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    Please allow me to give my infinite wisdom on this matter. As for ppv's I want compelling storylines and a logical reason why the talent is rassling each other in the first place. I'm starting to wonder if that's asking for too much these days. PPV's are suppose to be special and the last few years with some exceptions if you paid for them you not only want your money back you want your time invested back too. When I was young I remember getting a shit load of candy ready to eat and couldn't wait for the ppv's to start, it wasn't just another show it was an event. I remember back in the days a survivor series ppv was on thanksgiving night and my entire family watched it on ppv, granted they weren't emotionally attached to rassling like I was but most if not all of them got something out of it. How times have changed. Not to long ago Bars in my area would show rasslin ppv's and you know what, they no longer do because no one would show up. I remember sitting at the bar and laughing at the 5 people in attendance. Some people will only need to get tricked once into buying a sub par ppv and who can blame them. Money is tight these days and it's not UFC fault wwe ppv's are down. When people are emotionally invested in the product they will buy ppv's, and wwe is failing big time at that. It doesn't matter if the ppv's are an all raw brand or all smackdown brand ppv. What matters is if anyone cares to watch the bullshit were forced fed to endure because at one point in life we all were emotionally attached and we want that feeling back. U MAD???
    Infinite wisdom? U MAD?? lol


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