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    *Pyro blast*

    Christopher Pentalion: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Monday night Rage!! LIVE here tonight from Orlando Florida!
    We're one day removed from No Guts No Glory where we saw some big matches!!

    Bodom: Well I saw some big matches Chris, I don't know where the hell you've been these past few weeks!

    Pentalion: Yes Bodom, thank you for reminding me. I do indeed envy you for being able to witness the past few weeks in person here. Watching the War Games on the tv though was pretty damn good, but what was it like in person?

    Bodom: Fantastic Chris. We got to see the cream of the crop of singles wrestlers in the world go head to head as they vied to headline No Guts No Glory. We saw all kinds of matches from Steel Cage matches to TLC matches, to Hardcore matches to Hell in a Cell matches. We saw them all. Only the best came out on top to headline the ppv, but we saw our roster pushed to the max of their ability.

    Pentalion: Indeed we did. Out of those who did gain title shots from the War games though, only a few went on to win their title shots!
    We saw bot Ignition Championships change hands with Andy Cannon winning the Inferno Championship and Hanz Gruber beating Shaz to win his the Rage Championship!

    Bodom: And keep in mind, those are both men's first respective singles championship wins in EWNCW. They'll be hoping for more success from here!

    Pentalion: Absolutely! WE also saw Ryan Wells beaten by Inferno's Mark Dimension, which means that Mark Dimension is now a member of the Rage roster! We expect to hear form him tonight!

    Bodom: We've been hearing from Wells throughout through the medium of social media about how distraught he is. It's always a disappointment to lose a championship after holding onto it for so long, but WElls will have to pick himself up.

    Pentalion: You're right there. I'm sure Wells has it in him to pick himself up though.
    King Strem managed to hold onto the International Championship after a hard fought battle against Istvan Gretzky, and both World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin and EWNCW Champion Tommy Thunder held onto their respective titles after overcoming Jman and Ronaldo Romulus!

    Bodom: Some big matches there, but all 3 Champions managed to fight through them and come out on top to show exactly whey they are champions.

    Pentalion: Very true, but bringing it back to tonight, we're being told that tonight will feature a brand new EWNCW superstar making his debut! We've had no word on who it may be, but we can't wait to see who shows up!

    Bodom: It could be anyone! Perhaps someone from our developmental program; TWE?

    Pentalion: It's K-Jammin! Our World Heavyweight Champion!
    As we mentioned earlier, he overcame his long time rival Jman and retained his World Heavyweight Championship!

    Bodom: I may not like K-Jammin after what he's done to multiple stars here in EWNCW including myself, but I can respect his ability in the ring. He's held onto his title by beating stars with his ability in the ring, and that has to count towards him being a top star here in EWNCW.

    *Outcomes K-Jammin to the usual chorus of boo's!* He walks down the ramp and grabs a fans cup of pepsi, and drinks it. He climbs into the ring, raises the World Heavyweight Championship, and begins to speak...*

    K-Jammin: Do you people believe me now? Do you stupid pathetic sheep finally believe me when I tell you that I am better than Jman? Do you idiotic fools finally believe me when I tell you that I just cannot be stopped as World Champion? Once again, I successfully defended MY World Heavyweight championship! And now it's only fitting that I get the respect I deserve. I hereby REFUSE to defend the World Heavyweight championship this month. The powers that be of this place need to realize that soon people will no longer buy our PPV's, because they know the result of my match as soon as it's announced. But will I get the month off? Nope. Because every single person in this world is a K-Jammin hater, and they want to see me fall. Don't get me wrong, I love being hated. I thrive on it, it's what motivates me. But being fed the same old shit time after time is just fucking annoying. If I'm booked to defend my title against Jman again, I will have no other choice but to end his career, to ensure he doesn't get yet another shot. Seriously Jman, how many times do you have to fail before you stop embarrassing yourself? I mean man; you embarrassed yourself more than that Ronaldo guy, who earned the opportunity of his life by winning War Games, only to fuck it all up. You're all a disgrace to this business!

    *K-Jamm is about to leave the ring when Back in Black hits and Jman walks through the curtain, mic in hand, to the most positive reaction he’s received so far in EWNCW. Immediately, Jman starts talking into the mic and walking down the ramp.*

    Jman: K-Jamm, bruv, I’ve known you for a long time and, in that time, I’ve known you to be one of the biggest hypocrites in the world. What you just said, though, is on a level of hypocrisy that I thought even you weren’t capable of. I, a guy who happened to lose a wrestling match, am a disgrace to this business? While you, the champion who is refusing to defend his title for a month, are not? That’s not just hypocritical, that’s insane. So insane, in fact, that I’m not even going to entertain it with an answer. See, bruv, I have a proposition of my own for you.

    *Jman climbs through the ropes and goes nose to nose with K-Jamm before speaking again.*

    Jman: Not only do you defend that title at some point this month; you do it tonight. Against me. You stop trying to hide behind the gold around your waist and you put that gold on the line against the biggest K-Jamm hater in this company. Before No Guts No Glory, I desperately wanted to face Tommy Thunder for the World Championship. I still do. Thing is, my hatred for you and what you’re doing to that championship makes me want to take that title off you even more than I want to test myself against Thunder. That’s how much I hate you, br-

    What now? first Jman, now Ronaldo Romulus?!

    Bodom: The saviour of EWNCW. This man went toe to toe with Tommy Thunder at No Guts No Glory and very nearly won the big one!
    I can never work out what he's saying, but it's no doubt some words of wisdom as usual.

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    *As the music of the well known and quite conceited Ronaldo Romulus engulfs the sounds of merriment from the Rage audience, the auditory bombardment of absolute abhorrence counterbalances the ominous and triumphant tune. The irony in such an arrangement can be found if one were to recollect the recent events of the last PPV where Ronaldo Romulus not only failed to win the EWNCW Championship but he also was haunted by the one who he took out…or so everyone thought. For the first time in his career, instead of ignoring the booing, Ronaldo covers up his ears, which is a considerably hard task for him since he already has a microphone in his hand and double tasking allows for the vocal amplifier to slip awkwardly from his grasp several times as he ungracefully walks down the ramp and into the ring. K-Jammin can’t resist chuckling at his clumsiness and Ronado shoots him daggers from across the ring. He stand firmly in one corner, residing away from both Jman and K-Jammin as he leans against the corner, a look of absolute disdain on his face. He lethargically he raises the microphone to his mouth as he vocalizes his inner thoughts and motions towards Jman.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::

    “The louse with piety to “second chances” demands justice? Tell me this, were you absconded with all dignity and decorum via a conspiracy forged between two frenetic faculties? Was an advocate of vindication after your very head?! If none of these realities correlate with your current ire, bite your tongue!”

