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    *Crowd cheer as Shaz literally looks shocked*

    Shaz: Woah, woah, woah! Hold it right there you twat. How dare you interrupt me?! Who the fuck do you think you are? You see TBOZ, I honestly couldn't give two shits if you're an established wrestler in EWNCW, I don't give two shits if you're a former World Heavyweight Champion, and I certainly couldn't give two shits if you're in a legendary stable with that douchebag who likes shagging sheeps over there!

    *Shaz points at Bodom as there is mixed reactions. Him having a go at TBOZ caused boos, as him dissing Bodom causes cheers*

    Bodom: WHAT?!?! Why that no good son of a bitch!!!

    Pentalion: Calm yourself man!

    Bodom: Calm?! CALM?!?! Kick his ass TBOZ!!! DO IT NOW!!!

    But you challenging me to a match at Bred for Combat? Is ridiculous. You know that I could defeat you in a blink of an eye. TBOZ, you say I've got a big gob right? Well guess what, this big gob has just caused an EWNCW legend to challenge the best in the world. So at least this so called big gob, I have, has got me to where I currently am. I did tap out on purpose to Hanz, and my match proves it as I annihilated his ass throughout the whole match!

    You see TBOZ, if someone offers me a challenge, I take it. I don't wuss out, because I'm a man. But your challenge, to me, is absolutely pathetic. I mean, seriously. I'm capable of defeating Tommy Thunder on Inferno. I'm capable of defeating K-Jammin on Rage, and then you want me to accept your challenge when I can just win a world title anytime? How ridiculous can you get..

    I'm the future of EWNCW, and I wanna spend my career in EWNCW, being the legend that I originally was. Not a guy who goes around accepting pointless challenges. And your false point when you said that prison did crazy things to my head, no it never. In fact, it made me the man I am today. An EWNCW wrestler, who is the best in the world at what he does, I've already proved that I am the King of Ignition, but..

    What I haven't done, is prove that I am the King of Main Event. Because I've never been on the main event, and that's ridiculous because I am indeed the best that EWNCW has ever witnessed. But let me tell you something, I only need one leap, one step that will open the door for the main event. One step to show that I am the best, and that one step will be defeating TBOZ at Bred for Combat!

    Bodom: That's right!! Accept that match so that THE BEARD can kick your ass!!!

    Pentalion: I hope TBOZ gives Shaz a real good ass kicking, if he does accept.

    *Crowd cheer as they chant TBOZ! TBOZ! TBOZ! As Shaz smirks*

    Shut the fuck up you pricks, so in short TBOZ. Consider your challenge accepted, but, I'm only doing this for myself. Not those lousy pricks out there, I'm doing this because this will be my giant leap to success. Because I am indeed the Rapid King. The best in the world at what I do. And there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING! That can take that away from me. Especially, not a lowlife like you TBOZ.

    *TBOZ goes to hit Shaz with a clothesline, but Shaz ducks and bails as he smirks. He motions that he'll kick TBOZ's ass as we head to Bodom and Pentalion.*

    Wow! That was absolutely fantastic action! For those who have only tuned in! Shaz was talking, about how Hanz Gruber's championship win, was one Shaz let him win. Then, he got interrupted by TBOZ, who challenged him to a match at Bred for Combat, as Shaz accepted!

    Pentalion: I'm 100% sure, that will be a great match, with plenty of action!
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