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    CP: Hello and welcome to the second ever edition of EWNCW Monday night Rage!! I’m Christopher Pentalion, and we have an action packed night for you once again! Tonight, intensity increases between Rage and Inferno! Speaking of Inferno, on last week’s show, former EWNCW World champion Shuriken declared war on Rage! I wonder if he’ll show up here tonight?!

    CP: Here comes our champion, Kevin Matthews. Let's see what he has to say.

    KM: You see, when I won this title, three weeks ago, I made myself a promise, to be nobody's shadow. After hearing Shruiken ramble on and on saying he was the best in the world and he was the one who did everything for this company, that's what infuriated me! You wanna know what set me off? I was the biggest thing coming to this company and day in and day out I was getting pushed further and further down the card. I was even stuck opening matches against jobbers at house shows! It took me 4 months to win this championship and by god I'm gonna keep this title win/lose or draw! I remember the first day I walked through these doors and I shook your hand, and you said 'if you need me I’m here bro!' what a croc of shit! You blindsided me the minute you took the opportunity to do it. And look at where I'm standing today, world champion surrounded by my brothers, who have my back! Whatever happens to me, they have my back. Ladies and Gentlemen, as of tonight, this is the beginning of a new era, welcome to The Instant Classic Era!

    Shuriken: From a loud mouth champion from up north......"Really?"

    *crowd laughs*

    "In all come out here and say that being a champ is good? What have you done to be a credible champion? I can't even beat me in a weak state. I had my match against you last week KNOWING that I had a match against that DJ earlier on the night....and YOU STILL can't beat me and now you want to give yourself nicknames? are pathetic!"

    *crowd cheers*

    "I want one more match against you. And try not to bring your boyfriends over because it is between you and me! Noone else! For that EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship. In all honesty.....all I see is a boy with a belt when I see you, prancing around like a little boy "OH LOOK I'M CHAMPION!!! LOOK AT HOW I AM A SISSY BITCH I AM!!! OHHH I HIDE BEHIND MY GUYS AND THEY DO MY WORK FOR ME!!" Matthews.....when I WIN that title back......I'm gonna show how to look like a champion!

    *crowd cheers*

    Thunder makes his way out and immediately heads to the ring with a mic in hand

    TT: “Cut the music, cut the music, CUT, THE, MUSIC!! Ohhhhno you don’t!! I’m not letting this fish slip the net!! *enters ring* You’re not facing anyone else but ME!! You’ve dodged and weaved your way past me long enough!! I should have had my shot at you when you had that title, but you neglected me!! You turned your back to me!! Well now I’m here before you, but you don’t have the title. BUT!! You can partially make up for it by granting my VIP’s the chance to see Shuriken vs Thunder one on one tonight!! “

    *Shuriken nods as crowd go nuts*

    TT: “Oh, and since we can’t have the title on the line, how about we put something else on the line….. how about, the winner becomes the no.1 contender?!”

    *crowd go crazy for this. Shurkien takes a look around*

    TT: “Come on, You want it, I want it, but more importantly, the VIP’s want it!!! What do ya say?!”

    *Thunder extends his hand, and after a pause, Shuriken accepts, as crowd erupt*
    CP: Well there we have it!! A monumental main event is in place for tonight!! Shuriken will go one on one with Tommy Thunder with the no. 1 contender spot for the EWNCW World title on the line!! A lot riding on this one, and I can’t wait for it!!

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    CP: Welcome back folks! Now I’ve been told that we’re going to be graced by the presence of a god next… and right on cue here he is!!

    *Flair goes into ring and grabs a mic*

    RF: You know what? I figured it was time for my old ass to retire and let some young blood take my throne. I have decided to become a mentor for someone who has really impressed me. This is a man with megastar potential and his name is Mitch O’Connor. Everyone, give this man a nice EWNCW welcome!

    M O’C: You may boo me now, but that's just because you're all sheep and you cheer for exactly who the sheppard tells you to cheer for. But there is one other man beside myself in this arena who has a shred of common sense, and that man is the biggest legend in this business... Ric Flair. This man saw something in me that no one else saw, he saw a monster, he saw the next big thing... he saw the future of the industry! Now with Ric Flair by my side you all have no choice but to respect me as I prove how right Ric Flair is, each and every time I come out to the ring!"
    *O’Connor gives Flair mic back

    RF: That right! Just watch as this wheelin dealin son of a gun does his thing! Now ladies, I may be retired but the line to Space Mountain is always open!

    CP: Wow!! O’Connor must be feeling so privileged to have one of the all time greats mentoring him!! Let’s see how he gets on against the one man muscle mountain; Splattered Dreams!!

