You’d better bring your game, because I’ll beat you, I’ll hit the Chaos Theory on you and then lock you in the Cattle Mutilation, and no doubt about it, you will surrender or be dismembered. See you at Bred for Combat, fella!

    *Carlin drops the mic and leaves*

    Bodom: What the hell does this guy want?! How dare he cut Carlin's exit off like that!!

    *The crowd barely has time cheer in approval before Jman comes busting out from behind the curtain, forcing Carlin to stop dead in his tracks. The man who came up just short of another World Championship opportunity last week clearly hasn’t gotten over his loss. As he slides into the ring, grabs a mic and begins speaking into it, we hear just how angry he is.*

    Jman: Damn, I hate to break up another pissing contest but, I have an issue with what’s being proposed here. Before I get to that, though, let me admit three things. Yes, I lost the one World Championship match I had here in EWNCW. And yes, I had a chance to earn another match last week. And, through nothing but my own recklessness, I lost that match.

    *The crowd boo in sympathy as Jman continues.*

    Jman: That being said, of the three men in this ring, who deserves a championship match? You, Willie? A guy who I beat just two weeks ago? You, Seraphim? A guy who didn’t even complete the very same WarGames series I nearly won?

    *Seraphim and Carlin both look like the want to bull rush Jman as he continues on.*

    Jman: See, I could give a rat’s ass what kind of beef you two have between one another. I’ll happily go to the back and let you settle that right now if you want. My problem is, neither of you deserve a World Championship opportunity ahead of me. You know it, I know it, Cleverly know-

    Cleverly: Woah, there, woah, there. Jman you just don’t get in the ring and tell two of the top talents on Rage that they don’t deserve a shot more so than you. Now, fair is fair, and you’re right. Carlin did get beat by you two weeks ago. Seraphim did not compete in War Games, and you did lose your chance at fighting for the title again - after losing to K-Jammin at No Guts, No Glory. But see, I’m here to rectify all of that!

    *The crowd’s interest peaks as Cleverly speaks. He paces back and forth across the stage, looking at Carlin, whose on the ramp, and Seraphim and Jman who are standing in the ring.*

    Cleverly: So here's what's going to happen. I liked that proposed match, Carlin vs Seraphim at Bred for Combat, for the Number One Contender’s spot for the World Heavyweight Championship! so I'm going to go ahead and make that official and book it for the ppv!! But there is a third man in the mix and we can’t leave him out! Now, I’d love to see Jman and Seraphim in the same ring, going blow for blow, but Seraphim just fought the champion and looks a bit tired there, so Seraphim, go ahead and get out of the ring.

    *Seraphim raises his eyebrow and looks at Jman, smirking before getting out of the ring and heading towards the ramp.*

    Cleverly: But see, Carlin, it looked like you were going somewhere. Don’t bother, you have a match and it’s next. What for? He wants to know what for?! See that man in the ring? Jman? He has as much of a legitimate claim to be in that number 1 contenders match as you or Seraphim, but he has to earn it. So you Carlin are going to get in that ring and face him. If you win, he’s out of the running - but if he wins, he gets added to the match, making it a triple threat match! So, Carlin, if you want to keep this just between you and Seraphim over there, I suggest you win this match.

    *The crowd pops loud as Carlin looks back at Jman who is standing in the ring, getting ready for the match. His hands are rolling, and he’s hopping from side to side. A referee runs down the ramp past Carlin and slides into the ring. Carlin grimaces and cracks his neck, a smile coming to his face. He slides into the ring and the crowd boos.*

    Pentalion: Alright! So we've got ourselves another Rage match booked for Bred for Combat! We're going to see Seraphim vs William Carlin with the winner becoming the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!!

    Bodom: But what the hell did Cleverly just do about Jman there? Has he seriously given this man a chance to be in that match too?!

    Pentalion: I believe so! If I understood correctly, if Jman can beat William Carlin right now, then we're going to see a triple threat match at Bred for Combat!

    Bodom: But Jman just had a chance last week to be the number one contender!! Why the hell is he having another chance?! And besides, you heard Carlin, this is personal between him and Seraphim! Why does Jman have to get himself involved?!

    Pentalion: Well you're not the GM Bodom, John Cleverly is!

    Bodom: I guarantee you I'd do a better job!!

