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    OFFICIAL EWNCW Rage Thread

    EWNCW Monday Night Rage


    General manager:
    John Cleverly

    Christopher Pentalion (play by play)
    Bodom (color) (occasional wrestler)

    Ring Announcer:
    Jason McManus

    Alice (valet of Arius)
    Darren Bull
    Daymien Bloodstone
    Harley McCartney
    Holy Jose
    Malcom Cage
    Mark Dimension
    Matt Elder
    Ric Flair (occasional wrestler)
    Ronaldo Romulus
    Ryan Wells
    Splatered Dreams
    The Beard of Zeus
    The Blue Flash
    TJ Rage
    Vanhooligan X
    William Carlin

    Tag Teams:
    The Sexiest Alpha Males
    The Mexican Nightmares
    Mixed Emotions
    Black Blooded
    We Fuegos Artificiales

    Current Champions:
    World Heavyweight Champion: Ronaldo Romulus (17/1/13 - present)
    Evolution Champion: The Beard of Zeus (28/5/13 - present)
    World Tag Team Champions: Mixed Emotions (19/4/13 - present)
    Rage Ignition Champion: Van Hooligan X (7/4/13 - present)

    Championship History:

    World Heavyweight Championship:

    Silver Cena (31/10/11 - 6/3/12)
    The Beard of Zeus (6/3/12 - 4/7/12)
    K-Jammin (7/4/12 - 17/1/13)
    Ronaldo Romulus (17/1/13 - present)

    Evolution Championship:
    Markus Beerstein ( - 6/3/12)
    Ronaldo Romulus (6/3/12 - )
    Ryan Wells ( - 12/11/12)
    Mark Dimension ( 12/11/12 - 28/5/13)
    The Beard of Zeus (28/5/13 - present)

    Rage Ignition Championship:
    Daymian Bloodstone (31/10/11 - 6/3/12)
    Shaz (6/3/12 - 12/11/12)
    Hanz Gruber (12/11/12 - 16/1/13)
    The Blue Flash (16/1/13 - 7/4/13)
    Van Hooligan X (7/4/13 - present)
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    This is where the Roster will go when thats all decided
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    EWNCW Rage-4th of July- The New Begining!!!


    chosen by the fans Tune

    Rage Commentator Christopher Pentalion welcomes us to rage

    CP: Ladies and gentleman tonight EWNCW welcomes you to Rage The Brand new Brand that will be Fasters Stronger and more exciting than anything at all and I Christopher Pentalion will be proud to call it along the Way.

    And boy what a show we have to kick off Tonight we will witness something that is bound to be Awesome and that is Tommy Thunder going one on one with Bodom!!

    Plus GodMoney will defend against The Force of Greatness That’s right Tag Titles on the line live tonight

    Shuriken Blade makes his way to the Ring

    Shuriken: So here I am.....

    *crowd cheers*

    This is Rage huh? A group of idiots having their own show. Oh.....I'm getting angry too just being here. Its fitting that this show is called "Rage". You think you guys are angry.....oh you haven't met me angry.....especially this angry.

    I'm here in "enemy territory" to do something about what happened last week at Inferno......ooohh.....I'm Kevin Matthews and I AM SOOOOO BADASS WITH MY GROUP OF ANGRY NOBODIES THAT DIDN'T GO ANYWHERE IN THIS BUSINESS! I'M SUCH A GREAT CHAMPION BY LETTING MY GROUP DO THE DIRTY WORK FOR ME!

    Matthews, Tommy, DJ Black. have your forgotten why I was champion? EWNCW needed a champion when it needed one! Yes....I am a young guy but I wanted to prove to everyone why I was suitable as champion and this company grew because I BUSTED MY ASS FOR THESE PEOPLE!!

    *crowd cheers loudly*

    I have another chance for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship. The last just had to have your angry nobodies do your dirty work. How does it feel knowing you cannot beat me in skill? Anyways I will beat and reclaim that very champion toni-....)

    Ladies and Gentleman please welcome the Rage Spokesman John Cleverly

    John Cleverly has a Huge Smile on his face as he looks at this Packed Arena on his way to the ring

    JC: Shuriken I just got of the Phone to the Rage GM who due to various complications can not be here tonight However The Rage GM says Far from being the Groups brand Rage officials Highly condemn the Actions of the Group and would like to offer Shuriken an Opportunity at the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship right here tonight!!!...

    -Fans love this-

    But another value of Rage officials is giving People what they want and after all the Back and forth with a Guy called DJ Black and I will give you the chance to put him in his place tonight by Facing him first oh and By the way if you don’t beat DJ Black you wont get a World Title Shot…

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    Rage part 2

    Candy Man makes his way into the Arena

    CP: Here is a very unorthodox competitor who goes by the Name of the Candy Man

    The Candy man makes his way down the Ramp

    CP: and Here is his Opponent newcomer Grind Bastard and remember he got involved in the Ignition Title Match at TOTN lets see how we fares between the Ropes

    Candy Man vs Grind Bastard

    Winner: Grind Bastard

    Grind Bastard Charges back up Ramp man this guy is unstable… while the candy man gets the Mic

    Candyman: im new around here an despite the loss as far as im concernd the best..and theres no better place to debut than here... im open to any challenge .any match any time any place.. im here to make impact and thats what i plan in doing... and if u dont dig that ...candy floss ur ass on outa here !!!!!!!!