    *Romulus walks until he’s in the center of the ring. Again, the booing drives him insane as his plans to recollect himself are cut short when he just can’t take it anymore and he lashes out at the audience.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::

    *Romulus is taken aback by his verbal outburst and quickly covers his mouth, a reflex done in vain as his obscenities inspires the crowd to laugh at him even more. In frustration, he stomps around on the ground and kicks the bottom rope of the ring. K-Jammin snickers at the scene he’s making. When he finally calms down, his hair is in a matted mess, a skewed bang covering his left eye. Not caring for his looks, Romulus barrels on with conviction.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “See how this derision gnaws away at my patience?! I can’t even….”

    *Ronaldo turns back around to the laughing audience and yells back at them.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::

    *Amused by his anger, one side of the crowd starts chanting, “Tommy Thunder!” and the other side chants “Kicked your ass!”. Romulus again begins stomping around the ring. As he begins to tire out, he attempts to compose himself work to a reasonable extent as he’s now able to articulate himself better.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “As the victim of such treachery, I am the sole entity on Rage that has the credentials to lay claim to a World Heavyweight Championship match against K-Jammin and as such an entity, I envoke it now!”

    Pentalion: The GM!! We haven't seen too much of either respective GM over the past few weeks, but with us back with Rage and Inferno, expect to see both men shaking things up!!

    Bodom: And John Cleverly has a situation on his hands here right away. Both Jman and Ronaldo Romulus are putting their names forward to challenge K-Jammin here. I wonder what he'll say about it all!

    John Cleverly: Ok, let's pump those breaks for a second. This isn't open fight night, and as long as it's my decision to make, nobody is having a title shot on Rage tonight.

    *fans sound disappointed at this decision*

    John Cleverly: We're coming off out first ever War Games, and an even bigger ppv in No Guts No Glory. Both of which were a huge success. Following out from this, we here on Rage have a few good candidates who have a case for a championship shot.
    I have to agree that both of you make good cases as to why you should be the ones to face K-Jammin for the World Heavyweight Championship.
    However, we here at EWNCW don't have out championship opportunities to anyone, and you're both going to have to earn your title shot if you want it. So tonight, you're both going to be facing an opponent each. 2 opponents who, following War Games and No Guts No Glory, also have a case to go for a title shot. The winner of both matches will face each other next week in a number one contender match with the winner of that going on to our next ppv; Bred for Combat to face K-Jammin for the World Heavyweight Championehip!

    *the crowd cheer*

    Cleverly: So with that in mind, Ronaldo, I suggest you go to the back as you'll be facing your opponent in the main event tonight. Jman, you can stay there since your match is NEXT!!

    *fans cheer*

    Pentalion: Wow! What an announcement! so we have tonight 2 matches; in tonight's main event, Ronaldo Romulus will face one of his fellow War Games main event competitors, and Jman is going to face another man from the War Games main event class right now!! I wonder who John Cleverly has lined up to face these two guys!!

    Bodom: It could be anyone! Who knows, we might have someone new coming over from Inferno!

    Pentalion: One person that we know it won't be though is Kayden James, who bowed out of EWNCW and retired after succumbing to William Carlin at No Guts No Glory following a fantastic feud!

    Bodom: It was a fantastic feud indeed. One which saw both men push each other to the brink of insanity. It all came to a close at No Guts No Glory, as did the career of Kayden James, and we wish him all the best in his retirement.

    Pentalion: Hear hear! Come back after the break when we'll see who John Cleverly has picked to face Jman!

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    Christopher Pentalion: That’s right folks, you heard it right here tonight. Jman and Ronaldo are going to participate in two separate matches. The winner of the matches progresses to next week, where they’ll square off for the number one contendership to K-Jammin’s EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    Bodom: Yes indeed. But which one is going to have the internal fortitude to make it through this week, next week, and then through K-Jammin. All men involved have had a rough few weeks with War Games and No Guts, No Glory. Jman had a chance at No Guts, No Glory, but came up short. Ronaldo had a shot at Tommy Thunder and the EWNCW Championship, but came up short as well!

    Pentalion: Indeed both men did, but now they have a chance to rectify that mistake. Jman is up first, and his opponent, is sure to be someone to test how bad Jman wants that shot!

    Bodom: Indeed it will be. Now, let’s find out who Jman is going to have to face.

    *Jman is already standing in the ring, eagerly awaiting whose going to walk through those curtains and challenge him during this four man tournament. He looks out into the crowd and then back up towards the stage when the music hits.*

    Bodom: It’s CARLIN!

    Jason: Introducing Jman’s opponent for this four man tournament, is The SUPERIOR TECHNICIAN! WILLIAM! CARLIN!

    *Carlin heads down towards the ring, rubbing his wrists; ready to get back in the title hunt at full force. The crowd boos him heavily as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.*

    Pentalion: Carlin is fresh off a loss to Kayden James at War Games, but is ready to get his face back. Will it be at the expense of Jman, another person to come out on the bad end of War Games? Which of these men is going to get back on the winning track?

    Bodom: Carlin is a master of that ring. He defeated Jman once in War Games, to be exact - it was the third installment, during an Extreme Lumberjack match. Can he carry over that momentum and put Jman in his place at the back of the line?

    Pentalion: Perhaps, that loss has to still be in Jman’s mind. Can he overcome Carlin in a straight match, when he couldn’t do it in one where there were people surrounding the ring, and weapons involved?