    Pentalion: The same way Dick Thompson does a better job than you at commentating?

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    *The referee ushers Seraphim away from the ring, but he doesn’t go to the back. He heads towards the commentator’s table and takes a seat beside Bodom. Carlin and Jman take up a position in opposite corners; Carlin clearly put off by the fact he had to fight tonight.*

    Bodom: So, Seraphim, tell me how it feels to be a loser? How does it feel to have lost that match with K-Jammin just a few minutes ago?

    Seraphim: Well, you tell me? I lost to the World Heavyweight Champion, and you lost to Shaz, there buddy.

    *Bodom shuts up as the match gets underway.*

    Carlin(Daniels) vs Jman(Styles)

    (Stop at 10:40)

    *Carlin starts to showboat, and then motions towards Seraphim. “See, that is the skill you’ll never possess!” He yells, before turning back to Jman. He picks Jman up and drills him with a elbow to the side of the face, and then another. Jman drops to his knee, and catches a boot to the chest. Carlin mockingly pins him by setting a foot on his chest. Jman breaks the count at one, and Carlin is not at all worried. “THIS IS HOW YOU HUMILATE YOUR OPPONENT!” He yells, as he drops a knee down on Jman’s chest - then following it up with three more. Jman grimaces as his chest is hit, then rolls out of the way as the fourth one comes down. He drags himself to the ropes, as Carlin tends to his hurt knee. He attempts to attack Jman, but his opponent pulls down the rope, dumping Carlin over and out of the ring. The crowd cheers as Jman falls back to catch his breath.*

    Pentalion: What do you think of the match Seraphim?

    Seraphim: Personally, I don’t really care for this match. But Jman brought himself into this, and Cleverly rewarded him for it. So, whatever happens, happens. If it’s a one on one, or a triple threat at BfC, I’ll come out victorious and face either Ronaldo Romulus, or K-Jammin for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship title.

    Bodom: You couldn’t even beat Ronaldo two weeks ago, or K-Jammin’ tonight, what makes you think anything will be different after BfC?

    Seraphim: Well, for one, I’ll have Daniels out here to keep you from running that runway train you call a mouth.

    *Pentalion licks his finger, and draws an imaginary one in the air; saying, “One Seraphim, Zero Bodom.”*

    *The referee gets to the count of seven before Carlin gets back in the ring. He and Jman square off again, with Jman pulling him into a arm wringer. Carlin rolls forward, and then back, reversing the move. He brings Jman into a german suplex position, but Jman matches him and reverses it. Jman pulls off a Belly to Back Suplex, and moves into a chinlock, but Carlin maneuvers his way out of it. He drops down and rolls Jman over, for a pin, but Jman kicks out. As Carlin comes at Jman, Jman sweeps his legs out from under him and falls into a pin, which Carlin breaks quickly. Jman pushes up to his hands, his legs in the air over him, and over the body of Carlin, who rolls towards where Jman was. Jman drops down for a double axe-handle, but Carlin rolls out of the ring, and Jman misses. Carlin brings himself up to the ropes and slingshots himself over them, in order to land on Jman, but Jman moves out of the way, causing Carlin to have to catch himself. The crowd cheers loudly, as Jman and Carlin stare each other down; Jman having successfully kept up with Carlin in a string of moves.*

    Seraphim: Now, that’s how a match is supposed to go.

    Bodom: Yeah, not that train wreck you were in.

    *Jman and Carlin go to square up again, but Carlin catches him with a stiff kick to the gut, and then a elbow to the back of the neck. Jman drops down, but Carlin expected as much. He carried his hand down to the back of Jman’s neck, forcing the man’s head into Carlin’s knee. The crowd boos loudly, as Carlin taps the side of his head. He rolls behind Jman and hit’s a Belly to Back suplex of his own - but does not let go. He swings his hips and comes back up, pulling Jman with him. He sets himself and hit’s a picture perfect German Suplex, before finally letting go. Jman groans and rolls over, as Carlin drops into a pin. Jman manages to kick out at two, but has the damage already been done? Carlin rises up and begins stomping Jman repeatedly, using the ropes to hold himself steady. The referee has to pull him off after the count of four. Carlin looks back at Seraphim, who is now on his feet, headset off. He mocks Seraphim and spreads his arm, mockingly praying to a God he doesn’t believe in. Seraphim approaches the ring and the two get into a shouting match. Carlin promises to show Seraphim how to win a match, and turns back to Jman.*