    CP: Wait who is this...I don’t think Candy man was expecting answers to his challenge now

    A unknown Man comes Down he stands before the candy man. Suddenly the man attacks him

    CP: What the hell is going on the guy just debuts then some other guy is attacking him already I mean who is this man?

    The Unknown man introduces himself to be Bill “The Eagle” Richards he then leaves

    -The same figure from last week is shown yet again, but this time his back is facing the camera. The figures arms rise up to the hood that covered his head as he pulls it down revealing long blond hair. After a brief moment of silence the muttered laughter of the figure fills the room. The camera then, once again, goes to static. Only this time it's for a brief moment. The camera flips back showing a close-up of the interviewer known as Sanchez who then points the camera towards the wall with big red letters written out upon it. It says, "I'm coming..”-

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    CP: Here is Gillz the high-flyer has been pissed off a lot lately what with failing to get the International Title Shot at TOTN also issues have arose with Solla and Mark Dimension which lead to him attacking SilverCena on Inferno to top all that he has a Mystery Opponent tonight

    -The Lights go down then the Music of Splattered Dreams hits -

    CP: What!!! Splattered Dreams the Muscle Mountain is back for one night only

    Gillz vs Splattered Dreams

    Winner: Gillz

    CP: Gillz has done it and in impressive fashion this man is picking up serious steam and is never far away from the title Picture…

    …But wait who is this SilverCena!!!

    -SilverCena runs down to take out Gillz in Revenge for what Gillz did on Inferno costing SilverCena a shot at Kevin Mathews-

    EWNCWShop.Com Advert- Get your Tommy Thunder- Thunderbirds T-Shirt Now!!!!

    CP: we are back and we about to see Shuriken take on The Definition of Cool DJ Black and should he win he gets to go to the Main Event tonight and Challenge for the title.

    DJ Black vs Shuriken

    Winner: Shuriken

    CP: Shuriken has done it!!! He has Beaten DJ Black but what a Match Shuriken Cant have Much left for the World Title Match this Evening

    -DJ Black looks pissed he let that one slip-

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    CP: Here comes the No.1 Contender Billy McCoy lets see what this Rising Star has to say

    Billy McCoy makes his way to the ring

    McCoy: Are you enjoying… Rage TONIGHT!!!! ?

    (Crowed goes nuts)

    well I thought I’d come out here and explain to you my changes of late I mean 2 months ago I came the most angry Vicious rookie of all time I wanted to rip through The Heartbreaker and leave nothing left but then something happened I met Tommy Thunder now I have a tremendous amount of respect for Thunderbirds and I cant wait to test myself against him for the International Championship again

    [COLOR=“darkorange”] (Fans Cheer) [/COLOR]

    The Reason I Respect Tommy Is because Tommy Respects Wrestling!!! And Wrestling Fucking Matters!!!!!

    And now I come to Solla ““oh, oh I am soooo Scared uh uh what am I going to do Solla is after me”” McCoy parades sarcastically guess what Junior I aint Scared you, Your Contract your collective. Solla you’re nobody, never will be. And you said you paid your dues??? Really?? Because backstage all I see is a Selfish Egotistical Son-of-a-Bitch who helps nobody but himself!!!! You see Solla you don’t understand the Principals of wrestling… Honour… Respect…. Passion…. Devotion and that will be your downfall because you will never be better than me you will never be able to deny Better is Bigge…

    CP: This Man is the Albino Rhino Solla and there is no love loss between these two and he has The Collective in tow

    Solla comes out on the ramp with mic in hand


    OH HELL NO!!!


    Now let me tell you something, last week when I said The Collective will not be pushed aside for the likes of you baby kissing, fan loving idiots, and I meant that. I also told you that things are going to change here in EWNCW, and there is no better place to begin that promise than right here.....RIGHT NOW!!

    Solla sprints to the ring and ATTACKS

    -McCoy fights back and almost runs them off but the Numbers Game Catches up and Solla & the Collective have the upper hand-

    Solla....Breathing heavy

    Now, Billy. This is only the beginning of a very long road for you, a road that is going to wind up coming to a dead end. I am also telling you....and EVERYONE here, whether its on Rage or Inferno......these beatings will continue and they will get worse, I promised you that me and My collective will not be ignored anymore, you're only the beginning Billy.

    Now if you'll excuse me.....I promised to break someone's jaw this week.

    Solla begins to leave the ring, but not before stopping to go back and finish off Billy.

    ** Solla hits a Brutal DDT to the floor**]

    CP: WAIT....WHATS THIS......OH NO!!!!!!!

    *Solla Delivers the punt to the head *

    Solla has laid Billy to waste, Billy is unconscious......Solla has destroyed Billy McCoy here tonight on the debut show of Rage.....What else does this sick psycho have in store for us? I guess he meant what he started right here tonight......Will someone get their jaw broken on Inferno?

    The Crowd is Shocked into silence as we head to the Break
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