    (Styles = O’Connor/Angle = Dreams)

    CP: And O’Connor wins, though not without some help from Naitch! But really, can we expect anything else from the ‘dirtiest player in the game’? This partnership has some potential I feel!!

    CP: And here comes Billy McCoy!! A true fan favourite, and a man who is destined for glory!! Let’s see what he has to say to us!!
    McCoy: Now it’s been 3 weeks and already I am Fed up with Solla & Collective Jumping Me from Behind Solla please be a Man and face me one on one sometime please Grow a Set and face me one on one because Every time you attack me all it Proves is that you cant beat me and you know that otherwise you’d give me a one on one Match with me you see all I Solla is, is a No-Good Jumped up piece of Shit and Solla I got a Guaranteed match with Tommy Thunder for the International Championship and I’d rather be doing that than having to deal with you so this is What we are going to do I will give you one chance to face me one on one or I will come find you and your collective and things are going to get messy!!

    (Collective music)

    CP: Oh no, here comes Solla and his Collective!! They have a mic, but what are the odds that they wants another piece of McCoy?!

    Surgeon General: Senor Billy, I don know what your beef with Solla is lately, as far as were concerned we have done nothing to you to warrant such harsh words towards us. We are just trying to make a living like youself, but you see, we take things to the extreme limits when we are not listened to.

    Herbert Birdsfoot grabs the mic

    Herbie: BILLY MCCOY.....y y y you no g g g good wretch. W w w we do not fear you or anything that y y y you say, My Collective....Solla's Collective will take you down once and for all, and I will be laughing the whole time they are bashing your brains in. So knowing that we arent taking yours or anyones crap anymore, I suggest that you make tracks right out of the federation to avoid any further consequences.

    Captain Howdy grab the mic

    Captain Howdy: Billy McCoy....Come out and play.....Billy McCoy....Come out and play......Billy McCoy.....Come out and play....BILLY MCCOY....COME OUT AND PLAY!!!!!!!!
    Now that I have your attention, I just want you to know, your blood is going to flow, your bones are going to be broken, so just step inside my little playground and we will have the utmost amount of fun making you break and bleed. Its going o be so enjoyable that I will not want to stop, OH ITS GOING TO BE SO FUN slicing your tendons with my knives, so much excitement listening to your leg bones snapping in two......So much fun making you suffer a horrible painful beating that is only worthy of those that defy us.

    Solla grabs the mic

    BILLY.....My Collective has without further adieu, Its time.......TIME FOR YOU TO SAY GOODBYE

    JC: Solla Stop right there The GM is Fed up of seeing these beat Downs and wants some Order because The Rage GM has Something Planned for you two tonight Solla you Choose an Opponent for McCoy and Visa Versa and that may be Unfair but hey Solla are you down with that Sickness Ha-Ha
    Solla: that’s it then huh??? I don’t get to beat this miserable bastard down again??? Your making a grave mistake.....very grave indeed.

    Well, you hick.....If I have to make a choice.....then tonight....Your opponent is going to be one that you have never faced before, one that no one knows nothing about, one that is making his debut right here tonight.

    Tonight on will face Jebediah Hatfield

    CP: Well John Cleverly coming out just in time to prevent another beatdown there!! And a good decision on behalf of our GM there I think, keeping Solla and McCoy apart!! I’m sure Solla would get skinned alive if McCoy got his hands on him after the attacks recently!!

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    CP: Welcome back!! We have now learned that Billy McCoy choose Godmoney member, TBoZ to face Solla!! Let’s see how this one turns out!!

    (HHH = TBoZ/ Umaga = Solla)

    CP: Well TBoz gets the win there as Solla doesn’t look too happy! And watch out!! Woah!! The Surgeon General has just thrown Rich over my announce table here!! And now he and Candyman are going for TBoz!! Damn!! What a big boot from Candyman!! And the Surgeon now with a foreign object, choking TBoZ!! I think it’s a stethoscope!! Man!! Talk about making a statement on the champs!! Well Solla looks happy as they all finally leave!! The Collective are determined to take out the tag team champs!! I wonder who Solla will choose to face McCoy later!!

    (Candyman music)

    *Candyman drives out in an ice-cream truck*

    CP: And here comes the Candyman!! A man that has truly cemented himself in the hearts of our fans instantly, especially our younger audience!! And what’s he driving out here? Yes, that’s an ice-cream truck I believe!! And look as the kids’ faces, priceless as they get ice-creams from this awesome guy!!

    *Candyman interacts with fans along the ramp and hands out some ice-creams and ice lollies*
    This is great… but wait!! Oh my god!! That’s Bill ‘The Eagle’ Richards!!