    *Carlin resumes stomping man for a moment, before picking him up and whipping him towards Seraphim and the ropes. Seraphim doesn’t blink, as Jman bounces off the rope. Carlin uses the opposite ropes to gain momentum for a big clothesline, but Jman ducks under; causing Carlin to run straight towards the side of the ring Seraphim is on. The ref’s attention turns to Jman for a split second, and Carlin gets a jumping punch to the ribs. As he doubles over, he turns to get away from Seraphim, but walks right into a ‘Good Match, Let’s Go Eat!’ From Jman. Jman falls into the cover quickly, having decided to waste no time.*



    Bodom: It’s official, Seraphim is as stupid as they come. Not only does he have to face the Superior Technician at Bred for Combat, he now has to face Jman as well, to earn the number one contender’s spot!

    Pentalion: He just got a little revenge on Carlin for his match earlier in the night. Karma, it’s a bitch, and Carlin now realizes that. But the big news is that Jman is now introduced to that number one cntenders match at Bred for Combat which makes it a triple threat!

    Bodom: And Seraphim’s now an idiot- his fans realize that and so do the voices.

    *The ref calls for the bell and raises Jman’s hand in victory! Jman looks down at Carlin, and towards Seraphim. Seraphim climbs into the ring, and looks on as Carlin drags himself back to the turnbuckle and forces himself to his feet. The match is now set - a triple threat for a shot at K-Jammin’s title*
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    Pentalion: Well we've had a frantic start to Rage here thus far. First K-Jammin backstage with Eden Sky again, before he went on to just beat Seraphim, then we saw Jman beating William Carlin to book himself a place in the number one contenders match at Bred for Combat which is now a triple threat! And if that wasnt' enough, we've now got the music of 'The Destruction' Darren Bull playing out loud here!!

    Bodom: But where the hell is he? I can't wait to see this kid in action again if he's going to show up...

    *Pump Up Kick starts to play, but Darren Bull doesn't come out. After awhile the camera starts searching the arena for Bull. A few moments later a dark image show on the titantron.*

    ???: Hey I'm up here.

    *The camera then starts looking around and finally stops to see Darren on a sky-box. Darren appears to be sitting in recliner chair in his wrestling gear. He has microphone in his hand and a glass of wine in the other.*

    Darren: You see I sit here tonight with this idiots that people like to call fans. I see them all cheering and booing for their favorites and the ones they hate. Obviously the don't know what they want.

    *Darren then begins to get up and walk down with the fans.*

    Darren: There is no one here who understands what they truly want. What they truly need and want is me. I have been proving it for the past few weeks that I am the superior human-being around here. Also, just like I told those two idiots over there in the announcer table to shut up during my match that is the exact same thing I want you to do.

    *Darren then finally jumps over the guard rail.*

    Darren: No do all yourself's a favor and shut up and watch greatness at its best.

    Pentalion: Well we can't just shut up as we have to call the action, and that's what we'll do here as Bull takes on Bill 'The Eagle' Richards...

    Bodom: Did you not hear the man Pentalion?! Shut up and watch!!

    (stop at 1.37)

    Pentalion: Did you see that clothesline Bodom?!

    Bodom: Shut up and watch! This guy isn't done!!

    *Bull picks Richards up before delivering a palm strike to the chest followed by an elbow strike to the head and then hooks him up for a fishermans suplex which plants Richards hard!
    He then waits and goads Richards to get back up which he does groggily and slowly. Once Richards is nearly up, Bull runs past him and springboards off the middle rope to hit a springboard enziguri, before dropping down for the pin!*






    Jason McManus: Here is your winner, 'The Destruction', Darren Bull!!

    *The crowd boo loud as Bull celebrates*

    Pentalion: Another dominating performance from Bull. He's just been unstoppable since re-emerging here on Rage!!

    Bodom: Nobody gets up from that Awesome Punishment kick. Richards was down for a 5 count there at least.

    Pentalion: The roster needs to be on alert because Darren Bull is tearing things up here. He's working his way up and he's coming fast!
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    Bodom: Last week, we were treated to a tag-team match. Chris Divine teamed with Van Hooligan X to face off against Bloodstone and Kyojin. Divine and Hooligan proved to be the better men that night as they got the win. The right guys won and that’s that.