    Orton: Jman vs. Sheamus: Carlin

    (Stop at 10:00, and ignore Christian)

    *Jman gets to his feet, and looks down at Carlin, who is currently rolling over to his side in order to pick himself up. Jman immediately goes on the attack and starts stomping him, trying to keep him down and weaken him at the same time. Satisfied, he reaches down and lifts Carlin to his feet, and takes him up for a slam. Carlin gets his wits about him and slips out the back, immediately slapping on the Kokina Clutch. He drops to his back, as Jman starts to fight the move, he reaches out to the nearby ropes but can’t seem to reach them. Carlin tightens his grip as Jman struggles, but it isn’t enough. The constant struggling takes Jman towards the ropes, near enough for him to grab them and force the break. Carlin reluctantly lets go at the count of three and pulls himself to his feet via the turnbuckles. As he stands, he goes back on the attack, kicking Jman out of the ring. He looks to the Ref, telling him to count.*



    *Jman rolls to his feet and shoots back to the ring, breaking the count by the time it gets to six. As he is going in, Carlin attempts to get a stomp in, but Jman outsmarts him. He pulls back, causing Carlin to miss. Using his left arm, he sweeps Carlin off his feet. Using the ropes he pulls himself in and attempts a pin, that is broke up at 2. Jman steps back and gets ready for his Super kick, named, “Good Match, Let’s Go Eat.” As Carlin gets to his feet, he heads towards Jman, but cleverly avoids taking the kick. As Jman misses, Carlin pulls him into a Chaos Theory Suplex set up. As he pushes Jman towards the ropes and starts back, Jman holds on to the buckles and forces Carlin to roll back on his own. When he pops back up, Jman blasts him with the Good Match, Let’s Go Eat. As Carlin falls back, Jman catches him with a pin.*



    *The Referee raises Jman’s hands, who is now officially advancing to the finals next week.*

    Bodom: Jman did it? Carlin didn’t get the job done. He beat Jman before, but he couldn’t do it again!

    Pentalion: Yes, Jman did. Now he has to worry about either facing Ronaldo, or Ronaldo’s mystery opponent. Do you have any idea who it might be?

    Bodom: No, I don’t. It could be anyone from TBOZ to Gillz, to Billy McCoy. But rest assured, whoever it is, is going to have their hands full with Ronaldo, who is going to be seeking redemption. I just hope whoever faces Ronaldo realizes what they are going to be up against.

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    Bodom: Who the hell is this?

    It's Darren Bull, A man that we haven't seen since he was beaten up viciously by K-Jammin a while back! I'm surprised that you didn't see him in the same ward as you at the hospital when you were in Bodom!

    Bodom: Shut up Pentalion. At least I recovered a hell of a lot quicker than he did!

    *Pumped Up Kick starts playing through out the PA system and the crowd seems to be confused s to who it is. Just then the returning Darren Bull comes. Some people give a mix reaction. He walks down slowly to the ring while having his head held high up. Once in the ring he asks for a mic.*

    Darren: So, I see that a lot has changed around here. However, we can get to the status of EWNCW some other time. Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Darren Bull. Not that long ago was I working here.

    *Darren then stops for a moment and looks around the crowd who still show no expression.*

    Darren: I guess all you people don't remember me. Huh? See that was my mistake from the beginning here in EWNCW. I did what you told me to do, but for what? Cause I try to give you guys a show yet as soon as I'm out you find your new puppet.

    Bodom: WOAH! I'm starting to like this guy!

    Pentalion: Oh god, not another wannabe bad boy.

    *The crowd then start some low boos at Darren.*

    Oh now your hating me. You didn't hate the fact that I was attacked by K-Jammin. You actually all laughed at my expense. I was sidelined for quiet some time, but never did I hear or get a fan mail from you out here. Yet I can bet if it was one of your lover boys out of action then you would not haste to send them a get well soon card.

    *Some more boos come out from the crowd towards Bull.*

    And now all of you are booing me for speaking the truth. Well it doesn't matter. I have finally seen the light and I'm going to follow it by destroying my opponent tonight. It doesn't matter who it is, but I will make a statement. This is a new Darren Bull ladies and gentlemen and you better get used to it.

    Bodom: Wow. This guy just made a massive statement, and I'm 100% sure he'll have a bright future. His words were massive.

    Pentalion: Wasn't impressed.

    *TJ Rage makes his way to the ring, as the crowd cheer him. He goes to shake Bull's hand, but Bull grabs his hand and hits him with a vicious Clothesline*

    Bodom: HOLY CRAP!

    Pentalion: Absolutely..speechless.

    TJ Rage vs Darren Bull.

    *The bell rings as Bull immediately runs straight to TJ Rage, laying him out with a Flying Clothesline! He picks Bull back up, and rans from one side to another before laying him out again with a Big Boot! Rage is slowly getting up, but Bull gives a vicious kick to the head, before striking with a Leg Drop*

    Absolutely crazy! Rage is being annihilated.

    Bull, showing his aggression. He is as pissed off as ever, I can see that in his eyes, the aggression.

    *Bull waits for Rage to get up, and motions Spear, and he rans but Rage moves out of the way! Bull manages to stop, and stay on his feet as he turns around, but he ducks a Clothesline from Rage, and he jumps off the top rope to hit Rage with the Awesome Punishment! He goes for the cover!*




    Jason McManus: And your winner is....DARRRRRRRRRREEEEEN..BULL!

    Wow! This guy is absolutely sick! That's the passion that was missing from him before!! That is how you get places in this company! It's all about taking out the competition , stepping on toes and becoming someone at their expense!

    Christopher Pentalion:Hmm. My respect for him has lowered now, after that attitude change. But I can guarantee that this guy is the future of EWNCW.

    Bodom: Your respect for everyone, lowers everytime.

    Pentalion: No it doesn't.

    Bodom: Yes.

    Pentalion: No.

    Bodom: Yes.

    Pentalion: NO!

    Bodom: YES!

    Pentalion: Sorry about that moment, we head to a commercial break.

    Bodom: YES!

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    Bodom: This guy is an absolute disgrace! He proved it at No Guts, No Glory by defeating Ric Flair.

    Pentalion: Maybe, but Flair is ages away from his prime. His career was over ages ago anyway, but at least he retained Alice.

    Bodom: Yeah, Alice, who doesn't even want to be with this looser!!

