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    *Crowd cheer as Shaz literally looks shocked*

    Shaz: Woah, woah, woah! Hold it right there you twat. How dare you interrupt me?! Who the fuck do you think you are? You see TBOZ, I honestly couldn't give two shits if you're an established wrestler in EWNCW, I don't give two shits if you're a former World Heavyweight Champion, and I certainly couldn't give two shits if you're in a legendary stable with that douchebag who likes shagging sheeps over there!

    *Shaz points at Bodom as there is mixed reactions. Him having a go at TBOZ caused boos, as him dissing Bodom causes cheers*

    Bodom: WHAT?!?! Why that no good son of a bitch!!!

    Pentalion: Calm yourself man!

    Bodom: Calm?! CALM?!?! Kick his ass TBOZ!!! DO IT NOW!!!

    But you challenging me to a match at Bred for Combat? Is ridiculous. You know that I could defeat you in a blink of an eye. TBOZ, you say I've got a big gob right? Well guess what, this big gob has just caused an EWNCW legend to challenge the best in the world. So at least this so called big gob, I have, has got me to where I currently am. I did tap out on purpose to Hanz, and my match proves it as I annihilated his ass throughout the whole match!

    You see TBOZ, if someone offers me a challenge, I take it. I don't wuss out, because I'm a man. But your challenge, to me, is absolutely pathetic. I mean, seriously. I'm capable of defeating Tommy Thunder on Inferno. I'm capable of defeating K-Jammin on Rage, and then you want me to accept your challenge when I can just win a world title anytime? How ridiculous can you get..

    I'm the future of EWNCW, and I wanna spend my career in EWNCW, being the legend that I originally was. Not a guy who goes around accepting pointless challenges. And your false point when you said that prison did crazy things to my head, no it never. In fact, it made me the man I am today. An EWNCW wrestler, who is the best in the world at what he does, I've already proved that I am the King of Ignition, but..

    What I haven't done, is prove that I am the King of Main Event. Because I've never been on the main event, and that's ridiculous because I am indeed the best that EWNCW has ever witnessed. But let me tell you something, I only need one leap, one step that will open the door for the main event. One step to show that I am the best, and that one step will be defeating TBOZ at Bred for Combat!

    Bodom: That's right!! Accept that match so that THE BEARD can kick your ass!!!

    Pentalion: I hope TBOZ gives Shaz a real good ass kicking, if he does accept.

    *Crowd cheer as they chant TBOZ! TBOZ! TBOZ! As Shaz smirks*

    Shut the fuck up you pricks, so in short TBOZ. Consider your challenge accepted, but, I'm only doing this for myself. Not those lousy pricks out there, I'm doing this because this will be my giant leap to success. Because I am indeed the Rapid King. The best in the world at what I do. And there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING! That can take that away from me. Especially, not a lowlife like you TBOZ.

    *TBOZ goes to hit Shaz with a clothesline, but Shaz ducks and bails as he smirks. He motions that he'll kick TBOZ's ass as we head to Bodom and Pentalion.*

    Wow! That was absolutely fantastic action! For those who have only tuned in! Shaz was talking, about how Hanz Gruber's championship win, was one Shaz let him win. Then, he got interrupted by TBOZ, who challenged him to a match at Bred for Combat, as Shaz accepted!

    Pentalion: I'm 100% sure, that will be a great match, with plenty of action!

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    Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for one fall, in the ring, from Cleveland Ohio, Harley McCarthney!!

    *Harley McCathney is seen in the ring getting ready for a match. He waves to the crowd before going to stretch his legs in the corner with the aid of the ropes.*

    Christopher Pentalion: I'm hearing that we're now going to see the debut of that brand new superstar we alluded to at the top of the show. So here's the big moment Bodom, any last minute guesses as to who it could be?

    Bodom: Well I've been spending some time down in EWNCW's developmental territory to help with the scouting and evaluating of talent, and I did pick out one or two that I personally thought that were ready to make the jump to the main roster here. So I'll hazard a guess at it being one of those guys.

    *Chris Divine walks out from the back to a chorus of boos from the fans who know of him. He stands at the top of the ramp, posing, as pyro's fall behind him. The camera's turn to the ring, where we see a man standing beside the ref.*

    Pentalion: What the?! Chris Divine?! Chris Divine is the new superstar that EWNCW have signed?!

