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    Christopher Pentalion: Hwllo and welcome everyone to another edition of Monday night Rage!! We’re here live from Lincon, Nebranska and we have a great night lived up for you here tonight!! We’re one week on from crowning a brand new World Heavyweight Champion when K-Jammin beat The Beard of Zeus in last week’s main event! A shocking title change!

    Bodom: It was a historic moment in EWNCW history for sure Chris. Nobody saw that coming, TBOZ least of all. But tonight, we’re going to get his thoughts on the matter.

    CP: That’s right, tonight folks, EWNCW reporter Dick Thompson will open us up here tonight with a special interview with ‘The Machiavellian’! So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

    CP: And here he is!! The man who ALWAYS speaks the truth!! Remember, if Dick Thompson says it, it’s the truth!!

    Bod: I’ve heard that he’s kind of a big deal.....

    *Dick Thompson emerges at the top of the ramp wearing his trademark burgundy suit and takes time to wave to both sides of the arena. He then walks down the ramp, shaking hands with fans as he goes. He climbs the steel steps before stoping again to wave to the arena before stepping between the ropes. The ring is set up with a desk and a fancy leather chair behind it and a leather sofa. Thompson is miced up with a hands free mic, and settling in the middle of the ring and waving some more, he begins to speak*

    Dick Thompson: Hello and good evening good people of Lincon city and everyone at home! I’m EWNCW anchorman, Dick Thompson, and I’m kind of a big deal!

    *the corwd cheer*

    DT: Now I’ve come out here to conduct a special interview tonight. And interview with a former World Heavyweight Champion.
    Last week of course we witnessed live on Monday night Rage The Beard of Zeus defending his title against K-Jammin, and as you all remember, K-Jammin emerged victorious.

    *Loud cboos come from the crowd as Thompson awknowledges them*

    DT: So what has been going through our former champ’s head this past week? What kind of mindset has he been in? I know that you know that you know that you want to know the answers to these questions, so without any further ado, please welcome former World Heavyweight Champin, The Beard of Zeus!!

    CP: Well this man right here can’t be in great spirits this week. He was thrust into a title match last week and he lost. What does that tell us about him?

    Bod: I don’t know what it tells us about him Chris, but it tells us a lot about our GM Joh cleverly and that son of a bitch K-Jammin. It tells us that they’re both scheming, keniving rats that are clearly in some sort of agreement with each other to take control of this show!!
    CP: It certainly seems so. It seems very unfair that TBOZ here had to defend his title live on Rage last week just one week after retaining his title on ppv!

    DT: First of all, thanks for joining me out here. I'm sure you're not in the mood for questions, but the people need to now some things.
    First of all, let's go back to the night you won the title at Glory to the Brave. What was it like to finally realize a dream of yours and win that coveted title?

    TBOZ: Dick, it was the embodiment of a life long goal. That moment when you are on the top of the mountain, in the brightest of spotlights, and doing it cleanly, there is nothing quite like it. I was delighted, proud, and empowered in the same divine moment. I've been a champion before but, when I won the World Heavyweight Title, I knew the I wouldn't be the same again.

    DT: You went on to hold that title for 4 months from there. A pretty impressive reign don't you think?

    TBOZ: I would call it that, yeah. 4 months at the top is difficult, and I knew that I was good enough to do it, and that no one could stop me. It proved that, even though I made mistakes, even though I bullied myself there, it was deserving. I was a worthy Champion, I proved it.
    DT: But of course that all came to an end last week on rage when you were booked into a title match on the spot by John Cleverly against K-Jammin. What was your mindset when it was announced that you would have to defend your title in last week's main event?

    TBOZ: I tried to focus, but it was difficult. I had just retained the title in a hard-fought match the night before, and I was really running on adrenaline. I put up as bigger fight as I could, but you can only run like that for so long.

    DT: I hate to bring it up again, but you did of course lose your title. That must have been a devastating feeling.

    TBOZ: You really do kick me in the nuts, don't you Dick? It hurt. I'm not going to shy away, or blame anything like I used to or like others before me have. I lost, I wasn't good enough. But I will be back, better than ever, and I will climb the mountain again.

    DT: What are your thoughts on K-Jammin as a competitor, as a man?

    TBOZ: K-Jammin rushed in here and grabbed the title. It's something I admire, because it's something I would have done. But, as a man, he's nothing. He has stolen what is most important to me, and I will not stop until it is mine again.

    You know, recently Dick, I forgot my past. What made the TBOZ, me, and I've payed for that now. I am a former 4 time tag-team champion, and now a former World Heavyweight Champion. But not for much longer.

    Because I am back, and I am ready to show that, it pays to be TBOZ.

    *Out comes K-Jammin, with a smug grin and holding his EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder proudly *

    Bod: Awwwww hell no!! What the hell does this asshole want?!

    CP: I imagine he’s out here to do what he always does; spoil the night.

    K-Jammin: You really are a selfish little man TBOZ. Me beating you for this World Title is the best thing that has ever happened to this company. I'm a fucking star, I'm a fucking legend and I'm a fucking icon!

    You can bet your tiny little testicles that PPV buy-rates will now be higher than ever before. You can bet your little man titties that ratings will go sky high, and you can bet your title-less waist that these sad pathetic sheep in the crowd will make my merchandise sales will go through the roof because they worship me so damn much!

    I saved this company TBOZ, and I would like a little fucking respect and gratitude from you. Now I understand that you feel jealous and bitter towards me, but please think of it as me putting you out of your misery. I mean, you were the most laughable World Champion since Vince Russo. I am better than you TBOZ, and I know for a fact that I can smack the piss out of your mouth again. However, just like you told me last week, you're going to have to earn a shot at this gold.