    *Arius' music hits, as he makes his way to the ring with Alice as she looks uncomfortable. Arius quickly perform a rotten little snog on the reluctant girl before sliding into the ring. Alice is seen wiping her face afterwards with a disgusted look on her face*

    EWWWWWWWWWW! What the hell is this guys problem?!

    Pentalion: Oh grow up Bodom.

    : No Guts, No Glory..was my night. Ric Flair tried to steal my girlfriend, like the idiot he is. He tried to steal my Alice, but he failed. I pinned him 1-2-3 in the ring, and I kicked his old ass back to orbit! I thought he was my coach, he was like a father to me. But instead, he betrayed me, just to steal my diamond.

    *Arius grabs Alice by the arm and pulls her towards him gives a kiss to Alice as the crowd chant GROSS! But Arius smirks*

    Bodom: RAPE!!! That was attempted rape!!!! Come on Pentalion!! You saw it clear as day, just as I and all these fans did!!!

    *Pentalion simply shakes his head in his hand*

    Arius: And now, Flair can go back to his retirement home. Because he's washed up. He shouldn't have been wrestling me anyway, but I still managed to hurt him, and that was my only option. And -


    *Bodom steps on top of the table and starts a 'YES! \_o_/' chant with the crowd*

    Pentalion: I give up. I've tried. Lord knows I've tried, but there's just no stopping this man.

    Bodom: YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!

    *Ric Flair emerges, looking bloodied as he still looks torn from last night*

    Ric Flair: Hold it right there!

    *Crowd cheer Flair as well, as Flair taunts Arius*

    Flair: The only reason you pinned me, was because I was finished in that ring. My prime is over, however. That is not going to stop me from stopping you, because Alice is mine! Alice deserves better! This is not over, because I've hired someone else to end your career for being the sob that you are!

    *A masked man appears from the crowd as Alice rans out of the ring. Arius tries to exit the ring, but he turns around after the masked man taps him on the back. And kicks him in the gut, and lays him out with a vicious Twist of Fate! He takes off his mask and it's...*


    Arius, say hello to Reiko. The wrestler of destruction..the wrestler who will end your career!

    WOW. WOW. WOW. Reiko has came to EWNCW. He's an absolute beast.

    Pentalion: I agree! It looks as if Arius doesn't approve, and I'm sure Reiko is going to demolish him.

    Bodom: Demolish?! That man right there is the next big thing!!!l Know why? Because Ric Flair said so!!! He's managed Bam to beat Tommy Thunder at Destiny's Calling!!! Don't you think that's a big enough achievement?!?! And he made Arius something that he'd never have made on his own!!!

    Pentalion: What, you mean single?

    Bodom: You know damn well what I mean!! But tha'ts the past!! Reiko here is the future!! And Ric Flair's taking him there!!!

    Pentalion: They'll be going there on Space Mountain I suppose?

    Bodom: That's just wrong Chris. Wrong place, wrong time.

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    *Hanz Gruber walks out on stage and holds his newly won Rage Ignition Championship over his head to a mixed reaction. He then flings the belt over his shoulder, walks down the ramp and into the ring where he has for a mic*

    Bodom: The guy who defeated Shaz at the ppv. Gruber did a great and efficient job of winning the War Games Ignition Class, and he's now finally getting his chance to carry some gold here in EWNCW. He's worked hard for it, you can't deny that.

    He made Shaz tap out Bodom, that's not somehting many can claim. He's proved that he is better than Shaz in a way.

    Hanz Gruber:
    Finally my hard work has paid off here in EWNCW. Since I've been here I've busted my ass, I've taken on everyone that management threw in my way. I've won some, I've lost some- but the higher-ups here finally saw fit to give a true test. And I'm talking about War Games- a place to show my true greatness. To show I am on step ahead of everyone, no make that a step above every body else. Yes, its the Ignition division, but you got to start somewhere. In time, I'll be headlining Rage and PPVs. My opponents in War Games- they gave their best, and there was no shame in losing to me. You all have my respect. Well all except for one opponent- the man I beat for this very belt- Shaz. You see, the belt around his waist brought shame to the division. It was just a trinket to him, a pretty piece of metal to show off to his friends- all two of them. But it around my waist? Well I'm going to bring honour back to this belt. Anybody who wants a shot at the belt- step up. See if you can hang with me in MY RING! I don't give a shit who it is, I'm not a pussy like Shaz. I don't have to run my mouth for twenty minutes like him to try to entertain you- or his his case, bore you to death. No, I let my actions in the ring do my talking so to say. I'm here to entertain you with my superior ring talent. None of you loser out there know what that feels like though. Most of you are lazy fat fucks that would not last two seconds in a wrestling ring. And if it were against me- hell, you wouldn't even make it to the ring. And you know why? Fear! Fear that I'd break every bone in your body, then leave with your girlfriends or wives. Of course most the women I see out here in the crowd are just as fat as you guys. I don't know what's wrong with this country. Don't you all know what a diet is? Haven't you heard of eating in moderation? Don't you know there are other things to drink other than soda or beer? Haven't you heard of exercise? In fact......

    Bodom: Strong words from Hanz there to be fair, but why the hell? No seriously, why the HELL does Blue Flash need to come out?!

    Pentalion: He looks as if he's got a problem with Hanz, and he wants to deal with it as soon as possible.

    *The Blue Flash quickly scoots down to the ring, slapping hands with fans on both sides of the ramp as he goes! He then slides into the ring, before standing and fixing his eyes on Gruber. He then goes to collect a mic and pauses on one side of the ring.*

    The Blue Flash: Greetings, citizens of ORLANDO FLORIDA!!!!

    *the crowd pop big*

    Flash: And greetings to you, citizen Gruber, and, I guess, congratulations on winning the Ignition class War Games and going on to beat citizen Shaz at No Guts, No Glory. That was no task for the faint hearted, and you succeeded.
    However, I am out here to lay claim to that championship, for it is STILL being represented by the forces of evil here in EWNCW. Something which I cannot, no, WILL not stand for.

    *the crowd cheer*

    Flash: You do not show these fans, the citizens of the EWNCW universe the respect they deserve. They come to our shows, week in , week out, but still you choose to disrespect them. And in the past, you have also chosen to disrespect me. Something which I will not let slide again in the very near future.
    I am coming for you citizen Gruber, and when I do, I will take that Ignition Championship from you, and I will put it around the waist of The Blue Flash!!