    Bodom: I don't like McCartney's chances here. I've seen Divine compete around the world, and he's good, really good. This is a big acquisition for EWNCW. A major star in the making from what I've seen of him. A mass of potential.

    Pentalion: Well some members of the crowd don't seem too thrilled to see him, they must know of his checkered past.

    Bodom: He's not exactly known for pleasing the fans. He's all about him, all about Divine. Know why? Because he's so fine!

    *The camera's turn back to Divine who is at the bottom of the ramp, as he climbs onto the apron and into the ring. He climbs a corner, posing, soaking it in, before stepping down. He turns, look at Harley, as he reaches through the ropes for a mic. He returns to the center of the ring, looking at McCartney, as his music fades.*

    Divine: This is a joke right? Divine means, someone has to be pulling a prank on Divine. Are there going to be camera's that come out here and someone tells Divine he has been Punk'd? Because quite frankly, you are a joke when it comes to the thought of competition. So, do yourself a favor, do the fans a favor, and just walk out of this ring. Divine has some things to say to these chumpette fans, and quite frankly, you don't need to be out here to listen to it. So go on, get. Go back home to your little indie league where you wrestle in barns.

    *Divine looks at Harley, but Harley mouths "I'm here to fight"*

    Divine: So you aren't going to leave this ring then?

    *Harley shakes his head down.*

    Divine: Fine then. Let Divine shake your hand for having some balls.

    *Divine walks over, sticking a hand out for Harley. As Harley goes to grab it, Divine smashes Harley over the head with the mic, to a loud thump. McCartney drops to the ring floor, as Divine drops himself, pumping himself up, as Harley slowly gets to his feet. Divine is slow to stand, as McCartney turns into a Divine Intervention! Chris drops Harley, before getting back up and rolls him out of the ring with his foot. Divine grabs the mic once more, as he turns back, looking around.
    The crowd are now all booing, firmly against Divine for refusing to face McCathney fairly*

    Pentalion: What the hell was that for!! McCarthney was ready for a fair match here, but divine plain and simply refused to face the guy!!

    Bodom: Like I said Chris, he's not about pleasing other people. McCarthney is hardly worth Divine wasting time with him!!

    Divine: Pay close attention, that right there, is how you take garbage out. Now, Divine was told a few things. Divine stood backstage, as he was told to come out here, kick that good for nothings ass, and then say these words.

    *Divine reaches into his pocket, pulling out a piece of paper. He shows it to the camera, but then crumples it up and throws it.*

    Divine: Now, obviously Divine didn't have a match with that chumperino, and Divine isn't going to read from some premade is going to speak from the heart. So chumpettes and chumperino's...listen close, because Divine is going to tell you a story. See, EWNCW wanted Divine. They offered an iron clad contract with all the perks, but Divine shot it down, and said he would accept a basic contract, because he wanted to earn what he deserved. So Divine was told to wait, and wait, and wait, and eventually Divine would be brought on the road with the rest of the roster. There was a brief moment where EWNCW management wanted to send Divine to this little company called TWE. Now, Divine was annoyed at this. Divine is the A list star, Divine should be at the end of the card. Divine sells the merchandise, and Divine makes these fans chant holy shit. Divine wasn't going to go to some second rate, third class, gonna throw out yo trash company, when Divine was promised a spot here. So then Divine was told there was this thing called War Games started up, and that they wanted Divine to be a part of it. So Divine waited, and waited, and waited...and guess what, nothing happen. So Divine goes knocking on managements door, and is told, "Hey chris, we are going to have you debut at tonight's PPV, No Guts, No Glory. Be ready man". So Divine flies to the PPV, sits in the back waiting, and waiting, and waiting...and did you all notice, there was neither hied nor hair of Divine? Do you know what is? It's because this company is afraid! This company is afraid of what a man like Chris, So Fine, Divine can do. They...

    *Divine is cut off as the lights flicker as the blood gurgling scream of a woman randomly fills the arena. The titantron then lights up to a noticeable gray color before a waterfall of blood comes down continuously. "He is coming.." eventually forms within the blood before the laughter of children then take control of the now light flickering arena. The titantron then shuts off only to turn to static before showing two little Girls singing in a very twisted manner.*

    Girls: "Your time is cominnnnnnggg... Your time is cominnnnnnngggg.... La...La...La..Lalala."