    You see basically, being your usual predictive self I knew you was going to come out here tonight and say everything that you have just said. So I took the liberty of speaking to Mr. Cleverly earlier on today, and he has granted me permission to pick your poison for tonight. If you lose, then you go right to the back of the fucking line when you belong. However if you win, which I very much doubt you will may I add, then you and me will do battle at Rise from the Ashes for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Now, I could tell you who your opponent will be, but that wouldn't do enough for you proving to me that your worthy enough to be in the same ring as me. If you can beat an opponent without training for their specific style, then you know you're a tough motherfucker. So if you do that tonight, then I'll gladly kick your arse at the next PPV.

    Oh and TBOZ, don't be upset about no longer being World Heavyweight Champion. It's just simply because... I'm K-Jammin, and you're not.

    Bod: What a bastard!! Just you wait until I get my hands on you you disrespectfull son of a bitch!!

    CP: Calm down Bodom! I think we’re all despising K-Jammin, but you need to restrain yourself here!!

    Bod: Who does he think he is?! And why does he get whatever he wants from Cleverly whenever he wants?!

    CP: I’m not sure. But the point is, TBOZ has a match in tonight’s main event where he will have to win if he wants his match against K-Jammin at Rise from the Ashes!
    Bod: But against who?! For all I know it could be HHH!! Hulk Hogan!! Ric Flair!! Hell, it could even be ME!!!!

    CP: Well I’m sure you’ll do your best if it is you, but we’ll have to wait until the main event to find out exactly who it will be!!
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    CP: Here comes Hanz Gruber, he’s not scheduled to wrestle tonight; I wonder why he is out here?

    Bod: It probably has something to do with the fact that The Blue Flash won that gauntlet
    last week despite the fact that his feet touched the floor way before Gruber’s.

    CP: Well that’s not how the officials saw it, they did a great job in deciphering a winner in a tough situation, and the replays clearly show that Gruber’s feet did hit first.

    Bod: Whatever you can use the truth the prove anything doesn’t make it right.

    CP: Jesus, Bods that might just be the most ridiculous thing you’ve said since you’ve been a commentator.

    Bod: Who pissed in your cheerios Pentallion!?

    *Hanz Gruber walks out to the ring wearing an all black 3 piece suit. He ask a ring attendant for a mic *

    Hanz: Last week on Rage, I should have walk out of the battle royal as the winner. It came down to myself and the joke of a wrestler- Blue Flash. Me being the supreme wrestling technician, I had it won- but with the inept refs they have here, well, they like to turn a blind eye to things. They say my feet touched the floor first. But I know better and you want to know why?

    *The crowd yells out Fuck No! *

    Hanz: Well fuck you all, I’m telling you anyways. My training has taught me to keep a keen eye on everything that happens in and out of the ring. As Flashy Boy and I were falling to the floor, I took notice that his feet touched the floor a whole second before mine. A whole fucking second. And because of that I should be the rightful man to be taking on Shaz at Rise from the Ashes. It is there where a true champion shall be crowned the Ignition Champion. That belt will actually mean something around my waist. All other former champions such as Shaz and Bloodstone shall be forgotten and fall to the wayside. The era of the Supreme Wrestling Technician Hanz Gruber will elevate this company to new heights. EWNCW will never be the same

    #The Blue Flash#

    CP: Here comes The Blue Flash, he has been on a role of late, winning the gauntlet match last week on Rage to become the No.1 Contender for Shaz’s title, lets see what the man from “The Justice League” has to say about Gruber’s claims here.

    *The Blue Flash emerges at the top of the ramp and rushes down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans as he goes. He gives a replica mast to a younger fan in the front row before continuing into the ring after grabbing a mic*

    Flash: Greetings CITIZENS...... of the great city of LINCON, NEBRANSKA!!!

    *the crowd pop big for the namedrop of their hometown*

    Flash: And standing before me is a man who seems to be blind, not only mentally, but also physically it seems. Let's take another look back at the slow motion footage of the conclusion of last week's great battle royal.....

    *on the titantron we see the footage pick up with Gruber and Flash battling it out on the top of the turnbuckle, and we then see Flash hitting the frankensteiner dragging Gruber to the outside as the footage slows right down. We see clearly that Gruber's feet definitely hit the floor first, thus granting Flash the win.
    The crowd cheer as Gruber paces back and forth*

    Flash: So you see citizen, I won last week fair and square, giving my claim of you being blind some substance.
    But as I said, you are also mentally blind. But I am going to open your eyes Gruber, I am going to open the eyes of all the Ignition division. You see with the grand prize of a world title shot available to he who holds the Ignition title come Destiny's Calling, I plan on being that man. I plan on beating Shaz at Rise from the Ashes and after I win the Ignition Championship, I will hold it until Destiny's Calling where I will beat the Inferno Ignition Champion and earn my World title shot!!

    *the crowd cheer loud*

    Flash: But that's the future, this is now. And right now you want to be in my shoes. You want to be the man to challenge Shaz at Rise from the Ashes. Well here's what I'll propose to you. How about you face me right here, right now tonight, and I'll put my number one contender spot on the line! If you beat me, then you can go on to face Shaz. But if I win, then I'm keeping on my path of justice and I will be the one to face Shaz at Rise from the Ashes!!
    What say you?!

    *the crowd cheer as Gruber nods and it seems the match is on*

    CP: Looks like we have an impromptu match here, The Blue Flash taking on Hanz Gruber.

    Bod: It’s time for Hanz to prove that he is the rightful no.1 contender for the Rage Ignition Championship.

    Hanz Gruber/Alberto Del Rio vs The Blue Flash/Rey Mysterio

    stop at 8:59

    CP: Flash falls hard from the top rope, he might be in serious trouble here.

    Bod: This is Gruber’s chance, prove yourself kid.

    *Gruber gets back to his feet, and slowly lifts Flash into the corner, Gruber takes a few steps back then thunders into the corner with the stinger splash, as flash rives in agony, Gruber steps back and smiles and charges again into the corner only this time hits a dropkick to the knee sending Flash down to the mat face first*

    Bod: What a move from Gruber, these fans might not like it, but it was damn good.

