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    CP: Welcome one and all to another Monday night Rage!! I’m Chris Pentalion, and boy, are things heating up here!!

    CP: Well here comes the champ to start things off. He’s all smiles as the crowd boo him. I wonder what he has to say tonight?

    KM: Last week, Tommy and I got into a little spat, in reality, both Tommy and I have mutual respect for one another. We may not have the same crowd reactions but the Rage cause is stronger than ever. Shruiken! The fact that you're trying to play mind games is weak. You can try stirring the pot as much as you want, but just like a cake, the more you stir the mixture, the better and stronger the mixture will be and it’ll hold the cake together. And the more you stir things with Rage, the better and stronger we will get. Your time will come, so whatever you do, it won't work on me.

    Shuriken: MATTHEWS! What did I just hear? Raging group of Nobodies? On the same page? I don't believe that.

    If that was true, Tommy there would be next in line to kick your ass for the title!

    *crowd cheers*

    I noticed that you mentioned.....that I didn't hit Tommy after you had your match.....I'm guessing you want a reason? It’s pretty simple but I guess you lack the necessary knowledge to put two and two together.....this is why our country fails, ladies and gentlemen.

    *crowd laughs*

    I didn't hit Tommy because I hate you more. I can't stand you, you snake, you waste of skin!

    *crowd cheers*

    Its pretty clear.....which brand is superior.....and no Matthews.....the Raging Group of Nobodies isn't superior......I can't win against a beaten man! If that doesn't show "superiority", you definitely show the lack of.

    I still am the number 1 contender Matthews.....I have my shot......and I AM WILLING TO GO FAR AS TO USE MY OPPORTUNITY TONIGHT!!!!

    *crowd cheers loudly*

    CP: and here is Rage Spokesman John Cleverly and what has he got for us now

    JC: Ladies and Gentleman due to further complications the Rage GM cant be here tonight however he has passed on the Following words

    **Cleverly Starts to read off his I-Phone**

    “Well it looks as if the Rage Group has been faltering so tonight we will test their True Resolve when DJ Black & Tommy Thunder will face Shuriken in a Two on One Match. Now Shuriken some may think this is Unfair, I see this as a Chance for you to prove your dominance and Kill Two Birds with one stone. Oh, and before I forget, if you don’t win Shuriken, then you can forget about your no.1 contender status, as you will have to go right to the back of the queue!! So I wish you good luck and that Is your Main Event People!

    CP: Wow, well there’s a monster main event, and our GM again putting obstacles in the way of Shuriken!! He’s in a handicap match tonight, and if he doesn’t win, he’s loosing the no.1 contender spot!! Thunder and Black are his opponents. I've also been informed that both will be involved in a special edition of ‘The Flipside’ tonight hosted by DJ Black!!

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    CP: Welcome back folks. Here comes a Man who over the last few weeks has just attacked and Brutalised Candy Man yes this is Bill Richards and he is about to do Battle with Mint Berry Crunch

    *Bill Richards music*

    Bill Richards make his way down to the Ring to a Corus of Boos from this crowed that has really taken to Candy Man

    CP: Wow Richards can really go what a Win by this Promising High Flyer

    Richards walks up the Ramp but then Turns Back and attacks MBC

    CP: That’s the Candy Man, Candy Man has arrived and in an Ice Cream Van

    Candy Man comes out in his Ice Cream Van Runs to the Ring But Richards Bails out

    Candy Man gets a Mic

    w..w.w.wha do want with me dude. I am out here for a laugh with my fans .... to feed my family my dreams and you are putting a halt to theese things why ...just why man ..

    **Candy Man starts to Crack up a little**

    Bill Richards calls for a Mic

    Richards: Candy Man trust me dude its not Personal I’ve been hired to take you out and as long as I’m getting Paid that’s what I will continue to do and my boss told me that he's knows who you Really are and seen that guy a thousand times and he’s going to destroy you

    CP: Man, who the hell would do that?! Who would hire a man to take out another?!?! And a guy as nice as Candyman?! Why?! The guy was on the verge of tears there!! Interesting to see where this goes from here.
    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    CP: And here comes Naitch!! God himself is walking amongst us here folks, stylin’ and profilin’ his way to the ring!! And his apprentice Mitch O’Connor is looking like he’s enjoying every minute of the attention!!

    *Flair comes out in a suit dressed to the nines*

    RF: Let me just say, after carrying the belt that proclaimed me the real world champion, I’m gonna tell you all, with a tear IN MY EYE, this is the greatest moment in my life. When you walk around in this life and you tell everybody you’re number one, the only way you get to stay number one, is to be number one. And this is the ONLY.. title.. in the wrestling world that makes you number one. When you are the king of the EWNCW, you rule the world, Think about it like that!