    Girls: "He is the man who opened his crate... He is coming since he is now awakeee."

    Girls: "Your journey may have been hard beforrrreee... But the yard you stand in belongs to a man with a hollow coreeee.... La...La...La.... LAAAALLAAAA!"
    Pentalion: What the hell.....

    *The screen shuts off with the mystery man laughing demonically as the lights went back to normal along with the titantron.

    Divine pauses, after seeing the video, as the look across his face shows uncertainty. He goes to the side of the ring and can be heard screaming at the ringside personnel: "What the hell was that?! This is Divine's time!! Divine's time I tell you!!"
    He is seen muttering something to himself, as he raises the mic.*

    Divine: Divine was saying, they are afraid. They've got people like Jesting Madness as their Blacklist champions, Mixed Emotions as the Grand Champions, Andy Cannon as the Ignition Champion, Hanz Gruber as the Rage Ignition Champion, Mark Dimension as the Evolution Champ, King Strem as the EWNCW International Champion, K-Jammin as the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, and Tommy Thunder as the EWNCW Champion. Do you know what that shows to Divine? That this company has alot of gold, but not alot of prestige if you catch Divine's drift. The fact is, everyone, whether you are a champion or not, whether you are on Rage, Brutality, or Inferno, you all are on watch now. The Divine One is here, and nothing......and Divine means NOTHING....will ever be the same.

    *Divine drops the mic, as he climbs out of the ring, and heads up the ramp.*

    Pentalion: Wow, some statement made there by Chris Divine, but he was cut off mid way through there by some strange video.

    Bodom: How dare someone do that. That was a pure insult to Divine there.

    Pentalion: He did however compose himself to end what he had to say, but he's clearly a bit shaken after that. First McCarthney refusing to leave the ring after being ordered to, and then that strange video on the titantron!

    Bodom: Well you would be too if you were to be disrespected twice in the space of a few minutes!!

    Pentalion: I digress, Chris Divine is here in EWNCW and is here to make waves, that much is clear as day! He's aiming high and he's aiming long!

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    *We cut backstage to see Daymian Bloodstone in front of a monitor. He's just been watching what he saw from Divine going on in the ring when he's interrupted by Jonathan Sanchez*

    Jonathan Sanchez: Daymian, a word if I may?
    You just saw Chris Divine make his shock EWNCW debut there. What are your thoughts on Divine as a competitor and on a personal level?

    Bloodstone: As a competitor the guy is a future main eventer. He has all the skill in the world to be the face of EWNCW. On personal level, Divine is a dick. What he did out there was the ultimate sign of disrespect. We all start off as nobodies and for him to think he's better than that guy is purely disgusting.

    Sanchez: Divine is a renown competitor that's finally made his way to the top company in EWNCW to try and make a legend out of his name. What do you think Divine brings to the roster?

    Bloodstone: Divine will bring new fans to this place who may have seen him in the indy leagues. Him signing now shakes the roster up. He also brings a certain degree of arrogance and self righteousness that is not needed nor wanted .

    Sanchez: Finally, what do you make of that strange video that played midway through Divine speaking there. Very eerie and strange wouldn't you agree?

    Bloodstone: My guess is someone was sending a message. Now whether or not it was meant for Chris has yet to be determined but with the attitude he has I wouldn't doubt that someone back here already can't stand to pompous douche. Personally I hope it was someone telling him to learn a little respect.

    Sanchez: Ok, thanks for your time Daymian.

    *Sanchez exits as the camera focuses on Bloodstone still looking at the monitor where Divine is still working the crowd on the ramp. The shot fades to the commercials.*

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    Christopher Pentalion: Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for our main event. Now, if you’ll remember, earlier in the evening at the top of the show, K-Jammin came out talking about his victory at NGNG, which brought out Jman and Ronaldo who spoke about getting a shot. Now, this brought out Cleverly who told them that neither man was just going to get a shot, and set up two matches here tonight.

    Bodom: Indeed he did. The first match was Jman vs. Carlin. Jman won that match and advanced to next week. Ronaldo has his match here in the main event, but his opponent is thus far, a mystery. No one has been able to get word from Cleverly about who it could be, so only he, and the person themselves know. Who do you think it could be, Pentalion?

