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    *Pyro blast*

    Christopher Pentalion: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Monday night Rage!! LIVE here tonight from Orlando Florida!
    We're one day removed from No Guts No Glory where we saw some big matches!!

    Bodom: Well I saw some big matches Chris, I don't know where the hell you've been these past few weeks!

    Pentalion: Yes Bodom, thank you for reminding me. I do indeed envy you for being able to witness the past few weeks in person here. Watching the War Games on the tv though was pretty damn good, but what was it like in person?

    Bodom: Fantastic Chris. We got to see the cream of the crop of singles wrestlers in the world go head to head as they vied to headline No Guts No Glory. We saw all kinds of matches from Steel Cage matches to TLC matches, to Hardcore matches to Hell in a Cell matches. We saw them all. Only the best came out on top to headline the ppv, but we saw our roster pushed to the max of their ability.

    Pentalion: Indeed we did. Out of those who did gain title shots from the War games though, only a few went on to win their title shots!
    We saw bot Ignition Championships change hands with Andy Cannon winning the Inferno Championship and Hanz Gruber beating Shaz to win his the Rage Championship!

    Bodom: And keep in mind, those are both men's first respective singles championship wins in EWNCW. They'll be hoping for more success from here!

    Pentalion: Absolutely! WE also saw Ryan Wells beaten by Inferno's Mark Dimension, which means that Mark Dimension is now a member of the Rage roster! We expect to hear form him tonight!

    Bodom: We've been hearing from Wells throughout through the medium of social media about how distraught he is. It's always a disappointment to lose a championship after holding onto it for so long, but WElls will have to pick himself up.

    Pentalion: You're right there. I'm sure Wells has it in him to pick himself up though.
    King Strem managed to hold onto the International Championship after a hard fought battle against Istvan Gretzky, and both World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin and EWNCW Champion Tommy Thunder held onto their respective titles after overcoming Jman and Ronaldo Romulus!

    Bodom: Some big matches there, but all 3 Champions managed to fight through them and come out on top to show exactly whey they are champions.

    Pentalion: Very true, but bringing it back to tonight, we're being told that tonight will feature a brand new EWNCW superstar making his debut! We've had no word on who it may be, but we can't wait to see who shows up!

    Bodom: It could be anyone! Perhaps someone from our developmental program; TWE?

    Pentalion: It's K-Jammin! Our World Heavyweight Champion!
    As we mentioned earlier, he overcame his long time rival Jman and retained his World Heavyweight Championship!

    Bodom: I may not like K-Jammin after what he's done to multiple stars here in EWNCW including myself, but I can respect his ability in the ring. He's held onto his title by beating stars with his ability in the ring, and that has to count towards him being a top star here in EWNCW.

    *Outcomes K-Jammin to the usual chorus of boo's!* He walks down the ramp and grabs a fans cup of pepsi, and drinks it. He climbs into the ring, raises the World Heavyweight Championship, and begins to speak...*

    K-Jammin: Do you people believe me now? Do you stupid pathetic sheep finally believe me when I tell you that I am better than Jman? Do you idiotic fools finally believe me when I tell you that I just cannot be stopped as World Champion? Once again, I successfully defended MY World Heavyweight championship! And now it's only fitting that I get the respect I deserve. I hereby REFUSE to defend the World Heavyweight championship this month. The powers that be of this place need to realize that soon people will no longer buy our PPV's, because they know the result of my match as soon as it's announced. But will I get the month off? Nope. Because every single person in this world is a K-Jammin hater, and they want to see me fall. Don't get me wrong, I love being hated. I thrive on it, it's what motivates me. But being fed the same old shit time after time is just fucking annoying. If I'm booked to defend my title against Jman again, I will have no other choice but to end his career, to ensure he doesn't get yet another shot. Seriously Jman, how many times do you have to fail before you stop embarrassing yourself? I mean man; you embarrassed yourself more than that Ronaldo guy, who earned the opportunity of his life by winning War Games, only to fuck it all up. You're all a disgrace to this business!

    *K-Jamm is about to leave the ring when Back in Black hits and Jman walks through the curtain, mic in hand, to the most positive reaction he’s received so far in EWNCW. Immediately, Jman starts talking into the mic and walking down the ramp.*

    Jman: K-Jamm, bruv, I’ve known you for a long time and, in that time, I’ve known you to be one of the biggest hypocrites in the world. What you just said, though, is on a level of hypocrisy that I thought even you weren’t capable of. I, a guy who happened to lose a wrestling match, am a disgrace to this business? While you, the champion who is refusing to defend his title for a month, are not? That’s not just hypocritical, that’s insane. So insane, in fact, that I’m not even going to entertain it with an answer. See, bruv, I have a proposition of my own for you.

    *Jman climbs through the ropes and goes nose to nose with K-Jamm before speaking again.*

    Jman: Not only do you defend that title at some point this month; you do it tonight. Against me. You stop trying to hide behind the gold around your waist and you put that gold on the line against the biggest K-Jamm hater in this company. Before No Guts No Glory, I desperately wanted to face Tommy Thunder for the World Championship. I still do. Thing is, my hatred for you and what you’re doing to that championship makes me want to take that title off you even more than I want to test myself against Thunder. That’s how much I hate you, br-

    What now? first Jman, now Ronaldo Romulus?!

    Bodom: The saviour of EWNCW. This man went toe to toe with Tommy Thunder at No Guts No Glory and very nearly won the big one!
    I can never work out what he's saying, but it's no doubt some words of wisdom as usual.
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