    *Gruber, smelling blood, quickly applies and arm bar, Flash struggles as Gruber increase the intensity, Flash tries to reach the ropes but just can’t make, eventually Flash manages to roll through to the ropes to get the break, Gruber paces around the ring, while Flash uses the ropes to pull himself, Gruber’s attentions turn back to Flash but he is met with a huge kick to the side of the head*

    CP: Epic head kick from Flash, he’s right back in this, suddenly its Gruber in trouble.

    Bod: Epic!? Since when were you hip with the kids, when I look at you I don’t think hip hop, I think hip replacement.

    *Flash struggles back to his feet and hits Gruber with a springboard splash off the second rope, Flash then goes for the cover*




    Bods: and Gruber stays alive in this one,

    *Flash can’t believe it, Gruber stumbles back to his feet, and flash goes for a second springboard move only for Gruber to counter with a “DDPesc” cutter, Gruber drapes his arm over Flash*




    CP: Perhaps Flash being a bit to predictable there, going for the same kind of move twice.

    *both men get back to their feet, Gruber is seen taking something out of his wrist tape and putting it in his mouth, Flash turns him around and the two exchanges rights and lefts, Flash gets the upperhand and starts rounding Gruber, he goes for a clothesline but Hanz ducks it and spits red mist towards flash, who’s quick enough to duck out of the way and follow it up with a side-effect on Gruber*

    CP: That’s the move that put TJ Rage away this week on Warzone, can it do the same here.

    *Flash covers*




    Bod: Gruber somehow finds the strength to kick out, the match continues.

    *Both men back on there feet, Gruber hits a kick to the mid-section and follows up with a powerbomb!, laying Flash out, but Gruber is not done he lifts Flash back to his feet, goes behind and sets up for the scorpion death drop, when, just as he’s about to hit it, Flash counters, and goes behind to hit a belly to back suplex lift, flipped into a high knee*

    CP: The Blue Moon Knee!! He’s got him for sure!!




    Winner: The Blue Flash.

    CP: He did it!, He did it! The Blue Flash somehow won the match.

    Bod: What the hell just happened!?

    CP: The Blue Flash is still going to Rise from the Ashes, that’s what happened.

    *a dejected Gruber, slumps in the corner, while The Blue Flash slowly gets to his feet, as his hand is raised by the referee, out of nowhere, Shaz clobbers him with the Ignition Title belt*

    CP: What the hel…

    *Flash goes down and Shaz puts in the boots, not just to the mid-section but to the limbs and head of Flash, Gruber looks on shocked in the corner, Shaz, for the first time, makes eye contact with Gruber, the two stare at each other, as Gruber slowly rises from the corner, and stands stiff, face to face with Shaz, before joining in the beat down*

    Bod: Why shouldn’t Gruber, join in, he is bound to be frustrated.

    *Gruber mounts Flash and rains in the shots to the forehead, Shaz motions to Gruber telling him to lift Flash up, Gruber does, allowing Shaz to hit a spinning heel kick, Shaz lifts his title aloft where as Gruber stares at the prone and beaten Flash*

    CP: One hell of a post match beat down here. Flash didn’t deserve any of it, not from Gruber and especially not from The Rapid King, Shaz.
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    *We cut backstage to the locker room where we see Andy Amazing and Daymian Bloodstone talking*

    Andy: Man what in the world happened last week?

    Daymian: Your guess is as good as mine dude, I got covered in blood and you get knocked out probably by the same poetic vampire.

    Andy: Kinda sucks because that was a hell of a match and the fans got cheated.

    Daymian: Here's an idea, lets go at it again tonight!

    Andy: Sounds good to me, lets hope nothing happens.

    Daymian: I'll bring a stake with me just in case the poetic vampire shows up!

    *We cut to another section of the arena where we see Dick Thompson again*

    Dick Thompson: Ladies and Gentleman please give a warm welcome to my guest at this time, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.
    *The crowd irrupts into “Woo’s” as Flair strolls into shot with Arius and Alice*

    Ric Flair: Dick!, Dick, before you ask me the question I’ve got a Question for you ok?

    DT: Yea sure Ric..

    RF: Is this Monday Night Rage?

    DT: Why, yes it is Ric.

    RF: And am I the Nature Boy!?

    DT: Yes you are Ric.

    RF: The sixteen time World Champion of the World?

    DT: Indeed you are Ric.

    RF: Limousine Ridin’, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, back in EWNCW, son of gun!!?

    DT: Yes Ric!

    RF: Well then may I just say Woooooooo!?

    *crowd takes great warm pleasure in “Wooing” along with Flair*

    RF: now ask away Dick.

    DT: Well thank you Ric, It seems you’ve found yourself a new protégé in this young star Arius, but how does he differ from Bam, The Heartbreaker and Mitch O’Connor all men who you took under you leadership but failed to really get anywhere?

    RF: Are you kiddin’ me? Really? Just look at this man, look at him! He is designed for this business but also he is designed for success in this business.

    *a few boo’s can be heard from the audience*

    RF: And the reason why he is different is he doesn’t look like a Bam or a Heartbreaker, he’s not the prototype, he’s not the template the bosses want, he stands out and he is going to make an impact and if there is any women in the audience tonight that want to know about impact then I’ll take em’ to the hotel room and they can ride space mountain brother
    But before that, Arius you have some business to take care of in the ring, a punk kid called Darren Bull, and I don’t just want you to beat him, I want you to destroy him, Woooo!

    Arius: You know what Ric, I won’t let you down, I am going to show everyone that I am the most dominant and unstoppable force in EWNCW right now.

    RF: Believe that brother, Arius the best thing going today! And Dick if Ric Flair says it, its the truth, Wooooo!

    *Ric Flair turns away and he Arius and Alice walk off*

    DT: Well, there you go...

    *Ric Flair comes back into shot*

    RF: Dick I almost forgot *Flair holds his hand up Horseman style, there are two rings on his hand* two times in the hall of fame, Wooooo!