    Pentalion: He's made a BIG statement, I can see it in his eyes. The hunger, he is coming for Hanz Gruber!

    Bodom: Oh wait, look on the TitanTron!!
    *However, the titantron goes from the ring, to John Cleverly's office, as he looks towards the camera*

    John Cleverly:
    Well, first thing I'd like to do is congratulate you Hanz Gruber, for sucessfully winning the Rage Ignition Championship. You'll have to prove that you are worthy enough to hold that belt, because you are a future star of Rage. As much as I hate to say it, you'll have to be dominant like Shaz was in his reign.

    And the way to kick your reign off as champion, will be a non-title match tonight! Hanz Gruber, tonight you will take on Blue Flash! Actually no - The match will take place...RIGHT NOW!

    Bodom: Blue Flash vs Gruber right now?! HELL YEAH!

    Pentalion: This will be more great Ignition action, let's get started!

    *The crowd pop as Flash takes off his attire but before the bell can ring*

    *Rain comes out staring at Gruber, before making his way to the commentary square as Bodom looks pissed*

    What the?! - What the hell are you doing here?!

    Rain: Commentary, I'm here to scout these two wrestlers.

    Show some respect Bodom! Rain, it's a pleasure to have you here.

    Rain: Same to you.

    Blue Flash vs Hanz Gruber - Non Title Match.

    (Blue Flash/Hurricane, Gruber/Bradshaw, skip at 2:56, and ignore the belt)

    *Gruber picks Flash up and goes for a Clothesline, but Flash ducks and jumps off the top rope to hit a Pele Kick, but Gruber grabs Flash and hits a Backbreaker! He picks Flash up, and goes for a Dropkick, but Flash reverses it into a Huricanrana! Flash jumps off the apron and goes for a Springboard Moonsault as the crowd cheer! He runs from one side to another, and hits a Leg Drop as Gruber winces in pain! Flash puts his left arm high up in the air, but Gruber gets up and kicks him in the gut, and lays him out with a DDT! Gruber motions Flash to get up, and he smashes him with a Superkick! Gruber taunts the crowd and goes for a Punt kick but Flash moves out of the way and gets up on the turnbuckle to hit a Dropkick with sends Gruber flying Flash gets up on the turnbuckle, and goes for a 450 Splash, but Gruber moves out of the way!*

    Gruber proving why he is great, as he dodges a move from Flash.

    Rain: Gruber great? No, that is where you are wrong. Gruber is not great, he may be the champion, but I am the master. I am the one who will make Gruber suffer, suffer pain that he has never felt before.

    Pentalion: You seem to have massive beef with Gruber, what are your thoughts on Blue Flash?

    Rain: Nothing, I don't have beef with Flash. I respect the fellow.

    *Gruber taunts Rain and turns around, and motions him as he looks as if he's going for a Punt Kick! Flash slowly gets up and Gruber goes for the...*


    You spoke too soon.

    Pentalion: This is absolutely crazy!

    *Flash grabs his leg and lays him out with a Dropkick, before running from one side to another to hit a Leg Drop! The crowd cheer him on, but GRUBER ROLLS HIM UP!*




    *Gruber gets up and kicks Flash in the head in frustration and anger. He looks at Rain as Rain taunts him.*

    Gruber getting frustrated as he fails to get the pinfall, and looks at Rain as - Wait, Rain what are you doing?!


    *Rain grabs the Ignition title and holds it high up in the air, he puts his finger on the nameplate and screams the name RAIN, as Gruber smirks. Gruber turns around, and Flash rolls him up!*




    Ref: Ring the bell!

    WHAT?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE RAIN?! You screwed Gruber!

    Pentalion:This was great action, with an unpredictable ending. Never did I think that Blue
    Flash would roll up the Rage Ignition Championship for the win, and maybe this is saying something.


    Doesn't matter. As you always say; a win is a win!

  7. #457
    Bill Buxley: Thank you for joining me backstage. I am currently joined by a newcomer to EWNCW who was victorious in his first PPV. His name, is Van Hooligan X. Thank you for joining me.

    *Van stares at him in disbelief for a couple of seconds*

    Van: Did I hear you correctly?

    Buxley: Err...Hopefully. I was just introducing to you.

    I see your interviewers around here are just as thick as they are everywhere else. I didn't win my match, I owned my match! I made an impact to show you a hint of what will continue to happen for a very long time!

    Ah, I apologise then. Let me get this interview started by asking you about War Games. What was it like to be in it, How did you have to adapt and what was your biggest weakness in th--

    *Van grabs the mic off him quickly*

    Okay! Enough speaking. This is me time now. What do I think to War Games? Screw War Games! I was in the wrong league and you all deep down know I was. Only very few people around here can even hope to compete with the success I've done.
    I got what I wanted from War Games. I got who I truly wanted at NGNG. My success in EWNCW wasn't with War Games. I did something bigger then with contenderships or Gold. I won revenge. I proved a point.

    Now ask me how I feel about owning Kyojin in my match.

    *He gives the mic back.*

    Buxley: Err...Well You beat Kyojin at No Guts, No glory, What was going through your mind before the match.

    Wrong question, try again.

    Buxley: Okay fine! How do your feel about winning your match on your debut PPV?

    Van: There was bad blood between us. I doubt a lot of people here know the full story but we fought for the ICW World Championship. A belt only I had held. In the final PPV, he made me tap out to become a world champion for about 15 minutes before the championship ceased to exist.

    See Kyojin, you only won cause I wanted to avoid injury. I wouldn't of tapped if it was for a continuing title and at NGNG I proved that you fluked it by making you tap out! You're a 1 hit wonder! You're nothing compared to The Vanity and you never will be!

    You really aren't even in my lea--

    *Van stops all of a sudden when Kyojin comes into the view of the camera*

    Kyojin: Well look what we have here! Van Hooligan X running his mouth! Nothing ever
    changes huh Van?