    Pentalion: I’m completely in the dark on this one, but whoever it is, it promises to be big. What we haven’t talked about, however, is Seraphim’s appearance at NGNG, at the end of the Tommy Thunder/Ronaldo Romulus match. Was that a one off appearance? That was the first time we saw him since he was taken out by Ronaldo Romulus early on during the War Games series.

    Bodom: Well you can be sure that he wants retribution. But do you really think Seraphim is going to want to get involved with Ronaldo again, so soon after getting off the shelf? Who knows though, that man could turn up at the blink of an eye.

    Pentalion: Who knows, he could be a man wanting revenge. But we’re going to find out here soon who John Cleverly's picked out as Ronaldo's opponent tonight!! Personally, I think no matter who it is, we could be in line for a fantastic match! There's so many choices in all honesty!

    Bodom: Oh, and before we go into the match, I hear that World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin has picked up a pair of playboy bunnies and has taken up a spot in one of the executive sky boxes to view this match with some champagne!!

    Pentalion: Honestly, what do girls see in that guy?

    Jason: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall. The winner of this match moves on to next week, where they will face Jman for a shot at K-Jammin’s EWNCW World Heavyweight title. Introducing first, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. RONALDO! ROMULUS!

    *Ronaldo walks out from the gorilla position and heads down towards the ring, mocking the crowd. Behind the jeering laughs and taunts, one can see how serious he is. As he climbs into the ring, and his music goes off, he looks towards the ramp. He argues with the referee and Jason about who his opponent is, but neither of them know.*

    Bodom: Who is this guy? Why isn’t he out here yet? He must really want to piss Ronaldo off!

    Pentalion: I don’t know, perhaps these are mind ga---

    *The lights suddenly go out, a odd range of mumbling can be heard through the crowd and arena. The lights begin to flicker at the top of the ramp, but no one is seen - until around the tenth flicker, where a form is seen kneeling. The form’s hands are together, as though he is praying, the voices getting louder.*

    Pentalion: Is that him? IS THAT SERAPHIM? Seraphim is back and he’s going up against Ronaldo! He's John Cleverly's pick to face Ronaldo here tonight!

    Jason: Introducing next! Making his return to Monday night Rage, SERAPHIM!

    *Seraphim rises from the ramp and looks down towards the ring, a single black feather in his hands. The lights come up as his head tilts, the voices slowly becoming a muted mumur.*

    Bodom: What?! this isn't fair!! He didn't even compete in the War Games!! He was taken out in week one!!

    Pentalion: Well Bodom, he did actually compete in one match during the first week, so he was eligible to be picked by Cleverly here tonight! And besides, thanks to Ronaldo, Seraphim missed out on the chance to compete for a title shot during the War Games, so this is a prefect chance to right a wrong here!!

    Bodom: This is an outrage!!

    *Seraphim makes his way towards the ring, causing Ronaldo to hop out and pace back and forth. The crowd explodes with excitement that Seraphim is back. He slips out of his overcoat, and moves back, allowing Ronaldo to get into the ring at the behest of the referee.*

    Seraphim: AJ Styles vs Ronaldo: Kazarin

    (Stop at 6:10)

    *As Seraphim kicks out, Ronaldo pushes him back out of the ring. Ronaldo sits on his knees and pounds the mat, before getting out and chasing Seraphim. He grabs his arm and whips him towards the barricades, but Seraphim uses the momentum to jump over them. Ronaldo runs after him, but is caught with a forearm, which causes him to stumble back. Seraphim leaps up on the barricade and executes a dropkick to Ronaldo as he recovers. Ronaldo is knocked back over the steel steps, while Seraphim lands hard on the ground. The ref’s count is up to five, and both men need to get back into the ring. Seraphim stirs at seven, as does Ronaldo, and both make it into the ring at nine, breaking the count. Both rise to their feet and start exchanging blows, back and forth, back and forth. Seraphim blocks a blow and starts unloading on Ronaldo, punch after punch, knocking him back into the corner. Taking two quick steps back, he shoots forward and up, hitting Ronaldo with an Enziugiri, knocking the man down.*

    Pentalion: Seraphim looks in good form here! Ronaldo has been given a run for his money and looks to be in a bad position here against the man he took out before War Games.