    *Richards runs out with a chair and drills Candyman with it*
    What’s he doing!! He just took out Candyman with a chair as he was heading back for more cones!! OH MY GOD!! Chair shot after chair shot!! This guy’s relentless!! Where the hell is security?! And now what? He’s bringing out some ice-creams of his own, those are surely not for the kids?

    *Richards heads to the back of the truck and re-emerges with as many cones of soft ice-cream as he can carry and pretends to give them to kids before snatching back*

    CP: Well he is reaching out, but no!! He takes them back and now he’s stuffing them all over Candyman’s face!! This guy is unbelievable!! The man was only having some fun with the audience!! Bringing a smile to their faces!! What’s Richards’s problem?! And the crowd are certainly letting him know what they think of him!!

    CP:Well here’s Billy McCoy again, and now we’ll see who Solla has chosen as his opponent for tonight…
    Solla comes out dressed in Overalls and wearing a straw hat while pickin a banjo. (All as a means to make fun of Billy)

    Willie me boy, Id like to introduce me self to name is Jebediah Hatfield and I reckon your wonderin why I am here tonight, well I just finished eatin me dinner....ya see we had possum soup with a side of raccoon chitlins, and I needed to work off off all that weight I just put on, so I went and rassled me some gators.

    Well....I gotta tell ya, after all that gator rasslin I just did, I needs me a human to beat on now.

    but first can y'all please tell me what song you wanna hear? I can play me all kinds of country bumpkin songs on this lil contraption right here.

    Ya see....this here.....well its called a banjo, and its used to play what we country folk call moosic, but if i recall kee rectly you dont know how to play moosic, so why dont's I just shimmy on down there and give ya a lil lesson in banjo-ology.

    Solla walks to and gets in the ring.

    Solla sips soomething from a jug.

    Oh I apologize Billy....where are my manners.....Here I brought this fer yew....Its downhome ol fashioned backwoods moonshine, made it myself jus fer yew....have a sip.
    *McCoy stares totally bemused and in confusion*

    WHOOO thats some gooooood shit right there. Now I gots me one more thang that I needs to give ya.

    *With that Solla goes back into character and blasts Billy in the head with the banjo*

    Now that I have your undivided attention you wretched, no account baby kissing fan sucking Jackass!!
    *The rest of The Collective have now emerged, and are standing outside the ring*

    I am giving you one last chance to face me, if you choose not to....well then, I am going to give you no alternative BUT to face me, because I have a HUGE surprise in store for you and its NOTHING that you would ever expect, no one in this federation would ever expect to see what I have in store for you.

    All I will say "Willy" is that this will be ground breaking, it will be an event that hasn’t been seen in over 25 years, it will be monumental.....and I WILL BE THE ONE TO RESURECT IT back to the forefront.

    *Solla goes outside the ring and prepares to leave, before stopping, turning to see McCoy stirring, and after a sick smile spreads across his face, he signals for Howdy and the Surgeon to go to the ring and continue punishing Billy
    Both men enter while Solla stays outside to watch. Both prepare to start the beating*

    CP: And here come Godmoney!! And just in time!! And Solla is hightailing it out of here through the crowd!!
    *Solla jumps the rail and flees through the crown while Godmoney enter the ring and destroy Howdy and the Surgeon. Solla looks on in horror and is screaming in anger! After helping Billy to his feet, Billy looks to Solla with anger and fire in his eyes, before pointing to him, and jumping the rail himself and chasing Solla! Solla scrambles towards the backstage area, with Billy in pursuit.*
    CP: Wow, and McCoy is going after Solla with some intention here!! I’ve never seen that look in his eyes before!! Let’s see if we can get a camera to follow them!!

    (Morgan = McCoy/Steiner = Solla)

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    *Once more we see The Long Blond Haired man is sat on the Floor in the Middle of the Pitch Black Room Candles flicker The Camara edges slowly closer to the Man we look over his Shoulder and see Two Pieces of Paper one with The Inferno Logo on it one with the Rage Logo on it We see the Cameraman’s Hand extended outwards toward the Man’s Shoulder The Camera Fuzzes we get a Shot of I’m Coming on the wall again*

    CP: Welcome back! And here come the former tag team champions, The Force of Greatness; Matt ‘The Force’ Elder and Tai ‘Greatness’ night!! I wonder what they’re doing here? They’ve been in the thick of the Rage vs Inferno battle; let’s see what they have for us tonight.

    ME - "Shruiken, I want to take a moment of the fans time to talk about you. Now don’t think I’m out here to dogg on you man like Tommy Thunder and the rest of the rage roster.