    Pentalion: There were shenanigans all through that match and you know it, Bodom! That’s why this match was made tonight, as well as Hooligan and Bloodstone later tonight. Cleverly booked these two matches tonight, and one is coming up right now.

    Bodom: Stop trying to save face, Pentalion! Bloodstone and Kyojin lost, just like Kyojin will do here against Divine! That man is the future and Kyojin and Bloodstone are in the way. Now let’s get to the match so once again I can be proven right!

    Jason: Our next bout is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, fighting out of Chicago, “The Master of TRUE Wrestling” KYOJIN!

    *Kyojin comes out to the stage to a decent sized pop. He gestures towards the crowd and they start getting pumped. The reach a satisfactory level, and Kyojin makes his way towards the ring. He slaps hands with some of the fans and slides into the ring.*

    Bodom: Master of True Wrestling? BAHAHAHAHA. Why is everyone here so damn delusional? We have Seraphim who talks to voices, Jman who thinks he deserves yet ANOTHER shot, and Kyojin who thinks he’s the master of true wrestling! This place is becoming a mad house and these people just eat. It. Up.

    Pentalion: Jealous doesn’t look good on anyone.

    Jason: Introducing Next, from Erie, Pennsylvania, Chris “So Fine” DIVINE!

    *Chris Divine walks out with a cocky swagger, smiling as the crowd sings him boos. He waves to the fans, and pretends to be taken aback by the loud disapproving groan of those in attendance. This is quickly cast away as he enters the ring and gets in the face of Kyojin.*

    Bodom: Kyojin is about to see just how Divine Chris is! Kyojin has no chance in hell, to quote a famous wrestling promoter, in beating Divine.

    Pentalion: Let’s see if your predicting skills are spot on, or if they are as lackluster as your performance against Shaz last week.

    Bodom: Keep talking, and I’ll show you just how lackluster my performance is.

    Divine(Joe) vs Kyojin(Aries)

    (Stop at 7:50)

    *The two men quickly rise to their feet and stare each other down. Divine starts taunting Kyojin, who comes forward with a huge right. Divine blocks it and answers with one of his own. Kyojin fires another, but the process repeats itself a couple of times, before Divine starts laying into Kyojin with right after right. He cocks back again and feigns like he’s going for a hard right, but really answers with a stiff kick to the knee. Kyojin drops down to his knee, and Divine moves behind him, stomping on the exposed leg. He moves back and leans against the ropes, letting them force him off and into a clothesline to the back of Kyojin’s head. As Kyojin goes down, Chris falls down with him, trash talking him from above. He rolls him over and goes for a nonchalant pin. He counts with the ref, but Kyojin kicks out at the count of two. Divine looks back at him and drops a low-angle elbow on his back before picking himself up from the ground. “I AM SO FINE DIVINE!” He yells out, before stepping back and forth over Kyojin’s back.*

    Pentalion: So disrespectful! How can anyone do this in a match?! Kyojin is going to be pissed!

    *Divine moves off Kyojin, waiting for him to get up. As Kyojin brings himself to his feet, without looking at Divine, his opponent rushes him. Kyojin, using his ring awareness and hearing, he side steps and pushes Divine off into the ring ropes. Divine bounces off chest first and Kyojin catches him with a neck breaker. Both men are down; the ref is counting. Kyojin looks up to the ceiling, trying to catch his breath. Divine nurses the back of his neck*



    *The Lights go out and the fans in attendance join together in a collective gasp. The Titan-tron lights up a bright white and displays red text saying "His presence shall be felt". When the text vanishes a large poof of smoke covers the front half of the screen before the massive shadow of a man emerges with no recognizable facial appearance due to the smoke still covering the area. A piano song began to play in the background as the man appears to be holding a microphone close to his face.*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystery Man
    The time for begging is an endless option in this world. People provide others with speeches about how so and so rightfully belongs to them but fail to realize what they have become as men. As a young Child my Father sat me on his lap and said to me.. "Son.. You will be somebody one day... No matter what anyone says...". That was the wisest thing my Father ever said to me. He was a fool during his final years before he was consumed by his own demons. It helped me understand that life was rather short and that every moment should be spent intelligently. I told myself that I will never become like my old man.