    *Flair leaves again*

    DT: Well there you go, Ric Flair and Arius both pumped up tonight, lets see if Darren Bull can affect their mood lets go to the ring with Jason McManus for the ring introductions

    *Dick walks off camera, only to come back...*

    DT: And for the record, When Dick Thompson says it, it's the truth!
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    Christopher Pentalion: Yes, yes, woooo. Now please sit down!!

    Jason McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring, accompanied by Ric Flair and Alice, all the way from the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia, this is ARIUS!!!

    CP: We saw Dick Thompson there interviewing Naitch about Arius. Dick I think was on his way to the green room, but naitch there demanded that interview from the head anchor himself!

    Bod: Well when you’re called NAITCH you can do whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you want!!

    CP: I am sure you can, but anyway lets switch focus to Arius, we’ve seen this man in competition for a few months now, do you really thing he’s all that?

    Bod: Well Arius could be, I’ve seen a lot of potential and with tutor ledge of Naitch, he might grow to be one of the top superstars here on Rage, as for Bull this guy has done nothing but get beat up.

    CP: he keeps coming though I like this kids spirit.

    JMcM: And his opponent already in the ring from Detroit Michigan, “The Destruction” Darren Bull

    Arius/Daniel Bryan vs Darren Bull/Trent Barretta
    Stop at 7:15

    *Arius runs right through Bull with a huge spear*

    CP: Big time impact on that spear, bull is in major league trouble.

    *flair is shown watching on with a huge grin on his face, as Arius takes Bull over to the
    corner picks up and hangs him in the “tree of woe” Arius climbs the top rope stopping to give Alice and Naitch the thumbs up*

    Bod: Oh we’ve seen this before.

    *Arius stands tall on the top turnbuckle, as Bull looks up at him, Arius comes of the top with the double foot stomp right into the heart of Bull*
    Bod: That’s a nasty move.

    *Arius does the Ric Flair strut, Naitch loves it and shouts “Woooo!” from the outside, Alice not to be left out also shouts “Woooo!” Arius turns around to see Bull getting up he drops down and hits the pop-up european uppercut, causing Bull to fall against the ropes on his way back, Arius springboard off the ropes and hits a spinning enziguri!*

    CP: and he calls that “The Final Touch”!





    Winner: Arius

    CP: Arius did as promised and the Naitch could not be more pleased with him.

    Bod: What a man Naitch is, he picks out Arius and what happens? Arius turns out to be great, proving himself tonight with the blitzkrieg, the obliteration of Darren Bull.
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    Christopher Pentalion: We’re back her eon Rage to the sound of Seth Ferrell coming to the ring, and he doesn’t look too happy.

    Bodom: Can you blame him? He was dumped out of that battle royal last week y that freak! He missed his chance to become the number one contender for the Ignition title and a chance to regain his title!!

    CP: Of course the freak you mention is Rain, the man who answered Ferrell’s open challenge and made his debut at Pain for Treasure. He’s been impressive since then, thwarting Ferrell, but let’s see what ‘The Great Pharoah’ has to say here.

    Seth Ferrell: Greetings! And a lovely evening to all of you as well. ...I have something I have to deal with. Now! Last week in the Battle Royal, in my quest to save the Ignition title and become number 1 contender, I was foiled again by some deranged ginourmous pervert who is obsessed with all things Ferrell. This is outrageous! How do things like this even be allowed here?! So if you look close, here I am werido! Come out, come out wherever you are! I am not going anywhere until you show up. I demand you get your ass out here and explain yourself!

    *On The Back of Angels begins to play as the lights begin to flicker, soon the music stops and the lights go out completely. Ferrell can barely be made out as he looks around the ring, suddenly a lightning bolt hits the stage and rain begins to fall in the arena.. The Music plays again and out comes Rain, unlike his previous times he is unaccompanied and without his sack as he slowly makes his way to the ring. As he enters the ring Ferrell is looking at him in both disgust and shock. Rain smirks as the rain falls*

    Rain: *Whispering* Little man... You.. You talk to much... You wonder why I have set my sights on you? It's... simple honestly... You're to loud.. You talk to much... You never shut up.. And I, well I prefer the silence.... At first it was simply to shut you up... Now however... After hearing the words you say about me, calling me... a weirdo... No... now *laughs* now I plan to rip out your tongue and silence you for eternity... If need be I will go so far as to tear out your vocal box... That is why I am after you, to silence you and rid the world of your voice.

    Seth Ferrell: You.. You just stay right where you are. You try anything like that and security will be out here in a flash! Security! Strong words, strong words, Rain. But unlike yourself, I am a former champion. When I need to I can deal with you just like all the other riffraff here in the stands because that's what you are. Just like them. You might look scary, but you push me and I will show you what kind destruction my talents are capable of creating when applied properly. Don't take that lightly, Rain. I am starting to get tired of you.

    *Rain lowers his head and adjusts his eyes to Ferrell and grins*

    Rain: You... You talk big... but you are scared. Deep down.... in the pit of your stomach.... You know that I... I would rip you in half...

    *Rain raises his head and fill the rain drops hit his face*

    Rain: These drops... they are a sign of purity... They clean what they touch.... They silence the world... Which is what I will do to you... Whether it be here tonight or another night, rest assured.... The last words that come from your mouth will be that of you pleading..... begging that I grant mercy....

    *Rain lowers his head and his eyes meet Ferrell's*

    Rain: And that... That is something I will not do... Soon... son there will be......
    *Whispers softly* silence....

    Seth Ferrell: A sign of Purity eh? More like a sign of a bribe to someone in engineering. And I don't think they clean anything, because as the seconds tick past, this ring is filling up to the brim with more and more bs. I think you're just crazy enough to believe everything you're saying. But rest assured, Rain, I don't care how I have to do it, I'll put one peasant back in his place. Bad things happen to people who bother

    Rain: There you go again... Hurling your insults... Calling me a crazy peasant.. I'm not crazy and I most certainly am no peasant to the like of you... You wish... to put me back in my place...? And what place are you referring to? If you wish to challenge me than I will accept.... but know that once a bell rings.... Your life... it will never....never be the same... I will destroy you in every way and leave you a shell of what you are.... and when it is finally over I will have my silence...

