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    CP: Hello and welcome to the second ever edition of EWNCW Monday night Rage!! I’m Christopher Pentalion, and we have an action packed night for you once again! Tonight, intensity increases between Rage and Inferno! Speaking of Inferno, on last week’s show, former EWNCW World champion Shuriken declared war on Rage! I wonder if he’ll show up here tonight?!

    CP: Here comes our champion, Kevin Matthews. Let's see what he has to say.

    KM: You see, when I won this title, three weeks ago, I made myself a promise, to be nobody's shadow. After hearing Shruiken ramble on and on saying he was the best in the world and he was the one who did everything for this company, that's what infuriated me! You wanna know what set me off? I was the biggest thing coming to this company and day in and day out I was getting pushed further and further down the card. I was even stuck opening matches against jobbers at house shows! It took me 4 months to win this championship and by god I'm gonna keep this title win/lose or draw! I remember the first day I walked through these doors and I shook your hand, and you said 'if you need me I’m here bro!' what a croc of shit! You blindsided me the minute you took the opportunity to do it. And look at where I'm standing today, world champion surrounded by my brothers, who have my back! Whatever happens to me, they have my back. Ladies and Gentlemen, as of tonight, this is the beginning of a new era, welcome to The Instant Classic Era!

    Shuriken: From a loud mouth champion from up north......"Really?"

    *crowd laughs*

    "In all come out here and say that being a champ is good? What have you done to be a credible champion? I can't even beat me in a weak state. I had my match against you last week KNOWING that I had a match against that DJ earlier on the night....and YOU STILL can't beat me and now you want to give yourself nicknames? are pathetic!"

    *crowd cheers*

    "I want one more match against you. And try not to bring your boyfriends over because it is between you and me! Noone else! For that EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship. In all honesty.....all I see is a boy with a belt when I see you, prancing around like a little boy "OH LOOK I'M CHAMPION!!! LOOK AT HOW I AM A SISSY BITCH I AM!!! OHHH I HIDE BEHIND MY GUYS AND THEY DO MY WORK FOR ME!!" Matthews.....when I WIN that title back......I'm gonna show how to look like a champion!

    *crowd cheers*

    Thunder makes his way out and immediately heads to the ring with a mic in hand

    TT: “Cut the music, cut the music, CUT, THE, MUSIC!! Ohhhhno you don’t!! I’m not letting this fish slip the net!! *enters ring* You’re not facing anyone else but ME!! You’ve dodged and weaved your way past me long enough!! I should have had my shot at you when you had that title, but you neglected me!! You turned your back to me!! Well now I’m here before you, but you don’t have the title. BUT!! You can partially make up for it by granting my VIP’s the chance to see Shuriken vs Thunder one on one tonight!! “

    *Shuriken nods as crowd go nuts*

    TT: “Oh, and since we can’t have the title on the line, how about we put something else on the line….. how about, the winner becomes the no.1 contender?!”

    *crowd go crazy for this. Shurkien takes a look around*

    TT: “Come on, You want it, I want it, but more importantly, the VIP’s want it!!! What do ya say?!”

    *Thunder extends his hand, and after a pause, Shuriken accepts, as crowd erupt*
    CP: Well there we have it!! A monumental main event is in place for tonight!! Shuriken will go one on one with Tommy Thunder with the no. 1 contender spot for the EWNCW World title on the line!! A lot riding on this one, and I can’t wait for it!!
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