    My future is different from his by a long shot. I plan on making the biggest impact I can possibly think about making, and on my own terms. I can see the curiosity in all of your eyes and it brings a smile to my face to know that you are all anticipating my unhidden appearance. GOOD! Hold on to that feeling! That is something you probably only experience once every fifteen years.. You will have me to thank for that and so much more that I have yet to unveil to all of you. You all will understand my true intentions when the curtain falls around my feet.

    So many plans are twisting and bouncing around inside of my head that this will undoubtedly blow each and every one of you out of your seats and into outer space where the stars explode and the moon luminously lights up the dark mass of the same space you will be hovering around in; Curious about what my intentions will truly be about and for. You are probably thinking that I enjoy doing these at the expense of others.. If you ask such I would simply say.... "Absolutely". It is a fun shock to come out here and scramble the minds of all of you and whoever may or may not be in that ring when I come around.

    In due time I will be revealed, but for now you can keep on guessing about what my plans will most likely be about. All of the wrestlers in EWNCW are far from being safe from my clutch and the second they turn their backs away from me it will spell the end of their little fantasy that they live in a safe little world. All of you will be lifted to a new universe. That universe is my mind and I will grab all of you and suck you into it.. Escaping this fate is inevitable... EMBRACE IT! Become one with it... Gain the pleasure your mind so deeply desires..
    *The man laughs as the smoke suddenly vanishes along with the man. The arena is completely silent as the fans have no idea what to make of what they just heard.*

    Pentalion: What the.....

    Bodom: Again!!

    Divine has made it to his feet and is staring at the titantron in utter bemusment asKyojin rolls over and pushes himself up to his hands and knees, and then up to one knee. The count is broken at 9, as Kyojin makes it to his feet and immediately attacks Divine as he turns back to into the ring. His strikes are relentless, and pinpoint accurate. The ref has to push Kyojin off Divine to get him to stop, or risk being disqualified. Divine rolls out of the ring to collect himself - but Kyojin has a plan for it. He starts hopping and clapping his hands, before running to one side of the ring and ricocheting off. As he runs, he dives through the ropes and into Divine, taking the man down. The crowd explodes in cheers as Kyojin stands up and looks down at Divine. He picks him up and rolls him in the ring. As Divine tries to get his wits about him, Kyojin hops up on the apron and uses the ropes to slingshot himself over and unto Divine with a cross body. Kyojin, now full of momentum, lifts Divine and sends him to the corner. He follows up with a high knee. He backs up and sets up for an Enzuigiri, but Divine puts his hands up to block it. Kyojin lands safely and Divine pushes him off. He immediately grabs the ref, trying to get him to stop the onslaught. But Divine has far more nefarious plans in mind. He rotates around, putting himself between Kyojin and the referee. As Kyojin comes up and attempts to grab Divine, he kicks back and finds his mark.*


    Bodom: For what? The referee didn’t see it, nothing is illegal until you get caught, Christopher!

    *Divine turns around, feigning surprise. He motions towards the crowd, and pulls the doubled over Kyojin between his legs. He lifts Kyojin up for the Divine Intervention! It’s a successful execution! Divine covers Kyojin for the One-Two-Three and the victory! The bells rings and the referee raises his hand in the air. Divine yanks his hand away and gets out of the ring. A cocky smile on his face. “I TOLD YOU ALL! I AM JUST SO DAMN DIVINE!”*

    Bodom: That’s how you win a match in convincing fashion! What does Bloodstone have to say now? Divine came out here and beat Kyojin, and if Bloodstone gets in the ring with him, the same thing will happen!

    Pentalion: You really think Divine deserves that win don’t you?

    Bodom: He who gets the three count, deserves the win and there ain’t no way around it!

    Pentalion: He blatantly cheated! We all saw it, except Kyojin and the referee! Well, Kyojin certainly felt it and it was enough to secure the win! That’s bullshit and we both know it!

    Bodom: You’re just mad my prediction came true!

    Pentalion: You just won't recognize wrongdoings will you?!
    But what about that mysterious video that played during the match? Again

    Bodom: I don't know, but each week we're getting some stupid video trying to put Divine off, but each week it's not working. Whoever it is needs to get a grip and needs to realize that that man Divine has his signts firmly set on the top and nothing is going to get in his way! Personally, I think it's that midget idiot Bloodstone! He's been taking an interest in Divine since the day he set foot in EWNCW, and to me that proves that he's the man that's trying to throw Divine off his game each week here.