    Seth Ferrell: For once I agree with you. It will be very quiet, laying on your back, in the unconscious state that I put you in. And the image to give you sweet dreams will be one of me, completing a moonsault in the air, about to squash all the crap out of you. You'll get your silence weirdo. I promise you that.

    Rain: You are delirious if you believe you will defeat me... The scenario you have played out..... it will be a good one for you to dream about... when you lie catatonic after I deliver my Devil DDT and than remove the objects in which you need to speak.... Enjoy your last few days of speaking...

    Bod: Signs of purity? Silence? Ferrell’s right, this guy’s crazy!! What did you get from that Pentalion?

    CP: Well I’m as lost as you, but what I did get is that a challenge has been laid down, and both men have seemingly accepted, and I’m hearing through my headset as we speak that the match is now official! Seth Ferrell will take on Rain at Rise From the Ashes!!
    Bod: Well both have developed some sort of a rivalry since Rain’s debut, so it’ll be interesting to see how he fares at a big event against the experienced Ferrell. Ferrell’s already beaten him once, but now that Rain’s been here for a few weeks, who knows.

    CP: It’ll be an interesting one for sure! Can’t wait to see that match!
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    Christopher Pentalion: Welcome back folks! And you join us as Istvan Gretzky comes out here. He interrupted and attacked Evolution Champion Ryan Wells last week, I wonder what he’s got to say for himself this week!!

    Bod: Well this man is a real athlete. How has he not won a title here yet is beyond me.

    Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky: Jak Simiecz, it is Poland's greatest hero of the last three quarters and a century here to tell you all that, yes, Istvan did walk all over Rodney Well-come mat on last weeks Enraged-catch-as-catch-can-grapples show, but it was never personal in slightest way at all. It was a matter of pride and business, nothing more, kurwa!

    You see, people, it is Istvan evaluation that it be more than high time for him to take an ECWN champions for the first time. Istvan may have won many accolade and catch-as-catch-can-grapples in Mother Poland and all of Eastern Europe, but in glorious and rich country of America Istvan has won -as Istvan good drinking buddy Shaz might put it- Fucks All, Kurwa!! This is not for Istvan to accept, kurwa! Istvan is mighty and need American gold around VASCULAR waist for proving this..

    When Isty Baby did see Rodney The WellBoy win Evolve Champions, it did make Istvans blood run cold as the water in stream that pass through Istvans village, kurwa, and Istvan did think to himselfs NO, KURWA! ISTVAN HAVE VASCULAR ARM MADE FROM FALLEN STAR, KURWA, AND ISTVAN NO MORE WAIT FOR ECWN MANAGERMENT TO GIVE GREAT ISTVAN A SHOT AT GOLD!!! ISTVAN DID TAKE TH--

    *Ryan Wells' music hits and the crowd erupts, mostly because he is here, but also so now they can have someone talk and actually understand what he is saying*

    CP: Well here is the aforementioned Evolution Champion, ‘The Freak’ Ryan Wells!!

    Bod: You’re right in saying one thing. This man is indeed a freak!

    CP: He’s the champion Bodom! He proved his worth at Pain for Treasure!!

    Wells: Istvan, you're wrong about a lot of things, but a major one, is that, my name is Ryan, not Rodney. You better get that straight because when we fight, and the announcer says my name as the winner, you'll know the guy who beat you so bad that you had retire and flee back to Poland because of honest, fear of me.

    *Wells' unhooks the Evolution Title from his waist and lifts it high up in the air, causing the crowd to erupt again*

    Wells: This is what you want Istvan, isn't it? The Evolution Title? Well, you see, to actually get a shot at this, you need to work hard for it. But, I'm a fighting champion, I give anyone who thinks they got a shot, that actually shot. But, I mean, didn't you LOSE to Andy Amazing at Pain For Treasure? I mean, you lost, and don't get me wrong, Andy is a great fighter and wrestler. But regardless, you lost in a regular match, not even in a title or a #1 contender's match. So, why should I give you a shot at the title?

    *As Istvan begins to speak again*

    No no no, don't answer that. I don't, nor do any of the fans want to hear you talk. Please, it will do us all a favor with you being silent. There is one thing for sure, that you are a much better wrestler then a talker. But again, that isn't saying much, trust me, so don't take it to heart as a compliment.

    *Crowd can be heard laughing*

    Wells: Yes, it is quite funny. But Istvan, you made a bad move last week. You made an enemy out of me. Bad move, that I can tell you right now. You want a shot at the title? You got it. If you really want this bad, then you got it. I'll make it happen. But I promise you, it's something you will regret. I proved a lot of people wrong when I beat Rumulus at Pain For Treasure. I'm no longer that underdog, I'm the guy who everybody thinks is going to win. I've proven everyone in the back wrong. I, along with the fans, always have faith in me. All of *points all around the crowd* them, believed in me.

    Do you remember Istvan, when you first got here? One of your first ever fights, was against me, way back when. And do you remember what happened? No? Well, I'll remind you. You lost, to me. And when you face me again, it'll be the same result as last time, me winning, and you, losing. But this time, it'll be even more of a sweet victory, because I will leave there, with the Evolution Title, and you, have lost yet again. Because with the fans behind me and their faith, this title, will NEVER LEAVE ME!

    *Raises Evolution Title high again to a massive and explosive ovation from the crowd
    Istvan gets in the face of Wells, looks up at the title, and then back to Wells, before snatching it from his hand, laying it on the floor between both men, before continuing the staredown*

    CP: Wow! Look at this! A real statement being made by Istvan Gretzky here!!

    Bod: This man right here is taking that title from Wells at Rise From the Ashes!! I’m alling it now!! You heard it here first!! Remember this moment!!
    CP: Well, it’s not official yet, but it seems we might see this match happen!! Both men seem to want this!!
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    Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Chicago Illinois, ‘The Amazing One’, Andy Amazing!!