    Bodom: It’s no worry, Ronaldo made it all the way through War Games, and to NGNG against Tommy Thunder - Seraphim isn’t going to be much of a problem much longer. Ronaldo is just surprised right now by the intensity of Seraphim.

    *Seraphim pulls Ronaldo into a pin, but it’s stopped at two via kick out. Seraphim doesn’t fret and lifts Ronaldo to his feet, kicking him in his mid-section, keeping the man doubled over. He drops an elbow to the man’s back, followed by another. Ronaldo drops to his knees and Seraphim gestures towards the crowd!*

    Pentalion: If I remember correctly, he’s calling for one of his signature moves! It’s called City of Angels!

    *Seraphim lifts Ronaldo up, and hops back, catching Ronaldo with a super kick meant to stun Ronaldo, so the power was cut down. He then whips Ronaldo towards the rope. As soon as this process starts, music hits.*

    Bodom: Carlin?! What’s Carlin doing out here?

    *Seraphim stops and looks back, a confused expression on his face. Carlin makes a cutt-throat sign towards him, distracting him long enough for Ronaldo, who’d just been sent to the ropes, to gain control of himself and roll Seraphim up for a pin.*





    *The bell rings and Seraphim is shocked. He looks at Ronaldo, and goes after him, but is stopped by the referee. Ronaldo gets out of the ring, and heads up the ramp cheering himself on as the crowd boos. Seraphim stands up and looks towards where Carlin is, who now has his back turned and is walking towards the back. Seraphim leans against the ropes in shock, wondering what’s going on, before getting out of the ring and heading to the back.*

    Pentalion: What did we just see here? Did Carlin mean to cost Seraphim the match? If so, why?! What did Seraphim do to Carlin to deserve this type of interference.

    Bodom: Seraphim made the mistake here, taking his eyes off the ball, and focusing on someone who is not even in the match. Ronaldo used his smarts to get the victory here, and would have done so, with or without the unexpected emergence of Carlin.

    Pentalion: He did drop the ball, but Carlin is going to have some explaining to do next week about this.

    Bodom: Who are you to say so? Don’t answer that, we’re out of time!

    Pentalion: Indeed we are, be safe ladies and gentlemen, and tune in next week for Monday Night Rage!

    *Before the show goes off air, the camera cuts to the exclusive sky box of World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin, where......*

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    *.....K-Jammin is standing in a skybox watching the main event match from behind the stained glass. He has 2 lovely ladies, one around each arm. A third beautiful woman enters the room with a title belt over her shoulder*.

    Eden Sky: Beat it bitches!

    *The 2 women scoff and leave. K-Jammin looks amused and stays quiet while grinning*.

    Eden: Good evening Mr. Jammin, my name is Eden Sky, TWE Vixxen's Champion.

    *Eden raises her arm moving her hand close to his face. K-Jammin continues to look amused and kisses her hand*.

    Eden: I must say it is such a pleasure to meet you, I'm a huge fan of your work. There's just something about a handsome man with a big...

    *Eden moves her hand down slowly touching the top of the title belt around his waist*.

    Eden: Title belt around his waist that captures my attention.

    *Eden giggles and bites her lower lip gently*.

    K-Jammin: You best be going somewhere with this, girl. You just ruined a guaranteed threesome for me! Now, can I help you? Nice tits by the way...

    *Eden grins and raises a brow*

    Eden: Talent, good looks, a shiny title belt and you still know what to say to make a girl weak in the knees. How could I resist?

    *Eden moves closer to the champion, her body now touching his. Her lips are close to his*.

    Eden: I have a very...

    *Eden kisses his lips softly*.

    Eden: ...tempting....

    *She leans in and kisses his lips softly again*.

    Eden: ...offer for you...

    *Eden kisses his lips a third time*

    Eden: ...and I think you're going to want to hear what I have to say.

    *She grins*

    K-Jammin: *K-Jam grins and raises his eyebrow* Well it's refreshing to see someone who treats the champ with respect. However those two girls you just scared off are Playboy bunnies, and were just about to take me to their mansion. So if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go find them... *Walks off*

    Eden: *grins once more* You'll be back...

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