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    Richards says wont be in the indys long

    Chris Dickinson defeats Davey Richards via pin fall after hitting a pump-handle power bomb. Dickinson cuts a post-match promo about a story where Davey was on the same flight as him once and he needed a ride to a venue in St. Loius, so Davey stepped up and helped him out. He says he has looked up to Davey for quite some time. Richards takes the mic and says he was supposed to be up the road a bit and not at CZW tonight but that company “lost its heart.” Richards says he won’t be on the indy scene much longer. He asks the fans to “keep wrestling alive.”

    incase if anybody cares. is wwe still in his future? was there news of him doing something else of other retirement plans?

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    Fingers crossed the douche is retiring.
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    edwards also had a spend off speech. i didnt notice, i didnt look much into it. i guess they both had their farewell matches tonight


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