    Pentalion: Maybe, but not guilty until proven otherwise I say.
    But tonight, Divine wins here in controversial fashion, and continues his roll here in EWNCW!
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    *Hanz Gruber, wearing a suit with his Ignition title on his shoulder, is seen walking backstage talking on his cell phone. He has a glass of red wine in his other hand*

    Hanz: *talking into his phone* Jawohl Simon- Ich habe der EWNCW Rage Meisterschaft mit mer. Ja! Ja! Nein! Ute? Ja, great fuck. *Hanz, not paying attention to where he is going, walks right into Harley McCartney, who startled, pushes Hanz back causing Hanz's glass of wine to be knocked onto his tie and shirt. His title belt also drops to the floor* Shit Simon, got to go, Auf Weiderholden

    *Hanz hangs up his phone, puts it in his pocket then grabs Harley by the throat and shoves him against the wall*

    Hanz: You little fuck! You dare run into me? You dare to get my tie and shirt wet?

    Harley McCartney: You ran into..

    Hanz: Did I say you could open your fucking mouth? Did I? *Hanz, with his free hand, takes off his tie* You see this tie? Do you? Answer me you fucktard

    Harley McCartney: YES!

    Hanz: This tie was given to me by my older brother Simon. Its worth more than you would ever make in a year and you ruined it. And my shirt? You don't even want to know how much its worth.

    Harley McCartney: I'm .....

    Hanz: Halts Maul!

    Harley McCartney: I'm rea.....

    Hanz: I said shut the fuck up! Here let me help you * Hanz shoves the tie into Harley's mouth and Harley starts gagging* Serves you right for messing my shit up

    *Hanz lets go of Harley who slumps to the ground, then Hanz actually helps him back up*

    Hanz: Es tut mehr lied * Hanz laughs, then picks up his Ignition belt and starts to walk away, but decides to get back in Harley's face* One more thing, you see this belt?

    *Hanz holds it up to Harley's face, then without notice, slams it into his face busting Harley's nose open. He continues beating Harley with the title before finally tossing it to the side*

    Hanz: Now look what you've done to my title- your fucking blood is all over it

    *Hanz removes his suit jacket then starts pummeling Harley with hard rights, then knees him in the nuts, Harley drops down to his knees. Hanz looks down at him in disgust and spits on him, then slaps the living shit out of him

    Then, a loud 'whoooosh' noise is heard*

    Leave that man alone!

    *Gruber stop in his tracks and turns with the camera to see The Blue Flash standing there*

    What the hell?!....

    Flash: SILENCE!! Hear The Blue Flash as he speaks!!
    Too long have you bestowed your terror upon us! And tonight, too long have we seen you spit upon the good people of EWNCW such as citizen McCathey!!
    So with that said..... BEHOLD!!! THE POWER OF THE BLUE FLASH!!!!!!!

    *Flash lunges at Gruber with a lou thesz press and begins raining down punches upon him!! After pummeling him for a bit, he goes to check on McCarthey and help him up, before he's blindsided by a recovered Gruber!!
    Gruber then goes to start raining punches down on Flash!

    Flair and Reiko sees the fight between Hanz and Flash and Flair directs Reiko to jumps in to help Flash. The two men execute a two on one against the champion, who fights back with all he has. Just when it seems like the champion is going down, Arius pops up out of nowhere to even the odds Bodies are flying everywhere, over tables, into walls, and into trunks. Stagehands are all around watching the fighting afraid to jump in and pull the four rabid men apart. Flair can be heard, off-camera, urging Reiko on. Alice can be seen looking dejectedly at Arius, with small glances towards Flair, who flashes her a smile. Flash gets tossed into a trashcan, knocking it over - while Arius finds himself being bashed against a door by Reiko. Hanz grabs Reiko from behind and turns him around into a kick; then has Arius help him throw Reiko towards Flash. Both men then follow, and jump on the two downed men, escalating the brawl some more. It isn’t until several bigger talents come in, with referees, agents, producers, and whoever they can find to break up the fight that it ends.*
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