    Christopher Pentalion: We’re back live on Monday night Rage, and coming up here is a rematch from last week when we saw Andy Amazing taking on Daymian Bloodstone, but the match didn’t conclude in a very clear cut way did it?

    Bodom: Well no. We saw something that we’ve never seen before here in EWNCW, when, after Bloodstone won the match via countout, we saw blood, yes, blood raining down on him from the rafters somewhere!

    CP: That’s right. The lights went out just as the referee was about to count out both men, but when they came back up, Bloodstone was back in the ring with Amazing laid oout on the outside! And then of course we saw that blood raining down on the ring!! Very strange stuff!

    JMcM: And his opponent, from Boulder, Nevada, ‘The Pint Sized Rocker’, Daymian bloodstone!!

    CP: So earlier we saw Amazing and Bloodstone chatting and they agreed to have this match again so that they can give the crowd the show they deserve!

    Bod: Well I can’t tell if we’ll get that, after what happened last week we could see Doink the Clown spoil things this week for all I know.

    Chris Jericho/Andy Amazing vs Jerff Hardy/Daymian Bloodstone

    (stop at 5:26)

    CP: The referee is at a count of 8 here, and Bloodstone’s got Amazing back in as he..... what the...

    *the lights in the arena go out for about 5 seconds before coming back up again. When they come back, Bloodstone’s laid out on the outside while Amazing is stirring in the ring after being thrown back in by Bloodstone prior.
    The referee has already reached the count of 10 and after some confusion, he calls for the bell, declaring Amazing the winner!*

    JMcM: Here’s your winner, by countout, Andy Amazing!!

    CP: What the hell happened?! The same thing as last week!! Bloodstone’s the one to suffer the defeat this time!!
    Bod: Well at least we don’t get any blood raining down on us this time!

    *The lights dim, with just the tron alight*

    CP: Oh, dont’ count your chickens just yet!! Get your umbrella ready!

    *The tron’s blank for a while, before the following messgage can be seen...

    "Never to suffer would never to have been blessed. So said Edgar Allan Poe. If this idea is to be believed, then I am more blessed than the heavens themselves. A lifetime of exquisite agony and despair have not dampened my spirits or scared away the dark soul that dwells deep within this aching body. Yet knowing the misery of life has not made it easier, knowing the inevitability of death and the short run we have, does not make me wish to enjoy every day as if it were my last. Instead it brings about a stirring inside of me, a feeling of hatred and anger towards each and every one who walks around with a smile on their delluded faces, unaware that what they have is inconsequential. I will be the harbinger of negativity, I will reap their happiness and deliver misery and pain so malicious, that they will forever remember my name as they hang by their necks, life draining from them."
    Then, suddenly, several mannequins drop from the rafters with nooses tied around their necks, as Amazing looks up in amazement and Bloodstone, who is also recovering on the outside can be seen looking up.*

    CP: What the hell..... Bodom....?!

    Bod: Raining blood? Now hanged mannequins?! I don’t know Chris, it’s all strange to me!!

    CP: Well Andy Amazing has won this match, but it’s the aftermath of this match, like last week, that’ll take everyone’s notice!! I have no idea what to make of it all!
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    *The lights go out in the arena, and when they come on the 'Archangel' Kayden James is shown at the top of the ramp with his back to the crowd and his arms outstretched like a cross. As he drops his arms, pyro explodes all around the ramp. He turns around, smiles, and makes his way to the ring.*

    Christopher Pentalion: We’re back here live on Monday night Rage, still to come later of course is The Beard of Zeus taking on an opponent of K-Jammin’s choosing with a shot for the title at Rise from the Ashes at stake, but right now we’re witnessing ‘The Archangel’ Kayden James making his way to the ring!

    Bodom: Last week we saw him make his shocking debut to put a stop to a great match between Ronaldo Romulus and Seraphim, I’m expecting, no I’m DEMANDING him to explain himself here!

    CP: Well he has a mic in hand, so your wish seems to have been granted Bodom.

    Bod: No no, I said DEMAND! You mean to say my DEMAND has been obliged!

    Kayden: For days now, I've been asked the same question over and over. "Why did you cross over to EWNCW?" The answer is quite simple; This place needs me. For months I have stood back and watched. I watched wannabe pimps like T-Thunda, I watched deceitful hypocrites like Romulus and Seraphim attempt to lie and blaspheme the word of my God to conform to their devilish whims. I have much work to do here, and I'll not rest until it's done.

    Ephesians 5:6 says "Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience" and you have all been deceived by these devils.

    Romulus, it's time to put an end to you. You use big words to try and prove your superiority but it only makes you look like weak and foolish. You use big words in a failed attempt to prove that you are somehow better than everyone else. I wouldn't put it past you to come out here use your big words to try and prove your superiority to me because that's all you do, talk.

    Well my friend, and I use this term loosely, I don't need big words. I don't need 5 syllable words to prove I'm better than you. All I need is these two fists and the strength given to me by my God to put an end to you once and for all. And when I do, I'll be taking your spot in line for that golden Idol known as the World Heavyweight Championship. The Archangel has spoken.

    Bod: Ohhhh!! Thank God!! Someone to save us from this mumbo jumbo!!

    CP: Well I woundn’t be so sure. Ronaldo’s been preaching the Lord’s word as he sees it too recently. Let’s see what he has to say about James here!

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “A more fitting denouement to your abysmal dissertation would be, “The Archfiend has spoken.”

    *The titantron turns on and Ronaldo Romulus can be seen standing in a middle of an empty room with a lone spotlight shining on him while the remainder of the proximity is in total darkness. Just like last week, Ronaldo keeps his face hidden underneath a lengthy white cowl. The only design that can be seen on it is a blue cathedral cross on the front of the hood.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Like the other hindrances, that seek to abolish the sanctity of God’s will through the willing vessels of the “chosen race”, you dissect the most superficial of my attributes to assert my so called inclinations. You, like the uncultivated masses of serfs that surround you now, fail to penetrate the genuine reasoning behind my mission, my call to action by the Lord, because you dwell in the realm of obtuseness. The time has come for you, along with the insubordinates, to enlighten you to the truth.”

