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    @Yetti: Thanks, Bruv!

    I was just looking over my list, and Osirians Portal and AR Fox were the most notable omissions. Fox is really smooth and definitely stands out from the crowd. Although he's not the first to use it, the move where he moonsaults off of the ring post is amazing. Can you imagine the amount of risk involved in that one!

    I just want to touch on what you said about The Briscoes. Man, I agree. Those two should have got that WWE contract, and I thought it was almost a lock, when I heard they had try outs. After reading they wern't offered a position with the big boys, I thought about it, and, either they looked too spotty, or they failed the piss test! The latter is more likely as I'm sure they never stepped into a WWE ring and just started hitting all their big moves in succession, and I remember a story a few years back when they were kicked off of a plane for being wasted, and as a result they missed a PWG show.... Still, Vinnies loss was the Indies gain.... Vuck Fince!!

    Now, I'm just gonna tee off on a few of my favourites (you may be able to tell, from the amount of wrestlers I named as favourites, that I use the term favourite quite liberally, but what I really mean is "I like them")

    The DiBiase boys are all solid workers, and it's true; Ted has been watered down. I wouldn't mind seeing all three of them in a group in The Big E, though. In-fact I'm shocked that it hasn't happened yet. I Lol@Bret and Mike being left out, and often wonder if he feels compelled to buy more extravagant gifts for his less fortunate siblings at Christmas

    I have the six disc Choose Death: The best of the NecroButcher, and I absolutely love this guy! I know he's mostly a terrible worker, but like a lot of death match wrestlers, I dig him for having a character that's as cutting-edge as it gets. His name is beyond awesome, too. What I like about watching his matches the most are his unforgiving punches, and his spot where he sets up a pair of chairs and he and his opponent sit there trading punches is as awesome as it is stupid. Wow, does he lay it in! His shoot interview also had me thinking that under the beard and the crazy look lies a pretty damn decent guy. His two matches against Joe, and his war with Lowki remain some of my IWA-MS favourites. Although he had very few matches that I liked in RoH, and TTTT, I thought he was very out of place there.

    Mike Quackenbush: Necro, I'm totally the opposite of you with this guy, and I've watched hours of Quacks matches on YouTube, V-Social, Veoh, Daily Motion and DVD. I can't get enough of him, and I think it's due to the fact that he does a hell of a lot of styles, so his matches always tend to be different, and against a Claudio or a Hero he is one of my TRUE favourites to watch. As the founder of Chikara-Pro, he has my respect, and the fact he has trained and given chances to guys who many would have laughed at, took their money and sent them on their way, is something else that has me singing his praises from the roof tops, and I guess that helps me when I see him wrestle as I imagine all his students in the back trying to peek through the curtain, to see "the master" in action. I've also watched loads of Chikara podcasts, and seeing the "real" Mike, kinda helps me to relate to wrestling biggest "nerd".

    Chikara?... Prolly best left for another time lol.

    Has anyone seen Chance Beckett in action? I've only seen a handful of matches involving the intense Canadian (Super 8 and a couple of RoH appearances) but I'm surprised he's still not going today, as he had it all, in terms of what the Indy crowd find appealing. One to take a look at, for sure.

    The Carnage Crew. Loc and DeVito (and Masada) had some damn fine matches, and beneath their garbage wrestler look hides a great team who can/could "go" with teams younger and more athletic, as they showed in their feud/war with Special K in RoH. Their best days are far behind them, though, and barring an appearance at the Trent Acid memorial show, I haven't seen them in ages.

    Man, there's so many points I want to say!

    Rainman: Apart from his showing in the TPI 2004 tournament, he never impressed me in singles, at all. When he formed the DCFC, it was a very smart move. I've always liked his finishing move, though. That Cobra Clutch/Camel Clutch thing he does looks WAY painful.

    Ahhh, Teddy and Jacky-Boy: I've seen a hell of a lot of matches from these two, and I'm never not impressed by the innovation they come up with. Especially Teddy. As I said, I take these sort of wrestlers for what they are, and Teddy is one of the best spot-primates around. His move set HAS to be one of the most innovative I've seen. That move he does when he goes to back suplex someone and then turns it into a powerbomb is amazing (Hart Attack/Open Hart Surgery/Hart Rate/????). Let down by his supposed attitude problems, and his complete disregard for the basics, he SHOULD have been way more than what he is.

    BJ Whitmer vs Homicide @ Main Event Spectacles remains one of my favourite from either men. Coincidentally, Main Even Spectacles is the same event where Teddy Hart ruined his reputation forever, when he... Well, I'm sure you all know that story.

    I forgot Cheech and Cloudy!!! I am an uber mark for these two! Straight up, these two shocked me more than any other pairing have in my time of watching Indy wrestling. I first saw the two unassuming (Cloudy moreso than Cheech) wrestlers as members of Special K, and they were awful! Cloudys biggest and best moment in RoH was when he got thrown the full length of the ring by a super green Hernandez (who is still super green six years later), but the first time I saw these two tag (in a Chikara match more than likely), they just seemed to bring out the best in each other. At the time I was also marking for another team by the name of Dunn and Marcos, who had the ultimate underdog gimmick, due to their "geeky fan"-like appearance, and C & C were exactly the same as those two, only better. Granted Cheech is just a wannabee KENTA, and Cloudy is so unassuming that it's hard to suspend your disbelief with him sometimes, but as a team they always tear the hoose doon. They're currently doing great in EVOLE, and should they ever return to RoH, I think they could do quite well for themselves.

    All Night Express anyone? (Anyone: 'YES PLEASE!!!')... Kenny King is one that Vinnie let slip away, and GODAMNIT! am I glad he did. Who would have though he would turn out so good? Same goes for Rhett Titus. Although I hated him when he debuted for RoH (I know, he was green, but he had no place in an RoH ring IMO.... Although saying that, RoH has booked some proper pieces of shite in their time, so I don't know why I'm getting all holy about them lol), I liked the fact that he had a decent gimmick, and his performances during the Delerious-Daizee-Titus love triangle finally won me over. His ring work since he formed his partnership with King has improved beyond all hope. I could see these two bagging a ticket to VinnieLand in their near future, in-fact, I'd say they were locks.

    Sorry, I'll let someone else speak now
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

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