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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. McMahon View Post
    everyone who says cena should never turn heel, jeez am I glad you don't run the company.

    So what if Cena turns heel? WWE is scared that they will stop making money? That sales will go down. Oh for god sakes, where have WWE's balls gone? Quit relying on Cena... who knows tomorrow Cena might have a heart attack, or his plane might crash, he may be in a car accident... what then WWE? How are you going to make money then huh?

    I am so sick of WWE 'testing the waters' to see if something works, they don't wanna risk something... fuck that, what happened to WWE's balls? By doing this they have not been able to create any new stars for the past 6 years... all their potential future big stars have left the company: Carlito, Shelton, Kennedy, Hassan, Burke, Lesnar, Lashley, MVP and now CM Punk.

    They only pushed Orton to look strong when they knew Batista was leaving and needed a replacement, they could have done that to Orton in 2007. But no.

    Fine keep Cena face, and he will be the only big star in the company for years to come. Morrison, Miz, Del Rio, Swagger, Sheamus will all remain in the mid card just like Orton was from 2005-2009 despite being world champions.

    They have failed to create new stars cause they are oh so scared of loosing Cena fans.

    I don't recollect WWE losing fans, or merch sales when Austin and Rock turned heel? Oh wait that was in an era when WWF had balls and when the average rating was a 6.2... my bad... oh yeah their biggest star 'Stone Cold' was out for like 10 months but they still managed to keep their high ratings and merch sales... but no wait Attitude era sucked right? it was horrible, I mean it was the worse... they had awful promos, awful wrestlers, awful wresting yet the numbers were the record breaking...
    I strongly disagree and I tell you why:

    When Austin turned heel, WWE had The Rock. When Hulk Hogan turned heel, WCW had Sting, Luger, and Flair. If John Cena turns heel, whose going to replace him? See your not thinking about that. Your too busy thinking of how great of a heel turn it would be for Cena and not realizing that if WWE were to make Cena a heel, WWE would lose money on merchandising and other deals and it would be a huge risk, especially in WWE's roster seeing as though Cena is their only cash cow. You say WWE had balls back then but that was in a time when heel turns were pretty much common during the Attitude Era. I got news for ya, the Attitude Era is dead my friend, it ain't coming back.

    I also don't see whats the point in turning Cena heel in the first place. WWE would lose there only cash cow if he were to turn heel and WWE already has great heels like CM Punk, The Miz, R-Truth, Christian, Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, and Mark Henry. I just don't see the point in turning your only cash cow that is Cena just because the butt-hurt IWC can't get over the fact that Cena will be the face of the company for many years to come. Just to put it simple, IT IS NOT NEEDED.
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