    *The fans in the arena pop as Kyojin smiles at the serious look on Van’s face.*

    Congratulations on your win at No Guts, No Glory. You managed to make me tap out- and guess what? I can use the exact same excuse as you! I tapped out to avoid injury but I can see it in your eyes right now that you wish you had injured me, you wish you had continued holding that submission on so that I could have passed out, or maybe have a broken bone.

    And why do you wish that? Because you can’t stand the fact I beat you.

    *Another pop occurs in the arena.*

    You were gonna go down in history, the only ICW World Champion during it’s entire length. The only person to hold that championship. Something not many people have ever done in this industry, you could have possibly even been the first person to do that.
    But then it came to Glory Days, and after weeks and months of you promising you would beat Darius and I, after what seemed like a lifetime, you were going to hold onto that Championship into Glory Days and beyond- whatever that ended up being.

    The fact is, you came up short in one of the biggest matches of your career and you can’t stand the fact that not only did I beat you, not only did the underdog, the kid who didn’t deserve to even be in the match beat the great Van Hooligan X, the guy who had been the champion for the whole of ICW. Not only did I do that, I also made you tap out like a little bitch.

    *The fans pop loudly as Van looks like he’s about to explode with anger.*

    But like I said, you made me tap out at No Guts, No Glory. So that to me means that it’s currently tied. One a piece. And well, just like you can’t stand the sight of me, I’m not overly fond of you Van.

    I’ve got no illusions about you, the people in the arena have no illusions about you, the people watching at home have no illusions about you. You’re a tough motherfucker with an attitude problem that thinks he’s the best in the world at what he does. Well I’ve got news for you, you’re not.

    You’re a guy that is good at what he does, and the fact you’ve been a world champion in 3 feds shows that, but you’re not a guy who has reached the top level. Not for one second am I suggesting I have but that’s why you’re here Van, to reach the very top, the top of the ladder in EWNCW.

    That’s why you’re here and that’s why I’m here too. We both wanna be the guy. We both wanna be a guy that can change a fed as soon as we step foot in the door. But which one of us is it going to be? The fact we have a tied record means that it could be either of us and until we have a definite answer over who is better, we won’t know the truth.
    So what I’m telling you right now Van, is that this isn’t over.

    *Another massive pop from the arena happens as Kyojin smirks, as he goes face to face with Van Hooligan X, but Hooligan spits in the face of Kyojin leading to Kyojin giving him a blow to the head. Hooligan does the same, as they start trading shots.*


    *Kyojin goes for another blow, but Van kicks him in the gut and lays him out with a DDT. Van grabs a chair, but Kyojin kips up and nails him with a Yakuza Kick, but the security come and break the brawl as Kyojin and Hooligan carry on exchanging insults.*

  8. #458
    Pentalion: Damn, some fallout there leading from a match that happened between both Van Hooligan X and Kyojin! There's some history between these two superstars from their past, and they've both come here to EWNCW to continue the rivalry it seems!!

    Bodom: Well it's not even a contest is it? Van is indeed the man! He made that Kyojin tap out to the Vantastic clutch on at No Guts No Glory. Is there really any doubt which one of these is the better man?

    Pentalion: Well it seemed to me that it was Kyojin was the man getting the upper hand there, but I can't imagine we've seen the last of these two together!

    Jason McManus: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the NEW Evolution Champion, making his return to Monday night Rage, the God of War; Mark Dimension!!!!!

    Pentalion: Well we're now seeing one of the few people that did earn a championship opportunity through the War Games series and also went on to win the title they challenged for!! Mark Dimension is the new Evolution Champion, and he's now here on Rage to carry it!!

    Bodom: You have to give the man credit. To come through that tough series of matches and then go on to win your play off match AND then win the title is no small feat. Kudos to this machine of a man!

    Pentalion: Well they do say that Mark Dimension was sent here from the future to dominate EWNCW! And by winning the Evolution Championship, Dimension is now a 2 time champion in EWNCW having won the International Championship once! Remember how long he held that for during his undefeated streak?!

    Bodom: Indeed I do. And with that in mind, you have to ask the question; how long will he hold on to the Evolution Championship?

    * MD is Walking To The Ring Looking On to The crowd, intimidating those at ringside*

    Mark Dimension: If I Was Ryan Wells Right Now, I Would be Popping Champagne and making a more of a mockery campaign.. MD..NOOO...

    Not MD , The G.O.D. is Here to Celebrate ,Only a Great Can Celebrate This Way..


    I Can Explain , just Quote Me for "Who Woulda Thought WARGAMES, Would of Brought The Beast to RAaaaGE!

    *A portion of the crowd can be heard chanting:

    Dimension: You See Since The Very Beginning of TiME I've Said I'm The Last Alive and that's For a Grand Reason.
    Everything has Been Part of The Plan . .and WarGames Proved That.
    It Was a Perfect Point system Manipulated by The Mind of Dimension.

    You All Watched ,Look at Me NOW... Evolution Champion.
    Celebrate For Me.
    I've Endured..Endured For The Followers of The G.O.D. Movement
    Meanwhile ,Somebody Like The Newly Dejected Wells Did it for Fan's

    *Ryan Wells' music hits and the crowd stands up going crazy, and Wells comes out, waving, but still distraught over the events that took place at No Guts, No Glory*

    Bodom: Ohhhh boo hoo, look who it is!!

    Pentalion: Don't be so hard on him Bodom. Ryan Wells held the Evolution Championship for a good run, and he's clearly disappointed. You can tell what it means to him. He's been all over social media, connecting with his fans and expressing to them his disappointment.

    Bodom: Cry me a river. He lost to the better man. Dimension showed more intensity. And I'll be my bottom dollar that this kid's out here to do some more whining and crying over how he lost his title. Give me a break!

    *Wells climbs in the ring with a mic in the center of the ring*

    Wells: Thank you, really, thank you, it means a lot. But cheer for this guy *points to Mark*, he is your Evolution Champion. At No Guts, No Glory, I lost in a match, fair and square, to Mark. He beat me, and there is no excuses, lies, or anything to take it away from him. I was a fighting champion, and I know I'm not unbeatable, but I know I'm one of the best wrestlers in this company, and my accolades and resume speak for themselves in proof of that. But Mark was the better man, that night.

