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    First Smackdown of 2012

    Friday Night Smackdown
    Know your enemy by Greenday plays as the Smackdown Video plays and fireworks go off
    Michael Cole & Booker T welcome the fans to the show
    Just close your eyes plays as World Heavyweight Champion Christian with his rookie Jon Moxley make their way to the ring.
    In the ring Christian has a microphone in his hand he says well fans it happened again and now I am World Heavyweight Champion and instead of a five day rain I am going to be a champion for five months.
    Before Christian can continue Wade Barrett comes out with End of Days and says now Christian doesn’t lie to these idiotic fans just because they believe in you. Also give me a title shot tonight but before Christian can answer Barrett.
    Randy Orton comes out with microphone in hand
    Christian you may have beaten me for that title last week at TLC and we had one hell of a match but as a former champion I have a rematch clause in my contract and I am invoking it tonight.
    But again before Christian can reply Smackdown GM Teddy Long comes out with microphone in hand. He says Well I am sorry Wade but you won’t be getting a title shot Orton will though because he is right has the right for one. But Wade you will be in action tonight against this man you know him very well. It’s Daniel Bryan and its next.
    Bryan asks for microphone and Teddy gives him the microphone and heads to the back.
    Bryan First things first I am now and forever will be known as Bryan Danielson. Scondly Wade I can’t wait to beat the living crap out of you see you in the ring
    Match 1 Wade Barrett VS Bryan Danielson
    Danielson wins after hitting a Dragon Suplex
    After the match Barrett laid out Danielson with a Wasteland
    Commercial Break
    Backstage Cody Rhodes is talking to Layla when Johnny Curtis walks past him and accidently bumps into Rhodes. Rhodes says watch it Curtis and Curtis says whatever. Rhodes hits him from behind then hits the Crossroads laying Curtis out.
    Match 2 Trent Barretta VS Heath Slater
    Slater gets the win with a jumping reverse DDT
    Match 3 Non Title match WWE Tag Team Champions The Uso’s VS Tyson Kidd and Ted DiBiase with Conner O’Brian
    Kidd and DiBiase get the win after Dibiase hits Dream Street on Jimmy Uso
    Commercial Break
    Match 4 Sin Cara VS Kane
    Kane wins with a chokeslam
    Match 5 Layla VS the returning Lita
    Lita gets the win with a Litacarana
    Commercial Break
    World Heavyweight Championship Match Christian with Jon Moxley VS Randy Orton
    Ends in a no contest
    Because Sheamus and Ezekiel Jackson came out and so did Wade Barrett and they attacked them
    Sheamus hit a Brouge Kick on Moxley outside of the ring
    Jackson put Christian in the Torture Rack then dropped him into a sitout powerbomb
    Barrett Laid out Orton with a Wasteland
    The show ends with all of the Heels standing tall in the ring

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