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    he could be behind the "company wide conspiracy" you never know he may join with R-truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WWTNA Mark View Post
    You clearly misread my post, big time. I never said Cena shouldn't ever turn heel, I said he shouldn't turn heel so quickly.
    Nope, I read it all right. Yous said it was not needed, That he was going to be face for the years to come and that none was thinking of the aftermath. That you don't see the point on turning him in the first place. Those were your words not mine, that is post.

    And so quickly? Then is what you misread mine, 2 years from now a year from now, not tomorrow, and even if it is tomorrow, it is not sudden, he has being a face for 7 freaking years, that is not quickly.

    I do think in the Aftermath, I see the benefits of his turning, maybe you don0't even know about, people will turn with him, a lot of his older haters used to be Cena fans when he was a heel, and if a kid follows like some of us used to do, you don't turn on him, you turn with him.

    When Stone Cold turned, a lot of people kept cheering, same happened to Hogan, and Sorry but Cena is not on that league yet, but he could in a few years, heel turn or not.

    The only thing I say is don't be as closed as your post make you seem to be, the turn can benefit everyone some day, not now and not tomorrow but some day and if you thing that is something sudden, then the one mistaken is you. John Cena probably won't turn in along time,but when the time is right, the possibilities of it happening are very real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maar13 View Post
    Is not, but it might be into the future. Don't look at everthing black and white. You said that if he turns, there is none to replace him, and right now, I agree, but if it happens it opens a huge door for every one and it also gives the WWE it's major challenge in years.

    Who is going to step up? who knows, maybe he is not even in the WWE yet, or maybe he has, but everyone has been so busy bashing everyone that probably none is noticing the next guy, and it doesn't have to be only one, it culd be a bunch of guys going there.

    All the comments (Mentioning random guys, not because I support them but because they are there) on Morrison, Kingston, Bryan, Ryder and even some actual heels like Punk, The Miz, Delete Otunga...forget about Otunga.....Swagger, Mcintyre or someone else like Seth Rollins, all of them will have the oportunity to step up.

    If the WWE continue with Cena strenght as a heel, he would be pretty much unbeatable until a major plarer comes along and the day he is defeated could serve two ways:

    1. Humble the character again and made him more likable when he turns face again acknowledging his mistakes and relating again to the fans.

    2. Opens the door to another major player in the board not named Randy Orton who at the time, still will be major player.

    When Austing turned you said the Rock was there, sorry but that guy Left right after the turn (Which in my view was a major mistake at the time, i would hav ebeen better just one at the invasion that turned him 2 times) and the WWE had to turn to an Injured Undertaker and try to get the other talents over in the faces of Chris Jericho, Benoit, Kane and Kurt Angle, all of them great wrestlers but not the ones the fans need ed at the time.

    Until the Rock came back people started to care but as it was before because they knew he was on and off so while a lot of people prise the The Rock, he was barely there.

    Do I want him to turn heel? Not really. Do I want the Atittude Era to return? No, Been there, done that, was nice while it lasted but something new has to come. DOes it bother me that Cena is the Face of the company? Not really, but allow someone else to go to the top and really go to the top would be nice.

    SO Will john Cena turn heel? Never say never becasue maybe tha tis what he needs to comeback as a real legend.
    Its not looking at things black and white, its being realistic. WWE already has top heels *CM Punk & R-Truth* so I don't see how Cena truing heel will make a big difference. Also, Cena is WWE's money maker at the moment so he should play his role as WWE's money maker. Just my thoughts though.
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