    Heck, this guy had an undefeated streak, for the longest time. This is Mark Dimension, G.O.D., whatever it is you guys call him, that is what he is. But to me, he is my friend, despite our match and the outcome and the damage we did to each other. We held nothing back in that match, we put our friendship aside and we fought like warriors, two of EWNCW's best, went up against each other. He beat me, and there is doubting Mark's ability, not for one second. And I'm glad he beat me and not someone unworthy, and someone who maybe had to cheat to beat me.

    When the Evolution Championship was created, another great friend of mine was the first ever holder of the title, Markus Beerstein. And there was no one more worthy than him. I mean, look what he did over in The-Unmentioned-Organization. And to come here and bring all of that talent over? Man, I was stoked. And Markus and I became great friends. And then, that snake Ronaldo Rumulus.....

    *boos all-around at the drop of his name*

    Wells: .....came in and ruined Markus' title reign and possibly his career. We lost a great champion, and I lost a great friend.

    But then, I went after Ronaldo, because he didn't deserve to hold that title. He didn't know how to be champion. He didn't respect the title, the championship, or you, most importantly, the great fans of EWNCW.

    *Crowd starts getting very loud*

    Wells: And then, him and I went into a loud feud, and I mean long. And then at Pain For Treasure, I did it, I beat him, when no one else except for all of you thought I could, and I was the Evolution Champion. I won, my first title ever, and I won in front of all of you, and I couldn't be happier.

    I beat men like Daymian Bloodstone, Istvan Gretsky, Seth Ferrell, Ronaldo Rumulus, and even my friend Markus Beerstein. I've done so much since I came here, and made an impact right away and have throughout my time here. I even put the Hall of Famer Ric Flair through a table. I am the longest reigning Evolution Champion of all time. I am the People's Champion, a future World Champion, and Ryan "The Freak" Wells!

    *Wells gets pumped up and so does the arena, standing up screaming*

    Wells: Mark, as your friend, and former champion....I ask you, at Bred For Combat, to give me a rematch to get a chance to win back my Evolution Championship. What do you say?

    *After a pause where the crowd cheer loud and Dimension stares at Wells*

    Dimension: A Shot at The Title ... A Shot at The Title .. I'm Shaking Your Hand ,but I Can Tell You Now I Still Don't Agree on All Your Views.. But Only Because 1 More Match at Bred For Combat Will Solidify Why You Should Start Thinking..Like Me.

    *They eventually shake hands, before Wells goes to hold Dimension's hand aloft and points to him. He then goes to leave the ring applauding him as he goes as Dimension continues to celebrate*

    Pentalion: Well there we have it!! Our first official match set for Bred for Combat is seems!! Mark Dimension is going to defend the Evolution Championship against the former champion Ryan Wells!!

    Bodom: Does the man deserve it? For a change, I think he does. But does he have a chance? No way. The guy's too nice!! Did you see the way he played the crowd for fools with his pandering? And he even pandered Dimesnion there!! Do you really think that he's REALLY friends with Dimension after he took his title from him?!

    Pentalion: Wells is one of those genuine nice guys here Bodom, and yes, I doo think they're good friends, why else would Dimension have agreed to the match?

    Bodom: Perhaps because he's too stupid to see through the wool that's being pulled over his eyes, that Wells only wants his title back!!

    Pentalion: And I suppose you're going to go into that ring to tell Dimension that he's stupid huh? No, I didn't think so.

    Bodom: You can bet your ass.... that I'm not.

  9. #459

    Christopher Pentalion: Coming to the ring now we have The Prophecy, a superstar that's rather new still to EWNCW, but has already made quite an impression!

    Bodom: Yes, at No Guts No Glory he defeated a superstar that there was no preparing for!! That says a lot about how this man can adapt to any situation and come out on top!!

    Pentalion: Well let's not get carried away Bodom, that match could have gone either way! Holy Jose made his debut for EWNCW at No Guts No Glory and instantly targeted The Prophecy! And let's face it, he could easily have been the man coming out here now to talk about his win!

    Bodom: WEll these two are another pair that know each other well from their past, but they had never clashed before until our ppv just gone by. But I want to hear what The Prophecy has to say here tonight, so you better shut up Chris.

    *Prophecy is standing in the ring with his hood covering his face.*

    Proph: So first of all me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear itself. Nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. So said Franklin D. Roosevelt during his inaugural address. This is something I preach and practice as was evident at No Guts No Glory.

    *Prophecy paces back and forward in the ring, slowly.*

    Proph: Facing an uncertainty and looking deep into a dark abyss, I issued and open challenge to anybody willing to face me in the ring, in combat. Who would be the brave warrior, accepting his fate as a future victim of The Prophecy? None other than HolyJose.

    *Prophecy tops dead in his tracks and pulls down his hood, revealing a black eye suffered at the hands of HJ.*

    Proph: A man I have known for years, who up until No Guts No Glory, I thought had a good mind for this business. A man with keen intellect and wisdom beneficial of a champion. Ha how wrong I was..he insulted my theory and accepted the challenge to face me, and why? Why now? What does he want to prove? Jose you were a fool to besmirch me, you should have stayed away, instead of trying to humiliate The Prophecy the Grand Master of EWNCW. You...disrespected me and tried to embarass the unstoppable juggernaut of destiny...

    Pentalion: and here is the man himself!! Holy Jose!!

    Bodom: Why are these fans cheering this man?! He LOST his match at the ppv!!

    Pentalion: I guess because they don't LIKE The Prophecy Bodom.

    Bodom: You mean he doesn't pander to them?

    Pentalion: No, I mean he doesn't insult them!!

    *HolyJose walks out to a massive pop. He walks down the ramp high fiving the fans in attendance. He looks into the ring and goes over to the time keeper and asks for a mic. He gets in the ring and stands in front of the Prophecy*

    HolyJose: Oh boo hoo Prophecy. Crying over a black eye. Need I remind you that I lost? You ended up being the better man that night. Last I checked winning the match was all that mattered. But here you are talking about how you're the Grand Master of EWNCW. You're the hot shit around here. Tell me Proph if you're so great shouldn't you have won a major singles championship by now? You've been able to secure what one title in the course of you career. I've secured two singles and one tag team championship, well going to make it two soon. Proph we've known each other for years. We've teamed up before but never have we once been one on one. I came out knowing that one, the fans would appreciate this match coming to fruition and two, well two because you needed an actual challenge not some jobber.