    *Crowd chants Woooooooooo!*

    RF: Now, my friend here, Mitch O Connor, he has the best trainer and manager around! You know who? That's right! the 16 time world champion, yours truly, The Nature Boy! Woooooooooooo!

    *Crowd pan and crowd cheers*

    RF: This guy right here, *puts arm around Mitch*, is going to light EWNCW on fire! He's got the Skill, the speed, the looks to drive the girls WILD! Yes! And most important, he has what it takes to excel and to be the next EWNCW world heavyweight champion baby!

    Now, if anyone on the roster wants to prove me wrong, I issue a challenge to all of you to take on my man, Mitch O Connor baby! Until then, ladies, we will see you at the Holiday Inn at room 306!


    HB: Yeah you may not have seen me in a while but I am back and i am better than ever! Better than you in the audience, better than you, Ric Flair, and certainly a lot better than that piece of shit you’re in the ring with now.

    *crowd jeers*

    Oh shut up! You lot just boo when you’re told to and cheer when you’re told to! If you lot want to speak, you raise your hand! I accept your challenge Mitch, but, i think you might want to rethink calling me out because you WILL be hurt tonight, and I don’t care what anyone has to say about it!

    CP: Wow!! The Heartbreaker is back?!?! And some strong words there!! Let’s see what he can do here!!


    CP: My God!! The Heartbreaker wins!! Flair doesn’t look too happy with O’Connor!!

    *Flair is unhappy with O’Connor, and is berating him in the ring. He slaps O’Connor in the face, and leaves the ring, to leave with Heartbreaker*

    CP: Wow!! Flair is leaving with The Heartbreaker here!! He’s ditching O’Connor after just one week?! I have a feeling this story isn’t quite over yet!!

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    CP: Enter Godmoney!! The beer swindling duo know hw to party, and that’s certainly what they’ve been doing since winning the tag titles!! I’ve heard that they’ve both had a different girl every night since!! Let’s see what they have for us tonight!!

    TBOZ: Rich, I know that last week, we challenged both FOG and The Collective to a match at the upcoming PPV.

    Rich: Yeah man, I can't wait to prove why we are the very best tag team in the world!

    TBOZ: And we will man, but tonight, we treat the fans! They sell out these arena's, buy the Pay Per Views, read the shows, hey I'm breaking the fourth wall! Dude, these guys pay for your life.

    Rich: Really?

    TBOZ: Yeah man, they pay for everything.

    Rich: *with tears in his eyes* Oh my god.. You guys, are the greatest, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have almost attacked a midget in a drunken rage. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

    TBOZ: Ohhkay dude, touching. But now we need to give back, and I think those Collective need to be put in their child seat, so Rich challenges you guys to a GodMoney classic, A Drinking Match!

    Rich: Do I?

    TBOZ: Yes because I'm already drunk, and we won't win. So, you guys got the giblets to be proven why it pays to be GodMoney?

    *The Collective music*

    SG: Senor's I am only coming out here tonight to make sure that noone tries anything sneaky while The Captain is taking this challenge, I myself have no intentions of drinking any type of alcohol and inebriating myself to the point I am unable to function. So I am bowing out of this challenge, but not before I take this pitcher and blast myself right in the head with it.

    *Surgeon General rears back and BAM!!! right between the eyes goes the pitcher and the blood begins to flow. As it drips down his face, he licks the blood then looks at Godmoney with a dark smile*

    SG: DRINK THIS instead!!

    CP: My GOD that guy is just wrong!! Well it seems that The Collective have accepted the beer challenge from Godmoney, but Captain Howdy is doing it?!?! I mean, is that guy even all there?! Ever since his transformation from Andy Cannon, he seems to be under the control of The Surgeon General!! Let’s see how this plays out!!

    (skip to 40 seconds in (If you don't want to see some Gail Kim vs Chirsty Hemme ))

    *Godmoney and The Collective fight after the challenge, with Godmoney getting the upper hand.*

    CP: My god!! Howdy somehow beat Rich Cranium!!! At his own game no least!! And now this is just a free for all with the 4 men going at it!!

    *Solla Mafoai's music*

    CP: Oh no, this can’t be good!! I was wondering when this sick bastard was going to turn up, and now here comes the Albino Rhino to help his Collective!!

    *Solla helps The Collective get the upper hand*

    *Billy McCoy music*

    CP: And Here comes Billy McCoy to even the odds!! Look at the look in his eyes!!! That same look of anger and fire we saw last week!! And Solla isn’t hanging around!! Just like last week he’s fleeing through the crowd with Billy in hot pursuit!!

    *Godmoney have cleared the ring of the Collective, and are posing with the belts*

    CP: The Surgeon General and Captain Howdy are slinking up the ramp as the tag team champs stand tall in the ring!! But what about the other two, McCoy and Solla?! Wait… I’m hearing that one of our camera crew has tracked Solla down!! I’m hearing that he’s actually fled the arena, and gone into a supermarket across the road!! Let’s see if we can catch up with the action!!


