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    CP: Welcome one and all to another Monday night Rage!! I’m Chris Pentalion, and boy, are things heating up here!!

    CP: Well here comes the champ to start things off. He’s all smiles as the crowd boo him. I wonder what he has to say tonight?

    KM: Last week, Tommy and I got into a little spat, in reality, both Tommy and I have mutual respect for one another. We may not have the same crowd reactions but the Rage cause is stronger than ever. Shruiken! The fact that you're trying to play mind games is weak. You can try stirring the pot as much as you want, but just like a cake, the more you stir the mixture, the better and stronger the mixture will be and it’ll hold the cake together. And the more you stir things with Rage, the better and stronger we will get. Your time will come, so whatever you do, it won't work on me.

    Shuriken: MATTHEWS! What did I just hear? Raging group of Nobodies? On the same page? I don't believe that.

    If that was true, Tommy there would be next in line to kick your ass for the title!

    *crowd cheers*

    I noticed that you mentioned.....that I didn't hit Tommy after you had your match.....I'm guessing you want a reason? It’s pretty simple but I guess you lack the necessary knowledge to put two and two together.....this is why our country fails, ladies and gentlemen.

    *crowd laughs*

    I didn't hit Tommy because I hate you more. I can't stand you, you snake, you waste of skin!

    *crowd cheers*

    Its pretty clear.....which brand is superior.....and no Matthews.....the Raging Group of Nobodies isn't superior......I can't win against a beaten man! If that doesn't show "superiority", you definitely show the lack of.

    I still am the number 1 contender Matthews.....I have my shot......and I AM WILLING TO GO FAR AS TO USE MY OPPORTUNITY TONIGHT!!!!

    *crowd cheers loudly*

    CP: and here is Rage Spokesman John Cleverly and what has he got for us now

    JC: Ladies and Gentleman due to further complications the Rage GM cant be here tonight however he has passed on the Following words

    **Cleverly Starts to read off his I-Phone**

    “Well it looks as if the Rage Group has been faltering so tonight we will test their True Resolve when DJ Black & Tommy Thunder will face Shuriken in a Two on One Match. Now Shuriken some may think this is Unfair, I see this as a Chance for you to prove your dominance and Kill Two Birds with one stone. Oh, and before I forget, if you don’t win Shuriken, then you can forget about your no.1 contender status, as you will have to go right to the back of the queue!! So I wish you good luck and that Is your Main Event People!

    CP: Wow, well there’s a monster main event, and our GM again putting obstacles in the way of Shuriken!! He’s in a handicap match tonight, and if he doesn’t win, he’s loosing the no.1 contender spot!! Thunder and Black are his opponents. I've also been informed that both will be involved in a special edition of ‘The Flipside’ tonight hosted by DJ Black!!
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