    *The crowd cheers and laughs at the Prophecy. Prophecy has a furious look on his face*

    HolyJose: Now now Proph you beat me fair and square so congratulations on that. But I'm not letting that slide so easily. Now I'm not going to issue some damn open challenge I'm standing here right in your face not asking but demanding a match at Bred for Combat! Now if you're not afraid of stepping in the ring and actually knowing your opponent ahead of time I hope you accept. Actually no I'm not hoping you accept, I demand you accept unless you're afraid which I'm sure you'd love to prove to this whole crowd how much of a coward you are.

    *HolyJose puts his mic down and gets in Proph's face as the crowd pops!! Prophecy doesn' budge and neither does Jose. Eventually, Prophecy walks around Jose and leaves the ring much to the disappointment of the crowd, as Jose goes looks on*

    Pentalion: What a coward!! He didn't even give the man an answer!!

    Bodom: Does Jose deserve one! Who the hell is he to challenge Prophecy!! Prophecy beat him at No Guts No glory!! I'm sure he's got much bigger things on his mind than having to prove himself and lowering himself to that idiot in the ring!!

    Pentalion: Jose's no idiot Bodom, he's a very successful superstar in his own right! He won't take no for an answer here, I can assure you of that!

  10. #460
    Pentalion: We're having a great night here back on Rage, the crowd here in Orlando are fantastic!

    Bodom: They are indeed Chris. Some interesting turns of events already taken place, and much more still to come I'm sure.

    Pentalion: I agree, now let's move onto the next match, where-

    Oh yes! Shaz is out here tonight!

    Pentalion: He's an absolute monster, with a target in his sight. For those of you people who didn't tune into No Guts, No Glory, Shaz tapped out against Hanz Gruber, thus Gruber became the new Rage Ignition Champion.

    Bodom: Why are you still talking about that?! That's irrelevant to tonight! Now shut the hell up! Shaz is out to make a statement I think!!

    *The crowd boo the hell out of him. Fuck Shaz chants are heard, as well as YOU GOT NO TITLE! As Shaz makes his way to the ring, with a mic.*

    Shaz: So last night, I..

    *Crowd chant YOU GOT NO TITLE as Shaz's words are drowned with boos*

    Bodom: Why don't these people shut up for once? This is Shaz! The best in the world!

    Pentalion: He's trying to speak, but the crowd are booing the hell out of him! Well..I don't blame them!

    Shaz: SHUT THE FUCK UP! So last night, I lost to Hanz Gruber. He made me tap out in
    fact. So I just wanna say, kudos to you Hanz Gruber. Gruber, I never thought I'd say this. But I respect you. You are indeed better than me, and you proved it last night at No Guts, No Glory. And hell, you've even got that EWNCW Rage Ignition Championship belt to back it up, so do me a favor Gruber because..

    *Mixed reaction from the crowd*

    Bodom: What? Please don't tell me he's turning all goodie-goodie.

    Pentalion: Is this a new light for Shaz?

    Shaz: I just wanna thank the crowd, and you especially Gruber...

    *Crowd cheer for Shaz as he smirks*

    Shaz: For being the most pathetic, and stupidest people I have ever witnessed! I mean,
    did you actually think that I was turning into a goodie two shoes?! HA! You people are so guilable, and pathetic as well as Hanz! And Hanz, if you actually believed for a second that I respected you, you must be absolutely crazy. And you aren't better than me at all, in fact..I tapped out on purpose.

    Mongrels, please don't tell me that you actually think I tapped out because I was in pain, no. I tapped out on purpose, because that EWNCW Rage Ignition Championship belt, was a brick. A brick that was preventing me from moving on the EWNCW. Earlier in the night, I had a thought. I was holding a belt, that if I was holding for 5 years or more, then I'd be stuck in that division!

    But no, I took the clever route, and tapped myself out. Because I wanna move up the rankings, that pathetic, ugly title was a hinderance for my development. In fact, I made it so prestigious, that the prestige ran away just like the gingerbread man! But no worries, because from this day on, I'm WILL be moving up in the rankings. And what a way to start this all, by losing that belt.

    Bodom: That was absolutely hilarious. This man is twisting this crown around his little finger!!

    Oh god, he never changes does he?

    *Crowd boo and chant BULLSHIT as Shaz smirks*

    Shaz: And also, I finished up watching No Guts, No Glory last night, and realized something. K-Jammin is still EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion. Which is an absolute curse for that muppet. Why? Because now he's got me on his radar, the real best in the world. Not Tommy Thunder, not K-Jammin, ME! I am the best in the world! K-Jammin, I suggest you watch out, because I'm gonna kick your head in! And -

    Bodom: Oh god! TBOZ is out, why the hell is he here?!?!?! Why is he interrupting Shaz!! This isn't the time TBOZ!!

    Pentalion: I don't know, but something tells me that TBOZ is pissed off!

    *TBOZ emerges, mic in hand and immediately starts talking on his way down to the ring*

    Why don't you stop right there and shut that big gob of yours for one second Shaz!

    *crowd cheer*

    Are you seriously suggesting that you deliberately dropped your Ignition Championship? You dropped the title on purpose because you seem to think that you're better than the Ignition Division? That you're as good as the top guys in this company?
    WOW! Prison really does do crazy things to your head doesn't it!!

    *crowd chant "prison fresh-meat!" at Shaz as he looks irate*

    TBOZ: The bottom line is you're not as good as you think you are. You're not as good as the top players on Rage here, and you're delusional if you seriously think that you're the best in the world. I mean do you seriously think that you're better than Krystian Krysys? Gillz? Tommy Thunder? Jman? ME?

    *crowd cheer*

    However, since you're so sure that you're so good, I guess that you have no problem in proving that against someone. Someone like...... ME perhaps!!!

    *crowd cheer*

    How about you and me do the deed at our next ppv; Bred for Combat!!

    Bodom:What. The. Hell? Did TBOZ just challenge..Shaz? To a match?

    Pentalion: Looks this way! Let's see if he's man enough to accept!


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