    The destiny, the abilities of you serfs. everything that you can and cannot do are all predetermined by God himself. He chooses where you stand in his caste system. It will dictate you for the rest of your life. However, the media has publicly rejected His authority by telling you serfs that it’s okay for you to obtain independence outside your birthright and all of you believe it. Not only do you believe it, you endorse this corrupt, inane calumny to your own children; the ones who are to continue this hallowed tradition. But what’s worse is the fact the chosen race has dwindled to such insignificant numbers that this travesty seems nearly impossible to reverse. Long are the days where brilliant minds and upheld philosophers were a common sight. The overwhelming sagacity that the chosen race illuminated was a paragon of nonpareil. God’s glory, as well as His plans, was able to operate without obstruction. The serfs knew their decorum and immortalized us without questions. Public buildings and museums, littered with sculptures and paintings of our image, were a daily landmark of interest for the serfs because they knew what their intended course of life was; servitude to the chosen race. But now, in this modern day ordeal, the same light that once shone across the globe has now been demoralized. It is because of the lies you serfs have been told, which tell you that you can become something admirable, that you all became ungrateful; that you began to strive for the independence that is illegitimate to your class.

    Then, as calculable as the destruction of a civilization in the wake of a fraudulent tyrant, you all began to dishearten the chosen race. One by one, you persecuted us. Mocking, public beatings and even executions of our kind was a common…spectacle for you serfs. Your feeble comprehensions didn’t allow you to understand our theories and breakthroughs that would have advanced our society into an everlasting utopia free of the daily plagues that clutter our streets. Crime, poverty, war…all of it would have been an afterthought if not for our exile. In recent centuries, the few genius minds of our time have retreated to isolated fortresses of solitude to escape persecution.

    This is why I am here, Kayden James. Not to exalt myself for the sake of self gratification but for the sake of mankind. I wish not to exterminate the masses as you do. I only wish to preserve a future where God can truly be praised. You dare to call the exemption of the Earth some ploy whilst you seek to destroy His creation from its roots? You’re NO archangel. YOU’RE THE ANTICHRIST!! Out of all of the rebels who aim to stop God’s caste system to be restored, you appear to be the most formidable because of how you manipulate the uncultivated with vague promises of salvation and employing Bible verse as a credential to your status as “The Archangel”. That sort of abetment will only take you so far when you’re at odds with the likes of me and when I become the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, you will be the first man to suffer for your treason.”

    *The lights in the room go off and Ronaldo Romulus is never heard from again. Suddenly, the sound of lightning, streaking across the sky, booms in the arena and words appear on the titantron in cursive font and golden coloring.*

    But the transgressors shall be destroyed together: the end of the wicked shall be cut off. But the salvation of the righteous is of the LORD: he is their strength in the time of trouble.

    Psalms 37: 39-40
    *James is left standing in the ring rather bemused*

    Bod: Well from one bible basher to another, but having seen that man Ronaldo in action, I can at least support the claims he makes!

    CP: Indeed Bodom, and I’m hearing through my headset that Ronaldo Romulus has been ordered to the ring here for a match! Could we perhaps be on the verge of seeing Kayden James in his first match in EWNCW history? We’ll see when we come back!!
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    *Ronaldo Romulus comes out wearing his now signature white cowl. Upon entering the ring he removes the hood much to the displeasure of the crowd.
    Kayden James is still in the ring and simly watches on with his eyes firmly fixed on him.*

    Christopher Pentalion: Well Ronaldo’s in the ring, ready here. You mentioned bodom that you wanted to see James in action, it looks likely that we’re going to see it here!!

    Bod: I hope so, and I hope that Ronaldo embarrasses him!!

    *Suddenly, John Cleverly appears on the tron*

    John Cleverly: Now before either of you get it into your head that you’re facing each other, that’s absolutely not the case. What’s going to happen right now is that we’re going to have a match, but not just any match. We’re going to get ourselves a rematch from last week.
    Since you James spoiled that number one contender match, I’m sending out Seraphim again to face Ronaldo. The winner will receive a future World Heavyweight Championship shot.

    *the crowd cheer at the prospect of seeing another contendershi match*

    JC: Now James, before you think about making your wy back to the locker room, stay right where you are. Because you’re going to be the special guest referee for this here match!!

    *crowd cheer as a smile creeps across the face of James*

    JC: So put on that shirt that’s at ringside, and let’s get this match under way!

    *Seraphim comes out to a big ovation from the crowd as James takes the referee shirt that’s handed to him from ringside and puts it on. Ronaldo takes off his cowl and gets ready for the match*

    CP: Ok, well it seems you’ll have to wait a little longer to see Kayden James in action, but he’s going to referee this rematch between Ronaldo and Seraphim!

    Bod: This is an outrage!! Is Cleverly out of his mind?! How can we expect James to call this down the middle?! That ‘Antichrist’ took out Ronaldo last week!! Ronaldo’s at a big disadvantage here!!

    CP: He’s the ‘Archangel’ not ‘Antichrist Bodom!! And there seems to be a gap in your memory when James also tok out Seraphim last week. Nothing’s for sure in this match I agree with you there, but both men are at the same disadvantage here!!

    (stop at 11:42)

    *James then swings Ronaldo back round towards him before hitting a sittout bodyslam!!*

    CP: Oh no not again!! James just hit Ronaldo with The Angel Among us!! He’s spoiled this match again!!

    *James then goes to pick up Seraphim and delivers a brainbuster DDT to him, leaving him dead out cold in the middle of the ring!*

    Bod: What the hell is this guy’s problem?! He’s crazy!!

    CP: All this religion colliding, and we’re no closer to finding out who gets that shot at the title!! Cleverly’s going to have to sort this one out next week, but James is just hellbent on not letting this match happen, he’s insisting on getting involved!!