    CP: OH MY GOD!! McCoy just destroyed Solla there!! And it looks like there will be a big bill coming the way of EWNCW officials for all the damage done to that shop!! Second week in a row that McCoy’s got one up on Solla now!! Things are bound to explode between these 2 eventually!!

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    CP: Well the ring is all set up, and here comes ‘the definition of Cool’, DJ Black!! I’m looking forward to what should be an interesting ‘Backflip’ here tonight.

    DJ: Ladies n gents, bastards and bitches, coolios of all ages, I am the definition of cool DJ Black, and this is the backflip!!!!!! Now my special guest tonight is Tommy Thunder.

    CP: And here is the International champion. I wonder how he’ll respond to these, and maybe we’ll get some answers to some un-answered questions.

    DJ: First of all Tommy, why the fuck did you leave Kevin Matthews to be laid out by Shuriken last week and why did Shuriken take out Matthews but not you on Inferno.

    TT: Very simple DJ. I left Matthews to be fed to the sharks so to speak, because he has something I want. He has something we all want. If I had stayed in that ring, who’s to say that Shuriken wouldn’t have hit me too?! And then I might not have been able to compete last week on Inferno, or here tonight!! I did, what anyone else would have done in my position, including what Matthews himself would have done. Regarding what happened on Thursday, I guess one good turn deserves another. I helped Shuriken out on Monday, he does me a favour on Thursday. We have respect for each other. Karma works both ways man, even if we are on opposing sides.

    DJ: Ok, second question, are you fully behind the rage cause, because lately it seems like the world title means more to you than all us young guys getting our spots

    TT: Dude, I am one of those young guys!! And of course I’m fully behind the cause!! I proved that on Inferno Thursday night by getting the pin for us!! The world title is he ultimate goal for all of us, but the immediate goal, is to carry out the orders that HE gives us. That comes first, but the title will ALWAYS be on my mind.

    DJ: And last but certainly not least, can the definition of cool trust you in tonight’s main event against Shuriken, or will the revolution be forced to target you

    TT: I have your back, don’t worry, you can relax. WE have a man advantage against the guy, so if we play our cards right, it should be a walk in the park. I won’t turn on you unless you give me a reason to. And I strongly suggest that you don’t give me a reason.

    *John Cleverly appears on the tron*

    JC: Ok, ok, ok. The GM is unhappy with the amount of talking going on. He says quit wasting the air time he’s paying for, stop talking and get fighting!! So clear the ring right now, and get Shuriken out there so we can have out main event!!

    *crowd like this, and some stage hands start clearing away the set-up in the ring*

    CP: Well John cleverly on behalf of the GM there moving things along. Main event coming next folks!!

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    CP: Welcome back, and this should be an interesting spectacle to say the least!! Thunder and Black are waiting in the ring as we await Shuriken.

    CP: And here is the former EWNCW World Heavyweight champ to a great ovation from the fans!! He seems very determined, and he’ll need to be resilient here against 2 opponents!! And remember, his no.1 contender spot is at stake!! If Shuriken looses, he also looses his right to face Matthews!! Wait we have something on the tron… it’s the Force of Greatness member Tai night knocked out in the rest-room with Matt Elder tending to him!! What’s that on the wall?

    *Someone has spray-painted in red the words “An Instant Classic Moment”*

    CP: ‘Instant Classic Moment’?! I’ll give you all 1 guess as to who’s handy work that is!! Well here goes with the match!!

    (Undertaker=Shuriken/A Train=Thunder/Big Show=Black. Jones=Matt Elder)

    CP: NO FREAKING WAY!! Shuriken wins!!! Elder came out to help!! But he’s done here, and shattered!! Thunder is offering a hand to help him up here… but wait!! Kevin Matthews is out here!! No wonder he laid out Night earlier, he wanted a numbers advantage here!! He shoves Black out of the way and is trying to get in the ring signalling Black to follow!! Thunder though is on the apron stopping him!!

    *Matthews is face to face with Thunder, but Thunder says “Not now”. He’s leading Matthews back and Black joins him in doing so.

    CP: There is much animosity between the 3 from Rage and the 3 from Inferno. And some will say that there is confliction in the ranks. Someone has to put their foot down eventually and make some battle lines here!! Join us on Thursday night for Inferno folks!! Thanks for tuning/logging in!! Good Night!!

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    This is the stuffing material that you guys do before a show
    "Wokka Wokka Wokka"

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    I cant wait to see what daddy Solla has in store for you tnight
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    B cause my daddy is awesom when he acts like Solla
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    And he is my champion of everything. I love my daddy. Have a good show guys
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    So lets get it on.
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