    *Crowd Boo*

    I want to talk to you about Respect, you see there are very who talk about respect and actually mean it.....Not everybody who has respect uses it for anything other than gaining trust then stabbing people in the back like the rage roster...... Let me give you guys an example

    *Titantron shows a picture of Kevin Matthews holding up the arm of Shruiken Blade after won the vacated title*

    Now this guys........this is respect but this on the other hand

    *Titontron shows a image of Shruiken getting beat down by the Rage Roster*

    This man, this is damn low, this is disrespect and me and Tai, we aint just guna sit around here and listen to you get trash talked by a newbie called DJ Smack. Dude what the hell is this revolution you talk about? Is it a new era when a fair fight means nothing?

    Is it a new era of wrestler coming through with but a Peanut shell with no balls between his legs? I couldn't give a rats arse about a revolution!!! All i care about is showing respect to guys that have earned it like Shruiken, so once again brother...just to let you know that me and my boy have got your back".

    *Crowd cheer and The Force tosses the mic to Tai Night

    TN - "Now on the topic of respect...Godmoney....

    Rich, TBOZ....the world knows of our mutual respect for each other....I mean man we built the Tag Team Division here in EWNCW, i mean its no coincidence that we are the only teams that have held the titles!!

    I mean, in fact...come to to think of it, are there even any other tag teams in EWNCW?

    *The Force whispers something into Tai's ear*

    Oh yeah i forget about them, The Collective....Captain Howdy and The Surgeon General lead by the Albino bitch himself Solla, I mean what is this? The Munsters day out? Godmoney, why are you even wasting your time with a pair of circus freaks?"

    *Tai Gives The Force the mic*

    "I have an idea Godmoney, how about tonight we give the fans what they want, lets give the world what they want to see, I say we put on a wrestling masterclass for the EWNCW fans, why don’t you bring yo drunk arses down to the ring and come face to face with A Force of ..........."

    *Holds Mic to Crowd*


    CP: Well that isn’t Godmoney, that’s DJ Black! What is he doing out here?

    DJ: Well well well, if it isn’t the force of gayness. Now i just had to come out here because I heard you talking about the tag team titles, when you’re not even the tag team champions! You guys are FORMER champions, nobody cares about you anymore. But everybody cares about the revolution. And you should too, because tonight, the revolution will claim you as victims when me and my partner defeat you. And my partner is this man.......

    CP: Oh my! The champion!! Well Black could not have a better partner I guess!! Matt and Tai look a bit worried! Let’s see how this plays out!!

    (Regal and Storm = Matthews and Black/Booker and Goldust = FOG)

    CP: Well Black and Matthews do it there, but not in controversial circumstances, as Matthews blindsided Tai and distracted the referee, which allowed DJ Black to use the brass knucks and get the pin. The Force of Greatness can’t believe it, as Matthews and Black are smiling away on the ramp there.

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    CP: Welcome back! And now it’s time for our main event!!

    *Tommy thunder makes his way out and goes straight to the ring. He looks all business tonight.*

    CP: And here is the former champ! He’s agreed to put the no.1 contender spot on the line here tonight, let’s see how this one plays out!!

    (Angle = Shuriken/Guerrero = Thunder)

    CP: And Thunder has Shuriken down for the count here!! All he has to do is cover him!!...

    *As Thunder moves to cover Shuriken, Matthews emerges through the crowd and attacks Shuriken, leading to a DQ win for the former champ.*

    CP: What the… well the ref has called for the bell, and I believe that he’s declared Shuriken as the winner via DQ!! Thunder does NOT look too happy with this!!

    *Thunder is livid at Matthews who continues to stomp a mudhole in Shuriken in the corner. Thunder grabs Matthews and asks him “What the hell was that?!”. They both argue in the middle of the ring. Shuriken has gotten to his feet, and with the title belt in hand, he takes out Matthews! Thunder rolls out of the ring to avoid contact. The crowd are loving this, and Shuriken stands over Matthews, looks at Thunder, then at the belt and then at Matthews before holding the belt up high as Thunder looks on from the ramp. The crowd cheer the former champ!*

    CP: Good god almighty!! Shuriken there takes advantage of the situation to get some much deserved payback on Matthews!! The crowd are going fanatic for our former champ here as he holds the belt aloft!! Thanks for joining us folks, and tune in to Thursday night’s Inferno, and next week’s Rage to find out where this story turns next!! God night!!

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    Ha you thought this was rage didn't you well no its a filler

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    Fillers time again

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    This is not a Corprote Endorsement its a Filler

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    This is a Filler

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    Final Rage Filler


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