    Bod: Well if he’s insisting on that, then why doesn’t he get involved officially in that ring!!

    CP: Well Bodom, it may just come to that eventually.
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    Christopher Pentalion: Welcome back to Monday night Rage where we’re gearing up for a big main event match here tonight!!

    Bodom: Last chance saloon it seems for my boy TBOZ here tonight! He has to win this match if he wants to face K-Jammin! But who the hell is his opponent?!

    CP: That’s the million dollar question Bodom. K-Jammin has picked an opponent we’re told, he declined to reveal who!!

    CP: And here comes the man who is hopeing to regain his World Heavyweight Championship!

    Bod: He’s no man Pentalion!! He’s ‘The Machiavellian’!!

    CP: Well yes, but he won’t be feeling that way if he fails to win here tonight. TBOZ HAS to win this match if he wats to challenge for the title at Rise form the Ashes. How do you prepare for an opponent when you don’t even know who it is?!

    Bod: As a top guy in the company, you have to be prepared for anyone or anything to happen Chris. TBOZ has been here in EWNCW from the beginning, He knows every single person on this roster like the back of his hand, he’s seen all those guys in the back wrestle in this company a dozen times. I know that he’s ready for whoever comes through that curtain!!

    CP: Well that’s a good point Bodom. There’s not many, guys on the current roster that have been in EWNCW longer than TBOZ, so he does know everyone very well. Let’s see who comes out here!!

    *TBOZ is waiting in the ring for his opponent.
    There’s a big pause while we wait for the mucic to hit*

    CP: What the.. who’s music is that?!

    *After a lengthy wait and as the music plays for a bit, a man emerges at the top of the ramp that hasn’t been seen in EWNCW before.....*

    CP: Is that who I think it is?!?! Jman is here in EWNCW!!! He’s K-Jammin’s mystery opponent for TBOZ?! Pinch me Bodom!

    *Bodom punches Pentalion hard in the arm*

    CP: OUCH! I said PINCH me, not PUNCH me!!

    Bod: Shut up and call the action for our fans!! A great man is coming to the ring here for his debut and you're ruining it!!

    CP: Well you’re right there!! A multi time world champion is now seemingly in EWNCW here!! That man there is none other than Jman!!! He's wrestled everywhere that is anywhere, exept for EWNCW of course, but that changes tonight!!

    Bod: I should have known that K-Jam would pull something like this. Bringing in someone TBOZ has NEVER faced before!! Someone that only he knows!!

    CP: A cunning plan you have to admit, but what on earth will TBOZ make of this?!

    *TBOZ looks on from the ring in astonishment as Jman methodically walks down to the ring before entering as the crowd are aplit down the middle with a mixed reaction.
    He enters the ring, and both men are ready to start the match!*

    CP: Well TBOZ can’t have seen this coming, but he has a real task ahead here in trying to beat a guy he couldn’t possibly have prepared for!!

    HHH = TBOZ vs Jericho = Jman)

    (stop at 9:18)

    Bod: What the hell was that?! A blatant low blow from that sneaky little bastard!!

    CP: Hmmm, Jman did conveniently fall on the crown jewels of TBOZ off that turnbuckle for sure, but it looked like an innccent enough mistake.....

    Bod: WHAT?! He knew exactly what he was doing!! TBOZ!!! GET UP!!!!

    *TBOZ is in clear pain as Jman gingerly gets to his feet. Once up, he goads TBOZ to get up, as he seems to be setting up for something*

    Bod: No, no, NO, NO, NO!!! TBOZ!! STAY DOWN!! STAY DOWN!!!

    CP: This doesn’t look good, Jman’s prowling here!!

    *After TBOZ is up, Jman shoots his leg directly into the jaw of TBOZ with a superkick!*

    Bod: NOOOO!!!!

    CP: A Superkick!! TBOZ is down!!!

    Bod: I can’t watch!! He’s out for the count!!

    *Jman drops into the cover as he demands the referee count!*




    *TBOZ just gets his foot on the rope as the referee is about to hit the mat for the 3!!*

    CP: WOW! TBOZ had the ring awareness to get his foot on the bottom rope there!! Just in time!!

    Bod: That’s the sign of a champion!! That’s why he’s ‘The Machianvellian’!!

    *Jman gets up quick and gets in the face of the referee to argue*

    CP: Jman nearly got him there, but he’s loosing it here!!

    Bod: He’s throwing the match away, if he wants to win he needs to stay on his opponent, he’s playing into TBOZ’s hand here!!

    *Jman finally finishes arguing, but as he turns around, he walks into a kick to the gut as TBOZ hooks Jman up and hits a big Fishermans suplex, into a cradle pin*


    CP: TBOZ hit it!! He’s got him!!





    Bod: HE’S DONE IT!!!

    CP: TBOZ did it!! He beat Jman!! That’s a huge win there!! He’s got his shot at the title shot at Rise From the Ashes!!

    *As TBOZ’s celebrating on the turnbuckle, K-Jammin rushes down the ramp, TBOZ spots him and is ready for him as he slides into the ring!!
    K-Jam goes to strike TBOZ with the title belt, but TBOZ ducks and hoist K-Jam up hitting him with a samoan drop!!
    K-Jam drops the title and rolls out of the ring to avoid further punishment!
    TBOZ grabs the title and hoists it up in the air, starring daggers at K-Jam as he crawls up the ramp. Jman is at the side of the ring looking on at TBOZ. As the crowd cheer him on!*

    CP: There he is Bodom, the man who will challenge for the title, can he regain it?!

    Bod: Of course he can!! He’s ‘The Machiavellian’!! He’s been to the top once, he’s on his way back there!! Just you wait!!

    CP: Well we’ll find out soon enough Bodom!! That’s all we have time for this week, but we’re getting closer to Rise From the Ashes, and we’re closer to finding out who will be the favourites heading into that ppv!!
    Goodnight folks!!
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